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Edinburgh, Winter 1999/2000
Differential Psychology -- and its Politics

      GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? CHRIS BRAND'S BOOK, The g Factor, WAS DE-PUBLISHED by Wiley Inc. [New York] (1996) AND BRAND WAS FIRED by Edinburgh University (1997) (and stayed fired after an internal Appeal, 1998). BUT EVENTUALLY, FACED WITH THE UK's PUBLIC COURTS, EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY COUGHED UP THE MAXIMUM PAYOUT BRAND COULD HAVE OBTAINED BY LEGAL ACTION! Latest Press: Evening News [Edinburgh] 9 ii '99; Scotsman 12 vi '99; Daily Record 2 ix '99; Evening News 28 ix '99; Times 29 x '99.

For 'Fourth Way' NeoLibeREALISM : liberty, realism, individualism, contract and community-choice. Yes: kids should choose their classes; adults should choose the type of marriage they want; democratic countries should have cantons that genuinely differ; and the one million Black men (and one thousand 'paedophiles') who make up a half of America's prison Gulag should be offered generously assisted transportation to any countries that would like to have them. NOT COERCION, NOT 'COMPASSION', JUST CHOICE!

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THIS WEEK: New Year Neosocialism comes to grief.


The USA does not want its world-wide imperium to resemble South African apartheid -- with emaciated outcast Blacks clamouring at the barbed wire for admission and/or political influence. So it admits migrants who are prepared to scale high fences, dodge armed guards and risk a watery grave. At first, such migrants are second-class citizens at risk of deportation from the USA, so they make especially obliging workers; and if they don't behave they can join America's one million Black men in jail or even get put down by electricity or chemicals at the rate of one each week. All this seems better than admitting people according to IQ, English language competence or knowledge of Western culture -- for such valuable migrants would compete for elite jobs which America wants to keep for its own longer-established residents. However, it is far from clear that the USA has chosen a policy that can work. It may blether endlessly about its 'antiracism' and control the speech on campuses and in offices of those who prefer a White or at least high-IQ America. But now it is itself being accused of racism, as will happen increasingly to Western countries which run muddled and hypocritical immigration policies. We are all racists now -- despite years of trying to lumber only low-IQ Whites with that designation.

(Reuters 3 i '00, Jim Loney)

Haitians Condemn INS Decision to Send Migrants Home

MIAMI -- Miami's Haitian community has condemned a U.S. government decision to repatriate hundreds of Haitian migrants to their impoverished Caribbean homeland (average per caput annual income $250), calling U.S. immigration policy ``racist.'' Following two days of angry protests over the treatment of a boatload of migrants from Haiti, activists pledged to step up pressure on Washington to change a policy that treats Haitian and Cuban migrants differently.
    The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service late Sunday ordered a group of 407 Haitian, Dominican and Chinese migrants found crammed on to a grounded 60-foot freighter off the Florida coast on New Year's Day sent back to Haiti.
    ``We were hoping that in the new millennium this country would recognized the rights of every person, black and white,'' said Marleine Bastien, president of Haitian Women of Miami. ``But it seems they have decided to continue their racist policy.'' Callers to Miami radio stations angrily raised the case of Elian Gonzalez, a 6-year-old Cuban boy who was found floating on an inner tube at sea on Thanksgiving Day and was immediately brought to shore and turned over to Cuban relatives who had already escaped to Florida. ``The way INS has treated Elian probably gave hope to other people, especially Haitians who have a tradition of going to sea to escape terrible conditions at home,'' said Herntz Phanord, host of the Creole-language radio program Haiti Antennes Plus on WLQY. ``We are being treated differently for the reason of our skin color.'' Hundreds of Haitians and black Americans demonstrated in front of the Miami Beach Coast Guard station, claiming the Haitian boat people had reached dry land before being put back to sea by coastguards.

More Multiculturalism

Sweden's policy of boosting coloured immigration is having predictable results.

Reuters 3 i '00, Belinda Goldsmith


Swedish Police Quiz Witnesses on Alleged Race Murder

STOCKHOLM -- Swedish police were questioning up to 50 witnesses Monday over the murder of a 19-year-old man of Turkish origin, believed to be the latest in a wave of racist and neo-Nazi crimes in Sweden. Swedish-born Salih Uzel was stabbed to death Friday night after going to the rescue of his brother, wife and young child who were being harassed by a gang of youths in Skogas, south of Stockholm, while on their way home from a New Year's Eve party.
    Police spokesman Claes Tell said three men, aged 24, 21, and 20, were being held over the murder and would appear in court on Tuesday for prosecutors to seek arrest warrants. The men can then be held in custody for two weeks before charges are laid. ``All three are Nazi sympathizers and known to the police,'' Tell told Reuters. ``One of them drew a swastika in his own blood on his cell door while in the police station.'' Tell said the older of the men in custody was being held on suspicion of murder or manslaughter, and the younger two were suspected of being accomplices to the crime. ``A team of 16 police are today interviewing about 50 witnesses to find out exactly what happened so legal proceedings can continue,'' he said.
    Over the past year Swedes have become increasingly concerned about rising racist and neo-Nazi crimes in the country, where immigrants make up 12 percent of the 8.9 million population after years of liberal immigration policy. A report by Swedish security police, Sapo, released on Monday, showed that 2,210 crimes with a racist motive were reported to police in 1998 -- an average of six a day -- which was an increase of about 25 percent from a year earlier.
    ``This is a serious development,'' said Sapo spokesman Torbjorn Ekblom. ``The figures are increasing in almost every district.'' The Sapo report, called 'Crime linked with domestic security 1998', also listed 940 reports about crimes linked to extreme right-wing and white power groups, 226 crimes against homosexuals, and 119 complaints about anti-Semitic crime. This rise in violence has prompted a national debate in Sweden about civic freedoms and whether the constitutional freedom of association should extend to neo-Nazi groups.
    Thousands demonstrated last October after left-wing union activist Bjorn Soderberg, whose complaints had led to a neo-Nazi being thrown out of the union, was shot dead on his doorstep. The country's major newspapers also joined forces in a campaign to 'out' 62 neo-Nazis and motorbike gang members, publishing a gallery of named photographs. Some of those featured have since been expelled from trade unions and sacked from their jobs.



The agonizing ordeal of couples who have felt obliged and socially pressured to care for grossly handicapped children was spotlighted as an affluent American couple preferred jail to another day of 'parenting.'

WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) -- An executive and his wife went to tell police they had abandoned their 10-year-old handicapped son after leaving him at a hospital the day after Christmas. They said they could no longer care for him and were duly charged, officials said.
      Richard Kelso, 62, the chief executive of P.Q. Corp., and his wife Dawn, 45, turned themselves in to New Castle County police a day after leaving their son Steven, who has gross cerebral palsy, at A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington. The couple, who live in the affluent Philadelphia suburb of Exton, Pennsylvania, were freed on bail and scheduled to face trial in March in Delaware family court. Their son was accepted at the hospital and was in state custody.
      According to a hospital statement, the Kelsos arrived at the hospital with their son in a wheelchair and asked a receptionist to have him admitted. Mrs. Kelso told the receptionist that she did not want to talk to anyone and that she could no longer care for her son. The receptionist left to find a nurse and when the two returned, the couple had vanished, leaving behind the boy in his wheelchair with a bag of toys and medical supplies. The statement said Steven was a long-time patient at the hospital and was treated regularly by its physicians. According to local reports, Steven was the couple's only child and required 24-hour care and the assistance of a respirator.

Statute of Limitations

(BBCR4UK, 4 i '00, 13:20)

To the annoyance of Arthur Koestler's persecutor ooops biographer, Professor David Cesarani, Britain is not to prosecute an 86-year-old naturalized Australian accused of genocidal atrocities in 1940's Latvia (McDNL 30 xii '99). Like Australia, Canada and the USA, British authorities cannot detect enough new evidence from live witnesses to justify arrest and trial; but Cesarani has accused Home Secretary Jack Straw of 'lack of political will' and of 'insufficient consideration' of the case. Cesarani feels that if only the Australian geriatric were locked up and exposed to repeated questioning under torture ooops the rule of law, he would soon break down and confess everything. Like the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Cesarani is impatient with Australian and British arguments of habeas corpus whereby detention can only occur when there is prima facie evidence to justify a trial and the trial is proceeding. Apparently, the man had been second-in-command at a notoriously ruthless Nazi concentration camp. Now he will be deported to Australia -- where the law does not permit such an ancient prosecution.


An insight into anti-racist tactics has been given to Glayde Whitney as he faces the mob at Florida State University:

Subject: [The Official JDL Discussion List] HOT NEWS:David Duke's Professor
And Fatwa Against Farrakham
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 15:48:21 EST
Nazi Professor Who Endorses David Duke At FSU
Here is all the info we could dig up on a nazi professor at Florida State University who wrote a forward to & gave an endorsement to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's autobiography.
Now we are not suggesting anything, but people have been known to send multiple emails & faxes to such people thus letting them know your disapproval & jamming their emails & fax machines so they can recieve no further emails & faxes once they are jammed!!!!
Again we are not suggesting you do that & this is strictly for informational & educational purposes!!!!!
Glayde D Whitney….

{The message continued by giving Glayde's full address and phone and fax numbers.}

5 i 2000  

MUSLIM CRESCENT -- Multiculturalism -- Antipathy to Christian neosocialism marred the Pseudo-Millennium that had been blessed by incompetent and/or gutless Western scholars (who did not tell Messrs Blair and Clinton that the third millennium AD can only begin when the two thousand years have elapsed). Muslims killed Christians and burned their homes and churches in Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia (where 500 died over Christmas in bloody intercommunal clashes) and the Philippines. Tensions remained high in Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Lebanon; and Muslims throughout the Middle East continued to be amazed at Western indifference to the two-month siege of Grozny -- the capital of a country where 95% of people would at any time have voted for independence. Muslims are not impressed by the high rates of adultery, drinking, divorce, infertility, homosexualism and single-parenting tolerated among neosocialized Christians. In 1999, the third year of Britain's 'New World Order' ethical foreign policy, more than 6 million children were killed or maimed in armed conflicts, and another million separated from their families. The second millennium is ending with Western ascendancy; but the West's refusal to look at the truth about racial and individual differences may doom it to regress to the days around 1000AD when the world's only serious scholarship came from Persia. -- The Islamic world had preserved Greek ideas of heliocentrism, evolution by natural selection, and atomic theory together with the works of Aristotle [interpreted by top physician-philosopher-scientist Avicenna (980-1037)] and its own development of the concept of zero.

NEW YORK -- PaedoPride -- Britain's Princess Diana was voted the world's most beautiful woman of the twentieth century by 805 Americans chosen randomly by the mainstream gossip magazine, People. Marilyn Monroe was thought the sexiest woman, Mel Gibson the sexiest man and Martin Luther King (believed by the FBI to have been a paedophile -- Independent, 25 iv '98) 'the greatest spiritual leader.' Britain's Prince Philip (the Chancellor of Edinburgh LUniversity who has been thought racist by students, has refused to investigate the scandals at the LUniversity, has forgotten that he is Chairman of the university's General Council, and has been accused by Mohamed Al Fayed of murdering Princess Diana) came nowhere in the poll.

LONDON (Times 4 i '99) -- New Year was celebrated in London with neosocialist breakdowns reminding everyone of Britain's heritage from the dark days of Old Labour. The London Eye (a big ferris wheel) could not be made to work -- it was liable to tip travellers in their eight-person 'pods' upside down! The 250 selected passengers for the first 'millennial' ride had instead to be given British Airways flights with Continental Breakfast to world destinations of their choice so as to get them out of the way. And four-hour socialist queues formed at Stratford tube station, East London, for guests to the Dome, resulting in tears, verbal abuse and scuffles involving glitterati -- some of whom had contributed half a million pounds towards Dome 'Zones.' Those affected included a polio-afflicted businessman who had persuaded the City of London to cough up £UK6 million for Mr Blair's big night: he stood for four hours on crutches in what British Telecomm tried to spin as "a meaningful experience" on an escalator, i.e. in a queue. Guests had not received their tickets on time thanks to Britain's monopoly postal 'service' and because, to distinguish them from Continuity IRA supporters, they had all needed to fill in forms recalling their grandmothers' maiden names. Inside the Dome, the main event for the middle-aged Blairite elite was a mediocre pop concert. To cap it all, the 'river of fire' on the Thames was rated a disappointment -- being over in a couple of seconds as the fire zipped down the river at 650mph, too quick for most of the drink-soused spectators. Subsequently, crowds found many Tube stations closed: people often had to walk a couple of miles in the continuous drizzle to board one of the few trains at 2a.m. Britain's Third Reich ooops Way was also embarrassed as the socialist French chose the Blairennium to announce they would take legal action against the European Commission to keep Britain's beef out of France.
    Troubles continued after the New Year as people who had paid £UK25 to enter the ludicrous Dome found they had to queue for hours to see a Body Zone less graphic and comprehensible than what the average biology teacher of the 1950's used to manage with blackboard and chalk. (Had visitors stayed at home instead of going to grubby Greenwich, they would have seen new TV shows -- apparently legal -- in which teams of faceless girls drop their panties so that the audience can see which of their swains is the first to identify the pudenda of his beloved. As so often, socialism and its good works are somewhat behind the times.)

LONDON -- In a sermon in St Paul's Cathedral before the Queen and Mr Tony Blair, Church of England Archbishop George Carey derided the modern worship of fame, wealth and power. "Blessed are the rich, for they shall inherit the earth," he said, and claimed modern values were "topsy-turvy" as compared to the egalitarian Christian values which had wrecked the Roman Empire, precipitating the Dark Ages.

McDougall Millennium Essay

Liberating the Future from the Past?
Liberating the Past from the Future?

(An essay topic selected by the Goethe Institute)

This 15,000-word essay by Chris Brand is concerned with the main problems in the West's recent past -- its 1930-1945 plunge into barbarism and its subsequent statism. It considers the central failing of the Hitler years and uses the understanding to point the West towards a realistically liberal future.


I  The triumph of liberalism -- even over liberalism

II  The problem of liberalism: directionlessness

III The need to abjure 'Nazism'

IV  The perceived association of Nazism with biological interventionism

V  What precisely does the West target for condemnation?

VI  Hitler as betrayer

VII  Yet wasn't Hitler 'evil'?

VIII  Gains from viewing Hitler as a betrayer
1. Apportioning the blame for the Holocaust 
      2. Preventing a recurrence of Nazism
      3. Deciding the West's agenda for the 21st century


To see the essay, click on LibFut99.htm.

Arthur Koestler


The anti-biography of Koestler by his sworn enemy Prof. David Cesarani has now been published in the USA. Like McDNL (Spring 1999 passim), New York Times reviewer Mark Mazower was not impressed. Here is the review's conclusion:


….Even those who applaud Cesarani for bringing the rape issue forward may wonder whether his approach is not too one-sided to make for a convincing portrait. Koestler was a domineering man. But he attracted women and many remained close friends after they had slept with him. It is implausible to write them all off as masochists, as Cesarani effectively does. Some broke with him; but then so did many other friends and acquaintances.
    In one of Koestler's stories, the authorial hero is interviewed by a British official who tells him: ''It often seems to me what you, and people like you, need, is that some elderly person should put you across his knee and give you a sound spanking.'' Cesarani is still fairly young, but in this book a sound spanking is what he seems to be hoping to inflict upon the incorrigibly juvenile Koestler. His disapproval of his subject is almost unremitting, and he chastises Koestler frequently for his irresponsibility and fecklessness, first toward his parents, later toward his lovers.
    Koestler is even told off for taking holidays in Austria in the 1960's -- something no good Jew should apparently have done. Cesarani's high-minded condemnation of Koestler's antics would carry more weight had not detailed descriptions of his womanizing so obviously helped to sell copies of this book. And after a while, the biographer's evident commitment to the virtues of monogamous parenthood begins to drown out Koestler's own views on women, friendship and human relationships in general.
    Another Koestler -- smartly dressed, intensely energetic, dedicated to his craft -- makes an occasional appearance in this biography. He was always rubbing up against history and trying to make sense of its twists and turns. In 1933 the poet Langston Hughes met him in, of all places, Turkmenistan (then the Turkmen Soviet Republic), where both men were supposedly reporting on Soviet progress under Stalin. In his autobiography, Hughes portrays his companion's many foibles and shortcomings, but also his directness, his generosity of spirit and his seriousness as a writer. ''Arthur Koestler'' is far more detailed and fully researched but I think I learned more about the essential Koestler from Hughes's few pages than from a book too formed by contemporary prejudices to engage fully with his achievement.


Early PC

A Human Biodiversity Email Group Correspondent writes:

My 1947 copy of Mencken's THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE reports that there was a campaign under way in the 1920s to have the word "negro" capitalized. Quote: "On March 7, 1930, when the New York Times announced that it would capitalize negro thereafter, there was jubilation in the Negro press."
    Ah, the battles our grandfathers fought!

Hot Sex Tip For Heteros

"Women like meat."

So say the !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari. It is thus that they explain "why a particularly poor hunter remains a bachelor and has no prospects of ever being anything but celibate", says Sarah Blaffer Hrdy in Mother Nature (Chatto & Windus, 1999 -- see McDNL 9 xi '99). It had been wondered why !Kung hunters go for days without a catch, concentrating their attention on big animals which they rarely kill and which, when they do make a kill, are too big for the needs of their own families so have to be divided among the tribe. Eventually it was realized that the crucial variable being affected was a man's status among women as a meat-provider. The saying was used as the title for a book about the !Kung in 1993 by anthropologist Megan Biesele.


(Times 23 xii '99)

An unusual admission about the modern British university from Thunderer columnist Katie Grant:

"….the expansion of higher education has almost brought about its collapse and, in our politically correct world, we don't want to admit that some students simply shouldn't be there."

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

National Character

(Times 30 xii '99, p. 2)

Is there such a thing as national character? In particular, is there an *English* national character? Personally intervening in the debate (McDNL 29 xii '98, 'This England, 1998/9: Race Realism to the Rescue!'), Prime Minister Blair has now given his Millennial answer. Yes: there is a "British genius" characterized by courage, tolerance, decency, good manners and scientific inventiveness.
    Well, full marks to Mr Blair for inventiveness and for avoiding any contact with postconstructionist sociology! Unfortunately, the engineers let him down within a day as it was announced that the London Eye funfair with which Mr Blair proposed to greet what he thinks is a new millennium would not in fact be operational by midnight of 31 xii '99.

{Across the Pond, the Pentagon at least maintains a belief in character and is not blown hither and thither by the vicissitudes of employees' latest conduct. A Pentagon agency admitted granting security clearances to employees of defense contractors who have long histories of financial problems, drug use, alcoholism, sexual misconduct or criminal activity, USA Today reported. In one instance, an employee mishandled classified material during a five-year period but didn't lose his top-secret access, the paper found.}

London School

(Times Higher 24 xii '99)

David Lykken was given an opportunity to summarize the modern hereditarian position for UK academics. He took to it with his usual verve, even though allowed a mere 500 words. Stressing the amazing heritability of many features of life history, as found in twin study, DL specially dwelt on happiness.
    Yes, he said, some life developments are not under simple genetic control. Notably, identical twins seldom fall in love with the same person. Rather, the magic of person x situation interaction is evident here: "Romance is like imprinting in baby geese."
    Again, the ups and downs of mood are often situational. Yet people's average levels of happiness over a period of several years are astonishingly similar to those of close relatives, especially to those of any identical twins they have: the happiness set-point "is nearly 100% heritable", said DL.


THIS WEEK: What the future holds -- as
Harrods' billionaire boss plans revenge on E.LU.'s Prince Philip;
President Clinton plans to solve the African Question;
Buddhists prepare for paedoveneration;
Siberian nomads opt for English;
Desperate PM Blair tries to market his neosocialist London Dome;
US baseball pitcher submits to psychology for his 'racism'; and
Chris Brand, Lothar Fritz and David Irving try to control
Holocaust hysteria.

LUniversity of Edinburgh

(Times 6 i '00; Spectator, 7 i '00, Martyn McGregor)

Prince Philip -- the LUniversity Chancellor who doesn't read his correspondence -- is due for a pasting. His arch-rival is back in town, fresh from holidays in Scotland and Switzerland where he celebrated his court victory over corrupt former MP Neil Hamilton and the British establishment. On top form at his Harrods store in London, Mohamed Al Fayed welcomed pouting movie legova ooops legend Raquel Welch, 57, and helped her exhibit her giant, er, teddy bear -- "Now Harrods teddy files sex harassment claim!" joked the Daily Sport (6 i '99) as the billionaire used the intercrural method to elevate the teddy for photographers.
      Further high jinks await Mr Al Fayed in the New Year. First, France's Appeal Court will deliver its verdict on his claim that Judge Stephan's inquiry was too easily satisfied by cursory reporting of the events of the death of his son and Princess Diana. Next, the case will go to the French Supreme Court; and an action may well begin by the bodyguard who survived the car crash against the Paris Ritz and Etoile Limousines -- trying to win compensation, partly from Mr Al Fayed. All these occasions will provide opportunities for Mr Al Fayed to release any new evidence he has as to the last words and last physical condition of Dodi and Di (including the possible pregnancy of the latter); and Mr Al Fayed will then be ready to assist Cambridge and Edinburgh students in condemning Prince Philip's racism and having the Duke ousted from his Chancellorships.
      In his campaign against the Mountbatten-Windsors, Mohamed Al Fayed enjoys considerable public support. After the ITV film of June 1998, 'Diana: Secrets Behind the Crash', 93% of viewers accepted the claim by a French ex-prisoner that there was a 'flash before the crash', compatible the involvement of MI6 and its Bond-style gadgetry. Viewers were also impressed that the Princess had visited the Windsor Villa -- where the abdicated Duke and his Duchess of Windsor had ended their days in Paris; and that Dodi had just a day previously purchased a ring for Diana from the top Paris jeweller Alberto Repossi. For the LUniversity of Edinburgh, relegated in 1999 from the UK Premier League,* it would be a devastating blow to lose at once its Chancellor and -- if it had tried to defend the Prince against Mr Al Fayed's charges -- his grandson, Prince William, currently expected to enrol as a student at the LUniversity.

* Pull-out Flyer for McDNL supporters follows:

TAKE A COURSE at the Looneyversity of Edinburgh!

(It needs your custom now it's not in the Premier League.)

Learn how Edinburgh LUniversity -- once among the UK's top six universities -- comes only 11th in the overall national assessment of universities by the Sunday Times (19 Sep. '99), behind the Universities of Warwick and Nottingham. In other rankings of its teaching and management quality, the Looneyversity has fallen to 39th=, putting it with the University of Aberystwyth (Daily Telegraph 19 Aug. '99, A-Level Supplement). In research funding, E.LU. showed only a 1% rise in funding from 1997 to 1999, whereas Cambridge University enjoyed a 20% increase (Daily Mail 20 Nov. '99). The LUniversity has twice as many students dropping out as do similarly elite universities which admit few working class kids (Times 3 xii '99). Learn how 117 E.LU. students were punished for cheating (Scotsman 13 Aug. '99, p. 1) -- an event now known world-wide as the biggest British exam fraud ever discovered. Learn how outraged students are taking the LUniversity to court over the accusation and alleging gross incompetence (Classic FM Radio, 24 Aug. '99, 11:00); and how the 117 smeared students have set up a website where they hotly contest the charges (BBC Radio Scotland 24 Aug. '99, 22:00).* Read how a student submitted a hoax essay and was awarded a prized mark (2:1) by E.LU. staff (Times 14 x '99, Guardian 14 x '99). See how Britain's top 200 'blue chip' employers are giving up on the LUniversity's graduates (Times 16 Aug. '99). Learn how E.LU. inflated its own success for the Government's Dearing Commission. Learn how top staff styled themselves with improper qualifications. Hear how the Looneyversity sacked Chris Brand, a psychology lecturer for 26 years who mentioned non-Politically Correct facts about race, sex and IQ; yet, wilfully illiterate, E.LU.'s PR department publicly celebrates one-time anatomy professor Robert Knox who was actually Britain's top nineteenth-century scientific racist! Learn how the university paid out £12,000 -- the maximum that could have been awarded by a UK court to Chris Brand for his unfair dismissal (Times 29 Nov. '99, p. 2; Evening News [Edinburgh] 12 Nov. '99). (Why cough up? To avoid public discussion of Brand's views, said the LUniversity!) This is the university that hangs on to a £1million bequest from socialist Arthur Koestler (famed author of Darkness at Noon) but won't honour Koestler's name when feminazies and their neosocialist co-religionists allege 'serial rapism' against Koestler (an accusation emphatically rejected in Times Literary Supplement 23 Apr. '99). Hear how E.LU. today smears one of its own graduates as having "harassed" E.LU. bureaucrats to death! Hear how students want the Chancellor, Prince Philip, sacked for 'racism' (Student 24 xi '99) and how the Prince fails to investigate complaints put to him about the LUniversity. Hear how an E.LU. honours graduate has been jailed for 19 years in Australia for setting fire to his girlfriend (Times 24 Dec. '99). Just ask at Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh for Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland to explain it all!

Alternatively, for the plain truth,
and for how to
win £1,500
for an essay on 'Fast Track Learning'
[first favoured by Mr Tony Blair in 1996],
go to

*  Note about the Edinburgh 117.  The LUniversity has apparently violated elementary justice as it did in 1996, after Psychology Lecturer Chris Brand had written a book about race and IQ, The g Factor. Faced in 1999 with 117 alleged cheats, E.LU. gave out punishments [no marks, reduced marks, mandatory resits] with little conspicuous attention to what the students could be proved to have done. -- Likewise, in 1996/7, the LUniversity could never say precisely why, or for what Chris Brand was being sacked. The LUniversity that gives way to hysterical 'anti-racists' and feminazies for the sake of a quiet life and cash-flow must now face the music: its management is hopeless; its academic leadership doesn't care primarily about truth; and it has sadly ceased to behave as a university. It has tried to treat its students as naughty children who can be given a group punishment (mild in some cases -- but who wants to be known as a cheat?). Likewise, in 1996, the LUniversity encouraged 'ooh-err' avoidance of The g Factor. The LUniversity's own Information Office would not refer inquirers to the controversial book (of which the E.LU. Library had three copies).
    The students should be treated as grown-ups -- and that's what the 'Edinburgh 117' are now saying. The University says students should not go to the sacked Brand for private tuition (Daily Record 2 Sep. '99, p. 16); but only Brand is likely to tell students the truth about IQ, race, sex and genes. In the two years since E.LU. fired him, Brand has been proved right about paedophilia typically doing little harm (Psychol. Bull. June '98), about Black Africans having low average IQs (even when at university in South Africa -- ISSID Conference, Vancouver July '99, to be published in Intelligence), about intelligence being under genetic control (Nature 2 Sep. '99) and about the deceitful promiscuity of women (Sarah Hrdy, Mother Nature, Chatto&Windus -- reviewed in Nature 11 xi '99). Education Minister David Blunkett is now promising to introduce in state schools (Sunday Times 22 Aug. '99) the 'fast track learning' which Tony Blair and Chris Brand urged in 1996 -- though the latter was howled down for his trouble by 'anti-racist' mobs in Edinburgh 'University.' In 1796, Edinburgh University -- which had refused a job to Scotland's top philosopher, David Hume -- co-operated in having one of its own students executed in the Grassmarket for heresy. Today, E.LU.'s management has again put the institution's reputation at risk.

Paedophilia Pride

(Independent 8 i '99)


The religion that venerates young boys, Tibetan Buddhism, has produced its most sensational coup for forty years against its Chinese conquerors. Monks spirited the holy 14-year-old boy, the 'Black Hat Lama', over 900 miles through high Himalayan passes in appalling weather not known since the 'pea-souper' smogs of 1950's London to join the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. After years of somewhat less than passive resistance, the Tibetan Buddhists had seemed to accept co-operation with the Chinese as the only way forward. Now they have infuriated their oppressors -- and also shocked the Indians, who have maintained media silence about the event, fearing what vengeance the Chinese may attempt. His Holiness the Karmapa, born Ugyen Trinley Darje, is a delightful youth having deep-set eyes, a cherubic expression and a singularly sinuous and generous mouth (with an especially charming long upper lip). He also has a skinhead haircut and a flattened 'boxer's nose.' The seventeenth Karmapa brought his sister out of Tibet with him for company, but the rest of his family remained behind. China has feigned indifference, claiming that the youth had only journeyed to Sikkim to collect more of the black hats for which Karmapas are famous and to renew his supplies of rilnah pills, used to reverse the course of chronic life-threatening ailments. {The Dalai Lama, by contrast, collects yellow hats.}



The Australian News Network,, 3 i '00, Megan Saunders


ABORIGINAL communities were drinking and gambling away their social security allowances, turning pay day into "party" day, says Acting Prime Minister John Anderson. The National Party Leader condemned poker machines as a key cause of welfare dependency in indigenous communities, a problem that would remain high on the Government's agenda this year.
    "Gambling in hotels has exacerbated the problem, no doubt about that, point blank," Mr Anderson told The Australian yesterday after touring indigenous communities in his northern NSW electorate of Gwydir. "The money that was meant to pay the rent and buy the kids' food was going down the gurgler for the pokies and the grog in a really serious way." The Acting Prime Minister had earlier said that dole day meant there was often "a pretty major party to be had somewhere in town".
    He maintained his stance yesterday in the face of criticism from some indigenous leaders. The comments follow claims by Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson that welfare turned Aborigines into "drunken parasites" -- a stance that drew both criticism and support from Abo groups.


Africa Idealism

(BBCR4UK, 5 i '00, 22:15)


In a new policy initiative, America has announced it will try to solve the problems of the Dark Continent before Mr Clinton leaves office. Asked by the BBC to explain African backwardness, strife, famine and disease, US Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke said it was all due to backwardness, strife, famine and disease. The White House stooge expressly rejected any 'racialist' conception of the problem. He agreed that billions of dollars were already spent by the USA and Europe every year in helping Africa, as since 1950. But he said that should not preclude a new set of handouts. During January, in a "Month of Africa" at the U.N., his research team, including AIDS expert Al Gore, would find the answer to the African Problem. Then all the leaders like Saint Nelson Mandela and Laurent Kabila of Bongo would be invited for a barbecue on the White House lawn where they would agree to the solution in return for being given lots of guns and rockets and anything they seemed likely to be able to fire. (The model is derived from the US settlement of the Middle East -- where availability of weapons can be used to justify using Iraq as target practice for UK and US pilots.) Mr Holbrooke insisted that it would be awful not to have tried.

{The idea of encouraging regularized polygyny by successful Black men has apparently not yet occurred to the White House. Nor is there yet any sign of a plan to deport ooops relocate the USA's college-educated Black people to re-staff the administrations of African countries, where 40% of civil servants are now dying of AIDS.}

'Liberating the Future'

(Times 5 i '99)

A researcher at the prestigious Hannah Arendt Institute is in hot water for saying an attempt on Hitler's life in November 1939 was "immoral." Lothar Fritz argues that Hitler's malfeasance and evil intentions for the future were not well established -- and could certainly not have been known to a normal German without special inside information from top Nazi Party sources. Thus the bomb attempt on Hitler when he spoke in Munich ten weeks after he had begun World War II was not justified. (A bomb was placed by a podium from which Hitler was to speak; but his talk lasted an unusually short eight minutes and the bomb exploded only after his departure, killing several bystanders. After lengthy interrogation and torture intended to reveal collaborators, the suspect was finally shot by the Nazis in April, 1945.) Fritz's new discussion has drawn condemnation from Holocaust experts who prefer the view that Hitler was blatantly and manifestly evil and thus that an attempt on his life -- even involving collateral risk -- would have been justified at least from the time he passed the Nuremberg Laws in 1935. Fritz's argument supports those who say the Holocaust came about relatively accidentally as a way of handling Polish-Jewish resistance threatening German lines for Operation Barbarossa.

{After her 1940 escape to the USA, Hannah Arendt (1906-75) famously introduced the notion of 'the banality of evil', stressing how 'evil' can arise from the conjunction of rather ordinary events. Likewise, Chris Brand's Millennial essay, 'Liberating the Future' (, stresses the key role in the Nazizeit not so much of Hitler's sustained evil intent or psychopathology (paranoia + Parkinsonism) but of his sheer dishonest betrayal of Germany (including its Gentiles as much as its Jews and other minorities). The argument between intentionalists (who think Hitler was evil) and functionalists (who think there was some normal explanation for the Nazizeit) is outlined in 'ACADEMIC EXTRAS' at the end of Brand's essay.}

Race Realism Today


NEW YORK (6 i '00) -- US baseball has ordered star 'closing' pitcher John Rocker of the Atlanta Braves to undergo psychological testing following his disparaging remarks about homosexuals and racial minorities (McDNL 24 xii '99). McDNL's Florida Correspondent notes that the former Soviet Union long made the assumption that ideological deviation arose primarily from psychopathology. And McDNL's Chicago Correspondent remarks that Rocker is coming to the peak of his career so cannot just be dumped as a tired and emotional has-been like Chris Brand. Rocker had promptly grovelled after denouncing Asian women drivers and AIDS-ridden New York Blacks, denying he was a racist. Now his coaches say PET scan will establish whether this was "just a case of the mouth running ahead of the brain or was in fact representative of this player's feelings."

{Just which testing outcome will prove most compatible with Rocker's continued employment remains to be worked out. Americans evidently expect baseball pitchers to be men of a certain vigour: a CNN poll found only 17% thought Rocker should be penalized. Rocker is a gifted, young, hard-throwing, 6'4", 225-pound left-hander with a killing-spree scowl and a short fuse who specializes in keeping runs down by throwing unhittable balls at batsmen's faces, so his punchy views on racial questions are hardly a surprise. Rocker's hostility to New York Mets fans goes back to three cold nights at Shea stadium, when bottles whizzed past his head, beer was dumped on his girlfriend and 2,007 sexual positions involving him and a sheep were suggested. He says: "I talked about what degenerates they [Mets fans] were, and they proved me right. Just by saying something, I could make them mad enough to go home and slap their moms." Rocker is specially critical of affirmativism to a Black basketball player who choked his coach two years ago but was allowed to continue in that sport. He can be e-mailed via}

{The New York Post ran an editorial saying: "….The more this Rocker thing drags out, the more one wonders what would happen if a minority athlete playing for the New York Mets went on a vicious rhetorical tear against the white people in Rocker's hometown. What if he slammed them all for being Klansmen, ignoramuses, hicks, inbreds, religious nuts, big-haired floozies and all-around degenerates? Do you think that player would be forced to undergo psychiatric testing? Or even apologize? Of course not, nor should he have to. Talking like a jackass in public is not against the law in this country, not yet anyway."}

PS (i)  McDNL's Washington Correspondent adds: "Although he may well "scowl" at opponents when he is on the pitching mound and making ready to deliver a 100 mph fastball, Rocker is a very pleasant looking young fellow for the most part, and everything I have read about him indicates that he is quite normal. His competitive zeal is nothing unusual in his trade. There have been other pitchers who were well-known "headhunters" who actually enjoyed bouncing one off the helmeted bean of a batter, but he does not seem to be one of them.

PS (ii) Joe Sobran wrote in his Internet column: "What Rocker should have said in the first place, of course, was that, as Bill Clinton likes to say, "diversity is our greatest strength." Not just ethnic diversity, but diversity of behavior: crime, illegitimacy, homosexuality, and purple hair, all of which are bountiful in New York. When you're crowded into a dirty subway car with such diversity pressing against you, it can make you a mite uneasy. But you mustn't say so. You must keep repeating the official mantra: "Diversity is our greatest strength."
    The Rocker story is one more reminder that white Americans aren't even allowed to have their own perspective anymore. We live under the sort of tyranny of propaganda you might expect in wartime, where everyone is expected to adopt a uniform attitude or face charges of disloyalty. Everyone in the crowded subway car is likewise expected to savor the "diversity" of the experience. But there is to be no diversity of sensation or reaction. Just paste a smile on your face and pretend you enjoy every moment of it. Ignore your gut response and talk like a cheery social scientist who thinks immigration even the illegal immigration of new hordes of ruthless gangsters is an unalloyed blessing."

SAT: Affirmative Handicap-ism


McDNL's St Louis Correspondent writes: "Who ever could have guessed that the children of Rich White Conservatives would figure out a way to turn rules intended to help the underprivileged to their advantage? I am shocked. *Shocked.* The next thing we will hear is that RWCs are pulling strings to secure rent-controlled apartments in New York City!"

LOS ANGELES TIMES 9 i '00, Kenneth R. Weiss


New Test-Taking Skill: Working the System

More and more college-bound students are requesting extra time on the SAT, citing learning disabilities. But, in disproportionate numbers, they are rich, white and male.

The number of students who get extra time to complete the SAT because of a claimed learning disability has soared by more than 50% in recent years, with the bulk of the growth coming from exclusive private schools and public schools in mostly wealthy, white suburbs.
    The predominance of rich, white teenage boys among those claiming disabilities troubles members of the College Board, which owns the examination. Their fear is that the accommodations, rather than helping those with real disabilities, increasingly have become a way of gaming the system -- allowing privileged families to gain advantage on a high-stakes exam.
    "We are concerned about people taking advantage of it who are not really qualified to, but have been smart enough to step around the rules," said College Board President Gaston Caperton. "And, secondly, that people who are not as [economically] advantaged have equal access to accommodations."
    Demands for special accommodations -- which schools usually approve based on a psychologist's recommendation or sometimes a doctor's note -- are similarly on the increase on other high-stakes tests, such as those that involve admission to law or medical schools. A Times analysis of data supplied by the College Board shows those taking advantage of special accommodations on the SAT -- usually extra time -- are disproportionately clustered in well-to-do pockets along the Boston-New York-Washington corridor. More recently, the practice has spread West to similar wealthy, highly competitive communities in the Los Angeles area as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara and San Diego.
    Last year, 47,000 SAT exams were given with special accommodations. The vast majority are not controversial. They involved students with well-documented learning disabilities. For example, a dyslexic teenager may get time and a half, or four-and-a-half hours, to plow through the three-hour test because he reads so slowly.
    But a growing number of cases -- hundreds and perhaps thousands -- involved what one college official calls "upper-income game players" who believe extra time can provide a crucial boost in their scores. "It is a way for rich white kids to create a minority niche for themselves," said Paul Kanarek, who runs SAT preparation classes in Southern California. "I don't see many kids from Compton getting these kinds of luxurious diagnoses."
    Indeed, although only a tiny fraction -- 1.9% -- of students nation-wide got special accommodations for the SAT, the percentage jumps fivefold for students at New England prep schools. At 20 prominent north-eastern private schools, nearly one in 10 students received special treatment.
    ….One West Los Angeles mother, a psychologist who agreed to talk to The Times on a condition of anonymity, succeeded in getting her daughter extra time.
    "My daughter took the SAT the first time and came back and kept saying, 'If I just had a little bit more time, I know I could have done well.' "
    Her daughter was making good grades at a private high school but showed disappointing results on the PSAT, the precursor to the SAT. So she took her to a psychologist, who concluded she "might have attention deficit disorder."
    The school principal didn't think the diagnosis warranted special accommodations in school. After the 17-year-old got disappointing scores on the SAT, the mother sent an appeal directly to the College Board asking for extended time when the child took the test again. The request was denied.
    Knowing she had to move fast, she took her daughter to an "M.D. psychiatrist . . . who wrote a quick letter, saying she thought maybe [the teenager] had ADD and was in the process of a diagnosis. M.D. letters have a lot of weight. This time they allowed it."
    Did it help? With extra time and tips from an SAT tutor, the girl's score went up 250 points -- enough to be wait-listed at UC Berkeley. "I wasn't 100% sure that she needed extra time," the mother said. "It ended up working to my benefit, and she obviously did well."
    It is possible, psychologists say, for subtle disabilities in hard-working students to remain masked until late in life, sometimes not surfacing until graduate school. Smart students with disabilities learn tricks to compensate in high school, especially since classroom tests rarely require them to focus longer than 50 minutes in one stretch. It's only when they come up against a three-hour, high-stakes test like the SAT that the disability becomes evident.
    But there are also many cases in which parents hear about a neighbor's child getting extended time and make rather bald-faced efforts to join the rush….


The correct way to administer a test is to make the test maximally valid as a measure of whatever is being measured. Unfortunately, the owners of SAT have long since ceased to defend the test as a measure of anything -- whether intelligence, knowledge or educability. Instead, bowing to constructicackle, they regard it merely as a race for prizes -- so why not give a leg-up to the weaker brethren if that is what society and the media seem to want? Unfortunately, the quest for popularity is now running the test into shameless contradictions. The revelation here that fully 2% of the US population is already given rigged SAT scores that 'compensate for handicap' is striking. It is a great pity that the test manufacturers have not told testees that they must tell their own sob stories about their results rather than have their excuses built secretively into the SAT result itself.


It has often been said that the only way to stop the feminazie witch-hunting of kiddiefiddlers will be to accuse the accusers of paedophilia. Now it turns out this move can be very successful. -- Apparently, the only jobs left to practitioners of the pathetic perversion may be as 'investigators' of their fellow paedophiles…. 6 i '00


City Councilman Surrenders in Molestation Case

PALMDALE, California -- A city councillor and former sheriff's child-abuse investigator turned himself in to authorities today after he was charged with molesting four girls over the past decade, prosecutors said. Kevin Carney, 48, pleaded innocent at his arraignment in Los Angeles Municipal Court and is being held on $2 million bail. The former county sheriff's sergeant faces the possibility of life in prison, said spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons of the district attorney's office.
    Carney is accused of 17 counts of child molestation and one count of possession of child pornography. The crimes allegedly occurred between April 1990 and October 1999, according to the felony complaint filed in Los Angeles Municipal Court.
    Claims of child molestation surfaced in 1997 when Carney was the sheriff's lead sex-abuse investigator in Antelope Valley, north of Los Angeles, and supervised cases involving children. He was removed from that position after two girls aged 7 and 8 claimed he had sexually abused them. Prosecutors did not file charges against Carney at that time because they felt there was insufficient evidence, Gibbons said.
    On Oct. 29, Carney was arrested after a 14-year-old girl accused him of molesting her, Gibbons said. Four days later, he was elected to a seat on the City Council in Palmdale, a community about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. He was freed on $100,000 bail. Carney denied the charges, calling them a smear campaign by his opponents. The 23-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department retired a month after his arrest….


SONOMA, California ( 6 i '00) -- A 15-year-old girl, reported missing by her father several months ago, was returned to her home after police found her in Phoenix and arrested the 31-year-old man who had spirited her away days before he was due in court to answer charges of molesting her, authorities said. When police found the happy couple, they were with the girl's mother, who approved of the affair; but the man, Jeffrey Shoemaker, will now face grave charges which could result in him being sodomized by AIDS-ridden US Black convicts in perpetuity.

U.S.A. -- Victimless crime -- Court TV has carried a programme asking why virtual kiddieporn is illegal when images of virtual rape and sodomy are not. Apparently, the original reason for banning all kiddieporn was that its manufacture would have involved compliant children engaging in near-wanton acts; but by definition virtual paedoporn is not so constituted. The only distinct argument against it is thus that it may be used to desensitize and corrupt minors -- but there is little evidence that such use occurs. The matter is likely to be considered by the US Supreme Court.

U.K. -- The coach of a Premier League soccer team has been suspended following charges of paedophilic molestations. The Observer (9 i '00) screamed 'Paedophiles target football's talent factories' -- though without producing a single named case except a director who had sex with a fifteen-year-old girl (not a trainee at all) and has now been accepted back at his London club on full pay and perks. The Times found the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children had been investigating 80 cases of paedophilic naughtiness by social workers in 1999 -- resulting in allegations against 138 care staff and charges by police against 50. Now there are media demands that umpires be appointed in every children's home in Britain to monitor complaints about paedophilia to or by children. {How actual paedophiles will be kept from such new positions is a mystery. Notoriously, paedophiles are solicitous about children and competitive with each other -- as in Nabokov's Lolita.}

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Maryland -- US Judge Durke Thompson, who said "it takes two to tango" before sentencing a child molester to less than two years in prison, is facing a storm of media criticism. The 'molested' girl in the case was an 11-year-old who wore make-up and slit skirts and played the Internet through till 2.30a.m. She had invited an ex-Marine, 24, from El Salvadore, to her home and bedroom, where the man was eventually discovered hiding in a cupboard with his pants down at 3a.m. by the girl's mother. The US media say Thompson's leniency reflects the 1998 research paper by US psychologists that paedophilia does little harm -- a report for which, it is said, an apology was made to Congress by the American Psychological Association. {See McDNLs Summer, 1999 -- though those reports did not apparently detect the full extent of the grovelling by the APA.}

Anglo-Saxon Empire

Uninfluenced by guns, missionaries or slave traders, a country the size of India is opting for English.

Reuters 6 i '00


Nomads Need to Learn English

MOSCOW -- The people of the snowbound and remote region of Yakutia, mainly Siberian nomads and ethnic Russians, must learn English if they are to prosper, their regional leader has decided. A decree signed this week by President Mikhail Nikolayev made English an obligatory subject in schools in the north-east Siberian republic, roughly the size of India, and English was proclaimed a working language at official events. ``English will be a working language at all events involving foreign guests,'' government press officer Tatyana Tarasova said Thursday, in Russian, from Yakutsk, 8,500 km (5,100 miles) and six time zones east of Moscow. ``We want to encourage investors and bring our economy closer to the rest of the world. Other languages are useful, but if you don't speak English in the world community, you have problems.''
    Thinly populated Yakutia, known officially as the Republic of Sakha, has vast deposits of diamonds and gold and, like other Russian regions, has won considerable autonomy from central authorities in Moscow.




Reuters 7 i '00


Protest Over 'Racist' Suntan Ad

BUENOS AIRES -- Argentine human rights groups have demanded a magazine ad for Hawaiian Tropic sun-tan lotion, depicting a sun-tanned man being dragged off by the Ku Klux Klan, be withdrawn because it is offensive to blacks.
    The advertisement, designed by an Argentine ad agency, takes up two pages in the local edition of music and entertainment magazine Rolling Stone. It portrays white-robed and hooded members of the white supremacist group hauling away an incredulous white man from the side of a private swimming pool -- a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic sun-tan oil in the foreground.
    ``The tone is humorous, the idea is: You're going to get so black that the Ku Klux Klan are going to come after you,'' Carlos Perez, creative director of Grey Argentina -- the agency that dreamed up the ad -- told the daily Clarin newspaper.
    Human rights groups said there was nothing funny about it. ``It's an outrage to blacks, it suggests that being black means you are vulnerable to being kidnapped and tortured by the Ku Klux Klan,'' Victor Ramos, head of the Argentine Institute Against Discrimination (INADI), told Reuters. ``The content is racist,'' Ramos said, adding that INADI would do everything it could to make Rolling Stone cut the ad.


Quotes of the Week

New Statesman editorial:
"The Dome emerges as the epitome of a New Labour approach that is all too familiar for comfort. Continue a Tory project; make a grandiose commitment; employ such words as 'new', 'modern' and 'beacon'; sign up the sponsors; get some slick marketing. And to hell with content."
Paul Johnson, in the Daily Mail:
"You should never build anything unless you know what it is for…. An edifice put up to no clear end is a monstrosity, an offence against nature and reason."
Leader in the Observer:
"[The Dome is an] under-resourced, badly managed, bombastic, plastic disposable shell with a hollow heart."

{The Spectator was equally scathing of London's Blairennial night when three million people packed on to the banks of the Thames. It was 'boring, dangerous, drunken, ugly and empty of content' said one writer who had been set upon by a homosexual gang and seen couples 'fornicating behind wheelie bins.' Amidst weeping women, mascara running down their faces from the incessant drizzle, he recorded 'we have become a nation of savages.' It was certainly astonishing that the Archbishop of Canterbury should have agreed to settle for a slot in the miserable Dome -- which is even more devoid of sunlight than the rest of wintry Britain. He could after all have held his own bash in the splendour of Westminster Abbey, which the Queen would surely have preferred to doing the okey-cokey at the knees-up in the Dome. For the Observer, columnist Arnold Kemp agreed the Domidisaster symbolised dishonest New Labour: the Dome was "the apogee of spin-doctoring", he wrote. Astonishingly, the Dome could not even provide the one form of refreshment predictably in demand from British visitors who standardly spent an hour queuing to see the Tony ooops Body Zone: in the interests of modernity, the sale of tea in the Dome had been forbidden by organizers.}

11 i 2000  

LONDON -- Third Way exposed -- The New Year started disastrously for Mr Blair's neosocialist government which provides Thatcherism without the latter's imaginative or freedom-loving components. The London Dome was a flop except in so far as Brits regard queuing hours for fatuous non-events as a national tradition, and major funders like Boots and BSkyB seemed likely to pull out; the National Health Service was revealed to be desperately shuttling flu-stricken English patients to Scotland, France and Wales (where one 74-year-old man died after five hours in an ambulance despite having just been given a heart transplant at public expense); the London Met was claimed to be as 'racist' as ever; and England's schools needed weekly injections of panic measures from the blind egalitarian Education Secretary (now trying to improve 'creativity' and to bus children from school to school as a disguised way of introducing individuated curricula).
    Seeing a window of opportunity for a proper opposition to the New Labour Government, a Times leader (6 i '00) urged the Liberal Party to begin to take up civil liberties issues against Blairite authoritarianism; but the Liberals prefer to warn against Thatcherite tax cuts. Still, Mr Blair will have no easy ride in 2000. For his Blairennial awaybreak, he is with Third Way admirer Antonio Guterres in Portugal, but the leader of England's longest ally will not be able to help with Blair's great problem of how to win a referendum for taking Britain finally into Europe -- dropping the pound sterling , a thousand years of common law and the British veto that has so far made membership of the European Union tolerable. Adding to his problems, Blair's wife Cherie has been fined UK£10 for travelling on a train without a ticket. Supposedly she was caught short without change for a ticket machine while rushing to serve as a judge in Luton.

GROZNY, Chechnya -- 'New World Order' superpowers defied -- Heroic resistance by Islamic Chechnyan nationalists slowed the advance of the Red Army, vindicating US Presidential contender Pat Buchanan's idea that there may yet be life in nationalism. Associated Press reported from Sleptovskaya that Russian soldiers claim the military is vastly understating casualties in Chechnya, and the Times agreed. The BBC (9 i '00) said Russia had lost thirty men in just 24 hours of fighting. Likewise rejecting superpower wishes for multicultural tranquillity, Muslims in Indonesia continued locked in daily murderous and arsonistic struggle with Christians in Ambon, Moluccas. {However, it is far from clear that territory-holding nationalism will ever again have much appeal within the West itself except in the event of serious economic recession. Of more interest in the West will be Muslim ideas that men should be able to contract for proper wives, families and mistresses for whom they themselves will provide health care and education -- rather than having to tolerate neosocialist state-welfarist arrangements.}

LONDON (BBCR4UK 6 i '99) -- Educalunacy -- Having failed to realize Mr Tony Blair's hopes for fast track learning, Education Secretary David Blunkett said he would increase the creativity of state schoolchildren by special exercises and test the results in new exams at 12, 13, 14, 15 etc. Old leftie Richard Ingrams (long the editor of Private Eye) was moved to suggest in his Observer column that since the Government only wants training for employment, it might as well now hand the state schools over to the private sector. {Frequent testing of children was first thought up by the last Conservative government so as to punish teachers; but the latter managed to resist testing of whether a school showed 'value added' gains on top of what could be expected from children's IQs.}

NEW YORK (National Post 6 i '00) -- Afro-American Aggro -- Following a night-club shoot-out, half-caste rap maestro Sean "Puffy" Combs is now, according to industry insiders, in danger of being dumped by his super-starlet girlfriend, the actress-singer Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, a member of Puffy's Black posse fired two shots from a 40-calibre handgun inside Club New York. One of Puffy's top rappers, Jamal "Shyne" Barrow, is accused of opening fire with a 9mm Ruger during the incident and wounding three clubgoers. This would seem to be a fairly recent hazard of pop fandom, unknown to previous generations of music devotees….

PRISTINA, Kosovo (Times Higher 24/31 xii '99; Guardian 7 i '00) -- Multiculturalism -- Ethnic cleansing of Kosovo by NATO now takes the form of time sharing, with the university assigned to Serbs for two days of each week. However, no Serbs now turn up despite being refused transfer to universities in Serbia proper. Authorities say only one thousand Serbs remain in Kosovo after six months of NATO occupation. In New York, Human Rights Watch claims evidence that NATO's notorious bombing of a Serbian passenger train crossing a bridge at Grdelicka was deliberate: apparently, NATO speeded up its film of the event to make it appear that a train had 'suddenly' appeared on the bridge at the last moment before it was bombed.

EL MONTE, California -- Multicultural policing -- After a day spent busting marijuana users, enthusiastic police took a helicopter and armoured car to the home of one Mario Paz and killed him while he and his wife were in bed together. Police say they found $10,000 in cash and four weapons in the Paz home. {American police justify the use of such shootings by saying Black criminals sometimes shoot at them while they are making inquiries. To maintain anti-racism, White suspects must be treated the same as Blacks regardless of any statistical evidence to the contrary.}

AURORA, Ill. ( -- Paedohysteria -- A 60-year-old Catholic priest accused of molesting two altar boys in California of 1980 has agreed to head west to answer the charges. The Rev. Edward Lawrence Ball is on electronic monitoring and living in the Society of the Missionaries of Sacred Heart's U.S. headquarters. {Child molestation cases used to have a statute of limitations in California until the state Supreme Court in August overruled a 1994 statute which forbade new prosecutions of crimes committed prior to 1988.}

NEW YORK (Reuters 7 i '00) -- Affirmative racism -- Bowing to Black pressure groups, the idiotically White-guilt-ridden media outfit, ABC, which brought the Black sitcom ''Benson'' and the mendacious landmark slavery mini-series ``Roots'' to U.S. television, became the second network this year to pledge to use more racial minorities both in front of and behind the cameras.

ATLANTA (AP) -- Hispanics vs Anglos -- The Mexican consul here said Hispanics should not patronize Georgia companies that mistreat them and suggested a national boycott of shops that do not offer services in Spanish. {In 1933, Jewish leaders called for an international boycott of German goods -- an understandable development, but one which did nothing for German-Jewish relations.}

LONDON (ClassicFMRadio 7 i '00; Independent 8 i '00) -- Feminazism -- After a decade of panic breast screening, turning 10% of the work of GPs over to the exercise and elevating anxiety in hundreds of millions of women, Danish researchers reported in the Lancet that screening has made no difference to breast cancer rates. Peter Gotzsche and Ole Olsen of Copenhagen's Nordic Cochrane Centre had reviewed studies from Canada, New York, Scotland and Sweden without finding a shred of evidence to support the hysterical demands of professional wymmin that governments should repeatedly examine the mammaries of every woman in the West to make up for the girls not having husbands or babies. The researchers agree that deaths from breast cancer have fallen by 14% since 1989, but randomized trials in half a million women find no effect of the screening variable. Just one life is saved per one thousand women screened for ten years, but women are misleadingly told their repeated checks will reduce their chance of breast cancer by 25%. The British Government has been accused of "social engineering" and inducing panic by Michael Baum, Professor of Surgery at University College London Hospitals. A distressed Labour government minister, Blair Babe Helen Liddell, said "I find the report extremely unhelpful. I am a womyn."

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (Reuters 7 i '00) -- White Fight -- The FBI is investigating a flood of racist hate mail sent to civil rights groups and black colleges in recent weeks threatening escalating violence against blacks and Jews. The obscenity-laden letters, which refer to Rahowa, or racial holy war -- the battle cry of the white supremacist World Church of the Creator run by Matt Hale -- were mailed anonymously from south-eastern North Carolina in late December. {White racists have been totally let down by American academics -- with the honourable exception of Professor Glayde Whitney -- and are now running amok without intellectual guidance. This is the result of a decade of ferocious PC that has terrified even baseball players let alone goatee-bearded professors who might otherwise speak out against America's rapid decline into multiculturalism.}

LONDON (Guardian 7 i '00; ClassicFMRadio 7 i '00, 21:00) -- According to their boss, Sir Paul Condon, the Metropolitan Police came close to a 'meltdown of morale' over the Macpherson Report which accused them in 1999 of 'institutional racism.' Now seriously short of recruits, they await more condemnation this week from Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary -- which had also been asked by the Home Secretary to give them a hard time. To add to their woes, they stopped and questioned a Black car driver over Christmas while investigating a robbery: the driver turned out to be Neville Lawrence, the father of the now-sainted Black teenager whose unsolved death in a London street in 1992 had led to the Macpherson Inquiry. Mr Lawrence has now lodged a formal complaint against police harassment….

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Death for Blacks resumes -- Florida lawmakers have agreed to change the way the state puts condemned Black prisoners to death, ending a 76-year reliance on the electric chair to carry out its ultimate penalty. Execution of Floridan slaves ooops prisoners will now take place by chemical injection unless victims request electrocution. Florida's electric chair came under criticism in 1997 when flames shot from the head of an executed prisoner, a spectacle that brought capital punishment in Florida to a halt for nearly a year. Now the culling of Blacks can continue -- necessitated since the USA has no policy of transportation, apartheid or eugenics. Prolonging the agony, prisoners typically wait 14 years on Death Row before their court-ordered sentences are carried out.

MANCHESTER, England -- Academic irrelevance -- BBCR4UK staged a half-hour debate (8 i '00, 22:10) on the future of Britain's remaining 164 grammar schools. The programme included Oxford University's Professor Quinn as a star egalitarian. Though selection by innate ability for tailored education was the central focus, no speaker felt obliged even to mention Galton, Spearman, Burt, Eysenck or The g Factor (whether by Chris Brand or Arthur Jensen).

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters 7 i '00) -- Hispanic disgrace -- In a ruling with nation-wide implications, a US Federal judge ruled that Texas can continue to require all students to pass a standardized test as a requirement for graduation from high school. Pathetic Hispanics had linked up with Negroes to challenge the arrangement -- even though all Texas pupils are given twelve chances to pass the elementary test.

BERLIN (Times 10 i '00) -- Russia waves goodbye to Jews -- An influx of migrants from Russia has boosted Berlin's Jewish population from 30,000 in 1989 to 100,000 today. Migration from Russia is heavy, partly because of anti-Semitism and partly because of economic instability. In 1999 alone, 30,000 Jews migrated to Israel.

History Today

(Times 23 xii '99 & 6 i '00; London Review of Books 9 i '00, Hugo Young)

Support for McDNL's nomination for 'Brit of the Millennium' came in the nick of time from History Today's Associate Editor. Historian Nigel Jones reckoned Henry VIII's 1534 achievement of breaking from Rome the big event of the second millennium -- making way (after initial authoritarianism and pillage of the monasteries) for common law, habeas corpus, constitutional government, parliamentary democracy, religious tolerance and free speech. Why, asked Jones, did talk-of-the-town Gaelic-lover Norman Davies (The Isles, 1999) unfailingly join with traitors James I, James II, Charles James Fox, Lytton Strachey, Oswald Moseley, Ted Heath, Ken Clarke and Chris Patten in deploring each and every event which gave the British Isles their distinctiveness? (Bizarrely, Davies claims Magna Carta England to have been 'little more than an extension of France' and is then very unhappy that Henry VIII changed all that.)

Strangely, habeas corpus proved just as important as ever over the New Year, as UK Home Secretary explained to an impatient media and Jewish lobbyists that he could not detain the 86-year-old Konrad Kalejs for his alleged atrocities in Latvia of 1940. Detention would have required Britain to proceed to a trial using evidence so uncertain as to risk making a worse mockery of Holocaust hysteria than was happening already as 'civil liberties' and 'human rights' groups like Amnesty bayed for Kalejs' blood.

The astonishing preoccupation of moderns with the Holocaust, rather than with anything more positive, was also derided by Living Marxism editor Mick Hulme, writing in the Times. Hume specially remarked the rise and rise of Holocaustery and asked what interest this bizarre phenomenon could serve:

In the words of a Jewish American double-act tired of the booming Holocaust industry, "There's no business like Shoah business." …The Holocaust has acquired its elevated status as perhaps the last moral absolute in an uncertain world. ….the Holocaust industry is an exercise in self-flattery for societies such as Britain and the USA.

The essay 'Liberating the Future' likewise considers it is time to be more realistic about the Holocaust. The Nazi regime did not involve any 'quintessence of evil' that Europeans could agree to detect in the 1930's. Nor were the Nazis beaten by crusaders who opposed eugenics or even anti-Semitism. Rather, the Nazizeit occurred because of Nazi dishonesty and a lack of supervision of government -- features that are sadly embedded at the heart of neosocialism today, as witness the beaming-and-frowning Mr Blair, the Ethnic Cleanser of Kosovo, responsible for thousands of Serbian deaths, declaring the London Dome a triumph just as it so plainly embarrassed the Queen and symbolized a great hope betrayed. Thankfully, an ancient English principle has spared Britain from making an ass of itself by trying a frail pensioner who is already a pariah for his youthful police work for his country. Hopefully Mr Blair will use the breathing space to read 'Liberating the Future' and reflect how to embed more anti-authority English individualism into the governance of nations.

Fed up with failing to bag Konrad Kalejs, the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Centre pestered Sweden's Prime Minister Goran Persson, making him promise to investigate Sweden's links to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. A television documentary claimed at least 260 Swedes had been members of Hitler's elite Waffen SS. Some 400 bigwigs from 45 countries are due to attend a Stockholm Holocaust conference over January 26-28, including German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak and British Foreign Minister Robin Cook.

In London, the trial begins this week of the action against Nazizeit historian David Irving who protests as libellous the idea of Deborah Lipstadt (Emory University, Atlanta) (Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault On Truth and Memory, 1993 [Penguin, 1996]) that he is 'an Adolf Hitler partisan' and 'misrepresents data.' (For details, see and A key argument that will surface before a High Court judge will be whether Hitler all along intended genocide (at least from 1924, when he wrote Mein Kampf); or whether the death camp policy for Polish Jews was developed almost as a form of euthanasia after Operation Barbarossa was bogged down (preventing the transportation of Jews to the east, and limiting supplies for feeding Polish resisters). While accepting that many Jews were killed [at least 100,000 at Auschwitz, he says], Irving has doubted Hitler's involvement [he thinks Goebbels was responsible] and doubted any but an 'experimental' use of gas chambers; and he is thought likely to adduce scientific testimony -- e.g. from the absence of cyanide traces at parts of the Auschwitz site. However, Irving, at his website, says he will "resist any attempt to use the court room to refight World War II, or to rewrite the history of that war." Rather, he is concerned with his own personal and professional reputation and thus to contest the particular notion that he ever intentionally misrepresented that history. Irving summarizes his life and his case against Prof. Lipstadt at, expressly denying any elitism, male chauvinism or racism (though regretting mass coloured immigration to Britain).
    Britain's star military historian, Sir John Keegan (Defence Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph) has written: "Two books in English stand out from the vast literature of the Second World War: Chester Wilmot's The Struggle for Europe, published in 1952, and David Irving's Hitler's War…" Irving is said by Lipstadt to have been condemned as "fascist" by the House of Commons in 1989 and barred from entering Germany, Australia and Canada; but he was subsequently invited by the Sunday Times (ed. Andrew Neil) to supervise the translation of Goebbels' diaries from an important newly discovered Russian archive in 1992. Irving says he is not properly described as a 'Holocaust denier'; though he is certainly a Nazizeit revisionist. His book on Goebbels, though praised by historians including Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper (Lord Dacre), was dropped by St Martin's (Macmillan) in 1996 after a storm of criticism from groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The New Statesman writer, Christopher Hitchens wrote of Irving's work in Vanity Fair, that he was "not just a Fascist historian, [but]….also a great historian of Fascism."
    Deborah Lipstadt is a leading Holocaust student who chose to confront Irving's arguments rather than just to ignore them as had most Holocaust experts previously. Lipstadt takes the view that the construction of gas chambers and the supply of massive amounts of cyanide is well documented and that there is essentially no serious case for revisionism.
    David Irving will be conducting his own case against a well-funded team led by the solicitor who arranged Princess Diana's divorce. Irving told the Guardian: "They say I am the most dangerous man on earth. I must admit I am very intimidated by the amount of money they have spent, and the number of people they have sent to Germany to scour for facts. They want a showdown. I think they are relishing the prospect and I doubt they will have change from $5m in the amount they have spent already on experts. They have some very good experts indeed and I look forward to meeting them." He claims he would have settled for £500 donated to a charity for limbless girls in memory of his daughter who died in September. He has been forced to hand over private papers and diaries by the defence. The non-jury case will be heard before Hon. Mr Justice Charles Gray, a distinguished former libel barrister, and is expected to last at least three months.
    Discussing the failure of academics to stand by free speech for Irving, Anne Sebba wrote for Times Higher (7 i '00) that at least one top UK history professor is fed up that students today know (or believe they know) far more about what World War II did to the Jews than what it did to Russians and Germans -- or about what World War I did to the Austrians, British and French. Jewish casualties in the century's conflicts were no worse in quantity and quality than those of other nations, yet Jewry has pathetically declined to take responsibility for its own game plan under which, in cahoots with Britain, it brought the USA into World War I but understandably miffed the Germans.

Keenly following the Irving vs. Lipstadt/Penguin trial will be Koestler-hating historian David Cesarani. According to Times Higher, Cesarani is so eager to indict all and sundry for lack of anti-Nazi zeal that he has fallen out with quite a few of his fellow Jews -- especially with those who don't share his commitment to Zionism

The argument that the Jews are a race and nation like any other, and possibly more so, has lately been considered by the Human Biodiversity Email Group. One star correspondent (and McDNL fan) has adumbrated the traditional point that Jews can seem somewhat exclusive, not to say racist and positively off-putting to possible converts:

If Judaism is to become a proselytizing religion, they really should work on MAKING IT EASIER. I once made some enquiries about converting to Judaism and discovered the following. (1) You have to get circumcised EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE BEEN. ("How does that work, then?" I asked the rabbi. "Oh," he said, "it's just a little nick." In the words of the late Tony Hancock: It may be just a little nick to YOU, mate ...) (2) You have to learn Hebrew. If you're really keen, you should learn Aramaic, too (the language of, for example, the Kaddish), though this doesn't seem to be required. (3) Kasruth (the dietary laws) are non-optional. Get to like Tsimmis, halva and gefulte fish. (Tsimmis contains prunes and carrots. I couldn't bear to look at it long enough to see what else. Halva is a waste by-product in the manufacture of polystyrene. Gefulte fish is fish that somebody else has already eaten.)
    Genital mutilation PLUS mastering an oriental language PLUS an extra set of kitchenware? Is there any other religion that asks this much of converts?
    I gotta suggestion, guys. Shift the coming of the Messiah from the future to the past; drop the Hebrew and dietary stuff; allow anybody to join; get some nice vernacular hymns and a prayer book ... Wait a minute -- hasn't this been tried?
    I've discussed these postings with some Jewish friends. One thread that turned up in their responses is the following (abstracted by me from several remarks): "We are God's Marine Corps. We hit the beaches, we take the casualties. We are the BEST. Why should we lower standards to let more in? The fewer, the better."

Much historical anti-Semitism in Europe involved only a religious criterion of Jewishness: Mendelssohn and Disraeli were among the many success stories resulting from family conversions to Christianity. However, the modern state of Israel uses criteria for admission that are more closely in line with those of the 'racist' Nuremberg Laws.

Having failed to persuade Her Majesty's Government to launch a prosecution for genocide of an 86-year-old Latvian pensioner living in an old folks' home in Leicester, Nazi-hunters in the UK are now pursuing an 84-year-old Lithuanian father of three who, with his Ceylonese wife, runs a guest house in Edinburgh. Anton Gecas, who came to Britain in 1947 and claimed to have fought with the Polish Army, failed in a libel action against Scottish Television in 1992 after he had been accused of assisting in the murder of 32,000 Jews in Eastern Europe. It seems that Mr Blair's plan for a Holocaust Remembrance Day may not be sufficient to end left-ist attempts to milk the Holocaust for all it is worth. By contrast, in Berlin there is firm government talk that there will be no more reparations or prosecutions or attempts to continue hysteria about the Holocaust -- not, at least, after the establishment, beginning 2001, of a Holocaust Monument to end monuments…. {Sadly, Russia is so poor that no-one is prepared to bother opening prosecutions respecting the scores of millions killed on Communist orders.}

Visiting William McDougall's birthplace of Oldham, Lancashire, to see how the other half lives, former Black Panther Darcus Howe, 56 -- now a comfortable London columnist who plans to hold forth about his love of Britain and Brixton -- was shocked (Observer 9 i '00). Oldham is "now really, really poor"; and on the streets he found flash Pakistanis in suits along with bitter, twisted Whites. "The white people are what they'd call in America white trash," Darcus mused. "I'd never come across that before. They want the Pakistanis physically eliminated." Dover too, which received thousands of Albanians in 1999, is a hell hole. But Darcus still loves the land in which he has settled, naming its star qualities as Craftsmanship, Tolerance, Eloquence and Humour. {McDougall's prosperous factory-owning Scottish father had settled in Oldham. Darcus Howe has a weekly slot in the left-wing New Statesman and debated race realism with Chris Brand three years ago before a rigged audience in Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.}



Tallahassee Democrat 5 i '00


Benjamin Colmery -- My View

Politically correct egalitarians ignore facts about intelligence

Academics have warred over human intelligence for a century. The hidden fundamental issue of the Florida Civil Rights Initiative is: "Why does intelligence vary?"
    One side (without proof) supports egalitarianism: Everyone has equal cognitive expectations when conceived. Given identical environments, individuals develop identical intelligence. Environmental effects make people "bright" or "dumb." Heredity has no effect. The other side proves traditional heredity (genetics): Sixty percent, plus or minus 20 percent, of intelligence is inherited. Sixty percent is probably low. Those percentages encompass all experimental studies published up to 1994 (and, that I've found, since). Conception freezes inherited intelligence. "Other factors" develop the rest.
    Egalitarianism is based solely on philosophy. It appeals to honorable instincts but is contrary to statistically valid, replicated experimental findings. "Political correctness", the creation of America's liberal coalition, is a by-product of egalitarianism. The coalition is not formally organized, like the AARP, nor massive, like American support for World War II. Disparate and relatively small, it includes the media, academe, politicians, Hollywood and minority organizations and activists. It has enormous nation-wide power. Socialistic PC has controlled American social ideology for four decades. And socialism doesn't work.
    Solicitous people accept egalitarianism. Encouraged by PC, many reject that average intelligence of races differs significantly. However, if they accept egalitarianism but not creationism, they must believe that the human brain is the only entity in all biological life not subject to genetics. There are innumerable published experimental studies supporting genetics and refuting egalitarianism; but none vice versa. Egalitarianism and genetics are mutually exclusive. Some PC advocates use spin to support their positions they ignore valid scientific findings. PC censorship and distortion punish those who present or discuss facts for example, by ruining their careers. PC has brainwashed the public into accepting egalitarianism.
    Affirmative action as practised today is not equal opportunity for each individual. It (unsuccessfully) seeks equal outcomes for each racial group. There are more disadvantaged whites needing equal opportunity than blacks. Further, affirmative action gives even middle-class blacks preference over disadvantaged whites.
    Unrefuted studies show that post-World War II intelligence tests lack cultural bias, that intelligence differs within and among races, that slavery and emancipation didn't affect intelligence, that mixed ancestry does, and that heredity is the most important factor determining intelligence. They show that intelligence correlates positively with occupational success, academic achievement, earnings, employment history, IQ in children, and middle-class values -- and negatively with poverty, crime and violence. Even some PC advocates find post-1950 racial prejudice has little effect on disadvantaged blacks. Intelligence is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for success.
    ….Comparing racial groups today and correcting for IQ, salaries are nearly identical at all employment levels (uncorrected, salaries lag), and blacks are six times over-represented in the professions (uncorrected for intelligence, they lag). Under affirmative action, black job performance is poorer. It reduces black self-esteem and images of black competence. It is strongly divisive, changing "e pluribus unum" to "us vs. them."     Prominent egalitarians agree that affirmative action has failed. Nevertheless, since the original 1964 Civil Rights Act, affirmative action has subscribed to egalitarianism. It assumes that extra schooling and time-on-the-job give dumb persons greater cognitive ability. This is the basis for racial bonuses on qualifying tests. Of the trillions of dollars > spent on social programs since Lyndon Johnson was president, much was spent on persons cognitively unable to compete or benefit, but selected preferentially. Brighter persons able to benefit are "scratched." ….The tragedy is that we have spent trillions on symptoms of social problems but not the root problem: How do we help our multiracial, cognitively disadvantaged underclass (growing, isolated and unable to compete) enjoy fulfilled lives?

Benjamin H. Colmery is a Tallahassee retiree who holds a doctorate degree from the Department of Social Systems Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. He can be reached by e-mail at

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

Environmentalunacy / Student Corner

(New Yorker 10 i '00, 'Baby steps', Malcolm Gladwell)

{Cf. McDNL 19 x '99 Developmentobabbling: HYPER-PLASTICITY OF INFANT BRAIN IS A MYTH, ADMIT SCIENTISTS -- 'Enriching' early environments is a waste of time}


Since April 1997, when Hillary Clinton invited America's developmento-cognibabblers for prawn cocktail croissants at the White House, the big question has been whether the New Environmentalunacy -- claiming big possibilities for intervention to stimulate the infant brain -- can gather any serious evidence in its support. Every effort has been made to talk up the unsubstantiated idea that listening to Mozart can benefit IQ; and California even slapped a special tax of 50c on a pack of cigarettes to fund relevant research on swaddling infants and toddlers.
      In fact, the past two years have been a disaster for the latest 'Head Start' cause. In the autumn of 1999, reviewers in both Science and Nature gave the thumbs down. Now the New Yorker too has thrown out the idea. In a splendid six-page review of John Bruer's book, The Myth of the First Three Years, readers are given the reasons for thinking Hillary had been carried away:

Altogether, the advice to parents of toddlers must remain the classic 'Don't starve your infant, lock it in a cupboard or hit it on the head with a frying pan.' The New Yorker specially notes the weirdness of Hillary et al. subscribing to environmentodeterminism while hereditarians have since 1985 stressed that the chief consideration for a parent -- apart from selecting a high-IQ spouse -- is to allow children to make choices of environment for themselves, for children will often stick with environments that do them good so long as they have been able to select or create them in the first place. It is sad that such individualism and liberalism does not appeal to the First Lady as she embarks on trying to continue the Clinton dynasty into the new millennium.


Enhancing Human Traits: Ethical and Social Implications (Hastings Center Studies in Ethics.) Edited by Erik Parens. 258 pp. Washington, D.C., Georgetown University Press, 1998. $49.95.

This new book is all one can expect from modern academics about eugenics. It is entirely hopeless. The worthy 'bioethicists' don't mind a little tinkering to prevent outrageous pathology. But they are unhappy about parents trying to 'normalize' their children, let alone seeking exceptional positive traits. Such anti-elitist anxieties would be all very well of the writers had a line to defend -- a clear demarcation point between ethical efforts their committees would bless and cowboy operations that would require criminalization. In fact, the worthies have no idea. The only thing to be said for the book is that it leaves the coast clear for free market arguments. Parents who want children of choice should get going soon before other Marxist academics conjure up an impressive authoritarian argument to enable the continued birthing of children whom no-one really wants so that the Marxists' students can have jobs looking after such sorry casualties of recalcitrance in the face of Galton's arguments.

{The American Association for the Advancement of Science has spent the last two years wrestling with the thorny questions of how to restrict parents' freedoms. It has convened two working groups that are examining ethical and scientific issues surrounding germline gene therapy. A report, intended as a guide for policy makers, should be released early this year.}

{Reviewing the history of philosophical and scientific thought during the second millennium, the Millennium Magazine produced by Times and Times Higher (£UK1) concluded -- after efforts from Anthony Kenny and Roger Scruton -- by pondering whether eugenics might yet be revived. J. W. Burrow (Prof. European Thought, Univ. Oxford) said eugenics was "tainted, presumably irretrievably, by its association with genocide" and chemistry Nobelist Max Perutz (b. 1914) concluded it would be absolutely awful if parents chose the sex of their children. But it was interesting that such a magisterial review -- accompanied by a full range of journalistic visual aids -- should reckon it was Darwin and Galton (and not Einstein, Marx, Freud, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Habermas or Giddens) who were still making scholars think at the turn of the millennium. Chris Brand's new essays 'Sex and Society' [light-hearted] and 'Liberating the Future' [grey-bearded] both argue that Galton's ideas are now set to triumph, producing an unprecedented challenge to Western politics. The challenge will need to be met by a new rationalism, liberalism and individualism -- which alone can throw up the new types of vibrant community that are necessary as Christianity fades.}


(Science 7 i '00)

To favour biodiversity is a clever way of being racist. The biodiversity enthusiast seeks to preserve and even increase genetic diversity -- so is unenthusiastic about large scale interbreeding and the destruction of races. Yet is diversity valuable? Ethnbotanist Paul Cox (King Charles XVI Professor at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre) has now set out the case for preserving the racial knowledge of herbal medicine rather than lose everything before the tide of globalization, i.e. Westernization. Presumably Cox's case is as impressive as can be found today. But it does not add up to much. A star finding selected by Cox is that a substance called prostratin, useful against Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1, has been identified as the active ingredient in a Samoan remedy for hepatitis that uses the stem root of the mamala tree. Responding to ethnodiversificationist researchers, the US government has promised the Samoans that there will be credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, over a decade the discovery has not proved to be of commercial significance: it "still languishes as one of several interesting lead compounds that have not been picked up by pharmaceutical firms", says Cox.

You have to love New Yorkers!

A Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in New York has a special offer it is calling a "bucket of Hillary" -- two small breasts, two large thighs and a bunch of left wings.


Cartoon in New Yorker (10 i '00): A prim literary professional womyn pronounces on the manuscript of a Neanderthal male who is seated by her desk, tarzan-suited, hairy-chested, club in hand, hearing her verdict with a glum expression: "We feel that your female characters are somewhat underdeveloped."


Martin Luther King Holiday Issue








Antiracism Today


-- Birthday rally for King ends in arrest of star Black 1999 martyr --

DECATUR, Ill. (AP 17 i '00) -- One of the six expelled Black students whose cause was championed by the Rev. Jesse Jackson in 1999 has been arrested on charges stemming from a traffic violation, police said. An officer on routine patrol reported seeing a vehicle driving without its headlights at about 1:45 a.m. Sunday. The driver stopped at the officer's direction, but then ran away. Three passengers in the car identified the driver as a Black youth, 18-year-old Roosevelt T. Fuller, and he was arrested later at his home. The arrest came just hours after a Saturday rally at which Jackson had championed the cause of the expelled students -- thrown out of school after a brawl at a high school football game -- America's top civil rights battle. Jackson linked their case to the Rev. Martin Luther King's birthday, saying King would have fought for the students.
Fuller was released on bail. Police were seeking misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. Fuller was also ticketed for speeding, driving without headlights and driving an uninsured vehicle.He also faces charges of mob action, resisting police and aggravated battery in connection with the football game brawl.
      At Saturday's rally, hundreds of people packed the Church of the Living God to commemorate King's birth and to hear Jackson declare the controversy in Decatur the biggest civil rights issue in America today.

{URBANA, Illinois (CNN 11 i '00) -- A federal judge in Illinois ruled that the Decatur school board acted properly in expelling six Black students for fighting at a high school football game. The racially charged case had been adopted by the Rev. Jesse Jackson as an example of excessive school discipline disadvantaging Black youths and leading to their exclusion.}

Paedophile Pride

(AP 13 i '00; Reuters 15 i '00)


BOSTON -- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Baptist who led the US civil rights movement, is a candidate to be declared a Christian martyr by the Roman Catholic Church. Though noted in FBI files for his paedophilic involvements with teenage girls, King is among two dozen Americans to be considered by the Vatican for a list of 20th century martyrs that Pope John Paul II plans to unveil in May.

Showing the ongoing need for such martyrs, President Clinton, saying America had "too much discrimination" in the eighth year of his presidency, said he planned to give a new $98 million to the Justice Department's civil rights division to expand the investigation and prosecution of civil rights violations, including hate crimes and police misconduct. Though the U.S. economy overall is booming, Clinton said, minority unemployment and poverty rates are still about twice the national average -- an embarrassment to social-environmentalist ideas. In South Carolina, the Confederate flag continued to fly over the Senate House though Vice-President Al Gore announced, ''There is too much tolerance of intolerance and I think the flag should be removed from the state capitol.''

In Britain, plans for paedophiles to undertake good works -- possibly leading to sainthood -- are far advanced. A new police initiative called Voice Track will allow paedophiles to be monitored all day long to ensure that they doing good deeds that do not take them near schools, children's playgrounds, scout huts, brownie camps and other notorious hang-outs of policemen. Presently, tagging devices can only monitor whether an offender strays far from a surveillance unit installed in his home; and the devices (which allowed 14, 000 prisoners to be released from British jails in 1999) are typically switched off during the day. But with Voice Track, the offender is voice-printed saying the numbers from 1 to 100. Thereafter he can be paged at any time and obliged to report back and repeat specified numbers over a landline, thus securely indicating his whereabouts and confirming his identity. The only problem so far is that two-thirds of modern paedophiles turn out to have difficulty saying all their numbers for they have "serious difficulties with numeracy" (Independent 10 i '00).

Britain's star 'pervert', Gary Glitter, 56 -- cleared of molestation by a jury but found guilty of paedophilic downloadings and thus abandoned by the media and his family and friends -- is to resume his life of good works in Havana with cheeky, slim and boyish Yudenia Sousa Martinez, 26. Havana is currently the world capital of paedophilia, which provides poor families with their only relief from a generation of communism. Glitter has sold his UK property including a UK£100,000 yacht to invest in the Caribbean island where he was once accused of trying to seduce an 11-year-old girl.
      Glamrocker Glitter was released recently from Bristol Prison where he had spent two months for downloading 4,000 paedopornic images, some of toddlers. At a meet-the-press occasion in Regent's Park, London, Glitter told paparazzi he regretted his crime before his voice broke into tears and he was hurried off by car to a secret address where he must wait eight weeks before leaving Britain. For Britain's paedohysterical organization, Kidscape, Michele Eliot doubted Glitter's sincerity and said it was outrageous that Glitter had served less time than if he had committed a burglary. {No victim of Glitter's naughtiness was ever identified; and his former girlfriend with whom he had begun a ten-year liaison when she was 14, failed in her attempt for revenge when a jury disliked her selling her story to the tabloid News of the World. But it remains for any leading figure in Britain to cite the academic defences for high-IQ, over-12 and uncoerced paedophilic indulgence (Baurmann, 1983; Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman, 1997).}




In a triumph over 'Women for Justice' and kindred left-ish groups, marginal boxer Mike Tyson has been allowed to stay in Britain after a 90-minute hearing at London's High Court. Tyson has completely discharged his sentences for date rape, road rage and biting off the ear of lady boxer Amanda Holyfield; but he is a high-testosterone chap in a world where testosterone is considered by 'feminists' as equivalent to depleted uranium. Not even the fact that his rape victim, Miss Desirée Washington, had on her own account asked him to use a condom before intercourse was enough to convince feminazies that Desirée had let herself in for sex when she went on a late-night hotel date with the boxer. Tyson is deemed nasty, brutish and short on sensitivity. But now a British Home Secretary has thought better of challenging him at Heathrow Airport and a High Court judge has given him the green light to annoy PC types for the two weeks of his stay in England, leading up to a boxing match in Manchester.



-- Neosocialist nannying inadequate, says top eugenicist lord --

(Daily Telegraph 15 i '00, p. 1; Times 15 i '00, p. 1; BBCR4UK 16 i '00, 09:55)

LONDON -- Marking what may prove the end of his five years of unprecedented popularity with the British electorate, Prime Minister Tony Blair has been condemned by a Labour lord for under-funding Britain's great white she-cow, the National Health Service.
      Following a winter outbreak of bronchitis, coinciding with the glitzy Blairennium* that flopped, Lord Winston, a top professor of fertility medicine and today Labour's most eminent supporter in the medical profession, told the New Statesman's Mary Riddell the service is now in a worse state than when Labour took over from the Tories in 1997. Lord Winston said "we have been quite deceitful" and spoke of a "conspiracy of silence" in which bad news about the NHS was kept even from the Prime Minister. He blasted funding arrangements as "not as good as Poland's" and said services in his own particular field were "much the worst in Europe". He used the example of his 87-year-old mother, formerly Mayor of Southgate, North London, who was abandoned in casualty for thirteen hours before being dumped in one of the mixed sex wards Labour had pledged to abolish. Lord Winston said: "None of her drugs were given on time, she missed meals and was found lying on the floor when morning staff came on. She caught an infection and she now has an ulcer on her leg."
      Although the peer subsequently grovelled to Phony Tony at Downing Street -- no doubt especially regretting that he had let slip, to the annoyance of the five-month-pregnant Cherie Blair, her plan to give birth by Caesarian section in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital -- other senior white-coated whingers from the NHS promptly stepped forward to agree with his original complaint. As Whitehall spin-doctors failed to prove that Winston was a geriatric has-been, the threat to Labour became so serious that the Prime Minister had to give an impromptu address to the nation on TV. In an unprecedented Sunday breakfast-time special interview with government toady David Frost, Blair said he would give nurses a UK£1,000 pay rise to seal their lips and that the NHS would be OK in five years time if only people kept voting for him.
      The crisis for Britain's Third Way administration coincides with fury among Labour left-wingers at General Pinochet being let out of the country, at Mike Tyson being let in, at fox-hunting continuing and at jury trials (a main source of revenue for East London families near the Old Bailey) being scaled down. Moreover, it turned out just before Christmas that, after 30 months in office, the government has no coherent plan for what to do about mounting traffic congestion on land and in the air. Most leftists would unequivocally favour penal taxation on private motoring; and they are said to be determined to prevent the Government's planned money-saving privatization of air traffic control. They are likely to score a victory over Mr Blair in the coming election for a Mayor of London: bookies now make 'Red Ken' Livingstone the favourite to win the contest -- a huge embarrassment for Blair.

* Taking advantage of Mr Blair's discomfiture, Prince Charles has described the London Dome as "like a monstrous blancmange" (ClassicFM 16 i '00, 12:00). Last week, there were days on which the Dome was virtually deserted, having only four thousand visitors -- just twelve per cent of its anticipated daily trade.

{Since the grammar schools were destroyed by Labour around 1970, many Britons regard the NHS as the one tangible benefit they have to show for the hardship of their parents fighting two world wars. The system allows no choice by patients as to what ailments and constitutional handicaps are covered. It is obliged to maintain the illusion that every possible medical service is available -- including abortions, multiple transplants, tattoo removals and sex change operations. Necessarily, the system has long been more of a life-and-death service than a health service: the age of the average in-patient is 75. In December, Britain learned that its nurses are now lesbianized and no longer sport the once routine black fishnet stockings, wasp waists and Wonderbras. It may be that Mr Blair will never recover from his association with this blow to national morale. To bring UK health spending into line with that of other European Union countries would require an income tax hike of 7%.}

{Robert Winston grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family where he lost his father at age nine. He initially doubted the usefulness of in vitro fertilization methods; but he changed his mind and became a pioneer of pre-implantation diagnosis of abnormalities. He is chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology. He was presenter of the acclaimed television series, 'The Human Body.' He was not available for comment on Domey Tony's TV performance -- evidently gagged and bound by Blair's PR supremo, Alastair Campbell.}

{The British Liberal Party's Home Affairs Spokesman, Simon Hughes, has at last managed to describe the Blair Government as "authoritarian, conservative and ineffective." But his boss, party leader Charles Kennedy, is determined to hang on to the Liberals' co-operative relationship with Labour, 'for fear of getting something worse.'}

Coloured Immigration


(Yahoo! 13 i '00, 12:07, John Sturgis)

London's biggest legal aid-funded immigration law firm is said by the Independent to have been running a bogus asylum scam in which Black overstayers were given help concocting lies tailor-made to deceive the Home Office. Lawyers at Malik Law Associates are alleged to have coached immigrants from countries like Kenya to pretend they were survivors of war and genocide in Rwanda, Burundi or Somalia -- which would entitle them to asylum status and allow them to stay in the UK. Officials from the Law Society's Office for the Supervision of Solicitors have now closed down the company's two offices in Whitechapel and Hackney. Malik Law Associates was awarded London's largest legal aid immigration franchise, worth UK£3 million, last September under new rules set up to stamp out abuses of the legal aid system by immigration lawyers. Yet it is claimed the firm helped illegal immigrants obtain false identities and persuaded them to tell lies that they had been raped, imprisoned or had seen their families killed.

Akbar Malik, 43, was out of the country and unable to comment, though none of the allegations against his firm involve him personally and there is no suggestion he was aware of any malpractice. Malik's relation to anti-racist Guardian journalist Kenan Malik (author of The Meaning of Race, Macmillan, 1996) is currently unknown.

Racism Today

(CNN 13 i '00)

MACON, Georgia -- In a multicultural grovel, John Rocker, the fiery Atlanta Braves relief pitcher whose recent comments about minorities and gays ignited calls for his ouster, now says he was a "complete jerk" but not a racist. "I just lost my cool," he said. "A lot of people ... say things we really don't mean and most people have a luxury to come back after they've said something -- pull the person off to the side who they've offended and say, 'Look, I'm sorry. My words got ahead of my head. I apologize. I take it back.' Unfortunately for me, I make a comment like that in front of somebody who's got a tape recorder and pen and paper working. In front of a reporter, [if] you blurt it out, you can't get it back." Asked to explain how he could call a team-mate "a fat monkey," Rocker said he and the player often make such exchanges to each other's faces and it's not taken personally. "This guy wasn't even a black player. He's a Latin player who[m] I actually consider to be a good friend of mine."

À propos Rocker's pending psychological examination: it transpires that Dr Alvin Poussaint, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has appealed along with seven other Black psychiatrists, for 'racism' -- which correlates negatively with verbal IQ and education -- to be classified as a psychopathology and listed accordingly in the APA's D.S.M.-IV. However, other psychiatrists fear such a recognition of racism as an illness would give racists a legal defence for hate crimes. McDNL's Florida Correspondent writes:
"I wonder about Poussaint. He says a mentality that leads to genocide has to be mental illness. OK, then. What about the Jewish role in the Russian/Ukrainian genocide? Mental illness? Their treatment of Palestinians? The Talmud? Shall we drag rabbis in for mental testing? Are Black-on-White crimes mental illness? When the UN suggests that Europe should be flooded with non-White immigrants to make up for low birth-rates of the indigenous peoples -- which is tantamount to anti-Euro genocide -- is this mental illness too?"

David Irving versus Deborah Lipstadt + Penguin Books

{Cf. McDNL 11 i '00, 'History Today.' For the Sunday Times' background articles on the case [including one by Koestler-hating David Cesarani [Prof. Jewish Studies], go to}


DAY 1 (11 i '00) of what is expected to be a 3-month 'trial of the century'. (Just which century may conveniently be decided by Mr Blair when he announces -- as expected any moment -- the institution of a National British Holocaust Atonement Day.)

In a pin-striped suit, looking for all the world like a libel lawyer or art dealer, the strapping and unbalded 62-year-old David Irving gave an energetic two-hour performance, thumping the table only occasionally and playing generally to the English sense of humour. He especially rejected any accusation that he was a 'Holocaust denier' as insufferably vague -- "a poison to which there is no antidote, like being called a wife-beater or a paedophile"; and he gave a gripping account of his own buccaneering role in rescuing the Goebbels diaries from Moscow in 1992 from under the noses of German officials who wanted them kept from the world's eyes for another 50 years. From his opening address in the High Court, London, to Hon. Mr Justice Gray (

"....[My Lord,] there is one essential plea I wish to make of this Court. I am aware that the Defendants have expended a considerable sum of money in researching all over again the harrowing story of what actually happened in what they call the Holocaust. I submit that, harsh though it may seem, the Court should take no interest in that tragedy.
    The Court may well disagree with me, and show a profound interest in it; but in my submission, we have to avoid the temptations of raking over the history of what happened in Poland or in Russia fifty years ago: what is moot here is not what happened in those sites of atrocities -- but what happened over the last thirty-two years on my writing desk in my apartment off Grosvenor Square.
    To justify her allegations of manipulation and distortion, it will not suffice for Professor Lipstadt to show, if she can, that I misrepresented what happened, but the following -- that I knew what happened; and that I perversely and deliberately, for whatever purpose, portrayed it differently from how I knew it to have happened. That is what 'manipulation and distortion' means, and the other, though fundamental, story of what actually happened is neither here nor there. In effect, this inquiry should not leave the four walls of my study: it should look at the papers that lay before me -- and not before some other, magnificently funded researcher or scholar -- and at the manuscript that I then produced on the basis of my own limited sources….
    ….I come from a service family and I find it odious that at the end of the twentieth century writers and historians going about their own respective businesses, writing books that may indeed have been completely wrong have found themselves suddenly and vicariously threatened with imprisonment or with crippling fines for having expressed opinions on history which are at variance with these new freshly enacted laws {in Germany and Canada}, which have been introduced at the insistence of wealthy pressure groups and other enemies of the free speech for which we fought two World Wars in this country.
    ….it was not just one single action that has destroyed my career but a cumulative, self-perpetuating, rolling onslaught, from every side -- engineered by the same people who have propagated the book which is the subject of this action."

Replying for the Defendants, Mr Richard Rampton QC accepted the challenge to prove not the occurrence of the Auschwitz gassings or Hitler's knowledge of them but rather what he called Mr Irving's "lies" about them ( He began precipitously:

"Mr. Irving calls himself an historian. The truth is, however, that he is not an historian at all, but a falsifier of history. To put it bluntly, he is a liar."

Rampton said it was monstrous, and on its own a decisive indictment of Irving, that the author has said Hitler and Himmler had ordered a 1941 Jewish transport stopped when all that was recorded (by Himmler) was: "Jewish transport from Berlin -- No liquidation. SS Administrative personnel should stay where they are." This moved Rampton to ask:

"One asks the question: does not this single example condemn Mr Irving as a liar whose utterances about this awful episode in European history can never be taken seriously?"

Again, Rampton said extravagantly it was frightful that Irving relied on a report (by Fred Leuchter, an American expert on execution techniques) which found no use of cyanide in the Auschwitz 'gas chambers' (though plenty of traces in delousing areas): for the report contained a numerical mistake about how much cyanide is needed to kill, respectively, men and lice. {Killing lice requires a lot of cyanide, said Rampton, thus apparently explaining much the vastly higher concentrations of the poison in delousing than in gassing areas. Whether Prof. Lipstadt herself knew this until recently was not stated. Irving produced invoice, dating from early 1943, showing, he said, that the Auschwitz chamber was used as a "disinfestation plant" to combat the "appalling plague" that hit Auschwitz in 1942/3.}

"So why did Mr Irving ignore this and all the other stupidities in the Leuchter report? Why did he embrace it with such wholehearted enthusiasm? The answer must be that he wanted it to be true."

For a third trick, Rampton said David Irving had once joked to a meeting of right-wingers that he might set up an Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars (ASSHOLs) -- for Irving thought some 'survivors' had faked or embellished their concentration camp tattoos. After this far-from-devastating critique, Rampton concluded:

"….if it be right that Mr Irving, driven by his extremist views and sympathies, has devoted his energies to the deliberate falsification of this tragic episode in history, then, by exposing that dangerous fraud in this Court, the Defendants may properly be applauded for having performed a significant public service, not just in this country, but in all those places in the world where anti-Semitism is waiting to be fed."

Sadly for Mr Rampton, who seemed bookish, unfamiliar with detail and ill-at-ease, it looks unlikely his own performances are going to be widely applauded.
    Coverage in the Times was slanted -- kicking off with the Defence statement as if it were Irving himself who was under attack. The newspaper did not mention that several other erstwhile defendants in the action have withdrawn after settling with David Irving; nor that, under British libel law, the burden is on Lipstadt + Penguin to prove the truth of the accusations of lying and unprofessional conduct which they agree they have made. The Times did observe that litigants conduct their own cases when either (i) they have a strong argument or (ii) they have no money to employ Mr George Carman QC. But even this may be wrong. Irving in court looked a natural lawyer -- and, in particular, as if he would prove more than a match for Rampton. Even the Times admitted Irving "gave the impression of being an academic front-liner."
    Evidently the unduly small Court 37 selected for the hearing is packed with British, US and Israeli paparazzi, so early-morning queuing is necessary.
    Professor Deborah Lipstadt, 54, a square-jawed woman with ginger hair, wore an orange scarf and gold earrings and sat playing with her laptop while pretending to find David Irving's observations incredible. She looks a really cross patch and has for some reason decided that she will not take the stand and face questioning from David Irving that might expose her own areas of ignorance about the Holocaust.
    Irving has been unable to undertake research in Germany since 1992, having been banned from entering that part of the European Union because of his naughty thoughts.

For those on the far right such as France's Jean-Marie Le Pen, who regard the Final Solution as a "detail" of history, or Austria's Jörg Haider, who would like the world to take a more relaxed view of Hitler, the trial has considerable political significance. Even to those reconstruers who fully accept the barbarism of national socialism but blame the Nazizeit (and Stalinzeit) on failures of contract by many parties, including the British and the Jews (cf. 'Liberating the Future'), Irving stands against Holohysteria and neosocialist authoritarianism.
      The fact was that the 1918/19 Versailles Treaty did not produce the national self-determination in Europe that US President Woodrow Wilson had intended for the Germans, the Jews and many others who finally separated themselves to a degree as Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Serbs, Lithuanians, Catalonians, Basques, Valencians, Latvians, Bosnians, Albanians, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Ukrainians, Chechnyans, Flemings, Walloons, Irish, Scots, South Carolinans etc. in the course of the twentieth century. If Irving loses in a British court, attempts to analyze causation in the Nazizeit will become too fraught for the West's academics -- already terrified to contest political correctness and paedohysteria despite excellent modern data on those topics. Just when the West needs proper discussion of what degree of self-determination and constituency choice to allow within its American-led imperium, it is sad that a publisher of the stature of St Martin's/Macmillan should have had to join Wiley DePublisher in a modern censorship of realism. It is pathetic that the West should not be able to hear via its bookshops of the claims of long-standing researchers in history and psychology. Publishers need their backbones stiffened, and that is what an Irving victory will achieve.

DAYS 2 & 3

The beetle-browed and grey-haired bruiser, David Irving, 62, defended his Holocaust revisionism, saying that the notion of two million Auschwitz gassings was "logistically impossible" in view of the sheer volume of corpses requiring to be burned in the three years 1942-44. "One million people weigh 100,000 tonnes," he said, "it's a major logistical problem. I deny that it was possible to liquidate millions of people in gas chambers as presented by historians so far."
      Asked to quantify his own claims as to overall Holocaust deaths, Irving gave his estimate of the total victims as "certainly more than one million, certainly less than four million." As to Hitler's role, he said Hitler had "gone off the rails." But Irving told the judge that, if he had been a Jew, he would have wanted to know the real reason for Europe's recurring epidemics of anti-Semitism -- apparently alluding to Jewish disinclination to settle, except for a while under Russian bolshevism.
      As to his own politics, Irving called himself "a laissez-faire liberal" though admitting to feeling that British troops of 1939-45 would have fought less hard had they known the wave of coloured immigration that would be allowed into Britain after a war 'victory.'

It emerged that the German government in Berlin is now seeking to have Irving extradited from Britain so as to lock him up for three years. Irving was allegedly guilty of 'incitement to racial unrest' when he addressed a far-right meeting in Weinheim, near Stuttgart, in 1990; but the charge has been left to be pursued at a time when it might create maximum difficult for the steely Irving. Asked to forbid the extradition of litigants in his court, Mr Justice Charles Gray declined -- prompting Mr Irving to announce he would prosecute for assault any Home Office flunkies sent to transport him to Germany. In 1992, David Irving was tried for a similar offence in Munich and fined UK£15,000.

Emerging from the High Court, David Irving was accosted by a protester who said her own grandparents had died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Irving replied that, in case it would be any consolation, her grandparents would almost certainly have died not of gassing but of typhoid, "like Anne Frank."

Summing up the trial for the Observer, Neil Ascherson wrote: "How many died? We are less certain about that than twenty years ago." And Ascherson agreed there was still nothing approaching proof that Hitler had ordered the Holocaust: there has yet to emerge any relevant signed directive from him, or even a secondary letter or phone call.
      "At bay," wrote Ascherson, "Irving haunches giant blue-suited shoulders around his ears, his eyes glittering like a badger's." (For a picture of David Irving, see

Mr Justice Gray has now asked for a bigger courtroom to be allocated for the trial.

Metropolitan Policing


(New Statesman 10 i '00, 'Up before the beak, charged with a rum assault')

Top Black socialist columnist Darcust Howe has confessed to his readers how he came to be put on trial charged with making an affray [i.e. 'fighting to the terror of the Queen's subjects in a public place'], being drunk and disorderly, and breaking and entering. After a marital tiff in June, 1999, Mr & Mrs Howe had a brawl -- resulting in Darcust being "flattened" by Mrs Howe -- and Darcust may have whacked on the head with a rum bottle he happened to be carrying a homosexual friend who had given refuge to his wife. On top of finding himself in the papers for wife-beating and homophobic hate crime, Darcust found his own daughter had turned on him -- phoning the police to say "My dad has gone bananas."
      Fortunately, this was where Darcust's luck began. Within a few months, the Metropolitan police who had rushed to the 3.30am scene in Brixton had all vanished into thin air, having failed to persuade either Mrs Howe or the homosexual friend or the daughter to testify. All the police could produce in court was the rum bottle and an electric iron (the significance of which Darcust cannot recall). A Black prosecutor asked for a further postponement of the trial, but the British magistrate decided that the failure of the police to deliver more than this in six months' work meant the case should be thrown out -- leaving Darcust a free man to ramble the UK and report for the BBC on the end of civilization {McDNL 11 i '00, 'History Today'}.

Race, Evolution and Behavior

(Chronicles of Higher Education i '00)

American sociologists are irate at the 30,000 copies of the Abridged R, E & B that were distributed free to them thanks to cash from the Pioneer Fund. They object to the use that was made of addresses given to Transaction only for kosher-PC purposes and in hope of freebies. Some want Transaction, the publisher of the original 1994 volume, to be punished for such a 'racist tract' by being banned from advertising further in ASA periodicals. (ASA enjoys a virtual monopoly position as a controller of academic sociology in the USA.)
      For his part, Transaction boss David Horowitz is demanding the pulping of the remaining 60,000 108-mini-page abridgements, all of which bear the Transaction imprimatur, contrary to his intentions. Says author Phil Rushton: "It's sad that political correctness has made these organizations, in the first place, and the publisher, in the second place, run away from this like a hot potato." But Rushton thinks Pioneer will fund re-printing even though the IQ-backing organization now officially dissociates itself from eugenics.

Arise, Judah!


-- Despite 50 years of Holocaust reparations and the silencing of 'racist' thought in the West (among any who want to keep their jobs), America's 'multiculturalist' Jews feel insecure and need recourse to, yes, the gun. Sadly, unopposed Judaism is now running amok and risking undoing the good work of the Jewish thinkers who showed the West the way to capitalism out of the nightmare socialism which their forebears had once created. --

(Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University, 14 i '00)

EVANSTON, Illinois -- World Church of the Creator leader Matthew Hale must be banned from the University of Illinois campus, says militant Jewish leader Mordechai Levy. The national director of the New York-based Jewish Defense Organization said Jews must arm themselves to defend against violent white supremacists. "If someone comes to kill you, you kill them first," he told a meeting of The Race in a hotel. The JDO will begin organizing "self-defense units" in Chicago to arm and train selected Jews in the fight against radical anti-Semitism. "We must warn the students of Deerfield, which is 50 percent Jewish, that there is a Nazi among them," Levy said, referring to a 17-year-old who had dared to distribute pro-Hale tracts. Levy repeatedly compared Hale to Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler and former Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Duke, and said Hale must not be allowed to gain a foothold of power in Illinois. Hale's message and strategy for recruiting members are, according to Levy, "a repeat of what happened in Germany in the '20s and '30s." "Hitler was a laughable joke, too, until one day a depression hit," Levy said, "and a small Nazi Party became a large one." "Freedom of speech should be redefined to exclude Hales and Nazis," Levy said.

Castrate USA


-- The first American was probably an Ainu, the especially hairy branch of the Caucasian race that is now most prolific in northern Japan (resulting in the Russian claim on the territory). But no-one may ever know for sure. In its desperate attempt to placate its darling 'minorities', the USA has given drink-sodden Red Indians rights over science. --

Reuters, 13 i '00, Chris Stetkiewicz


SEATTLE -- The U.S. Interior Department said on Thursday that tests show the Kennewick Man skeleton found in southern Washington state in 1996 was that of a 9,300-year-old Native American, almost certainly descended from Asian ancestors. The findings supported the popular theory that migrating Asians first populated North America about 20,000 years ago, and also mean that the skeleton could be returned to the earth without giving scientists more time to study it.
    The government has not yet determined whether to allow DNA testing, saying it would offend some Native Americans and might yield useless results, given the age of the bones, said Frank McManamon, chief archeologist for the National Park Service. Instead, the government will use a blend of Indian oral history, linguistic studies and other cultural evidence to attempt to establish Kennewick Man's affiliation with any of five modern tribes that have claimed him as an ancestor. ``The tribes have said they view any handling of the bones as offensive,'' McManamon said, adding that there may still be reasons for attempting DNA analysis.
    Scientists embraced the government's findings, but also insisted that DNA and other tests were necessary to bolster them. They also rejected the suggestion that DNA testing would be difficult. ``You can't establish cultural affiliation through linguistics. Kennewick Man can't speak and we don't know his language,'' said David Smith, who had a bone sample snatched away as he was preparing DNA tests a year ago. ``The only credible thing to do is to confirm his Asian lineage with DNA tests,'' said Smith, an archeologist at University of California-Davis.
    Some local tribes have said they can't understand why more tests are necessary, noting that their religious tradition holds that they have been in the area since the beginning of time. ``This (government report) reaffirms my faith in our oral traditions,'' said Richard Buck, a spokesman for the Wanapum tribe, one of the five to claim Kennewick Man. But Buck said he was saddened that Kennewick Man has been taken from the ground and undergone the testing that began last year. ``I was here for the cutting of the bones. That really hurt,'' he said.
    Under the Native American Graves Protection Act, remains found to predate the 1492 Columbus voyage to America are deemed Indian and turned over to local tribes.
    Kennewick Man sparked debate over the origin of American peoples after cranial studies showed that he looked different from modern Native Americans. But government officials note that he bears little resemblance to any modern people. Scientists say he may be related to the Ainu people of Japan, which show many cultural similarities to Northwestern U.S. tribes.


{US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson has announced the largest transfer of federal land to a Native American tribe in more than a century. The Clinton administration plans to return 80,000 acres to the Northern Ute tribe of Moab, Utah.}

Sodomitic Scotland

(Scotsman, 15 i '00, p. 1)


Condemned in 1999 as a shameless den of sodomy by US TV evangelist Pat Robertson, Scotland has been showing its other face. The new Scottish Parliament, which has little to do, is proposing to steal some limelight by abolishing, before Westminster does, the infamous 'Clause 28' -- introduced by the Tories into a 1988 Local Government Bill so to forbid the promotion of homosexuality in school sex education classes. Reaction in Scotland has been furious. The postbags of MSPs [Members of the Scottish Parliament] have run 20-1 against the change. Whether the protest reflects contempt for homosexuals' cowardly tossing of paedophiles to the lions or just the conservative Catholicism of Scotland's west coast is not absolutely clear. But Scotland's top businessman, Brian Souter (who made his fortune from providing all-singing, all-dancing modern 'stagecoaches' to London), has offered more than half a million pounds to help anti-gay campaigners even though he is himself a leading light in the Scottish Labour Party. The money would probably come from the Souter Foundation, a charitable organisation of which Souter is a trustee, and go to a newly formed coalition of church groups and school boards called "Keep the Clause", a Souter spokesman said. The money will be used for leafleting households and taking out newspaper and TV ads to argue the law should be kept.

{In Rome, activists protesting against the Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality called for the next Pope to be a woman. In an extension of its long-standing policy for heterosexuals, the Catholic Church condemns homosexuals if they ever have sex.}

{In the USA, the Supreme Court will decide soon whether it is lawful for the Scouts to ban homosexuals from serving as scoutmasters. The case involved is that of James Dale, 29, a one-time Eagle Scout and assistant scoutmaster, who was expelled by the group in 1990 after Scout leaders learned he was a gay rights activist at Rutgers University.}

{The British military must now tolerate homosexuals, the Government has told them. Service chiefs had not liked the idea -- which comes from 'Europe' where no army has had to re-take the Falkland Isles with 10,000 men at 8,000 miles distance. But chiefs were reconciled to the proposal as they were told that they could outlaw and punish severely all 'inappropriate' sexual contacts by servicemen, whether homosexual or heterosexual. The prospect of having incidents on record that could justify booting out virtually any man at a time of Service chiefs' choosing proved irresistible.}

{Brian Souter was in 1980 a bus conductor, but he set up his own company when Mrs Thatcher allowed competition with public transport. Today, he is worth UK£600 million and is a hero to Scottish businessmen, having his own Stagecoach firm as well as being part-owner of Virgin Rail. He sends his four children to state schools and is a member of the Church of the Nazarene. His support for Scotland's many social conservatives will trouble the Scottish Parliament, where few such voices are heard. Mr Souter has formerly made donations to the Scottish National Party.}

Substances, Messages and Blackmail


As America made moves to invade southern Columbia to fight the cocaine trade, the online news service Salon revealed that the White House now leans on TV directors to change their scripts so as to include subtle anti-drug messages. By obliging President Clinton in this way, they spare themselves from having to allocate valuable air time to free public-service spots. "When the message is embedded in [programming], it has a much more valuable 'oomph,' " said a White House spokesman.

In the UK there was more talk that the Government might lower the jail sentences for marijuana use and classify Ecstasy as a 'soft' drug. But it was still thought important to have a handy stick with which to beat rising young adults whenever the authorities require.

Ms 'Mo' Mowlam, formerly Northern Ireland Secretary but now in charge of UK drugs policy, was revealed to have used marijuana user in her student days at the University of Iowa. Unlike President Clinton, she used to inhale.

Brito-Spanic Relations

To make up for not sending General Pinochet to Spain, Britain sent Oxford University's two rowing crews. Demonstrating their versatility, one team (the heavyweights) ponced around and received a gold medal from the Mayor of Barcelona for helping old ladies to cross the road; while the other (the lightweights -- better at rowing, in fact) went on a drunken rampage in Armaposta throwing chairs at each other, terrifying waitresses and needing all 24 of them to be arrested by police. The latter episode led their coach to explain memorably to the press that "it was no big thing -- just like what happens everywhere all the time." The Spanish police proved understanding: they were impressed at the self-control of the students, who had not whipped or buggered any donkeys in the street.

18 i 2000  

CHECHNYA (Times 17 i '00) -- Astonishing and heroic resistance by Muslim fighters continued to frustrate the Red Army whose carpet-bombing generals had once promised they would take Grozny in early December. Guerrilla attacks on Russian-held villages have been successful; lorries filled with Russian corpses have been seen on the roads; and the Russians have started accepting bribes to spare villages from shelling -- while standardly also taking corrupt pickings by demanding weapons be handed over and then selling the required weapons to terrified Chechnyan villagers.

LONDON (BBCR4UK 13 i '00) -- As Mohamed Al Fayed planned his campaign to discover the role of Prince Philip in the death of Princess Diana{McDNL 11 i '00}, the Duke of Edinburgh got his retaliation in first, stripping Harrods store of its appointment as Outfitter to him. The Prince's crest -- including a bearded Neanderthal who is naked apart from a Tarzan-type loincloth -- will have to be removed from Harrods' stationery and bags and from a window ledge of Harrods' Knightsbridge store. Withdrawal of other warrants granted by the Queen and Prince Brian ooops Charles are expected within the year; though the Queen Mother, approaching her 100th birthday, is said not to be undertaking any review of her warrants. 'Rods had enjoyed the Prince's royal warrant for 40 years; but the store is now so fabulous that it is thought likely to bounce through the withdrawal of princely patronage. In its recent sale, featuring Raquel Welch (McDNL 11 i '00), the store did a million pounds worth of business each hour. Mr Al Fayed reiterated for the press: "I was close to Princess Diana. I know what happened to Princess Diana over the twenty years of her marriage. I know what Prince Philip did to her." {Famously, a visiting USSR official fainted in the store in the late 1980's: she had been convinced it was a mock-up designed by British intelligence to dupe communists into believing in capitalist achievements, so she swooned away when she proffered money for goods and found they were real.}

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP 10 i '00) -- State Senator Arthur Ravenel, a Republican and former congressman, speaking to a pro-Confederate flag rally of about 6,000 people Saturday, said lawmakers should not bow to the "National Association for Retarded People." Responding to criticism of his remark, Ravenel on Monday said he "apologized to the retarded folks of the world for equating them with the NAACP."

LONDON (BBCR4UK 13 i '00, 08:10) -- Neosocialist authoritarianism -- Plans to restrict jury trials face serious all-party opposition in the House of Lords. Home Secretary Jack Straw plans to provide juries only when a senior judge agrees, thus curtailing and rendering uncertain the existing rights to jury trial when a defendant has no previous convictions or faces a long prison sentence. Straw denounces what he calls the "liberal-left" even though juries are provided currently in only 3% of criminal trials in England; but even Tony's cronies in the House of Lords are proving fractious. Scots lawyer Helena Kennedy remarks that the creation of jury trials is lauded in the London Dome as a great British breakthrough.

LONDON (Times 12 i '00) -- Neosocialist nonsense -- Following New Year's Eve delays for Britain's elite invited to celebrate the Blairennium at the London Dome, frustrated partygoers are being given new tickets and entitlements to refreshments {not including cups of tea -- the national beverage forbidden by Domidisaster organizers}. The compensation will amount to UK£260,000 if the toffs are any longer interested. Visitor numbers at the Dome have been running at 24,000 per day -- well short of what is required for the Dome to break even financially.

SEATTLE, Washington (Seattle Times 13 i '00) -- State-funded racism blasted -- To save money, Republican Senator Harold Hochstatter of Moses Lake wants to axe state commissions representing Hispanics, African Americans and Asians. "I'd say throw 'em all out -- if we have anything, it should be a Commission for Americans," Hochstatter said. "We don't have the commission for left-handed Lithuanians."

NEW YORK (CNN 13 i '00) -- Bad Boy Entertainment -- Black hip-hop music mogul Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs has been indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan for criminal possession of a weapons -- two 9 mm semi-automatic handguns. The indictment stems from a December 27 shooting at a Times Square-area night-club in which three people were wounded. Combs will be defended by the brilliant and high-profile if shameless defence lawyer Johnnie Cochran who acted for O. J. Simpson.

BERLIN (Reuters 13 i '99) -- Commiecaust Reparation -- Egon Krenz, who opened the Berlin Wall during his few weeks as leader of communist East Germany, has gone to an open prison to begin a manslaughter sentence for his part in the shooting of people fleeing the country. The veteran East German dictator Erich Honecker died after escaping to Chile, but Krenz and two other members of the Politburo that approved the shoot-to-kill policy along the frontier were held to account in spite of their claims to have broken no laws in their own country -- the late and little lamented German Democratic Republic (DDR). Krenz will probably have to share a cell at first, his lawyer said. But Hakenfelde Prison's 248 inmates enjoy considerable freedom within the compound. There are no bars on the windows and Krenz is likely to join many others in leaving on most days to work in the city while spending nights in the jail.

ATLANTA -- Minorities Plague -- The AIDS virus is now infecting more Black and Hispanic gay men than White gay men. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that minorities represented 52 percent of the 18,153 gay and bisexual men who were newly diagnosed with AIDS in 1998. Minorities were 31 percent in 1989.

ARIZONA -- Paedohysteria -- A 'scoutmaster' has been convicted of sleeping with one of her 12-year-old male charges. The boys' favourite scoutmistress pleaded guilty to several counts of 'statutory rape.'

CALIFORNIA -- Age of Responsibility -- Californians will soon vote whether they wish the age of criminal responsibility lowered to 14 -- allowing fourteen-year-olds to be executed for murder. If voters agree, California will be reckoning an adolescent capable of a rational choice to kill fully four years before the child is capable of giving informed consent to sexual relations -- even to kissing and frottage. {Some 46 states in the United States have recently changed their laws to allow juveniles to be tried as adults. According to Amnesty USA, 15 of those states allow prosecutors to make a decision to put a teenager in an adult trial, and 14 states have mandatory adult prosecution of teenagers charged with certain offences.}

ATLANTA ( 14 i '00) -- Paedoenthusiasm -- A state employee's collection of child pornography on his office computer was discovered when it grew so large the system became overloaded, authorities said. Arthur Garey, 51, of Decatur, an employee in the state's merit system office, is charged with sexual exploitation of children. He was arrested by agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and freed on $10,000 bail. Investigators say that Garey's computer collection of pornography was taking up so much space on his computer that the system was having problems allocating memory to office work.

NEW YORK -- School choice -- Aligning himself with the national Republican Party, and in sharp contrast to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mayor Rudolf Giuliani called for the city to experiment with educational vouchers. "We should allow parents to choose the school they want to send their child to," he said.

UNITED NATIONS, New York (Reuters 14 i '00) -- Constituency choice ignored -- With the number of war victims growing daily world-wide, the US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said the definition of a ''refugee'' was outdated and now needed to cover the millions of homeless people who had not crossed international borders. {Other UN wafflers agreed to deplore the phenomenon of 'internally displaced persons' (IPDs) -- so common in Africa; but none of the sick multiculturalists saw the need to implement President Woodrow Wilson's agenda that people should be allowed a degree of self-determination in line with their race, language and religion. To allow minorities constituency choice while allowing majorities a reasonable way of hanging on to historic national territory is the big challenge for the new century -- as it has been ever since Wilson's own proposals failed at Versailles in 1918/19 thanks to French recalcitrance.}

Race differences in athletic ability

{For Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It, see McDNL 30 xi '99 and McDNL 7 xii '99.}

The New York Times has given a grudging acknowledgment to Jon Entine's super new book on 'why White men can't jump' (14 i '00, Richard Bernstein). Unable to refute Entine's arguments for biology-based racial differences in athletics, the review settles for playing up Black achievements and rehearsing dim racist pronouncements from the distant past. What cannot be disguised, however, is this: if Blacks are so good at skills A, B and C, possibly for genetic reasons, might there not be a few teensy-weensy skills X, Y and Z, at which Whites natively excel? Funny: the review doesn't mention a single such example, whether physical or mental. -- Not even the useful water sports of swimming, diving and rowing, let alone the handy confrontational skills of fencing, archery and marksmanship. The review correctly points out that Entine sees no Rushton-type 'brain versus brawn' opposition; but it ignores the possibility that will occur to most readers of Entine's book -- that Whites enjoy innate intellectual superiority (on average) just as Blacks are natively better at running.


'Taboo': The Race to the Swift. Or Is It the Swift to the Race?

Black athletes are so dominant in track, basketball, boxing and football, and so strongly represented at the top echelons of baseball, that a serious effort to determine why seems inevitable. This particular inquiry, by Jon Entine, a former television producer and freelance journalist, also has a provocative edge to it because Entine drives relentlessly to a politically incorrect conclusion.
    The conventionally acceptable view of blacks in sports would stress culture and environment. Blacks have risen to such paramountcy in so many sports because they are denied access to opportunities in other areas of life, this argument goes, or because the sports heroes who have already made it are compelling role models. Entine says, by contrast, that environment is only one factor. His view is that men and women from Africa or of African ancestry possess genetic attributes that make them superior in certain sports.
    "The decisive variable is in our genes," he writes. "There is extensive and persuasive research that elite black athletes have a phenotypic advantage -- a distinctive skeletal system and musculature, metabolic structures and other characteristics forged over tens of thousands of years of evolution." Entine makes a careful and reasoned case for this point of view, and he argues forcefully against whatever tendency there may be out there in the world of racial politics to misinterpret it. This does not mean that he sweeps away all contrary arguments once and for all.
    Indeed, reading "Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It," I was not convinced that environmental and cultural explanations are inadequate to account for the phenomenon under discussion. Other instances in which a population dominates an area of activity -- Jews (and increasingly Asians) on stringed instruments, Russians in chess, Cubans in Olympic boxing -- are clearly not explained by evolutionary divergence,
* and the utter domination by blacks of basketball and track might not be either.
    Still, Entine thoroughly covers the ground. He begins with an overview of the current sports situation to show the extent of black supremacy, citing, for example, the remarkable fact that "every world record at every commonly run track distance now belongs to a runner of African descent." Even in more racially mixed sports like baseball, Entine produces studies showing that blacks are, on average, better than whites by an important statistical margin.
    Along the way he includes accounts of major episodes in the morally and politically rich American history of blacks in professional sports, including the troubled career of Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion; the triumphs of Jessie Owen and Joe Lewis; and the explosion of black power at the 1968 Olympics.
    But the heart of Entine's study is an examination of the debates that rage in the fields of genetics and evolutionary biology. Here he does not accept the idea that race is merely a subjective quality, a social construct corresponding to no physical reality. In several chapters he advances the theory that while all humans have a common ancestor, there are several racial lineages within that family, lineages that have some different and even measurable characteristics, described in detail in this book.
    This is, as Entine suggests in his title, not a politically easy subject, and he makes every effort to distinguish himself from the long European history of crude race theorizing. He is fully aware of the nasty double bind that blacks, especially in the United States, have always been in when the subject was sports. During the long years when sports were mostly segregated, the common assumption was that blacks didn't have the reflexes or the character to be as good as whites. Entine in this regard cites the immortally ill-advised words of the sports columnist Jimmy Powers who, commenting in 1945 on the news that Jackie Robinson had been hired to play for a Brooklyn Dodgers farm team, wrote, "The Negro players simply don't have the brains or the skill."
    Once black athletes had made cinders of that notion, a different but also racist assumption took its place, namely that the natural athleticism of blacks was a corollary to other supposed attributes: a more primitive nature, greater brutishness, less intelligence. The problem is that once you have isolated one genetic distinction in a racial population, even an advantageous one, the field is open to find other racial attributes, including disadvantageous ones. For this reason many people both black and white have not only felt uncomfortable with arguments about genetically based athletic prowess, some have denounced as racist those who have expressed opinions about that prowess. "Although people accept the role of genetics in individual differences -- not many of us would expect to survive a one-on-one game of hoops with Allen Iverson -- any evidence that innate differences exist between races or the sexes is considered inflammatory and inadmissible by the prevailing intellectual zeitgeist," Entine writes. He then repudiates the common equation of "natural athleticism" with intellectual inferiority. "It cannot be stated too strongly that the data that conclusively links our ancestry to athletic skills have little or anything to say about intelligence," he writes. "Differences on the track or basketball court do not necessarily mean differences between the ears."
    Overall, the argument can be summed up in a quotation that Entine provides from Joe Morgan, the black Hall of Fame baseball player, now a broadcaster: "Blacks, for physiological reasons, have better speed, quickness and ability. Baseball, football and basketball put a premium on these skills." Entine, illustrating this point, cites the experience of a Swedish researcher who brought a half-dozen top Swedish runners to Kenya, where they were soundly trounced by East African schoolboys at every distance. The Swede concluded that there were 500 boys from that one small area in Africa who could beat the best his country had to offer.
    The possibility remains, nonetheless, that culture has more power than Entine realizes, that such things as habitat, childhood experience, local custom and the unavailability of alternative avenues to fame and fortune (Swedes, let's face it, have more non-sports chances than Kenyans) can be decisive. Still, Entine's conclusion that racially distinctive features are an essential element of the picture is part of a sophisticated argument that, whether entirely persuasive or not, cannot be dismissed.


*  Steve Sailer replies: "How in the world could anybody rule out partial evolutionary explanations for these particular examples? The Cuban domination in Olympic boxing [Castro keeps them out of professional boxing], especially heavyweight boxing [e.g. Teofilio Stevenson's 3 gold medals], is an obvious example of West African genetic superiority at boxing, especially in the heavyweight ranks. It's exactly parallel to the domination of heavyweight boxing for about 38 years now by Free World blacks.
    The growing domination of the violin by young Asian females almost certainly has some roots in the greater fine motor skills of females and the slenderness of fingers found among Asians. Jewish talent at the violin seems to be just one more case of Jews being talented at lots of things. As for Russians and chess, I wonder what % of top Russian chess players have been Jews or Armenians? [Kasparov, the highest rated player in history, is half Jewish / half Armenian.]"

Jon Entine's book is available for approximately $17 from
It is currently in the top 500 best-sellers in the USA and readily available
in many bookstores.


A storm over rape is brewing, reports the New York Times (15 i '00, 'What Provokes a Rapist to Rape? -- Scientists Debate Notion of an Evolutionary Drive', Erica Goode). Rape is primarily a crime of violence and power, not sex, say today's social scientists and feminist scholars. But in a forthcoming book, two evolutionary scientists say this view is born of ideology, not science, and is "based on empirically erroneous, even mythological, ideas about human development, behavior and psychology." In fact, Dr. Randy Thornhill, Regent's professor at the University of New Mexico, and Dr. Craig T. Palmer, an anthropology instructor at the University of Colorado, assert in their forthcoming book, A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion (MIT Press) that rape "is in its very essence a sexual act" and that the practice may have evolved because it confers an evolutionary advantage. Sexual coercion, Dr. Thornhill and Dr. Palmer argue, may have evolved as an alternative reproductive strategy for males who, for whatever reason, were not lucky enough to persuade a female to copulate voluntarily. Or it may have developed as simply a by-product of other adaptive traits, for example, a greater desire to engage multiple sex partners. Rape is inexcusable, they argue, but it must be viewed as a "natural biological phenomenon," as much a part of nature as other undesirable happenings like thunderstorms, epidemics and tornadoes. Dr. Thornhill and Dr. Palmer marshal an assortment of evidence. They note that young women at the peak of their childbearing years are greatly over-represented among rape victims and that rape leads to murder in only one-hundredth of one per cent of the cases, a figure confirmed by other rape researchers. However, Dr Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago called the theory "irresponsible and tendentious advocacy" and "the worst efflorescence of evolutionary psychology that I've ever seen."

{In Britain, feminazies were scandalized to learn of the forthcoming book (Observer 16 i '00). For 'Refuge', a 'rape crisis centre, Sandra Horley said: "Rape is violence, and nothing to do with sex." Classically, about a third of rapes involve victims who are children, post-menopausal women or male (e.g. when rape occurs among prisoners). This doesn't look encouraging for a Darwinian hypothesis envisaging a 'fitness advantages' for rapists. Ironically, however, the frequency with which alleged rape victims are fertile young women has increased in the 1990's thanks to feminazies who have urged that the slightest infringement of PC sex ethics be reported as rape.}

'Who wants to be a Millionaire?'

America now has its own TV gameshow in which points are won by sheer general knowledge. ABC's contest is described at The suspense is high, the prizes are enormous and the audiences massive. So can there be a problem? There can: virtually all the contestants turn out to be White males -- provoking an ongoing storm of accusations that the shown is 'racist.' How come? McDNL's St Louis Correspondent knows the answer: "I know how contestants are selected: They must answer many difficult general-knowledge questions very quickly to get on the show. Once on the show, time to answer questions is unlimited, but before that point all questions are timed. I'm sure it's a very g-loaded selection process." McDNL's Arizona Correspondent adds: "People wishing to enter dial a 1-800 Number (free of charge so one cannot claim that blacks are unable to make the phone call). They are then required to answer correctly a number of randomly selected general knowledge questions in a fixed period of time. People can re-dial as often as they like."

Eugenics Corner

Originally exhibiting mastery of animal breeding principles when Jacob made for himself a strong flock of speckled sheep to defraud his father-in-law (Genesis xxx), the Jewish nation has itself been arguably a triumph of wise eugenics. Jewish scriptures say (b. Pesachim, 49a): "A man should sell all he possesses in order to marry the daughter of a scholar, or marry his daughter to a scholar or other man of character, because he may then rest assured that his children will be scholars; but marriage to an ignoramus will result in ignorant children." And again (Midrash Num. R. i, 5): "A girl with a good pedigree, even if she be poor and an orphan, is worthy to become wife of a king." Physical appearance was not to be a critical resource for a woman, Kevin Macdonald has told the Human Biodiversity Email Group, quoting Taanith 26b and 31a: "For 'false is grace and beauty is vain.' Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children"

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

The g factor

(CNN 13 i '00)

BEAVERTON, Oregon -- Heritability of intelligence in monkeys -- Oregon researchers who cloned a monkey by splitting an early-stage embryo and implanting the resulting identical twins into mother animals say they envisage intelligence research. Professor Gerald Schatten, a researcher at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland said cloned monkeys could show whether nature or nurture plays a bigger role in development of offspring. "We could learn what the environmental effect is, separate from genetics," Schatten told CNN's Tom Mintier. "There are theories that maternal environment can result in an IQ drop of around 10 points. By taking say a set of triplets and putting them into three different moms ... you could have one mom listen to Mozart, another heavy metal and maybe NPR [U.S. National Public Radio] for a third. And maybe you could have the very same baby born in the very same mom but in a sequential pregnancy. These are answers that we need today."

{To date, primatologists have declined to identify a g factor in testing of their animals, fearing that their research would be halted as politically incorrect.}


(Reuters Health, 13 i '00; Archives of General Psychiatry i 2000)

NEW YORK -- Low levels of a stress hormone may cause serious, persistent aggression in young boys with behavioural problems, say researchers. Among 7- to 12-year-old boys with behavioural problems, those who had low levels of the hormone cortisol were three times more aggressive and three times more likely to be considered the meanest kids by their classmates than boys with higher levels of the hormone. ``There seems to be an association between starting [aggressive behavior] early and staying aggressive... that seems to be associated with low cortisol,'' says the study's leading author, Dr. Keith McBurnett, a psychologist at the University of Chicago's Medical School, Illinois. Cortisol is typically released in response to fear, such as fear of punishment for misbehaving. Its low levels in the antisocial boys might indicate that they do not fear the possible consequences of their actions, said McBurnett. "Perhaps what we're dealing with here is a biological propensity that's resistant to treatment, which is very troubling," he said.
      The investigators gathered data on 38 boys who showed aggressive problem behaviour, such as being cruel to other people or animals, initiating fights, stealing from others or forcing others into sexual activity. Each year for four years, the boys underwent examinations in which they were evaluated for signs of aggressiveness. During the second and fourth exams, levels of cortisol in saliva were measured. Besides the professional evaluations and interviews with parents and teachers, the children were also judged by their peers. During the first two years, their classmates were asked to rate the behavior of all pupils -- including naming the nicest, the meanest and the shyest student, as well as the one who got into the most fights. At the end of four years, there was a clear relationship between low cortisol levels and aggressive behavior, the authors report.
      About one-third of boys with low cortisol levels were voted the meanest kid in class compared to just one-tenth of the boys with higher cortisol levels. In addition, boys who had low cortisol levels were more likely to become aggressive at a younger age: 11 of the 12 boys with low cortisol developed aggressive symptoms before age 10.

{The idea of physiological bases for aggression has yet to make its mark among psychologists at Britain's Broadmoor Hospital -- the Special Hospital, effectively a prison, for psychotic murderers. Speaking to Jeremy Paxman (BBCR4UK, 17 i '00, 'Start the Week with Paxperson', 09:20), top lady psychologist Gwyneth Someone explained her 50-year-old Bowlby-ite view that male violence was due to lack of maternal bonding, or 'attachment', followed by macho tough-minded 'dismissiveness' of emotion. Asked by a guest on the top-of-the-market chatshow why males were more violent than females and why violence reduced after age 25, leaving hardly any man in prison over age 40, she could only cough and stammer.}

{WASHINGTON (Reuters 16 i '00) -- Psychologists say they can explain why some boys become bullies: because aggressive behavior may make boys popular with their playmates. A study of 452 boys in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades -- ages 9 through 12 -- showed about a third of them were popular while showing antisocial behavior, especially if they were Black. ``These findings suggest that highly aggressive boys can be among the most popular and socially connected children in elementary classrooms,'' the researchers wrote in the American Psychological Association's journal Developmental Psychology. They found a clear racial factor. ``Tough boys were disproportionately African-American, particularly when African- Americans were a minority in their classrooms,'' they wrote.}

Brain and Brian

Perhaps inspired by colleague Phil Rushton's interest in his r-K dimension of brain versus brian sizes, a Western Ontario psychologist has discovered a new seasonal variation.

Independent 10 i '00, Roger Dobson


In spring, a young man's fancy turns not only to thoughts of love, but to higher things. According to researchers, men are more intelligent in spring than autumn because seasonal changes in the production of testosterone can alter their mental performance.
    Professor Doreen Kimura of the University of Western Ontario in Canada and the author of the report, Sex and Cognition, said: "In Europe and North America, men have higher testosterone levels in autumn than in spring and we have found that they perform spatial tasks better in the spring. Men with lower testosterone levels also do better at mathematical reasoning, and both are components of intelligence."
    Professor Kimura, who is one of the world's leading experts on sexual differences in the human brain, is currently involved in a study measuring mathematical ability and testosterone levels. She said that just why male hormone levels change seasonally is still not fully understood.
    "One evolutionary reason why they may increase in the autumn is that among our ancestors it was probably advantageous to have children conceived then, and born in the summer. Most people do associate high testosterone levels with spring, but it may be that while a young man's thoughts do turn to love in the spring, they turn to sex in the autumn," she said.


(Nature 13 i '00)

In a bid for the first Blairennial Golden Fleece Award, researchers have shown that women have a slight tendency to prefer tall men for bonking. In an incomprehensible 'brief report' to Nature, deadbeats B. Pawlowski, R. Dunbar and A. Lipowicz used figures from Poland to prove one of the best known feeble generalizations about the human condition. In fact, the researchers' effect sizes were tiny and their results achieved only p=.005 levels of significance despite big samples. Among university- and vocationally-educated men there was actually no tendency at all for male height to lead to more wives, mistresses or children. But Nature prefers making little jokes -- like its Mozart Effect on IQ -- to reporting the heritability of general intelligence.*

* In 1996 a paper by Tom Bouchard was rejected by Nature but ended up being the cover story in an issue of Science -- see TgF Newsletter, viii '96. See comment from McDNL's St Louis Correspondent.

Memory Lane

The famous social anthropologist, Claude Levi-Strauss (b. 1908) was no fan of any globalization or 'new world order.' Almost certainly he would have preferred a constituency choice arrangement under which people can choose their own territory, identity and lifestyle.

"The struggle against all forms of discrimination is part of the same movement that is carrying humanity towards a global civilization -- a civilization that is the destroyer of all those particularisms which had the honour of creating the aesthetic and spiritual values that make life worthwhile."
    C. LEVI-STRAUSS, 1962, The View from Afar.

Nice to see that fine old term 'discrimination' used with approval!

Of course, that was back in the days when enlightened progressives and cultural relativists were concerned to preserve their beloved third-world 'cultures' from wicked imperialism, television and IQ testing. What hope that any 'social' anthropologist today would defend any version of White culture -- except perhaps for English-abjurants living in poverty in some Irish peat bog?…

Babe-Baggers' Corner

The novelist Saul Bellow, 84, has opened babe-bagger scoring for 2000 with a daughter (his first) born to his fifth wife, 41-year-old heart-throb Dr Janis Freeman -- a frizzy-haired academic in Chicago University. Bellow, who has written 18 novels, including Herzog and Humboldt's Gift, still teaches at Boston University and writes for the New Yorker. His three grown-up children from previous marriages haven't commented on the new arrival except to say Bellow wasn't a particularly loving father or grandfather.
      The record among superstars for late-in-the-day paternity was held previously by Charlie Chaplin, who sired a son when he was 71. Runner-up is Pablo Picasso, who produced a sprog at 68. Bellow is said to be frail after eating a poisonous fish last year during a trip to the Caribbean, but he posed sweetly for photographers with his wife's hand on his knee.

Not to be outdone, TgF Newsletter hero Brian Clegg, the 79-year-old mega-rich former Chairman of Northern Gas has taken as his fourth wife a generously proportioned and genial Ugandan-born mother of three, Christine Lavino, 39 (Daily Mail 1 i '00, 'After mail order misery, groom goes fourth to find happiness'). The 13 -stone Black bride wore a long ivory gown, fur-trimmed velvet shawl, tiara and silk gloves and showed off her diamond-encrusted wedding band and matching cluster engagement ring. Most recently in the news for being dumped, after just six days of marriage, by his boyish 23-year-old mail-order bride from Thailand, a waitress ("she thought I'd throw pieces of gold into her purse"), Clegg now says he would father a half-caste ooops marginal child by his widowed ex-air hostess bride "if it mattered more to her than anything." Christine had contacted Clegg after seeing him on a TV programme talking about the loss of his waitress, Banjit Sawaegdee, who accused him of making "excessive" sexual demands. Christine thought he "looked so intelligent" despite a red nose and several missing teeth and believed he could restore her faith in men. Says the delighted skinnymalinks Clegg: "Christine is keen on intelligence and thinks if she had a child from me it might be intelligent. ….I wouldn't stand in her way. I went to Cambridge and in my career I've been in charge of policy for 40,000 people, so I think I have the credentials." Christine had lost her former husband in a car crash but has now swapped her council house in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, for Clegg's UK£300,000 penthouse overlooking the harbour at Poole, Dorset. The lovebirds both have three children by their former marriages.

PS  Steve Sailer adds: Don't forget U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, c. 97, who has represented South Carolina for over half a century. When he was in his seventies, he married Miss South Carolina and sired three whelps in something like five years.

Neosocialist Dome Disaster Zone

Quite the most popular attraction at London's Blairennium Dome has been the much-discussed Queue Zone. Here a range of human emotions is provided ranging from anticipation and expectation through boredom and irritation to towering rage -- at least in the case of the BBC's newly appointed New Labour boss, Mr Greg Dyke, who was heard all over the Dome on New Year's Eve when he bellowed at staff "Do you know who I am?" Apoplexy crystallizes into an enduring cynicism when queuing morons are finally ejected for a two-minute experience of Nothingness in the Body Zone where New Labour queasiness about sex is manifest, preparing visitors for the Faith Zone where a broken Taoist prayer wheel is lit by a 40-watt lightbulb. Private Eye recorded the satisfaction of Wallace Gromitski, 26, the Polish-born creative co-ordinator of the Queue Zone. "I am delighted by the success of the Queue concept," said Gromitski. "I was determined to create something really British which would express the essence of your national character after three years of New Labour. Standing around for hours being ripped off while waiting for nothing seemed to fit the bill."

{The Times has encouraged a competition among its correspondents to discover any purpose to which the Dome could be put. The likely winning entry is the observation that the Dome could be used to house an enormous non-working Ferris wheel laid flat.}

Posh Confession


{Soccer stud oops star David Beckham's penchant for squeezing into his young wife's underwear has a noble origin. The practice was first indulged in conspicuously by the Chevalier d'Eton de Beaumont, a knight who gave splendid military service to Louis XV of France even though likely to appear in women's apparel at any time of day or night. It is Beaumont's name that was adopted by Britain's main society that brings together transvestites, fetishists, transsexuals and kindred perverts.}













As neosocialism falters in Britain, McDNL reviews New Labour's record and urges Tories to steal more of the Liberals' clothes.

In the USA, a newly moderate Pat Buchanan explains the IQ problem at the core of recent American immigration


(Daily Mail 13 i '00, Sarah Chalmers; Daily Express 16 i '00; Independent 22 i '00, p. 3; Scotsman 22 i '00, p. 1)


-- Prime Minister on rack of divided loyalties --

Britain's Black and feminazie minorities are in disarray over the arrival in London of boxer Mike Tyson -- due to fight the 'British' Black heavyweight champion in Manchester at the end of this week. Despite efforts by left-controlled councils in London and Manchester to make the ex-convict unwelcome, Tyson has been greeted by large crowds of ecstatic Black fans.
    In 1991, Tyson date-raped luscious leggy Black lovely, Desiree Washington, a professional beauty contestant, after phoning her at 1.30a.m. to ask her to party with him. Desiree rapidly became aware of the idiosyncrasy of her decision to join the boxer, for she found that none of the other pageant girls in her hotel would agree to go along with her at such an hour. Desiree went to Mike so fast when he invited her to 'see the lights of Indianapolis' that she was still wearing her pajamas.Although Desiree could subsequently have appealed to Tyson's chauffeur to take her home, she left Tyson's limo to ascend to his hotel room. There she sat outside for a while before agreeing to enter. Having entered, she made an escape when Tyson made a pass at her but only to the bathroom instead of heading for the main door. Finally, Desiree rejoined the sportsman and he had his way with her -- allegedly first ripping the clothes from the lower part of her body and ignoring her request that he use a condom -- before having his chauffeur take her home. For his offence, Tyson paid with six years in prison -- though Desiree also paid with her mental health for her attempt to gratify other women who had urged her to lay charges and thus invited the US press and Tyson's lawyers into her life. Now, instead of accepting that consideration and punishment from a criminal court settles matters, Lambeth Council leader Jim Dickson brands Tyson a "pariah" and joins feminazies in wanting to reverse the verdict of Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw that there were insufficient grounds for keeping Tyson out of the country.
      PC-Fuehrer Dickson's effort proved useless. Tyson, after visiting the Regents Park Mosque (he converted to Islam while in jail) and buying a UK£500,000 diamond- and sapphire-studded watch at Graff the jeweller, sped in his five-car motorcade to greet a 2,000-strong crowd. Tyson's Black "brothers" had gathered to greet him in Brixton, south London -- home of Black journalist Darcus Howe* and of many other escaped Jamaicans. Anti-police rioting ooops crusading has made the area a shrine of pilgrimage visited by such Black luminaries as Saint Nelson Mandela and the boxer Muhammad Ali. Thronged by joyous but manic fans wanting autographs, Tyson was given shelter in a police station by the order of a Black police chief. Beaming policemen joined in the fun as, from a top storey, Tyson addressed the crowd using a loud-hailer. He bellowed, to roars of approval: "I love Brixton. They say they don't want me here, right. But that council cannot tell me nothing." (Subsequently, Tyson went on Choice Radio to denounce Dickson further, saying, "He doesn't know anything about me. He has not seen me with my family. His criticism is totally ludicrous.")
      Tyson was also welcomed warmly by lively British boxerette, Jane Couch. The world women's boxing champion at three weights said from Bristol she would 'run to Tyson's London HQ' at Grosvenor House for a chance to train or spar with the multi-millionaire. She said: "Tyson's my hero and I would just love to see him in the flesh or better still have a sparring session. Everyone has a few skeletons in the cupboard and I think all these women's pressure groups speaking out against him are just rubbish. They should get on with their boring lives and leave him alone." She added: "Tyson's brilliant and I can't stand feminists -- they're pathetic." Tyson's manager backs this up: "Mike's a perfect gent," he says, condemning anti-Tyson stories in the British press as "racist."
      Bookies make Tyson, 33, the 7-1 favourite to win his fight in Manchester with a big Black ex-doorman, 35, who enjoys watching TV and thinks it terrible that Britain has been so lenient with allegedly genocidal General Pinochet and paedophilic downloader Gary Glitter.

* Black Jamaican refugee, ex-doorman Darkest Howe {vide McDNL 18 i '00}, writes of Brixton: "On any day of the week you will meet black people who walk with their shoulders square, heads still, and a quiet presence of black power." Darcust prefers Brixton to Trinidad where he recently had his UK£40,000 house totally gutted by vandals who even stole his bathroom taps.


Meanwhile, in Scotland, tensions mounted between the country's 750,000 Catholics and the new Scottish Parliament and Scottish gay militants. Catholic Cardinal Thomas Winning has denounced what he says is a Europe-wide campaign by "perverts" to win schoolchildren for homosexuality by giving them school lessons in cottaging, coming-out and hairdressing. Speaking in Malta, the Cardinal likened such gay crusading as equivalent to the Nazi wartime attempt to control the Mediterranean by bombing Malta. Replying from Scotland, long-running leftist Labour Glasgow Kelvin MP George Galloway has said the Cardinal had "no right" to use such language and is "not fit to hold high office." (Galloway obliges his voters by opposing abortion; but opposition to sodomy is evidently beyond him.) In a rejoinder, the Cardinal tried to explain: "My address in Malta was given to Catholic family associations. I introduced the talk by paying tribute to the courage of the Maltese people during the siege of Malta in World War Two. I then went on to praise the strong Christian family life of the Maltese and asked them not to be complacent. I warned them that today, and I quote, `the danger comes not from the air raids but from the air waves'. The suggestion that I compared homosexual activists to Nazis is utterly false." The historic alliance between the Labour Party and the Catholic church -- whereby Catholic schools were subsidized and left alone in return for bishops telling Glaswegians to vote Labour -- may be about to break down; though Labour will plan to repeal Clause 28 while promising to maintain its provisions by injunctions to schools against all 'inappropriate' sex education, thus leaving it to teachers to see what they are prepared to risk.
    In polls, some two thirds of Scots want no reversal of Mrs Thatcher's 'Clause 28' forbidding the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Thus the liberal-left is on a hiding-to-nothing on the issue, and Members of the Scottish Parliament appear utterly unrepresentative of their electorates. Some two thirds of Scots would equally be happy to see sensible, matter-of-fact teaching about homosexuality -- including the medical risks of prolapsed anuses, AIDS, limp wrists etc. -- and they oppose the bullying of homosexual boys; but they do not want the advocacy of homosexuality that Clause 28 forbids. The up-market Glasgow-based Sunday Herald described the feud over the ban as a "battle for Scotland's soul".

(BBCR4UK 24 i '00, 13:00) -- The Church of England's top biscuit, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, has come out in favour of retaining Clause 28. Expressing his concerns in an inter-denominational service at Westminster's Central Hall, Dr Carey said: "I condemn totally prejudice against anyone on the basis of sexual orientation. But I also resist placing homosexual relationships on an equal footing with marriage as the proper context for sexual intimacy." In addition, the Right Reverend James Jones, the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, has backed Catholic Cardinal Winning. These declarations will significantly increase the dilemma for Prime Minister Blair, an Anglican who likes to worship in Catholic churches but some of whose best friends and colleagues have the past year been very startlingly revealed to be 'gay.'
      (Sunday Times 23 i '00) -- Scotland's First Minister, Donald Dewar, is said to be naïve about the juggernaut now hurtling towards him as Britain is given its first taste of an American religious crusade fuelled by big money. The Scottish Parliament is planning to investigate the extent of anti-Catholic prejudice in Scotland following complaints of "sleepwalking bigotry" made at the Edinburgh Festival by composer James MacMillan -- about which an edited volume, Scotland's Shame, is soon to appear; but such bigotry could soon enjoy a marked increase and split the Labour Party down the middle.


Boxer's Blarney:
Tyson says thank-you to Britain,
praising a 'civilization' to which he is unaccustomed….

(Report on Net by Srikumar Sen)

Marginal Mike Tyson may have been upsetting females (including an 8-year old girl fan) by deriding their aspirations to box, but he has been spending money like water in London (UK£1 million in just one day) and laying on praise with a trowel for the country that narrowly decided to let him in.
      Indeed, he would rather live in Britain than America, he says. "Why do I have to be a stranger in my own home and come over here and be respected? It is bad enough for me to be a nigger but why do I have to go home and be treated like a nigger? I want to come back here for my next fight immediately after this one." There is a big difference between the old world and the new, according to aggression-machine Tyson. "You have to understand that Europe has been around intelligently since Attila the Hun. I want to move here. I wanted to move here when I first came to Europe in 1989-90. I feel more at home here than at home. People haven't had enough chance to get familiar with me, close to me."
    The former world heavyweight champion was in tremendous form, fielding questions in his gym at London's Grosvenor House hotel. Pandering shamelessly to the basest of British beliefs, and showing that he could still learn a sentence or two from his trainers, he said: "America, I don't believe, is developed enough and sophisticated enough to deal with the sensitivity of human beans. Everybody in America is so money-hungry. Everybody wants a fast dollar. Like a rat race. It's a rat race, and even when you win you're still a rat."
    When told that Roy Francis, a strict referee, was in charge of his fight with Black British boxer Julius Francis and would not tolerate any dirty stuff, Tyson was quick with a counter: "Is he a relative or something?" When told that Roy Francis was White, Tyson said: "When his [Julius Francis's] family were slaves and his family were masters, they probably owned him." Then added: "I am going to follow all the rules and respect Mr Francis. But Julius Francis is in a lot of trouble. I heard he is in Army barracks and has been talking a lot of what he is going to do. All right, we're gonna see. Tough guy!"

David Irving

(Independent 18-20 i '00)

LONDON -- In days of High Court questioning from Mr Richard Rampton QC, Holocaust revisionist David Irving answered as follows.

How could Irving have said that the Nazis' gassing of Jews in trucks was only "limited and experimental" when documentary evidence showed 97,000 Jews to have been killed in 1942 in three trucks over a period of some five weeks? Irving entirely agreed with this defence evidence, but point out it had not been available to him in 1989 when he had made the remark for which he is now criticized.

Why did he make pronouncements about the Holocaust if, as he claimed, he wasn't a Holocaust expert? Simply, said Irving, people were greatly interested in the so-called Holocaust and kept on asking him to comment even though his own expertise principally concerned Hitler.

Why would the Nazis have transported hundreds of thousands of Jews in 1942 to the small villages of Treblinka, Sobibar and Belzec -- near Poland's border with Russia? Surely it was not for the sake of their health? Irving said various explanations were possible. He produced evidence from British Intelligence transcripts showing that, in one representative convoy, the conditions were far from those usually envisaged in stereotypes of Jews being treated like cattle. Rather, with a three-day journey ahead, there was enough food on the train for 24 days; and Jews took the tools of their trade with them. Irving said that, whatever "brutal and cruel" treatment and murders may have awaited the Jews on arrival, there was no evidence that the final killings were "the consequence of any policy or system." Hitler himself talked of being unhappy about sending Jews to Siberia, fearing this might 'toughen the bacillus.' Instead, he preferred to remove them from Europe altogether -- to Madagascar, though he realized this plan would have to wait for the end of the war.


Coverage of the trial in the Guardian and the Times has been slight, suggesting that David Irving may be winning. Times Higher, with the partiality to be expected of a paper for pinko-statist academics, provided full-page coverage of Prof. Lipstadt including a big glamour photo while Irving was limited to a tiny bottom-right-hand-corner job. Evidently Deborah is the full rabbinical shilling: born to a Jewish father who had migrated to New York from Hamburg in 1920 and married a scholarly Jewish mother, Deborah devoted herself to good Jewish works from an early age. Today she is Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at Emory University (a private but high-ranking institution of Methodist origins) and sits on the executive committee of the propagandistic US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
      A particular speciality of Deborah's as an academic has been a total refusal to debate with Holocaust deniers for fear that they would gain credibility from the slightest association with herself. This policy has attracted accusations of "intellectual fascism" etc., but the interesting question is what she thinks 'Holocaust denial' covers. David Irving, after all, reckons around 2.5 million Jewish civilians were killed by the Nazis. Is that denial? What about the figure of 4-to-5 million that is widely canvassed among historians today? Apparently, Deborah is happy to 'debate with students' whether Hitler himself ordered the Final Solution and whether the Jews did enough to defend themselves. Doubts on such matters do not apparently cast the doubter into outer darkness. So where does the devoted intellectual fascist draw the line? And what possessed her to write a book which, not content with backing Holocaust hysteria -- and forgetting the millions of Russian, French, British and German Gentiles who died between 1914 and 1945 because democrats and revolutionaries arrogantly assumed more divine right than any Stuart monarch -- added the gratuitous claim that, unlike herself, David Irving was not a professional historian?
      In London, Lipstadt attends synagogue -- though saying she is a "traditional" rather than an orthodox believer in the Jewish faith.


Prime Minister Blair has announced he will not be making 'Holocaust denial' a crime -- despite his having favoured the idea in 1997. The change apparently occurred because of difficulties of which he has been advised by English lawyers in distinguishing between outlawing unacceptable offensiveness on the one hand and defending free speech on the other. However, Blair will be declaring a national Holocaust Holiday. The formal announcement will be made by Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary, at a 40-nation Holocaust conference in Sweden next week. January 27 is the anniversary of Russian troops reaching the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1945.


McDougall NewsLetter readers needing a reminder of the Commiecaust which outstripped the Holocaust as the 20th century's major disaster -- both in quantity and in quality (involving slow starvation within rings of steel in the Ukraine, not quick gassing) and because (unlike for the Jews of Germany) there was no escape -- can be safely referred to Robert CONQUEST (1999) Reflections on a Ravaged Century: the Rule of Rogue Ideologies, John Murray, £UK25. This book deplores the luniversity "intelligentry" of the West who apologized at every turn for Soviet barbarism, resulting in a "mindslaughter" in the arts and social sciences for which Conquest deems a "Marxists Anonymous" should be set up to help old lefties out of their crisis.

{'Constructivism' has so far offered the major route out. From Sartre onwards, idealists have liked to blame totalitarian horrors not on excessive democracy or (national) socialism but on the whole of Western civilization and its rationalising, imposing, 'other'-izing, male-chauvinist and racist thinking. Alas, constructibabbling allows confession but no absolution. Because it is relativistic, denying the right of any culture at all to impose on others, it fails to specify what the West now needs to do -- except perhaps to lie down and die. For a more positive approach, trying to identify the key remediable failing that yielded the Holocaust, see the essay Liberating the Future.}

Psychology is about Sex


Males are evolving faster than females, according to Professor Chung-I Wen (Nature 20 i '00). Apparently, the more rapid change in the male gene pool is due to the special pressures of male sexual competition. Perhaps modern PC psychologists who pooh-pooh Freud and pander to feminism will have to eat their words: perhaps sex will prove central to such important aspects of human nature as the greater originality, interest-value and idiosyncrasy of the male of the species.

Females, by contrast, compete not so much with each other as to deceive ooops persuade men into providing them with what biologists call 'resources.' Headline news this weekend concerned a paternity testing firm announcing that perhaps one child in ten is not the product of the mother's regular sexual partner (, Lois Rogers, Medical Correspondent).

The latter observation began to be made by medical blood testers ten years ago; and Chris Brand's teaching of such research in the LUniversity of Edinburgh in 1994/5 was made part of the case for sacking him in 1997. Brand had drawn the conclusion that, as Freud and Kingsley Amis maintained, and contrary to the superficial evidence of official crime rates, superego strength may actually be somewhat deficient in females of the species. Now a team from the London School of Economics is calling for investigations to be set up by the government's new National Family and Parenting Institute. Says the Times: "They believe that mistrust over paternity may be an overlooked factor in family breakdown. Women are driven by primitive urges to seek the optimum genes for their children, which can lead to them sleeping with a "high social-status Casanova" as well as their regular partner during the fertile period around ovulation, researchers claim. ….Oliver Curry, the principal researcher, said long working hours and commuting by fathers could contribute to uncertainty about whether children have been fathered by the man who is bringing them up. ….David Buss, a psychologist from the University of Texas who is about to publish a new study on the subject, said: "A proportion of these misattributed fathers will believe that the child is genuinely theirs, and often the mother tries to foster that belief."" In other cases, men simply accept their wife's adultery rather than suffer an upheaval of family life. Soraya Khashoggi, 57, once married to mega-rich arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi has revealed how DNA tests established her 18-year-old daughter, Petrina, to be biologically the child of Jonathan Aitken, the disgraced former Conservative minister currently under house arrest in the UK. Khashoggi says her ex-husband completely accepted Petrina: "He gave her his name without ever asking who her true father was."

{Brand's other 'controversial' claims about low Black IQ and the harmlessness of high-IQ non-violent paedophilia have also continued to be vindicated since his sacking -- notably in the work of Rushton [finding an IQ of 84 in Black university students in South Africa -- McDNL 16 ii '99] and Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman [finding little harm from paedophile experiences reported by US university students -- see McDNL 27 vii '99].}

Holocaust Revival


Can there be a university in Britain which encourages its students to take lodgings with a major architect of the 'Holocaust'? That wants them to hear of the German Army's 1942 exploits over the cornflakes with their pariah landlord? Even though the fiendish 84-year-old in question has been denounced as a genocide practitioner on national TV? Even though the old devil failed entirely when he brought a libel suit against the TV station that had exposed him?

There can indeed be a university guilty of such treachery to its innocent students -- plenty of them Jewish, some of them from New York where Holocaust-insister Deborah Lipstadt simmered up. Yes, the LUniversity of Edinburgh has been exposed as guilty of this monstrous insensitivity! Despite the name of Lithuanian Anton Gecas having been in all the newspapers, the LUniversity continued through the 1990's to send unsuspecting students to Gecas' six-bedroom lodging house in the Grange, Edinburgh -- just three blocks away from notorious scientific racist Chris Brand.

Now British newspapers are baying for the LUniversity to be brought to heal (Independent 21 i '00; Scotsman, 22 i '00, p. 1, 'University under attack over Gecas'). The Union of Jewish Students has called the LUniversity "disgraceful", and big cheeses from all over the country have swiftly expressed outrage whenever called upon by journalists to do so.

Mr Gecas himself is a thoroughly hale, hearty and well-fed gentleman who has kept his hair, dresses smartly and sports a sweet and quiet wife who is half Malay and half Dutch. Once an Independent reporter had gained access to his Georgian terraced house in Edinburgh, at the end of a sidestreet, on the pretence of renting a room, Mr Gecas was easily induced to agree to the fellow Lithuanian that he and his brother had, during World War II, fought for the Germans against the "communist toads" and that this had required Jews to be killed. Subsequently, Anton Gecas joined the Polish Legion of the British Army and still has the medal with which he was decorated for his service.

Scotland's war crimes commission decided in 1994 that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Gecas, but the witch-hunters of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre now think otherwise and want him extradited to Lithuania to face the evidence of men with whom he served in the Reichswehr.

{The LUniversity of Edinburgh pulled in only UK£87 million of research grant money in 1998/9 -- well behind its rivals Oxford (£121 million) and Cambridge (£111 million).}


The latest British citizen to be accused of wartime genocide, Alexander Schweidler, 78, of Milton Keynes, has collapsed and died of a heart attack in response to the sudden campaign launched against him (ClassicFM 24 i '00, 14:00). Schweidler, who received a state pension, moved to London in 1948 from Germany and became a British citizen in 1964. He retired to Florida in 1984 but returned to Britain with his second wife, Anna, after being expelled from the United States for suspected war crimes. He had been assured in 1996 by English police that prosecution was out of the question. Asked in one interview whether he had done anything he regretted, Schweidler replied: "Not to my knowledge. I was a soldier and I had to do what I was told for fear of my life."
    Edinburgh LUniversity is in more trouble with Scotland's intellectuals. Its leading Scots Nationalist thinker, a sociologist, has been laid off. Tom Nairn, 67, the icon and iconoclast who presciently predicted 'the break-up of Britain' in 1977, has for the last four years run a one-year M.Sc. course in nationalism to take which students have paid fees of $UK6,000. But now Nairn's contract is not to be renewed and he has determined not to go quietly. "The university is so mismanaged," he told the Sunday Times (23 i '00). "There is no coherent reason for this to happen. We are living in a climate of cutbacks and stinginess where the bean counters remain in charge." Bean-counter-in-chief, Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland, 104, says she wants Nairn to remain on no pay as an Honorary Fellow….
      Rumours persist that Prince William will register at Edinburgh LUniversity in 2001 for a down-market BA degree in the History of Art. This course is normally taken by foreign students since it uses many visual aids and has little intellectual content requiring the use of English. Some of Britain's oldest aristocratic families are sending their intellectually substandard children to the LUniversity of Edinburgh since many places in Oxbridge have long been taken by grammar school products and delightful girls whose parents hail from the Indian subcontinent. Others attend Edinburgh to establish a Scottish connection -- which may be the intention of the Royals who maintain an unoccupied palace just ten minutes' walk from the LUniversity's Old College and fifteen minutes from several art galleries. Lord Frederick Hervey, the 8th Marquess of Bristol, and Lord Lovat, the chieftain of the Fraser clan, are among the LUniversity's undergraduates.

Political Correctness


'Broadcasters must maintain 24-hour-a-day piety,' say handicap lobbyists

( 18 i '00)


TORONTO -- A Canadian television network fired a news anchorwoman after she made comments on disabled and ethnic minorities without realizing she was on the air. CTV News announced the dismissal of Avery Haines on Monday, after receiving complaints from viewers. Haines had been having difficulty reading a script during a CTV Newsnet broadcast on Saturday. Apparently mocking her own mistakes, she said: "I kind of like the stuttering thing. It's like equal opportunity, right? We've got a stuttering newscaster. We've got the black, we've got the Asian, we've got the woman. I could be a lesbian, folk-dancing, black woman stutterer."
    She apologized twice on air during the day. Nevertheless, CTV News issued a news release Monday announcing Haines had been fired. "The nature of her comments did not leave CTV News with any alternative," said Henry Kowalski, the vice president of CTV News.
    Advocacy groups said Monday that Haines' comments showed that bigotry against minorities exists in Canada. "I find it disturbing that Avery Haines' remarks are only attracting attention because she was caught in the act," said Moy Tam, executive director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. "Would CTV have even considered apologizing for her comments if she had made them off the air?"
    Kowalski said Haines showed "considerable journalistic talent," and that CTV regretted having to dismiss her. "However, her remarks were disrespectful and unprofessional and cannot be excused," he said.


Welfare State


Social workers in Britain think the underclass can do no wrong
-- except perhaps to animals

Reuters 20 i '00


Scottish social workers helped monkey, not child

EDINBURGH -- A Scottish judge rebuked social workers for rescuing a monkey from a couple addicted to heroin but failing to notice a five-year-old girl living with them in squalor, court officials have said. Social workers eventually discovered the girl, whose fingernails had not been cut for more than a year, covered in bed sores, lying in her own filth and wearing a plaster cast on her broken leg that should have been removed 10 months earlier. On an earlier visit, state welfare workers had contacted an animal welfare group about a pet monkey being kept in the flat.
    Social workers visited the couple's house 18 times but said they were allowed inside only four times. A Glasgow court judge criticised them for failing to notice the plight of the girl. "To say the least, I am very surprised the girl's predicament did not come to light," he said. When doctors finally removed the cast from the girl, whose leg has been permanently scarred, they found spoons, a fork, and a pen she had used to try to scratch her ulcers. The couple who had lived in the flat were sentenced to five years in jail. The judge said they were guilty of a "revolting" crime.



(South London Press 11 i '00)


Council officials in Peckham were shocked to find that -- as trade unions had told them -- disciplinary proceedings were six times more likely to be taken out against Coloured than against White workers.
      Perhaps the officially enlightened Council was institutionally racist, they wondered. Perhaps Blacks were just less well behaved, as normal, whispered some. But research by the Institute of Employment studies found the main reason when they interviewed managers. Today, managerial staff are so terrified of accusations of 'racism' that they never dare to give informal discipline to Coloured workers and instead take all cases immediately to the expensive machinery of formal tribunals. Said the South London Press: "Some managers interviewed even felt that informal attempts to rebuke ethnic minority staff could be interpreted as harrassment {sic}or bullying, and so always covered their backs by using formal procedures instead."

{Meanwhile, on television, Black wife-thumper Darcust Howe has his own TV programmes pontificating over the decline of Britain. Licensed with all expenses paid to wander the highways and byways, the balded and burly but good-humoured (as well he might be) Darcust declares: "The England I arrived in is dead and nothing new has quite taken its place. We are in an interregnum, a moment of flux." With Darcust as its TV-selected commentator, no wonder that the country has become a terror to its own White people!}

{Newly arrived Afghanis are not as simpering as Britain's White 'males.' Noorulhaq Nasime, 32, recently appeared in court charged with a 'crime of hate.' In the New Cross Road area where Black Saint Stephen Lawrence had been murdered in 1992, the Afghani had asked for a job in a shop and, when refused, grabbed the Black shopkeeper by the throat and shouted "Go back to Africa!" Sentencing is awaited.}


(Times 21 i '00)

A plaster relief of the mother of Buddha has had to be removed from the canteen of the new British Library in London in order to placate female staff. The picture of a voluptuously shapely naked playmate ooops mother who would certainly need a D cup to accommodate her massive mammaries (with splendidly generous aureoles and nifty deep-purple nipples) is by Drwa Mistry, a modern Royal Academician of Indian origin and is worth UK£30,000, but the fatuous feminazies could not be placated. The architect of the British Library, Sir Colin Wilson, says the removal shows "PC and feminism taken to a ludicrous extreme."

Better off with Paedophilia

(Daily Telegraph 21 i '00)

To the surprise of herself and her 32-year-old father, a Devon girl of just 12 suddenly gave birth in the bathroom of her home. Apparently a 17-year-old youth is the baby's father. It might be thought that this sorry case could yield a jail sentence for gross abuse of a severely under-age minor, but that is unlikely. In effectively lawless Britain, whether males are sent to jail for sex with a girl under sixteen depends largely on the whim of the 'victim' -- and of her family when the girl herself can be browbeaten to say she was 'interfered with' and did not consent.

Duke of Edinburgh, Chancellor of LUniversity of Edinburgh

The Daily Express, long a nationalist newspaper, has recently been given a make-over since PC propaganda in Britain has been so triumphant. An editorial in the paper has now provided the ultimate insult to the Prince who does not deal with his correspondence (18 i '00):

Scientists are apparently on the verge of discovering the "God particle", a subatomic entity so small and hidden from view that it has remained undetectable but which is the very basis of matter. The commitment and energy of the scientists are to be applauded but would it not have been simpler to have cloned Prince Philip's diplomatic grey cells?

Arthur Koestler

The woman who in her dotage accused Arthur Koestler of having 'raped' her in 1951 after a drink-fuelled lunch alone with her at her home has now died. The funeral of 84-year-old Mrs Michael Foot (aka Jill Craigie) in Hampstead was attended by 400 great-and-good lefties, including Cherie Blair and Tony and Caroline Benn. Why Mrs Foot kept her allegation quiet for so long before releasing it to Koestler-hating 'biographer' David Cesarani may now remain a mystery.

'Saint' Martin Luther King

Following revelations that Nobelist Martin Luther King's sex life is to be rehearsed to the Pope (McDNL 18 i '00), it has become clear that there is no need for King to have assisted at miraculous Virgin Births if he is to be declared a martyr. However, it does need to be established that he was killed "out of hatred for Christian truth." Unfortunately, the motives of King's murderer, James Earl Ray, have never been obvious and no companions or fellow conspirators were ever discovered. Ray died last year in prison of cancer of the liver. The Anglican church already accepts King as a martyr despite his FBI-recorded penchant for pubescent pussy, but it remains to seen what the sexually censorious Jean-Paul II will think. Perhaps he will be impressed if Saint Martin seldom used a condom?…

George Orwell (Eric Blair)

(Times 21 i '00)

The man who most annoyed the British left -- until the second Mr Blair came along -- died just fifty years ago, on 21st January, 1950. He had adopted a child who has now been interviewed recalling that he and his father were almost lost in a storm -- capsizing their sailboat in waters off Scotland -- before Nineteen Eighty-Four was completed. The adoptive son himself has never felt any inclination to write.

       Slogan of the 'Ministry of Truth' in Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

25 i 2000  

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (17 i '00) -- Antiracism -- On the US holiday in memory of Martin Luther King, noted for paedophilic dalliance by the FBI, more than 45,000 people converged on the South Carolina statehouse to demonstrate against the display of the Confederate battle flag atop the state capitol's rotunda. Deploring the reluctance of his presidential rivals to denounce South Carolina's flying of the flag, Vice-President Al Gore said: "The Republican candidates for president are so scared of the extreme right wing that they will tolerate intolerance lest they offend the offensive." King's daughter, the Rev. Bernice King urged Americans to reject elitism, greed and selfishness -- "three awful and terrible and wicked spirits." Contrary to virtually all economic opinion today, she thought they were "destroying us as a nation." South Carolina's Governor Jim Hodges released numbers showing that 1999 brought a record amount of new investment into the state -- ultimately meaning 30,000 new jobs.

LONDON (ClassicFM 18 i '00, 18:30) -- Field day for Black criminals? -- Crime in Britain increased by 2.2% from 1998 to 1999 -- a increase which included a 6.3% rise in violent crime. The rise was the first for six years; it occurred despite draconian control of gun ownership; and violence increase occurred especially in London and Birmingham -- areas where police have reduced 'stop-and-search' in response to accusations of 'institutional racism.' (McDNL's heart-throb Sunday Times columnist Melanie Phillips thinks Black people have come forward to report more crimes because they now like the police better, but this is for the present pure speculation.) The number of robberies -- most of them muggings -- increased by 19% in the year to September 1999. {Racial breakdowns of UK figures are not standardly provided, and would not be printed by the overwhelmingly 'anti-racist' and pro-Blair media even if they were.}

NEW YORK -- CUNY fed up with Black dumbos -- In what opponents are terming institutional racism and proponents are applauding as a return to higher standards, it appears the disgracefully down-market City University of New York (CUNY) will recant and scrap its open admissions policies. By a vote of nine to six, the New York State Board of Regents has decided to eliminate remediation courses and to bar students who lack basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics from CUNY's senior campuses.

LONDON (ClassicFM 18 i '00, 18:30) -- Bottoms Up! -- British bottom-spankers are to be allowed to continue their time-honoured practices. To oblige 'Europe', parents who use canes and slippers on their offspring will go to jail, but bottom-spanking by hand will stay legal so long as it is administered in a loving not to say sex-charged manner. {Spanking is entirely banned in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden; and Germany's parliament is considering a bill that entitles children to a "violence-free upbringing." Britain's1986 outlawing of corporal punishment in state schools was followed by continued academic decline for British children in international league tables of achievement. For academic discussion of Emeritus Prof. R. Lynn's ideas, see the stimulating review, the excesses of bottom-spanking.}

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP 20 i '00) -- Affirmative Racism Mark II opposed -- Two Black lawmakers have ended their sit-in after reaching a compromise with Governor Jeb Bush in a dispute over the end of affirmative action in the state. Bush agreed to delay his executive order ending affirmative action so public hearings could be held on the issue. Bush prefers his own new 'One Florida' plan which guarantees admission to state universities for the top 20 percent of any state high school's seniors (no matter how hopeless and/or Black the school); but his plan had been greeted by about 100 protesters, including many students from predominantly Black Florida A&M University, crowding the Capitol hallways outside the governor's office.

LONDON (Daily Express 19 i '00) -- Black 'British' tycoon must face police -- The career of Britain's wealthiest Black businessmen, Carl Cushnie, seems in ruins. The Jamaican refugee has been caught lying to his advisers about a Department of Trade investigation and is now under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office. Dealings in shares of his Versailles Group, a finance group, were suspended in December. He has been thought worth around UK£350 million and is the only Black to have been included in lists of Britain's 100 richest men. Tony Blair eagerly sought Cushnie to participate in New Labour propaganda films. Cushnie himself says: "There may have been a degree of double-counting of turnover."

BEIJING (AP 21 i '00) -- Chinks have same prob. as Japs -- A wide-ranging investigation into smuggling in a south-eastern Chinese port city has become modern China's biggest-ever corruption scandal, creating concern in the communist leadership and implicating the wife of a senior leader, party officials said. Dozens of officials have come under suspicion in the smuggling of billions of dollars worth of oil, cars, cigarettes and other goods through Xiamen, and the case has become a test of President Jiang Zemin's resolve to fight government corruption. Party censors have ordered a news blackout on the investigation, keeping it out of the state media, but rumours and Hong Kong media reports have turned up on Chinese Web sites and Xiamen is bristling with gossip.

BUJUMBURA, Burundi (Independent 20 i '00) -- Africaust -- Westerners who still beat their breasts about the 'Holocaust' will want to know that 300,000 Hutus are kept by Tutsis in concentration camps in the hills outside Bujumbura with the usual lack of sanitation, food, medicine etc. The Hutus need to be detained because of their own determination to murder Tutsis whenever they have the chance and a bit of help from the French; but they are allowed out under escort for one day each week to till their own land if they have any.

LONDON -- Femilunacy -- A woman trained at UK£3 million expense as a Royal Air Force jet pilot has fallen pregnant by a fellow officer. The RAF say it is virtually certain that the woman, 27, will never fly jets again.

LEEDS -- An Asian youth who was allegedly a victim of a 'racial' attack by two Leeds United soccer stars is to be represented by Imran Khan, the lawyer who represented Stephen Lawrence's family and thus had the Metropolitan Police indicted as 'institutionally racist.' The two players have not been suspended despite heavy picketing of the football club by the Anti-Nazi League.

WASHINGTON (AP 24 i '00) -- College freshmen say they were often bored as high school seniors, coming late to classes or missing them entirely. This is evidence of what university researchers call "academic disengagement", probably resulting from dumbing down and a failure to provide fast track learning.

READING (Times 24 i '00) -- A graduate in computing and cybernetics from the university has been jailed for 30 months for excessive paedopornic downloading. The man had downloaded and helped others to find 100,000 naughty images of many kinds, but 22,000 of them were of children ranging from 2 to 13. He said, "I work, help people and don't hurt anyone"; but to no avail. {Many websites on the Internet are now devoted to the 13-year-old singing sensation Charlotte Church who has performed for the Queen, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the Pope; but police have yet to reveal the psychopathologies of those who worship at these shrines.}

LONDON -- 'Racism' -- The wife of New Labour's London mayoral hopeful, Frank Dobson, has been in employment court charged with the dreaded 'racism.' Bossperson Mrs Dobson had apparently been critical of the work of Black female council employee Ms Wa Goro (born in Kenya). Asked to draw up plans for improving ways of spending London ratepayers' moneys, Ms Wa Goro had submitted an impressive document -- but it turned out that most of it was a straightforward plagiarism of comparable neosocialist endeavour by Lancashire County Council.

Neosocialism and Neoliberealism

Third-way 'neosocialism' -- the attempt by Phony Tony Blair to continue Thatcherism while offering social sops to the darling 'minorities' favoured by the Left -- is running into trouble. Before an illusory swing to them begins, Tories now have a last chance to think what the future should hold.

The New Labour record:

EDUCATION  Having announced his government's priority to be "Education, education, education", Blair has failed to deliver anything noticeable. In particular, he has been largely frightened off his own favourite scheme of fast track learning (which would have quickly and cheaply made a difference). Now critics observe that not even expenditure on education has increased, let alone is there any product for almost three years of Blairism. A quarter of children are still taught in classes of over thirty. The biggest sufferers have been bright children from poor families, for Blair has cancelled Mrs Thatcher's 'assisted places' for such children to attend private schools and has spurred local authorities on to demolish still more of Britain's remaining state grammar schools.

HEALTH  Waiting lists have been just as bad as under the Conservatives -- one lady having to wait 140 weeks for an appointment with a consultant. A survey carried out by the Institute of Biomedical Science says 88% of NHS laboratories were considered understaffed and that 58% of them were forced to use "inappropriate or unqualified staff instead of biomedical scientists". Lord Winston's criticisms were met by an assurance from Tony Blair that things would improve over five years -- but it soon turned out this was an aspiration, not a plan or aim for which any money was to be earmarked. Simply, Chancellor Brown would not let the Prime Minister have any money. After a week of discrete silence, Lord Winston renewed his criticism, saying aspiration was not enough. A rattled and defensive Blair referred to the revived British passion for the National Health Service as 'a passing frenzy' -- a description that may well return to haunt him. (Mrs Thatcher could never shake off suspicion that she would make the NHS a second-rate service for plebs only. Even though she shocked her own loyalists in 1983 by declaring 'The NHS is safe in our hands', few believed her.) William Hague, the Tory leader, taunted Mr Blair with being a "cheque is in the post" prime minister. "Once again, he is all talk but no delivery. He is always making promises, but he hasn't actually delivered on the promises he made in the first place," he said.

CRIME  After a sustained Blairite assault to denounce the police of Britain as 'racist', the crime figures are moving upwards for the first time in six years. London Blacks have grabbed more than 200 Rolex watches and correlated ladies jewellery in central London in the past year -- with high-profile victims including model-girl Caprice, actress Britt Ekland, TV presenter Anthea Turner, and celebrity hairdressers Nicky and Lesley Clarke. (Pretty Mrs Clarke, 47, was assaulted this month outside her UK£3.5 million seven-bedroom mansion in St John's Wood, North London, having got out of her £65,000 Jaguar convertible before security gates had closed behind her. She was pushed to the ground and lost rings worth £20,000. The Clarkes' clients have included Saint Diana, supermodel Liz Hurley, socialite Paula Yates and Princess Furby)

TRANSPORT  Labour simply has no policy that anyone can see to deal with mounting congestion on the roads. No area symbolizes more clearly Labour's inability to speak the truth and make tough decisions. Deputy Prime Minister promised a reduction in cars on the roads when he was appointed in 1997, but the reverse is happening. Plainly, toll systems must be introduced on motorways according to the weights of vehicles (including goods and occupants) thus displacing heavy traffic on to the railways and encouraging car owners to carry extra passengers (who will add proportionately little to total weights). Such a plan would also help reduce obesity -- a growing problem in Britain now hardly anyone smokes. But New Labour is running scared of the many motorists who have come to treasure their vehicles as phallic objects as the only way to travel while railway coffee remains so awful (though the 'BLT' sandwiches on GNER are now excellent).

LAW  Though arrests of paedophiles, date rapists and stalkers have continued, and youth have been curfewed in some areas, the authoritarianism of the Government has met a major rebuff from the partly-reformed House of Lords -- where Liberal and Labour peers, as well as Conservatives, threw out a proposal to restrict jury trials. Blair's hero, Lord Jenkins, the Chancellor of Oxford University, called the proposal "profoundly undemocwatic." Incensed, Blair says he will re-introduce his bill, but he surely underestimates the unpopularity of his high-handedness among what his Home Secretary called "woolly Hampstead liberals." The Times has called his indifference to elementary liberal opinion "disturbing" and the Independent too was shocked. Blair is likewise in trouble over his promise to criminalize fox-hunting -- an astonishingly illiberal move when it would have been easy to leave matters up to local councils and thus allow choice.

PARLIAMENT  Having decided against the hereditary principle as any way of being a Lord, Blair has failed to come up with an alternative. Tony's crony, Lord Wakeham, has now produced a proposal that a fully reformed House of Lords would oh-so-daringly be 20% elected from the 'regions' (whatever these are -- for England has been a unitary nation since c. 850AD) and 80% appointed by other cronies who would be ever-so-independent-minded. It would be hard to achieve greater independence than for Lords to be big landowners whose male progenitors had performed remarkable service for Britain; but Blair is now stuck with a partly-reformed House which is healthily arrogant, intellectual and feisty and has already dealt him a painful blow (above, LAW). Adding to his problems, Phony Tony has astonishingly revealed his essential madness in a lecture to schoolchildren where, with the help of a handwritten flip chart, he denounced the decision of his own Blair-appointed House as one of those exemplars of "the forces of conservatism and reaction" against which he vows to fight. The Government has shown its contempt for the House of Commons by holding only one Prime Minister's Question session each week and by making important announcements (e.g. that it had been folly to detain the ailing General Pinochet under house arrest for 18 months) not to the House but to the press. As for Blair's promise to the Liberals on progress towards proportional representation, that has been unceremoniously dumped since Labour did not do well in the recent PR-type elections for Scotland, Wales and Europe.

REGIONS  The new assembly in Wales and 'parliament' in Scotland have been flops -- on holiday much of the time and having little amusing to say when they do debate. Scotland may erupt at any moment over teachers talking favourably about homosexuality to children -- strongly favoured by Scotland's professional politicians but are of no interest to the electorate. The main point of pseudo-devolution is to solve the Irish question, but even that may not work: Ulster is ghetto-ized and might thus be expected to stand the farce of 'power sharing' government, but the abolition of the Royal Ulster Constabulary may have been the last straw. Unless the IRA starts handing over a few guns soon, the Unionists will withdraw from government and Britain will find itself once more having to provide 'direct rule' and thus to confront, i.e. give more to the IRA. London has been promised its own Mayor, but simultaneously frowning-and-beaming Blair has done everything to frustrate the candidacy of the man Londoners want for the job, Ken Livingstone -- the leftist who is wants subsidized Tube rides. As his deceitful opposition to democracy proved vain, Blair has turned to offering the re-assurance that the Mayor of London will have no real power anyway.

DEFENCE  Bullying of the military to accept minorities, including homosexuals, has produced a sharp drop in recruiting -- with the Army even having to send out squaddies to labour exchanges to pick people off dole queues. Troops in Kosovo had to buy their own sleeping bags; there is a shortage of RAF pilots; several Royal Navy frigates are tied up in Southampton for lack of fuel to run them; and an admiral has described Navy medical facilities as "parlous" (Times 24 i '00, p. 1).

EUROPE  Mr Blair wants to become Emperor of Europe, but he cannot see how to do it without signing up for the single currency -- in which Britons have no interest so long as the economy is doing well. Thus there is in effect, as with transport, no speakable policy. Plainly Mr Blair should tell Europe that Britain will sacrifice its currency if their politicos sacrifice the bizarre practice of conducting E.U. business in funny languages that are dying out all over the rest of the world, notably French, and improve the quality of their performances when invited to talk on the BBC. That would sort things out.

FOREIGN POLICY After breaking international law and making himself a war criminal by killing thousands of Serbian civilians and unleashing Kosovar Albanians to kill more, Blair has nothing to show for his bombings apart from the one thing they were meant to prevent: ethnic cleansing. Russians and Indonesians in particular have been entirely unimpressed by the West's ability to pursue a multicultural agenda -- so have unleashed their own furies on the uppity Chechnyans and Chinese Christians of their areas. New Labour's 'ethical foreign policy' remains a cruel joke while Britain continues to supply fighter aircraft to the bankrupt and warlike dictatorship of Zimbabwe (where babe-bagger Robert Mugabe, 65, continues to breed with his 25-year-old former secretary, Grace Marufu, 25).

ENTERTAINMENTS The Blairennium celebrations were a flop -- notably the non-functioning London Eye, the empty London Dome, and the over-in-a-second River of Fire. Now Mr Blair has congratulated Mr Gordon Brown on being "the best British Chancellor of the century" -- a strange thing to say after only 22 days of the year 2000 have elapsed, but perhaps Mr Blair now realizes he had lied to the country about when the 20th century really ended. Only the arrival of Mike Tyson has given much pleasure; but Blair will get little credit for allowing the discharged 'rapist' into Britain, for the Home Office tried hard till the last moment to shuffle off the responsibility on to police and customs officers.

ECONOMY  Gordon Brown presides over the most anxiety-free period for the economy since records began, following 17 years of Conservatives cutting the trade unions down to size. He only has to raise 'stealth taxes' on pension funds to satisfy neosocialist appetites. However, Britain's public finances sank deeply into the red in December, causing City analysts to scale back estimates of the size of Gordon Brown's war chest going into the next election. Meanwhile, Mr Blair has been earning the Government the reputation of being economical with the truth. Accepting a UK£1 million donation from motor racing supremo and obligingly continuing to allow cigarette advertising at race tracks was just the beginning. Blair darling Peter 'Wendy House' Mandelson had to step down for a while; and speculation continues about the role of Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson, dogged by sleaze allegations. Blair has managed the resulting mess by vicious 'spin doctoring' and bullying into line of the whole of Fleet Street where even the Daily Mail has adopted 'anti-racist' crusading to avoid Blair's charge of being part of 'the forces of reaction.' (The Political Editor of the traditionally hyperconservative Mail has published an article in the left-wing New Statesman claiming "the present British Prime Minister is the most intelligent of the post-war era -- despite that period including premierships for statesman-author Winston Churchill, intellectual aristocrat and publisher Harold Macmillan and Oxford economics don Harold Wilson.)

All very encouraging for Conservatives?

      Hardly. Mr William Hague has so far seemed incapable of blending liberalism and nationalism into a convincing package -- and he seems to think elitism quite out of the question (like his Conservative predecessor Mr John Major who created scores of useless 'universities' and actually promised to deliver a 'classless society'). Anyhow, the British public still regards the divided-on-Europe Tories as not to be trusted to stand on their own feet unaided; and Mr Blair seems by the month to get closer to stealing the Tories' Euroscepticism.
      There could still be hope for the Conservatives if -- faced with continuing clamour about health -- Blair had to take the Labour party to the left, making room for a Liberal-Conservative coalition. But nothing seems less likely given the hard work Blair has put in to saving Labour from hard-core socialism. Thus the Tories will probably need to steal the Liberals' traditional clothing of backing 'devolution' to the regions -- even to the historic shire counties.
      But the Tories are the Unionist party? Well, they were once the party of trade protectionism (the Corn Laws), Empire, private insurance and the grammar schools, but they managed to change all that. It is time for them to start reading about community choice and neofamilies -- time to think of how people can be offered communities where they can escape from the envious, socialist, dependent, hysterical and punitive tendencies of the herd.
      'Devolution' once seemed a discouraging prospect in Britain since IQs in outlying areas were low -- decreasing by 1.5 IQ points for every 100 miles from London. Today, however, many bright people live in the country using laptops and e-mail to work; and the management of local authorities as of much else will increasingly require not so much locally recruited labour as computer packages that can easily be tweaked to yield more or less egalitarian and more or less exclusive policies for a locality.
      Yes, it is time for Conservatives to remember that what Englishmen want is well expressed by that brilliant summing-up of what long distinguished England from the authoritarian tendencies of Catholic France and Calvinist Scotland: 'The Englishman's home is his castle.' Countries of the American imperium will doubtless need to pursue world-wide policies that have auras of redistribution and respect for foreigners. To maintain global apartheid and any chance of preserving the White race will require diplomacy and occasional neosocialism as well as hopefully a lot of classical liberalism. But the counterpart to such megalopsychian Americo-Anglish noblesse will need to be the preservation of the very countries that have maintained the 1945 Anglo-Saxon settlement of the world and now seen off communism and socialism as well as fascism. For countries to attract loyalty, to be creative and to offer genuinely protective communities in case of hard times will require personal investment in them that will only come from personal choices. People must now be allowed to create their own contracts, communities and voting constituencies.
       Hopefully, 'conservatives' can rediscover such principles in their knapsacks -- just as, in the USA, conservative efforts of the 1990's have had faute de mieux to be poured into backing State rights. After all, back in the early eighteenth century the original Tories, meaning 'Irish bog-dwellers', were politely called the Country Party to distinguish them from the Whig grandees who thronged the Hanoverian Court. If -- still a big if -- Mr Blair can solve the Irish Question by achieving devolution to the power-sharing Stormont, Conservatives should pack away the Union Jack and champion the counties, the cities, the countryside and choice. And, as the modern expression of Woodrow Wilson's principle of self-determination wherever possible, conservatives should allow not only genuine geographical choices but also the personal contracts which -- as in the absurdly restricted arrangement of one-type-only marriage -- need expanding so that liberalism can achieve in the social arena what it has managed since 1980 in the economy. Realistically, conservatives could urge the merits of traditional social arrangements based on genetic bonds and Christian principles; but it is time for them to take a little idealistic risk and see what choices people themselves would like to make. It must be more realistic to work with personal choice as a driving force than with the nostrums of clapped-out Christian Socialists like Phony Tony.


For more on Phony Tony and his problems telling truth from fiction, see McDNL 5 x '99. The McDougall NewsLetter has regularly monitored Mr Blair's failure to deliver the 'fast track learning' he promised in 1996; and McDNL was the first publication to note what must be the extraordinary psychology of dual personality that is expressed in Blair's typical facial appearance of furrowed brows combined with manic beaming.


AT LAST THERE MAY BE A LIGHTENING OF THE POLITICAL SKY FOR THE USA, says McDNL's Arizona Correspondent: "With the on-rush of the Republicans in 2000 (they're winning in every poll, Hillary is always being beaten between by 11 points or so), I think we'll see a pulling away from welfare that was unthinkable under Clinton. Affirmative action will also likely fall by the wayside given that the next President will likely be able to make three Supreme Court nominations." For the moment, however, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued new rules aimed at increasing minority hiring by broadcasters -- trying to impose affirmative racism on television just when America's universities have been told by voters to stop their nonsense. Pat Buchanan's critique of increasingly low-IQ immigration to the USA is set out below.



Tallahassee Democrat On-Line -- Letter to the Editor. 20 January 2000.


      Environment and genetics determine IQ

    Professor Joseph Travis (Letters, Jan. 10) is a world-renowned expert in his field of specialization, which is neither human genetics nor intelligence.
    Unfortunately, his letter is easily misunderstood. He says that about one-third of the variation in IQ scores is attributable to genetic differences. Actually, there is near-consensus among experts that the value ranges from about 40 percent among children to 80 percent among the elderly. Thus, Benjamin Colmery's 60 percent plus or minus 20 percent is on the mark.
    Some individuals (rarely) have shown variation of 20 to 30 IQ points; this is simply a reflection of the standard error of measurement. As Travis said, one can raise "IQ scores of children" by 33 points or so, but only by specific narrow coaching, i.e., "teaching to the test." The result does not generalize to any thinking task. This happens because even rather low-intelligence people are often quite good at rote memory.
    This fudging on tests is not what people interested in raising intelligence have in mind. It is because of the lack of effect of all current efforts that desperate social engineers want more funding to begin ever-earlier interventions. The IQ difference of 15 to 20 points between the average for Caucasians and the average of African Americans has not changed since it was first measured nearly a century ago. Most experts are of the opinion that the difference has both environmental and genetic causes.

-- Glayde Whitney; Professor, Department of Psychology, Florida State University


USA Immigration


It has often seemed wonderful that the USA has been so generous as to admit a million legal migrants (and half a million illegals) each year for the past generation. After all, it helps keep down trade unionism; and it gives a chance to people who, if they have had to take some trouble to emigrate to America, will surely be bright and ambitious and determined to be good Americans….
      What is forgotten is that, increasingly, these migrants have been selected 'compassionately' -- chiefly for being merely the relatives of recent migrants, relatives who have shown none of the trailblazer's initiative to take up the bed and walk. Thus, unlike voluntary migrants of the past, arrivals since 1980 have been increasingly low in IQ and educational attainment -- when not also thoroughly integrated with criminal enterprises. Unlike Canada, the USA pursues a positively anti-elitist admissions policy. What is being imported is nothing but cheap labour -- providing no challenge at all to America's well-heeled middle class which is only too delighted to have cheap gardners and nannies who can make the dual-career feminazified family possible.
      Presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan has begun to articulate the question of quality. His populism is addressing a genuine problem: the class war that the clever are waging upon the clueless at long-term cost to an increasingly economically stratified and ethnically divided country. Here are extracts from his speech 'To Reunite a Nation' (given 18 i '00 in the Richard Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, California). -- William McDougall's political hero, Theodore Roosevelt, receives a special citation.

….many new immigrants show a visible love of this country and an appreciation of freedom that makes you proud to be an American. Northern Virginia, where I live, has experienced a huge and sudden surge in immigration. It has become a better place, in some ways, but nearly unrecognizable in others, and no doubt worse in some realms, a complicated picture over all. But it is clear to anyone living in a state like California or Virginia that the great immigration wave, set in motion by the Immigration Act of 1965, has put an indelible mark upon America.
    We are no longer a biracial society; we are now a multi-racial society. We no longer struggle simply to end the divisions and close the gaps between black and white Americans; we now grapple, often awkwardly, with an unprecedented ethnic diversity. We also see the troubling signs of a national turning away from the idea that we are one people, and the emergence of a radically different idea, that we are separate ethnic nations within a nation.
    Al Gore caught the change in a revealing malapropism. Mr. Gore translated the national slogan, "E Pluribus Unum," which means "Out of many, one," into "Out of one, many." Behind it, an inadvertent truth: America is Balkanizing as never before.
    ….We have a National Academy of Sciences report on the economic consequences of immigration, a Rand study, and work by Harvard's George Borjas and other scholars. All agree that new immigration to the United States is heavily skewed to admitting the less skilled. Unlike other industrialized democracies, the U.S. allots the vast majority of its visas on the basis of whether new immigrants are related to recent immigrants, rather than whether they have the skills or education America needs. This is why it is so difficult for Western and Eastern Europeans to come here, while almost entire villages from El Salvador have come in.
    ….If you are likely to employ a gardener or housekeeper, you may be financially better off. If you work as a gardener or housekeeper, or at a factory job in which unskilled immigrants are rapidly joining the labor force, you lose. The last twenty years of immigration have thus brought about a redistribution of wealth in America, from less-skilled workers and toward employers. Mr. Borjas estimates that one half of the relative fall in the wages of high school graduates since the 1980s can be traced directly to mass immigration.
    ….In 1915 Theodore Roosevelt told the Knights of Columbus: "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities." Congress soon responded by enacting an immigration law that brought about a virtual forty-year pause to digest, assimilate, and Americanize the diverse immigrant wave that had rolled in between 1890 and 1920.
    Today, once again, it is impossible not to notice the conflicts generated by a new "hyphenated Americanism." In Los Angeles, two years ago, there was an anguishing afternoon in the Coliseum where the U.S. soccer team was playing Mexico. The Mexican-American crowd showered the U.S. team with water bombs, beer bottles and trash. The Star Spangled Banner was hooted and jeered. A small contingent of fans of the American team had garbage hurled at them. The American players later said that they were better received in Mexico City than in their own country.
    Last summer, El Cenizo, a small town in south Texas, adopted Spanish as its official language. All town documents are now to be written, and all town business conducted, in Spanish. Any official who co-operates with U.S. immigration authorities was warned he or she would be fired. To this day, Governor Bush is reluctant to speak out on this de facto secession of a tiny Texas town to Mexico.
    ….The list of troubling signs can be extended. One may see them in the Wen Ho Lee nuclear secrets case, as many Chinese-Americans immediately concluded the United States was prosecuting Mr. Lee for racist reasons. Regrettably, a cultural Marxism called political correctness is taking root that makes it impossible to discuss immigration in any but the most glowing terms. In New York City billboards that made the simple point that immigration increases crowding and that polls show most Americans want immigration rates reduced were forced down under circumstances that came very close to government-sponsored censorship. The land of the free is becoming intolerant of some kinds of political dissent. Sociologist William Frey has documented an out-migration of black and white Americans from California, some of them seeking better labor market conditions, others in search of a society like the one they grew up in. In California and other high immigration states, one also sees the rise of gated communities where the rich close themselves off from the society their own policies produce….

Steve Sailer writes from Chicago: For better on worse, the personality of the high-IQ Buchanan (once the head speechwriter for President Reagan) is unsuited for either sustained campaigning or for holding executive office. He'd be better off in a parliamentary system where his extraordinary impromptu debating skills would be treasured. Presumably, his main goal is to get into the Presidential debates in October, where he would thrash the big parties' two candidates. -- This is why the big parties are working hard together to keep the Reform party out of the debates.

PS  For further criticism of America's post-1965 immigration policy -- admitted by President Clinton to be transforming California by 2003 into a state where Blacks, Hispanics and Asians will be in the majority -- see Peter Brimelow's essay, 'Dream immigration speech', at

Africa Today

Forget about democracy and multiculturalism! What Africans understandably want is magic salvation by a White man who likes their women. (McDNL's Chicago Correspondent spotted the story.)

Washington Times 19 i '00, Anthony Deutsch [Associated Press]


Jobless Dutchman finds work as king in Ghana

AMSTERDAM -- A middle-aged, paunchy, unemployed white man plops down on the sofa to watch TV with his children.

Meet King Togbe Korsi Ferdinand Gakpetor II of Ghana.

In Holland, he is Henk Otte, a Dutch construction worker on welfare. In West Africa, he rules part of the lush Volta region, home to tens of thousands of Ewes, who revere him as Togbe, or king.

Mr. Otte, 43, is as Dutch as the Dutch come, born and raised in Amsterdam like his parents. He lives in an Amsterdam housing project with his wife and two children, and an ordinary life would have suited him just fine.

But, while visiting the hometown of his Ghanaian-born wife Mamaa Awo Mepeyo Kpui in 1995, he was identified as the reincarnation of the late chief, his wife's grandfather.

"My two brothers were there when I was asked to become king," Mr. Otte said with a chuckle. "When I translated for them what had been said, they almost choked with laughter: 'You, a king? Ha.' "

Now, when his brothers accompany him to Ghana, Mr. Otte is carried by throne-bearers and surrounded by cheering crowds. Drummers pound and dancers swirl in a surreal procession that has been shown on several Dutch television documentaries.

The region he rules, about 45 miles east of the capital, Accra, comprises about 40 villages populated by more than 100,000 people. It was leaderless for almost 17 years until the Dutchman was proclaimed king.

The Ewe, a group of tribes that share a common language, account for approximately 10 percent of Ghana's population of 18.5 million. According to local lore, the Ewes in the Volta region originate from the eastern shores of Togo's Aklakpa River. Their first king, according to legend, was carried across the dark, torrential waters by alligators to settle their homeland.

When he is in Africa, Mr. Otte wears a crown and monarch's garments and lives in a home built for him.

Mr. Otte's attraction to Ghana began as a child, while reading about the geography and history of the region. Later, he says, a Ghanaian fortune teller predicted he would obtain a position of power.

During a visit to his wife's village of Mepe, a spiritual healer told Mr. Otte things about his life the Dutchman is convinced the healer couldn't have possibly known. Villagers stared at him, insisting his spiritual "aura" reminded them of the late king. He became a magnet for swarms of children and visitors, who walked for days to see him.

One evening, Mepe's leaders told him he was the chosen one. "They asked me how I would feel about becoming king," he said. "I looked at them and thought: 'You've got to be completely insane.' "

Although he's considering moving to Ghana, Mr. Otte is aware that life as a king isn't all fun and games. In Mepe, he is prohibited from eating or drinking in public, he can't shake hands with the thousands of "commoners" who flock to his side and is always escorted, even to the toilet.

For now, telephone calls and faxes are the only way Mr. Otte maintains a say in community decision-making. He also collects donations to improve the region's impoverished education system and has sent a shipment of toys for the youngsters.

Unlike the scores of foreigners, mostly aid workers, who have been named "development chiefs" in Ghana and undergo a purely ceremonial coronation, Mr. Otte's is a position with authority. He will undergo a traditional instalment ceremony on the fifth anniversary of his crowning this August, a ritual that can last for weeks. Mr. Otte doesn't believe in reincarnation, myths or spiritual healing. But over the years, he has overcome his Western scepticism and now agrees with his subjects that his appointment was predetermined by a higher being. "If you think about it, it's pretty weird," he said. "But it's my destiny."


PC Multiculturalism


Ignorance + idealism = mayhem

Western multicultural intervention in East Timor has now sparked full-blown inter-ethnic strife on other Indonesian islands between Muslims on the one hand and Chinese Christians on the other. Unwarned of reality by their home countries, Western and Australasian tourists had to flee last week in their underpants to escape orgies of inter-communal looting and arson in which hundreds were killed.

A recent aim of the West has been to bring democracy to Indonesia. The result may be the same as providing democracy in India of 1945-7: civil war in which millions were uprooted, at least a million died, and the final partition settlement brought the world in 1999 close to nuclear war. The West can probably impose democracy or multiculturalism, but not both. Northern Ireland will be the test as Britain demands multicultural power-sharing, thus castrating democracy. The new first minister of the province, Loyalist leader David Trimble, is being undermined by a Westminster plan to abolish the Royal Ulster Constabulary (which had 300 of its men killed by the IRA) and substitute a 50% Catholic 'Police Service of Northern Ireland' -- the very name showing the intention of London and Dublin to provide social work rather than law and order. Fortunately, Ulster is already substantially ethnically cleansed after a generation of adaptation by ordinary people to the hypocrisies and failures of politicians. That process in Indonesia has barely begun.

Elite Educationalunacy

Dr TOM MARKIN has written an OPEN LETTER to the US up-market journal, KAPPAN:


January 7, 2000

I am a retired educator with a Ph.D. in education from Florida State University. I have been reading my wife's Kappan for many years. She refuses to read it as she finds it incredibly dull mish-mash, but keeps up the Phi Delta Kappa membership for the liability insurance. My wife is a teacher who also has a doctorate in education from Florida State. For whatever it is worth, both of us are members of Mensa.
    In my opinion, your publication for the most part consists of turgid, poorly written articles that are filled with ridiculous educationese terms. Reading Kappan can be compared to swimming in thick molasses, and I would venture a guess that very few of your subscribers actually read it, even though the journal is supposed to be the number one educators' publication.
    However, what is most discouraging about your journal is your fervent, prejudiced liberalism. You refuse to face reality as to the education of the minorities and the poor in general, and of the blacks in particular. Educators' blind refusal to look at the truth in regard to black intelligence does great damage to the education of these people. Desperate attempts to educate all blacks to the same level as whites do great harm to the education of both groups. As The Bell Curve and numerous other studies show, the black IQ in the U.S. is 85, compared to the white IQ of 100 and the Asian IQ of 106. This does mean that some 16 percent of the blacks score at or above the mean IQ of the whites, so there is definitely a limited number of blacks capable of academic success. However, the number is so small it is insane to attempt to force them as a group to master the academic standards achieved by the whites and Asians.
    Your December issue is a perfect example of the refusal by you and educators in general to face the fact of blacks' and browns' genetic lack of academic abilities. This deficit can only be ameliorated by a different approach to the education of these people. These minorities as a group simply do not have the abstract intelligence to master curricula that will enable them to be successful in the more challenging university programs that lead to financial and social success in adult life. This lack of ability on the part of the minority students manifests itself early in their schooling. The National Assessment of Educational Progress programs reports that only 7 percent of black children and 10 percent of Hispanics scored at or above passing levels in writing proficiency. The huge Kansas City School District received billions of dollars which were designed to raise the test scores of their overwhelmingly black and brown student body. The attempt was a complete failure, with the Missouri Board of Education recently stripping accreditation of the K.C. district because of the dismal performance of its students. There is a major scandal now in New York City schools because administrators and teachers, in an effort to keep their jobs, were caught fraudulently changing the abysmal test scores of their minority students.
    Senator Patrick Moynihan of New York in a recent Robert Novak interview said the great problem facing America in the 21st century is that one group of people will receive fine educations and go on to financial success, but an even larger group will be poorly educated and, as a result, do poorly in taking part in the prosperity of the country. Leftist Margaret Carlson of Time and talk shows says the overwhelming problem of the U.S. is the growing financial chasm between the rich and the poor. Neither Moynihan or Carlson had the courage to say genetic IQ differences between these groups is the cause of these phenomena. Likewise, the writers at Kappan steadfastly refuse to consider the possibility that there are genetic differences in the intelligence of different ethnic groups, and the further fact that this situation should call for different approaches in their education.
    To compound the problem, in their attempts to educate all groups to the same level of academic success, the educators in many instances have abandoned some of the successful education practices of the past. These include eliminating or de-emphasizing phonics and the three R's for feel-good psychobabble and propaganda courses on how the different groups must get along with one another. The only hope for the overall education of our youth in the U.S. is to adopt the European method of segregating the students on the basis of ability and then educating each group to the maximum of its abilities….


Paedophile Pride

Schoolteacher and mother-of-six Mary Kay Letourneau, 37, now languishes in a Seattle jail under bizarre laws that take little account of the actual harm done by many 'paedophile' crimes -- for Mary was no paedosadist, but a vivacious (OK, manic) and leggy blonde of genes-realistic views (acquired from her father, a leading right-wing Republican politician) who happened to fall for a strapping 12-year old Samoan boy. The laws that have jailed Mary Kay have created more victims than they have managed either to revenge or to protect. Now a film of Mary's life has been made.


Los Angeles Times Syndicate i 2000


Golden Globe- and Tony-Award nominee Penelope Ann Miller has acted in films opposite some of Hollywood's most luminous leading men -- Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro. But co-starring in her newest movie with Omar Anguiano, an 18-year-old unknown, she may have finally nabbed the role to make audiences sit up and take notice.
    In "The Mary Kay Letourneau Story: All-American Girl" (premiering January 18 on the USA Network), Miller plays the real-life 35-year-old married schoolteacher and mom jailed in 1997 for "child rape" after having an affair with her 13-year-old 6th-grade student (Anguiano) and bearing his child. Blonde, pretty Letourneau insists that God brought the pair together as lovers and soul mates. (Letourneau appears live from jail in an hour-long special following the movie.)
    The scandalous case made headlines world-wide. It grabbed even wider attention when, after being granted a suspended seven-and-a-half-year sentence, provided she have no further contact with the boy, Letourneau was found with him in a parked car the very night after her prison release. Now she is the mother of a second daughter with the Latino {actually, Samoan} teen and serving her full term. She expects to be freed in 2005.
    'Sweet, soft-spoken, bright'
As part of Miller's research, the actress naturally wanted to meet the obsessed Seattle, Washington, woman she was portraying. But the now-divorced ex-teacher, who has four older children, was locked in solitary confinement for smuggling letters to her adolescent lover. Miller did, however, speak with Letourneau for hours by phone. "She was very sweet, very soft-spoken, very bright," says the actress. "Falling in love with a 13-year-old came as a surprise to her. It wasn't something she had been seeking out."
    ….Letourneau, whose own strict father, a 1972 U.S. presidential candidate, fathered two out-of-wedlock children with a student at the college where he taught, claims that she and her young paramour will wed once she's released.
    Conflicted feelings over role
Says Miller: "My feelings are very conflicted. Having played her, I'm obviously feeling what she's feeling. If she believed she was in love -- and if that's what it was -- how can you judge love?
    "Yet," Miller continues, "she was a schoolteacher with responsibility. Parents are concerned with what this case says to students. But he was a very particular kid to Mary Kay -- very special, extremely advanced, artistic, poetic and wise beyond his years."….


Paedophilia Conundrum

(Independent 22 i '00)

Sentencing a 64-year-old paedophile to roast in hell, London's Judge Henry Blacksell made an astonishing admission -- that he could not see what harm Kenneth Birden had done while he ran, with his then wife, a concentration camp ooops adventure holiday scheme where he occasionally propositioned girls from 5 to 12 years old.
      Birden, from Exeter, had set up an arrangement in Brittany, France, that was especially attractive for families with young children -- especially with girls, for the place was hopping with bunny rabbits and baby seals. As families arrived, pervert Birden would seek out those needing baby-sitting so parents could enjoys nights of booze in village bars; and, a gifted entertainer, he would establish relationships with their children and proceed to show them 'secret things', viz. his rather large willy. Clearly, hanging, drawing and quartering were called for. Yet Judge Blacksell mused to the convicted man in his dock: "You seem to have little idea what harm, actual or potential, you may have caused to the girls, and none of us knows what that might be" [McDNL italics added].
      Plainly the judge did not know the empirical research result (Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman, 1997)
that had rocked American Congressmen when they learned it in 1999. In fact, paedophilia -- as distinct from paedosadism -- does no conspicuous harm on average. But the judge's open-minded denial of certainty does him credit.

National character

(Times 21 i '00)

BERLIN -- Plain clothes police are to be appointed to catch German jaywalkers. This is occurring in a notoriously over-stretched force in which officers need to buy their own walkie-talkies and riot sticks. Notoriously rule-following and rule-enforcing, Berlin drivers get very fed up with pedestrians who aren't out of the way by the time the traffic lights change from red to green. So they mow such jaywalkers down: of the 48 people killed on Berlin's road last year, 7 were crossing the road contrary to the illuminated advice of the authorities as to whether it was safe to do so. Unfortunately, the proposed cure may merely exacerbate the problem as Berliners become still more officious with pedestrians, believing they are helping the police by driving murderously.

Boy Bagger

(Times 20 i '99)

Veteran far-left campaigner and actress Vanessa Redgrave, 63, has been enjoying the delights of multiculturalism -- even keeping in her flat in Chiswick with her since 1996 her 'close and dear' male friend, Black actor David Harewood, 34. For some years the relationship between the stars of Antony and Cleopatra has been 'closely guarded'; but now Harewood has given a long interview dwelling on the 'sexual chemistry' between the still spritely 'Vee' and himself. He says: "We have always been very, very close, we have always been deep, deep friends. There was always some kind of energy there, and we spent a lot of time together. We were living under the same roof -- I was staying there. Vanessa is an amazing person to be close to,: she's fantastic, and I'll value it to my grave. I don't deny there was an attraction, but I don't want to upset Vanessa. I don't want to say anything that could rebound. Our relationship together will remain ours. But let's not underestimate the sexual attraction between black and white." Now, however, bachelor Harewood is to move into his own flat in Waterloo. Of Barbados parentage and going to Barbados a lot to feel "grounded", he takes the responsibility of the Black actor's burden as a role model for the next generation very seriously. He has the name Harewood because the Earl of Harewood once owned a plantation in the West Indies.

Battle of the Sexes Today

{BBCR4UK 20 i '00, with Sir Melvyn Braggs}

D. H. Lawrence once observed that every love affair moves towards the prevailing of one of the two souls, male or female, over the other. Deploring D. H. Lawrence as "violent and disturbed", his view of Jews as showing "inherited prejudice" and his view of sex as "grandiose and unreconstructed", Britain's amusing though modishly incomprehensible modern novelist, Martin Amis has offered as his own view of what today's men and their novelists prefer: they don't see themselves as going home each night to a Battle of Stalingrad; rather, they believe in "peaceful coexistence." Admitting his own conversion, he says, "my life changed when I read Gloria Steinem." Ms Steinem, however, has a more Lawrentian view than Emasculated Martin. She has written:

"The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their home."
      Gloria STEINEM, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem.

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

Within-family Environment: Sibling Rivalry

The ideas of Adler and Frank Sulloway (1996, Born to Rebel, Little, Brown) as to the frequency intensity and importance of within-family competition have achieved new vindications.

In Bristol, UK, a twelve-year-old boy has been charged with stabbing to death his baby brother. The body of the six-month-old was discovered with multiple wounds in an upstairs bedroom of the family home. The mother, who has four other children, is distraught. {The case arises eight years after two Liverpool boys, one of them driven by sibling rivalry towards a new arrival in his own family, kidnapped toddler Jamie Bulger at a supermarket and killed him.}

Muslim fighter Osama bin Laden -- who organized much of the CIA's effort to help the Afghanistanis against the communist USSR, but is now himself sought by heat-seeking US rockets -- seems to have had plenty of experience of youthful competition. He was the youngest of twenty surviving sons of his Yemeni father by a fourth (and thus last official) wife. Growing up in Saudi Arabia posed extra challenges of being an 'outsider', for the father and his fourth wife were neither of them Saudi -- the mother being a great Syrian beauty. Happily, bin Laden triumphed over adversity and now himself, at 43, has four wives and ten children and -- despite many Saudi prohibitions -- a fair degree of access to his father's UK£5 billion fortune. According to the New Yorker his chief ambition, after seeing off the USSR and the USA, is to settle old scores in the land of his birth.

Responsible Parenting

Thanks to the seizure of David Irving's private diaries by the defendants in his libel action, the little gem of light verse that follows has been released to the world. It was to be recited, according to Irving's diary, when he was out with his infant daughter and "half-breed children" were wheeled past.

                            I am a baby Aryan

                        Not Jewish or Sectarian

                        I have no plans to marry an

                        Ape or Rastafarian.


Perhaps because of the growing possibility that New Labour is a complete delusion -- as even a "reactionary" House of Lords arises to challenge Mr Blair from the ashes of his abolition of voting rights for hereditary peers -- the Times has been hosting a competition among its correspondents to find the most common lies that people tell. The results so far:


We must have lunch some time.
The cheque is in the post.
It really suits you.


Everyone else has one.
It was like that when I found it.
All my friends are going.







-- More on Mother Nature, now reviewed in Science


Evolutionary Psychology


Sociobiology, lately in trouble for evolutionary theorizing about rape {McDNL 18 i '00}, is to receive further exposure in the course of the Irving versus Lipstadt + Penguin trial in London {see January McDNLs}. Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at California State University in Long Beach is to appear as a witness for 'Holocaust revisionist' David Irving. The psychologist is expected to explain his view that the Jewish race is a 'eugenic experiment' that combines achievement of high intelligence and financial power with the adoption of protective attitudes including the favouring of multiculturalism.
      Already, MacDonald, the author of three books about Jewry, has been attacked in the American newsletter Slate by Judith Shulevitz. The 'Culturebox' columnist (recently married to SAT-bashing Nicholas Lemann -- see McDNL 7 ix '99) has called MacDonald a vicious anti-Semite (, 'Evolutionary Psychology's Anti-Semite'). She has also persuaded top evolutionary psychologist John Tooby* to dissociate himself from MacDonald's idea that there is a Jewish 'race.'
      In reply, MacDonald has called Shulevitz's article an "outrageous a piece of yellow journalism" and said "one almost yearns for British laws on libel so that I could force her to provide evidence for her false claims."
      In rejoinder, evocogniburbling Steve Pinker (MIT, author of The Language Instinct -- see McDNL 13 i '98) has denounced MacDonald for espousing the currently rejected idea of 'group selection' and for his anti-Semitic 'tone.' Pinker says he has had no time to read MacDonald's three books, even though MacDonald is an administrative officer in the 'HBES' group of sociobiologists to which both belong. Says the lofty (and Jewish) Pinker (infertile like Sir Francis Galton): "…
in the marketplace of ideas, a proposal has to have enough initial credibility, and enough signs of adherence to the ground rules of scientific debate, to earn the precious currency of the attention of one's peers."

*  Steve Sailer explains what happened to sociobiology: "….the inevitable conservatism of neo-Darwinism made it so many enemies on leftist-dominated campuses that anthropologists John Tooby and Leda Cosmides found it expedient to relaunch sociobiology under the new, improved brand name of "evolutionary psychology." In a brilliant marketing ploy, they spin-doctored neo-Darwinism into academic acceptability by pronouncing themselves the truest True Believers in equality. They portrayed human nature as almost monolithically uniform, and proclaimed that science should only study human similarities."


At his London trial, David Irving has referred to his motivation in calling Professor MacDonald to testify: "[Several authorities] have said that the whole of the Holocaust industry has been generated in order to create a kind of safety curtain, a fire wall which protects, for example, as Professor Peter Novic says, the activities of the Israeli Government on the West Bank, which protects, for example, the entire Jewish population in the United States from criticism to which they might otherwise be subjected. …leading Jewish authorities…are equally aware of precisely the same origins or possible origins of part of the present promotion of the Holocaust story. We will be listening to one of my own experts on this, Professor MacDonald, on precisely this matter when the time comes."

Shulevitz summarizes MacDonald in her 'Culturebox' column as saying: "[The Jews] have lived by policies of extreme group loyalty and obedience to rabbinical authority, which served to maintain their racial purity; and they practised low-birth-rate, high-investment parenting, which is the royal road to a high group I.Q. They conferred social status (which brings along with it the most desirable women) on men according to their brilliance -- indeed, says MacDonald, study of the Talmud was nothing more than a casuistic exercise meant to weed out the dim." Shulevitz continues her summary: "Faced with the hatred of gentiles, Jews have often resorted to a "strategy of crypsis"--that is, they have pretended not to be Jews. Do the Jews themselves realize what they're up to? MacDonald goes back and forth on this point; one moment he'll chastise Jews for believing their own religious rationalizations, the next he'll explain that they can't help it -- they're genetically "prone to self-deception." ….[In the 20th century, the Jewish founder of social anthropology], Franz Boas, shifted the focus of anthropology away from Darwinism and eugenicism and toward the study of culture in order to bring an end to the criticism of Jews as a race." Apparently, MacDonald thinks Freud "conceptualized himself as a leader in a war on gentile culture." And he says that when Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin expressed doubts about sociobiology back in the 1970s, their approach exemplified the kind of "skeptical thrust of Jewish intellectual activity" that results in Jewish "nihilistic anti-science."

MacDonald himself does not appear to think that infanticide of handicapped children played any marked part in the development of high Jewish intelligence; nor does he make much of that fact that Jewish breeding practices have often seemed to produce a substantial excess of sons -- the opposite of the ethnic pattern found in African and American Blacks (Marcia GUTTENTAG & Paul F. SECORD (1983), Too Many Women? -- The Sex Ratio Question. Beverly Hills / London : Sage Publications). However, MacDonald does give Shulevitz offence by treating the Talmud as a complex and irrational work. Its chief function, he thinks, was as an IQ-type test -- allowing identification of budding scholars could make a reasonable fist of pretending to understand the book. Further, MacDonald does view Nazism as an anticipatable response to Jews and Jewish racism, writing: "From the perspective developed here, the acceptance of the ideology of an anti-Semitic group strategy among the NSDAP {Nationale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei} elite may well have been caused or at least greatly facilitated by the presence of Judaism as a very salient and successful racially exclusive antithetical group strategy within German society."

It is quite unclear what straightforward factual or theoretical disagreement Shulevitz actually has with MacDonald. But she is bursting to censor him anyway. Here's how Shulevitz replied to criticism from correspondents of her demand that evolutionary psychologists should get together to police MacDonald.

Here's what Culturebox has to say to all the evolutionary psychologists who feel that Culturebox has smeared them by association with a man she considers an anti-Semite: If he's going to lay claim to your methodology and benefit from your systems of legitimation, it's up to you to distinguish yourself from him. The MacDonalds of the world won't go away just because you think they're not worth responding to. Where they'll go is wherever as many people as possible will hear them. And there they will brag -- as MacDonald has done….and as he probably will in a British court some time in the next few months -- "I have published my views in highly reputable refereed journals in psychology."


Whether 'evolutionary psychologists' will prove capable of standing by their colleague and chosen administrator is most unlikely. Since its invention in the 1970's, sociobiology has found it has its hands full enough with sex differences and is most reluctant to admit that other human individual and group differences have genetic bases.

Sports Psychology and Genetics


Sports writer and TV producer Jon Entine has been given a singular opportunity to put his race realism to an audience of a million Brits. But he has blown it.
      Writing the 'Saturday Essay' in the Daily Mail (29 i '00, 'Why are they such magnificent athletes?'), Entine set out over two pages (including sympathetic pictures of hunky Black athletes) some of his material on the achievements of different racial/ethnic groups: West Africans can jump and run fast for short bursts; East Africans [the Kalenjin tribe -- only 0.05% of the world's population, but winning 40% of long-distance prizes] can pound away runnin' for hours thanks to an evolutionary history as cattle thieves; and 'Eurasians' (a Turk was especially mentioned) are good at heavyweight wrestling and lifting omnibuses.
      So what were Whites good at?
      Not a word! For that might have upset the editors of the Daily Mail who have through the 1990's tried to recast that traditionally middlebrow conservative newspaper as 'anti-racist.' (The Mail has specially taken the lead in naming the White youths supposed to have murdered London Black Saint Stephen Lawrence.)
      It is perhaps excusable to ignore White sporting achievements. The interest of Entine's book Taboo, which he summarized for the Mail, is that pointing to Black genetic advantages helps license much more important talk of the occasional Black disadvantage. -- Whites don't need to have their prowess at rowing, swimming, fencing and fox-hunting talked up when they have a genetic advantage in the g factor that really matters big-time.
      Yet what happened when Entine's article reached the crucial hurdle? Could Blacks be said to be making up in brawn for what they lack in brains? 'Not at all,' replied Entine. 'That idea is pernicious, there is no such opposition' -- not even bothering to say that hard-pressed Canadian psychologist and race-realist Phil Rushton has just put twenty years of scholarship into backing it (as 'r-K theory').
      OK, perhaps Entine favours Chris Brand's view that athleticism -- including sexual precocity -- is largely independent of brain development. So what does Entine's article have to say about the White-Black gap in intelligence and educational attainment? Might that too have a genetic component?
      Here it comes. Get ready for treachery, whether motivated by a fat fee from the Fail or slipped in by an editor while Entine wasn't looking:

"In fact there is growing evidence that blacks and whites are intellectually equal, and studies in Britain reveal that Asian and black children are beginning to outperform their white counterparts."

      This is no out-of context quote. This was all that Entine's article said about IQ. Hopefully, Jon Entine will send his money to charity and write what he really thinks for the McDougall NewsLetter.

{Entine's book Taboo was discussed in McDNL 30 xi '99, McDNL 7 xii '99 and McDNL 18 i '00. Chris Brand advised on the book when it was in draft and is acknowledged by the author -- a bearded and bespectacled writer who has struggled hard to bring his book to market in high-PC times.}


For the forthcoming issue of National Review, John Derbyshire reviews Entine's book. Evidently, says Derbyshire, the US doctrine that race should not be discussed, so as to preserve egalitarian fictions, "has generated its own moonbeams-from-cucumbers extremists, as any doctrine will: we have, for example, [philosopher] Richard Rorty telling us that race is "a social construct" with no objective reality. It must be fun to watch the Olympics with Professor Rorty."
    Derbyshire equally rejects with contempt Richard Bernstein's preposterous review of Entine's book in the New York Times {see McDNL 18 i '00}: "Bernstein declared himself "not convinced that environmental and cultural explanations are inadequate to account for the phenomenon under discussion". "Dogma" is too feeble a word, in fact [to cover such determination]; the ferocious tenacity with which nurturist beliefs are defended needs some explaining all by itself, especially in view of the implausibility of those beliefs." Derbyshire could hardly have expected that Entine's name would become attached to an article preserving for Brits the very egalitarian fiction that Taboo itself is destroying for American readers of any percipience.


President Clinton's effort to help Haiti doesn't suggest much is gained from billion-dollar neosocialist assistance to the Third World.

Washington Post 27 i '00, p. C03, Lloyd Grove


CBS correspondent Rita Braver, wife of Clinton family lawyer Robert Barnett, wanted to know if Haiti was any better off after five years and $2 billion of President Clinton's military occupation policy. Last Thursday, while doing some on-camera narration in Port-au-Prince for "CBS News Sunday Morning," she got a sharper answer than she bargained for.
    "I was scared," Braver told us yesterday, recounting an incident in which "two thugs" interrupted her stand-up, emerging from a crowd of angry slum-dwellers and confiscating two videocassettes after threatening producer James Houtrides, photographer Mario DeCarvalho and sound technician Manny Garcia with a chrome-plated Colt .45. "The U.S. permanent support mission in Haiti is coming to an end next Monday, so we decided to find out how the country was doing. People are very angry at Americans. They were shouting at us to go home. It's so poor and the conditions are so depressing. They thought the U.S. presence would mean their lives would really change."
    But it turns out that the country is "in a shambles," with a powerless police force and no sitting parliament, said the just-returned Braver. She said DeCarvalho shut off his camera and gave them the tapes after the tough-looking guys flashed the gun. Later that day, an expedition back to the slum to retrieve the tapes failed, but Braver & Co. returned with enough for her Sunday report. As for her husband, Braver said: "From his reaction, I'm glad I didn't tell him about this until after I got back."


Black Haiti was a legend to William McDougall, who in 1920 observed the failure of the civilizing endeavours of both France and America to take hold.



(BBCR4UK 27 i '00, 07:00)

'Indirect racism' is to be outlawed in throughout the British civil service, police, armed forces, local government and kindred taxpayer-funded jollies. Home Secretary Jack Straw says he has a new version of the Race Relations Act on the stocks. It will allow action at Employment Tribunals against any public sector agency which has maintained or introduced a policy which impacts relatively adversely on any particular race. An example would be a dress code requiring helmets which took no account of the divine right ooops need of Sikhs to wear turbans. The Home Secretary has pledged that the Government will act against the more subtle forms of racism, such as failure to promote deserving employees or the inappropriate use of disciplinary procedures against minorities.

{The move was announced the just after the declaration of a national Holocaust 'Wasn't Us!' Celebration Day and marks renewed Labour commitment to PC causes. Straw had been told in the previous fortnight by Home Office lawyers that he would have to release Genocidal Pinochet and admit date-rapist Mike Tyson into Britain. The new move allows maximum vague threat to what British neosocialists like to call (following the Prime Minister) 'the forces of reaction.' Just like bans on direct discrimination -- as on police stopping and searching youths selected on the basis of their race -- the Government declines to specify or even to discuss whether it is racist for a policy to impact merely according to non-definitional features of ethnic groups, e.g. their different proclivities for crime. Now it will be a potential cause for action and recompense for the Army to regulate the work of its hairdressers if such regulation (e.g. limiting body contact) should impact especially on the job satisfaction of the homosexuals who will be increasingly over-represented in its hairdressing operations. Even the most genuine attempt by an employer to provide a communal eating facility where staff are expected to socialize informally will become a legal landmine. One might have thought it sufficient that an Army would obviously not want to lose the service of valued gays and that an Oxbridge college would want its dining arrangements to be sufficiently attractive to Hindu mathematicians. Just why all such matters cannot be left to market forces is never explained. And UK academics are now so terrified of PC that they are guaranteed not to ask.}

PS  In the Spectator (5 ii '00), 'High Life' columnist Taki condemned the witch-hunting of 'indirect racists' as likely to yield "a Shangri La for lawyers."

Free Speech

(Nature 27 i '00)


-- Females sneak on male don who dished dirt --

Oxford University looks set for a fine display of the attitudes of senior staff to coloured females who get academic jobs by opening their legs. Professor Roy Anderson of the Department of Zoology, and Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, has been suspended by the University prior to a disciplinary hearing. Anderson, who himself headed Zoology from 1993 to 1998, had been heard joking that leggy researcher Sunetra Gupta was awarded a Readership in Zoology because she was having an affair with the current Head of Department, a Professor Harvey. According to female witnesses, Anderson is said to have made "public" criticism of Gupta's promotion; though whether this involved more than coffee room banter remains to be seen.

{At Edinburgh University in 1997, a disciplinary hearing solemnly examined evidence that psychologist Chris Brand had made anti-feminist jokes at a party in his own home ten years previously, in 1987 -- and evidence continued to be taken by the senior professors running the tribunal even when it turned out that no-one could remember the jokes (though a top professor at Edinburgh's Heriot Watt University was admitted by Brand's accusers to have found the jokes amusing). Can Oxford manage its disciplinary affairs without PC terror, and without bringing everyday common room interchanges to an end? Oxford University now has many attractive girls from the Indian subcontinent -- trying hard to make up for the near-total absence of Black faces. One lissome, coffee-coloured lovely now looks a treat in Chris Brand's fancy dress shirt following his visit to his old Oxford college in December.}

Irving Trial Notes

Did Hitler in 1942 propose sending Europe's Jews to Madagascar at the end of the war? Or did he only make this suggestion for mischlinge (people of mixed race) and mischehene (people in mixed marriages)? Irving argued that the relevant Wannsee Conference minutes -- themselves very cursory -- contained the heading 'Final Solution to the Jewish Problem' and thus that, in conjunction with other evidence (e.g. a note by an official referring to discussions about "Jews and mixed races"), he had been entitled to conclude that a general postponement had been envisaged. Irving specially maintained he could not be expected to expand his popular books with hundreds of pages of "sludge" in which every possible academic doubt about documentary evidence was considered.

Testifying because summoned by Irving, Emeritus Professor Cameron Watt (of the London School of Economics) said: "I think Irving's is a view which, even if one disagrees with it, has to be taken seriously. He is, after all, the only man of standing, on the basis of his other research, who puts the case for Hitler forward and it seems to me that it is mistaken to dismiss it. It requires the most careful examination, though, I must say, I hope that I am never subjected to the kind of examination that Mr Irving's books have been suggested to by the Defence witnesses. I have a very strong feeling that there are other senior historical figures, including some to whom I owed a great deal of my own career, whose work would not stand up, or not all of whose work would stand up, to this kind of examination." Asked whether Irving's views on Hitler's role in the Holocaust were perverse, Professor Watt denied this -- and gave several examples of other tenured historians who had been far more perverse.

{An amusing error was made at this point by MR JUSTICE GRAY who asked: "Professor Watt, when you said what you have just said about Hitler [sic] as a military historian, you are talking…." Mr Irving had to interrupt the judge to point out that Professor Watt's remarks had been about himself, Irving, and not about Hitler. The confusion in the judge's mind of the Claimant with Hitler could possibly form the basis of an appeal by Irving if the case goes against him.}

{Professor Watt also made clear his own view of the period: "I think it is difficult to decide Hitler's personality. I do not think Mr Irving has solved what to me is the mystery, which is the extraordinary third rate nature of Hitler's mind from his personality and thoughts. How he could have managed to suck into his own private fantasy world the whole of Europe and the major powers and so on is one of the historical mysteries which I have yet to see anyone tackle. I am waiting for the second volume of the latest biography {referring to Ian Kershaw's acclaimed work -- see McDNLs, Autumn '98}.

Were there the required holes in the roofs of the 'gas chamber' Auschwitz 2, allowing the insertion as claimed by Holocaust-insisters of canisters of poison gas?
Irving produced evidence from a revisionist who had gained access to the collapsed bunker and taken photographs showing the roof had no inlets. Irving said: "I do not accept that the Nazis in the last frantic days of the camp, when they were in a blue funk, would have gone around with buckets of cement filling the holes that they were going to dynamite." Irving, who is representing himself, was cross-examining Professor Robert van Pelt, who has said that there was a "massive amount of evidence" of the camp's use for mass extermination. Prof van Pelt produced in reply an aerial photograph taken by the Americans in the summer of 1944 which showed "four dots" on the roof of Crematorium Two. He said that this showed clearly that there were "introduction devices" on top of the building. But Irving questioned the authenticity of the photograph and said the dots were too big for the purpose put forward by the defence.

David Irving repeated his striking claim that, when Mr Gorbachev decided to release Russia's records of who had actually been consigned to Auschwitz, there was considerable 'scurrying round' as leading Holocaust-memorializing Jews such as America's Elie Wiesel decided that they must have been in other concentration camps such as Vukenvau, Bergen Belsen or Dachau after all.

Holocaust Handouts, Erections & Holidays

BERLIN -- Fed up with White guilt -- A ceremony to dedicate land for Germany's first national Holocaust memorial has been soured by controversy as the Mayor of Berlin boycotted the event because he fears that it will turn the capital into a "city of mourning". Designed by Peter Eisenman, an American architect, the memorial will, if completed as planned in 2002, consist of 2,700 close-set concrete pillars resembling gravestones. It is positioned next to the sealed bunker where Hitler committed suicide as Soviet troops fought their way to the city centre in 1945. Mayor Eberhard Diepgen, who is also the Prime Minister of Berlin, had opposed the Bundestag's decision to go ahead last summer and he turned down an invitation to attend. However, Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize-winning author, praised the German government for planning a national memorial and called on Germany to go further and ask the Jews for forgiveness.

{It is a pity that the Jews were not included in the 1945 settlement of World War II. They had after all operated as a nation on the international stage from 1917 and fought under their own flag -- as arranged by Churchill -- alongside British troops. As things stand, the Japanese have no trouble refusing further claims for compensation, for they made all the payments required of them by 1951; but Germany is expected to serve as a perpetual milch cow. For a proposal as to how the West's bizarrely increasing preoccupation with the Holocaust should be constructively concluded, see the McDougall Millennium Essay, 'Liberating the Future'.}

BERLIN (Reuters 31 i '00; Times 31 i '00) -- Seven hundred neo-Nazis shocked Berliners by marching through the portals of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate this weekend in protest against the planned national Holocaust monument. Marchers belonging to the National Democratic Party (leader Udo Voigt) shouted slogans like "Glory and Honour of the Waffen SS!" while about another 300 Germans shouting "Nazis out!" staged a counter-demonstration nearby, separated by police. Germany's 1933-45 Nazi regime conducted many pageantry-soaked parades through the 18th- century triumphal arch, the imposing symbol of German nationhood. Police had tried to ban the NPD march but they were overruled by a Berlin court, apparently on grounds of freedom of speech.

The g factor


LONDON -- Darwinian egalitarians, who are unhappy with admitting a g factor in human differences in mental abilities, have confronted London School representatives such as Art Jensen (Kelseyville, USA) and Ian Deary (Edinburgh LUniversity) at a Novartis-funded shindig. Reporting for Nature 27 i '00, psychologist Nicholas Mackintosh of Cambridge University (once Chris Brand's Oxford tutor) reveals that nothing is new. (1) The friends of g still don't know what it is -- for they can be bothered neither to read Karl Popper (whose claim was that native ideas combined with the amassing of potentially falsifying evidence provided the essence of intelligence) nor to develop reliable measures of inspection time, nor even to give what Paul Kline has called their 'new millennium' elementary cognitive tests to normal-IQ ranges of the population. (2) At the same time, the champions of evolution (who fear the mob if they say anything elitist) can't see any survival value in g differences -- not realizing because of antipathy to 'group selection' that all human societies require a hierarchy and that g provides the psychological backbone of socially acceptable forms of deference.

{A big problem for evolutionists -- especially Richard Dawkins -- is that they are not prepared to admit the centrality of religion in the human experience: for it is religion that historically provides the egalitarian counterpoint to hierarchy, insisting on a modulation of the claims of hierarchy -- e.g. the historic Christian prohibition of divorce, meaning that at least a man could not lose a wife who wished to pursue a path of upward social mobility. All human societies that have lasted for any length of time have had these two ingredients, hierarchy and religion. The one that didn't, the USSR, ran rapidly into trouble, was almost defeated by tiny Germany, survived only in poverty, and has now collapsed. (In so far as it lasted seventy years, some theorists claim Marxist-Leninism is itself best understood as a religion.) The rise of PC in the West is most surely linked to the new self-made-money hierarchy of modern capitalism which requires modulation and protection from the new high principle: that people are treated merely according to their money and not according to old-fashioned ideas about their race, sex, age, manners, beliefs, sex appeal or intellectual differences.}

British Universities


(Times Higher, 27 i '00)

Salaries for top biscuits running British universities have now been published. The highest salary for a Vice-Chancellor is awarded at the London Business School, £252,000p.a., to an unheard-of thinker called Someone-or-other Quelch; but the second biggest feeder at the public trough is Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland of the LUniversity of Edinburgh -- a theologian who became known chiefly while she was losing her faith for a few edited volumes on the merits of religious multiculturalism. Dame Stewart pulls in £149,000p.a.* whereas several genuinely celebrated academics-turned-administrators received notably less:
George Bain (Queen's University of Belfast, moderate-socialist expert on sucking up to trade unions and condemning grammar schools as "social apartheid", former colleague of Chris Brand at Nuffield College, Oxford) £135,000
Antony Giddens (London School of Economics, inventor the Mr Blair's Third Way) £132,000;
Ben Pimlott (Goldsmith's College London, biographer of H.M.Queen, brother of a Brand playmate) £104,000;
Ivor Crewe (Essex University, psephologist [taking over from David Butler], former colleague of Chris Brand's at Nuffield College, Oxford) £103,000;
Bart McGettrick (St Andrew's College, Glasgow; expert in Maria von Meck studies; tipped off Brand that his cause against Dame Stewart was hopeless) £62,000.

* PS  This salary was denounced as "obscene" by the Honorary President of the Edinburgh Branch of the Association of University Teachers (Student 2 Feb. '00).

See McDNL 11 i '00 for a score of problems that have beset the LUniversity of Edinburgh in the past six months.

1 ii 2000  

BELFAST -- The nonsense of multicultural power-sharing looks likely to be exposed this week as the IRA, which now helps run Northern Ireland by Westminster invitation, declines to surrender, destroy or seal up its weapons. In return for two years of cease-fire offered to Westminster, the IRA has had virtually all of its leadership and key bomb-makers released from prison. Whether this will prove to have been a bargain remains to be seen. Ulster's ordinary people can only wait tremulously in the ethnically cleansed enclaves which they have contrived without the slightest help from the numerous politicians and experts who have freebied in the province.

LONDON -- Neosocialism takes a knock -- A left-wing Liverpool MP, Peter Kilfoyle, New Labour Junior Minister at the Department of Defence, has resigned as one of Mr Blair's 130 placemen. He says Blairism is a waste of his time, which will be better spent on the back benches of the House of Commons. Hard-drinking and still-smoking Kilfoyle (53, and an early Blair backer against Liverpool's far-left Militant organization of the 1970's) is said by the Times (30 i '00) to have been fed up with the Blair Government's plan to abolish Clause 28 and thus license teachers to dispense homosexualist propaganda in schools. He has spoken of Blair attending too much to 'the chattering classes in the south-east of England.' The shock resignation is a foretaste of difficulties that could escalate for the Third Way since Emperor Blair has been revealed as a Thatcherite meanie about the UK's sacred National Health Service. Further problems of incoherence for Blair concern his touch-and-go relationships with (a) Catholicism in Scotland and Northern Ireland, (b) the Euro, (c) the NATO-led ethnic cleansing of Kosovo, and (d) toll roads.

WASHINGTON (AP 24 i '00) -- Femilunacy -- President Clinton appealed to members of Congress today to "do the right thing" by overturning free market principles and closing the wage gap between working women and men. He complained that working females are paid only 75% of male rates -- whether because they were weaker, more neurotic, less creative or less principled* -- and suggested Congress approve his $27 million plan to bolster enforcement of equal-pay laws.
* Females are less loyal than males -- e.g. more likely to 'kiss and tell' -- and can thus prove costly to a firm.

LONDON (BBCR4UK 25 i '00, 22:10) -- Koestler-hating David Cesarani has now been granted a position as the BBC's champion of the British National Holocaust Holiday declared by Mr Blair. Unfortunately for the balded po-faced Zionist, he did not do very well in a radio discussion with Norman Finkelstein of New York. Finkelstein, who had lost both his parents in the Holocaust, was none too impressed by Blair's plan to gloat over Britain's last big military success. 'How would Britain and America like it,' Finkelstein asked, 'if Germany declared a Martyrs' Memorial Day honouring the Blacks who had died in the slave trade or the Red Indians who had died as the Anglophonic frontier was pushed westwards?' {The last attempt by Labour to declare a national Holiday was a complete flop -- even though an effort was made to link international-Marxist May Day to the charming traditional rituals of choirboys paedophiling on top of the tower of Magdalen College, Oxford, serenaded by hundreds of drunken punters in boats below on the River Cherwell. Many paedophiles ooops Britons stopped celebrating May Day altogether rather than give succour to the socialist makeover.)

DECATUR, Illinois (Reuters 25 i '00) -- Now it's parapaedosadism! -- One of the six Black high school students expelled for brawling (whose cause was championed by civil rights activist Jesse Jackson) has been charged with beating an ex-girlfriend and two pregnant girls. The athlete, Roosevelt Fuller, 18, had tried to resist arrest when police suspected a motoring offence {McDNL 25 i '00, JACKSON LET DOWN BY BLACK DELINQUENTS}. Now he is charged with aggravated battery and assault following a fight with his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend and two pregnant friends whom he attacked with a broom handle when they intervened.

LONDON (BBCR4UK 27 i '00, 08:00) -- Sodomitic Services -- A senior brigadier, 44, has announced his retirement from the British Army in protest against the Government's insistence that homosexuals be allowed in the Forces. Other resignations are expected -- which will conveniently free up places for blind Black wheelchair-bound lesbians who have passed all the psychometric tests specially redesigned so they don't impact adversely on blind Black wheelchair-bound lesbians….

MEXICO CITY (Time 22 i '00) -- Paedohysteria -- Mexico's sultriest female singer has been arrested after six months on the run in Brazil. Gloria Trevi, 29, whose ultra-popular act features the wide-eyed and wide-mouthed beauty in torn jeans and unwound hair inviting boys to strip to their underpants for her inspection, is accused along with her husband and agent of "corrupting minors." Extradition is now sought by Mexico, where hysterical scenes can be expected.

OTTAWA (Reuters 26 i '00) -- Canada, Genial Giant of the North -- The Canadian government which bans such books as Race, Intelligence and Bias in Academe (Washington : Scott-Townsend) from entering the country is now under fire for funding sex manuals and spiritualist trash. Reform Party MP John Williams discovered that Montreal publisher Edimag, which had won C$275,000 in federal funding in the last four years, had produced How to Stimulate the G-Spot, How to Understand and Enjoy an Orgasm, and How to Communicate with the Dead.

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Times 27 i '00) -- Hate Crime Hoax -- An African American teenager who claimed that he was assaulted by three skinheads earlier this month, damaging the braces to his teeth, admitted to authorities that he lied to avoid punishment for having picked a fight with two Black classmates. The teenager had told deputies that three skinheads drove up in a brown four-door sedan, jumped out and attacked him while shouting racial epithets. He had said the skinheads were all wearing red suspenders and shoelaces, described by Detective Brian Schoonmaker as "skinhead battle dress." But now the 15-year-old has confessed to a Los Angeles County sheriff's detective who confronted him with conflicting accounts of the attack. After weeks of intensive police inquiries, the boy says he had in fact been in a fight with two high school acquaintances and later worried about having damaged his braces. "His mom had put a lot of money into his teeth," said Schoonmaker, who added that about a quarter of 'race hate crime' allegations turn out to be hoaxes. {For more hate crime hoaxes currently unravelling, see}

JOHANNESBURG (Electronic Telegraph 27 i '00) -- Nutty totalitarianism [arriving shortly at a university near you!] -- Seeking to end the legacy of apartheid, the South African parliament has declared illegal almost every conceivable form of behaviour that could be described as discriminatory.

LONDON (Daily Mail, 29 i '00; ClassicFM 30 i '00, 17:00; Times 30 i '00, p. 1) -- Homosexualism vs. Neosocialism -- The British public is tolerant of homosexuality, says polling giant MORI: almost a half of Brits favour legalizing homosexual marriage. But people do not want gay propaganda in schools: men in particular show a 2-1 preference for keeping the Thatcher Government's Clause 28 forbidding advocacy in state schools of homosexuality. Men are supported in this by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England & Wales, the controversial Chris Woodhead (who thinks teachers should work harder to achieve a Blairite revolution in education). Woodhead says Clause 28 does nothing to prevent teachers suppressing the bullying of homosexually inclined children, and that he has never once heard a headmaster object to the Clause. Britain's Jewish Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, has come out for retaining Clause 28, as has the Muslim Council of Great Britain. However, faced with pressures from his party, Mr Blair has had to make remarkable promises, four months ahead of time, that he will apply the Labour Whip to force dissident MPs into line.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters 28 i '00) -- Neosocialism vs. National Socialism -- Neutral Sweden's Prime Minister Goran Persson told hundreds of delegates at a 48-nation knees-up of war criminals who had bombed Serbia that he favoured New World Order policy of world-wide cross-border anti-genocidal interventions. Persson vowed to take further anti-free-speech measures at home to halt the spread of neo-Nazi propaganda and White-power music in Sweden, where several people have died in recent racist violence. European partygoers also expressed concern about democracy in Austria, where a far-right party led by Joerg Haider, the populist politician who has played down Nazi crimes in the past, is poised to enter government.     
      However, Haider hit back at his foreign critics, calling the Belgian government corrupt and tolerant of child abuse, and branding French President Jacques Chirac a failure who did not know what he was talking about. Celebrating his 50th birthday with his wife, Claudia, 44, amidst crowds of his Volvo- and labrador-sporting followers on a 6,000ft Carinthian mountain top, Haider said he was not a racist but was just intending to keep Austrian jobs for Austrians and not to allow the country to become a "staging post or welfare stop" for migrants from the east. Austria's eight million population includes half-a-million unemployed; and Austria has half a million migrants; so Haider said one didn't need to be Einstein to work out what to do. Asked whether he might be more moderate if he one day became Chancellor of all Austria, he said he thought his policies quite sufficiently moderate already. A political colleague, bringing him a birthday present, said: "We like foreigners -- when they are gone!"

MANCHESTER -- Julius Seizure -- A sell-out British crowd roared for 16-1 favourite Mike Tyson as the ex-heavyweight-champion of the world demolished quiet and overweight Black British TV watcher Julius Francis. Tyson felled Francis five times with lightning murderous punches in the four minutes the fight lasted before the referee intervened. British tabloids, anxious about their female readerships, had denounced Tyson as a "brute" and front-paged leggy blondes who refused to be cheerleaders for the "rapist"; but Francis enjoyed little support on the night. On leaving Britain, Tyson told fans he felt "humbled" by the ecstatic reception he had received and that he was not looking forward to returning to his 'nigger-bashing' homeland.

BEIJING (Reuters 30 i '00) -- Heavy breathing frightens Commies -- Communist China has closed down 100 offices of a meditation group similar to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement after declaring it a cult. Assets of $6 million have been seized from Zhong Gong, which claims more than 10 million practitioners in China who enjoy ''Qigong,'' a traditional Chinese system of deep breathing exercises or meditation. Whether, like neo-Buddhist Falun Gong, it abjures homosexuality is unknown. Some 5,000 Falun Gong members are now detained by the Communists, mainly without trial, for reconstructive psychiatry and hard labour. China says cultists imperil their own health by refusing medical treatment -- though whether such treatment includes eugenic surgical sterilization is unknown. {Unmarried girls from the countryside are forbidden to work in Chinese cities unless first sterilized.} {China has also kidnapped and detained some fifty Roman Catholic priests and bishops over the past three years and blown up twenty churches. Beijing, which has had no diplomatic relations with the Vatican since 1951, says any improvement in relations must be preceded by the Holy See severing ties with Taiwan.}

LONDON (Daily Mail, 29 i '00) -- Racismoolah -- Neville and Doreen Lawrence now seek UK£500,000 from London's Metropolitan Police in compensation for the failure to convict anyone for the death of their son. They have become media and New Labour darlings but now seek compensation for travel to the Caribbean to bury their son 'where his grave would not be vandalized.' They also want £98,000 for Doreen's psychiatric ailments which have kept the divorced mother from study at Greenwich 'University.' The Lawrences have already declined £100,000 as voluntary compensation from the police. They further plan to sue all and sundry for lots more money.

LIVERPOOL -- Feminazism frustrated -- Relatives and friends of policeman Rory McGregor, 30, cheered in Liverpool Crown Court as a jury took only an hour to find him not guilty of the date rape of a 22-year old. The womyn had returned to McGregor's flat after an evening drinking, and McGregor said: "I should never have been in the dock in the first place."

DUNDEE, Scotland -- Exclusive choices -- Save the Children Scotland and Dundee University claim that 92 per cent of 'traveller' {cf. gypsy or tinker} families have, as far as they can remember, been forcibly moved on by police, local authorities, landowners or local residents. The report embarrasses Scottish politicians -- already exposed as hugely unrepresentative in their views on having schoolchildren taught homosexuality. The piety-infected Scottish 'Parliament' uniformly backs New Labour opposition to 'social exclusion' and also plans to research and deplore the popular west-coast Scottish practice of Catholic-Protestant feuding.

ROME (Reuters 28 i '00) -- Homosexualism challenged -- Cardinal Angelo Sodano, No. 2 in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy after Pope John Paul II, has said he hopes authorities will reconsider staging a big gay festival in Rome this year. Thousands of homosexuals and transsexuals from around the world plan to converge on the city from June 28 to July 9 for 'World Gay Pride 2000.' The event, which is scheduled to include soccer matches in drag and transvestite fashion parades, would coincide with the presence of hundreds of thousands of Papist pilgrims in Rome and Vatican City to celebrate the Holy Year declared by the Pope.

LONDON DOME (UK media passim) -- Blairennial Flop -- Queues of critics have now been much reduced thanks to work by Mr Blair's hundreds of spin doctors. Visiting members of the public are delighted to find there are now no delays at all! Children using school bus passes have been forbidden to visit the most popular Dome zone, the Body Zone, where they expect to see penises and vaginas though in fact can only see a brain telling Tommy Cooper jokes. To whip up trade, the 'educational' features of the Dome will now be scrapped and another UK£60 million of moron money (contributed by people who play the National Lottery) invested in providing bouncy castles and the ever-popular Teletubbies.

Political Correctness

The Rules of the Game

by Joseph Sobran

Griffin Internet Syndicate 13 i '00


The John Rocker case continues to reverberate. Rocker is of course the Atlanta Braves pitcher who, late in the twentieth century, caused an uproar by describing New York City unflatteringly {McDNLs i '00}. The ethnic-touchiness lobbies took it very hard and demanded his head on a pike.
    Major League Baseball's commissioner, Bud Selig, was unable to deliver Rocker's head physically, but he did decree that said head be examined, sentencing Rocker to the humiliation of psychological testing, after which, he hinted, he might take further punitive measures.
    Selig took a leaf from Soviet psychiatry by stigmatizing Rocker's views as symptoms of mental illness. Rocker hadn't broken any known rule of baseball, let alone any law. He apologized for any offense he had given, and later explained that he was avenging himself (a little excessively, he admitted) for the rude treatment he has received from New York's fans, who aren't especially renowned for gallant sportsmanship: in addition to the normal verbal abuse, Rocker said, they have spat and poured beer on him, and in one instance hit him with a thrown battery.
    But it's already treated as established fact that Rocker's remarks were "racist" and "bigoted." What did he actually say? Well, he grumbled about "foreigners," noting that you can walk a whole block in New York without hearing English spoken. Just what is racially invidious about that? His most inflammatory sentence was this one: "Imagine having to take the 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you're [in] Beirut next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing."
    "Racist"? The people he describes could all be white. The ones with purple hair could hardly be otherwise. If there is anything "racist," it's the assumption that any mention of crime and illegitimacy must refer to racial minorities who are entitled to take offense at any acknowledgment of certain behavior patterns that are both obvious and statistically verifiable. And if you don't practice the prescribed double-think, you need your head examined.
    A Lebanese-American friend of mine who grew up in New York took exception only to Rocker's comparison of New York to Beirut. That aside, he thought it was a perfectly accurate description of the New York he knows. It certainly matches the New York you read about every day in the same New York tabloids that blasted Rocker as a bigot. One thinks of the wry remark of Shakespeare's earthy soldier Enobarbus, when Mark Antony rebukes him for his bluntness: "That truth should be silent, I had almost forgot."
    The old liberalism didn't demand conformity of thought and feeling. It demanded only that the law treat everyone alike, regardless of race, creed, and color. It honored freedom of thought and opinion, however eccentric, because individual freedom was the whole point of racial equality itself. The newer liberalism wants to reduce society to a collectivist horde in which even personal thoughts and feelings are subject to state supervision and correction. It permits no private reservations about its agenda. There are no clear rules; it's up to the individual to avoid even incurring suspicion. Loose accusations of bigotry are the norm, because being accused is in itself evidence of guilt. Naturally, there are no penalties for making false charges, because, as in the Soviet Union, even false charges help maintain the general discipline of fear. Under the new liberalism, the entire population must be kept in a state of constant intimidation, unsure of what the individual is permitted to do and having to guess what the rules mean and how they will be enforced. This marks a deep change from the days when Americans assumed they were free to do anything the law didn't explicitly forbid….


Better off with Paedophilia?

America's Talk magazine includes in its February issue a graphic article about underage sex -- between young teenagers themselves. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lucinda Franks ("The Sex Lives of Your Children"), there's a lot of it about. The article follows a story last summer, in the Washington Post ("Way Beyond Spin-the-Bottle") This had included graphic descriptions of an oral sex ring among weenie classmates and culminated with a meeting in the school library during which parents and teachers sat around asking one another if their kids swallowed.

At, Amy Benfer has gone into shock (

Raising the bar of tastelessness to dizzying heights, the magazine doesn't just vivisect the sex lives of the usual suspects -- Leo, Gwyneth and Donald. It gets into the pants of middle school students, most of them white, middle- to upper-middle-class kids. Now there's a new twist on the old sex story. Not Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice, but Sean, Mica, Tiffany and Kaitlin.
….Franks paints a world where kids from 12 to 16 experiment with everything "from French kissing to fellatio" -- nice alliteration but a rather wide range of experience. Of course, one might expect this range. Franks herself cites statistics that show that, in the U.S., 38 percent of teenage girls and 45 percent of teenage boys have had sexual intercourse by the age of 15. Although even Franks admits that sexual experimentation isn't quantifiable, she chooses, for the pleasure of her readers, to dwell on fellatio (and the less alliterative cunnilingus). Franks, it turns out, can only think of one thing.
Basically, it all adds up (conveniently) to a rather cynical excuse to print hardcore porn from the mouths of babes. And for the rest of the article, that is what Franks does. For example, "Darcy," 13, describes "playground sex" -- the perfect fusion of childhood innocence and sexual wantonness: "It's not dangerous -- the crazies are scared of us 'cause we're butt naked in like, five minutes. I do gymnastics. My thing is the rings."
….no kid should be asked these questions. For an adult to sit down with a kid and lavish attention on him in the form of an intimate probe about sex has many -- obvious -- ramifications. I'm more shocked by the idea of an adult asking teenagers to reveal the intimate details of their sex lives than I am by the idea that teens have sex lives to be revealed. What question, exactly, did Frank pose to get "Marcia," 12, to describe the taste of semen? Or "Caroline," 14, to disclose that "I know this girl who" sprayed her labia with Yves Saint Laurent?
….a [white] 14-year-old girl, described as a New York public school student, [said] she was adopted by a group of boys: "They were African-American and they loved my boobs." …."James," 14, evokes the age-old vagina dentata when he laments, "Boys get pussy-whipped by girls. They cheat on their boyfriends and all they want to do is be eaten out." ….In eighth grade, the pubescent Gore dressed like a "freak" and attended late-night parties ("at the home of an out-of-town-parent," of course) where she played "boot and rally" and "smoked a lot of pot." She also sneaked out of the windows at the Gore homestead to smoke and drink; on one such evening, in the 10th grade, one of her friends drove Al Gore's car into a chain-link fence. (By college, it's reported that the Harvard Crimson considered doing an article "tallying up her bong hits.")

Yes, doubtless all parties should have been seized in a dawn raid and put in leg irons as is the American way with inappropriate and insensitive children, and journalist Lucinda jailed for her "pornography" until released from Death Rown by United Colours of Benetton or the Pope…. Yet Amy admits that evidence of actual harm is hard to find:

"Gore's teenage antics are not portrayed as pathology, but simply the charming exploits of a high-energy schoolgirl. She turned out OK. At 26, she's married to a doctor, has a child, is in law school and works as a consultant on her father's campaign. Talk even speculates about her political future -- though there is no doubt whatsoever that she's inhaled many times."

Ray Cattell

Determined to condemn psychometrician-psychologist Raymond B. Cattell (1904-1998) as a eugenicist and racist, eager leftie Barry Mehler (Ferris State University) has now arranged a collection of articles on the Web at
    Entirely neglecting that the English-born Cattell was the most prolific and successful empiricist of post-1945 differential psychology (leading the development of factor analysis in psychology, identifying the main six personality dimensions, and realizing the importance of both genetic and Freudian factors), Mehler and pals express outrage that Cattell was prepared to countenance the 'phasing out' by natural evolutionary selection of third-world peoples who couldn't cut the mustard. Included among Mehler's writers are psychologists Douglas Wahlsten and Earl Hunt: Wahlsten denies any straightforward role for genes in individual, let alone in racial differences; and Hunt, while castigating both Cattell and the American Psychological Association's as "insensitive", was long unhappy with the idea of a unitary g factor, notoriously saying "....the search for a 'true', single information-processing function underlying intelligence is likely to be as successful as the search for the Holy Grail."
    Unfortunately, the material has virtually no empirical content of its own. Cattell's views are dismissed not because they are somehow false but because they are -- at least to lefties -- horrid. However, Wahlsten does tell an amusing story of his Psychology Department at the University of Alberta.
    There, in 1995, entirely because of a court action by a woman who had been sterilized as mentally defective in 1940, the forty academic psychologists suddenly realized that one of the Department's most famous stars had been, horror of horrors, a eugenicist. John M. MacEachran had in fact been the Chairman of the Alberta Eugenics Board from 1929 to 1964 and personally signed the orders for the sterilization of over 3,000 people. He may once have read a book by Raymond Cattell -- there were two books by the dreaded factor analyst in the Department's library. When MacEachran died in 1971, the University set up a prize in his honour and the Psychology Department named a room for him and displayed his portrait in oils.
    Naturally, by 1995, the discovery of all this caused hysteria in the University -- with a bit of help from stirrer-in-chief Wahlsten. Naturally the psychologists re-named the room so as not to perpetuate any connection between themselves and their academic forebear. However, their chosen form of piety was itself an outrage to other academics. Wahlsten records:

First, a chemistry professor accused the Department of trying "to bury an unpleasant piece of history" and urged us to keep the portrait up and retain the name but affix a plaque telling about MacEachran's role with the Eugenics Board. This letter alerted the Globe and Mail to a controversy and a front page story soon appeared, followed closely by front page coverage in the Edmonton Journal and attention from CBC radio, the Canadian University Press, and Alberta Report. The Edmonton Journal attacked our Department in an editorial that asserted "the department cannot be allowed to hide its own complicity in the eugenics movement". Letters of support and condemnation ensued, including a diatribe from the Chair of Sociology who branded the Department of Psychology "contemptible" and "diseased" (D. Sayer, 1997, in U. Alberta's house magazine).

Fortunately for Wahlsten, his Psychology colleagues, "while suffering discomfort from the media exposure, held firmly to their decisions" -- i.e. declining to mention MacEachran's association with the Department, but not booting Wahlsten out for all the trouble he had caused. The Department even made a further heroic move, agreeing to "review its annual award of a MacEachran Medal and Scholarship." Says Wahlsten, "The recent committee report strongly recommends termination of these awards in MacEachran's name (Kahane, et al., 1998, Report of University of Alberta, Department of Philosophy)." Apparently, the wily academics have managed to retain MacEachran's money while dishonouring his name -- the same trick as has been pulled with regard to Arthur Koestler by the LUniversity of Edinburgh. McDNL readers should note to make their will out to McDNL, or at least a pussy cat, and on no account to a modern luniversity.



An essay advocating eugenics has been published in Times Higher 27 i '00 by an Australian physicist, Professor Paul Davies, who is on sabbatical at Imperial College London. The article contains no specially new points about the eugenic future, but Davies concludes we should "embrace the findings of science, not shy away from them."

In 1997, Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins announced his sympathy for eugenics -- even for compulsory eugenics (McDNL 1 ix '97, COMPULSORY STERILIZATION DEFENDED BY TOP EVOLUTION-THEORIST) -- but such courage is rare.

PS  A sober essay at Mehler's website, by Frederic Weizmann, York University [Canada], documents the linkage between eugenic ideas and those of mainstream twentieth-century science and socialism:


Chris Brand released the following message to the press 24 i '00:


In the two-and-a-half years since Edinburgh University fired him, psychologist Christopher Brand has been academically vindicated. There is fresh and strong academic support on all the main propositions for which Brand spoke out.

(1) Paedophilia typically does little harm (Psychological Bulletin June '98).

(2) Black Africans have low average IQs (even when at university in South Africa -- ISSID Conference, Vancouver July '99, to be published in Intelligence).

(3) Intelligence is under genetic control (Nature 2 Sep. '99, 'Genetic super-mouse').

(4) Women are inclined to deceitful promiscuity (Sarah Hrdy, Mother Nature, Chatto&Windus -- reviewed in Nature 11 Nov. '99; Sunday Times 23 Jan. '00, p. 7, 'One in seven fathers 'not the real parent'', Lois Rogers, Medical Correspondent).

Moreover, England's Education Minister, David Blunkett, has begun promising (Sunday Times 22 Aug. '99) to introduce in state schools the 'fast track learning' which Tony Blair and Chris Brand urged in 1996 -- though the latter was howled down for his trouble by 'anti-racist' mobs in Edinburgh University.

Meanwhile, the university which fired Brand for 'insensitivity' in putting forward the above points has itself been found to have been sending unsuspecting Jewish students to lodge with a notorious, allegedly genocidal Latvian who says he abhors "Communist toads."

In 1796, Edinburgh University -- which had refused a job to Scotland's top philosopher, David Hume -- co-operated in having one of its own students executed in Edinburgh's Grassmarket for heresy. Today, E.LU.'s management has again put the institution's reputation at risk. Top Scots intellectual Tom Nairn says it is " bean counters" (Sunday Times 23 Jan. '00).

{In November 1999, Edinburgh University gave Brand a payoff equivalent to the maximum compensation he could have won at a UK Employment Tribunal. But university psychologists are now frightened to discuss controversial research. Free speech in UK academia has been ended by Edinburgh University's PC hysteria.}


Several irate replies were received (all from people who seemed quite unfamiliar with the references given), but among the more encouraging e-mails was this, from Virginia, USA:


You are indeed vindicated !!

The New York Times last Sunday (23 i 00) had seven pages of how to boost Black (etc.) High School performance. It was admitted that HeadStart etc. did *not* increase IQ (!!) -- agreeing with your book. The solution, it appears, is to relocate Black families into wealthy neighborhoods, then everything will be OK. Some research results were quoted, but no citations...

The project could doubtless be executed for $...billion, a modest expense.

Best of luck for 2000 ...



McDNL's Johannesburg Correspondent explains the financial difficulties of former Rhodesia, now a dictatorship under babe-bagging Robert Mugabe {McDNL 25 i '00}:

"The 15,000 thousand Zimbabwe soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo busy draining Zim's economy and dying are there to protect Mugabe's personal investments made possible by fellow Marxist, tinpot dictator and buddy Laurent Kabila. Word has it that Mugabe has invested most of the wealth he stole from 'the people' in what was supposed to be a sure thing in the DRC until the Tutsis threatened it. Some years ago he had hidden his loot under his Nigerian wife Sally's name. When she died, Nigeria claimed it all under their law. Apparently he couldn't stop it. He was so pissed off that he smashed every window in his Presidential mansion personally."

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.


(Reuters 28 i '00, David Ljunggren; American Journal of Medical Genetics 7 ii '00)

Canada Team Finds Genetic Link to Suicide

OTTAWA -- Canadian doctors have discovered a genetic mutation which increases the chance of suicide. They predict that a test to identify those at high risk of killing themselves could be available by 2002.
    The results of a 10-year study by a team at the Royal Ottawa Hospital into why depressed people kill themselves have enormous implications. Development of a successful test should lead to more careful treatment of depressed patients who carry the mutation; but it may raise fears that those with the marker could be discriminated against.
    The team found that depressed people with a mutation in the gene encoding for a serotonin 2A receptor -- a message-carrying chemical linked to mood -- are more than twice as likely to commit suicide than in depressives without the mutation.
    Dr. David Bakish, a suicide specialist on the team, said tests showed that there was no reduction in the level of mutant serotonin receptor genes in patients who had been successfully treated for depression. ``This is very meaningful. It suggests that some people may be biologically predisposed to suicidal thoughts, and that suicide, so often stigmatized, is hardly a character flaw,'' he said.
    The Ottawa researchers started by studying the brains of people who had killed themselves in Hungary, a country with one of the world's highest suicide rates. The tests had shown high frequency of the mutated gene. The team then carried out a long-term study on a group of 120 depressed people in Canada.

History of Eugenics

More about:
      Sarah Blaffer HRDY, 1999, Mother Nature: Natural Selection and the Female of the Species. London : Chatto & Windus.

(Science 22 i '00) {cf. McDNL 9 xi '99}

Primatologist Sarah Hrdy's new doorstopping book (pp. 697), warmly received by Nature, has now been called "absolutely fascinating" and "important" in the columns of Science by anthropologist Magdalena Hurtado of the University of New Mexico.

Quite correctly. Admittedly, there is much repetitive sociobiological speculation in Sarah's book, and too many pages that contain more questions than answers in Mother Nature; and a lengthy flirtation with John Bowlby's ideas that maternal deprivation leads to psychopathy finally peters out -- losing a mother leads equally to philosophic and political genius, and even Newton and Darwin were sufferers. But Hrdy has brought together the evidence of how women establish influence on their own lives and societies -- spectacularly by means of the infanticide or selective abandonment (which usually amounted to the same thing) of unwanted daughters. And Hrdy's visual aids are a treat -- especially one of naked Patagonian tribesmen wearing menacing Scotnat-type body paint and preparing to teach the women of their village their annual lesson in the need for deference. (As the men rampage through the village exhibiting their penises on their appointed day, they target "wilful or wayward wives", shaking their huts violently, stirring up their hearths and stabbing them with sharp sticks -- such is multiculturalism.)

Hrdy documents six pretty novel points about murderous mothers of the past.

  1. About a half of the women living in Rome in the first three centuries AD who had reared more than one child had also abandoned at least one. The late historian who discovered this, John Boswell (1988, The Kindness of Strangers: the Abandonment of Children in Western Europe form Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, New York, Pantheon) calculated that about a third of all children born in Rome were abandoned. (Boswell had become interested in the topic because of advice by early Christian theologians that men should be careful never to visit brothels or have recourse to prostitutes because in doing so they might unwittingly commit incest. -- Yes, it was in brothels, when not in early graves, that abandoned daughters were ending up.)
  2. Christian baptism may have developed from the early Celtic-Germanic practice of exposing children to cold or immersing them in cold water in the hope of eliminating weaklings. The second-century AD Greek physician, Soranus, observed (critically) that newborns were subjected to icy cold baths to toughen them and also to test them "in order to let die, as not worth rearing, one that cannot bear the chilling." According to an eighteenth-century Scots account of childbirth: "The moment a child is born it is plunged into cold water, though it should be necessary first to break the ice." In seventeenth-century Europe, a popular idea was that some children -- the conspicuously miserable, handicapped or "born thin" -- were 'changelings' who had been taken over by the Devil. This entitled women (according to themselves, though not to the Church) to leave such children at shrines in forests to Saint Guinefort: if the newborn survived, it was deemed that the Devil had released the infant from his grip. ('À Saint Guinefort, pour la vie ou pour la mort', chanted French mothers even into the twentieth century.) In 1877 New York, Irish immigrant parents burned a suspect child.
  3. As urbanisation brought closer supervision of parents, the removal of unwanted newborns fell to foundling homes. The nunnery of a Catholic city would have a revolving barrel [ruota] in its wall allowing babies to be left by mothers anonymously: the mother would pull a bell cord which would summon a nun who would retrieve the baby. Typically, as in Italy, around 12% of baptized infants were abandoned -- and baptism was typically delayed some six weeks after birth to give weak children a chance to die. European cities of the nineteenth century show annual averages of thousands of children being abandoned -- e.g. 9,000 annually in Vienna during the 1860's. In 1850, Italy had 1,200 depositories for babies (in France called 'the Napoleonic wheel'). (In Florence of 1699, it proved necessary to place a grill across the opening to prevent parents from shoving in older children as well.)
  4. This humane solution to the problem of unwanted infants looked good and eased parental consciences; but, without breast feeding, about two thirds of ruota babies were dead within six months. Hrdy records: "….the imperial foundling homes in Moscow and St Petersburg [were] intended to qualify Russia as a player in the mid-eighteenth-century European Enlightenment. The doors of these grand repositories were formally opened in 1764. Both [homes] were soon admitting a steady stream of ill-fated applicants. Of the 523 children admitted during the first year, 81 per cent died. There followed two years of improved survival prospects, culminating in the catastrophe of 1767. Ninety-nine per cent of 1,089 infants admitted that year failed to survive to the next." Scholar after scholar, says Hrdy, has detailed "massive mortality" -- even if attributing it unfairly to 'unnatural mothers.' Cradle-shaped recesses in walls in Delhi show that the practice of abandonment was also common in India. Hrdy's argument is that, as in animals, a mother often needs to make shrewd investment decisions since infants are so demanding of resources: without a capacity for indifference to some newborns -- much easier before she breastfeeds -- she would in pre-20th-century-capitalism conditions have risked the death of both herself and older children.
  5. Older sons were better looked after than were later-born daughters. Families were more likely to bring in a wet nurse to the home for older sons; whereas later-born daughters, if not abandoned, were sent out to wet nurses in the countryside and little complaint was made if the village woman eventually reported that the child had failed to thrive and died. In China of 1800, the sex ratio among children was 154 boys :100 girls. "In large cities like Beijing, wagons made scheduled rounds in the early morning to collect corpses of unwanted daughters that had been soundlessly drowned in a bucket of milk while the mother looked the other way. One nineteenth-century woman interviewed recalled eliminating eleven newborn daughters (A. H. Smith, 1899, Village Life in China)." Hrdy provides an amazing photo of an attractive young Hindu woman breastfeeding her plump six-month-old son while the boy's twin, a girl, is limp, emaciated and marasmic after six months of bottlefeeding -- the little girl died of dysentery soon after the picture was taken. "Daughters are no better than crows," observes a Tibetan proverb; while Western economists' calculations for Bangladesh are that, unlike girls, boys actually repay investment by their labour between age 10 and 15. Childhood sex ratios in northern India under the Raj were discovered by civil servants to be 400:100 -- with top elite families having virtually no daughters at all thanks to infanticide, and less elite families killing later-born daughters. Hrdy also notes the interesting case of the Jews, who seem to achieve high sex ratios by customs that affect the timing of intercourse and conception. {Unfortunately, Hrdy does not particularly attend to the advantages -- if any -- that may accrue to Black-African societies and American Negroes who have often seemed to have remarkable low sex ratios of around 100:85. Like other sociobiologists, Hrdy is none too happy with racial or even individual differences unless these arise environmentally, as in the course of sibling competition. -- She likes Frank Sulloway's Born to Rebel.}
  6. Fighting back against the threat of maternal rejection, human infants have developed the habit of being far heavier and plumper than they need to be, reckons Hrdy, herself a proud and eroticized mother of three. "The erotic appeal and sheer deliciousness of a baby's soft, plump flesh, perhaps also such potent neonatal equipment as a new baby's fleeting "fairy" smiles, may be viewed as the product of countervailing selection on infants to compensate for Mother Nature's discriminating human mothers. ….becoming a mother is a turning point in a female's life history, altering prospects, opportunities, and, especially, a woman's priorities. ….Many new mothers feel their baby is so much a part of themselves that seconds before the infant begins to whimper, needle-like sensations can be felt in the nipples and warm, wet milk leaks out. When a new mother says (as I did) that the birth of her first baby transformed her, she is not speaking just metaphorically. ….As pursed lips clamp tightly on to her nipples and tug, the little head gives a jerk, like a fish on a line whose movement secures the hook. But in this instant, just who is it that is being caught? Within moments, maternal cortisol levels subside; oxytocin courses through her veins. As if she were getting a massage, the mother's blood pressure decreases, oxytocin suffuses her (if all goes well) in a beatific calm that lulls her normal inhibitions about being so close to a stranger. If she allows it to happen, close contact with this baby does indeed transform her mindset and produces in her a need to be close to her baby, a need to smell her baby that, for some women (true in my case) borders on addiction. ….At the first cry of hunger, a lactating mother immediately recognizes her own infant's cry and warm secretions drip from her mammae, as if she were some long-ago platypus wanting nothing more than to hole up in a den someplace and let this baby suckle. ….To classify maternal sensations as "sexual", and therefore in puritanical minds to condemn them, is to privilege sexuality in a very nonpuritanical way, implying sexual sensations are more important than equally powerful sensations that reward women for caring for babies. We might just as logically describe various orgasmic contractions during lovemaking as "maternal.""

Science reviewer Magdalena was happy enough with most of that, as well she might have been. Hrdy does a good job of spelling out how decisive women have to be about eugenics, given the investment they are called upon to make by their sweet-smelling babies.       However, a certain over-emphasis on the role of mothers and 'allomothers' (mother surrogates, notably grandmothers) occurs, which Magdalena properly corrects. From her own familiarity with empirical work on foraging tribes, Magdalena points out that the presence of fathers far outweighs the presence of allomothers in determining (a) how much food will be on hand; (b) whether infanticide will be avoided; (c) how long children will live; and (d) how many grandchildren will be produced. Says Magdalena: "Available evidence suggests that fathers, not grandmothers, are critical in the evolution of female life-history traits." The same is true, Magdalena might have added, with regard to the problems of delinquency and sociopathy in the young. Though Hrdy is much taken by John Bowlby's stress on the importance of the maternal bond, research evidence for 50 years (since the work of R. G. Andry in London of the 1950's) has been that it is inadequacy of relationship with father that best predicts delinquency -- though neurosis, by all means, is better predicted from insecurity in relation to the mother.

Where did you first hear of Mother Nature?
In McDNL, of course! -- McDNL 9 xi '99.
Why be behind the times when McDNL can help you?


The work of Keith McBurnett (see McDNL 18 i '00), finding low cortisol levels in troublesome schoolboys was also described in Science 22 i '00 ('Spotting bad seeds', Constance Holden). McBurnett is now eager to proceed to nature/nurture enquiries -- apparently not believing that everything is an inextricable complex interaction effect.


(Times Higher 27 i '00)

The remains of the earliest discovered American, 'Kennewick man' are the subject of further court action in Oregon, due this spring. Currently, Kennewick man is thought by scholars to have been a hairy Ainu (the primitive tribe of Caucasians who inhabit northern Japan). Computer-driven reconstructions give him a singularly elongated nose and jaw. DNA testing is now sought by eight researchers, but is being opposed by Red Indian tribes and by the bizarre 'Native American Graves, Protection and Repatriation Commission' which has the right to declare any remains older that 9,000 years to be those of Red Indians. (The daft rule allows the remains of Norsemen and Japanese to be classified as Red Indian should the Commission so desire. Often it doesn't matter; but in the present controversial case -- which could strip Red Indians of their claim to be 'Native Americans' -- the commission prefers ignorance to persist lest its own supply of prawn cocktail croissants be curtailed.)


After a generation of refusal by the great and good to justify the prohibition on cannabis that drives young people into the arms of criminals, the Medical Correspondent of the Times, the silver-haired Dr Thomas Stuttaford, has let slip the following (29 i '00):

"[Cannabis has a] less adverse influence on the high IQ than it does on older men and those who are not quite so bright. The memory and intelligence of some heavy habitual users is sometimes enhanced after the first joint."

This may be the first time that 'joints' have been mentioned to Times readers. However, the Doc still considers there is a risk of schizophrenia. Apparently, Swedish Army recruits who admit to having smoked marijuana on more than fifty occasions have a six-fold enhanced rate of schizophrenia. -- Just what is cause and what effect here is, as usual, beyond the reach of media medicine.



(Times 29 i '00)

The UK's top sociologist, 'Chelly' Halsey (a former colleague of Chris Brand's at Nuffield College, Oxford) is still very unhappy that there is so much inequality in Britain despite his own lifetime of effort. However, he has let slip something of the degree of change that has occurred since Britain's Pyrrhic victory in the First World War.
      In 1922, the top 5% of the UK population owned 80% of its wealth -- ensuring the control that allowed the unions to be crushed in 1926 and Mr Hitler to be resisted from 1936 despite the general popularity of national socialism all over continental Europe. By 1994, after a century of savage death duties, rates and income tax, the top 5% of Brits owned only 25% of the wealth -- allowing Tony Blair to take power and promptly break up the country, starting with the provinces, London's Metropolitan Police, the House of Lords and the money-grubbing 'universities' which have shamefully sacrificed all control of their own finances. Today, no-one will defend Britain against even the stupidities of PC. Never was it more true, as Harvard's Professor Pipes observes, that without property there is little freedom.

{It is seldom remarked that Germany's problems of the interwar years resulted primarily from electing to power Western Europe's first leader who was not himself a substantial property owner.}

Coming Soon in McDNL

Leon Kamin and Stephen Jay Gould like to condemn hereditarian psychologists of the London School as 'racist.' But how goody-goody were the pioneers of environmentalism and socialism? Already it is well known that classical socialists were keen on eugenics and the British Empire as well as taking a dismissive view of Negro life and culture (see e. g. K. Malik, 1996, The Meaning of Race, Macmillan). But soon McDNL will reveal a little-known sensation:

Founder of Radical Environmentalism
was found Guilty of HATE CRIME

McDNL is glad to announce that United Colours of Benetton has joined it and the Pope in campaigning against the detention of thousands of Black men on Death Row.
Whether UCB further supports voluntary transportation is currently unknown.

Babe Baggers

(Daily Mail 29 i '00)

Veteran rocker, the raunchy and tattooed Rod Stewart, 55, has landed nubile Angelica Bridges, 25, for high jinks on Caribbean beaches and verandahs -- photographers using telefoto lenses have revealed. Angelica is a natural redhead who appeared in a strikingly minimalist swimsuit on TV's 'Baywatch' in 1997. But she has now dyed her pubic oops hair blonde, perhaps recalling Rod's 1978 record, 'Blondes Have More Fun.' Rod's last wife says: "Rod knows exactly what he wants in a woman. What he wants is women." Angelica's perfect bottom -- rivalled only by that of Maria von Meck -- is insured for UK£1.8 million.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 29, has just married actor Michael Douglas, 65, and announced that she is pregnant by him. She is looking forward to the baby: it will be nice to have someone around the house nearer her own age….

More Zimbabwe

McDNL's Jo'burg Correspondent again:

"There are plenty of funny stories coming out of Zimbabwe. A year ago, a driver transporting a number of mental patients stopped for a beer. When he returned, the patients in his van had vanished. No problem. He just picked up a number of people at a bus stop and delivered them to the mental hospital instead. Four days later, the staff started to believe the consistent stories of the new 'patients' and let them go. None of the real patients was ever found -- having successfully merged with wider Zimbabwean society…."




Madeleine Albright vows "forceful" approach to Austrian rejection of PC/multiculturalism. Suspicions of nationalists confirmed as 'Anti-Nazi' mobs inspired by Brussels and Paris turn Vienna and Salzburg into battle-zones.



Why Rev Jesse Jackson has been silent on the 'racism' of John Rocker


Taboo AUTHOR BLASTS Daily Mail




African Holocaust


(Metro [Scotland] 7 ii '00)

A 46-year-old ex-Rwandan army colonel living on British state handouts in Lewisham, south-east London, has been arrested on a warrant from a United Nations tribunal alleging "genocide and acts of inhumanity." Tharcisses Muvunyi, called by his troops just 'The Commander', was granted political asylum in Britain; but the case for extraditing him to Africa to face the UN's International War Crimes Tribunal will now be determined by Bow Street Magistrates' Court.
      Muvunyi is alleged to have been in charge of Hutu troops in 1994 in the Butare region of Rwanda, an area on the Burundi border that is home to some 1.3 million people. During the 100-day bloodbaths that killed 500,000 minority Tutsis in 1994, 100,000 deaths occurred in Butare. Supported by military helicopters, troops herded children time and again into trucks at gunpoint, probably dumping them in rivers to be washed away, drowned (Black bodies sink easily) and never seen again (in Lake Tanganyika, 45 miles wide and the world's second-deepest lake). At one sanctuary, where 25 children had sought refuge from the war, hiding in cupboards, a group of nuns witnessed soldiers who claimed they were working in Muvunyi's name. Another witness claims to have seen Muvunyi arriving in person at a village, touching off a round of killings.
      In 1999, the Times identified and interviewed several Hutu killers who claimed to have had their orders from 'The Commander.' Admitted to Britain by New Labour, Muvunyi has lived inconspicuously in a flat above a shop in Lewisham with his wife, twin sons and a daughter since March, 1998, and denies the charges. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said he was gratified that the arrest showed how Britain could act swiftly to implement its ethical principles.

Irving versus Lipstadt + Penguin


Can a Californian psychologist help David Irving show that he has been the victim of a Jewish conspiracy to denigrate and suppress his work? And that Jews are (perfectly healthy and normal) racists despite gross hypocrisy in urging multiculturalism on all other races?
    Kevin MacDonald's testimony to London's High Court has furnished evidence of Jewish pressures that are brought to bear (e.g. on actor Marlon Brando, linguist Noam Chomsky and the London magazine for Thatcherite clergymen, the Spectator) when writers draw attention to Jewish power and influence in the media. Some gems from MacDonald:


[Prof. Lipstadt] has served as Senior Editorial Contributor at the Jewish Spectator, a Jewish publication for conservative, religiously observant Jews. Her column, 'Tomer Devorah' (Hebrew: Under Deborah's Palm Tree), appears in every issue and touches on a wide range of Jewish issues, including anti-Semitism, relations among Jews, and interpreting religious holidays. In her column she has advocated greater understanding and usage of Hebrew to promote Jewish identification, and, like many Jewish ethnic activists, she is strongly opposed to intermarriage. "We must say to young people that intermarriage is something which poses a dire threat to the future of the Jewish community." Lipstadt writes that Conservative Rabbi Jack Moline was "very brave" for saying that number one on a list of ten things Jewish parents should say to their children is "I expect you to marry a Jew." She suggests a number of strategies to prevent intermarriage, including trips to Israel for teenagers and subsidising tuition at Jewish day schools (Jewish Spectator, [Fall, 1991], 63).

….What I find deeply distressing as a scholar is that the pressure on St. Martin's Press exerted by Lipstadt and Jewish organisations like the [Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL)] occurred independently of the content of [Irving's] volume. [Criticizing St Martin's Press, a] Washington Post article….noted that several other companies had rejected the manuscript without having read it. The effort to pressure St. Martin's press was spearheaded by Jewish ethnic activist organisations and by newspaper columnists, such as Frank Rich of the New York Times, who are not professional historians, and by people like Deborah Lipstadt who do not have the expertise to evaluate a manuscript on Goebbels. In other words, the effort occurred independently of the analytic content of the manuscript and was therefore an illegitimate intrusion on free speech. Therefore, even if the court comes to believe that the scholarly objections raised, for example, in Richard Evans's report are valid, the fact remains that this book was rescinded because of who Irving is -- because his ideology conflicts with that of some Jewish activist organisations, not because of its scholarship. I find that utterly appalling.

….the ADL included Arno Mayor, author of Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? as a "Hitler apologist" because of his view that Hitler was motivated more by anti-Bolshevism than anti-Semitism. The ADL claimed that Mayor's was an example of "legitimate scholarship which relativises the genocide of the Jews." Clearly Holocaust scholarship has been politicised to the point that there are received dogmas whose truth is jealously defended by Jewish activist organisations.

….In Denying the Holocaust, Lipstadt castigates Ernst Nolte and other historians who have "compared the Holocaust to a variety of other twentieth-century outrages, including the Armenian massacres that began in 1915, Stalin's gulags, U.S. policies in Vietnam, the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and the Pol Pot atrocities in the former Kampuchea". Lipstadt calls these "attempts to create such immoral equivalencies." In the section on the uniqueness of the Holocaust, she cites approvingly the claim that "the Nazis' annihilation of the Jews . . . was 'a gratuitous [i.e., without cause or justification] act carried out by a prosperous, advanced industrial nation at the height of its power'". The inner quote is from Richard Evans' In Hitler's Shadow. (Evans is an expert witness for the defence in this case.) While there are different meanings one might attribute to this, I take it as an attempt to make the actions of the Nazis completely independent of the behavior of Jews. In my view, such a position is untenable and is part of a common tendency among Jewish historians of Judaism to ignore, minimise, or rationalise the role of Jewish behavior in producing anti-Semitism. ….From my perspective as an evolutionist, bloody and violent ethnic conflict has been a recurrent theme throughout history. The attempt to say it is unique is an attempt to remove the Holocaust from the sphere of scholarly research, interpretation and debate and move into the realm of religious dogma, much as the resurrection of Jesus is an article of faith for much or Christianity. By accepting the type of censorship promoted by Lipstadt's writings we are literally entering a new period of the Inquisition wherein religious dogma rather than open scientific debate is the criterion of truth.

….[Jewish activists] insisted on the "incomprehensibility and inexplicability of the Holocaust" (Novick 1999, 178). "Even many observant Jews are often willing to discuss the founding myths of Judaism naturalistically-subject them to rational, scholarly analysis. But they're unwilling to adopt this mode of thought when it comes to the 'inexplicable mystery' of the Holocaust, where rational analysis is seen as inappropriate or sacrilegious" (p. 200). Elie Wiesel "sees the Holocaust as 'equal to the revelation at Sinai' in its religious significance; attempts to 'desanctify' or 'demystify' the Holocaust are, he says, a subtle form of anti-Semitism" (Novick 1999, 201). A 1998 survey found that "remembrance of the Holocaust" was listed as "extremely important" or "very important" to Jewish identity -- far more often than anything else, such as synagogue attendance, travel to Israel, etc. Reflecting this insistence on the uniqueness of the Holocaust, Jewish organisations and Israeli diplomats co-operated to block the U.S. Congress from commemorating Armenian genocide. "Since Jews recognized the Holocaust's uniqueness -- that it was 'incomparable,' beyond any analogy -- they had no occasion to compete with others; there could be no contest over the incontestable" (p. 195). Abraham Foxman, head of the ADL, stated the Holocaust is "not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and, thus, on God himself" (p. 199).

….Irving, like many historians, may indeed see events through a filter of personal political and intellectual convictions, and this may even lead him, perhaps unconsciously, to interpret his data in a particular way. This is a commonly acknowledged difficulty that afflicts all of the social sciences, and Jewish social scientists have certainly not been immune from these tendencies.



High Court Trial Notes

How many were killed by the Allied bombing of Dresden? At whose insistence?
In 1964, David Irving relied on a document given to him in Dresden recording the apparent view of a Dresden medical authority that 202,000 people had died in the intensive 1944 bombing and resulting firestorm. At the time, the officially accepted figure was 30,000. For the defendants in the London trial, Richard Rampton QC claimed that Irving had perversely believed in what was increasingly clearly a forgery. In reply, Irving accepted that it was now realized that forgery had occurred. Nevertheless, modern estimates of the death toll were 80,000 -- vastly in excess of the original estimates that he had felt it reasonable to deny.
    The interest of the Dresden figures is increased because Irving has believed -- from the testimony of a Wehrmacht radio operator -- that the bombing of Dresden was demanded by international Jewry. Studienrat H. Dolinsky claimed to have been a Wehrmacht radio monitor during the war. Dolinsky's claim was that he had overheard a transmission indicating that the World Jewish Congress had demanded Dresden's liquidation as a consequence of the Nazi quashing of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

Wasn't Irving a perverted racist for writing in his diary a piece of doggerel ('I am a baby Aryan….' -- see McDNL 25 ii '00) supposedly for reciting to his daughter in her pram if they passed "half-breeds" in the street?
No, replied Irving. For heavens sake, his daughter was only 9 months old at the time the ditty was penned! "I am not a racist," Irving told the court. He pointed out that he had employed Black people, whereas the team of defending lawyers brought against him at the High Court contained not a single Black face. Mr Irving, who is representing himself, asked Professor Kevin MacDonald, the Californian author of books on Judaism and anti-Semitism: "Do you consider me to be an anti-Semite?" Professor MacDonald replied: "I do not consider you to be an anti-Semite. I have had quite a few discussions with you and you almost never mentioned Jews -- and never in any general negative way."

Who does Irving blame for Britain's millions of coloured immigrants? Quite correctly, the Conservatives of the 1950's! They found it easier to let Britain suck in labour rather than stand up to trade unions using their legally privileged position of those days to drive up wages. In particular, Irving indicts Lord Hailsham, the Home Secretary who assured the Cabinet that the number of immigrants from the 'new Commonwealth' would be unlikely to rise much above 100,000.


The Spectator's 'High Life' correspondent Taki emphatically denies that he is funding David Irving. He says he has set a lawyer on to the Daily Mail columnist Peter Mackay who could only have made the blatantly false suggestion so as to annoy Taki's Jewish friends.


Can Jewish intellectuals be a little bit oversensitive about criticism of their official multicultural fanaticism? A correspondent of the Human Biodiversity Email group thinks so:

"Following publication of THE BELL CURVE, the U.S. magazine THE NEW REPUBLIC devoted much of an issue to comments on it. Their literary editor, Leon Wieseltier, remarked that he was "repulsed" by the suggestion that Jews are smarter than gentiles. (He is, of course, Jewish.) At about the same time the London SPECTATOR ran a piece pointing out, very inoffensively and simply as a matter of fact, that most of the movers & shakers in Hollywood are Jewish. Mr Wieseltier wrote a very strange letter to the SPECTATOR, calling it a "filthy" magazine. (I have been reading the SPECTATOR, and contributing to it, for 30 years. It is a highbrow literary-political weekly with a roughly Thatcherite-Tory "line". It is not anti-Semitic; in fact the editor at the time of Wieseltier's letter was Dominic Lawson -- a Jew!) OK, question: isn't there a teeny bit of over-sensitivity here on the part of Mr Wieseltier? And are not rather a lot of Jews similarly over-sensitive?"

'Racist' Remarks

ATLANTA, Georgia -- John Rocker's grovelling apology for cracks about New York's minorities has done him little good. US baseball worthies have suspended him until May 1 for racial and ethnic remarks that "offended practically every element of society." Rocker had also called a team-mate "a fat monkey" -- though the team-mate was big enough to make no formal complaint. The Atlanta Braves' reliever was also fined $20,000 and ordered to undergo sensitivity training. His team is imploring him not to make any appeal against the verdict.

{The verdict is certainly more lenient than being sacked from a university after urging clemency for a 72-year-old Nobel Prize winner. In 1996, Carleton Gajdusek was facing 30 years in jail to punish his non-violent paedophilic molestations of adolescents from Papua New Guinea (who would, according to PNG traditions, have been positively disappointed if their adoptive father had not joined in their sex lives); yet when academic psychologist Chris Brand said such activities typically cause little harm, the LUniversity of Edinburgh seized the opportunity to terminate Brand despite 26 years of blameless service.}

McDNL's Atlanta Correspondent (codename Hotpants -- for she looks a treat in the short-cropped green leather micropants lately emanating from the continuingly sensational fashion designer Betsey Johnson, 57) takes a break from her sociology courses to file as follows:
Don't even get me started on Rocker! When did we become such a nation of cry-babies, I wonder? "Oh, the big bad baseball player said something to hurt our feelings. Let's get him in trouble." When I acted like this as a child, my own mother called me on it every single time! What a bunch of tulips the whimpering, candy-a**ed NAACP have become! By the way, have you noticed how Rev. Jesse Jackson has remained silent about Rocker? Why? Well, because he took a shot at New York himself a few years ago with a blatantly anti-semitic remark. So, he busies himself with this SuperBowl demonstration against the Georgia state flag instead. Yawn. It's just killing him not to be able to jump on the anti-Rocker bandwagon but, despite the liberal bias of the media, his anti-semitic slip would definitely rear its ugly head again, and he knows it. Also: have you seen John Rocker? What an Adonis! He should be forgiven on that score alone! ;-)


David Duke, the US White civil rights activist and president of the newly formed National Organization For European American Rights (NOFEAR), is calling the suspension, fine, and forced psychiatric examination of John Rocker "a disturbing case of racial discrimination and political intimidation."
    "When Charles Barkley made vicious anti-white statements, he was not suspended, when Reggie White made anti-gay statements he faced no fine or suspension, and in baseball, when Roberto Alamar spat into a White umpire's face, he was only suspended for four days compared to Rocker's 72 days suspension," said Duke. "Baseball apparently believes it less of an offense to spit into the face of a White person, than for a White person to simply voice his opinions. None of the minority offenders was ordered to undergo psychiatric testing."
    The Rocker suspension was the first time a baseball player was suspended for politically incorrect speech. Duke says professional baseball players, don't give up their basic constitutional right to free speech, adding that "In reality, Rocker has been punished for simply daring to say out loud what millions of Americans think."
    "It is also wrong for baseball to fine Rocker and take his fine and use it to support a political view that he opposes. When men play baseball they do not sign on to a liberal political point-of-view. Diversity may be the new God for some people, but there are millions of Americans who see the increasing 'diversity' as a curse rather than a blessing. A unifying culture, language and heritage is obviously more unified and harmonious than a tower of Babel. Before the so-called blessings of diversity, New York City was a far more civilized, safer, and more cultured place. Since the Third World demographic change, New York schools, civility, safety and cultural standards have plummeted."

IQ / Scholastic Aptitude

( 1 ii '00, 'CC replaces SAT with Legos', Dave Curtin. Cf. McDNL 30 xi '99 'TWO MILLION BUCKS FOR 'NEW IQ' RESEARCHER.')

Prestigious and private Colorado College has begun admitting some of its students according to how well they perform on a Lego test that replaces SAT. In the experimental test youths co-operate in building a 'robot' of Lego using a model housed in a next-door room to which testees only have access one at a time to make inspections. Nine US universities in the pilot program will admit a total of 100 students this year chosen by the expert ratings of party game performance to avoid accusations of ethnic bias. The students were chosen in December from a group of 700 New York public high school seniors. Most in the pool were African-Americans and Hispanics who had modest grades and standardized test scores but personal qualities that counselors believed would let them succeed at selective colleges. Administrators deny the scheme has no known validity, is just a backdoor method of affirmative racism or might even correlate perfectly well with traditional IQ measures. The Lego test and the 11 other exercises were devised by Deborah Bial, a Harvard doctoral student in education, and is supported by a $1.9 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The foundation is headed by William Bowen, a former president of Princeton University who co-wrote The Shape of the River, a book that makes a case for affirmative action in college admissions {for a critique, see McDNL Autumn 1998}. The four state universities participating, each taking 20 students, are Penn State, Rutgers, Delaware and Michigan.

{Colorado College has long been an innovator in higher education. Its distinctive block plan, established 30 years ago, allows students to take -- and faculty to teach -- one course for 3 1/2 weeks, encouraging intense study and field experiences, before moving on to their next class. The great advantage for weaker students is that knowledge does not have to be retained for more than a month or integrated with knowledge from other courses.}



-- Social workers who denied biology may cost taxpayers a fortune --

Tampa Tribune 4 ii '00, Cynthia L. Webb


Child Killer's Parents Alleging Fraud in Adoption of Son

LOS ANGELES -- The adoptive parents of a confessed killer contend Los Angeles County and several adoption department workers engaged in "despicable conduct" by concealing the fact that their son's birth mother was diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic. In a $1 million lawsuit, John and Winifred Strohmeyer say they never would have gone through with the adoption had they known about the birth mother's history of mental illness.
    Their lawsuit, filed Thursday, alleges "despicable conduct," fraud and breach of contract in the 1980 adoption. Their son, Jeremy Strohmeyer, now 21, pleaded guilty in September 1998 to murder, kidnapping and two counts of sexual assault in the strangling of a 7-year-old girl in a Nevada casino. He was given four consecutive life sentences. The Strohmeyers contend the county's handling of the case was "an intentional misrepresentation, deceit or concealment" that deprived the parents of the child they sought to adopt."
    "Essentially their aim is to get compensation for the actions of the Los Angeles County adoption agency that had fraudulently withheld information about Jeremy's birth mother and the conditions that she had been suffering from for quite a few years," said attorney Gregory W. Smith. The parents submitted an adoption intake form in 1979 that stated they did not want to adopt a child whose parents had a history of drug addiction or mental illness. The lawsuit contends the county withheld information about Jeremy's background and indicated that the boy's parents were not drug users and had no mental illness. Had the Strohmeyers been told of his background, the suit says they "would not have adopted Jeremy and would not have incurred the monetary and emotional burdens, which included the eventual cost of a legal defense of Jeremy."
    County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said he would request at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting that county lawyers brief the board on the lawsuit. "If the facts are as stated and the county did not fully inform the parents that there were mental problems with those associated with the child they were going to adopt, the county is liable," Antonovich said. Smith said the family is hoping to cover costs they have spent on the legal defense of their son, estimated at $600,000, and the cost of raising him.


PC Sensitivity

National Post (Canada: 2 ii '00, Eric Mayne

Mother to take action about 'offensive' note
on baby's chart

-- Down syndrome child called FLK: 'funny-looking kid' --

WINDSOR -- Angry that her newborn baby had the acronym FLK -- for funny-looking kid -- written on her medical chart, a Windsor mother has complained to the hospital where her Down syndrome child was born. Determined to change attitudes, Cynthia Lane is also preparing a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission against Windsor Regional Hospital, where she gave birth to her daughter Julia in August. At birth, Julia's physical characteristics suggested she had Down syndrome, but a diagnosis confirming the condition was not made until later. A nurse told Ms. Lane what the letters FLK on her child's chart stood for. "I find it offensive," the 35-year-old information technologist said, adding she has learned from other health care practitioners that FLK is widely used. ….Ms. Lane indicated she would drop her complaint against the hospital if the term is banned.


BUFFALO, N.Y., 4 ii '00 -- A 90-year-old who collapsed as he was being led from court has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges he raped and sexually molested a group of young girls, authorities said. Theodore Sypnier of Tonawanda had pleaded guilty to every count in a 15-count indictment, including charges of rape, sodomy and use of a child in a sexual performance, authorities said. The 10-year sentence for each count was handed down by Justice Penny M. Wolfgang of the State Supreme Court in Buffalo. Each of the counts is scheduled to run concurrently. Sypnier will have to serve at least nine years before he is eligible for release. He allegedly raped and molested the girls, who were between ages 4 and 10 at the time, in his home in Buffalo and Tonawanda, a suburb to the north of the city, during the fall of 1998 and spring of 1999. Tonawanda police arrested Sypnier at his home in May. He is described as feeble, and even fell as he was being led out of court after the sentence. He was caught by a sheriff's deputy before he could injure himself, officials said.

{This verdict is no doubt a triumph for paedohysteria; but it is a serious reverse for moderate feminists who want 'rape' to be considered a serious offence of violence. No details are available of the degree of force used by Mr Sypnier on the girls, nor of how they came to be in his home, nor of their degree of co-operation -- let alone of any harm that came to them (apparently unnoticed for months after the offences). Nor is it known how Sypnier was persuaded to agree that his frolic amounted to 'rape.' However, it is plain that in other societies the nonagenarian's afternoon of cavorting with girls including a ten-year-old might have earned a medal for ingenuity and vigour. That modern America lacks compassion and common sense as well as good humour could hardly have a better testimony than Mr Sypnier occupying a jail place at 99. But the price will be paid by women who want to be taken seriously when complaining they have been 'raped.' Currently, Professor Randy Thornhill is pointing out that rapes hardly ever involve more force than is necessary to secure sexual submission (Times Higher 4 ii '00); but legal progress is fast ensuring that rape need not even involve a victim saying 'No' until long after the event.}


ANNAPOLIS ( 4 ii '00) -- Further femilunacy has broken out in Maryland, where 57 female legislators have filed a complaint against the judge who told an 11-year-old sexual assault victim that "it takes two to tango" (McDNL 11 i '00). The girl had invited a 23-year-old ex-Marine to her home in the small hours of the morning using the Internet and was discovered by her mother prostrate with orgasmic rapture in her bedroom after being treated to cunnilingus. Circuit Court Judge Durke Thompson had told the Salvadorean sex fiend, found hiding in a cupboard with his trousers round his ankles: "I don't think [the child] is free of fault. I think the old adage that it takes two to tango is true here." The judge had handed down a 5-year jail sentence (with three-and-a-half years suspended) for the accused, Vladimir Chacon-Bonilla, but this was an insufficient demonstration of the piety required in judges by the mothers of today. "The thought that an 11-year-old girl that was raped by a 23-year-old man could be held partially responsible for her fate is not only ridiculous but shows a total lack of understanding for victims of crime," said the Montgomery County Victim Services Advisory Board in a letter supporting the complaint by the daft 'Women Legislators of Maryland.'

Racism in Academe

A professor of Multicultural Studies at Middlesex University, north London, has evidence of racism among British academics. Not the boring 'institutional' type, but the real thing! Lola Young writes in Times Higher (4 ii '00) that dons have told her that they are racists.

{Whether the offending colleagues were Black, White or Srindopakeshi is unknown, as indeed is Lola's own ethnic allegiance. Presumably she is still in such shock that she has not told the Anti-Nazi League -- which would certainly have found a way of terrorizing the Principals of offending dons and having them sacked for something or other.}

Third Way

EXETER, south-west England -- Neosocialism under socialite attack -- Tony Blair encountered trouble from Britain's farmers as he and minions tried to tell them they had never had it so good. After years of BSE crisis, a strong pound and reduced subsidies, remaining muckspreaders have seen their incomes decline by 60% in three years; but Blair says they are privileged to live in low-crime areas with lots of fresh air and that they should now commute and take office jobs. Responding, a leggy blonde ecologist and socialite, Birgit Cunningham, jumped up from behind Agriculture Minister Nick Brown and smeared a chocolate eclair on to his face and tie. Curvaceous Birgit, whose mother is German, turned out to have attended England's top school for socialites, Roedean, to have proceeded to the University of Oregon, and to be on partying terms with supermodel Liz Hurley and ecology funder Zac Goldsmith. The super-socialite later apologized for her conduct, saying she had been 'virtually in a trance' after hearing the Minister speak. She said she thought he was probably doing a good job but was on entirely the wrong track.

8 ii 2000  

EDINBURGH (Daily Telegraph 3 ii '00) -- E.LU. fails females -- A 19-year-old female student at the LUniversity has committed suicide, cutting her wrists then leaping from a second-floor window and plunging into a stone basement area on famous Warrender Park Terrace (overlooking the Meadows and the LUniversity Library). Emma Harron, from Forres, Moray, was the daughter of an RAF Flight Sergeant and in her second year as a biology student at the LUni after being educated at Gordonstoun (the top public school attended by Prince Charles). Her death brings to three the number of suicides by E.LU. females in the past fourteen months. The last, occurring in November, was by a 20-year old girl who was unhappy with the progress of her studies at the university where staff cannot speak the truth about IQ, race, sex, eugenics or paedophilia. She jumped from Edinburgh's landmark Salisbury Crags. Previously, in 1998, the 23-year-old daughter of the Danish ambassador had thrown herself from the top of the LUniversity's ten-storey Appleton Tower, narrowly missing Chris Brand as he headed for the Scottish National Library.

WASHINGTON (Reuters 1 ii '00) -- Multicultural mythology -- President Clinton's expectation that US troops should be able to manage to conceal their sexual orientations while bathing and sleeping together and lifting each other round assault courses is not working. Every day over the past two years, three homosexuals have been discharged from the US armed forces after proving incapable of telling to their mates the lies that increasingly furnish the essential method of PC governance. 84% of dismissed homosexuals in 1999 had let their orientation become known, contrary to the 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy and despite the legendary gifts of gays for play-acting.

ALBUQUERQUE, Rio Grande (Albuquerque Tribune 31 i '00 -- National self-determination -- Charles Truxillo, a professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico, suggests "Republica del Norte" would be a good name for a vast, new and sovereign Hispanic nation he foresees emerging between the United States and Mexico. Truxillo predicts the creation of a 'Republic of the North' which would include Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California and have its capital in Los Angeles. He calls its birth within the next 80 years "an inevitability" and intends to devote his career, funded by U.S. taxpayers, to setting up a cadre of Hispanic intellectuals to advance the project. {Whether Whites will be allowed any constituency choice to keep a few fragments of northern California for themselves was not stated by the professor.}

COLUMBIA, South Carolina ( 1 ii '00) -- Abusohysteria -- Earning Republicanism a bad name, a US state lawmaker has proposed a bill that would send librarians to jail if they let children see any pornography online. The legislation, introduced by Senator Mike Fair, Republican, Greenville, was inspired by the Greenville County Library Board's refusal to install Internet filtering software on its computers -- saying its function was to help provide information and not to act as a policeman. Presidential candidate John McCain, R-Arizona, likewise wants to stop the funding of schools that fail to provide censorship of material from the Net: he, too, feels that parents, teachers and children cannot be trusted to arrange such matters for themselves with the help of advice from local dominies and voters.

LANCASTER, Ohio (AP 2 ii '00) -- Paedosadism & IQ -- A man accused of abducting a 3-year-old girl and keeping her in an attic pleaded guilty to charges including kidnapping and rape. After a 4-day search of the shocked community, a police detective found the girl duct-taped to a board in an attic 100 yards from her home. Her hands and mouth also were covered with tape. A psychologist told the judge that Jason Wagner, 24, a twice-convicted sex offender, was mentally ill and mildly retarded.

LANCASHIRE, U.K. (Daily Telegraph 3 ii '00) -- Paedophilia -- The headmaster of a top English preparatory school (feeding the famous Roman Catholic school, Stonyhurst) has been jailed for three years for paedophilic naughtinesses stretching back twenty years. The head would visit dormitories at night, identify favourite boys with a flashlight and invite them to his study to discuss their physical development. No harm was mentioned as having come of this amiable hobby which had gone unremarked for so long.

CHECHNYA -- Multicultural victory -- In a hollow victory over the heroic Muslim fighters of Grozny, Russian troops reached the centre of the capital after 101 days of bombing and shelling in which they had reduced the city to rubble. The Muslim men praised their wives (many have several) for fighting well. They plan from their retreats in the mountains to expose Russian troops to pitiless guerrilla warfare. Neighbouring countries, notably Georgia, fear that Russia will now look for an excuse to invade them -- using a multicultural excuse to seize control of oil pipelines from the Caspian just as the West now controls Kosovo.

AZERBAIJAN (Times 7 ii '00) -- Neosocialist imperialism -- War in the Caucasus now beckons since Russia will likely invade Georgia to 'root out' Chechen rebels as well as to ensure that oil from the Caspian Sea does not end up in Western hands. Countries in the area are now scrabbling to gain promises of Nato support, but Times ex-editor William Rees-Mogg counsels that the Caucasus would prove Nato's Vietnam.

TORONTO -- Miscegenation mayhem -- TgF NewsLetter heroine, the marginal thick-lipped, broad-beamed but niftily nippled supermodel Naomi Campbell was given an absolute discharge by a Toronto court after she had been found guilty of whacking a female personal assistant (of nine days standing) with a telephone, causing bleeding. Campbell had settled a civil suit for an undisclosed sum and had taken a four-week course in 'anger management' from psychologists. (Temperamental caramel-coloured Naomi is probably partly Chinese by ancestry and a fine exemplar of race mixin' so long as she survives her romantic suicide bids -- cf. TgFNL 16 & 18 vi '97))

WASHINGTON -- In renewed affirmative racism, contrary to what American electorates say they want, President Bill Clinton announced he would shower mainly-Black schools with computers, which generally prove uninteresting to Black youth. Clinton had listed closing the so-called ``digital divide'' as one of his top priorities for his final year in office when he gave the State of the Union address to the nation last week.

HOLLYWOOD (Variety 3 ii '00) -- Hollywood shame -- Fox and CBS, under pressure along with the rest of the networks to boost hiring of PC-designated 'minorities', will soon unveil their long-awaited 'initiatives' {i.e. passivities} at two separate Los Angeles press conferences. Unlike earlier plans unveiled by ABC and NBC, both Fox and CBS are expected to announce that, regardless of candidates' merit, they will each add a coloured vice president to their executive rosters. '' It's a significant first step and part of the solution,'' said marginal Kweisi Mfume, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons.

KOSOVO (Times 5 ii '00) -- Neosocialist empire -- Nato troops have been enjoying the sexual services of White slave girls. Brought from Russia, the Ukraine, Moldavia and Bulgaria, the young prostitutes -- many barely 16 -- are purchased by Albanians and hired out to Western troops before they are shipped across the Adriatic and on to Paris and London.

MADRID, Spain (Reuters 7 ii '00) -- Hundreds of police were deployed to restore order in a small town in southern Spain after a weekend of anti-immigrant violence sparked by a killing blamed on a mentally unstable Moroccan. Violence flared when hundreds of Spaniards took to the streets, shouting racist slogans and smashing shop windows, after the fatal stabbing of a 26-year-old Spanish woman in a market.

LONDON -- Coming Out Zone for Pervs / Exit Zone for CEO -- A day of gay parading at the Blairennial Dome in Greenwich has been wrecked. London's wooftahs had been told to turn up dressed in rainbow colours ready to prance around as "Domosexuals" condemning all those who disagree with them about Clause 28 as bigots; but a headmaster who heard of the wheeze has withdrawn his entire trade for the day, the 280 pupils of his school. Already afflicted by insufficient turnover and needing to beg a further UK£60 million to keep its PC propaganda going, the Dome then lost its boss -- who turns out to have been (no surprise in view of her failure to stand up to Third Way politicians) a womyn. It is now widely agreed in Britain that the Dome is, like New Labour, a remarkable feat of engineering which contains precisely no content whatever except a dangerous disregard for tradition. The new boss is a 34-year-old French repair-man from Paris Disneyland who sounds unlikely to commemorate McDNL's Brit of the Millennium Henry VIII but is deemed to have more grip on the needs of youf for alcoholic drinks and scary rides.



Last week, there was some unusually straight talking on early-morning BBC's Radio4UK (2 ii '00, 07:30). A representative of Austria's Freedom Party (then on the brink of forming a governing coalition with conservatives) was asked what he thought of the political sanctions [suspension of junketings] threatened against Austria's 'racism' by the European Union. 'We are surprised,' said the Haider colleague. 'After all, in 1991, Jacques Chirac of France is well known to have criticised stinky nig- ooops stinky Africans. And we don't understand how Britain, which takes pride in giving up an empire overseas, now likes to run an empire at home.' Mercifully, the interviewee did not refer to the young Austrian wife who was gang-banged near King's Cross railway station, London, in 1997 by four Blacks, a Colombian, a Greek Cypriot and two Filipino brothers (TgF Newsletter 12 v '97, Rape Realism: KING'S CROSS RAPE GANG ALL HAD PARENTS FROM OVERSEAS). -- The youths had chanted "We're going to have sex tonight" as they led their petite tourist victim towards a canal [into which she was finally thrown after revealing that she could not swim] and also screamed "F*** the White bitch" as they raped her. In a later effort at diplomacy, Mr Haider spoke of his admiration for Mr Blair's Third Way and thanked him for being "quite supportive" and more sensible than other Western leaders. (Over the last year, Britain's New Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, has struggled to be tough on intending immigrants -- notoriously trying to stem the arrival of Czech gypsies and saying he will demand a UK£10,000 deposit from dubious foreigners wishing to visit Pakistani relatives.) Such were the answers of the Freedom Party to the questions of British commentators about its true nature. Did it embed a new and unacceptably 'racist' belief in the existence of different types of human beings, requiring Britain to work for Austrian withdrawal from the European Union, as the Observer said. Did it actually offer not neo-Nazism but a "fascist 'right-radical' nationalism" that could be dealt with by issuing a checklist of do's and don'ts, as top British Nazi-watcher Neal Ascherson believed. Did it offer nothing but Thatcherism in lederhosen or a saloon-bar Blairism which immigration-disfavouring Britain should accept with relief in another E.U. member? Or did it promise the first serious attack on multiculturalism, thus necessitating acceptance by all those Europeans who would like free speech, equal rights and constituency choice in days when conservative parties have universally failed to stand up to PC and its minoritization of the West?

    How Mr Blair will react to the Freedom Party's embarrassing initiatives remains to be seen. (He wants to become PC Euro-Emperor and knows he has already upset neosocialists by failing to execute the allegedly genocidal General Pinochet, Anton Gecas and Konrad Kalejs, to ban fox-hunting, to join the 'eurodollar' or to provide cheap public transport.) But others were in no mood for hesitation. Belgium cancelled a $1 million Defence Ministry contract for armoured ambulances with an Austrian firm. {Armoured ambulances? Yes, neosocialist Europe is preparing for serious civil unrest as ethnic groups seek their own futures as once promised by President Woodrow Wilson.} Guenther Verheugen, the European Union's 'Commissioner for Enlargement' [opposed by Haider] said, ``The message from the world is clear. The participation of a radical right-wing party in a democratic country in Europe will simply not be accepted. Those times are over, and I'm glad they're over.'' Italy's 'Third Way' Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema told Austria bluntly that the EU had a duty to intervene in the affairs of a member state to fight racism and protect fundamental principles on human rights as by bombing Serbia and seizing Kosovo (where dozens of Serbs were wounded by Kosovo-Albanians grenades tossed into two cafes as he spoke). Portugal, whose leader currently heads the European Union and also the Socialist International, said it would cancel a state visit to Austria scheduled for March. Israel and the USA withdrew their Ambassadors from Austria, and Israel urged all countries of the world to do likewise. 2-3,000 demonstrators from the Anti-Nazis, Greens, women's groups and kindred organizations protested for several days, throwing eggs, tomatoes and paving stones at police outside Vienna's magnificent Hofburg Palace and chanting ``Resistance, resistance'' and ``Down with the Freedom Party.'' Fifty-six were injured on Friday in clashes with police. Yet all these outraged reactions involved no serious analysis of what the Freedom Party was about.

    Commenting on European Union hysteria at the prospect of the democratically elected Haider having anything to do with the government of Austria, many remarked that Britain had actually been allowing the full-blown and still-bloody terrorists of the IRA to hold ministerial position in the governance of Northern Ireland.
      Spectator editor blond Boris Johnson told the Daily Telegraph (3 ii '00) that it 'strained credulity to say that Austria had infringed any human rights' and could thus be sanctioned by its E.U. partners. Johnson concluded: "In the persecution of Austria, we see how the Left has won the Cold War. The evils of communism are quietly expunged while we whip ourselves into a frenzy about an allegedly fascist clown." A BBC Any Questions panel largely agreed with Johnson, saying that French President François Mitterand had collaborated with General Petain and the Nazis and that the 'E.U.' had long accepted involvement in government of Italian communists who were totally unrepentant about the 80 million deaths attributable to Stalin {plus the six-or-five-or-four million of the 'Holocaust' which resulted from giving Hitler the green light via the Nazi-Soviet Pact}. The hysterical reaction from Brussels would be counter-productive, the panel thought. Denmark, Sweden and the European Commission seemed to agree with Britain that they did not want to go beyond making cautionary noises to Austria. The London Times called Mr Haider a "racist xenophobe" but also insisted that the E.U.'s reaction had been "too soon, too far."
      Many ordinary Austrians voiced anger and disbelief over the EU threats, saying they had seen far worse Nazis than Mr Haider. This meant Austria's anti-Haider President could hardly exercise his constitutional option to call fresh elections. Said Haider himself: "If our country's president and the parties let themselves be influenced by this attempted foreign pressure on Austria, then we might as well abolish democracy in this country straight away. ….There is much excitement in the European henhouse, even though the fox has not yet got into the pen." In France, the far-right National Front party accused the EU of displaying contempt for democracy.

    Certainly, the inattentive souls who doubt the existence of the New World Order gangsters had better pay attention to Austria. President Bill Clinton and his multicultural zombies of the European Union are sending a pretty clear signal -- even if Mr Blair has his knickers in a twist. The scaffold of world government is almost completed, and even "friendly" nations will be hung if they cling to the idea of self-rule. Tiny democratic Austria now faces American and EU sanctions for the crime of voting for an Austrian patriot. Multiculturalists' protestations of belief in diversity are a lie: what PC-neosocialists want is uniformity -- they cannot even abide the existence of quaint and classically liberal Austria which does not expect to import migrants in order to do them good works.

    Yet there is something disturbing about the Freedom Party. It consists precisely in the difficulty of deciding its own nature. Astonishingly, there has been virtually no discussion of what the Freedom Party has persuaded Austria's conservative People Party to do that was not being done anyway. (Immigration to Austria is already at an all-time low.) Such lack of discussion may suit all too well a politician who seems to delight in making remarks which he later retracts. In short, the Freedom Party may well have a serious honesty problem -- and the Eurohysterics have let it off the hook.

    Like David Irving and John Rocker, Joerg Haider has denied he is a racist. [As of February, 2000, the only person in the known world to accept he is a racist is psychologist Chris Brand. The author of The g Factor has called himself a scientific racist* or (like the psychology professors Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton and Glayde Whitney) a race realist.] Haider also regrets having spoken admiringly of Hitler's 'orderly' employment policies and the 'men of character' in the Waffen SS; and he has vowed to aid "our Jewish fellow citizens" who suffered in the Holocaust. On the other hand, Haider accuses his opponents of lies and says he wants to stop newspapers from printing untruths -- perhaps taking lessons from Mr Tony Blair's army of spin doctors.

    In Britain, the Conservatives have now appointed as their No. 2 (i.e. as Shadow Chancellor) a man who has flagrantly tried to minimize the extent of his homosexual past and who, once a right-winger, now promises 'compassionate conservatism.' Michael Portillo has been promoted within weeks of regaining a seat in the House of Commons, and promptly reversed two firmly held Tory policies of recent years (government control of the Bank of England [fearing a sell-out to Europe] and no national minimum wage). In the USA, Mrs Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore campaign in such a way as to distance themselves from the Bill Clinton period with which they should forever be associated -- though whether Americans will fall for this remains to be seen and the lengthy process of campaigning in the 'primaries' will give voters a chance. It is imperative that, long before and certainly while they hold office, politicians appear with continuity, regularity and frequency in an assembly where they can be scrutinized by their peers. Half of the problem with Austria's last Herr H----r was that, perhaps because of his Parkinsonism, his government of Germany became a far from open business in which fearful underlings had to 'make up the mind of the Fuehrer' and in which no normal process of criticism was possible [see the essay 'Liberating the Future']. An assembly allowing scrutiny in the course of free-standing debate without a script or visual aids? It used to be called a parliament.

    It is a pity that Mr Haider's critics have not felt like using the evidence from the man's own presumably quite lengthy speeches in Austria's assemblies over the past fifteen years but instead preferred to deal with him in terms of his sound-bites and subsequent apologies. Hopefully the real Mr Haider will step forward to rectify his critics' omissions. He could usefully start by inviting people from all over Europe to support him in denouncing the German Government's renewed effort to imprison historian David Irving in flagrant disregard of the full trial of the Irving case being mounted in London at great risk to the historian. For the Freedom Party to turn out to favour free speech would infuriate hard-core neosocialists and get its period in coalition off to a good start; and it could follow that up by urging that all social researches to be discussed in the E.U.'s Strasbourg Parliament should include data not only on 'sociological' variables but on the key psychological variable of IQ.

* Challengingly, scientific racism has now been declared the Grand Prize Winner in a competition to find The Worst Science of the Century (at It has beaten Stalin's Lysenkoism and Kinsey's 'theories of sexual behaviour' to top a poll for the Statistical Assessment Service. Piltdown Man -- the hoax that till 1954 distracted attention from the likelihood that a Black Adam and Eve started the human line in Africa -- came only tenth in the 'worst science' list. McDNL defended Kinsey in the autumn of 1997 when an unsympathetic biography was published. So non-evaluative had Kinsey's reporting of sexual behaviour been that the doyenne of 'liberal' social scientists, Margaret Mead, complained that Kinsey's book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male "suggests no way of choosing between a woman and a sheep." No-one has ever challenged Kinsey's findings that most men have participated in homosexual encounters -- even if only homosexuals today insist that 10% of men are fully homosexual. (They are wrong for rural Britain but right for London, where a University College Survey of 1991 found 8.6% of males acknowledged having a 'homosexual partner.') As for whether semen spurts or dribbles, Kinsey's answer, 'individual differences', is still quite good enough.


Mr Haider has served a stint at Harvard University. He thus knows what he is up against and inclines to deny he is a racist, even though his own father won an Iron Cross on Germany's notoriously ghastly Eastern Front during World War II. More promising in terms of honesty and courage is Romania's ex-Prime Minister Radu Vasile who has formed his own Romanian People's Party. Vasile says his party is based on "the central role of the nation and the Church, authoritarianism and rejection of multiculturalism." Says the silver-haired Vasile, "suspicion of foreigners should be thought of as a natural instinct."


The US Secretary of State, the hairy-legged and double-chinned Madeleine Halfbright who has been so eager to blast Austrian democracy, has her own troubles with the workers ( When a bunch of Albanians mistook Madeleine Albright for a hotel cleaning lady, the secretary of state spewed a most-undiplomatic, and untranslatable, stream of invective, a newspaper reports. A State Department spokesman wouldn't comment on the New York Daily News report that Albright was mistaken for a maid during last year's peace negotiations for Kosovo in Rambouillet, France. Albright at first wasn't recognized by the Albanian delegation when she walked into their room, it said. "One member of the delegation, who didn't realize who she was, and probably thinking she was some cleaning lady because it was after midnight, simply said to her, 'Give us five minutes, luv,'" recalled Albanian diplomat Dugagjin Gorani in 'War on Europe', a British TV program. Instead, Albright exploded in rage, swearing at the group, according to the reports. "Mrs. Albright started using explicit language which the translators never could translate into Albanian," says Veton Surroi, another member of the delegation.


Mr Haider is not short of female company. As well as his rather overweight blonde wife, the athletic* Haider has a niftily nippled petite chestnut-haired supporter whom he occasionally embraces. Susanne Riess-Passer, 39, his party's vice-chancellor in the new coalition, beneath Herr Schuessler, is called 'King Cobra' in Salzburg (where 40% of voters back Haider) because of her formidable rooting out of corruption within the local branch of the Freedom Party itself. Provocatively born in Braunau [Hitler's birthplace], and till 1998 Haider's personal press spokeswoman, she looked a treat at the Freedom Party's celebrations in Klagenfurt in a long black dress and one of the diamond-studded chokers she favours. She is expected to turn her talents on the E.U. -- especially since the recent revelations of corruption by politicians in France and Germany have provided major confirmations of the Freedom Party's critique of globalism and the New World Order. The Times (5 ii '00) explained that Haider's popularity arose precisely because of the E.U.'s failure to respect its own announced principle of 'subsidiarity' -- that decision-making should be made locally if possible. Said the Times: "[Mr Haider is] committed to some overdue libertarian reforms of a corrupting corporatist state whose politicians have stuck their fingers into every pie." The Times thought Haider's party perfectly tolerable since the E.U. had long accommodated Italy's National Alliance [right-wing] and Communist Rifondazione [unreconstructed Stalinist]; and it reckoned that, since the E.U. had in demanding Haider's exclusion from government played its ace and lost, it would need swiftly to retreat from its probably illegal demands which have no basis in its foundation document, the Treaty of Rome. Denmark probably had the best idea, though the Thunderer: that the E.U. should declare itself victorious and then settle in to business as usual. After all, it had elicited a vague pledge from the coalition that it would (a) somehow respect democracy (like virtually every African dictatorship) and (b) make ongoing apologetic noises about Austria's co-operation with the Nazis.

*  Mr Haider mused to journalists about horror-struck Western reactions to his victory: ``I can't believe that even [U.S. President Bill] Clinton is scared of Haider. However, if I challenge him to a marathon race in New York, then he can be scared because I'm much faster than him.''


PS  If Mr Haider is less than honest, Austria has itself to blame. The Austrian Ambassador to the USA, Peter Moser, explained to journalists in Washington (Reuters 11 ii '00): ``Neo-Nazism is forbidden in Austria. It's a crime. If someone says the Holocaust didn't take place, if someone smears swastikas on synagogues, he is put in jail.'' Short of principles, Europe's neosocialists naturally want to use their 'antiracism' as a means to stay in power regardless of electoral decisions; but they must now admit that making free speech illegal is proving counterproductive.

Jon Entine
(author of the new book, Taboo, about race differences in athletics)

{cf. McDNL 1 ii '00}

Following the disgraceful claim made in the Daily Mail [U.K.] (29 i '00) that Black children were overhauling Whites intellectually, the named author of the article, Jon Entine, has told McDNL the sorry story of how he was betrayed. He writes: "The lines you quote were NOT written by me but by the copy editor of the Daily Mail without my agreement or endorsement. I was told later that they were inserted to give "balance."" Jon is no reverential 100%-pro-g man -- preferring a little Thurstonianism/Gardnerism -- but he does believe there is clear evidence of IQ differences between population groups.


Halcyon days are recalled when states did not make citizens live under a cloud for years, subject to blackmail as they wondered whether they would be prosecuted for an ancient offence.


GREENWICH, Connecticut (AP 1 ii '00) -- The question of whether a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy can be prosecuted for the 1975 slaying of a teen-age neighbour has been raised by lawyers who say the statute of limitations on the crime has expired.
      Michael Skakel, 39, was arrested January 19 for the slaying of Martha Moxley, who was found beaten to death with a golf club more than 24 years earlier on her family's estate in a smart-set area. When the killing occurred, there was a 5-year statute of limitations on murder prosecutions.
      Prosecutor Jonathan Benedict said the Connecticut Supreme Court has since ruled that murder is a crime that is always subject to prosecution, but other legal experts now say it's not that simple. The state law was changed in 1976 to eliminate any time limits for prosecuting serious felonies, including murder.


Nicholas Stix, a former adjunct lecturer at mammoth City University of New York (CUNY) and an award-winning writer has told Accuracy in Academia that the college will long remain a sink of illiteracy and remediation so it can use Black students as a way of feeding off the taxpayer. Apparently the recently announced reduction in acceptance of students needing remediation will apply on only a few of CUNY's twenty campuses. He quotes from a 1995 essay in a supposedly university-level Phonetics class at Bronx Community College:

I am going to college, to learn a profession for my future, My major is computer Science. In this moments is difficult, to someone get a good job. it is Important. you go to school to learn, because you finish major. After that do you get a good job, in Important company. They pay a lot money, do you could a position in the society and every do you Want. for that I am going to college.

According to a report commissioned by CUNY's Board of Regents in the present academic year, CUNY denied admission to only one percent (150) of the 14,603 applicants to its senior colleges, even though only 33.1 percent (4,836) of the applicants had passed in all three requisite examinations of basic skills. "Despite reformist pronouncements," says Stix, "remediation is alive and well at CUNY. The civil rights advocates are winning. And that is neither civil nor right."


America's latest puritanical craze is to turn people in to the police because they have taken or possess or have been seen with pictures of naked children. Virtually any pretext is sufficient for police to proceed to court action and demands for jail. For example, if a sausage is visible in the vicinity of the naked child, there will be hell to pay. At Salon magazine, a new essay sets out the details. James Kincaid summarizes the problem: "Every photo must pass this test: Can we create a sexual fantasy that includes it? Such directives seem an efficient means for manufacturing a whole nation of pedophiles."

Genes x Environment

Steve Sailer explains the faxalife about tennis -- where Black talent is on the march:

In tennis, it's hard to argue that Venus and Serena Williams are not the most physically gifted players in the history of women's tennis. Keep in mind that they are the result of a successful planned breeding experiment by their parents. Their father, Richard Williams, was watching white women play tennis on TV in the Seventies, when he hollered to his wife that they should have a bunch of daughters and no doubt some of them would make a fortune at tennis. They proceeded to have five daughters, with numbers 4 and 5 proving to be the best sister act in tennis history. Also, at Wimbledon last summer, surprise semi-finalist Amanda Stevenson was revealed to have been the outcome of her white newspaper reporter mother getting extremely up close and personal with Julius Erving, the Michael Jordan* of the Seventies. Nonetheless, the training for tennis success requires vast effort and expense by middle class parents. It's common to largely give your child to a tennis coach, like Stevenson and the great Pete Sampras were turned over to a certain tennis-fanatic pediatrician [who was later arrested for molesting a young male patient]. This will no doubt limit black participation at the highest levels for some time to come.

*  The 6' 6" Jordan was a Black netball star and sports omnivore who spent most of his life in fancy hotels with fancy pools but never learned to swim -- probably sharing the common Black fear of water, due to a racial tendency to sink because of heavier bones.

Babe Bagger

{Cf. proud father Michael Douglas, 65 -- McDNL 1 ii '00}

Reuters 4 ii '00

LOS ANGELES -- Actor James Doohan, best known as Scotty, the engineer on the original 'Star Trek' television series, will be a father again just weeks after his 80th birthday. Wende Doohan, 43, is expected to give birth to the couple's third child, a girl, on April 1, according to the actor's agent. Doohan turns 80 on March 3. The pregnancy was an accident, but the couple are both thrilled, the agent said, adding ``I guess he's still beaming it up.''


Nature (4 ii '00) has amazingly admitted that the scientific work that led to the cloning of Dolly the Sheep all began with a savage cut-back that was much reviled at the time. As the Thatcher government of 1982 sought retrenchment, researcher Ian Wilmut at the Roslin Institute all but lost his job but was finally continued on condition that he change the direction of his research. The rest is history.

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.


University Of Southern California ( 3 ii '00


Size Of Brain Linked To Violence

Men who are most prone to rage and violence have significant deficiencies in a brain region that enables most people to learn moral sensibilities and exercise self-restraint, researchers at the University of Southern California have shown.
    The study joins a growing body of findings that may force society to rethink how it regards violent crime, blame, punishment and the scope of free will. "Our previous research had shown that convicted murderers -- really violent offenders -- have poorer functioning in the brain's prefrontal cortex," said USC psychopathologist Adrian Raine. In a study published in the Feb. 1 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, Raine and colleagues demonstrate that a physical abnormality may underlie the poor functioning in these violent, antisocial men.
    Neurologists have long been aware of a strong link between damage to the prefrontal cortex and the acquisition of antisocial, psychopathic-like personality changes. Raine's study bolsters this link by taking people with lifelong antisocial tendencies and showing that they have prefrontal damage.
    The prefrontal cortex is the brain's foremost outer portion, located right behind the eyes. Vital in the orchestration of emotion, arousal and attention, it seems to house the mental machinery that enables people to restrain themselves from acting on all of their impulses. The prefrontal cortex is thought to be central to a child's ability to learn to feel remorse, conscience and social sensitivity.
    The 21 men studied were all diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), which is characterized by irresponsibility, deceitfulness, impulsiveness, irritability, lack of emotional depth, lack of remorse, and life-long antisocial behavior. All of them had psychopathic personalities and had committed serious, violent crimes. Using brain-imaging techniques, the researchers measured tissue volume in the prefrontal cortex. They found that the antisocial men had an 11 to 14 percent reduction in the volume of nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex compared to normal males -- a deficit of about two teaspoons' worth.
Raine suggests three reasons why prefrontal deficits may cause antisocial personality: First, the region appears to be critical for self-restraint and deliberate foresight. "One thing we know about antisocials is that they do not think ahead," said Raine. Second, it's crucial for learning conditioned responses -- essential, for example, to a child's linking the thought of a misdeed with anxiety over punishment. "Unconscious mental-emotional associations such as these lie at the core of what we call conscience," Raine said. Third, if prefrontal deficits underlie the APD group's low levels of autonomic arousal, these people may unconsciously be trying to compensate through stimulation-seeking. "For some kids," said Raine, "one way of getting an arousal-jag is by robbing stores or beating people up."
    Reduced prefrontal volume and lower autonomic responses predicted APD with an accuracy of 76.9 percent. In fact, Raine explained, the prefrontal and autonomic deficits were just as good at predicting whether a subject has APD as were the 10 "psychosocial risk factors" -- including poverty, parental criminality, and physical and sexual abuse -- also considered in the study. Combined, biological and social factors were 88.5 percent accurate in predicting APD.
    This new study is the first structural brain-imaging study of any antisocial group, Raine said, and is significant because the subjects come from the general community rather than prisons, and because the study was controlled for some important factors, such as substance abuse and mental health problems unrelated to APD, that could have been directly associated with the brain deficit.
    Clinical, functional and structural findings like Raine's are adding up to a persuasive case that antisocials, growing up from birth or early childhood with prefrontal deficits, have the deck stacked weightily against them. "We are talking about a predisposition to antisocial behavior," Raine stressed. "Some people who have prefrontal deficits do not become antisocial, and some antisocial individuals do not have prefrontal deficits. It's important to make clear that biology is not destiny."…



Splendid British buffer Raymond Tallis is as it again (Times Higher 27 i '00). The Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Manchester University can't wait to get his hands on Freudians and their ilk. Freudians have "crackpot theories about the infant's lust for its unwitting parents", writes the Prof., ignoring Sarah Hrdy's personal testimony to the erotic nature of the mother-infant bond (McDNL 1 ii '00).
      Thanatos is also a daft idea, thinks Tallis -- whose article was published just days before Britain's Dr Harold Shipman was found guilty of 15 murders of old ladies without any apparently motive.* It is pursued only by "sour, carpet-biting lunatics like Melanie Klein." Tallis has rather ignored the great biological discovery of the past decade, apoptosis, the mechanism found in every cell that enables self-destruction when the time is right. Of course, Tallis cannot be blamed that, at the time of writing his review, he did not know that a gene was being found which doubles depressives' proclivity to suicide (McDNL 1 ii '00).
      One has to sympathize with Tallis's spirit of bashing the shrinks. He writes: "The recovered memory movement, stopped in its blood-stained tracks only by lawsuits and threats to the income of its practitioners, underlines just how infamous psychoanalysis is." Unfortunately, Tallis seems to have forgotten that Freud, whatever supposed followers may have thought, did not think the recovery of Oedipal memories was possible. That complex, Freud maintained, was 'totally broken up' lest the child retain an aversive recall of family emotional life and fail to marry and breed.

* The best the press can do is to point to the death of Shipman's own mother from cancer when he was 17. Apparently a doctor would regularly attend the Shipman home to inject Mrs Shipman with morphine as a pain killer. The injections took place while Mrs Shipman sat upright in a chair -- exactly the way in which Dr Shipman was later to inject and kill all the fifteen women (all 59 or older) of whose deaths he has so far been found guilty. The possibility is that Shipman's re-enactment of this tableau had some intrinsic pathological motivation -- but no-one knows what.
    PS  After giving some psychiatrists a drink, the Daily Star came up with the possibility that Shipman hated any old ladies who managed to live longer than his beloved mother. The Daily Mirror agreed that he was 'motivated by anger and guilt about his mother's death.' But most newspapers believed he 'just liked playing God' -- a well-known condition among newspaper editors if not among standard psychiatric cases of today.

History of Environmentalism


Much has been made in recent years of the 'racist', 'elitist' and state-eugenicist inclinations of the early 'intelligence men' who were hereditarians. Galton was somewhat dismissive of the Black tribesmen whom he had to rule personally in south-west Africa so as to make progress with his mission of exploration for the Royal Geographical Society. Nor was Galton favourably impressed by the Jewish migrants of the 1890's -- streaming into London to escape the gigantic pogrom in Moscow that was the beginning of the Jewish upheaval which after forty years overtaxed the patience of the Germans. Wicked IQ testers are alleged to have influenced the USA into adopting restrictions on immigration in 1924 even though no evidence for such a sensible American response to psychological findings has ever been provided. So it continues. The wicked Sir Cyril Burt 'invented the grammar schools and the 11+ selection exam' -- even though Burt's 1944 tripartite plan for education (grammar, technical, modern) was actually rejected and IQ testing was only used to modify in favour of working class children the selection at 11+ that had gone on from the beginning of the century.

Despite all this 'wickedness', none of 'the IQ men' seems ever to have started up shooting at Black men. Let alone being arrested for it! Yet this is the record of the founding father of behaviourism who inspired psychologists to believe for a century that, with proper early training, any future would be possible for a child -- whether as "doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant chief, and even beggar-man or thief" (Watson, 1931). Here is Watson's biographer, David Cohen (1979, J. B. Watson: the Founder of Behaviourism, Routledge, p. 10) who has just gone through Watson's record of pugilism at school with a playmate called Joe Leach:

Joe Leach and Watson did not stop at doing violence to themselves. They also engaged in that charming Southern pastime of 'nigger fighting.' On their way home from school every day, they would pick out a black man and set courageously upon him. Twice Watson was arrested. Once it was for 'nigger fighting'; the second time….[Watson] had started to fire a gun in the middle of Greenville.

Thankfully for environmentalists, the records of the local newspaper in Greenville, North Carolina, were subsequently destroyed in a fire; and Watson himself kept no reminders of his youthful indiscretions -- including later a lively sex life beginning when he was 17 (unusual in those days, especially in heavily Baptist Greenville) and almost certainly involving an 'older woman' (his daughter told Cohen). Yet what would today be called by PCs Watson's 'vicious racism' was no flash in the pan reflecting his distress that his whisky-loving father had vamoosed and set up home near Greenville with two Red Indian mistresses. Cohen thinks that Watson "was tremendously afraid of homosexuality -- he knew how close he had been to his mother." And Cohen records of Watson later at Furman University: "….though the 'nigger fighter' had become the academic youth, Watson always had a not very pleasant streak of racial intolerance in him." In line with this, Watson was a keen golfer who complained of being seriously 'frustrated' that he could not spend more time on his sport.

{Watson became a great admirer of David Hume, whose healthy British empiricism was very understandably all that a country boy could readily understand of philosophy. But, in spite of his own beliefs in experience and training, his lively spirit doubtless owed as much to his hill-billy father as to his pious mother. His father's chief interests, according to Cohen, were "swearing, drinking whisky and chasing women." Even on Watson's mother's side there were genes for something other than Puritanism, for one of Watson's older brothers had established to his satisfaction that the family line could be traced back to England's Alfred the Great. Fortunately, Watson -- a handsome and charming youth (though suicidally conflicted about authority and terrified of the dark) met at his second university, Chicago, Mary Ickes who worshipped brains and saw him through the next twenty years before his infidelities became too gross. He never seems to have emulated the boss who appointed him at Johns Hopkins, Professor Baldwin, who had to resign after being found in flagrante delicto (probably with a minor) in what Cohen calls "a negro brothel."}

{Apart from Chris Brand, Watson is the only academic psychologist known to have had to work for a while as a waiter. He was no pioneer of animal liberation: his experiments as a postdoc at Chicago in 1906 involved taking out the eyes, cutting out the middle ears, cauterizing the olfactory bulbs and cutting off the whiskers of white rats in order to see whether any of this reduced the animals' memory of how to traverse a maze. It didn't, for the animals had learned their mazes by heart. Watson himself admitted the experiments were cruel; but he claimed to take great care and to have the animals 'frolicking and playing' within 24 hours of being blinded, deafened, nose-jobbed or dewhiskered -- sometimes all four at once.}

Human Psychogenetics

According to John Turner, a professor of evolutionary genetics and Fellow of the Galton Institute writing in Times Higher (4 ii '00), a fine new exposition of the importance of genes for human behaviour is provided in:

Dean HAMER and Peter COPELAND (2000). Living with Our Genes: Why They Matter More than You Think. Macmillan, pp. 355, UK£13.

The book apparently backs anxiety/neuroticism/stressed-outness as the trait that is best known to be under genetic control -- though of course sufferers can be shifted on the dimension by drugs controlling serotonin levels. Apparently it is having the short form of the serotonin transporter gene that makes people shy and depressive. However, Hamer & Copeland think other dimensions like intelligence and impulsivity are not far behind in exemplifying control by nature to which wise humans will respond intelligently rather than burying their heads in the sand.

Advertisement by a London hotel

WANTED: Kitchen hand to wash dishes and two waitresses














Showing the world the impossibility of power-sharing multicultural government, Britain suspended the revived Stormont parliament of Northern Ireland. In two years since the much touted 'Good Friday Accords', the IRA had failed to decommission an ounce of its ten tonne stock of Semtex but had its hundreds of jailed terrorists released. Reflecting on the debacle, the top columnist of the Times, Simon Jenkins, reflected (9 ii '00): "I hate reaching [this] conclusion. Power-sharing constitutions do not work in divided communities. Constituent groups polarize at the first sign of strain."

England's hope of maintaining order in Northern Ireland with a view to an apparently seemly withdrawal probably now depends on forgetting about Stormont and letting the province's 26 local authorities run the place. All the authorities are democratically chosen, without rigging to gag their majorities; and, thanks to ethnic self-cleansing while politicians have pursued PC dreams, all areas are predominantly 'Catholic' or 'Protestant.' However, the IRA will work to reduce British troop numbers further (currently only 15,000 troops for 1,500,000 bitterly divided tribesmen) so that Protestant enclaves can no longer be defended when its big push comes.

In Kosovo, several more Serbs were shot dead by ethnic Albanians, bringing the total of Serb dead to 500 in six months of multicultural liberation. After six months of running Nato's first multicultural colony, K-for top brass announced that the situation of minorities within the province was "highly precarious" (BBCR4UK 14 ii '00, 07:30); and the Sunday Times (13 ii '00) says diplomats now agree that Kosovo will have to be divided into mono-ethnic cantons. As Albanian guns turned on Nato troops, wounding two, dozens of arrests were made.



WASHINGTON (CNN 8 ii '00) -- President Clinton is to sign an executive order prohibiting the federal government from using genetic test results in any decision to hire, fire or promote its employees. The order, to take effect immediately, is a response to fears that advances in medical research could be abused by employers. The move affects two million US employees; and Senator Edward Kennedy will introduce a bill forbidding private sector employees, too, from heeding genetic information.

Social Anthropology


For the past twenty years, social anthropologists have become accustomed to the happy idea that cannibalism is a myth. To accuse primitive peoples of cannibalism is downright racist, says William Arens of the State University of New York at Stony Brook (see McDNLs 16 xii '97 and 8 ix '98)…. Race-realistic, it turns out, as follows!

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea, Reuters 8 ii '00 -- A village dispute in Papua New Guinea ended with a man tearing out the eyes, testicles and heart of another and eating them, police said on Tuesday. Villagers watched in horror as Moropia Silkapi, 35, attacked the body of Yakamup Makatu, 55, police told Reuters on Tuesday.
    ``He gouged out the eyes, balls and heart and just ate them,'' Police Superintendent Ben Simanjon said from the town of Madang.
    The attack happened on January 31 at Ono Works camp east of Madang. Police said an argument between Silkapi and Makatu earlier in the day left Makatu's house burnt to the ground. After a fight, ``Silkapi caught Makatu and smashed his head with a rock, killing him. He then ate him,'' Simanjon said.
    Silkapi was chased into the bush by villagers and tied to a tree to await police. But Makatu's relatives killed him before police arrived. Three of the relatives were arrested.


North American abusohysteria is now yielding its inevitable result: no-one may hug anyone.

Reuters 10 ii '99


Hugging Ban Makes Family Want to Quit Town

GIMLI, Manitoba, Canada -- The parents who focused an international media spotlight on a ban on hugging at their children's school have said the backlash in this northern Canadian community has been such that they now want to leave town.
    Terry Lacosse and his wife complained to local media about arbitrary and nonsensical regulations last month after the principal of Gimli Early Middle School told students that hugging would no longer be tolerated. The unusual story made international headlines and was discussed on U.S. talk shows including ``Live! with Regis and Kathy Lee'' and the ``Rush Limbaugh Radio Show.''
    Lacosse said residents of this small town have since called the local paper to make menacing comments and some have suggested that he and his wife, Cathy Wickett, and their two children, move back to where they came from. The family moved to Gimli, just north of Winnipeg, from Calgary about a year ago. He said the Gimli school board superintendent, Jim Dalton, sent the couple a letter last week saying the issue had done ``a disservice to the school and community.''
    Lacosse is still opposed to the hugging ban, which he said has caused other parents to complain of their children having nightmares and recoiling from parents' hugs.
    Donna Kormilo, principal of the school, told students over the public address system before Christmas to refrain from hugging. She told them to instead give pats on the back or ''high-fives.'' The rule, Kormilo told Reuters, was intended to deter older students from creating ``hugging chains'' that blocked school hallways.
    ``It really concerns me that people who are supposed to be in charge of our kids don't have the integrity to stand up and say they made a mistake,'' Lacosse told Reuters. Lacosse compared the turn of events in Gimli to ``a love affair gone bad.'' ``If they could resolve this issue satisfactorily to assure me that my kids would be free from arbitrary rules and regulations placed on their conduct in the schools, then we would stay,'' Lacosse said.


Irving  versus  Lipstadt + Penguin


David Irving is being criticized for bringing a libel action against a fellow scholar. 'Couldn't he have left matters to the court of public and scholarly opinion?' asks Harper's editor John R. MacArthur ( Why rely on bizarre English libel law which places a burden on defendants to justify criticism they have made? The answer is simple. Lipstadt did not content herself with disputing what Irving had said, or even with calling him unprofessional and a liar. Going way beyond ordinary academic badinage, Lipstadt and her friends (e.g. columnist Frank Rich of the New York Times) took the trouble to contact publishers including Irving's own to demand that Irving's work should not be published. In this they were entirely successful -- resulting in Irving's work proving publishable only by himself. Since the publishers themselves decline to accuse Lipstadt and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of intimidation, the only route open to Irving has been to contest the libel. This operation has by no means been without risk to the claimant, who has been obliged to turn over the entire contents of his private diaries and correspondence to the defence to see if it can find anything 'Holocaust-denying' in voluminous writing of a fifteen-year period when no-one but far-right groups would give Irving a platform.

MacArthur further suggests: "A Freudian psychoanalyst might find something in the fact that Mr. Irving's Royal Navy officer father went off to fight the Nazis in the Second World War, survived the sinking of his ship, but then decided to abandon his family. Childhood rage against an absent father could have turned Mr. Irving toward twisted ends, including, I suspect, the search for substitute patriarchs inside the German fatherland." An engaging idea! Who doubts that that the passionate interest of Isaac Newton and Hans Eysenck in scientific truth might have owed a little to the sudden desertion of them by their beloved mothers? Certainly, many successful people -- including 40% of first-rank philosophers and politicians -- have suffered parental deprivation, normally of a father. But MacArthur's attribution of Germanophilia to Irving seems wide of the mark when Irving lives in Mayfair, pines for all-White cricket on village greens and chooses to take his case not to a German but to an English court.

According to Cambridge University's Professor of Modern History, Richard Evans, the author of books about Rommel, Hitler and Goebbels, an acknowledged discoverer of important Nazizeit documents, "doesn't deserve to be called a historian at all." Evans has written a 740-page report on Irving and says he has been amazed at the "sheer depth of duplicity" to be found in Irving's writing. The facts that Irving has long been a better-known historian than Evans and has had his work commended by A. J. P. Taylor, Sir John Keegan, Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper and the Sunday Times seem to have been unnoticed in the mists of the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Just as David Irving has been accused of not being 'a proper historian', so his psychologist witness, Kevin MacDonald, of California, has been accused by sociobiological top biscuit, John Tooby, of not being a proper evolutionary psychologist. So much for a decade of collegial acquaintance and co-membership of the Human Biology and Evolutionary Studies group! Faced with the dread label 'anti-Semitic', Tooby -- already a coward about IQ and racial differences -- foresees his carefully crafted re-write of sociobiology going up in a holocaust. Kevin MacDonald replies: "Tooby states categorically that I am not an evolutionary psychologist and promises to "debunk" me on his website in the near future. I look forward to responding in detail to his comments on my work. In the meantime, I will simply state that there are indeed deep intellectual issues dividing my perspective from theirs {i.e. the perspective of Tooby and his group-profile-denying playmate, Leda Cosmides}. Our differences long predate my study of Judaism (see, e.g., MacDonald, 1991, Ethology and Sociobiology 12, 449-480) and go to the heart of how to conceptualize evolutionary psychology. While Tooby and Cosmides focus exclusively on domain-specific psychological adaptations designed to solve recurrent problems in our evolutionary past, I emphasize in addition the importance of domain-general mechanisms, especially the g-factor of IQ tests, that facilitate the achievement of biological goals in complex, non-recurrent environments. ….Tooby will have to do a lot more than simply issue ex cathedra pronouncements that between-group competition has not been an important aspect of human evolution and that historically between-group competition is irrelevant to understanding some examples of Jewish/gentile relations."
    As to MacDonald's own idea that the Jews are a special people bred for superior {if not outstanding} intelligence and bound to be a provocation to Gentiles, it seems to have been shared by the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl (1860-1904). The Viennese writer spelled out his ideas in his book Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) (at

"The Jewish question exists. It would be foolish to deny it... The Jewish problem exists wherever Jews live in noticeable numbers. Where it does not exist, it is introduced by Jews who move in... I believe I can understand anti-semitism, which is in many ways a complicated movement. I look on this movement from the standpoint of a Jew -- but without hatred or fear. I believe I recognize in anti-semitism what is crude humor, ordinary economic envy, inherited prejudice, religious intolerance -- but also what is deemed to be self defence.
    "Anti-semitism grows daily, hourly, among the peoples, and must continue to grow since its causes continue to exist, and cannot be alienated. The causa remota is the loss, in the Middle Ages, of the ability to assimilate; the cause proxima is our overproduction of middling intelligences, that can neither be drained off, nor rise higher -- hence, no healthy draining off, and no healthy rising to a higher level. Downward, we are being proletarianized into revolutionaries; we are the subalterns of every revolutionary party, while at the same time our terrible financial might grows upward.
    Will it not be said that I am putting weapons into the hands of the anti-semites? Why? Because I acknowledge the truth? Because I do not assert that there are none but excellent people among us?"

Likewise, Jacob Klatzkin, co-editor of the 1925 Encyclopaedia Judaica, maintained: "If we do not admit the rightfulness of anti-semitism, we deny the rightfulness of our own nationalism."

Who is the insensitive racist now? David Irving's trial adversary, Richard Rampton QC, stepped straight into the sh*t at the High Court on 3rd February:

Irving: Lord Hailsham….said at a Cabinet meeting in 1958, in a totally negligent manner, that he did not think that immigration into Britain was going to be a problem and that so far only 100,000 had arrived, and he thought it would not go to more than that.
Rampton: And why does that make him a traitor, a "No. 1 traitor"?
Irving: Because it is the duty of the custodians of government in this country to look ahead and to try to ward off any kind of misfortunes and tragedies that may otherwise befall the country which is put into their guardianship.
Rampton: So what you are really saying is they have an overriding obligation to safeguard the racial purity of the mixed bag of mongrels of Anglo Saxons, French, Celts, Irish and goodness knows what, all that you call "English", is that right?
Irving: I am not sure that the British or English would be very flattered by the "mongrels" that you have called them. If I were to use language like that, I could be rightly and justifiably accused of vilification, of defamation and possibly even of racism.
Rampton: Some of us, Mr Irving ----
Irving: Are you calling the English half-breeds then?
Rampton: Exactly, one of your favourite terms, "half-breeds".
Irving: Well, you called them "mongrels". If I had used the word "mongrel" in my diary, then I would have been the subject of massive obloquy.

In contrast, Irving insists that his own objections to immigration have never concerned any particular racial group. He sticks to Enoch Powell's line and says of Hailsham et al.: "It would have made no difference if they had acquiesced in the immigration into Britain of huge numbers of, shall we say, Slovaks or Poles or people of whatever colour. If you import people, whatever colour, into a country on that massive scale, it introduces social unrest and economic unrest." In short, like Mr Haider, Irving feels obliged to kow-tow to PC and deny that he is any kind of racist -- let alone the type who would idly call an ethnic group 'mongrels.'

How does Irving feel about his typical day, on trial virtually for his life? An extract from his daily diary of the trial, for 7 ii '00:

At 11 a.m., Prof. Christopher Browning enters the witness box, and I spend the rest of the day teasing out of him the answers that I want, based on his expert report. Firstly, I lead him up the path of why he did not get Harvard's new Holocaust history chair, instead of being professor at a minor university in North Carolina; eventually he admits that it was perhaps his non-Jewishness that disqualified him -- though his answer is wrapped in so much American soft talk that it is hard to perceive. ….The day flies past with such inquiries and investigations in a spirit of mutual discovery. ….By 3:30 p.m. I have come to the end of my cross-examination preparations for the day, and Judge Gray willingly agrees to adjourn, complimenting me on a day's "exemplary" cross-examination, or so I am told.


(Yahoo! News 8 ii '00)


-- Wymmin's groups outraged as lying woman whom they
had encouraged is named, shamed and bankrupted --

A bespectacled middle-aged husband, falsely accused by a female colleague of rape, was awarded UK£400,000 damages after three years' persistence with a defamation action to clear his name.
    The man's accuser, Lynn Walker, 33, a pharmacist, gossiped that Martin Garfoot, 46, had given her the old one-two in a staff tea-room of Boots the Chemist, Newcastle, after the store had closed on a Saturday night. She had not reported the incident either to the police or to her doctor, a jury heard. A video at the shop on subsequent days showed Walker interacting amicably with Mr Garfoot, to whom she gave presents. However, ten months after the alleged incident, once her own marriage hit the rocks and she was in an upset state, requiring psychotropic medication, she made written allegations of verbal harassment, sexual harassment, oral rape, attempted anal rape and rape tout court to her employers. Boots found Mr Garfoot entirely innocent and merely moved him to a different branch of the store. But Mrs Walker persisted with her gossip.
    The Newcastle jury accepted Walker fabricated the allegations against Garfoot, a family man of Whickham, Tyneside, because of a personality clash between them. It was revealed at the end of the eight-day hearing that, to end his ordeal-by-gossip, Mr Garfoot had been prepared to accept a UK£25,000 out-of-court settlement, but Miss Walker had refused all attempts to settle. The lying Walker, who often broke down in court, now faces a bill in excess of UK£500,000 after she was ordered to meet the costs of both sides.
    Campaigners for 'women's rights' were livid, saying the case may prevent hysterical women from manufacturing lots of other 'sex crimes' for fear of being disbelieved. June Strachan, of the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, said: "We have spent 21 years saying to women, we will back you up when you complain about rape. This is a major step backwards yet again for women."

{Over the last decade, conviction rates for rape in court cases have been halved in England and Scotland as increasingly frivolous and unsubstantiated cases have been put forward for consideration with the encouragement of wymmin's groups, and juries have thrown them out. Lynn Walker seems to have been the victim of such feminazie over-enthusiasm. Hopefully the hairy-legged, waxy-faced sisterhood will pay her costs.}

Satanic Abusohysteria

(Guardian 10 ii '00)

Babies in Britain are born solely for the purposes of Satanists. The births are never recorded. Subsequently the babies are starved for days in front of their mothers (who have been vaginally impaled on sharpened pickaxes) then depucelated orally and anally by witches who strangle them at the moment of their own shrieking orgasms then chop them up for roasting and eat them. That is why there are no remains to be seen.

Such, at least, are the latest claims of therapists who have managed to mesmerize the BBC (R4UK 11 ii '00, 17:20) into relaying their patients' 'recovered memories.' {Of the works of the Marquis de Sade, perchance? -- Ed.}

Is there any serious support for the startling claims? -- Any more than in 1994 when a Government report headed by chairwoman anthropology professor Jean La Fontaine dismissed fifteen years of such stories as rubbish?

Not a scrap! Renewed police inquiries by the Met {more fun than the traditional stop-and-search exercises!} have found not a shred of evidence. Manchester police also draw a blank. There are only the routine activities of a few paedophiles on the one hand, and of 'white witch' students of psychology on the other.

The new allegations have been produced in a report which the Department of Health for England & Wales astonishingly funded with a UK£22,000 grant to Valerie Sinason and playmates at London's psychoanalytically oriented Tavistock Clinic. Professor La Fontaine told the BBC that she found it "depressing" that the Tavistock report showed so little grasp of the necessary research methodology.


Confronting hysteria from Roman Catholics (roused by the affair of lady-killer Dr Shipman), Liberal Democrat MP Dr Peter Brand told the House of Commons that he had often withdrawn forced feeding so as to end the agonies of patients and relatives. The MP for the Isle of Wight especially mentioned a 2-year-old boy who had terminal leukaemia and whose parents had pleaded with him. They had been at the end of their tether watching the contortions of their son who was being kept alive forcefully by the National 'Health' Service. Following the revelation, Catholics set the police on Dr Brand who now awaits judicial consideration of his clinical judgment of 1973.

{Verily, Britain under neosocialism is a policeman's paradise. Once, the ambitions of socialist hysterics were focused on ruining men of wealth by gifting their money to the poor and supposedly needy. Today, money is untouchable -- thanks to Chris Brand's drinking partner Grumpy Gordon who now runs the Treasury and has accepted most of Mrs Thatcher's ideas. Instead, any man who is slightly interesting or ahead of the herd is to be pulled down for 'remarks', 'date rape', 'harassment', 'stalking', 'frottage' or kindred insensitivity -- now including 'euthanasia' -- and sent directly to jail. Calculating the damage done to Britain's elite will doubtless take sociologists a century. Likewise, Communism died not from the West's incompetent academics, who spent fifty years worshipping it, but from the revulsion of those who had to suffer their countries sliding into the pit of murder, torture, squalor and corruption.}

{The Brands of England are historically a Whig/Liberal family. Cambridge historian Jonathan Parry records that, in 1880: "[In parliamentary elections] English counties returned, among others, representatives of the following great Liberal landed families: Ashley, Beaumont, Brand, Carington {sic}, Cavendish (3), Cowper, Egerton, Fitzwilliam, Foljambe, Grey, Howard, Lambton, Leigh, Moreton, Portman, Ramsden, Russell, Spencer and Vivian." One H. R. Brand enjoyed a particular mention in parliamentary despatches as a singularly bloody-minded radical liberal who would join minorities of three, c. 1880, to vote to preserve landlords' contractual game rights (at a time when men of social compassion were wanting to let the serfs keep the occasional pheasant for themselves). More immediately successful was T. Brand who collected 115 Commons signatures for a parliamentary reform motion as early as 1810. In those days, liberals believed in individual responsibility and lawful contract -- as against any claims of monarchy, clergy or dissolute welfare. The Brands are also known in Scotland as a demolition firm and as butchers; they have produced Britain's best-known active woman comedian (Jo Brand -- a fat androgenized frump who likes smoking, drinking and macho-lesbian antics); and Brands occupy the Chairs of Italian and Astronomy in Edinburgh LUniversity.}

LUniversity of Edinburgh

At the LUniversity's latest biannual meeting of its General Council (a collection of somnolent has-beens and stooges who furnish an advertisement for euthanasia), the diminutive tonsured Principal, Dame Stewart Sutherland, announced a decisive lowering of standards that would enable more 'minority' students to be admitted as 'students.' Whether the LUniversity will use the 'Lego' test (McDNL 30 xi '99, Colleges Experiment With an Alternative to Standardized Tests in Admissions) or rote memory for rap lyrics is unknown.

{Though the 20,000-strong LUniversity sports quite a few pretty Pakistani girls, it has virtually no Negro students or staff, possibly thanks to a slowing in the progress of global warming. -- While Dame Stewart spoke in a lumber-room of Old College, two inches of snow fell in Edinburgh's most substantial white-out of the past five years, freezing up the Dame's Rover and obliging her to take a bus home together with old biddies surrounded by their weekly washing retrieved from Edinburgh 'steamies.'}


(Sun 3 ii '00)

When tubby, Black and dreadlocked Marion Richardson, now 36, enjoyed a 'three minute quickie' in 1996 with a welder one afternoon, the couple found afterwards that the tip of their Durex Jeans condom had come off. Marian could have gone for a morning-after pill; but she did not. Once pregnant, she could have had an abortion -- for the stress of the pregnancy was breaking up the 'relationship' she had at the time; but she did not. Instead, she sued the London Rubber Company (LRC) for UK£120,000 -- including the loss of her career in a beauty parlour, the costs of her new child's upbringing, and the cost of a new car just for good measure. Now she has lost what was plainly a hopeless case from the outset and owes UK£150,000 in legal costs. But she doesn't need to worry -- Britain's taxpayer-funded legal aid scheme will foot the bill. This is the cost of 'antiracism.' At no stage had anyone felt able to explain to Ms Richardson that it has been well established since 1960 that contraceptive manufacturers have no liability for occasional defects in their products. Conservative MP Gerald Howarth, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: "With the pressure on the legal aid budget, it is ludicrous that this came to court. It was a thoroughly frivolous case."

Third Way Agonies

LONDON -- Already reeling from accusations that, after almost three years of power, Blairism lets the elderly die (whether from influenza or the unsupervised ministrations of Dr Harold Shipman), the Government was told that London hospitals alone were short of 250 beds needed to provide brain surgery for voters. The Royal College of Surgeons added in a report that the existing service is chronically understaffed. Labour recently trailed in fourth place in a by-election in rural Wales; and, anticipating failure, the party has withdrawn its candidate for the Presidency of the National Union of Students -- which will now fall to the hard left for the first time in thirty-one years. (Students at Leeds University have actually banned their former president, Jack Straw, now Home Secretary, in protest at his anti-libertarian policies.) The UK's neosocialist Government was also prohibited by the House of Lords from making gay propaganda in schools -- meaning that, unless Mr Blair risks offending the many homosexualists in his ranks, arguments about Britain's need for desensitization to sodomy will continue embarrassingly through to the time of the next General Election (expected in 2001). {The House of Lords was recently bullied to deprive its more conservative members of their historic voting rights; but the process of making it a House of (Tony's) Cronies has evidently been mismanaged. Even dyed-in-the-wool 'anti-racist' peers who grovel to feminism and Brussels are still apprehensive about the large-scale depucelation of British schoolboys that is the current objective of the gay community -- which itself has lacked the courage to speak out against jail sentences, chemical castration and lifetime tagging for paedophilic frottage and downloading.} In an effort to restore supporters' morale, the Government rejected the praise of Blair look-alike Joerg Haider (McDNL 8 ii '00) and forbade Prince Charles to visit Vienna for Eis mit Sahne and Sachertorten. Any linkage of the two politicians as controversial, right-wing, much-maligned, dictatorial and opposed to gypsy immigration was deemed quite unfair to Mr Haider….

15 ii 2000  

ELAINE, Arkansas (AP 9 ii '00) -- White guilt merchants are planning to 'revisit' in a two-day taxpayer-funded conference a race riot of 1919 that left a White sheriff and perhaps 200 Blacks dead. Similar attempts to 'come to terms' with some of 20th century America's largely forgotten racial episodes have led to efforts to pay reparations to the victims. {No plans have been made to celebrate how Arkansas slavery helped liberate a quarter of a million Black folk from Africa -- where 10% of Blacks now have the Hepatitis C virus when not already dead of AIDS or genocide.}

HULL, oop North (Independent 8 ii '00) -- Bolshevist economic historian Robin Pearson has been let off by Hull University after been found guilty spying for the Stasi. Smoothie Pearson, 44, an alumnus of Edinburgh LUniversity, was recruited by the Communists while he studied in Leipzig, East Germany. He subsequently reported from Edinburgh and Hull on Polish exiles and on British students and academics who co-operated with Nato and the Ministry of Defence. Now he has been suspended from teaching for 18 months -- the best prize that can be awarded to a British academic, even though Pearson will be required to pay for replacement teaching for the few classroom assignments he has not already sloughed off. {Britain's MI5 has been pursuing various dotty Communist agents over the past year -- such as the now 87-year Melitta Norwood who, as a secretary in an engineering firm, sent all Britain's atomic secrets to Stalin; but it unfailingly concludes that there would be no public interest in mounting prosecutions. There is in Britain no anti-communist equivalent of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League or Simon Wiesenthal Centre because right-wing millionaires are too good-natured to put up the necessary funds.}

LONDON (Independent 8 ii '00) -- Top Black 'British' athlete Mark Richardson has been found guilty of improperly using the hormone-boosting drug nandralone to forge ahead of the competition. Other top Black athletes lately found guilty of hormone-pumping were Linford Christie (who developed a famous 'lunchbox') and a 'female', Merlene Ottrey. Richardson says he will refuse to run again unless his name is cleared; so he and the International Athletics Authority are in agreement as to their immediate gameplans.

SYDNEY, Workers' Paradise (Times 11 ii '00) -- A fifteen-year-old Aboriginal youth has found himself detained for 28 days after stealing UK£36 of stationery. Such seemingly harsh sentences are standard in Oz, which feels it needs to exert tight control of ex-cons' genetic tendencies to crime; but this has not been sufficient to prevent 'civil rights' groups from denouncing their country for "black genocide."

MIAMI, Florida -- Affirmative racism Mark II is not attracting all the coloured support that the Bush brothers would like. Governor 'Jeb' Bush was booed off a platform where he had hoped to persuade Blacks and Hispanics of his scheme to guarantee university places to the top 20% of the pupils of any school, regardless of the school's quality. {Perhaps the coloureds read McDNL (7 xii '99, McDNL shows how any child can now get to Harvard!!) and realize that dim White kids of will enrol at such schools in their final years in order to secure luniversity places?}

LONDON (Times 10 ii '00) -- British teachers' unions are outraged that the Government is moving to pay them partly by results. Annual UK£2,000 bonuses will in future depend in part on pupils' performance in exams. Says NUT General Secretary Doug McAvoy bitterly, "teachers have no control over the background factors of the children they teach." {Teachers have had a generation in which to tell politicians to pay them according to a value-added formula [of how much they improve on start-of-the-year levels], or on expectations from children's IQs (cf. The g Factor, Chapter 4). Yet such acknowledgement of individual differences is contrary to the ideology of teaching union bosses. In contrast with IQ, 'background factors' [i.e. SES] are relatively weak predictors of school performance -- as New Labour personnel will cheerfully point out to the hapless minions of McAvoy.}

TUCSON, Arizona -- Gay nation needed -- A homosexual University student who was stabbed by a Black layabout wearing baggy trousers, requiring an overnight stay at the University Medical Centre, has given the thumbs down to his fellow-countrymen. "Hate is everywhere," he said, "and when these things happen we have to realize that it is not just in somebody else's state. It's not just on the news -- it happens in our communities, in our families, in our friendships and in our classrooms." The student had made a public issue of his sexual orientation three years ago when he 'came out' using gay politician Jim Kolbe, Rep.-Ariz., as his confidant. {Why he chose Arizona as a place to study rather than heading for gay San Francisco is unknown. He might be advised to try his luck Britain: there, the House of Lords still refuses to bow to Brussels and license sodomy at 16, so community tensions about the perversion remain low. However, he should avoid Edinburgh LUniversity where a demonstration by the Lesbian or Gay Society slammed Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland for failing to urge repeal of Clause 28.}

WASHINGTON -- Murderous Blecks -- A top U.S. Justice Department official has been ordered by Attorney General Janet Reno to study whether inappropriate racial disparities exist in the federal death penalty system. ``This study was ordered by the Attorney General ... out of an abundance of caution,'' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said in disclosing the review that began several months ago. Blacks provide 65% of death row criminals though constituting only 13% of the US population. Explaining the racial difference will require frankness in the USA about genes and about proper alternatives to execution -- such as apartheid, transportation, eugenics or advance delinquency insurance.

NEW YORK -- Continuing female incompetence -- Women now comprise more than 40% of medical school graduates. In the 1980s, they were more likely than their male counterparts to enter academic medicine as assistant professors. Yet women on medical school faculties are still less likely to get promoted to senior ranks than are men -- to the bafflement of 'researchers' writing in the once-prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. In twenty years, the distribution of women among the ranks has hardly changed -- about 34% of male faculty are full professors, compared with about 12% of female academics.

SCOTLAND (Times 12 ii '00) -- A possible new conservative coalition against neosocialism came into view as the Muslim Council of Great Britain said that Asian businessmen would back Stagecoach tycoon ex-busman Brian 'Soapie' Souter in funding a 'family values' movement. The plan is to campaign at once against homosexual propaganda in schools, against easy abortion, and against new measures that would allow ending of compulsory tube-feeding for grossly handicapped infants. {Britain's Conservatives lost the hard-core moralist vote under Mrs Thatcher, who was married to a whisky-swilling divorcé. Mags' successor, probably called John, tried to crusade for 'back to basics' morality -- as also for a 'classless society'; but he was rapidly overwhelmed by media indictments of hanky-panky, sleaze, football hooliganism and suicides (while self-asphyxiating and wearing ladies' leather thongs) among Conservative MPs.}

LONDON (Times 12 ii '00) -- Police arrested a couple for 'race hate crime' after a Black man had been doused with petrol and set on fire after an argument on a housing estate. British police practice is now to charge any inter-racial incident involving a Black victim as 'racially motivated' until evidence emerges to the contrary. In the Strathclyde region (comprising Glasgow), 'race crimes' almost doubled over 1998-9, rising from 354 to 616.

LOS ANGELES (Los Angeles Times 3 ii '00) -- The Martin Luther King Junior / Drew Medical Center is to be fined a large sum and pay expenses for racism. The center had denied promotion to a Sri Lankan consultant unless he agreed to hire Negro staff to work under him, public courts have decided.

EDINBURGH (Sunday Times 13 ii '00) -- The high-PC Scottish Parliament, which can hardly wait to witness propaganda-fuelled sodomy at 16 in Scottish schools, wants to further restrict the rights of alleged rapists to cross-examine their accusers. However, the Parliament -- frustrated in its homosexualism by Old Labour West-coast Catholics and the daily attendance of outraged mothers shouting 'Keep Off Our Boys' Bottoms' -- has been told that Euro-regulations will prevent it making findings of guilt in rape cases a mere formality.

ASPEN, Colorado (AP) -- Men are from Mars… -- Venerable American comedian Jerry Lewis shocked an audience gathered to honour his work by saying he doesn't care for female comics and views a woman as ``a producing machine'' for children. Lewis, 73, made the remarks during a question-and-answer session at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Many made for the exits in protest against the old boy's 'sexism.' {According to Freud, humour provides a safety-valve for sexual and aggressive urges and is thus found chiefly in the male of the species.}

Dresden Bombing

Apparently little concerned to keep the sympathy of the Westerners who have counselled against Haiderhysteria from Brussels, Austria's co-chancellor in the wings has denounced Sir Winston Churchill as "one of the greatest war criminals." Perhaps taking his cue from English bishops who standardly condemn the bombing of Dresden as a 'crime against humanity', Haider used the occasion of 55th anniversary of the bombing (13 ii '45) to echo the complaint first publicized by morally hypersensitive historian David Irving.

In fact, Haider's complaint is unfair to Churchill, if not to the RAF commanders who ordered the horrendous raid, with its resulting firestorm. Shown accounts of the bombing, Churchill was shocked and minuted to the Chiefs of Staff Committee as follows (M.Gilbert, 1986, Road to Victory, Heinemann, p. 1257).

It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing German cities simply for the sake of increasing terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed. ….The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing. …The Foreign Secretary has spoken to me on this subject, and I feel the need for more precise concentration upon military objectives, such as oil and communications behind the immediate battle-zone, rather than on mere acts of terror and wanton destruction, however impressive."

Churchill subsequently agreed to Viscount Portal toning down the memorandum for the record, omitting the word 'terror.' But he remained concerned about the issue and was highly critical of the 14 iv '45 destruction of Potsdam, writing at once to Portal,

"What was the point of going and blowing down Potsdam?"

Wisely, Haider now insists his remarks were misinterpreted (Times 14 ii '00). He says he will take legal action against the Sunday Telegraph which printed his apparent claim (13 ii '00) following an interview he had given to editor Dominic Lawson. However, Haider has now insulted Britain's Crown Prince Charles, saying Viennese will not be upset to miss a visit from him, since he no longer has Princess Diana on his arm.

{Britain itself is not being very appreciative of Sir Winston just now. A committee of the great and good, after taking public soundings, is about to announce that the vacant plinth for a statue in London's Trafalgar Square will be given to a representation of Britain's women who 'dug for victory' on farms during the Second World War, and not to Sir Winston. More popular names considered by the committee were those of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the patron saint of victims, Princess Diana.}

{Britain gave a large golden cross and orb to Dresden on Sunday to mark the 55th anniversary of the city's destruction by Allied bombers and the loss of 35,000 lives in a single night when the city had little strategic importance. The cross, an exact copy of an 18th-century original, will be placed on top of the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) once restoration work on the baroque church is completed. It was designed by the English ornamental blacksmith Alan Smith, whose father Frank flew a Lancaster bomber in the first wave of attacks on Dresden. ``He could never forget the bombing and until the day he died he thought that it was morally wrong,'' Smith told the Tagesspiegel newspaper.}


Sunday Times 13 ii '00, Dipesh Gadher


Underclass Britain is more violent than US

BRITAIN has become a more violent place than the United States because of the fast growth of its underclass, according to Charles Murray, the American sociologist. Murray, who identified the underclass here a decade ago, warns of large increases in indicators "associated with the growth of a class of violent, unsocialised people who, if they become sufficiently numerous, will fundamentally degrade the life of society".
    Although America has a higher murder rate, Britain has outstripped it for the past four years in violence against the person, sexual offences, property crime and robbery, when these are measured as offences per 100,000 people. The percentage of young men aged 18-24 who are out of employment has increased by more than half in 10 years; and nearly 40% of births are illegitimate. Both figures, says Murray, are linked to the rise of an underclass. He accuses "the people who run Britain" of refusing to recognise the problem and its principal cause. "Over the past two decades, larger numbers of British children have not been socialised to norms of self-control, consideration for others and the concept that actions have consequences. One of the leading reasons is that larger numbers of British children are not being raised by two mature, married adults."
    Ann Widdecombe, shadow home secretary {for Britain's opposition Conservatives}, said "the root problem is the break-up of families". Liz Sewell of the Gingerbread single-parent charity said: "You can't turn the clock back and say marriage will change society."


Murray's 2-page article explained that out-of-wedlock births account for only 10% of middle class but 50% of manual-labouring and unemployed births. In an access of political correctness, however, Murray's article did not touch on questions of race or IQ. The truth is that single-parenting long worked perfectly well when it was run by bright White mothers who had availed themselves of post-1967 opportunities for ending unsatisfactory marriages. Unfortunately, the permissive society did not suit dullards who, once marriage no longer provided a stable lifetime framework, swiftly made themselves dependent on the state.

Unmentionable Intelligence

The arrival at Britain's Stansted airport of some 150 Afghanis seeking asylum showed up once again the incoherence of the UK's immigration policies and the primitive attitudes of the media -- whether for or against immigration. Hijacking or hijacked, the Afghanis were an elite and moneyed group who could easily have paid their way into Britain, mastered English and passed exams on British history and the laws of cricket. Also, to send them back to Afghanistan was plainly inhumane. Yet instead of weighing up the contribution that the new arrivals could make to Britain -- especially perhaps in exchange for 150 British sociology students who would have liked a chance to explore feminist ishoos in Afghanistan -- debate was conducted in simplistic terms. As when Vietnamese refugees came on the international market, Britain's attitude is not to pick the brightest but rather to allow only concern for the poor and needy to weigh against the tabloid demand to keep out foreigners, especially any who have committed crimes so as to reach Britain. (Which victim of persecution ever escaped from his backward and barbaric country without needing to commit a few crimes on the way?)

The West plainly faces a large problem which the Afghan hijack dramatizes. Billions of people from all over the world, including plenty of good IQ, would rather live in the West than in their own disastrous countries. Relative to the rest of the world, the West is now twenty times more prosperous than it was a century ago. Increasingly, the world's 'huddled masses' will move heaven and earth to reach the West even if they have to work for a while in menial jobs and risk arrest for violating some pettifogging law or other. What the West now needs is a coherent policy that allows quality control and indeed quality improvement in its own population. Above all, it should be able to offer a special second-class citizenship that does not allow immediate access to expensive welfare benefits or to voting rights -- thus reducing the motivation of leftists to import migrants so as to boost their own electoral support. Many Westerners, too, would like a cheaper second-class citizenship. With the money the would save from the taxman, they would purchase a more judicious package of health, education and old age care than is possible under neosocialism.

Liberalism -- History

A new book on liberalism has prompted an amusing reflection on what has become of a tradition that once embedded English opposition to authoritarian government.

"[The Liberal Democrats] believe in big government, in the high-tech economy and the welfare state which their forebears either repudiated or found inconceivable: not much continuity there. They are a tax-and-spend party. Where Liberal Democrats differ marginally [from Social Democrats] is because, not being a party of government, they still nourish an oppositional mentality and because they have attracted no-hope fringe groups."
      John VINCENT (English historian and Thatcherite), 2000, 'Swearing by phrenology', London Review of Books, 3 ii. (Reviewing An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Liberalism.)

Yes! Back in the mid-nineteenth century, the British Liberal Party was a party of free trade, laissez-faire capitalism and religious dissent; but in the twentieth century, it pioneered state pseudo-insurance (robbing the young to provide pensions for the old) and the national health service (beginning with free medical provision in the Highlands of Scotland in 1913) and favours European economic union and most forms of political correctness. In the past generation, the only strand of freedom left is a penchant for spotty forms of devolution -- gratuitously wishing self-governance for Celts without attending at all to whether the English, the Londoners, the men of Hampshire or stamp collectors might also be allowed to manage their own affairs.

Where did classical Liberalism go wrong and begin its transition towards statism, socialism and Celticism? Arguably it was the transition from Palmerston's leadership to that of Gladstone that made the difference. In 1860, Palmerston, though himself an 'improving' Irish landlord (he came from an Anglo-Irish family), was sure that "for the state to concede to tenants' demands for fixity of tenure was 'communistic'" (J. Parry, 1993, The Rise and Fall of Liberal Government in Britain, Yale Univ. Press, p. 198). Thus Palmerston's Irish Land Act of 1860 "wrote freedom of contract into the statute books." By 1880, however, Liberals were becoming accustomed to granting tenants rights, accepting as precedents such previous legislation as had restricted freedom of contract and effectively agreeing with the Conservative Lord Salisbury who said freedom of contract was "indefensible when incompatible with morality or true commercial interests" (Parry, p. 245).

Yet who is to be the judge? The question for liberalism is always whether it can find a coherent basis that allows escape from the pressing demands of some denomination's 'morality' and some class's perception of economic 'interest.' Unfortunately, once Liberals forsook contract as their basis -- the basis that had long enabled them to stand up to the monarchy, arguing that previous monarchs had agreed to hold parliaments etc. -- they turned out to be incoherent. Essentially, they became involved in capricious multiculturalism: the (southern) Irish could be allowed their own religion, but no systematic arrangements were envisaged for anyone else. Soon worthy liberal preferences for individualism and personal responsibility were pushed aside by the more pressing demands of labour, capital and nationhood.

Today the question is whether classical liberalism -- a triumphant doctrine world-wide in its weak form of favouring equal civil rights and kindred pretences of natural equality -- can regain a cutting edge. Urging individual choice within state educational and health systems would seem hard enough after years of uniformitarianism. Urging a diversification of marital contracts would seem harder after two thousand years of Christian sexual restrictiveness. But the real challenge is how to give a sensible and systematic response to President Woodrow Wilson's aspirations that people should enjoy reasonable self-determination. Plainly it is hopeless merely to favour arbitrarily the rights of a few fashionable minorities -- Irish, southern Irish, Serbs, Basques, Red Indians, Albanian-Kosovars. What is important is that all people should have equal right to establish a claim on territory and treasured folkways not by bombing and raping their fellow citizens but via the ballot box. Currently, people vote only in the geographical areas in which they live. To allow change and self-expression in any nation, people should also be allowed mobile votes which they can cast in areas of their choice -- allowing them to develop areas of their country as Protestant, Catholic, gay-marriage-acknowledging, Black-free or whatever. If Yugoslavs had been allowed such 'constituency choice', few Serbs would have chosen to cast their mobile votes in Kosovo rather than in Belgrade where they lived -- after all, Serbs had de facto vacated the province over fifty years; yet the provision of a constituency-choice voting scheme would have provided a fair framework in which, had Serbs really been keen, they could have hung on to the governance of the province. As the IRA and the Basques and the Chechens and the Muslim Kashmiris daily remind the world, there is not much of choice for a nationalist of an unrecognized nation except to resort to the bomb and, now, air piracy. It is time for liberalism to solve this great problem for the West -- and perhaps, in backing individual choice, to reinvent itself as a serious political force, perchance called neoliberealism.

New World Order

The Council of Conservative Citizens ( is proving alert to the speechways of 'Third Way' neosocialism:

In the debate over the Austrian question in the European Parliament, Labor Party member Glyn Ford rose to declare:

"Some say that it is not right for us to interfere in Austrian politics. They are wrong. Some say we have to accept the outcome of democratic elections -- but elections do not always make democrats."

Likewise Britain's Foreign Secretary, tiny Martian Cookie, has fumed at Mr Haider's "unacceptable xenophobic racism" and talked of tying down Haider. {Just like he tied down Mr Milosevic at Rambouillet?….} In other words, elections can and should be nullified if they don't measure up to the proper standards of political correctness. Such is the nature of "democracy," EU-style. Elections are fine, as long as no one takes them too seriously. If they should somehow stray from their predetermined result, then they are "undemocratic" -- a dialectical sleight of hand worthy of the EU's Soviet predecessors.

{Glyn Ford is right to say there are standards other than those of democracy that require respect. (Freedom of speech is one of them -- though neosocialists show scant regard for it. Intelligence is another -- daily abused by egalitarians who pretend there are few important differences between people.) However, the socialists of the E.U. have had a generation in which to say what restrictions they want to place on member states. It is remarkable that they should voice reservations about elections only when Austria puts into coalition government a party that -- unlike mainstream conservatives of the West to date -- seems likely to offer resistance to the philosophy of multiculturalism and the religion of PC. The countries of the E.U. had no objection to unreconstructed Italian communists and frothing Irish nationalists.
    Like the London Times (McDNL 8 ii '00), the Sunday Times remarked the considerable over-reaction of the E.U.'s political class: "This was an attempt to block Herr Haider through intimidation; and for every Austrian who approves, dozens will be outraged by such blatant interference and by the hypocrisy of much of this week's political rhetoric. Rather than fight intolerance with intolerance, as they have done, Austria's E.U. partners would have done better to judge the new Government on its policies. It was stupid to treat this as a re-run of Hitler's accession to power, which it is not."}


(Daily Telegraph 12 ii '00)

A new biography of actor-director Woody Allen* makes clear that Allen's 'paedophilia' has no generality to it, being entirely focused on his step-daughter Soon-Yi Previn {cf. TgFNL 24 vi '97}. Apparently, as a neglected adoptive daughter in the preposterously adoptee-collecting Mia Farrow household, Soon-Yi hugely resented Farrow's latest arrival -- a boy child sired by Allen from Farrow herself. Hating her mother for devoting herself to the blessed biological son, Soon-Yi threw herself with unusual ferocity into Oedipal jousting. When the boy, Satchel, anyhow failed to 'bond' with Allen {and which boy would if he could have Mia Farrow?}, Soon-Yi found she had Allen all to herself. It was thus the result of a sustained lifetime effort by Soon-Yi that snaps of her spread-eagled loveliness at around age 16 came to be discovered by Farrow in Woody's drawers. Nor did Allen spectacularly 'abuse his position' as a stepfather: he himself lived across the other side of Central Park from Farrow and saw Soon-Yi quite rarely. Despite years of Freudian analysis, Allen seems not to have known what hit him. However, he has made a thoroughly loyal job of the affair (the couple, ages 74 and 28, currently have an adoptive daughter) and has been so happy that he has abandoned the psychiatrist's couch.

* Marion MEADE, 2000, The Unruly Life of Woody Allen. Weidenfeld. UK£20.

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Athletics & Genetics

(BBCR4UK 10 ii '00, 08:45; Times 10 ii '00)

{cf. McDNL 7 xii '99, Sports Psychology}

Jon Entine's book Taboo is definitely making a mark among the great and good in Yukay.

Interviewed by the Beeb, a University College London (Rayne Institute) scientist explained his finding of a gene that noticeably assists response to athletic training. The gene, 'ACE' [angiotensin-converting enzyme], was found in one in four soldiers and had an effect only after 11 weeks of military induction (Nature 10 ii '00, Hugh Montgomery et al.) It controls an enzyme which makes muscles more efficient per unit of energy consumed. The 35 soldiers who had the ACE gene showed a 9% improvement in muscular efficiency, whereas controls actually showed a decrease in efficiency of energy use.

'So could that gene explain why Black people did so well at athletics?' asked the perky lady interviewer, top-personage Sue McGregor.

No, said researcher David Woods, the gene is found equally in Blacks and Whites. But that such a gratuitous question about race should have been asked at all will have amazed many Yukay listeners. Plainly Taboo is sitting on desks at Bush House -- instead of being dumped in wastepaper baskets or returned to Abominable Wiley, as happened to The g Factor in 1996….

{Later in the day, ClassicFM radio listeners were told sternly that the new result did not excuse them for being couch potatoes. Dr Woods had said: "The gene only works in fit people. If you do not do any exercise there will be no benefit.'' Yet for many there will seem little point in the mind-numbing hours of exercise required of today's 'athletes' if they are going to remain 9% behind the ACE-bearing competition. The only remedy will be to have two separate Olympics competitions: one for ACE-bearers and one for the also-rans -- just as there should be separate Olympics for drugged and undrugged athletes, and separate Wimbledons for women who do or do not manage to have heterosexual partners in their lives.}

Genetics of Rapid Visual Processing

Reuters Health 7 ii '00; Nature 2000, 403, 557-560.

NEW YORK -- Being able to see rapidly moving objects, such as a pitcher's fastball or a net-bound hockey puck, is one of the joys of sports, and, if you're on the receiving end, gives you a chance to make the play or get out of the way. Now, US researchers report that they have found the gene that allows us to see fastballs, rocketing pucks, and other rapidly moving objects. The discovery may pave the way for greater insight into genetic eye diseases, and may also be applicable to other diseases.
    The gene, called RGS9-1, makes nerve cells in the retina react to light in a way that allows the eye to follow objects moving at high speeds. Lead author Ching-Kang Chen, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, and colleagues discovered the gene's function by deactivating it in mice. With RGS9-1 turned off, Chen's team found, the mice could not process rapid changes in light. The gene, the authors report, helps the eye track speeding objects by turning off retinal nerve cells right after they've been stimulated by light. This allows the cells, called photoreceptor cells, to then be reactivated by light. It takes less than one second for the cells to be turned off once stimulated, and the researchers say it is this imperceptibly quick on-off process that allows the eye to follow rapid movement.

Special Needs ooops Gifts

How much further can euphemism go about problems of educational handicap -- now no longer called mental defect, mental subnormality, mental retardation or even low IQ? In the Scottish National Library, a lady was seen last week reading a book titled The Gift of Dyslexia.

Perhaps there's something in it. In January, a 62-year-old dyslexic man revealed he had taught in U.S. schools for seventeen years -- fooling his students and fellow teachers by "pulling every trick in the book" (Daily Express 29 i '00). John Corcoran actually obtained a US university in education and business administration and eventually carved out a career as a millionaire property dealer. After confessing his problem, he served for three years as a US presidential appointee to America's National Institute of Literacy board. His story appears in a book he has co-authored about his amazing deception, The Teacher Who Couldn't Read.

Evolution: Competition (incl. xenophobia) vs. Co-operation

Left-wing British journalist Marek Kohn now fancies himself as an evolutionary psychologist. He has produced a book called Trust (1999, Granta) which maintains that lovey-doveyness was the great human evolutionary breakthrough. {Lefties still pine for the days when Darwinists were happy with 'group selection' -- placing a premium on national-socialist togetherness as a force for good….}

Meantime, in the Human Biodiversity e-mail group, anthropologist Henry Harpending has been defending the idea that xenophobia is pretty central.


Much of the objection I have seen to Phil Rushton's Genetic Similarity Theory and to other group phenomena in humans is based on a tacit assumption about human prehistory that is probably wrong. This is the assumption that pre-agricultural humans lived in quasi-stationary demes in a lattice on the landscape. Each of these cells was somehow adjusted to a local "carrying capacity". As a consequence, no one ever encountered very different people so we could have no evolved mechanism to fear or dislike people who look different.
    Of course, this ecologically idyllic scenario has never been observed: what we see in human history instead is sequences of starbursts of population growth, expansion, and invasion, like the European occupation of North America, the Bantu expansion into sub-Saharan Africa, the Han expansion, etc. Some of these starbursts never quite get off the ground, like the Crusades, else quickly wither with little apparent long term effect, like that of the Mongols. Even the first appearance of modern humans in northern Eurasia is a rapidly expanding invasion into Europe in the West and central Asia in the east.
    And why would we expect anything else in prehistory? Isolated low technology populations that have been well studied grow at rates such that they double in 25 to 100 years. At the slowest rate, a Doubling Time of 100 years, populations would grow by a factor of 1000 in a millenium, and a millenium is a blink in archaeological time.
    If the starbursts view of human history is correct then contact between people of different language and appearance is ancient and pervasive in our past. There may usually have been strong selection to co-operate with people who looked like you.
    Where did the tacit assumption of stationarity come from? There are two major culprits. First, because of work in the late 1960s, Kalahari Bushmen became an archetype of foraging humans. They ate granola, wore sandals, smoked dope, lactated a long time, had a low birth-rate, and were laid back and "gentle". (It has been pointed out that the ethnographers also wore sandals, ate granola, smoked dope, etc. It was the late 60s after all, and they were from Berkeley.) The famous low fertility was prominent support for the stationary ecologically correct model. It has subsequently become clear that the low fertility was caused by venereal disease, but the stereotype persists.
    A second culprit was a romance in the 1970s between archaeologists and simple models of population dynamics that lead to stationarity. There was a lot of effort given to investigating "carrying capacity" and "adaptation" to local environments. The archaeologists started believing their models, and the very idea of population movement became unfashionable to put it mildly.


Founder of Behaviourist Environmentalism

{Cf. McDNL 8 ii '00}

John B. Watson was not just a "nigger fighter" in his youth. Watson's disdainful attitudes to Negroes continued even when he had become one of America's top half-a-dozen psychologists. While, in England of 1919, Major William McDougall was packing his bags for Harvard, Major Watson -- Professor of Psychology at Johns Hopkins -- was explaining to friends about the useless "Rotary Club" types he had met in the U.S. Army. Because Watson had pooh-poohed their vision tests for pilots*, these stuffed shirts had tried to put him in the front line despite his impaired vision. "It was a nightmare," Watson wrote. "Talk of putting a Negro in uniform!"

Another gratuitous slur on his Black brothers was made as Watson prepared what was to be his most widely read statement on behaviourism (1919, Psychology from the Standpoint of a Behaviorist). Considering claims for 'instincts', Watson -- who was far more free, easy and reasonable about biological factors than were later behaviourists -- thought Thorndike's list of thirteen might be about right. 'Gregariousness', for example, was an instinct -- and where would we be without it? And sex too, as Freud had said, was the most important instinct -- found by Watson to be present in infants by 150 days, by which time genital self-fondling was noticeably common. But 'cleanliness' did not need to be included in any such list, said Watson. "Psychologists persistently maintain that cleanliness is instinctive in spite of the filth of the negro, of the savage and of the child."

*  "[In 1917, John B. Watson, the founder of behaviourism, by then a senior professor at Johns Hopkins University] concluded that the [U.S. Army's nystagmus tests to tell which pilots could withstand rotation in aircraft] were a useless fraud. Worse, he allowed his opinion to become known in the military without having gone through the appropriate channels. He was threatened with a court martial. . . .and sent out of the Aviation Corps [to a likely death, for he was himself myopic] with the comment that 'he be not allowed to serve his country in his scientific capacity but be sent to the line.'"
David COHEN, 1979, J. B. Watson. London : Routledge.

{The first Mrs Watson, too, was not beyond making the occasional 'remark.' When the pair reached 40 and Watson fell in love with a young medical student, Mrs Watson I could not resist commenting to friends on her rival's "Jewish features." -- Not that the scientist himself minded, writing to his beloved romantically: "I could kiss you for 24 hours a day. Let's go to the North Pole where it's dark for six months of the year. ….I know every cell I have is yours individually and collectively."}

Computer World

ClassicFM 9 ii '00

A gentleman in Lincolnshire received a personalized letter from an insurance company. The letter proudly calculated: "….on your next birthday you will be 38 years and 9 months."




Paedophilia: BRITAIN LOSES ITS GRIP -- AND UK£13,000,000







LATE EXTRA  -- JOERG HAIDER has written an article spelling out the similarities between himself and his photographic look-alike, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. On the economy, crime, the need for tough immigration control and the need to call oneself anti-racist, he and Mr Blair are at one, Haider explains in the Daily Telegraph (22 ii '00). Mr Blair's office dismissed the comparison as "risible", but it remains to be seen what action he will take to deal with immigration. Reception centres for asylum seekers in Kent and London have been overwhelmed in the past 18 months by a six-fold increase in putative immigrants. Last week, New Labour Britain peremptorily refused admission to scores of desperate Afghanistanis who arrived on a hijacked aeroplane.

Multicultural McCarthyism

(Reuters 20 ii '00; BBCR4UK 21 ii '00, 22:00)

Mbeki seeks to Muzzle Media

JOHANNESBURG -- Within a decade of apartheid ending, South Africa's new Black authorities have resumed intimidation of the press. The country's top human rights body, the South African Human Rights Commission, plans to subpoena the editor of London's Financial Times as part of its inquiry into "virulent" media racism. The commission wants to question the newspaper over a 1996 story on the South African Muslim vigilante group People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) -- later widely blamed for a bomb blast at a beach restaurant which killed two; but it has not specified what it finds offensive in the newspaper's article. More than fifty South African news organisations have been summoned to hearings starting next month. The subpoenas demand that editors testify on "policies and guidelines on the reporting of, and commentating on, national and international events, which impact on racism and possible incidents of racism." Failure to attend can attract a prison sentence. The editor of the country's leading financial daily, Business Day, called the subpoenas 'reminiscent of the Cold War McCarthy hearings into Communism in the United States.' The editor of the liberal Mail & Guardian, which was closed down under apartheid, equally deplored the bullying. The African National Congress government said it fully supported the SAHRC action.

{There are few clear lines that defend a free society. The freedom of the press is one. Black South Africa is now crossing that line in the wrong direction. It is betraying the hopes of all the moderate Whites who went along with the multicultural pipe-dream of Saint Nelson Mandela. If Fuehrer Mbeki gets away with this in the name of 'antiracism', Western neosocialists will quickly follow suit. Already, the Western press exercises self-censorship and rarely states the race of alleged or convicted criminals so as not to upset Black lobbies.}


(Daily Mail and most tabloids,16 ii '00, front pages and 4-page inside spreads)


U.K. elite said to have no interest in paedophilia -- and it certainly lacks the competence to research the subject

Britain's biggest-ever paedo-hunt culminated in confusion, disappointment and derision last week. A public inquiry set up by the UK's last Conservative administration in 1995 into children's homes [i.e. mini-jails] in Clwyd, north Wales, turned out to have spent UK£13 million without indicting a single member of Britain's elite or a single freemason, and indeed without a single conviction further to those already achieved by Welsh police in the mid-1990's.
      The inquiry under ex-High Court judge Sir Ron Waterhouse, 72, had interviewed 575 witnesses about 650 children who had allegedly been violently and/or sexually abused during their confinement to high-security children's homes for highly disturbed and delinquent teenagers. Special attention concentrated on events of the 1980's in a house of agreeable Tudor appearance at the edge of bijou Chester, called by ex-inmates a 'Colditz of Care.' There, social workers (including one woman) had made boys take successive hot and cold showers, beaten them until their legs and heads were 'red raw' and they needed cream and paracetemol from a doctor, called up groups of them in their pyjamas (showing them naughty TV programmes), and selected boys for multiple embuggerment which took place after much drinking and smoking in the hotels of Chester and Wrexham to the delight of members of Chester's Campaign for Homosexual Equality.
      Over the subsequent fifteen years, twelve of the 650 allegedly abused adolescents died -- some committing suicide using heroin to which they had become addicted, others in fires set as a prank by ex-inmates themselves when groups had convened with paedohysterics to discuss the child abuse which they might have experienced. As the high peak of its lengthy hearings and castigations, the Waterhouse Inquiry's report, Lost in Care, named 28 people as unsuitable for further work with adolescents. A total of six staff at five homes over twenty years, processing many thousands of children, were claimed by the judge to have engaged in "serious sexual abuse." The Inquiry also reported finding no evidence at all of any 'paedophile ring' having been involved in organizing sex education ooops abuse in Chester -- though this did nothing to still speculation in UK tabloids that 11,000 children are being abused constantly by organized paedophile enthusiasts.
      In two subsequent days of furious hunting by the British press, it turned out that most of the 28 had served or were serving jail terms and that all had changed their names and gone into hiding during the years of the inquiry. Despite the fact that no serious or permanent injury seemed ever to have been demonstrably caused to any child by the sociology-trained paedophiles, the press felt no inclination other than to denounce what had happened as a national scandal. The press was little aided by complainants in their thirties who turned out to be married with children even if they had sometimes been "close to suicidal." They said they had been made to work in gardens and kitchens when they did not co-operate with 'sex games' -- the star complainant had used his punishing experiences to go on and become a hotel and restaurant manager. The Prime Minister said he would take personal control of the problem and would aim to send disturbed children not to secure institutions but to adoptive paedophiles ooops parents who would be able to shower, talcum and discipline delinquents in the comfort of their own homes. (Currently, many Black delinquents in Britain cannot be adopted because social workers think White homes are not good enough for them.)
      Throughout the period of the Inquiry, the names of eminent Labour and Conservative politicians have circulated widely in Britain, accused of nights of naughtiness with the legendarily available and well-trained 15-year-old boys. The alleged 'elite paedophilia' of the 1970's was deemed a matter for outrage and obloquy even at a time when the Labour Party was working steadily to legalize sodomy at 16 in every British school. Astonishingly, in the course of massive political, judicial, professional and media interest, no one seems to have asked what are the normal rates of boy-on-boy buggery and suicide-by-age-30 among the very difficult youths of the type needing lengthy confinement. The hypocritical and wasteful debacle confirmed the correctness of a 1997 jury which awarded UK£375,000 to a senior Welsh policeman when he won a libel claim against a newspaper that had smeared him as a frequenter of hotels in Chester and Wrexham.

{Like school teachers and piano tuners, child care staff have traditionally been paid less than supermarket cashiers since the work brought much intrinsic satisfaction to paedophiles. Now the Waterhouse report demands change, including an inspectorate for children which would piously heed every word told it by child complainants. Plainly big new government expenditures lie ahead, not least in libel actions from teachers. Yet it must be doubted that family-type care of aggressive, neurotic and low-IQ teenagers can ever be undertaken successfully without the supply of interest, patience and diplomacy for which the more professional high-IQ paedophile is notorious. Ordinary adults have little tolerance for the abuse and violence from children with which care staff need to cope.}

A HERO OF PAEDOPHILIA* award is hereby made to top Times columnist, Simon Jenkins. Devoting his column of 18 ii '00 to the Waterhouse Report, Jenkins went out of his way to mention the qualities of patience and understanding that are required to handle the violent children who are the products of Britain's underclass. The people who have taken on this burden at rock-bottom wages and without support from local communities where the mini-prisons are housed, have included paedophiles. "Some sinners are partly saints, and vice versa," wrote Jenkins -- who was also a lone voice opposing Nato's bombing of Serbia.
See TgF NewsLetters 13 i '97, 21 iii '97 and 16 vi '97 (BRITISH RIGHT'S PROUD RECORD); McDNL 13 i '98, 17 ii '98, 3 iii '98 and 21 iv '98 (BADGES OF HONOUR FOR COUNTER-PAEDOHYSTERIA) and 14 vii '98 (BADGE OF COURAGE).


SOUTH WALES (Daily Telegraph 19 ii '00) -- British paedohysterics had more luck with two top schoolteachers, of ages 66 and 56, found guilty of paedophilic molestations between 1966 and 1983 in Abergavenny, Gwent. As usual, no harm was reported by the press to have come from the masters' activities (which themselves could not be specified), but the teachers were jailed respectively for 15 and 8 years.


LONDON (Reuters 19 ii '00; Observer 20 ii '00) -- Neighbours were openly jubilant at the murder on his own doorstep in east London of a 46-year-old man who had been imprisoned in the 1980's for sex crimes against a child. Subsequently, in 1994, Bill Malcolm had faced 13 counts of rape, indecent assault and cruelty against three girls and a boy; but he had been freed when a judge ruled he would not receive a fair trial. Police thought he was the victim of a contract killing arranged by London's underworld, who linked his name to the notorious British paedosadists Sidney Cooke, 75, and Ronald Oliver, 50. {Notoriously, British killers, vandals and burglars take pride in not being thought 'nonces' -- though the records of apparent 'hard men' quite often reveal occasional sex offences.}


LONDON (ClassicFM 20 ii '00, 10:00) -- More ghoulish fun for paedohysterics is possible. Six names may be announced of men alleged to have enjoyed sex with selected detained delinquents in Clwyd. Martin Jones, the Labour MP for Clwyd South, promises to use parliamentary privilege to reveal the six names, probably of VIPs, unless the Government agrees to mount another UK£13 million Inquiry. Also, in Lambeth, south London, detectives are tracing 40 alleged members of a paedophile ring which they suspect operated in children's homes over a 20-year period. The so-far fruitless inquiry into these homes was launched in 1998 after a former care worker in the borough was jailed for 10 years for abusing 12 boys in the course of a successful career lasting 25 years.


{Classically, racism, sexism, homophobism, punitiveness and militarism are all substantially correlated in attitude surveys. This package of co-variation has most often been called 'the authoritarian personality' and its chief personality correlates (though weak ones) are obsessionality, paranoia and a low level of formal education. It is remarkable that Britain's low-IQ paedohysterics are encouraged to bay for the blood of people who have led useful lives and done no demonstrable harm to children while, at the same time, they can lose their own jobs and livelihoods if they make an untoward remark of a 'racist' or 'sexist' nature or display a picture of a nude or a lynching. One wonders whether they regard the public licensing of their witch-hunting of nonces as adequate compensation for having to seal their lips on the subjects of foreigners and homosexuals.
      Good advice to paedophiles in the workplace would be that they should take every opportunity to demand the sacking of 'racists' -- since these would be the very people most likely to be irate about paedophilia. Conversely, 'racists' should aim to have paedophiles fired, since nonces are notoriously humanistic and anti-racist in their attitudes. Perhaps the whipping up by the Government of conflict between these natural enemies can be seen as modern equivalent of the ancient entertainment of bear-baiting.}



Since Jewish claims for Holocaust reparations are richly rewarded --  unlike those of British personnel who were captured by the Japanese in the 1940's -- Austria's Joerg Haider now says he will seek compensation for Germany's victims of communism. Some thirty million east-of-Oder-Neisse and Sudeten German families suffered from gratuitous rape, pillage, killing and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the advancing Red Army of 1944-5.

From an interview in Montreal's 'Gazette', 17 ii '00:

WM, interviewer: There's an impression of equating the Sudeten Germans with compensation for the Holocaust survivors.

Mr Haider: If you read our program you will see that we want to have common standards [throughout the EU] to assure the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Europe. Because we think you need common standards.

In the past decade, the left has increased -- not decreased -- its demands for revenge on Germany for the Nazizeit of sixty years ago. In addition, the left has licensed mob terror against any male accused of non-violent paedophilic molestations, curious downloadings, stalking-by-florist, date rape, marital spats or insensitive anti-feminazie speechways -- accusations that are easy to make against any man who still has red blood in his veins. It has sadly to be said that demands for reparations from communists, especially from the fellow travellers who lived safely in the West, may now be the only way to stop neosocialist nonsense. Certainly the West's 'conservatives' and 'liberals' have failed to resist the left's hysterical effort to represent itself as the victor of 1945 even though Churchill was a Conservative, Stalin a leader whom the Western left officially abjured, and Hitler a self-proclaimed National Socialist.


National Post U.S.A., 17 ii '00 -- A well known Jewish journalist in Vienna, Peter Sichrovsky, now defends Mr. Haider as the true hope for Austrian democracy, and attacks the campaign to ostracize Haider as "just as fascist as hatred of Jews." Mr. Sichrovsky is the author of Born Guilty, a book about the children of Nazis.


Independent 18 ii '00 -- Joerg Haider is "charismatic, even fascinating", says a top European Union official. A leaked report of 1993 from the European Union's ambassador to Austria allows that "in private, Haider is moderate, statesmanlike and articulate" even if prone to "hyperbolic populism" and "enormous ego" when put in front of a crowd. The ambassador even had a psychological analysis of Haider's "unpredictability": supposedly, said the E.U. expert, he "follows alternately the dictates of the right and left lobes of his brain."


Daily Telegraph 19 ii '00 -- Germany's 'Third Way' Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has shocked Italians. He says he will send down the Wehrmacht if the Italians imitate the Austrians and put any neo-fascists into government. Without far-right politicians, an Italian conservative government is unthinkable. Mr Schroeder may be in an anxious state about what could happen in German politics. There, the Christian Democrats have been weakened by revelations of fraud and the further-right Bavarian Christian Social Union may fill the gap -- with the help of the 22% of Germans who admire Austria's Mr Haider. Schroeder may like to think that, in such an eventuality, his neosocialist friends in Britain and France would help him terrify the CSU into submission to the pieties of Brussels.


VIENNA -- Joerg Haider dismissed the turnout for the weekend demonstration against him as "thin" though police and paparazzi estimated it at around 150,000. The left sees an end of Austria's cosy consensus politics and a battle ahead. ``After this Saturday on the Heldenplatz two large and opposing political camps have been finally formed,'' wrote Peter Rabl in Sunday's Kurier newspaper.


BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP 20 ii '00) -- About 20,000 Belgians, some wearing yellow stars as a symbol of protest, took to the streets to speak out against Joerg Haider. Belgian concern was heightened by the expectation that the country's own far-right Flemish Bloc party (slogan 'Our Own People First') would make big gains in local elections this year. {For the divided Belgium, where most government jobs have to be awarded not on merit but to achieve multicultural balance, see McDNL 30 xi '00.}

Statute of Limitations


In Britain, the incompetent handling of the 18-month-old Pinochet Affair was revealed as having reached a new low. It was reported from Spain that a confidential British medical report on the General contained no evidence of his being in poorer psychiatric shape than many other men of 83.
      The British Home Office had used the report of two senior geriatricians and one neurologist to solve its problem of how to return the General to Chile without more argument with left-wingers. But the report (released to Spanish complainants by England's High Court, then leaked) turned out to contain little hard evidence of illness or abnormality. The General who once saved his country from both communism and a bloody civil war apparently had little conversation for the examining doctors and quite a few gaps in his recall and a tendency to fatigue. Aides told the doctors he had suffered a series of minor strokes in October and November of 1999 and that he would be out of breath after walking an eighth of a mile. The doctors duly wrote this down. The docs also thought the smartly dressed gentleman presented to them in a wheelchair had touches of asthma, diabetes, arthritis, gout, enlarged prostate and heart problems -- like most of Britain's over-forties according to job-creative medics. Astonishingly, the docs presented no hard physiological evidence to the UK Home Office, though claiming that brain scans had shown 'abnormalities' -- whether more than in the average 83-year old was not even considered in the report. They even admitted that the General's reflexes were unusually fast, though apparently "exaggerated." They concluded that the General would be "able to face trial", but said he would "not be fit enough to participate fully" because of his sad memory lapses.
      In accepting such a feeble report as a reason for dismissing left-wing demands for Pinochet to stand trial, the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, has shown that New Labour does not just lie for ideological convenience. Sheer pragmatism (together with ignorance of medicine and statistics) account for Straw's accepting the report and trying to pass it off on Parliament, the British people and foreign governments. Fortunately, the foreigners had a more critical eye than many in Britain who have grown accustomed to accepting unthinkingly anything that New Labour tells them -- for Britain has had no effective parliamentary opposition since the Blair landslide of 1997.

PS  Astonishingly, no attention was paid in the UK report to the help that General Pinochet might have expected to gain from the eleven different medications which he takes under the advice of doctors.


(Reuters 14 ii '00)

State-eugenic efforts by progressive doctors in the USA continued long beyond the discovery of Nazi death camps, says a new study. 22,000 American mentally defective patients underwent sterilization from the mid-1940s to 1963, despite weakening public support and revelations of Nazi atrocities, say researchers funded by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Merck Co. Foundation.
      Organized from Yale University, the first report of the new research appears in Annals of Internal Medicine, a journal published by the American College of Physicians. However, the authors note a difference of scale: "[the Nazi counterpart of the US eugenics movement] carried out 360,000 to 375,000 sterilizations during the 1930s and grew to encompass so-called ``mercy'' killings." The study does not consider whether eugenic practices in Greater Germany, Scandinavia, the Low Countries and North America may have helped to yield the rise in IQ scoring that attracted wide interest in the 1980's. (Britain, which had no eugenic programme beyond the provision of sex segregation in mental hospitals till 1960, did not enjoy as great an IQ-score rise as did other countries.)

{Eugenics is simply the application in man of the time-honoured and successful farming practice of improving the health and productive yield of stock by selective breeding. Euthanasia has no intrinsic connection with eugenics, which is indeed a decidedly humane alternative to any type of killing. Programmes of euthanasia for the mentally handicapped and incurably disabled in Nazi Germany were ordered in October, 1939, after Second World War began. Despite the exigencies of wartime, they encountered wide resistance in Germany which led to their being largely halted in 1941 (Mary Fulbrook, 1991, Fontana History of Germany 1918-1990). By contrast, the killing of 'mad' children (hearing the voices of gods other than Jahweh) was commended to the Hebrews of the Old Testament and was probably practised widely by them for hundreds of years (see Julian Jaynes, 1990, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Penguin). By the twentieth century, Jewish people, too, knew that there was an important line to be drawn between eugenic and euthanatic improvements. In 1941, a well-backed American Zionist, Theodore N. Kaufman, produced to U.S. media acclaim his book Germany Must Perish (Argyle Press, Newark, 1941) which demanded not the killing but merely the sterilization of 48,000,000 Germans of childbearing age so that "Germanism" would be extirpated for good and all.}

Abusohysterical Britain

(Daily Telegraph 19 ii '00, 'Is life in Britain really this terrifying?')

Following unsubstantiated allegations of 'Satanic abuse' (McDNL 15 ii '00) and expensive and unproductive allegations of 'child care abuse' (above), Britain was treated to feminazie 'rape' statistics 'showing' ten times more rape in Britain than anyone had ever dreamed of. Produced by a unit of the Home Office, the figures were blithely said by Labour spokeswomyn Gwyneth Dunwoody MP to be "carefully researched" and "absolute fact." Yet, despite deferential front-page treatment in the Times and pious acceptance by the BBCR4UK's Any Questions team, the new figures jumbled together complaints of 'rape' and 'sexual assault' [the last of which may be just an unwanted arm round the shoulder], treated all complaints to police as justified, and dealt with the alleged problem of under-reporting by the "reasonable extrapolation" of multiplying the number of complaints by ten [to yield 295,000 pseudo-allegations annually]. Astonishingly, the 'researchers' alleged that half a million British women were now 'afraid to leave the house' because of their fears of sexual abuse. The claims were accepted without a quibble by Margaret Jay, New Labour Minister for Women, who said: "It is unacceptable that a quarter of women experience domestic violence at some stage in their lives and that many more women are so scared of rape or sexual assault that they are scared to leave their homes." This ran contrary to the report's own claim that the past decade's increase in rapism had occurred chiefly among girls' own boyfriends and relatives -- in only 11% of 'rapes' is the perpetrator now a stranger to the victim.

{In fact, there was little increase in court-proven rape through the 1990's, and changes in allegations reflect merely the bitterness of feminazified women who are protected from pregnancy by the Pill and thus fail to make the normal progress to motherhood that was once natural and normal.}


Today, the idea that rape has something to do with sex is actually NEWS. A month after he scandalized New York {McDNL 18 i '00}, American evolutionary psychologist Randy Thornhill is to star on stage, screen and radio to explain the idea in Britain. Twenty years of feminazie propaganda have been so successful that all claims by women to have been raped are accepted unquestioningly whenever a Guardian reader may be in the audience. Enquiries about a girl's degree of acquaintance and involvement with her attacker, or about her dress and drink consumption, or about her previous sexual readiness, are treated like swearing in church.

22 ii 2000  

GLASGOW (All tabloids, front pages, 15 ii '00) -- Multicultural disharmony -- After a surprise defeat by Inverness for their top football team, Celtic, Glasgow's outraged Catholics vented their displeasure on top Black player Ian Wright whom they blamed for their humiliation. Wright (famous for his volatility, violence and casual adulteries -- TgF NewsLetter 19 vi '97, WRIGHT NUTTER CONFESSES; TgFNL 24 vii '97 'COUNSELLING WILL CURE MY AGGRESSION' SAY SUPERBRATS; Mirror, 12 xi '97) fought back with verbal abuse of Celtic "animals"; but he was booed and spat upon and forced to resign from the club. {Last year, Scotland tried to recruit a Black player for its national team but the effort collapsed in ridicule as it turned out the player had been economical with the truth about his mother's birthplace -- which had been in England.}

UTICA, New York (Reuters/Zogby 15 ii '00) -- Case for transportation -- Students at the dumbed-down and Black-dominated City University of New York (CUNY) know virtually nothing about American History, a Zogby America poll reveals. Commissioned by the Center for Excellence in Higher Education at Albany and conducted on 800 CUNY students, the survey showed that 60% of the students of the 'university' were so ignorant that they would be denied U.S. Citizenship. More than half did not know that the federal government consists of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches; nearly half did not know there are 100 U.S. senators in Congress; and almost two-thirds did not know that the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4.

SAN DIEGO ( 14 ii '00) -- Paedohysteria -- A 39-year-old mother of three wooed teenage boys over the Internet and had sex with them at her home, police said. The suspect, Joyce Smith, was arrested after she surrendered to San Diego police. She faces sex charges involving three boys, ages 14 to 17, and could be jailed for four years. Smith was no stranger to youth culture: she participated in street racing contests in her neighbourhood that were popular with teens.

LONDON -- Sneak for Neosocialism! -- The police of Cleveland, Yorkshire, became the first in Britain to tell the Government that its repressive drugs policy has failed. At least cannabis and Ecstasy will need to be legalized so as not to consume inordinate police time, said the police authority which included Labour politicians. However, Prime Minister Blair responded by spending UK£500,000 creating jobs for 300 'drugs counsellors' and by setting up telephone hotlines so that -- as in Nazi Germany and Red China -- children could report their own friends and relatives to police. {Like pornography and divorce, drugs can be managed satisfactorily by people of reasonable intelligence; but they present a formidable challenge to the mental resources of people who live in Britain's tower blocks.}

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters 18 ii '00) -- Affirmative Racism Mark II -- A proposal which may remove racial, ethnic and gender preferences in admissions to state-funded colleges and universities in Florida was approved unanimously by state education leaders. The State Board of Regents, the 14-member panel that oversees Florida's publicly run university system, voted 12-0 to back Governor Jeb Bush's ``One Florida'' plan to end affirmative action policies for admissions and for the awarding of state contracts. Although ostensibly eliminating race and gender as determinants of admissions, the plan mandates education officials: (1) to weigh economic and geographic factors to favour underprivileged applicants; (2) to let through the top 20% from any school regardless of quality; and (3) to 'oversee' the scheme to ensure that minorities are not disadvantaged. It is thus hard to decide the merit of the plan; but a Tampa minister {possibly Black -- the media dare not say} provided some assistance by likening Mr Jeb Bush to Hitler.

WASHINGTON (Reuters 18 ii '00) -- The 9,300-year-old Kennewick Man whose skeleton was unearthed in 1996 in Washington State can be studied genetically after all, says the U.S. National Parks Service. Anticipating developments, Loring Brace, a specialist in bone measurements at the University of Michigan, says both Kennewick Man and the hairy Ainu aboriginals of northern Japan, along with the people of Europe, are descended from Neanderthals. Brace especially maintains that there are two distinct groups of Red Indians and that many of the Plains Indians do not resemble so-called Native Americans at all.

TIRANA, Albania -- Self-determination? Forget it! -- As Nato troops find themselves 'piggy in the middle' defending the neosocialist dream of a multicultural Kosovo between Serbs and Albanians determined to fight each other, Ms Madeleine Halfbright warned Albanians to focus on reducing corruption and introducing democracy. On no account should they think of their century-long objective of a Greater Albania, said the U. S. Secretaryperson. {As things stand, Kosovo's people have sensibly completed ethnic cleansing such that Kosovo's Serbs are concentrated in the north, including the northern half of the divided city Mitrovica. Nato's business should now be to partition Kosovo -- and perhaps help transfer to its south the Albanians who are currently under Serbian rule in south-west Serbia. Nothing stands seriously in the way of such a plan except multicultural dogma. (Serbs and Albanians currently dispute ownership of an old metal mine in Mitrovica, but experts consider it worthless -- Observer 20 ii '00.)}

BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN 19 ii '00) -- White Guilt -- Pious Western negotiators at the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development called for a fairer world economic system to aid the least developed nations. But Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, chairman of the Organization of African Unity, told Westerners they could f*ck off. It was "unfair and unjust", he said, for the industrialized powers to say poorer states are responsible for cleaning up corruption when the poverty that led to the corruption was caused by external forces, viz. Western imperialism etc.

HELENA, Montana ( 18 ii '00) -- Dysgenics -- District Judge Dorothy McCarter ordered one Dawn Marie Sprinkle to report to the county jail every few months for a pregnancy test. Sprinkle, a drug addict, had violated probation conditions imposed on her after she had borne a child who was amphetamine-dependent at birth. If Sprinkle becomes pregnant, the judge said, she could be placed under intensive supervision or jailed to keep her from using drugs. Civil liberties groups, however, say the order is discriminatory against women and that it violates Sprinkle's basic rights; and they think they will be able to liberate Sprinkle to breed drug-addicted children requiring massive state aid from birth. {Apparently they would rather have Sprinkle imprisoned, electrocuted or transported -- so long as her divine right to breed pathologically at others' expense is respected.}

LONDON -- The Blairennium Dome, now run by a Frenchman, Michel Mouse, has had to forget about New Labour's 'New Britain.' Sidelined is the second-rate, politically correct and patronizing infotainment with which it had been filled by Blair darling Peter 'Wendy House' Mandelson. To attract trade, the Dome now bows to market forces, selling tea to ladies and beer to men and having an enormous screen showing England's 15-9 rugby victory over France in Paris. The last few days it has been inundated by people who had been told they would not need tickets. It has had to turn trade away, causing fresh consternation.

Nationalism, Communalism and Individualism

Famously, in the 1990's, economist-historian Francis Fukuyama foresaw the globalisation in which Western Cold War victory would end. He thought it unlikely that triumphant liberal democracy would face any great temptations to return to the old wars of class or race.

Says Paul Bacon (concluding the new volume Twentieth Century International History, London : Tauris, 1999):


Although many people believe that the drive for European integration is a short-term response to the Second World War and the Cold War which is doomed to failure, Fukuyama believes that the two World Wars of this century may transpire to possess a significance for nationalist sentiment comparable to that of the wars of religion in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries for the fate of the religion. {These wars -culminated in the Treaty of Westphalia, 1648, which recognized novel types of states that were internally undivided -- i. e. were largely either Protestant or Catholic.} Fukuyama writes:

"Like religion, nationalism is in no danger of disappearing, but like religion, it appears to have lost much of its ability to stimulate Europeans to risk their comfortable lives in great acts of imperialism. ….It is curious why people believe that a phenomenon of such recent historical provenance as nationalism will be so permanent a feature of the human social landscape. Economic forces encouraged nationalism by replacing class with national barriers and created centralised, linguistically homogeneous entities in the process. Those same economic forces are now encouraging the breakdown of national barriers through the creation of a single, integrated world market. The fact that the final political neutralisation of nationalism may not occur in this generation or the next does not affect the prospect of its ultimately taking place."

Fukuyama's typology of evolutionary nationalism, then, informs us that nationalism has been domesticated by certain states, yet remains significant in certain regions of the world {those that have not yet reached 'the end of history'}, even if it is ultimately to pass into history.


At the same time, Fukuyama acknowledges the openness of timid and prosperous liberal democracy to the threat of barbarism -- from those outside the Western imperium. In particular, he notes the current collapse of the family and urges the restoration of voluntary civil society. Even if Fukuyama is rather conservative -- even moralistic, even Asian -- and does not appreciate the need for an all-round increase in choice and individual contracting (yielding neofamilies, fast track learning, personalized health insurance etc.), he realizes that liberal democracy and multiculturalism will not be enough.

Bacon again:


Fukuyama has come to the conclusion that rational recognition {Fukyama's thymos, spirit, or self-esteem} in the universal state is not self-sustaining, and must rely upon pre-modern, non-universal forms of recognition to function properly. Fukuyama writes:

"Group rather than universal recognition can be a better support for both economic activity and community life. …not only is universal recognition [of people as merely equal] not universally satisfying, but the ability of liberal democracies to sustain themselves on a rational basis over the long term is open to some doubt."


This is exactly why the West of its third millennium must turn to allowing the development of self-chosen constituencies, communities and cantons in which people can experiment responsibly with identity and indeed exclusion and thus maintain that diversity of culture which seems all too likely to die a death under the uniformitarianism of multiculturalism and PC. In view of Fukuyama's retreat from his original triumphalism about liberal democracy, and his recognition of the need for non-universalistic options, his ideas are readily compatible with those of the McDougall Millennium Essay, 'Liberating the Future from the Past; Liberating the Past from the Future.'

{Fukuyama's personal quest for traditional forms of community was treated in McDNL 29 vi '99 and McDNL 27 vii '99.}

History of PC

A new history of witchcraft trials is in the pipeline from Free Association Books ( It provides an impressive reminder of man's cruelty to man -- and, especially, to woman. At least 100,000 people are usually thought to have been killed during Europe's persecution of 'witches' (1487-1790). Witchcraft accusations typically concerned not any particular event, but the alleged witch having 'the wrong attitude', presumed to arise from consorting or contracting with the Devil. 'Evidence' was often provided by young children -- who themselves were largely immune from being tried for witchcraft so could make singularly free with allegations. Torture was usually necessary to elicit confessions; and courts would swiftly proceed to torture on the basis of evidence that was merely circumstantial.

Here is the standard European practice of the sixteenth century (described in 1912):

Usually the torture began with the thumbscrews; the accused was stripped and tied up and his thumbs were put into the screws. By slowly tightening the screws his thumbs were crushed. If this did not work, Spanish boots, or leg screws, were applied, pressing the calf and shin together, often until the bones splintered. To increase the agony, the screws were struck with a hammer now and then. So that he would not be disturbed by the wailing of the tortured, the executioner put a capistrum into the victim's mouth, making screaming impossible.
    The next degree of torture was pulling, expansion or elevation. During this treatment, the accused's hands were tied behind their backs and then fastened to a rope. The rope was suspended to a hook in the ceiling from which the victim was dangled in the air in one moment ... and in the next fastened to an upright ladder whose rungs often had short sharp pieces of wood, the 'jugged hare.' He was slowly pulled into the air until his arms were twisted over his head, whereupon he was rapidly dropped several times, and then, 'gently' pulled up again. If still no confession was forthcoming, heavy weights were attached to the tortured person's feet to stretch them even more terribly and painfully. The victim hung for half an hour, or often a full hour or even longer like this, and from time to time the Spanish boots were put on him as well.
    If even this or similar torture did not work, torturers trickled burning sulfur or pitch onto the naked body of the victim, or held burning lights under his arms, the soles of his feet or elsewhere' ... In the principality of Münster, the executioner used to break the arms and dislocate the shoulders of the accused in this last stage of the torture.

Holland and England were the first countries in Europe to ban witchcraft trials -- early in the seventeenth century, whereas trials persisted till the end of the eighteenth century in Scotland and Switzerland. English trials had the lowest rate of conviction, 19%, since England did not permit torture -- only the notorious 'ordeals' to test whether a bound suspect tossed into water would sink (innocent) or float (guilty). Persecution was most common in geographical areas where Catholics and Protestants neighboured each other, e.g. in Savoy. Witchcraft trials were a profitable business for judges, executioners, lay judges, notaries, messengers and torturers, for convicted peoples' possessions were usually seized and redistributed to pay the expenses of court functionaries.

{A new story about witch-hunting from a German professor is that it arose because of a low sex ratio following the religious wars of seventeenth-century Europe (Daily Telegraph 3 ii '00). The professor thinks people felt guilty about refusing the now-so-numerous demands from widows and spinsters for common charity and thus worked themselves into a psychological tizz and killed the women instead. -- One can't have a German history without 'guilt' in it!}

Holocaust History

An interesting reflection:

….if there were the slightest likelihood that the Nazis had in fact executed six million Jews, World Jewry would scream for subsidies with which to do research on the question, and Israel would throw its archives and files open to historians. They have not done so. On the contrary, they have persecuted anyone who tries to investigate impartially and even call him an anti--Semite.
    ….Those who throw around large round numbers, like six million gassed, four million in Auschwitz, two million by mobile units in Russia, let them come up with the proofs -- the graves, the bones, the ashes. Six million corpses do not just disappear.

Do Israel's records really remain closed? One would certainly have thought that the basic principle of 'more research is necessary' would have asserted itself once the sacred figure of 'six million' [Jews holocausted] was revised downwards by most Western historians through the 1990's.

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

Black-White IQ Gap

Claims that the Black-White difference in intelligence is narrowing are considered and dismissed by Charles Murray at Murray finds no evidence of any such trend on the gfluid factor in his National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data over the past generation. In so far as convergence has been reported by others, it appears to have occurred on more educationally loaded tests; and even this effect on gcrystallized halted in 1985. The convergence that occurred was due to an improvement of the scores of lower-IQ Black testees, perhaps reflecting relatively improved health care and economic conditions for them in the aftermath of the Second World War. That Black scores might generally rise swiftly towards those of Whites has been one of the hope of James Flynn who in the 1980's rediscovered the secular rise of IQ scoring that had first been observe by R. D. Tuddenham in 1948 ('Soldier intelligence in World Wars I and II', American Psychologist 3, 54-56).


An engaging account of 'language' in a grey parrot has been reviewed in Science (11 ii '00). [The parrot, it should be said, looked perfectly colourful in his photo.] One Irene Pepperberg, hailing from Chicago but now at the University of Arizona, has spent the last twelve years teaching her parrot, 'Alex', to find verbally named objects and to indicate -- by pecks on a keyboard -- their colour and shape. 'Alex' can also count up to six and announce that it wants to eat a nut. Science is impressed that Pepperberg's effort may show that language is not entirely innate and could involve 'social and cultural' factors. However, the animal is admitted to have mastered only two verbs in its entire history of instruction -- 'wanna' and 'gonna' -- so the case for thinking it grasps the subject-verb-object structure of the real world hangs by something of a thread.

{Such tricks as the bird has were taught by the 'model-rival' method -- defying all the principles of classical environmentalistic behaviourism. 'Alex' would witness Ms Pepperburg asking an assistant to name an object much in demand by parrots, e.g. pasta, or a lady parrot. If the assistant answered correctly, he was given the pasta, or lady parrot. Then it was Alex's turn. Thus was Alex induced to squawk 'pasta' or 'pudenda.'}


Fruit fly gene map complete

Scientists may be a step closer to mapping the entire human genome thanks to progress made in decoding the genetic make-up of the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). The scientists behind the collaborative effort are believed to be ready to publish their results next month -- 18 months ahead of the initial schedule. The project will be discussed at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) annual meeting currently taking place in Washington DC. The achievement is being widely hailed as a dramatic and important development in science -- it is the most complex organism yet to have its genome decoded.

Health and Wealth

(Science 2000;287:1207-1209)

Healthy nations are more likely to become wealthy, say researchers David E. Bloom (Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts) and David Canning (Queen's University of Belfast, UK). Ignoring the role of IQ, literacy and education in producing better health, they cite the example of East Asian economic growth from the mid-1960s to 1990, which followed major changes in healthcare due to new medicines and improved public health and sanitation. They also blame the problems of sub-Saharan Africa on its huge disease burden -- neglecting that the AIDS burden has resulted from self-chosen lifestyles including wilfully unlubricated vaginal and anal intercourse.

Paedophile Pride

It has long been suspected that Bernard Montgomery, the victor of El Alamein, was something of a paedophile -- to judge by his lifetime interests and the love for him of his troops. Yet what of his great opponent, Erwin Rommel? Certainly Rommel and Montgomery both "selected predominantly young and handsome officers for their 'military households'", records David Irving (1977, Rommel: the Trail of the Fox, Weidenfeld & Nicholson). Certainly Rommel had an ill-favoured though loyal wife whose impersonality of correspondence leads Irving to remark that she could have been selected for him by German High Command. Certainly Rommel had a common touch that endeared him to his troops -- he was no aloof Prussian Junker but an earthy, bull-necked Swabian who liked nothing letter than poring over motor engines in short trousers alongside his men. But did he have the essential juvenility of interest of the true paedophile (however latent)? Irving records the following incident when Rommel -- no blushing wallflower, fully seeking and enjoying the German public's hero worship -- visited Berlin. He had just astonished the world by capturing Tobruk, Libya, and been elevated to Field Marshal. Irving is noting an episode from the history of his own researches into Erwin Rommel.

In Munich {c. 1974}, Frau Anneliese Schmundt telephoned my hotel. She is the widow of Rudolf Schmundt, Hitler's chief adjutant, who was killed by the assassins of July 1944. It was ten years since I had first read her diaries and taken tea with her -- a quiet, genteel East Prussian who has long put the bitterness of the past behind her. 'You're looking into the life of Rommel,' she said. 'I met him only once -- when he came to Berlin in the autumn of 1942. We were giving a large dinner party, he phoned Rudolf, and of course Rudolf said he must come round. All the guests waited with excitement for the legendary Rommel to appear -- and you know what? My son opened the door, Rommel asked what he had just been given for his birthday, my little boy said a train set, and they both went upstairs and played with it for the rest of the evening. He never came and met our guests at all.'

Perhaps it is not too surprising that, during his despairing, gasoline-starved retreat along the North African coast after El Alamein, outnumbered 6-to-1 by Montgomery's army, Rommel's first though was to try to save his young troops. After savagings from Hitler and Goering that had reduced him to tears on the shoulder of fellow Field Marhal, Erhard Milch, the dejected Rommel was relieved at Christmas 1942 when food parcels, letters and crates of oranges arrived despite the now 90% successful British blockade of Tripoli. After stacking the goodies in his car and driving to the front from his damp bunker to distribute them, Rommel wrote: "That's what I like most of all -- driving out to the troops. It takes your mind off things, and you can see the fresh young German soldiers."

Black Pride

(Times Higher 18 ii '00)

Did Black Ancient Egyptians invent the helicopter so as to build the Pyramids?

You have to be joking, reckons Cambridge University's Professor of Classical Archaeology, Antony Snodgrass. Reviewing a new book on Afrocentrism,* Snodgrass congratulates the author on steering readers successfully through "the landscape of studied and increasing irrationality that Afrocentrism has become." The book is so splendidly damning of Afrocentrism, Snodgrass says, that "no American publisher would have dared to issue it."

Stephen HOWE (2000). Afrocentrism: Mythical Pasts and Imagined Homes. London : Verso. Pp. 337. UK£22.

Oral Hygiene Realism


At a health propaganda class for nursery children and their parents, a dentist showed how teeth should be brushed. 'My Mum doesn't do it that way," said Junior. "Go on, Mum, take your teeth out and show them!"











STOP PRESS  Austrian far-right Freedom Party leader Joerg Haider has resigned -- apparently to devote himself to the governorship of Carinthia and to be ready to return to national politics when the present government becomes unpopular for policies of financial retrenchment. Haider's party will now be nominally led by his perky former press officer, redhead 'Susie' Riess-Passer, 39 -- otherwise known as Queen Cobra for her infamous strikes during party purges.



-- 'Advance, Ken Whittingstone!' say Londoners --

As this newsletter goes to press, Britain awaits what would be the most dramatic development in Western politics since the last Labour split opened the way to power for Margaret Thatcher.
      In 1979, a former Labour Chancellor-of-the-Exchequer, the liberal-left Roy Jenkins (political hero to Mr Blair), used a televised lecture to split the palæosocialist Labour Party's vote by forming the Social Democratic Party (which rejected pacifism and inflation). This week may see a similar lethal breakaway from neosocialist Labour -- but organized by the old left. Already Britain's top left-wing Sunday newspaper, the Observer, urges such a development; the moderate-left Independent on Sunday fears it; the left-wing tabloid, the Sunday Mirror, believes it will occur; and the Labour Party itself, wishing to appear in control of events, is saying the split will occur.
      If the childless but newt-keeping Mr Ken Livingstone -- a supporter of both 'minority' rights and nationalization -- decides to run as an independent candidate to become the new elected Mayor of London, he will undoubtedly win much leftist support. After all, Livingstone backed the IRA, gay rights and Black pride long before Labour adopted its present compromise with these causes. By pledging to keep the Tube -- the world's biggest mass transport system -- from privatization, he will also win 'old Labour' union support. And he will enjoy much popular backing so long as he has a chance of winning funding from the Treasury. Further, Red Ken will attract Conservative support as the first big thorn in Mr Blair's flesh.
      As with Roy Jenkins' "experimental aircraft" of the SDP, few Labour MPs would be brave enough to join up overtly with Livingstone for the ride. Even Livingstone's 'partner', Kate Allen, does not want him to defect. But the haemorrhage of votes from people fed up that three years of New Labour rule have not delivered more welfare, equality and reduction of transport miseries would be substantial. The bitterness within Labour would be massive. Livingstone is said to anticipate an extremely dirty campaign against him if he declines Government sweeteners and stands. (Most Londoners already believe that Mr Blair has spent the last four months arranging that Livingstone would not become the official Labour candidate.)
      What if Livingstone can be bought off -- for example, with an offer to make him Minister for London so long as he doesn't actually announce immediately that the Blair privatization programme will be scrapped? If Labour had to shift towards palæosocialist demands to tax and spend, it would have been proved that lukewarm PC-multiculturalism and pseudo-devolution do not in fact provide enough leftish cover for a government that largely backs capitalism, free trade, low inflation and financial probity. At the same time, a move back to an economic socialism that transfers income from the rich to poor -- or at least to the Government -- would quickly lose the votes of middle-class Brits which Mr Blair worked so hard to gain in the 1990's. PC is all very fine while people are making money. Indeed, it provides a religion for the guilt-prone and a rationale for firms wanting to unload members of the awkward squad. But Blairite doses of PC-authoritarianism would not be at all so attractive to people who were already paying higher taxes to help the denizens of the Tube -- today a sweaty and multicultural beach scene for much of the day -- and, inevitably, countless other nationalized empires of welfare.

Here is how Times columnist Tim Hames has described the background to New Labour's now suddenly visible problems in 'The impotence of being Tony' (24 ii '00).

"It should be clear by now that [the Blairites] have been the victims of a counter-revolution. …The famous emphasis on "education, education, education" disguises the extent to which every initiative in this field emerges only in a mutated form after a bruising battle between the Blair brigades in Downing Street and [Education Minister] David Blunkett, ably reinforced by the Department for Education and Employment. The Prime Minister has been obliged to settle not so much for half a loaf as a ciabatta. ….There are simply not enough Blairites in the right places to enforce a Blair revolution. …The emperor is not naked, but he carries a suitcase stocked with very small swimsuits."

Nothing has gone right for Mr Blair lately, and he has indeed proved "impotent" to deliver several of his own major promises: more harmony with and indeed 'leadership' of the European Union, fast track learning in schools, reformed national insurance (lifting the growing burden on Britain's younger workers), unclogging Britain's roads, proportional representation (promised to the Liberals, who have been much betrayed) and effective devolution. Even Blair's devolutionary fudge for Northern Ireland has proved a poorly-thought-out illusion -- though it was at once popular with voters as a chance for peace, and intended to realize the genuinely important objective of extricating Britain from the province without an outbreak of civil war affecting the whole of Ireland.

Failure to deliver any worthwhile version of decentralized power is arguably at the heart of Mr Blair's problem with London. Proper devolution must necessarily include tax-raising powers. Otherwise voters will cheerfully put into local power politicians who will make a splash and grab as much money as possible from Westminster to keep them quiet. At least, so says the leading article in the latest issue of the Labour-supporting New Statesman (28 ii '00). Already, Wales has kicked out a Blairite supremo who did not deliver new cash from central Government; Londoners would certainly vote for tube trains that work at lower fares -- supported out of national taxation; and the Scottish Parliament has turned out to be representative only of PC and, in particular, pro-gay opinion. (Since the Scottish Parliament had minimal taxing powers, which Labour promised not to use, there was no reason why ordinary people should bother voting in its 1999 elections -- and they didn't.) The half-hearted devolution is bizarre, says the New Statesman: "Having devoted so many years to burying the left-loonies and the old Labour spendthrifts, [Labour] now presents them with the perfect platform."

Even if Red Ken Livingstone stays within the Labour Party and makes a deal with Blair over London, Labour faces losing the forthcoming by-election in Ayr, south-west of Glasgow, where Mr Brian Souter and the Roman Catholic Church are making a big push* to oppose the Scottish Parliament and save 'Clause 28' (thus keeping homosexual propaganda out of schools -- see McDNL 18 i '00, Sodomitic Scotland: TOP LABOUR BUSINESSMAN ROCKS THE BOAT). A pretence of devolution was Mr Blair's way of appearing to be 'doing something' against what he has liked to call 'the forces of conservatism.' Yet the pretence is proving feeble, unpopular and positively dangerous to him as irresponsible constitutional bodies interest only irresponsible and unrepresentative voters.

* Billboards in Ayr display a picture of Scotland's First Minister Donald Dewar with his fingers in his ears. The caption reads: "THE LISTENING GOVERNMENT DOESN'T LISTEN. 66% OF SCOTS BACK THE CLAUSE."


In a bid to arrest his slide in opinion poll ratings, Third Way architect Mr Blair has announced that GM foods are "potentially harmful" (Independent on Sunday, p. 1). By contrast, this time last year, the Blair Government had declared "every confidence" in the "very safe" new foods, let it be known that the UK would be a world centre for GM food development, and helped bundle into premature retirement the Aberdeen research scientist, Arpad Pusztai, who had pointed to hazards of genetically engineered potatoes.


Big Black wife-walloping columnist Darcus Howe has the Red Ken feeling that he is on the winning side even if progress under Mr Blair has been modest (New Statesman 28 ii '00). Today, Darkust observes from his Brixton stamping ground, the entire British media happily talk of London's police as "racist." By contrast, when Darcus wrote of racism in the Met for a small Black periodical in 1968, the fuzz appeared promptly to take his front door off its hinges and threaten him with a charge of criminal libel.


The palaeosocialist left will need to hurry if it is to dent New Labour. A new Establishment of left-leaning lawyers, showbusiness figures, academics and businesspersons has been surreptitiously levered into key positions of power in Britain under New Labour, according to a study published by the Thatcherite Centre for Policy Studies. The patronage of modern Prime Minister massively exceeds the 100 government jobs that were all that an incoming British government had to offer even in 1950. McDNL bete-noire Lord Melvyn Braggs of Beeb is especially remarked as one of the great and good. Ennobled by Blair in 1998, the South Bank Show presenter is a prime example of the showbusiness, culture and the arts wing of the new Establishment. A high profile New Labour supporter from the Kinnock years, and a substantial donor to the party, he has formidable connections at the BBC and London Weekend TV (where he is Controller of Yarts). He is president of the National Campaign for the Arts and, like a string of other new Labour figures, is a Governor of the London School of Economics (headed by Third Way socioburbler Antony Giddens -- see McDNLs passim). Outrageously, poor Darcust Howe has not even been knighted -- though somebody did wangle him a TV series all to himself, wandering around Britain meeting White-racist biological throwbacks to pre-Blair days (notably in William McDougall's once-proud hometown of Oldham, Lancashire).

LUniversity of Edinburgh

(Student [Edinburgh], 23 ii '00)


The university which finds truth too uncomfortable has lost another student -- a postgraduate who had tragically not been told the insensitive truth that climbing sheer rock faces can lead to sudden death. The 23-year-old, Reefye Kadel {hardly a Gaelic name}, plummeted 40 feet to his doom while trying to climb the cliff face of Salisbury Crags. The spot, just 20 minutes' walk from the LUniversity's admin block, Old College, is popular with trainee mountaineers; but Mr Kadel attempted to climb the cliff without a harness, helmet or other safety gear. Emitting an ear-splitting scream as he fell, according to witnesses, the E.LU. student sustained massive head injuries from which he died 24 hours later in the capital's Royal Infirmary despite heroic efforts by doctors and nurses to compensate for the LUniversity's failure to meet the needs of students it currently likes to select.

The episode followed hard on the heels of three suicides-by-leaping of E.LU. female students (McDNL 8 ii '00 -- one leaped from Salisbury Crags, one from the LUniversity's tallest tower block, and the third from her flat overlooking the LUniversity Library) and a further two by students at other educational establishments in Edinburgh which maintain friendly links with the LUniversity. Breaking his former silence on the subject, genius multicultural theologian E.LU. Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland gave students the following advice: "Maybe you do not want to talk to Lecturer X or Professor Z, but there is a student next door or the student you share a flat with who would be willing to listen. It is the touch with the human link which is critical here." {Unless the student next door has already despaired of the LUniversity and flung herself to her death….} The LUniversity's new Rector, Robin Harper, a Green Party enthusiast with grey hair, glasses and a limply knotted kipper tie said he was "disappointed" by "sensationalistic and insensitive" press coverage of the spate of deaths at the LUniversity and offered his advice: "University staff involved in welfare (such as wardens) need smaller groups of students and more time to help them. The second strategy is to spend part of the first few tutorials which students attend in general socialisation to ensure the total involvement of all the students." Dame Stewart, 104, has still not read The g Factor and plans to increase the number of 'minority' students at the luni by using new selection tests that do not require either intelligence or knowledge (McDNL 15 ii '00).


How can E.LU. have attracted the custom of Prince William, whose own grandfather is accused of racism by E.LU. students? The answer is pretty plain from revelations of the cocaine-fuelled lifestyle of bubbly blonde E.LU. socialite, Izzy Winkler (Sunday Times 27 ii '00). Izzy, 22 is a third-year student of Philosophy and the sociometric star of Edinburgh's top-of-the-market yuppies. Said to have been seen snorting coke in London recently, she is the best friend of Laura Parker Bowles -- the daughter of Prince Charles's partner Camilla. Izzy's brother, Tom, is in turn the best mate of Wills. Tom admitted his cocaine habit to the media last year. Detectives guarding the young prince have recently asked for guidance and been told to arrest anyone trying to sell or give cocaine to Wills.

Reparations / Statute of Limitations


-- Not content with being beastly to the Germans, the U.S.A. is now letting its Holocaust-practised lawyers loose on the Japanese --

Reuters 22 ii '00


SANTA ANA, California -- Two class-action lawsuits have been filed in a California state court against Mitsubishi Corp. and Mitsui & Co., charging the Japanese industrial giants with brutally exploiting hundreds of thousands of slave laborers during World War II.
    The suit, filed by the Washington, D.C. law firm of Milberg, Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach in Orange County Superior Court, seeks billions of dollars in compensation from the two companies for POWs and civilians, whom it said were victims of torture and inhumane treatment.
    The law firm said there are between 300,000 and 400,000 former prisoners of war still alive who would qualify for the class action suit and, when the number of civilian slave laborers are included, that figure could rise into the millions. The former U.S. prisoners of war, and Chinese and Vietnamese civilians who are now U.S. nationals, allege that the companies, through their agents, starved, beat and executed prisoners forced to work in coal mines, factories and other facilities.
    Spokesmen for Mitsui (8031.T) and Mitsubishi (8058.T) declined comment, saying the companies have not had a chance to review the lawsuits. A spokesman for the Japanese Consulate in Los Angeles said Japan believes the 1951 peace treaty between the United States and Japan bars American claims against Japan or Japanese business for reparations.
    The suits are the latest in a series of claims against Japanese companies for alleged atrocities during World War II. In mid-September of last year, a class action suit on behalf of hundreds of former American POWs was filed against five major Japanese firms. A similar suit was filed in December against several mining, steel and construction companies. ``The tens of thousands of slave laborers who suffered at the hands of Japanese corporations deserve justice. Japanese corporations should take responsibility for these atrocities,'' attorney Bill Lerach, a partner at Milberg Weiss, said in a statement. Milberg Weiss was one of the law firms which brought suit against German corporations for their treatment of slave laborers during the war. Under the aegis of the German government, a $5 billion dollar compensation fund was established late last year, avoiding trials.
    The suits against Mitsubishi and Mitsui were filed under a 1999 California law which extended the deadline to file forced labor claims against the Nazis and their co-conspirators, which Milberg Weiss argued in court papers included the Japanese government and the country's major corporations. Lerach said, ``No treaty among nations can nullify slave laborers' claims for violations of fundamental human rights.''


LONDON (Yahoo! News 23 ii '00) -- Three British World War II prisoners of war are among those filing in California against Japan Energy Corporation -- whose subsidiary Nippon Mining Corporation forced the prisoners to dig copper in Taiwan's Kinkaseki mine. Arthur Titherington, Henry Blackham and Fergus McGhie -- all now in their late 70s or 80s -- say they were given poor food and no medical care by the company while working in the mine and were subjected to constant vicious beatings. Under British law, too much time has passed to be able to mount a claim. If successful, they would pave the way for similar claims from some 500 prisoners or their relatives.

{Reparation-hunting is no novelty. Jewish groups have persuaded the West that they were the chief of the twentieth century's 'victims.' Though Jewry chose to fight Germany in 1917 and continued its battle in 1934 -- while leaving its elderly, sick, mothers and children in Germany to the mercies of a dictator who was a self-declared anti-Semite -- Jewish media dominance has been used to make affecting Holocaust propaganda. The idea has been that the Jewish race is distinguished not by intelligence and sensible eugenic practices but by an innocent victimhood that should now be richly compensated. For their part, the West's politicians have been happy enough to go along with this. It distracts attention from the murderous twentieth-century evil of communism and the continuing social folly of uniformitarian though half-hearted monogamy. Redressing ancient injustices looks easy enough when it involves just a few Jews or victims of 'child abuse.' (What does it matter if a small number of lives are unravelled? Punishing men in their eighties for their one-time anti-communism or harmless sexual peccadilloes is fun; and it is easier than making things up to the families of those who were starved to death in communist gulags and to the children who have had to grow up with a single low-IQ parent.) Now the West is going to try the same trick on the Japanese -- welcomed as partners in economic growth since 1945 but easy to pick on since no-one in school likes them much (especially their big neighbour across the East China Sea). In their turn, the Japanese will doubtless demand revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki and egg on US Black people to demand compensation for their forefathers' enslavement -- even though Afro-Americans are on average the luckiest Blacks alive. For its general lack of statutes of limitations, the West, though it depends more on explicit contract than any previous society, is about to kick off the legs of the table on which it has been sitting. Unless the West can regain a respect for contract, the simple imperatives of Islam will appear attractive as the only way of ending the whingeing of its 'victimised' 'minorities.' It beggars belief that a country like Britain has not said a generous thank-you to its servicemen of 1939-45. Still worse, Britain is prepared to see them hawking their cases around an increasingly litigious world in which all bargaining will soon become impossible for fear of what 'human rights' artists may say thirty years later.}

{Not content with tolerating the degeneration of marriage into a fool's contract in which women have most of the rights, Western Christianity has also forgotten that it is supposed to be in favour of forgiveness. Despairing for trade in the West, the Church has shamelessly devoted itself to encouraging revenge by victims -- even when it has had to jettison harmless paedophile priests who had given a lifetime of kindly service to local communities. Instead of the blesséd 'poor in spirit' being told they will do better in heaven, they are now told they can inherit the earth. Instead of serving as a soothing social opiate, Western Christianity now makes for irresponsibility and spite. Starved of brain power since its foolish arguments with Galileo and Darwin, the Church has become an active participant in destroying the Western world. (The West was built upon veneration of a martyred Christ who had fearlessly criticized the hypocrisies of his own society. Sadly, at what may now be the end of its useful life, the Western Church has wilfully added Galton to its selected enemies and actively urges unrealism about race, sex and human intelligence.) Now the Church worships its own selected victims -- alimony-grubbing wives and Black and Jewish reparation-seekers -- rather than the Christ who was crucified for denouncing money-changing in the temple. Strange. That same Christ had long been remembered by Christians themselves for idealistically urging universal love and saying "Bless those that persecute you."}

U.K. Immigration Realism


Yahoo News, Justin Davenport, Crime Correspondent

A rape victim is suing the Home Office for failing to deport a bogus asylum seeker who assaulted her and a schoolboy at knifepoint before he was finally caught and jailed.
    In a potential landmark case, the woman is claiming "substantial" damages for negligence because Home Office officials did not carry out a deportation order following a previous offence even though they knew the man's address and the risks of him re-offending.
    African-born Rashid Musa, 22, received five life sentences at Snaresbrook Crown Court last August after he was found guilty of raping the 46-year-old woman in a London hospital and a schoolboy in the lavatory of an Eastbourne to Victoria train in 1998. But in 1997, Home Secretary Jack Straw had ordered Musa's deportation following his release from an earlier jail sentence for the serious sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. However, Home Office officials said they had "insufficient resources" to arrest him, even though they knew where he lived.
    Sentencing him to life in August, Judge David Radford told Musa: "You are an evil and dangerous man." He condemned the deportation blunder, saying: "It is utterly lamentable that, with your criminal record and immigration history the Home Office didn't act with the expedition we would have hoped for."
    Musa, described by psychiatrists as a psychopath, was said to have got a buzz from his victims' screams. ….Musa arrived in Britain in 1992 and was allowed exceptional leave to remain until October 1994. In July that year, he seriously sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl twice at his Battersea flat. In February 1998, he raped the woman in a hospital lavatory. The next day, he assaulted the schoolboy.


David Irving  versus  Penguin + Lipstadt

{Cf. McDNLs i/ii 2000 passim)

Transcripts of this crucial trial have ceased to be provided to Irving by the High Court unless he pays UK£100 per day. Apparently the Court does not like Irving putting the transcripts up on the Web -- where Irving has maintained a blow-by-blow account of proceedings that contrasts markedly with the secretiveness of the defendants. Nor is the UK press interested in Irving's lengthy cross-examination of the Cambridge historian Richard Evans -- with the exception of the Jewish Chronicle, which Irving praises for its fair reporting.

Irving has been demanding what exactly constitutes Holocaust denial -- since he himself does not deny that millions of civilians were killed unlawfully by the Nazis. Professor Evans estimates the Holocaust as involving around five-and-a-half million. By contrast, stone memorials at Auschwitz-Birkenau have recorded variously "four million" and "about one-and-a-half million" (for photos see

Irving asserted that many of those said to have been killed at Auschwitz had, in fact, been smuggled to Palestine by the Haganah Jewish underground. But Evans dismissed the argument as "a fantastic claim backed by no documentary evidence." Mr Irving had been "simply suggesting this out of thin air," he said.

Happily, Irving, who is effectively on trial for his professional life, continues to sound up-beat. Apparently, "unlike all the exterminationist historians, the judge has been wowed by the Schlegelberger document (Spring, 1942) -- Hitler ordering Final Solution postponed until the end of the war. He refuses to accept the defendants' version that this was just the red tape on the mixed-marriages, and made this quite clear from his remarks and from his energetic highlighting of the passages that really matter (which is always a good clue)."

His daughter is a dote. Here is Irving recounting one Sunday morning in his Mayfair home.

"Asleep at 8 a.m., I hear the phone ringing, and Jessica, six, answers. Later, she wakes me and says somebody phoned: "I told them Mummy is sick and you are in bed asleep." While I am writing this morning, she hides in the cubby-hole under the desk (sometimes I wish I could do that too). She asks à propos of nothing, at 11:02 AM, "Daddy, why don't you get one of those 'lawyers' to do all the work for you, then you would have more time to play games with me. You could play Hide and Seek with me! You could get loads of lawyers." Their little ears are wide open all day long, picking things up and processing them."

Irving himself should be back in the witness box shortly.


(Times 24 & 25 ii '00)


Believing he was doing God's will, a devout 43-year-old Methodist hacked off the head of the 34-year-old separated mother of two (one 8 years, the other 6 months) who lived next door. Anthony Phillips, a church steward, had discovered that the second child of Lorraine Howell was his own grandson -- the product of an affair between Mrs Howell and Phillips' 17-year-old son which had begun a little before the boy turned 16. Just after his wife had offered to make him a bacon sandwich one afternoon, Phillips hopped over his garden fence, entered Mrs Howell's kitchen and assaulted her using an axe, cutting her head off. When police rushed to the scene, he offered no resistance to arrest and explained that Mrs Howell was a "paedophile rapist" and that he felt he had been chosen as the man who "would do God's way." Later, he stated that his attack had occurred in "a kind of frenzy." Now he hopes Birmingham Crown Court will find him guilty not of murder but of manslaughter while the balance of his mind was disturbed.

It is much to be hoped that some researcher will be able to explore the role played in the disturbance of Mr Phillips' mind by tabloid press vengefulness about the cases of so-called paedophiles who have been heavily punished for essentially victimless crimes. Recent examples were:

Speech Criminal

(Sunday Times 27 ii '00)

{cf. McDNL 1 ii '00, CARELESS TALK MAY COST ACADEMIC CAREER: Females sneak on male don who dished dirt}

Having decided to suspend one of its top professors and put him under secret Inquiry for common room gossip, Oxford University might have hoped for a quiet life. In vain. Enemies of Professor Anderson -- who had jested that a female colleague probably owed her promotion to some spreadeagling for the head of the Zoology Department -- have now suggested that the professor was ripping of the Wellcome Foundation by persuading them to fund exactly the research that drug companies wanted. Wellcome is Oxford's biggest single donor, giving the university UK£25 million annually -- much of which was spent on the advice of Professor Anderson.

{Nothing like kicking a man while he's down! One might have thought that the sages of Oxford would have known better than become involved letting loose a witch-hunt concerning nothing more than an expression of opinion.}

29 ii 2000  

MITROVICA, Kosovo (23 ii '00) -- Multicultural insanity -- Nato peacekeepers who had let common-sense ethnic cleansing occur in Mitrovica were told by their lunatic political bosses that they must re-introduce Albanians into the northern, Serbian, side of the city. Oliver Ivanovic, a leader of the Serb community in Mitrovica, said it was still too soon for the Albanians to return to their homes. ``Wherever the Albanians insist on a multiethnic community there are soon no more Serbs,'' he said.

KOSOVO (BBCRadio4UK 26 ii '00, 08:10) -- Lord George 'Spud-U-Like' Robertson, Nato's Secretary General whose face resembles a potato, re-asserted his own and Nato's determination to produce a "multi-ethnic democracy" in Kosovo. He wants this even though Kosovo has become largely ethnically segregated in the year since the West demanded occupancy of Serbia at Rambouillet. Robertson showed precisely zero interest in working with the merciful ethnic cleansing that has occurred despite Nato occupation and fatuous neosocialist idealism. Asked about the "genocide" which he had long claimed to be occurring in Kosovo -- thereby justifying Nato's 100-day high-tech bombing campaign of 1999 -- Robertson insisted that the Serbs had killed 10,000 ethnic Albanians, a proposition for which even the BBC's once intervention-backing journalists can today find no serious evidence. Robertson was not asked whether Nato's seizure of dirt-poor Kosovo had given Russia the green light to take Chechnya and perhaps Georgia, and China the green light to seize Taiwan. But he did deny more troops were needed -- and was thus confuted within 12 hours as Nato General Wesley Clark restated and achieved his objective of gaining 2,000 reinforcements to his 37,000-strong force so as to carry out his mission for the multiculture-loving politicians. A spring campaign is expected by the KLA to 'liberate' more ethnic Albanians in the south-Serbian towns of Medvedja, Bujanovac and Presevo before going on the create Greater Albania and laugh itself silly at Nato's multicultural illusions. Last week Serb police killed 15 Albanians in the border towns while losing 5 of their own number.

JOHANNESBURG -- 'Racism' realism -- One of the accusations against newspapers made by South Africa's Human Rights Commission {McDNL 22 ii '00} is of racism in providing too much sports coverage. What should the papers have been doing? Why, reporting the inauguration ceremony of South Africa's new supreme fuehrer Thabo Mbeki, of course! The McCarthyite persecution is organized by one Dr Barney Pityani, a marginal who is a close pal of President Mbeki.

NEW YORK -- Stop'n'shoot OK -- Only around 1,500 raucous protesters, shouting epithets at police, disrupted traffic in Manhattan as they complained of the verdict of a one-third-Black jury (including a brave Black forewoman). The Albany jurors had found, after 3 days deliberation, that an African immigrant, Amadou Diallou, was not killed unlawfully when he failed to freeze and put his hands up for four White policemen who had challenged him. NY police often use guns because of the large amount of crime in the city, the majority of it caused by the city's Black population; but they did not shoot anyone on the demo, contenting themselves with making 90 arrests. Demonstrators carried black wallets because Diallou had foolishly reached for his wallet when told to freeze. Diallou died in a hail of 41 bullets, 19 of which hit him, raising question about police training. The professional Black agitator, Rev. Al Sharpton, said he still planned to use the affair to bring stop-and-shoot policies to an end but did not say whether he preferred transportation instead. {From Cyprus came news that the son of Black agitator Louis Farrakhan was being sought by police for bashing his wife over the head with a metal tea tray.}

LONDON -- Asylumalunacy -- Britain's 79 remaining high-profile arrivals from Afghanistan seem all set to be granted asylum. Despite Home Secretary Jack Straw talking tough to the media, he is bound by law -- and mercifully so, since the hijackers are an elite group and would face drastic humanitarian repercussions if they were returned to the Taliban. However, the case must force a drastic redrawing of immigration legislation -- allowing only a small number of high-quality immigrants who have plainly shown much courage for liberal convictions, and committed no international crimes in the process, but excluding most others. There can surely be no need to accept Kosovan refugees when Nato has its soldiers there to protect the people.

MILAN, Italy ( 22 ii '00) -- Skirts against discomfort -- The backlash against Austria's right-wing Freedom Party reached the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week when Guillermo Mariotti, a young Italian designer, showed a ballgown, hand-painted with the face of Joerg Haider, the party leader, against a background of suffering men, women and children, with a large swastika and the word "No" painted in large red letters. The designer, who has Italian and Venezuelan parents, said: "Everyone has to stand up and defend human rights. I am doing it my own way -- not with guns, but with skirts. I am against any situation, in Austria, or anywhere, that reminds me of the scariness of the Nazi regime."

KADUNA, Nigeria (CNN 22 ii '00) -- Nigerian soldiers were called into action to end deadly clashes between Christians and Muslims over Muslim calls for strict Islamic law. Dozens of people were killed, their bodies left on the streets, over two days of rioting. More than 1,000 people have been killed in religion-based violence in Nigeria in the past ten months. {Islamic Sharia law demands abstention from alcohol, single-sex schools and marital faithfulness -- all sensible requirements of low-IQ people, especially when polygamy allows all women to find a good husband.}

WASHINGTON (Reuters 22 ii '00) -- Decrying racial disparities in America, which have persisted despite colossal largesse from politicians, President Bill Clinton announced another $223 million in racist handouts to 'help provide education and job training' to 44,000 poor young people from minorities. The White House said the grants range from $4 million to $11 million each and focus on youth who live in high-poverty urban, rural and Native American communities.

LONDON -- Labour lies -- Following McDNL's (22 ii '00) exposure of the inanities of the UK Home Office report on the supposedly grievous medical problems of General Pinochet, all four countries wanting him tried [Spain, France, Switzerland and Belgium] denounced the report as inadequate (Yahoo News 23 ii '00). A Spanish human rights organization, Justicia, claimed Pinochet had been trained by a Chilean psychiatrist resident in Britain to give answers that would fool Britain's geriatricians -- notoriously lacklustre professionals even when not actually paid to produce a politically convenient diagnosis. {Pinochet should never have been arrested. He was too old, too sick [he had come to London for surgery] and his crimes were too ancient and anyhow justifiable as having spared his country from communism and civil war. But, having detained him, New Labour has lurched from stupidity to stupidity and now even into a brazen deception for which Jack Straw should resign.}

BERLIN (Times 25 ii '00) -- Apparently hell-bent on multiculturalism, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is advertising for 30,000 Indians to come to Germany to work in computing and information technology. Germany already has 80,000 unemployed computer-persons, so to risk a Haiderian backlash may seem strange. But immigrants will work for much less -- and Schroeder may be race-realistic enough to know that the Caucasian people of southern India are renowned for their numeracy, indeed for mathematical genius.

LONDON (Times 25 ii '00) -- Multiminority rainbow…. -- A Black, well, marginal woman of singularly asperse, indeed mannish appearance, has gone on trial in the High Court for homophobic blackmail. Of Caribbean origin, she allegedly tried to avoid repayment of a loan, threatening to expose her benefactor as a homosexual.

MANCHESTER (Times 25 ii '00) -- Paedophile Pride -- Showing astonishing initiative, a 79-year-old man managed to take a 10-year-old boy into Strangeways maximum security prison 'so that he could be abused' by a 40-year inmate serving a 7-year sentence for paedophilic molestations. Now the inmate will be given a life sentence for his cheek in arranging the exercise. {As always, the UK media provide no details of the fearsome scenes, presumably enacted under the noses of prison officers, that could justify the award of Britain's maximum penalty.}

EDINBURGH (Yahoo! News 27 ii '00) -- Neosocialist schools fail to impress -- Demand for places at many of Scotland's private schools is running at an all-time high, with some of the most popular greatly oversubscribed. The growing queues for places in the independent sector have led schools to become yet more selective and to turn away half or more of all applications. Patrick Tobin, the principal of Stewart's Melville College and The Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh, said that this year there had been an unprecedented volume of applications which he attributed to mounting disillusionment with the state sector. Mr Tobin said he believed all schools in Scotland would become independent within the next 20 years. He said: "Sooner or later the penny will drop that the best schools are the ones which run their own affairs and not run by local authorities. That is beginning to happen in England and it will happen here too."

LOS ANGELES (Reuters 25 ii '00) -- Pervs get a little bolder -- A gay rights group is organizing newspaper ads attacking popular talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger as ``America's No. 1 messenger of anti-gay advice,'' despite the 53-year-old blowsy blonde's insistence to her 18-million-strong TV audience that she is not biased against homosexuals. In 1998/9, Schlessinger's antics {see McDNL 28 vii '99} persuaded the cowardly American Psychological Association to express regret that one of its academic journals had published research showing paedophilia to be largely harmless; and America's timorous homosexuals did nothing to support research that could have helped spare many harmless ebophiles and paedophiles from long jail sentences. Now an ad placed by the San Francisco-based Horizons Foundation in the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner and in the Los Angeles Times has said: ``What Dr. Laura says about gays and lesbians is her business. Dealing with the aftermath is all of ours.'' The ad went on to accuse Schlessinger of voicing anti-gay views to win support for Proposition 22, a proposal to bar same-sex marriages that goes before California voters in a referendum on March 7.

CHICAGO (UPI 26 ii '00) -- Black crack realism -- The Chicago City Council approved an anti-gang loitering ordinance amid warnings that it will "legalize racial profiling." Debate on the ordinance -- which defines "gang and narcotics loitering" and limits enforcement to designated "hot spots", aiming to curb control of the streets by Black drug dealers who currently rent out favoured street spots -- took two-and-a-half hours and divided the Council's Black caucus.

QUEENSLAND, Workers' Paradise -- Australia's top Aboriginal health expert says she suffered spinal injuries when she was thrown into the back of a Paddy wagon after telling six officers they were acting like the Ku Klux Klan. Professor Gracelyn Smallwood was accustomed to helping drive intoxicated Aboriginals home after their evenings of welfare drinking; but she saw red when police arrested a young Abo who was still capable of standing up. After insulting police, she was driven to a station where a sanitary towel was floating in the blocked toilet and officers smoked cigarettes, sending Prof. Smallwood into shock. She was strip-searched and not released till 5.30a.m. When police discovered a university ID card and Mastercard in her handbag, she was accused of theft. Police said they had been to a conference which explained that strip-searching prevented detainees from injuring themselves or others.

EDINBURGH -- Whether because of incompetence or deceit, the LUniversity of Edinburgh has been given a European patent to clone human beings. Whether the LUniversity itself framed a research application poorly or whether the European Union is to blame for proposing a formulation or failing to spot the error is unknown. The remarkable patent was spotted by Greenpeace which is demanding that it be withdrawn. {The problem probably arose from the fact that the Latin-derived adjective 'animal' in English scientific usage -- as in 'animal experiments', 'animal tissue' -- includes 'human'; whereas the German and French uses of the word (Ger: 'tierisch') exclude 'human'. Just who originated the mistake remains to be seen. Most likely an ignoramus at the LUniversity drew up the research proposal neglecting the wide conventional English usage; then Continental patenting authorities in Munich would have had no trouble passing the proposal once it was translated into their Continental languages.}

UTICA, New York State (Reuters/Zogby 25 ii '00) -- Youth maturity, adult immaturity -- Six out of 10 adults want juveniles over 13 who are charged with murder tried as adults, according to a new Zogby America poll. US adults do not think 14-year-olds capable of giving informed consent to sex, but they do regard them as responsible enough to be executed for their crimes. At the same time, 70% of Zogby's representative sample thought no Americans at all could be trusted to make up their own minds about whether to use marijuana.

Sex Differences

This article concerns one of the cases once thought to have proved that gender roles were a social construct. Social psychologists of 1980, like Britain's Helen Weinreich-Haste,* were much impressed. But in 1997 a journalist stumbled across the truth. Combined medical and social interventions do not succeed in changing a child's feeling of gender identity, let alone the personality features characteristic of the sexes. Ideologically crazed environmentalists long drew a veil over their therapeutic failures.

*  "The malleability of gender as demonstrated by Money's work on hermaphrodites and the adrenogenital syndrome has undermined the strength of a causal link between hormones and gender-specific behaviour."
      Helen WEINREICH-HASTE, 1983, British Journal of Psychology 74.
{Helen Haste, now fat and frumpy but mellifluously idealistic in her veneration of lover-boy Jerry Bruner, is still babbling today for the BBC's Lord Melvyn Braggs and kindred spirits.}

Reuters 23 ii '00, Natalie James


Sex-Change Victim Recalls Life As a Girl

TORONTO -- Brenda Reimer was an awkward child, who did not engage in girlish activities and was mercilessly teased by schoolmates for her gunslinger stride and lack of interest in boys. Doctors told her that her discomfort was due to a passing phase of ``tomboyishness.''
    What they didn't tell her was that she had in fact been born ``Bruce'' and had been subjected to gender reassignment surgery at 18 months -- 10 months after doctors botched a circumcision and destroyed most of his penis. Instead of raising their child as a boy, Bruce's young parents took the advice of a famous American medical psychologist, John Money of Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, who said that Bruce could be a happy ``Brenda'' with the proper treatment and hormones.
    But the experiment did not go as planned, plunging Bruce into a life of angry depression and isolation before surgery in his mid-teens transformed him back into a man.
    Bruce is now 34 and is known as David. He has decided to cast aside his veil of anonymity to set the record straight about the failed experiment in psychosexual engineering. He tells his tale in a book, As Nature Made Him, written by Canadian journalist John Colapinto.

Case Hailed As Medical Triumph

Based on this case -- known as the ``twins case'' because he was born with an identical twin brother who was raised a boy -- sex reassignments became, and remain, a widely accepted medical practice for newborns with injured or irregular genitalia. Although Reimer grew up miserably aware that something was wrong, the 'John/Joan case', as it was known in the medical books, was hailed by Dr. Money in 1972 as a medical triumph. It was seen as proof of the idea that a person's sexual identity is ultimately determined by environment, leading doctors around the world to perform thousands of sex reassignments on infants with similarly injured or abnormal genitalia.
    ``I was surprised at the fact that other people wound up going through what I had (gone through), because of my so-called 'success story' -- that wasn't so much a success story,'' Reimer told Reuters with thinly veiled sarcasm as he recounted the horrific calamity of his early life.
Even as Reimer (as Brenda) plunged into suicidal depression, the fabled version of her life was accepted by virtually everyone, especially the feminist movement which saw it as proof of their conviction that gender identity and sexual orientation are a result of rearing and environment.

Scientific Paper Exposes Case As Failure

In 1997, journalist Colapinto learned through an article in the New York Times that Dr. Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii had exposed, in a scientific paper some 30 years after the experiment began, that it had indeed been a failure. The case captured his imagination and inspired the book. ``Scientists had just relied on this case as being a precedent for the fact that you could assign the sex and gender to children,'' Colapinto said in a telephone interview. ``Those who believed that and taught it and based their clinical practice on it, and who actually performed similar procedures, were scandalized.''
    For Reimer, the experiment was a failure from the start. One of his earliest memories is the day his father sheepishly informed him that he would have to take female hormones to grow breasts. ``I was wondering why ... He told me it was so I could wear a bra. I threw a fit,'' Reimer said in a telephone interview from Winnipeg, where he lives.
    After the botched circumcision destroyed most of his penis at eight months old, Reimer's parents, a working class couple from Winnipeg, agreed to submit their son to a radical sex-change procedure -- clinical castration, removal of the remaining shred of penis and hormone therapy. ``I was raised as a girl. I was not comfortable with the situation. That was not the true me,'' Reimer said.
    The tragedy of David Reimer, however, was considered a boon for science because David was born with a twin brother, Brian, who -- with his genitals still intact -- would provide a perfect matched control for their study.

Fine Features Bear Witness To Hormone Tampering

Reimer's rumbling baritone voice fits strangely with his fine facial features, which bear the mark of years of hormonal tampering. ``You were expected to wear girl's clothing and to behave in a certain manner and you were expected to play with girls' toys,'' he said.
    But Reimer knew he wasn't a girl. ``I thought I was an it,'' he said. Reimer's mother recalled that even as a baby Brenda hated it when she was outfitted in a dainty dress: ``She was ripping at it, trying to tear it off,'' she said in the book.
    Later in life, ``Brenda'' developed an ``angular gunslinging stride'' that was a source of ridicule among her peers. She wasn't interested in boys and thought sprouting breasts and developing hips abhorrent. And although doctors had removed Reimer's testicles, the then-Brenda began to show the ominous signs of incipient manhood -- growing muscles on her shoulders, neck and biceps and sometimes a strange, high-pitched break in her voice.
    Regardless of these signs, Dr. Money pressed the family to continue with the experiment and take it to its final phase: creating female genitalia. Only when Brenda's defiance had turned to suicidal depression when she was 14 did her parents reveal the truth -- that she was a boy. ``An amputee,'' Reimer said….


Political Correctness

(BBCR4UK 25 ii '00, 08:20)

Ex-MP (Conservative) and sketchwriter-humourist Matthew Parris believes he has spotted -- at dinner parties in Surrey -- a Political Soundness that has emerged as the answer to PC. Give-away vocabulary includes:

field sports -- for blood sports, and certainly instead of foxhunting
street beggar
-- for homeless person
state scrounger
-- for registered unemployed
bleeding-heart liberal
-- for social worker
independent schools
-- for private schools or public schools
homosexual, queer, prancing queen
-- for gay, thespian, queen
-- for gay & lesbian activist
-- for homophobe
-- for homosexuality
-- for HIV
-- for Ms, wherever possible
Madam Chairman -- for Chair, and certainly instead of using Chairman
                                   tout court for a woman
lady -- for woman without a career
-- for young woman
-- for pigs
-- for women/woman
nuclear deterrent
-- for weapons of mass destruction
state-funded baby-sitting
-- for education
lying propaganda
-- for diversity education
-- for ethnic groups, 'ethnic' groups or minority communities
concentration camps
-- for death camps
Her Majesty
-- for the Queen or Brenda
Prince Philip
-- for Phil the Greek
Prince Charles
-- for Brian
-- for communist
-- for socialist
-- for liberal-left
-- for liberal
-- for conservative
-- for Tory
-- for reactionary
somewhat right-wing
-- for ultramontagne racist homophobe
-- for crippled
-- for specially abled
-- for special needs
-- for gender
-- for gender harassment
-- for telephone rape
-- for stalking
looking at
-- for harassment
thinking about
-- for mental groping
-- potential rapist
date rape
-- for rape
-- for date rape
-- for unpaid sex worker

Is there, then, an equivalence between PS and PC? Or are both alike attempts to have the world seen through one particular prism?

Not so, replies Peter Hitchens (a columnist who is still just about on board at the Daily Express despite that traditionally xenophic newspaper's desperately reader-seeking conversion to feminism). The difference is simple: PC works systematically to impose its vocabulary in meetings, lectures and the media -- indicting as 'insensitive' the more persistent PS's and finding ways of having them dismissed, notably for 'making women uncomfortable' or 'making women live in fear.' As Hitchens said last year in his book, The Abolition of Britain: from Lady Chatterley to Tony Blair, "[Political Correctness] is the most intolerant system of thought to dominate the British Isles since the Reformation." By contrast, PS merely marks PC's down as not quite the right choice for inviting to Letitia's graduation ball.


LONDON (Yahoo! News 23 ii '00) -- Noting criticism that the 1999 MacPherson Report {McDNLs, Spring '99} into 'racism' in London's police was a waste of money, UK Home Secretary Jack Straw has announced new moves to enforce Political Correctness. Updates to the 23-year-old Race Relations Act now before Parliament will "prohibit direct and indirect discrimination" in public bodies and "put a positive duty on public authorities to promote race equality." To convey the message to younger Britons, plans are in hand to introduce citizenship courses for all students aged 11 to 16 from September 2002, he said. With adroit doublethink, Straw took pride in a doubling of reports of racism London, saying this had occurred because people felt more confident about making reports. {Whether the complaints were of Black, White or other 'racism' was not stated.}
      In another move towards Nineteen Eighty-Four, two Black undercover officers posed as husband and wife to ensnare racists on a Greenwich council housing scheme -- but they came up empty-handed. The pair lived on an unnamed estate in Greenwich -- watched by a team of surveillance officers -- to see if their arrival would provoke racially motivated violence. Their car and "home" were protected by surveillance equipment, and a back-up team of half a dozen police was posted close by in an operation costing thousands of pounds apart from the wasting of police time. Although the deception was not spotted by local residents, not a single 'racist incident' occurred. The exercise is likely to be repeated according to Detective Inspector Darren Curtis, who ran the decoys. He said: "It is a benefit because it makes these people [racists] scared."

Rape Realism

{cf. McDNL18 i '00, Evopsychology}

Professor Randy Thornhill has failed to impress Gail Vines (Independent 28 ii '00) and the BBC's star interviewer Jeremy Paxperson (BBCR4UK 28 ii '00, 09:10). Despite advance warning from this newsletter {18 i '00}, Thornhill -- who believes antifeministically that rape has quite a bit to do with sex -- has failed to come up with any explanations, evolutionary or otherwise, of why men sometimes rape pensioners and young children. Nor does Thornhill, busy with his sociobiological theorizing, seem to have noticed all the rapes by men in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya -- or heard of the mass raping engaged in by the Red Army in 1945. Understandably, Thornhill wants to maintain that the violence in many rape cases is barely more than is necessary to avoid the rapee's escape and the victim's subsequent detection; but he does not seem to have mastered the art of actually presenting evidence that backs up his argument. Hopefully he has given a few feminazies heart attacks; but in loftier circles he has probably earned sociobiology an even worse name than it had already.

{Unlike hereditarian psychologists, evolutionary psychologists do not interest themselves in finding and using methods that will pretty conclusively demonstrate their points -- as can twin and foster study in psychogenetics. Indeed, they are as a breed distinguished by the most thoroughgoing evasiveness about human psychological traits that can be shown to have a biological basis.}

Paedophilia Corner


(Sunday Times 27 ii '00; Nature 25 ii '00)

As the British Labour Party has celebrated its 100th birthday, it has been revealed that the most loved author among its first members was not Karl Marx but John Ruskin (1819-1900). The machinery-hating idealist who dreamed of a more rural England had reached the hearts of 'progressives' like no-one else. They soaked up his love of Turner landscapes and Venetian buildings and didn't mind the Guild of St George which he patriotically founded. So attractive was Ruskin's vision of a pure land in which workers would be taken to the countryside to look at the hills and perceive God's message for mankind that they set aside Ruskin's rejection of what were to become the twentieth-century socialist values of liberty, equality, democracy and the railways.

It is hardly surprising, then, that Labour's idealists also ignored Ruskin's paedophilia. The handsome nature-worshipper had fallen in love at forty with the eleven-year-old Rose La Touche, an Irish girl from a wealthy family. The affair was frenetic (according to literature professor John Carey -- Sunday Times 27 ii '00): Rose addressed Ruskin as "Saint Crumpet" and Ruskin kept her letters between gold leaves in his jacket pockets. The relationship was stormy, being rocked by parental outrage; but it probably culminated in a quiet wedding when Rose was 27 -- though she was something of a waif (anorexic?) and died not long afterwards. Undaunted, Ruskin continued the affair for the rest of his own days, believing in his madness that Rose appeared to him as Saint Ursula. Sometimes he would strip off to fight the Devil, with only his long white beard for cover. Altogether, Ruskin was a thoroughly good egg: he championed a eugenic scheme in which marriage would only be allowed to youngsters who had achieved a nationally attested level of educational attainment; and he poured his masterful scorn on all forms of avarice, ignorance and stupidity. What on earth can he make of what became of the party that so honoured him just a century ago?

{For more on Ruskin, see Ruskin's 1848 marriage to Euphemia Gray was never consummated. Litterati generally believe that Ruskin -- who had been tutored privately before going up to Christ Church, Oxford -- was shocked to discover that his wife had pubic hair. It was then than Ruskin began what was to prove his crucial support for the vilified pre-Raphaelite painters. It was only after he met Rose La Touche that he spread his wings and moved from artistic to social criticism -- proposing a sort of Christian communism. Ruskin College, Oxford, which allows trade union leaders to escape from their wives, is named in his honour. The paedophilic Lewis Carroll is usually linked with Ruskin as a main Victorian supporter of the 'cult of innocence.'}

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS.

'Stronger bones' in black people

Times 21 ii '00, Helen Rumbelow


EVOLUTIONARY differences in the skeletons of black and white people could account for their differing abilities to swim, run and fight off osteoporosis, according to a leading expert.
    Half of white British women over 75 have osteoporosis, but it is almost unheard of among their black counterparts, said Professor David Purdie, head of the centre for metabolic bone disease at the University of Hull. This is because, after puberty, black people have a "growth spurt" of bone mass that gives them denser, stronger skeletons, he said. He believes that white people lost this ability as they migrated to northern Europe about 40,000 years ago. "As they migrated they had to make certain changes to adapt to the high latitude and low levels of sun," Professor Purdie said. "They got rid of the melanin in their skin, and their bones got lighter as well."
    It is not yet understood whether the lightweight skeleton was more suitable for migration, or whether it is a result of reduced sunlight, which the body needs to make vitamin D, essential for strong bones.

{This phenomenon along with much else was covered, along with references, in:
Baker, J. R. (1974) Race, Oxford University Press
Whitney, G. (1999) On the races of man. Mankind Quarterly 39, 3, 319-335.}

Racial Profiling


The paper abstracted below has just been published. Reprints are available on request, accompanied with a snail mail address.

Taylor, J., & Whitney, G. (1999). Crime and racial profiling by U.S. police: Is there an empirical basis? Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies 24, 485-509.


The disparity between public sensibilities and empirical data in the United States has become so extreme that certain topics can no longer be investigated without bringing down cries of 'racism.' The U.S. police have been accused of discrimination because they investigate a higher percentage of black and hispanic minority suspects than white or Asians. The facts are that black U.S. citizens commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate. Hispanics commit violent crimes at about three times the white rate, and Asians only one half to three quarters the white rate. Blacks are more criminally violent than whites, as men are more violent than women. Of the approximately 1,700,000 inter-racial crimes of violence involving blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites. Blacks are 50 times more likely than whites to commit individual acts of inter-racial violence. They are up to 250 times more likely than whites to engage in multiple-offender or group inter-racial violence. Fifty-six percent of violent crimes committed by blacks have white victims. Only two to three percent of violent crimes committed by whites have black victims.



(Times Higher 26 ii '00)

A splendid new book by a minority womon will greatly upset PC enthusiasts. Susan Moller Okim's Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women (Princeton University Press) looks with a steely eye at the lot of wimmin without clitorises, bras, Dutch caps, vaginal lubrication etc. in the worlds of Islam, Hinduism, the Caribbean, Black Africa and Asia and says 'THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!'

As far as Ms Okim is concerned, these impossible cultures should be helped to die out if they cannot adapt themselves pdq.* Although Ms Okim ropes in an array of more moderate feminists as discussants to balance her pessimism about the 'third world', her message is clear: Nato will need to bomb the rest of the world into acknowledging her human rights before she would actually want to live there. Mr Bin Laden, please note.

* Doubtless the feminazified Ms Okim will get away with her ethnocentrism -- unlike psychometrician-psychologist Raymond Cattell who lost his APA Distinguished Service Medal for such naughty racism {McDNLs, Autumn 1997}.

Holocaust Hysteria


(New York Review of Books 9 iii '00, Eva Hoffman)

"Daring…often brilliant…courageous" is how NYRB has described Peter Novick's new book, The Holocaust in American Life (Houghton Mifflin, pp 373, $27).

This view is right.

Novick is fed up with how the four-or-five-or-six-million Jewish Holocaust has become the only history of which most children in America have heard. Sweeping aside the three million non-Jewish Poles who died at Nazi hands, not to mention the scores of millions who were killed by Jewry-backed Bolshevism, J-Holocaust fanatics -- despite the useful support of modern Jews for capitalism -- have undermined Western liberalism in their creation of a world where minorities cannot even be discussed, let alone be put in their place or gently transported.

Remarkably, NYRB goes along with Novick's critique of how the J-Holocaust has been used to suit the convenience of American Jews -- who themselves did little to help German Jews during the 1930's for fear that they would stir up an anti-Semitic backlash in the USA against themselves. Long after 1945, the US Jewish community didn't bother to appeal for sympathy about the J-Holocaust: Jews didn't want to single themselves out lest anyone be reminded of their role in setting up the Russian communism which Hitler had vowed to break. Only in the late-1960's, as the egregiously anti-Semitic Adolf Eichmann went on public trial and Israel bravely fought off the Arab attempt to push it into the sea, did it come to be realized that there was plenty of Gentile sympathy for Jewry that could be harnessed to pull a whole coachload of 'minority' causes and reshape America as a place where non-Jewish Whites were intellectual beasts of burden. Since Gentiles in general were no more to blame for the J-Holocaust than were Jews, and since it is still so poorly agreed how German democracy of the 1920's could have failed, Eve Hoffman backs Novick and writes: "To use the Final Solution to support ideological and moral posturing of any kind is surely an abuse of memory."

Whether anything more could have been done by anyone, Gentile or Jewish, to prevent the J-Holocaust is a question Novick carefully considers.* No, he says. Given high unemployment in Britain, France and the USA, it would indeed have been folly to admit many more Jews from Germany in the 1930's. {Anyway, most of the younger German Jews did get out.} Nor could the Allies have achieved anything by bombing German railways or Auschwitz-Birkenau itself, argues Novick. Given Daniel Goldhagen's accounts of many deaths occurring during SS round-ups of 'terrorists' from their homes, and during forced 'death marches', there was no policy that was obviously superior to the warfare on which Britain and France had already embarked.

Of course, a key problem for Churchill was how to secure America's entry into the war -- shamefully delayed until late-1941 when Hitler madly followed up Pearl Harbour by himself declaring war on the Land of the Free. Though Novick probably does an excellent job of exploring America's excesses of post-war White guilt, he might have remarked that America had a lot to be guilty about. To its shame, the USA failed to help Poland, France and Britain as they came under attack in 1939/40 from a regime that was not to embark on the Holocaust until Operation Barbarossa began in 1941. That the USA finally did so well out of the war -- and had the ideological satisfaction of seeing the end of Britain's empire in India -- is yet another reason for its bizarre subscription to practices of affirmative racism. These do little to assist the selected races and everything to pay for a vast class of sociologized agents of egalitarianism who prevent the adoption of sensible eugenic solutions to the problems of America's underclass. Yet, like the foolish and unlawful bombing of Serbia, the practices of modern welfarism arise from an idealism that does indeed have an origin in past national failure. In Britain, the proper guilt of politicians at sacrificing a million young men in 1914-18 was expiated by years of socialism and the National Health Service to look after the dead soldiers' relatives. In America -- though the country fully expiated its own national guilt in the aftermath of 1945 as it took up the burdens as well as the pleasures of empire and rebuilt war-torn Western Europe -- there remains a residue of guilt that fuels the undermining of liberalism and personal responsibility.

Probably -- as Novick may even say -- that strange 'White guilt' can be traced to the leaders of Jewry itself and to children of theirs who have done well in Hollywood. Notorious for their tendency to guilt, depression and excellent social responsibility, some of America's Jews do actually have something to feel guilty about. Sadly, they have let their own guilt corrode the social and familial bonds of traditional America as well as putting their own race at further risk by miscegenation. Hopefully, as a highly intelligent group, they will soon join in urging a neoliberalism that will allow for contractual family life and the renewal of the sense of community that was so shaken by twentieth-century socialist assaults on church, country and capital.

* For one answer, see the essay 'Liberating the Future.'

New World Order

Spelling out the globalised future in which Tony Blair intends to be the first Emperor of PC-multibanking is author Robert WRIGHT, The Logic of Human Destiny, Little Brown, UK£23.

Wright has his reservations about the excessive order that neosocialism will involve; but, like Goethe once upon a time, he is pretty sure that order will seem preferable to the alternative -- in our case, the Muslim vs. Hindu and Arab vs. Jew terror that Wright thinks will soon be a regular feature of Western societies

Blairennium Dome

"Jesus lived most of his life in obscurity and died tragically young." So Britain's youf are advised in the (largely deserted) Faith Zone of the London Dome. Why, if Jesus had only arrangede better PR, he might have married a lawyer, founded New Labour and enjoyed a nice family and holidays in Tuscany!

"What a glorious misconstruction of the whole point of Christ's life," writes Glaswegian columnist Katie Grant for the Times (26 ii '00). "This was political correctness at its most absurd." Blairism is a creed that has no room for acknowledging what actually happened in history or the actual beliefs that people hold today -- often in connection with their racial groups. The glorious martyrdom of (Jewish, or possibly half-Jewish) Jesus while contesting (Jewish) authority is not to be admitted. Fun, too, is banned from the Dome. Katie Grant, who had taken her children down from Scotland for the day, found that her kids, rather than soaking up the newspeak, wanted to go outside to play tig. Inside the Dome, 'games' for children can culminate in them being told that their preferred way of spending a million pounds has resulted in eco-disaster for southern India; and even a display of photos of Britain's beaches concentrates not on Eric Gill's men ogling blonde bathing belles but on discarded condoms and washed-in sewage. "Instead of fun," writes Katie, "we are provided with a giant Tony Blair sermon full of simplistic and fatuous moral messages."

From the high-IQ-right of Britain's political spectrum, commentator Sir Peregrine Worsthorne agrees. Foreseeing a Britain where Emperor Blair has turned Oxbridge over to the production of technocrats who will manage an increasingly dumbed-down population of 'call centre' slaves trained to tell company lies at UK£5 per hour, Perry writes (New Statesman: "The dismal Dome is a portent of what is to come."

Pax Americana

(BBCR4UK 27 ii '00, 09:20)

Have Americans been worried about the rise of Mr H***er in Austria?

"Not at all," says Emmett Tyrrell, the editor of the American Spectator, on a visit to London. "To most Americans, Austria is the land of the kangaroo."

What is the point of
The William McDougall NewsLetters?

"What shall it profit us to penetrate the mysteries of the atom and electron, to measure in thousands of light-years the paths of the great nebulae, to invent the most marvellous machines, to set free and control unlimited reserves of energy, if all such physical discoveries cannot save us and our civilisation from the abyss, can but hasten the repetition of the old story, can but precipitate the downfall and decay which hitherto have followed swiftly upon every partial success of human effort to lift some part of the human race above the 'darkling plain, filled with confused alarms of struggle and flight, where ignorant armies clash by night'?"
      William McDOUGALL, 1934, The Frontiers of Psychology. Cambridge University Press.

For a summary of William McDougall's heterodoxy, e.g. as a champion of instinctive and other biological factors in psychology, see the Internet magazine PINC [Politically Incorrect], July 1997, at

For a summary of Chris Brand's heterodoxy, e.g. as 'IQ realist', 'race realist', 'sex realist' and 'the Nobelist paedophile's friend', see, and
Though Edinburgh University refuses even to mention the views for which it fired Chris Brand, its incoherent splutterings about Brand can be found at should ask: 'Of what precisely was Brand found so terribly guilty as to deserve to be fired after 26 years unblemished, and indeed much-cited academic work?'

The William McDougall NewsLetters provide a news & comment service for all who take an interest in the differential psychology of people and groups. Their broad advocacy might be said to be of indigenics. Whereas Galton's eugenics came to be associated with state-organized improvements of heritable traits, indigenics (cf. indigenous-'belonging naturally [to soil, region etc.]') would involve:

Certainly the NewsLetters advocate neoliberalism. In recent years, socialists in the West have abandoned (or postponed) their argument with capitalism. Instead, they now concentrate on using state power to provide jobs for minorities and prison for 'racists', 'rapists', 'stalkers', 'paedophiles' and men in general. Such neostatism needs to be matched by a concern for individuals and their self-chosen contracts. Such realistic concern defines neoliberalism (or neoliberealism, as some wags have it).

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Current State of Play in 'CB versus PC'

Christopher Brand is the author of The g Factor -- the 1996 book on intelligence that was favourably reviewed in the top science magazine, Nature, but suddenly withdrawn as "repellent" by its own New York publisher, Wiley Inc. After causing controversy in Britain by explaining his hereditarian views on race, IQ, eugenics, feminism and paedophilia, Brand was fired as "disgraceful" by Edinburgh University in 1997 after 26 years of unblemished service; but in a 1999 moral victory he was paid £12,000 by Edinburgh University, equal to the maximum sum that can be won from courts in the United Kingdom for unfair dismissal (Times [London] 29 x '99, p. 2). Edinburgh University said it was paying out "to prevent the airing of Brand's opinions and views at public expense" (Times Higher 5 xi '99, p. 2) -- an astonishing attitude for a university. At no point through 1996-99 would Edinburgh's Principal Sutherland agree to read Brand's book; nor did any UK academic mount any public challenge to debate Brand's views.
    Brand is currently working on a biography of William McDougall FRS, the instinct psychologist who was professor of psychology at Harvard from 1920 to 1926 but was subsequently ignored because he had opposed behaviourism, egalitarianism and social-environmentalism. His latest publications are essays dealing with neoeugenics
('Sex and the Twenty-first Century'?) the Holocaust ('Liberating the Future?') and the need to extend neoliberalism.

9 i 2000

The McDougall NewsLetters for Spring, 1998, contain full details of Edinburgh University's charges against Chris Brand, his defence, the report of the Edinburgh LUniversity Tribunal, and Brand's Appeal.





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