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For neoliberalism : realism, individualism and contract for choice [incl Kids' Lib.]. For extending choice within the state sector of modern societies as well as economically. By contrast, neosocialism uses the state as an advancement programme for minorities -- and damages minorities and others alike [e.g. in education].

      GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? CHRIS BRAND'S BOOK, The g Factor, WAS DE-PUBLISHED by Wiley Inc. [New York] (1996) AND BRAND WAS FIRED by Edinburgh University (1997) (and stayed fired after an internal Appeal, 1998). Latest Press, Evening News [Edinburgh] 9 ii '99.

Edinburgh: Spring, 1999
News of Personality and Individual Differences

This newsletter for differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology to the tired social-environmentalism, multiculturalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics.

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{Big coverage: Arthur Koestler defended against feminazies; Edinburgh--"Will this man ever stop?";
UK--"institutional racism" alleged; US--Glayde Whitney/David Duke campus protests}

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Western Easter Week of Shame





RACISM IS INNATE -- the truth dawns on Sir Fred Hoyle




Harvard HEasteria


-- Stephen Jay Gould sucks up to God --

BOSTON, Massachusetts, 30 iii '99 -- World-renowned author, palaeontologist, Marxist and Harvard University professor Stephen Jay Gould has concluded that religion has no argument with science. Rather, the two should be considered separate human issues. Although millions of Christians have believed God made the world in seven days, performed miracles, was incarnated and rose bodily from the dead, Professor Gould says there is no conflict between Christianity and science. "Science and religion are non-overlapping, equally important institutions," Gould said at a reading for his sixteenth book, Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life at the Boston Public Library. "Science is the age of rock, and religion is the rock of ages," he quipped. {According to Gould, the only argument of true science on factual matters is with The g Factor.}

{By contrast, Britain's Sir Ludovic Kennedy just wrote a book explaining that God had either never lived or was plainly dead -- as Nietzsche had concluded in the 1860's (All in the Mind: A Farewell to God, Hodder & Stoughton, £UK19). Sir Ludovic ('Ludo') says that, as late as 1956, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, the learned Michael Ramsay, assured him that the Resurrection of Jesus was "certain historical fact." Kennedy adds: ".…There was a time in the history of the Christian church when the devil, Beelzebub or Satan, the king of evil, was as real and as forceful a figure as, for a diminishing number of people, "God" still is today." Gould's idea that there is no contest between Christianity and science shows he is running scared and needing the support even of today's remaining churchmen for his own ignoracism and illiberalism.}

More, more of Gould's mystifications later!

Catholic 20th-century Censorship

(Literary Review iv '99, reviewing Ruth HARRIS, Lourdes, Penguin, £UK25)

Everyone should be able to make his own mind up about whether St Bernadette of Lourdes saw eighteen apparitions of The Virgin Mary in 1858? -- No, this has not been the view of the Catholic Church! In a new book, it turns out that the figure seen by Bernadette Soubirous, the daughter of a Pyrenees miller, was "a tiny, smiling child of her own age -- fourteen." It took years of work by the Church to convert this apparition into the adult and reasonably maternal Virgin Mary of Catholic folklore. Bernadette herself protested all the way along the line against the Church's distortion of her story -- and was finally confined to a strict regime in a closed nunnery to effect her silence. To this day, visitors to Lourdes are not told the truth.


(CFMR 3 iv '99)


-- "Bring Back the Real Tories!" chant British teachers --

"For goodness sake, what is the profession coming to if I come to speak of educational improvements under this Government and it heckles me?" So implored the aggrieved UK Education Minister, blind David Blunkett, as he addressed the annual meeting of Britain's biggest teaching union in Brighton, Sussex. Labour's unwillingness to introduce fast track learning has led it inexorably to threaten 'performance-related' pay as a desperate move to increase attainment in Britain's useless state comprehensive schools. Now teachers are up in arms -- for they know (though dare not say) that children's performance is largely dependent on the g factor, over which teachers have little control (except by choosing work only in middle class areas of relatively high IQ). The National Association of Teachers has, unusually, decided to support its militants' calls for strike action if teachers are consigned to be paid by results. The NUT's leader, Doug McAvoy, says Blunkett's plan would return British schoolteachers to the woeful conditions of the early nineteenth century -- before schoolteaching was taken from church control and made into a sinecure. The jeering NUT conference voted to ballot the whole membership of teachers about going on strike. Mr Blunkett condemned the teachers' behaviour as "daft."

{McDNL says: Such is the bitterness between well-meaning twits that resultsfrom failure to read The g Factor! Why not let the children choose which lessons they wish to attend? -- And oblige schools to offer any pupil a range of difficulty levels!}

{The teachers' conference also dedicated the profession to renewed 'anti-racist' propaganda efforts.}

Glayde Whitney's Week 2 Under Fire
re IQ, race and Whatocaust


--  Professor seeks attention for "the realities of diversity"  --

Soundbites from Florida

Miami Herald, 25 iii '99, Robert Steinback, 'Misguided flattery from a Florida State University prof.'
"….Suppose research suggested that white people do have a slight IQ edge over black people. The racists say this is a reason to group all black people together -- regardless of intelligence -- and isolate them from white people. But, assuming you believe in forced grouping at all, wouldn't it make more sense to group people according to intelligence? Group above-average-IQ black people with above-average-IQ white people? You'd never hear that from Duke or Whitney."

TALLAHASSEE, Florida, Tampa Tribune Online 30 iii '99 -- Students at FSU are demanding an investigation into how {Glayde}Whitney's research is funded and whether he grades blacks the same as whites. University leaders are grappling with the growing unrest. It has put them in the uncomfortable position of weighing academic freedom against charges of racism. Richard Mashburn, FSU's assistant vice president for student affairs, said Whitney had ``torpedoed from within'' the university's mantra that all people are welcome, regardless of race or creed. ….Looking wary and a bit dishevelled, Whitney said he regretted writing the foreword [to My Awakening], although he agrees with several parts of Duke's book. In My Awakening, Duke uses genetic science to push for the resegregation of schools -- arguing it is better to group children "in line with their natural abilities.''

Tallahassee Democrat 31 iii '99 -- After a campus rally attended by twelve students, Don Foss, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said an inquiry into Whitney's grading policies had already begun.

Tallahassee Democrat 1 iv '99 -- Correspondence:
'In appreciation of FSU professor's view on race' -- "I applaud the courage of Professor Glayde Whitney in voicing his politically incorrect stance on the matter of race. Experience, common sense and recent research compel me to agree that the various races are typically different in genetic makeup -- each comparatively "superior" and "inferior" in particular elements. (See "Why Race Matters" by Professor Michael Levin, for research in this area.). Yours faithfully, Coral Turner, Pineway Street."

Another US campus, also, was troubled by the biology of IQ:
Arizona Daily Wildcat
( 1 iv '99.
Correspondence (replying to a column which had supported standardized testing):
'Praise for IQ tests in column masks racist bias.' "….[In the 1980's,] Franz Boas demonstrated that genetic traits, like skull size, can go through sharp changes from one generation to the next: they are not necessarily retained across generations (see S. Gregory & R. Sanjek, 1994, Race, New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, pp.5-6). In sum, there is absolutely no scientific basis to the idea that intelligence is genetically transmitted. Yours faithfully, Professor Joel Stillerman, Assistant research social scientist, Latin American Area Center."

Tallahassee Democrat Online 2 iv '99, Roosevelt Wilson, journalism professor at Florida A&M University.
'Glayde Whitney's racist toxic waste is scary indeed.'
"….Not only does [Whitney] add to the toxic waste site of ex-Ku Klux Klansman David Duke's autobiography, but Whitney also dumps the racist bile on his students in a mandatory psychology class. ….let's not forget the most immediate casualties of Whitney's academic freedom: students who are devastated by his teaching but cannot graduate without taking his class."

Tallahassee Democrat Online 2 iv '99, Glayde Whitney.
'Professor responds to criticism of racial bias'
Attacking a behavior genetic researcher through accusations of bias in grading is a tactic that has been in play on campuses for decades. Not to be vulnerable to such bogus charges, I have for years graded undergraduate courses with objective tests that are machine-scored.
    Interviewed in the St. Petersburg Times, my colleague Na'im Akbar hurls the "racist" slur and questions whether I present all sides of the debate. Amazing chutzpah! Is a black professor who teaches Afrocentrism a racist?
    More troubling is the simplistic stereotyping by James. P. Jones (Letters, March 29). He questions whether a professor who believes blacks "are genetically inferior" can provide a "level playing field" in classes. The answer has to do with the wide range of individual differences within each race. At a selective university such as FSU, any student who meets admission standards and passes introductory classes is suitable for the advanced courses I teach.
    Most reprehensible is Jones' snide allusion to the anti-Semitic smear. As I have written elsewhere, individuals of Jewish ancestry are among my best students and closest friends. At the same time it is disquieting that the Anti-Defamation League often seems like a hate group that smears any who deviate from a leftist agenda.
    I agree with Rabbi Daniel Lapin who suggested that anti-liberalism is often misinterpreted as anti-Semitism.
    Glayde Whitney; Charles Samuel Drive.

Tampa Tribune Online 3 iv '99. Correspondence.

This pertains to FSU Professor Glayde Whitney's endorsement of David Duke's book, My Awakening. Having read Duke's splendid opus, I was amazed at the degree to which the media has successfully distorted or omitted such vital information.
    Professor Whitney should be commended for his nonconforming intellectual integrity. Relatively few people noticed when he wrote the foreword to Duke's book. The hysteria was fueled by the Tribune's intentionally inflammatory, "objective'' articles. Those articles, I surmise, are calculated to punish Whitney, to jeopardize his well-being as a result of his courage in voicing significantly suppressed truths.
    Contrary to Michael Fechter's March 21 headline story, Whitney does not contribute to the misconception that black people are "genetically inferior.'' Not if a person reads Whitney rather than a journalist's gloss of his ideas. Then Duke cites decades of research regarding certain genetic advantages of black people. Should it be fashionable to pretend that he is inferring black superiority? Of course not. Both Duke and Whitney are acknowledging genetic differences, nothing more, that are causing harm to everyone due to those facts being ignored.
    Whitney is a hero because he personifies a highly unusual opposition to any racist trend. I encourage people to familiarize themselves with the reasons for his conclusions, to decide for themselves rather than misguided by censorial interpretations of politically correct vigilantes.
    DON HIRSCH, Gibsonton.


From Glayde Whitney to McDougall NewsLetter, 4 iv '99

It is quite a trouncing that I have been taking in the media. In an editorial (March 24) the Tallahassee Democrat says that hate groups carefully use their words to demonize certain individuals. The same editorial then goes on to damn me with demonizing terms such as hateful, loathsome, abhorrent speech, obnoxious point of view, white-supremacist diatribe, and more. In the Tampa Tribune (March 24) Daniel Roth presents an even viler smear. All this for my having had the temerity to write a foreword for David Dukes autobiography MY AWAKENING.
    There have been many times in history when scientific research or teaching were censured, punished, or demonized, usually for seeming to contradict some religious or political orthodoxy. In the former Soviet Union the science of genetics was actually outlawed, along with the use of intelligence tests, because the results contradicted the egalitarian fallacy that was and remains central to the ideology of Marxist socialism. Today, here in the United States, scientists who study human genetics, behavior and intelligence are often attacked, in print and even physically, because their findings contradict the egalitarian fallacy that is at the heart of modern liberalism.
    For over a hundred years scientific studies have shown that we are not all the same, and that there is a tremendous range of individual diversity, some of it inherited. Further, essentially all studies verify that the distribution of many traits is not the same across the races. One of the most vexatious such traits is measured intelligence, or IQ. The results have been consistent since the first reliable testing early in this century, and remain so today.
    In the editorial (24 Mar.) I am misquoted as having delivered the sound bite that blacks are bigger in bone, smaller in brain. This phrase seems to have originated in a smear promulgated by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). But what are the facts? It is commonly known that blacks greater bone density begins before birth and on average continues into old age. This contributes to their lower incidence of osteoporosis. Even the Tallahassee Democrat (29 March) in a feature article about osteoporosis notes that Caucasian women are encouraged to be tested. Studies of the distribution of brain size have been conducted repeatedly since the 19th century: On average East Asians score highest, European descended whites intermediate, and individuals of sub-Saharan black African ancestry score lower. Modern studies using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to measure brain size find a correlation of about .4 with IQ. This is not white supremacy or black supremacy or Asian supremacy; it is simply the results of scientific research. The findings for brain size and intelligence are no more racist or supremacist than the findings on osteoporosis.
    Politically, with our current one-party system, both branches (Democrat and Republican) acquiesce to the egalitarian fallacy. This makes David Duke attractive as the only nationally known politician to publicly grapple with the truth. Although I may personally disagree with many of his specific suggestions, I heartily agree with David Duke's statement I simply believe in equal rights for everyone in this country, and that should include White people, and hope that all Americans would as well.
    It is my view that attempting to structure a society that flies in the face of the realities of diversity is doomed to failure. Slavish adherence to the egalitarian fallacy is one of the reasons that the Soviet Union is now *former*, and is one of the reasons for the decline of civility across America. Many aspects of our civilization suffer from this denial of reality.


Miami Herald, 5 iv '99, 'Professor's race views rack FSU -- Academic discourse passionately debated', Tyler Bridges [Herald Staff Writer].
"….One student group has already held a rally to denounce Whitney, and more attacks are likely to follow. Students, with the blessing of administrators, have scheduled a ``town hall'' meeting Tuesday night to discuss Whitney. ….[University President] D'Alemberte worries that the negative publicity surrounding Whitney will damage Florida State's reputation. But university officials are quick to note that FSU in the past five years has increased the number of its Hispanic and black students by about 50 percent. ….William Jones, a religious studies professor, says he believes that Whitney might be guilty of ``racial harassment'' of minority students and wonders why his colleagues in the psychology department have not challenged his views previously.
      ….[David] Duke in 1990 and 1991 capitalized on racial divisions and economic problems in Louisiana to capture more than half the white vote in unsuccessful races for the U.S. Senate and governor. In attempting to become a mainstream politician, Duke camouflaged views he had expressed in the Klan: that Jews are bent on destroying the white race and that whites are better suited to being doctors and lawyers while blacks are best off playing basketball and holding construction jobs. But with his autobiography, My Awakening, Duke is now espousing many of the same views he had expressed in the Klan. In the book, for example, he lays out his wish for the creation of an Aryan Nation devoid of racial minorities and questions whether the Holocaust happened during World War II. Duke says he sent his manuscript to Whitney because he had seen the professor's writings in various journals. Duke, who is running for the congressional seat vacated by would-be speaker Bob Livingston, says of Whitney today, ``He's a very courageous professor who calls it as he sees it.''"


McDNL brings you

Tallahassee Democrat 6 iv '99, Correspondence from Professor Na'im Akbar, Florida State University


In response to Glayde Whitney's letter to Editor, Tallahassee Democrat, April 4, 1999.
For the uninformed and misinformed: "Afrocentricity," as I understand it and teach it, is not an ideology. It is a perspective or paradigm that has a threefold purpose:
(1) to rebut and counteract the centuries of white supremacist pseudoscience that has been suspiciously preoccupied with the "natural" intellectual inferiority of non-white people;
(2) to make knowledge relevant, applicable and pertinent to the resolution of the real life problems of people of color, specifically, and humanity in general and
(3) to bring to the marketplace of ideas the neglected possibility that there are assets of mental strength, competence, human resourcefulness and resilience that account for the persistent survival and achievement of Black people who have been under uninterrupted siege for the last 400 years.
      Science that does not offer me a defense against those who would have me and my children captured, killed or contained; that does not offer some minimal resources to advance my self and my community economically, socially, physically, politically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through some means other than sacrificing my identity and unique diversity and fails to identify my remarkable human assets and contributions to the human race is a science that is void of relevance and is a tool of my destruction. Having so recently in our history observed the lynchings and killings of millions of African and Native Americans and the German holocaust with the claims of Eugenics as its justification, I am compelled by conscience and reason to raise serious objection to the likes of David Duke, Adolph Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Glayde Whitney (by his choice of association). If these realistic concerns are racist (a characteristic that requires power of implementation to achieve) then I am a Black man who is racist.
      Na'im Akbar, 324 N. Copeland Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304.






By Tethel White, Telegraph Staff Writer

The anger over speculations that physical and mental differences of human beings may be related to heredity is silly and indefensible, a behavior geneticist said in Macon Wednesday. Dr. Glayde Whitney, a professor at Florida State University, made the comment at Mercer University in response to incidents across the nation where speakers have been heckled, attacked or barred from discussing controversial views about behavior genetics.
    Behavior genetics is a science dealing with the evolution of behavior and the effects of genes upon behavior. Physical and mental differences among human beings are acknowledged by most people, however, when it is suggested that those differences may be related to genetics people get nervous and emotional, Whitney said. They assume that if something is caused by genetics, then it cant be changed, on the other side they believe that if something is caused by early environment its easier to change. Both views are false, Whitney said. What is true is that if we knew something about the causes of the differences, such as the problems with why some people are not as intelligent as others or why some people are mentally retarded and others are not, then we would be able to learn how to treat them.
    The 36-year old professor, who has studied behavior genetics for 10 years, said present-day controversies surrounding the science stem from confusion, fear, and misunderstanding. People get the issues mixed up, Whitney said. Its easy to translate or confuse physical and psychological differences with social issues like equality of opportunity. But the equality of an individual is separate from biology.
    History shows that social policy has frequently followed from concepts about human differences, but the error has been in associating biological differences with the concepts of inferiority and superiority, said Whitney.


To see how the US campaign against Glayde Whitney's oh-so-"controversial" views is orchestrated, by Joseph Garcia, see the latter's website <>.

"Humanitarian Intervention" Round-Up

(cf. McDNL 30 iii '99, 'Humanitarialunacy')

West's Easter Week of Shame

Blow-by-blow of the Week first;
followed by an Editorial,
'Multicultural War ooops Intervention.'

EDINBURGH 30 iii '99 -- Front-page news in all papers was the criticism by the Scottish National Party of Nato's attack on Serbia. Scotland's top political columnist also condemned the bombing.
      SNP leader Alex Salmond's comparison of Edinburgh-educated Tony Blair's bombs with those of Hitler's Luftwaffe drew blood at Westminster. Blair denounced Salmond as "unfit to lead" and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, a Scot, said that, though Salmond would have made himself "the toast of Belgrade", his statement had been "pretty shameless" and "a long way short of what we would expect from someone who aspires to government." (Elections loom for the new Scottish Parliament in May, and the SNP is the major challenger to Labour.) Britain's Defence Secretary George Robertson, also a Scot, broke off from visiting RAF fighter pilots in Italy to add his condemnation. He said: "To suggest that Nato is somehow responsible for Serb atrocities is beyond belief." In reply, Salmond said Cook was plainly "out of control" and noted that Cook's objections in 1991 to bombing Iraq meant that his present support for AmericOtan bombing was "tinged with hypocrisy." SNP politicians seemed to stick by their leader, at least agreeing with his claim that the bombing seemed so far to have been an "unpardonable folly."
      Typically of Britain's neosocialism-accepting press, the Sun condemned the "psychopaths" working for "evil Serb war criminal," Arkan, 46, in "kill-for-kicks" groups to clear Kosovo; the paper criticized "Slobba" Milosevic for downing two bottles of spirits a day {Churchill stuck to one}; and it claimed Serbia was run by "Slob's missus", the "Red Witch", the "grim-faced Mira, 56", the "evil wife" of Milosevic {just who ran the Kosovo Liberation Army was not declared -- apparently, after years of stoking the flames of revolt among Kosovars, this guy is in hiding with his missus}.
      However, one of Scotland's top authors and journalists agrees with McDNL. The Daily Telegraph (which brought news from Paris and Prague of majority condemnation of the bombings) carried a letter from Allan Massie. After noting recent episodes in Northern Ireland, in one of which a 13-year-old boy had been subjected to a 'punishment beating' with a metal-studded baseball bat and 'banished' from the UK province by paramilitaries, Scotland's leading political commentator [often writing for Sunday Times and Independent on Sunday'] continued:

"our silly, simpering Prime Minister takes the lead in launching an aggressive and illegal war against an independent sovereign state and tells us that "barbarity alone cannot be allowed to defeat justice" -- except, one supposes, in Northern Ireland."

Mercifully, Russian Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov braved Nato missiles, flew to Belgrade, and left for Berlin to discuss with Chancellor Schroeder a plan for settling Kosovo (by then quarter-emptied of ethnic Albanians) before Turkey could intervene to help the Albanians and thus trigger war with Nato member Greece -- which itself would probably be supported by Russia. The White House had already started eviscerating the word 'victory' by re-defining it. Victory was no longer 'surrender of one's enemy'; rather, it meant that one's enemy "shows signs of agreeing in principle, without actually signing [a peace accord]." Britain was sending humanitarian aid to the Kosovars -- though why this strategy had not been tried previously remained unknown. (Nato claims to have been fully aware of Mr Milosevic's preparations for a spring offensive in Kosovo; so why humanitarian preparations were not made is a mystery.)

WASHINGTON, DC, 25 iii '99 ;  -- The U.S.-led military strike on Yugoslavia is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, a potential Vietnam-style morass for American ground troops, and a dangerous expansion of the U.S. government's "perpetual war for perpetual peace" foreign policy, the Libertarian Party said today. "This is not our war," said the party's national chairman, David Bergland. "No matter how tragic the civil war in Yugoslavia is, the security of the United States is not at stake. We should not be involved in this conflict."

BELGRADE -- "Never go to war with a country whose national holiday celebrates a defeat in 1389," warned a US columnist. While Nato intensified its bombing of Serbia, some 15,000 Belgrade residents of all ages, including seventy-year olds, sang and danced at an all-day rock concert in the city's Freedom Square. Not even the sound of frequent sirens warning the citizens to head for air shelters stopped this act of open defiance to Nato's "might." Some teenagers and children could be seen wearing newly designed T-shirts bearing a black bullseye. Others just stuck bullseye signs on their clothing or heads. Underneath, the word TARGET was written in English. Others tried to help "guide" NATO bombers by carrying a huge, 30-foot long TARGET sign through the city streets. One of the bigger signs read: "Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible," mocking Nato's supposedly invisible "Stealth" F-117A bomber. Vans and lorries also carried "I'm invisible" markings.

WASHINGTON -- One of the major networks headlined its 28 iii '99 coverage of Nato's aerial bombardment of the Serbs: 'War for Peace.' {Orwell , thou shouldst be living at this hour! -- Big Brother: "War is peace"; "Freedom is slavery"; "Ignorance is strength."}

EDINBURGH 31 iii '99 -- Since drizzle over Serbia had impeded Nato's bombers, instructed to avoid killing civilians, the London press had little to report but the harrowing (though uncheckable) stories of Kosovars as they arrived safely in Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. -- The refugees were quite as smartly dressed as if shopping on Edinburgh's Princes Street; and there were plenty of young men shown in press pictures, thus disconfirming editorial texts suggesting a general round-up of young men and a 'Great Terror' akin to the activities of Pol Pot in Cambodia. Britain's neosocialist-sympathizing newspapers remained anti-Serb in tone, though several broadsheets had a nice photo of Mr Milosevic receiving Russian Prime Minister Mr Primakov in Belgrade. Some recalled that Primakov almost managed to prevent the 1991 'Desert Storm' Operation -- but could not in fact persuade Iraq's Madman Insane of the elementary necessity of beginning a withdrawal from Kuwait.
      The Times thundered rather more than on previous days: "Nato's weaker minds may be tempted to pursue and explore [the Belgrade peace offer]….but there is nothing to explore. ….Nato must wait for [Milosevic] to capitulate." However, Times readers have probably been less indoctrinated with the Third Way than media people over the past few years: in the Times' correspondence columns, letters were 5-1 against the bombing of Serbia.
      The Glasgow Herald's front page recorded the continuing arguments between SNP leader Alex Salmond and HMG: today, Salmond responded to criticism of his 'Nato Luftwaffe' broadcast by calling the Government's policy of bombing Serbia "pathetic."
      From Washington, it was heard that President Clinton had been shocked to learn that seven ships of the Russian Navy were heading for the Adriatic -- apparently including the giant aircraft carrier 'Admiral Kuznetzov.' Sir Michael Rose, a former British representative at the UN who had doubted the efficacy of bombing, told TV viewers nation-wide that it was "inevitable" that Western troops would be sent to fight Serbia.

EDINBURGH 1 iv '99 (BBCR4UK 08:00). -- Reacting to three Nato soldiers being captured on Serbia's border with Macedonia and displayed on TV from Belgrade, UK neosocialist Defence Secretary George Robertson explained the event was "an ominous development": the men were only peacekeepers, "until, er, a while ago"; they had been about to go on leave; they had "no hostile intent" and "no warlike intentions at all"; and Serbia had sunk to "new low depths." {April Fool ? No, Nato PR supremo Jamie Shea likewise expressed outrage and demanded that no hair of the camouflaged soldiers' heads should be touched. After all, there is no war on, not in these gents' minds. -- Only a "humanitarian intervention" that had quite accidentally resulted in the destruction of Petrovaradin Bridge [the so-called "old bridge" across the Danube].} The aggrieved Robertson was cross when the BBC interviewer said some people believed Nato's action had led to an escalation of 'ethnic cleansing.' No, said the Minister, the ethnic cleansing had been escalating anyway. So what contribution had Nato made? Well, said Grumpy George, Nato's action had not been intended to deal with humanitarian outrages -- only to prevent them…. The BBC interviewer had to remind the petulant Defence Secretary that Britain was a democratic country and that people were entitled to express critical views of Britain's war policy ooops humanitarian intervention. {Subsequently, Robertson was confined to barracks and pro-Nato propaganda was left to Jamie Shea.} Meanwhile, divine support for HMG's swaggering multiculturalism is weakening: the head of the Church of Wales [the Welsh branch of the Church of England] denounced the attack on Serbia as "unlawful" and "a folly" and called on Prime Minister Blair to STOP THE BOMBING. Despite UK press speculation, there is no sign of politicians sending in Nato ground troops -- and Mr Clinton was broadcast voicing his "worry" that if he sent in troops he would "never get them out."
{Altogether, the past week has been a disaster for Nato. One wonders, would Nato generals have tried to deal with a Red Army rolling to the Rhine by setting off fireworks in Kirghizstan? The end of the present affair will have to see constitutional changes to immunize Nato from neosocialism.}

Undaunted by Nato's escalating air raids, tens of thousands of people massed in downtown Belgrade today for the fourth day, singing, dancing, rocking, shouting anti-NATO slogans, and waving home-made signs, including some "Adolf Clinton" images.

WASHINGTON 1 iv '99 Daily Telegraph -- Washington Gripped by Fear of Failure -- John Bolton, a foreign policy scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, accused the American planners of incompetence. He said: "You ask them what they will do if bombing does not achieve their goals and they don't know -- they don't know!"

A little history (
      Sept. 21, 1914, Chancellor of the UK Exchequer David Lloyd George, saying that Serbia was being unfairly bullied by Austria after the murder of the latter's Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo: "The history of Serbia is not unblotted. Whose history in the category of nations is unblotted? The first nation that is without sin, let her cast a stone at Serbia. Trained in a horrible school, she won her freedom with her tenacious valour and she has maintained it by her courage." 
      In 1929, the Serbs constituted a 61% majority in Kosovo. They remained a majority all the way up to WW II, during which many Serbs were killed or driven from their homes by the Nazi allies -- the Kosovo and Bosnian Muslims. After 1945, Tito's communist government of Yugoslavia passed a law prohibiting the Serb refugees from returning to their homes in Kosovo. Over the next five decades, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants poured in from dirt-poor communist Albania. That is how the Albanians got to be a majority in Kosovo and Serbs were reluctant to live there.
    There are now 450,000 Serb refugees from Croatia and West Bosnia in Republika Srpska (Bosnian Serb Republic), driven out by Croats and Americans. Serbia has 1,000,000 refugees. Many are Croats, Muslim Bosnians, Albanians who do not wish to live under Nazi and Islamic dictatorship. That's why they fled to Serbia. 100,000 Albanians live in Belgrade.

A McDougall US Correspondent writes: "Quite frankly, the whole thing can be summed up simply. What we're doing is the same as if the USSR bombed Washington because we would not return Texas to Mexico." {A gloomy reading of the trends of Mexican migration to Texas, but one sees the point. -- Ed.}

LONDON 1 iv '99 -- Enthusiasm at the Times for the 'intervention' in Kosovo, er, Serbia, stayed high. Only 200,000 ground troops would be needed to have a proper war and finish off Mr Milosevic, thundered the lead editorial. Apparently, "it is unthinkable that Nato should fail to stamp out the "great terror" [that Milosevic has unleashed]." Spain, too, welcomed Nato's attacks on Serbia, said the paper.

LONDON, Independent (, 2 iv, filed from Belgrade by veteran reporter, Robert Fisk  --  "….On the second floor of the Serbian Clinical Centre in Belgrade are victims of the Balkan war who will never be mentioned in any Nato briefing. There's a 14-year-old boy with his head crushed, lying in a coma, eyes half-closed, a fat oxygen tube down his throat. There's a middle-aged farmer hit in the head by shrapnel and expected to die within a few hours. A little further down the emergency ward is another boy -- 13 this time -- with his head swathed in bandages, moving in agony, his brain damaged and his right leg fractured by a falling building. They are Nato's victims."

LONDON (BBCR4UK 2 iv '99, 08:10) The propaganda non-war between Nato and Serbia has ground to a total halt today. Nato releases little information about its successes or failures in its eight-day 'Nintendo' bombing campaign, though it denies it has harmed or would harm civilians even by cutting electricity supplies and thus diminishing Serbia's hospital services; and it has no coherent account of how or where three US 'peacekeepers' "on a reconnaissance mission" came to be captured by Serb forces. (Nato maintains the "abducted" yet militarily camouflaged peacekeepers should not be tried by Belgrade since this would flout international conventions about war that Nato so scrupulously observes…. Anyway, Nato is not having a war….*) Serbia is equally uninformative about its policy and operations in Kosovo -- which Nato and BBC messages routinely describe as consisting of ceaseless "atrocities" and "genocide" that bring tears to journalists' eyes.
      Despite Kosovars sometimes killing each other (at Calais, while hoping to bribe their way into Britain), polls says British public support for sending ground troops to help ethnic Albanians has increased by 19%. UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook says Mr Milosevic's petrol supplies for Kosovo must surely be reduced; but the BBC reports increasing flows of refugees across Kosovo's borders -- a rate of 6,000 per hour being reached at one point. Serbian spokesman Milograd Popovich claims some schools have been bombed by Nato -- one of them repeatedly -- and that some Kosovan ethnic Albanian refugees are fleeing to Belgrade and denouncing Nato.
      The BBC is not allowed reporters in Kosovo, but has first-hand reports from Belgrade where apparently nothing much is happening apart from street parties. Nato makes daily announcements of providing more bombers -- today, fourteen more A117 Stealth aircraft; and Nato countries and Mr Bill Gates (whose company faces break-up under US anti-trust law) are sending other humanitarian aid. Kosovar refugees say they have been stripped of documentation; but Serbia says many never had documentation in the first place -- being illegal economic migrants from Albania seeking advancement in Yugoslavia just like Hispanics in the United States.
      {A serious hope can remain that fatalities of the past week have been far fewer than has been implied and feared; but there is an awful prospect that Montenegro and Macedonia may at any moment break into civil wars and that Greece and Turkey will then wish to make their own humanitarian interventions. Perhaps Emperor Clinton has a master plan whereby AmericOtan will pacify the whole area and control the whole of the European coastline from Gdansk round to Istanbul? Yet in that case it might have been easier to offer Nato membership to Serbia.}

* McDougall's Defence Correspondent writes (2 iv '99a.m.): "The story is now that the captured US troops "accidentally'' took the wrong road and went up the wrong side of a mountain. There is clearly now no doubt, after 36 hours of Nato evasions, that the three men were actually in Serbian territory. Since this is not a war, supposedly, the Geneva Convention DOES NOT apply. The troops' legal status is pretty uncertain. I expect legally the Serbs are entitled to try them under Serbian law, maybe for espionage. They are not in the terms of the Geneva Convention soldiers fighting in a war."
   McDougall's US Correspondent writes (3 iv '99): "Actually, I would not be surprised if it were an accident. Those boys did not strike me as very bright, especially when I heard the backgrounds. At least one was clearly marginal. As for the Geneva Convention, the Yugoslavs declared they were at war with us so, according to them, we are..."

EDINBURGH 2 iv '99 -- The anti-bombing remarks of Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond have possibly lost his party several points in Scottish opinion polls. The SNP's dip in the polls may have begun prior to the attack on Serbia; but even some of Salmond's close political colleagues have found his criticism of Nato action hard to accept. Evidently UK TV has been doing a fine propaganda job for neosocialism. ('Why don't the Serbs and Macedonians have humanitarian feelings about the Kosovars?' asked Sir Alistair Cooke in Washington. 'Because they haven't seen the pictures,' came a clubman's reply.) On BBC's national 'Any Questions' programme, Mr Salmond quoted figures that there had been no increase of ethnic Albanian refugees to Macedonia in the week before Nato's bombing started, but then sought refuge beneath the skirts of the Pope, who had called for a suspension of Nato's bombing over Catholic Easter. (Orthodox Easter is ten days later this year.) Resisting more firmly the trend to compassion for the Kosovo Liberation Army is Britain's far-left Socialist Workers' Party, which held an anti-bombing meeting in Edinburgh Southside's leading Irish bar, 'Drouthy Neighbours.'
      {Neosocialist Emperor 'Adolf Clinton' [as he is called in Belgrade] must be pondering what to do in the light of White House insistence (especially from Al Gore) at the beginning of the Nintendo onslaught that US troops would be "kept out of harm's way." Albania and Macedonia now fear humanitarian disasters on their soil thanks to the influx of penniless refugees. Hopefully Mr Milosevic will soon propose a compromise that Western politicians and the meedja can hardly refuse -- some kind of division of Kosovo, presumably. Yet hopefully nothing will spare the multiculturalist politicians whose folly has brought about what Independent MP Tim Bell (formerly BBC war correspondent) has called the "humiliation" of Nato. }

McDougall's Defence Correspondent writes (2 iv '99p.m.): "….eventually AmericOtan will just move in ground troops "for humanitarian reasons'' having deliberately escalated the situation to make that inevitable. The strategy is breathtakingly brilliant: the more Nato/Otan makes a hash of things in the short term, the better it will be for them in the long term. Bombing Serbia into the stone age is a necessary pre-requisite for de-stabilising the region -- Serbia being the only military force locally that was capable of keeping order there. Whatever one thinks about the "New World Order'' guys, one must take the hat off to them: they are winning, and they are utterly ruthless doing it."

MOSCOW, 2 iv '99 --  Andrei Manilov, an official of the Liberal Democratic Party, told Izvesti, the Russian daily, that leading Russian financial and industrial groups are sponsoring arrangements for the dispatch of volunteers to Yugoslavia. He said more than 56,000 volunteers across the country had already signed up.

ATHENS, 2 iv '99 --  An estimated two million Greeks took part in a two-hour strike on Friday to protest against Nato's attack on Serbia.

ALBANIA, 2 iv '99 -- A Kosovo Liberation Army soldier, Shkem Dragobia, said Nato had made a pledge to his people, and broken it. "When we signed the Rambouillet agreement, we were led to believe that Nato and the US will help the Albanians. So we stopped arming and mobilizing ourselves," he said. {One story is that the KLA has for some while been funded from Germany with cash from elite 'New World Order' groups such as the Bilderburg Group. According to this account, one KLA job was to kill ethnic Albanians so as to provoke revolt and repression and thus justify the flattening of Serbia. Supposedly it was supported by SAS-type Nato troops operating under cover from Macedonia. Certainly it would help explain Nato's follies if it had found itself let down at the last moment by the unexpected collapse of the KLA.}

Daily Telegraph [London; Conservative-supporting] 3 iv '99
Defence Editor John Keegan [a distinguished military historian]:
"It is difficult to conceive how Nato can have got itself into a military situation as lamentable as that which currently prevails, with no sign of how it may extricate itself."
Torygraph Leader, 'Half-measures are not enough'
-- This leading article demanded the use of ground troops (never mind that 200,000 were not immediately available), the setting up of safe havens (despite how unsafe these had proved in Bosnia) and frank support for the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Guardian [London; Labour-supporting] 3 iv '99
Raunchy top columnist Julie Burchill, 'A War Too Far':
"Well, hand me down that white feather, baby, and call me 'Conshie' -- I've finally found a British military engagement I'm violently opposed to. When it came to the conflicts against Iraq (invading peaceful little Kuwait), or Argentina (invading peaceful little penguins), I practically had to be restrained from handing out white feathers to all apparently healthy men over 16 whom I saw walking down the street. This time, I feel like I'm behind enemy lines…."

The response of the Warsaw Pact to Nato's violation of Serbian sovereignty involved: sending perhaps seven ships in the direction of mineral-rich Kosovo to 'observe' developments; refusing to sign Start II (aimed at reducing nuclear weaponry); Mr Yeltsin commencing proceedings in Moscow to rid himself of his top justice minister, Yuri Skuratov, who had been filmed in bed with two blondes.

SAREJEVO, 3 iv '99 -- Nato Special Forces came under fire while destroying a major railroad line through Bosnia-Herzegovina.

4 iv '99  --  "It appears that [in cutting all Serbia's bridges across the Danube] Nato is trying to cut off Central Serbia from its northern province of Vojvodina. This has brought on speculation from one Belgrade source that, since Nati cannot mount an invasion of Kosovo, it may try to attack Serbia from the north; using its new member, Hungary, as a jump-off point. Which is the way Hitler did it, too, in 1941."

4 iv '99 Independent on Sunday [London] This paper was rather less anti-bombing than last week and its editorial settled -- as did many others -- for urging humanitarian aid. However, all the paper's columnists had grave reservations. Author A. N. Wilson urged pacifism; Oxford historian Felipe Fernández-Armesto said the war was more about saving faces than saving lives; and that grand old trooper among British parliamentary columnists, Alan Watneys ooops Watkins observed that, at Westminster, it is the politicians who have military experience (Benn, Healey, Rees-Mogg, Dalyell, Carrington) who have opposed the bombing. By contrast the leading warmongers (Blair, Cook, Robertson, Livingstone) all avoided National Service. Watkins quoted Wilde's 'Lady Bracknell': "The general is a man of peace, except in his domestic life."

5 iv '99 -- 170 people were arrested yesterday in Brussels for protesting against Nato's attack on Serbia, in a country whose constitution guarantees freedom of speech peaceful assembly. A former professor of the Catholic University of Louvain who supported the demonstration was injured by police.

5 iv '99 -- UK neosocialist Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said there would be no point Mr Milosevic offering a mutual cessation of hostilities. Nato's action -- soon to involve 2,000 more US troops somewhere -- would only stop when Kosovo was cleared of the Serbian military, said Cook (recently the target of a book by his jilted wife, Margaret, detailing his apparent alcohol abuse and willingness to do anything for power).

6 iv '99 CFMR 00:00 -- Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted bombing alone would do the job {whatever it was -- cleansing all Serbs from Kosovo?} but that, like he had always said, it would be 'a long haul' and one could not expect results all at once.

6 iv '99 Sun [largest UK tabloid, selling 8 million copies daily] -- Editorial: "The Prime Minister tells the Sun that ground troops will NOT be sent in, and we totally agree. And today we pledge: If Mr Blair changes his mind, he will NOT have the support of the Sun. ….A ground war in Yugoslavia would be MADNESS."

6 iv '99 The Labour-supportive Guardian refrained from comment on Britain's war-making and merely urged humanitarian aid to the 'cleansed' ethnic Albanians -- some thousands of whom now languish in muddy fields in their own excrement (though others are in smart British Army tents). However, all of the Guardian's correspondents opposed the bombing: two wrote from Belgrade; one was a secretary of a 'United Nations Association' in Yorkshire; one thought Nato should offer to take its nuclear weapons of 'hair trigger alert' as a gesture of good will to Moscow; one regretted Mr Blair having a blank cheque from Parliament; and one said Nato should be wound up.
            After almost a fortnight of Nato bombing, there are an estimated 40,000 Serbian troops and 7,000 military vehicles in Kosovo. Support for a suspension of Nato hostilities has come from the Pope, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Taoiseach of Éire.


Multicultural War ooops Intervention

The Western New World Order has not behaved as badly as some critics think in its 'humanitarian intervention' in ex-Yugoslavia.

  1. It had authority for its action in so far as nineteen Nato members are a far more satisfactory court of appeal, or superego, than would be the tyranny-prone members of the United Nations.
  2. Nato had given Serbia fair warning in so far as it had been poking its nose into Yugoslavia for a decade without blanket objections from Belgrade or Moscow.
  3. Nato's actions were proportionate -- certainly killing fewer people than had been killed by Serbian paramilitaries in Kosovo during March (though that wasn't too difficult since Serbian 'atrocities' only commenced once Nato blew the whistle for action).
  4. Nato seemed at any stage to be offering clear terms on which it would halt the bombing immediately. -- It was Russia and Serbia which closed Western embassies and refused to talk.

However, a major post-1945 principle has been sacrificed which the West may soon regret. The principle is that a sovereign state should not be attacked unless it has itself made war outside its own territory. Article 2 of the U.N. Charter prohibits such force; and Nato's own charter claims it is a defensive organization. (The 1948 Genocide Convention could have been invoked to authorize state aggression -- but that requires agreement of the UN Security Council. In any case, no genocide was in progress when bombing commenced -- and no 'ethnic cleansing' compared to Pakistan's ethnic clearance of 10 million Bengalis during the latter's secessionist struggle of 1971, Croatia's expulsion of 900,000 Serbs in 1991, the Israeli post-1947 clearance of 700,000 Palestinians, and the Allies' clearance of 12 million Germans from Eastern Europe in 1945.) At very least, Nato owed it to Serbia to say more explicitly, over a period of weeks, or even months, that it backed an independent Kosovo and would cease to regard Serbia as having the right to govern Kosovo; Nato should have given the Serbs of Kosovo a chance to make their escape before the province was handed to the Kosovo Liberation Army -- as was apparently the plan; and Nato should have established that there was a definite escalation of Serbian atrocities in Kosovo prior to the onset of its bombing. Instead, Nato acted out of pique that, at the Rambouillet talks, Serbia had refused to accept Nato 'peacekeeping' troops in Kosovo to monitor a new autonomy for the unhappy province.

Making truth the first casualty of its war, pathetically seeking justification for its bombing crusade, Nato encouraged Western journalists to talk of Serbian 'genocide' in Kosovo -- thus risking evisceration of the holiest multiculturalist terminology for any 'evil' that neosocialism does not like.

Still worse than the breach of the principle that just war must be defensive, Nato ended its first week of fighting with the humiliation of death and destruction alone having resulted from its multi-billion dollar expenditures. It controlled no extra square inch of territory -- for all its pretensions to do so. Its mighty dollars (and now somewhat less mighty Eurodollars) could have instead bought useful favours from Belgrade or serious protection for the Kosovars.

To complete the picture of its folly, Nato has had no-one to thank it for its efforts -- not even a Serbian opponent of Milosevic, let alone any terrified ethnic Albanian refugee or the Kosovo Liberation leader! (Ibrahim Rugova appeared on Belgrade TV walking and talking happily with Mr Milosevic and called for an end to Nato bombing. -- Whether or not he was drugged or intimidated is not known.)

Such a result is a disaster for which neosocialist enthusiasts for multiculturalist warfare must be called to account in due course. Meantime, they owe it to the Kosovars to let them have some peace and to Western troops to let them do some peacekeeping. Neosocialism now has its first Protectorate in the south-west Kosovo valleys of Drenica and Pagarusa and a heavy responsibility for Macedonia and Montenegro, which are being destabilized by its actions.

Hopefully AmericOtan will allow Warsaw Pact monitoring of its operations -- just as Yugoslavia long allowed Nato to see Serbia's own efforts to let people of different ethnicities live together on terms. Such monitoring would be an especially good idea if AmericOtan decided to persuade Turkey to live on PC terms with its Kurds. -- The to-date fissiparous Kurds occupy an area the size of ex-Yugoslavia which supplies the water for much of the Middle East; and they might well be offered a Russian safe haven if the Turks were ever thought too unpleasant to them…. As Nato moves to create a Greater Albania it had better watch out for a hostile Greater Kurdistan -- not to mention the loss of Nato member Greece as Russia, Syria and Greece move to create a multicultural Cyprus, and the loss of US-Chinese accord if China should decide to provide a multicultural service for Taiwan. Meantime the West must hope for neoliberal respect for contracts between individuals, between states, and between states and individuals to become the agenda for a successful opposition to the impetuosity of Emperor Clinton and Augustus Blair. The right must wake up before the left wrecks Nato. -- And preferably before old-style communist multiculturalism, backed by access to Russia's nuclear deterrent and delivery systems, embarks on requiring the Filipinos, Malays and Indonesians to be nice to their Chinese minorities.

Racism Realism


(Times 31 iii '99)

Racism is in the genes, say top British scientists. Sir Fred Hoyle and Professor Chandra Wickramsinghe now reckon that Whites who bred with Blacks in the Stone Age would have left few ancestors.
      The problem was rickets: half-breeds would not have been able to soak up enough Vitamin D from the sun. So Whites who were averse to Blacks would have left more descendants. (Notoriously, some Whites find Blacks 'smelly' -- just as some East Asians find Whites' body odours repugnant.)
      Notorious for defying conventional wisdom, the maverick pair of scientists -- famous for thinking influenza was brought to Earth by Martians -- have published their ideas on the Net as well as submitting them to a learned journal (Journal of Scientific Exploration). Race-mixin'-it Blacks could have had the same problem -- for their descendants by Whites would have had little melanin to protect the skin against cancer. This may be why when some Blacks see Whites they can't stop laughing.
      Hoyle and Wickramsinghe say that if racism is to be tackled the job should be attempted realistically. {Just how realistic they are about race differences in IQ remains unknown.}

Sir William Macpherson of Cluny's Report
on the Lawrence Affair

(cf. McDNL 2 & 9 iii '99}

Sir William Macluny has now provided his excuses
for his Report (
Times 2 iv '99):

'We did not dream up the phrase 'institutional racism.' The term was first used in the 1981 Scarman Report.'

{But Lord Scarman rejected it as applying to the police since he found that police procedures themselves showed no systematic bias. Macpherson, too, found no general procedural bias; yet he damned the police with the term.}

'What we observed was that there were pockets of racism in the Met.'

{So why didn't Macluny say just that?}

'We thought people would attend to our use of the sister phrase, 'unwitting racism.''

{But 'unwitting racism' is an even more awful allegation. No-one can ever defend against it -- especially if it carries no implication of general procedural bias.}

'We certainly did not wish to criminalize dinner-table discussions of race. We had seen video footage of youths in the home of one of them proudly displaying claw hammer heads and swastikas and mouthing racist remarks. This behaviour would have been illegal in the street, so we didn't see why it should necessarily be non-criminal in the home.'

{The whole point of being a lawyer is to be able to think these things through. Obviously such behaviour in the home threatens no-one. And to draw the line between it and racist joking in the home would be impossible.}

'We were perfectly aware of the need not to put an accused in 'double jeopardy.' We only wanted retrials if new evidence came to light -- as it can these days from DNA testing.'

{If the state has insufficient evidence, it should not mount a trial in the first place. The state's power is so great, and the consequences of its actions for the individual so great, that it should only have one bite at the cherry. Any lawyer should have known the time-honoured rationale for not allowing 'double jeopardy.' Sir William must have banged his head on one of his parachute jumps.}

6 iv '99  

WASHINGTON -- Affirmative Racism -- The Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the program that promoted blacks, Hispanic and female fire-fighters ahead of male, non-minorities who scored higher on the promotion exams for Dallas fire brigade.

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- New York City police searched for clues to the execution-style murder of a member of a popular Black hip-hop group, the Lost Boyz. In 1997, Black rap star 'Biggie Smalls' was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. The year before, Black rapper Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas.

PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN) -- In the biggest liability verdict ever against the tobacco industry, a jury ordered Philip Morris to pay $81 million to the family of a man who died of lung cancer after smoking Marlboros for four decades. {The verdict is expected to be overturned on appeal. But the mockery that is made of justice by such antique cases brought by voluntary 'victims' cannot be overestimated. No one by 1965 could have reasonably believed his tobacco supplier was serving as his medical consultant.}

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (U-WIRE) -- Lawyers for the four Orthodox Jewish students who brought a religious discrimination case against Yale University last year have now presented their argument in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. ….In the lawsuit, the students claim their religious tenets prohibited them from living in the co-educational environment of Yale dormitories, in which they would be frequently forced to encounter members of the opposite sex and to witness the sexual behavior of others.

YALE UNIVERSITY -- Free Speech -- Stickers reading Celebrate Gay Avarice, Celebrate Gay Lust, Celebrate Gay Envy, Celebrate Gay Sloth, Celebrate Gay Gluttony, Celebrate Gay Wrath, and Celebrate Gay Pride appeared all over campus during Gay Pride Week. Gay students were in tears as they worked for hours to remove them all.

NEW YORK, 2 iv '99 Reuters Health -- Despite recent advances in gene transfer technology, such technology will most likely not have an impact on human evolution, according to a New York researcher. Sientific attempts to selectively confer specific traits upon animals using gene transfer have "`failed,'' and any speculation that such a concept may be possible in humans is ''scientifically unjustified,'' writes Dr. Jon W. Gordon, a researcher at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. His article is published in the March 26th issue of Science.

VIRGINIA ( -- Feminazie rapohysteria -- The Center for Individual Rights is defending Tony Morrison, a Black athlete at Virginia Tech who was accused of raping Christy Broznkala, a White student. Despite being cleared by a criminal grand jury and a university judicial committee, Ms. Brzonkala, aided by various feminist organizations, brought suit against Mr. Morrison under the federal Violence Againts Women Act.

LONDON -- Statute of Limitations -- After eight hours deliberation by a jury, Anthony Sawoniuk, 76, was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting Belarussian Jews as a keen Nazi recruit when he was age 19, in 1942. The trial only became possible after legal changes in Britain in 1991.

LONDON (Times 2 iv '99) -- Promotion for lawyers to 'silk' [Queen's Counsel] this year reflect craven affirmative racism. Whereas White male applicants stood a 12% chance of selection, males from 'minorities' had an 18% success rate, and women were successful in 20% of cases.

EDINBURGH -- Feminazism -- A 54-year-old Prison Officer, a father of seven, twice touched the breasts and once touched the fully clothed bottom of a lady Prison Officer in 1995. Wow! Has the sky fallen in? Yes! The male officer has been suspended on full sick pay for 'stress' since 1997, he has now been fined £1,750 by a court of law, and a disciplinary hearing will commence at his place of work, Longriggend Remand Centre which itself faces closure as a result of ongoing staff tensions at the establishment. -- A high price for intolerance of a little hanky-panky!

WOLVERHAMPTON  Paedosadism  Two men of age 49 have been charged by police with conspiring to murder children aged from 2 to 7.

LARGO, Fla. -- Race Realism -- A sobbing Black Baptist minister, Rev. Henry Lyons, was jailed for five years for racketeering and grand theft. Among his frauds, Lyons stole $250,000 from the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'rith intended to rebuild Southern Black churches destroyed by fires.

COMPTON, Calif. -- Guns Realism -- A 12-year-old boy saved his shopkeeper grandmother from a beating and armed robbery when he fatally shot one of two suspects attacking the older woman, police said. The other assailant fled. "He thought his grandmother's life was in danger," said Lt. Danny Sneed, a police spokesman. The boy would not be charged. "He was noticeably upset and distraught, but had done what he thought he had to do and composed himself enough to give us a statement."

IQALUIT, Nunavut, Canada -- Eskimo ooops Inuit performers danced all day at a celebration for Canada's newest territory, Nunavut, carved from the Northwest Territories after more than 20 years of lobbying by Inuit leaders. Multicultural PC Canada had bitten the bullet and allowed this segregated development but was embarrassed to find that the Eskimos planned immediately to embark on an orgy of seal killing.

LAGOS (Reuters) -- Nigerian prostitutes threatened nude street protests at World Youth Cup soccer matches after being barred from hotels by tournament organizers.



Accused of 'rape' by his own biographer, Arthur Koestler might have recalled Oscar Wilde's reflection: "Every man has his disciples -- and it is always the Judas who writes the biography."

Certainly, David Cesarani's Arthur Koestler: A Homeless Mind (London:Heineman) is an astonishing attack on Koestler for having put his youthful Zionism behind him while becoming a less than puritanically devoted communist. Quite unable to sympathize with a passionate young man who liked sex,* scribbling, socialism** and the stage, the po-faced Prof. Cesarani deplores Koestler's tiring of rural spadework and the worship of the Hebrew language that he encountered in blessed Israel of the 1920's; and Cesarani gives Koestler little credit for his brave missions behind Nationalist lines in Spain.

However, it is the Cesarani's account of Koestler's 'rape' of Jill Craigie in 1952 that will astonish any reader familiar only with the brouhaha in the British press. Inevitably, any casual reader of newspaper accounts of another's sins assumes 'there is no smoke without fire'. But in this case it turns out that the 'rape victim', Mrs Michael Foot, having escaped from the 'violent brute' who had thrust himself upon her in her bijou Hampstead kitchen while the pair were washing up after drinks and lunch, not only declined to seek nearby police help but actually decided to rejoin her 'assailant.' Even a Harvard coven of 1990's PC feminazies would probably agree, from Craigie's story as told to Cesarani, that she had been asking for something -- trouble at least. Here is Cesarani's account in full (pp. 399-401).


It was on one of these outings [looking for a new place to live in London] that Koestler raped Jill Craigie, the wife of his friend Michael Foot, MP. On 4 May he rang up excitedly announcing that he had decided to settle in England and wanted to see 'an English pub.' Craigie explained that Foot was away on a 'Brains Trust' but Koestler was insistent and since she recalled his wonderful hospitality at Verte Rive [the Koestlers' home near Paris] a few summers ago felt she could not refuse. He arrived in his rented car and she gave him a 'Jill Craigie tour of Hampstead', pointing out the homes and pubs inhabited and frequented by local celebrities. They went to several pubs and Koestler drank in each one, although Craigie stuck to ginger beer. His behaviour was quite proper until he demanded that she make him lunch at her place. Craigie objected that she had no food at home (she had been working on a film) and countered that a roast beef lunch would be more fitting. He would not take no far an answer and bullied her into making him an omelette. {That is: he 'bullied' her into leaving a pub with him, walking or driving past Craigie's neighbours (set off only by the tiniest gardens from Hampstead's tiny streets), and admitting him to her home -- all while she was stone cold sober.} After the meal Koestler helped to wash up. When the last plate was done and Craigie set down the dish cloth he 'suddenly grasped my hair, he pulled me down and banged my head on the floor. A lot.'
      Craigie thought he had gone mad. They had 'the most terrible, terrible fight' as she struggled back to full consciousness and tried to resist him. He was 'very, very violent', but she was young and healthy and managed to work herself free and rush out of the house. Once outside she sat on the steps, her clothes torn, and wondered what to do. She had no money. Her nearest friends, Jenni and Nye Bevan, were away in Nye's constituency. Hampstead police station was nearby, but she was scared that such a recourse would lead to awful publicity for her and Michael.
{Why? She could have summoned the police and then declined to pursue charges -- just as many women do.} She would be accusing a world-famous novelist of rape; they had been on a pub crawl and she had admitted him into her home by herself. It did not look good. {Indeed! A little harmless flirtation while her husband was away had become a private date behind closed doors and then spun out of control.} So she waited in the hope that Koestler would calm down and emerge on his own accord. He did not and she went back inside, expecting to find him come to his senses. 'And so I took a chance and went back, which was rather stupid of me. {You can say that again!} And it started all over again: very, very violent, mostly pulling hair.' He even placed his hands on her throat and she feared he would murder her. 'In the end I was overborne. I was terribly tired and weakened. There's a limit to how much strength one has and he was a very strong man. And that was it.'
      Koestler showed no contrition afterwards. As he left he merely gave her a side glance and said: 'I thought you always had a bit of a yen for me.' Craigie had done nothing to give such an impression
{What! In North London of 1952 -- near what was later to be Mrs Thatcher's constituency -- it was unheard of for women to invite drunken men in for private lunches at all, let alone if they didn't fancy them!} and during their outing together he had not indicated that he was attracted to her.


No: Jill Craigie figures no further in Cesarani's text. Her eminent husband would have been well placed to pursue vengeance, whether formal or informal, on Koestler; but readers are not even told whether or when he (or anyone else) was told of the alleged date rape.

If such a grievance can be pursued with public approval by any Judas of a biographer, without even the benefactor of a man's will defending him, think of the countless terrified men in PC Britain of 1999!

(And why was Koestler not more amorous in the pub? Decorum forbids the thought that, with some girls, a man needs the drink to take effect on him….)

*   Koestler was sexually initiated at age 16 with the young maid at a boarding house -- like many lads of those days. ("After the initial mishaps," recorded Koestler, comparing the relationship with his earlier masturbatory thrills, "this proved even more delightful.") Later, Cesarani records Koestler remarking without horror that Frenchmen would sometimes introduce their wives to their mistresses -- "sadistic performances", thinks Cesarani; and Koestler is also faulted by his biographer for approving of brothels as helping to keep down homosexuality (p. 66). Nor is Cesarani sympathetic to Koestler's attempt to write up Magnus Hirschfeld's famous sex clinic in Berlin, despite Koestler himself noting moralistically the paradox that cheap and easy sex in Weimar Germany had not led to greater happiness, and despite Koestler's own sexological writings of the 1930's being perfectly sound and properly attentive to the need for female orgasm. Unsurprisingly, Cesarani declines to accept Koestler's own insistence that he was searching for the perfect woman as he went from one girl to another (including teenagers): what Koestler himself called his "phantom chase after Helena" in his twenties is described by his biographer as his "lust and perpetual infidelity." Even the rigours of communism did not constrain Koestler as Cesarani would have liked: "[By 1931, at the great age of 26,] he was sleeping his way through Berlin at the rate of one girlfriend every four to six weeks." (It was fortunate that Koestler was good at sex. Though his first marriage came about in 1935 as a political affair (to give a communist partner Hungarian citizenship and thus allow her to stay in Switzerland) it was this partner, Dorothea, who later worked tirelessly and by no means unemotionally to free Koestler from prison in Seville -- a campaign which had the support of Winston Churchill MP.)

**  It should not be thought that Koestler's enthusiasm for communism was pie-eyed. By 1932, commissioned to write a book about the marvels of Russia under Stalin, Koestler was complaining to his hosts in Kharkov that he saw starvation everywhere and that the newspapers' lies about it "make me sick." When his 480-page book was finished in 1933 it was not well received because of undue frivolity and insufficient praise for Stalin. Friends in Berlin of 1933 remarked that he was undergoing an agonising self-appraisal and was apprehensive of deception and disappointment. On arrival in Paris (fleeing Berlin after the Reichstag Fire) Koestler was deemed by the leading Communist organizer, Willi Münzenberg, to have too little of "the urge for subordination and anonymous usefulness" that Communism required. Koestler later admitted that he had only ever wanted to be 'an amateur communist'; but his integrity was such that, even after two months imprisoned in Seville, with Republican fellow prisoners being executed daily, he declined to say a word in favour of Franco to expedite his own release.


The History of Suicide (Georges Minois, Johns Hopkins University Press, £UK30) is a book with many gaps in its history -- e.g. for Stefan Zweig and Marilyn Monroe. As reviewer Rhoda Koenig noted (Literary Review iv '99), a book's being published by a university press is today "no guarantee of probity." However, it does a good job of tracing the arguments about suicide.
      Essentially, for early Christians suicide was a good thing -- as in the case of Jesus, who essentially condemned himself to death by declining to take back his threat to destroy the Jerusalem Temple and his own (usually pretty hesitant) claim to be the Jews' promised Messiah. By the time Emperor Constantine (274-337) arrived to back Christianity, 314ADff., the remaining leaders of the Church were a much-martyred collection of old crocks with many missing body parts; and St Ambrose (339-397), who himself forced Emperor Theodosius the Great to do public penance for the massacre of Thessalonica, advised "Let us not flee death -- the Son of God did not."
      Later things changed as the mediaeval church sanctioned ownership of people. Obviously it was a swizz if a perfectly healthy serf or other underling with years more service in him could up and commit suicide with impunity! Thus all the property of a 'self-murderer' became liable to seizure by the state. However, the Renaissance saw more liberal attitudes. Shakespeare's plays contain fifty-two suicides and John Donne wrote the first tract urging decriminalization -- though calling himself 'Jack' Donne just to be on the safe side.
      Preparation to face death can greatly enhance the usefulness of a person to a cause. Arthur Koestler was actually very courageous when his moments of trial came; but, to prepare for what was his third mission behind Nationalist lines, he had taken a syringe and enough morphine to kill him -- and only failed to commit suicide because there was no water available to dilute the morphine at the moment of his arrest.
      Because of its reluctance to condemn suicide (which eventually became legalized in 1961), Britain became known in Europe as suicide-prone, which Continentals attributed to the weather.

I. Q.


-- Author of The g Factor writes
to back "race conscious" education
applauded in top US weekly --

Edinburgh, 26 March 1999

To: The Editor; The New Republic; 1220 19th Street, N.W.; Washington, D.C. 20036. (

Dear Editor,

    It was interesting to learn from Tamar Jacoby of America's new "race conscious" forms of "pipeline" education which select Black students and groom them for careers in maths and science ('Color blind: the African American absence in high tech', New Republic, 29 iii 1999). And it was reassuring to understand that the charge of "reverse racism" against such expenditures was met by including a "sprinkling of white students" on most of the new courses.
      Even before cost-benefit analysis of such intensively "mentored" schemes for increasing the representation of black people in high-tech industries, a hope is possibly dawning. Though American educators are not allowed to mention IQ, could they now have hit on a backdoor route to treating students -- both black and white -- according to ability? Large-scale educational research reviewed by psychologists in Iowa* has lately suggested that real benefits accrue to all students if they are taught in groups that are homogeneous for general intelligence. In particular, there are marked gains in attainment and self-confidence to minority students (black and Hispanic) and to girls who are so taught. And "pipelining" sounds selective for both ability and motivation.
      It is to be hoped that the IQs of "pipelined" students are taken and that the source of students' hoped-for vocational successes can eventually be traced -- perhaps to such homogeneity. To restore education-according-to-ability might give the biggest possible boost to state-educated students of all kinds after years of egalitarian ideology condemned them to hopelessly mixed and dumbed-down classes.
      I am yours etc., Chris Brand {author of 'The g Factor', Wiley, 1996}.

*  See e.g. Personality & Individual Differences 24, 6, 899-900, 1998, 'Fast track learning comes of age.' A review of: Camilla P. BENBOW and David LUBINSKI, 1996, Intellectual Talent: Psychometric and Social Issues. Baltimore and London : The Johns Hopkins University Press. Pp xii + 428. By: Chris Brand. (The review is summarized at

Speech Codes


BOSTON, Mass. (U-WIRE) -- Harvey Silverglate, the attorney who defended British au pair Louise Woodward against murder charges in 1997, criticized restriction of free speech on college campuses during a talk at Boston University. Silverglate, a staunch First Amendment advocate, said free speech can often be misconstrued as a personal attack when it involves frank discussion of sex, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. "Taking action against a person or a group based on their sex, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation is not the same as speaking about it," said Silverglate, who was appearing to promote his new book, The Shadow University. Silverglate singled out Harvard University's code of conduct for criticism. The code is too vague and represents a restriction on free speech rights for students and faculty, he said.

Nutrition and Development

(Reuters Health, 25 iii '99; Developmental Brain Research, iii '99)

NEW YORK -- Maternal choline intake may have a permanent effect on the development of memory and learning centers in the fetal and infant brain, according to rat research. ``For the first time, we have shown that the very structure of the brain is influenced by what mothers eat during pregnancy and that this specific nutrient, choline, appears to be critical,'' explained lead author Dr. Steven Zeisel of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The B vitamin choline plays an important role in the construction of cell membranes -- the outer sheath that keeps cells intact. The nutrient is also a precursor molecule to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and other chemical messengers in the brain. ….According to Zeisel, ''foods rich in choline include eggs, meat, peanuts and dietary supplements. Breast milk contains much more of this nutrient than many infant formulas.''

Martyrs' Memorial

Found at a website which presents pro-Bell Curve and anti-Bell Curve views contributed to Commentary viii '95. (Other academic contributions at are from Leon Kamin, Richard Nisbett, Charles Land and Phil Rushton; and there is a full reply to critics by Charles Murray. )


….I cannot for the life of me understand why some of the most respected scholars in the country stoop to ad hominem attacks. It is one thing for TV talk-show host Phil Donahue to violate elementary canons of civil discourse by accusing Mr. Murray, without any justification, of having been proto-Nazi in adolescence. It is quite another for Harvard scientist Stephen Jay Gould to make only slightly more sophisticated but equally spurious and damning allegations.
      I have watched in despair as Christina Hoff Sommers, Michael Levin, Carol Iannone, Steven Goldberg, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Thomas Sowell, and dozens of other first-rate scholars have been vilified for following where evidence and logic lead. Without minimizing their suffering, I would say that Charles Murray has been the subject of an academic inquisition which is without parallel in recent memory. It makes me ashamed of my profession to realize that smear tactics are the weapons of choice in the battle over ideas for people trained and paid to lead a "life of the mind." Truly, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "I weep for my country when I reflect that God is just."
      LLOYD B. LEWIS Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, Georgia.


Evolution and Psychology

(Review, Nature 1 iv '99)

A popularly written account of modern debates about evolution is provided by Andrew Brown's The Darwin Wars: How Stupid Genes Became Selfish Gods (Simon & Schuster). Yes, the original modern troublemaker, E.O.Wilson, is there with his revelations of sex differences. Then came the London breakthroughs that altruism did exist -- but was selfish after all, as especially revealed in Margo Wilson's findings on violence by step-parents and David Haig's work on the battle between any pregnant mother and the foetus growing within her. Above all, Brown's book covers the Battle of the Giants between culture-devoted Stephen Jay Gould and gene-devoted Richard Dawkins -- showing that the whole argument is still about 'nature versus nurture' even though evolutionists all claim to have 'gone beyond' such arguments and decline altogether to discuss modern data on heritability of IQ. (Gould is prepared to rubbish Lombroso and Spearman, and Dawkins has said the occasional word sympathetic to eugenics {McDNL 1 ix '97}; but that's about it.) Brown's book is slightly more pro-Gould than pro-Dawkins, but that may make it a particularly usable account in the right hands. One day, the followers of Darwin and Galton will surely see eye to eye!

PS Reviewing the book for Science (7 v '99), Canadian philosopher-psychologist Michael Ruse was disappointed that Brown's book didn't contain more about the scientists'sex lives; but many readers will be glad that Brown didn't take Ruse's advice to explain the finer points of scientific technique….

(Review, London Review of Books 1 iv '98)

The battle between relatively reductionist Dawkins and interactionist mystifier Gould has now reached the popular market as Gould's disciple, Niles Elderedge has replied (The Pattern of Evolution, Freeman £UK18) to Dawkins' Christmas book (Unweaving the Rainbow {McDNL 8 xii '99}). Essentially, Gould's view is that a lot of funny and exciting and, above all, revolutionary things might have happened in evolutionary history -- notably the emergence of rather a lot of species around 540 million years ago, and the later emergence of others rather suddenly. In contrast, Dawkins reckons that a 10,000-year period is not really a very short time for major shifts to take place, especially since animals can create their own ecosystems and will also supply each others' effective environments, thus providing further competitive stimulus for change. Neither side makes a lot of room for the arrival of self-organization or consciousness as a factor that would speed up evolution -- but, perhaps strangely (as Thomas Nagel observes), it is the left-wing Gould whose holism can seem a little more open to such influences, as also to the influence of 'society.' On his side, Dawkins is more committed as a rationalist to talking only of plausible (modellable, or even testable) influences and he regards Gould as a woolly romantic. Unfortunately, he weakens his case by his reluctance to use data showing the substantial heritability of complex -- and fully 'mysterious' -- personality traits and the g factor.

Is evil genetic?

(BBCR4UK 1 iv '99, 09:05, Lord Melvyn Braggs)

A fine defence of the Darwinian approach to morals was recently offered by the young Oxford philosopher, Galen Strawson. In discussion, the grand old anti-Marxist trooper, Les Kolokowski (author of Freedom, Fame and Denial), put forward his view that there was such a thing as evil and that, along with good, it might exist quite regardless of the existence of God. In reply, Strawson was happy that, on a games theory analysis, even the most co-operative evolved systems would be bound to throw up liars and cheats from time to time. But he didn't see anything more sinister than that -- except that, in order to be a really effective cheat, one might be well advised to have some genes allowing one to deceive oneself.
      And did the young philosopher believe in God? Not much! -- "It is an insult to God to believe in God," he memorably said. "One cannot seriously be meant to believe that God created suffering. …Whatever the nobility of the search for God by theologians and philosophers in the past, today God would have most respect for agnostics and atheists. …I probably have a religious temperament, but I do not have the belief."

Thought for the Week:
"Good is the reality of which God is the dream. God himself cannot exist."
      Iris Murdoch.

{A McDougall Millennium Essay, analysing the 'evil' of the Hitlerzeit, is in preparation.}



'Fault-finding lecturer unfairly sacked' was the headline in the Times (2 iv '99) for Robert Slack of the University of North London. Accompanied by a nice picture of a smiling Dr Slack, in a green suit and multicoloured tie, and with a shoulder bag, the story was that Slack's right to criticize a colleague had been vindicated.
      A lecturer for eleven years, Slack, 50, had wearied of explaining to his students the many errors in their understanding of business finance that resulted from their reading a book written by one of his colleagues, Humphry Shaar. Slack reckoned he could find no less than one thousand errors in Shaar's textbook, Finance in Organisations; and he said so. Charged by his 1994-created 'university' with 'what amounted to a campaign of harassment against Dr Shaar', Slack learned the unfavourable result of one phase of the inquiry into him and told Shaar, when he bumped into him at a tube station, "You're going to die, sunshine." Two days later, Slack was given a first and final written warning for his remark and sacked.
      Now, however, Slack has been found to have been unfairly dismissed. The Employment Tribunal that heard his case understandably felt that the 'warning' to Slack should have pre-dated the conduct for which he was sacked.
      This case will be a consolation to race realists everywhere who get sacked without any warning at all. Yet it will not have done Dr Slack himself much good. For what is his compensation for unfair dismissal? A mere £UK13,000!
      Yes, this sum -- the maximum that an Employment Tribunal can award, a mere five months' salary for a typical academic -- is Dr Slack's compensation for the loss of his job and any resulting upheaval and indeed unemployability. Nor has either Dr Slack or Dr Shaar had the satisfaction of any investigation of the rights or wrongs of the original academic allegations. What lunacy! Verily, British academics are nothing but toilet attendants in holiday camps -- well advised to keep their mouths shut and just smile genially at the customers and each other!

A Message from Our Sponsor

Mormonism is the fastest growing religion in the world. I wonder how it competes with Islam. It offers some of the same things to men: a wife who will stay at home and raise tons of children; plenty of missionary work (obligatory); and a good degree of Western capitalist sensibility (Mormons are no slouches when it comes to making lots of money -- it's one of the reasons we were hated so early on).
    Now, if we could only revive polygyny! That way, any male can still have high evolutionary fitness; and some of the women might be well pleased in that they don't have to care for so many children and can devote resources to themselves and their careers.


So desperate is well-known Canadian academic psychologist Stanley Coren to bring in cash to his luniversity that he has done a survey of which doggie-lovers get on best with which dogs (Why We Love the Dogs We Do). Yes, the empirical findings for N=6000 have riveted the press.

Yet what is the merit in these recommendations when no-one is told the strength of effect that were found, let alone any underlying theoretical rationale that could lend the findings interest and plausibility? With wives, it is well known that it is extremely hard to predict compatibility. Sometimes it seems a wife should be similar (e.g. in extraversion); sometimes it seems she should be different (in dominance); sometimes it seems she should be more 'feminine' [less psychotic, more neurotic] than her husband; and more often, despite a century of research on this important question, findings are simply a mess -- except that stable couples correlate as high as .45 in IQ and social attitudes (especially conservatism). Can dogs and dog lovers -- in what is for many of them their life's most important relationship -- be much different?…

Affirmative Racism

For useful coverage of US opposition to reverse racism, affirmative action etc., see

Satanic g Level

McDNL readers wishing to escape the antique celebrations of Holy Week may prefer a good book, Satan Wants Me (by R. Irving, Daedalus £UK15). The book comes recommended by Britain's liveliest poet, the penis-envying Fiona Pitt-Kethley (Literary Review iv '99) and contains virgins being sodomized, necrophilia and cascading orgasms -- though no paedophilia, traditionalists can rest assured. Eventually, the female Satan has a child by one of the leading characters; but, with refreshing realism, the child is a bit of a disappointment -- the father finding his Satanic boy's GCSE results decidedly average.










EDINBURGH  12 iv '99  ­­  Breaking news stories are of photos taken by jets of freshly dug 'mass graves' in Kosovo and of 400,000 (CFMR) or 700,000 (Ms Albright) previously unnoticed ethnic Albanian Kosovars being stranded on a mountainside in frightful conditions. Daily, such horror possibilities are added to mercifully disconfirmed stories of '10,000 lost Kosovo refugees -- probably made hostages' and '20 massacred ethnic Albanian teachers in one Kosovo village.' In Belgrade, bombing continued through the Orthodox Easter holiday, killing 9 civilians and seriously injuring 16 others on a Belgrade-to-Thessalonika railway train, though thousands of courageous Serbs assembled on Brankov Bridge (across the River Sava in Belgrade) to encourage Nato restraint.
      Albania has embarrassed Nato by offering itself as a jumping-off point for ground troops; but, whether or not because of Albania's really being one big mountain and so militarily unsuitable, Nato has sought refuge in expert proclamations that U.N. authorization would be needed for a land attack on Kosovo. After twenty days of unheralded humanitarian neo-warfare, both sides evidently take most satisfaction in the grisly display of their own casualties on television and both have suffered massive material losses and expense, but only the Serbs have achieved any war objectives. Writing in Newsweek, the UK's Augustus Blair insists on the anti-genocidal credentials of AmericOtan's multiculturalist crusade to make embittered ethnic enemies live together. Plainly, neosocialists have regarded the mere possibility of future ethnic clearances as licensing a breach of any and every contract and understanding with the West which Mr Milosevic thought he had while turning up for drinks and chats about Kosovo at Rambouillet. Yet Nato's high morality in not killing many people has allowed the clearance of Kosovo which Nato professed to abominate. Normally in war some clear objectives are formulated, and even announced; but methods for achieving them remain secret. Nato has done the reverse.
      If Emperor Clinton can now snatch a face-saving settlement from the jaws of defeat -- as many Westerners agree he must (Sunday Times 11 iv '99: 'Nato Must Go For Broke'; Daily Torygraph 12 iv '99: 'Let The Real War Begin') -- PC's next crusade will be a cheaper one: equally contemptuous of justice and autonomy, yet with the highest humanitarianism, it will be waged on the unreconstructed of the West's own countries. The prospect must alarm anyone who has had to live with the imminent threat of violent crime in humanitarian and multicultural urban America; or with the thought police of modern university campuses. Assuming that the military on both sides in ex-Yugoslavia manage to attack each other for once, instead of civilians and their 'infrastructure', the best that can be hoped is that the whole business will end with Russia having to be invited to join Nato in return for not backing the Serbs or Kurds and not lending its ICBMs to the Chinese. Such a development would give Nato a coherence it has lacked since 1989. It would identify it with the law-governed, ex-Christian, autonomy-respecting Northern Caucasian peoples; tone down the current Anglo-Saxon craze for feminism (Ms Albright's picture should long serve as a dartboard in military canteens); and prevent it doing more than the (important) task of defending its members against aggression -- in a world where Nato's aggressive folly in Serbia will make every self-respecting state seek nuclear and biological weapons.

MEMORY LANE  --  From the Preamble to the North Atlantic Treaty, signed Washington DC, 4 iv 1949: "The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments."


Embarrassments to AmericOtan neosocialist crusaders in Kosovo, er, in armchairs and landrovers (crossings by Nato peacekeepers on to holy Kosovan soil having taken longer than expected) have been:

  1. Mr Milosevic has in the main not pursued such policies as enslaving the Kosovars or killing them. Instead, he has engaged primarily in clearing them -- albeit at a faster rate than occurred in the Scottish Highland Clearances after the unsuccessful French-armed Catholic rebellion of 1745.
  2. Milosevic did not start his clearance quick enough to get on television before Nato's bombers took off.
  3. Other people engage in a lot more genocide than Mr Milosevic -- notably the Black Rwandans who just five years ago were killing six Tutsi every minute for two months without Nato or Saint Nelson Mandela mounting a humanitarian intervention.

Fortunately, answers to awkward schoolchildren are in preparation:

  1. It is genocide if you call it genocide. -- Thus, American officials in Rwanda were instructed not to talk of 'genocide' lest that nomenclature seem to require intervention.
  2. An old-fashioned ultimatum of war, containing specific allegations of provocations and outrages, and deadlines for surrender, is not required before embarking on humanitarian interventions -- which may be all the more meritorious for their spontaneity.
  3. African genocide is the fault of White imperialists. In Rwanda, it was due to Belgians who introduced Catholicism and gave the Hutu converts big ideas. On this view (advocated by author Philip Goraczi -- BBCR4UK 12 iv '99, 09:05), the West should have seen the light when the Hutu cleared 100,000 Tutsi in 1957. UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan should have torn up his 1961 'winds of change' speech (about the anticolonialist movement in Africa, itself inspired by Western liberals) and forbidden Belgium to grant independence in 1962. Subsequent genocides of millions of Tutsi 1974, 1984 and 1994 are thus a matter for even more White guilt.
  4. Anyhow, Yugoslavia would be tranquil and unheard-of today if the West had supported Communism -- for inter-ethnic hostilities can always be suppressed by sufficient, er, suppression. AmericOtan will demonstrate this point over the ensuing bloody ooops blessed years of its bringing PC to the Balkans. It is high time to tackle the Orthodox Church which has always been easygoing about its clergy having sex and has in the twentieth century tolerated genocidal abortion rather than kitting all children out with contraceptives. Orthodox monasteries will probably turn out to be hotbeds of paedophilia!

Remember to be patient with children who are slow learners. Boys will be, er, boys -- until we re-educate them!

See also below: 'Humanitarian Neosocialism's Intervention Week 3'

Glayde Whitney's Week 3


From McDNL's Sports Correspondent:
[Whatever the views of student 'anti-racist' activists and the easily alarmed 'authorities'] I suspect that most Florida State University alumni are very open to the idea of genetic differences between races, since FSU might well be America's greatest college football factory. It has produced a long string of black superathletes like Deion Sanders."

From a colleague of Glayde Whitney -- a letter to the Head of Glayde's Department with copies to colleagues, saying 'enough is enough' and that free speech must be thrown overboard by FSU:
….Whitney lauded {David}Duke's book {My Awakening -- see McDNL review, 16 iii '99}as an "academically excellent work of social-biological-political history that has the potential to raise tremendous controversy and change the very course of history." He compared Duke to Voltaire, John The Baptist, Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther, and Galileo Galilei, among others. Yet, despite Whitney's fulsome paeans to this "remarkable man", it appears to me that Whitney wishes to avoid any responsibility for the social consequences of his actions. He wrote, "As to the meaning he poses for the racial truth he tells, politics is his realm, not mine." Whitney also wrote that "...I may personally disagree with many of his [Duke's] specific suggestions," but gave no specifics. These mild demurrers in no way legitimize Whitney's actions, in my view. Academic scientists occupy a position of public trust and visibility and have a unique forum for presenting their ideas to the public via the classroom, scientific publications, speeches and presentations, and other avenues. With such opportunities come high ethical and moral obligations, it seems to me. It is not acceptable to make unjustified inflammatory, incendiary, or racist statements and then hide behind the cloak of "academic free speech," or to (naively or disingenuously) disclaim any responsibility for the harmful consequences of such irresponsible behavior, or to portray oneself as a scientific martyr.
    Glayde and I have been harmonious colleagues in this Department for almost 30 years, and it pains me greatly to react so critically on this issue. But I find his actions to be profoundly harmful and embarrassing to our profession, to this university, and to this Psychology Department. (I should note that he did not identify himself as an FSU faculty member in the Foreword, but as a resident of Tallahassee and a former president of the Behavioral Genetics Association.) I hope that, as concerned scientists and citizens, we can react constructively to this contentious issue and erase whatever negative stigma that may otherwise be attached to our Department or the University.
      Dr. Jack Brigham brigham Department of Psychology. 9 iv '99.
[Published Tallahassee Democrat Online 14 iv '99, 'Endorsement of racist writer
      is irresponsible, harmful.']

Tallahassee Democrat (, Correspondence, 'Affirmative action protects minorities from prejudice':
Professor Glayde Whitney's race-based views about intelligence only serve to support the continued need for affirmative action. Whitney's ideas are not new; many historical examples of his kind of ideology can be cited. Adolf Hitler used "science" to "prove" the inferiority of Jews and thus justified the murder of 6 million of them. Notions of racial supremacy become dangerous when they are the basis of discriminatory practice.
      As columnist Roosevelt Wilson has asserted, Whitney merely expressed what some whites in positions of authority and influence already silently believe. Unfortunately, people who share Whitney's views may not only teach at prominent universities, but they may also be human resource officers, owners of small businesses or members of college admissions committees. Affirmative action protects citizens from discrimination based on this kind of personal bias. But what do I know? I am a member of that "smaller-brained, larger-boned" group.
      Joan Murphy, Monticello Drive, Tallahassee; 9 iv '99.


{cf. McDNL 2 vi '98, 'Euthanasia Realism';
McDNL 24 xi '98, 'Intelligence Realism -- Human Eugenics and Animal Rights'}

Last year, Peter Singer, an expert on 'bioethics' from Monash University, made a name while on sabbatical in the UK and then landed a job at Princeton. Singer supports euthanasia (by non-benefiting guardians, not by the state) of severely retarded infants and the grossly senile. Outrage attends him, as follows.


Daily Princetonian via U-WIRE, 7 iv '99, Emily Bliss


Pro-life groups protest
arrival of Princeton U. professor

Come September, graduate students will have the opportunity to take Center for Human Values 528: "Questions of Life and Death" with ethicist and philosopher Peter Singer. But with one protest down and at least one more to go, New Jersey Right to Life and Princeton Students Against Infanticide continue to oppose Singer's summer arrival at Princeton University. The Mercer County chapter of New Jersey Right to Life -- which initiated a fall anti-Singer protest -- plans to hold a similar protest April 17according to New Jersey Right to Life's Director of Public and International Affairs Marie Tasy. The protest's purpose is to "call on Princeton University to rescind the appointment of Peter Singer," she said. "Professor Singer is a danger to all members of the human family because he believes infants can be killed. Obviously, he doesn't believe all human beings are of equal worth and value."
      Aside from PSAI's overall objections to Singer's viewpoints, a statement prepared by the group also provides a University-specific objection to his appointment. According to the statement, Princeton's "Commitment to the Community" forbids behavior that "demeans, intimidates, threatens, or injures another because of his or her personal characteristics." "The hiring of Dr. Peter Singer," the statement reads, "is a blatant violation of Princeton University's policy of respect for people with disabilities."
      Philosophy professor Gilbert Harman, who has used essays and book excerpts by Singer in his classes, said he has trouble believing the protesters' real objective is to oust Singer. "Do you think that could be somebody's goal? That's an impossible goal. Nobody would do that. The goal is to get attention for the right-to-life movement. Unless they're delusional," he said. "These people want to silence discussion on a very important issue." According to Harman, the controversy surrounding Singer developed through a mistake. "He's a straight analytic philosopher. He's been doing this since 1970. He's gotten involved in this controversy through some fluke. This stuff isn't different than what most analytical philosophers think. It could've happened to almost anyone. . . . He has completely ordinary views about ethics," Harman explained. "I went to school in the 50s, and my teachers all said things [similar to Singer's ideas]."



'Homophobes', male chauvinists and non-worshippers of the disabled
are added to racists and old-style religionists as suitable cases
for re-education, treatment and punishment.

To find himself prosecuted, a realist need no longer have criticized
any particular action by a neosocialist saint.

(Associated Press 6 iv '99, 'Clinton Asks for Hate-Law Expansion.')

Hoping to ride the momentum of headlines from Kosovo, Laramie and Jasper, President Clinton asked Congress on Tuesday to extend federal hate crime laws to include offenses based on sexual orientation, gender or disability. The United States, the Reverend Clinton said, is as vulnerable as Kosovo -- to ''old, even primitive hatreds.'' ''It's very humbling. We should remember that each of us almost wakes up every day with the scales of light and darkness in our own hearts, and we've got to keep them in proper balance." ….The President also ordered the Education Department to begin collecting data on hate crimes on college campuses. ….In 1998, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reported a 108-percent increase in gay-bashing violence that left victims hospitalized. ….Current hate crimes law bans only race-, ethnicity- and religion-based crimes. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 1999….makes the prosecution of hate crimes easier by deleting the stipulation that the victim is targeted for engaging in certain federally protected activities, such as serving on a jury, voting or attending public school. Clinton endorsed a partnership among AT&T, Court TV, Cable in the Classroom, the National Middle Schools Association and the Anti-Defamation League working with the Justice and Education departments to develop middle-school curricula to combat intolerance. Robert H. Knight of the Washington-based Family Research Council denounced it all as a ''homosexual agenda.'' ''We cannot allow the law to designate less protection for some people than others,'' said Knight. He called the middle-school program an attempt at ''re-educating America's children away from traditional morality under the guise of 'tolerance.''' By contrast, Benjamin Stilp, director of the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, said he sees grave consequences in tolerating hate speech on campuses and looked forward to vigorous action by universities to squash free expression of opinion.


-- Once providing constructive opposition to Galton, Burt and the London School, British sociology can't even manage to oppose The Bell Curve or The g Factor and is in a collapsed state --

As McDNL goes to press, Britain's sociologists have been meeting for their annual knees-up in Glasgow. The despairing title for 'keynote' speakers is 'What is sociology for?' No breakthroughs are expected since sociology, once the bastion of the checkable but now discredited doctrine of class-ism {see PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY, Section XXIII}, has been largely taken over by deconstructibabbling. Observer Laurie Taylor reckons there may be an occasional paper showing -- after controls for age, gender, class, sexual preference, sexual identity, sexual prostheses and 'butch' or 'femme' role-modelling -- that sociology is particularly unpopular with older men in north-west England who like growing turnips. More generally, however, the conference will be preoccupied with complaints about catering facilities, car parking, condom machines, inadequate bar staffing and the controversial keynote 'title.' -- Already, one provisional Althusserian paper called 'What is 'for' for?' regrets the machismic thrusting implication of such a purpose-rich query.

{To coincide with the conference, Times Higher (8 iv '99, Sasha Guppy) deplores the Parisian neglect of Albert Camus, Raymond Aron and Simone Weil in favour of the incomprehensibilities of Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Jacques Lacan. Even the long-suffering Simone de Beauvoir once said she had never met anyone who could tell her what Lacan was about (see also McDNL 11 xi '97, 'LACAN LOGIC, LACAN FACTS'). Constructibabbling is "alembicated", says Times Higher -- providing readers with a fine new word for a load of old toffee.}

Lord Max Beloff

The NewsLetter records with sadness the death of Mrs Thatcher's last personal guru. Characteristically, Lord Beloff died while arguing in London's Reform Club that the 'Scottish Parliament' will be a nonsense that will just have to be put up with -- "a mere circumstance", he called it, and drew his last sip of port. Whether he did more good than his sister-in-law did damage remains to be seen. He seems to have had no cognizance of feminazie censoriousness, 'antiracism' and paedohysteria in Edinburgh LUniversity, though events of 1996/7/8 were drawn to the attention of his son, Michael (Warden of Trinity College, Oxford).

13 iv '99  

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton has said he will back legislation aimed at narrowing the gap between men's and women's earnings. At a White House meeting for feminazie activists, he deplored the gap: American women, on average, earn only 75 cents for every dollar earned by the average man. Clinton was endorsing an equal pay bill backed by Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle. {That the gap occurs because women lack initiative, risk-taking and physical strength and prefer local work compatible with child-minding is apparently beyond the comprehension of White House staffers. However, it reward's Clinton's Capital Callgirls for their 1998 loyalty to him through Blowjobgate.}

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -- Telecommunications giant MCI WorldCom is facing a civil lawsuit alleging it discriminates against minorities by blocking international calling card calls made from Black inner city neighborhoods where fraudulent card use is prevalent. Police say calling card fraud usually involves stolen cards, the numbers of which are circulated and used to make calls abroad and to telephone sex services.

BOSTON, Mass., 8 iv '99 -- Affirmative action poses dangers deeper and broader than critics usually mention, said Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Justice Charles Fried. "It's a definitional nightmare from which we might awaken eerily recalling apartheid in South Africa or the Nuremberg Laws," Fried told an audience of 70 in the Boston University School of Law's Barristers Hall.
      Fried argued that affirmative action is well-intentioned, but polarizes society by making race a "firm, official marker." Americans have a deep commitment to Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a race-blind society, Fried said, but affirmative action undermines that dedication. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 laid the groundwork for affirmative action, though legislators promised the bill would not be used to create a system of preferential treatment, Fried explained. ….Affirmative action policies had only been meant to be a temporary solution, he said. Twenty-five years later, the "transitional" measure is still around; but, he added, enough is enough.

MADRID (Reuters) -- A Spanish judge seeking to prosecute former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has sent details of 11 newly recalled torture incidents to Britain to strengthen the demand for the general's extradition. A New York-based human rights group said it too had dug up details of alleged crimes for British Home Secretary Jack Straw, who had invited submissions by April 7 as he reviews Senator Pinochet's fate.

LONDON -- As more stories have emerged about sex-with-a-former?-pupil Schools Inspector Chris Woodhead, the Government said it would delay implementing its plan to pay teachers according to results. The Government and Woodhead are locked in battle with UK teachers over how to reintroduce education into schools without allowing streaming. Woodhead's former wife had told the Sunday Times (4 iv '99) that he began what was to be his nine-year affair with Amanda Johnston by April 1976 while Amanda was still a sixth-form pupil at the Gordano comprehensive school at Portishead, near Bristol, where Woodhead was head of the English department. Woodhead's affair is being used to smear him by left-wing critics who resent his blaming UK state schools for falling educational performance. Other tittle-tattle is that Woodhead emphasised the sexual content of literature to pupils when they were studying the poems of John Donne, the bawdy last scene of The Merchant of Venice and D H Lawrence's Sons And Lovers. Woodhead allegedly stripped to his underpants and frolicked in a river with pupils, including Johnston, on a school field trip. He and Johnston are alleged to have disappeared during school time to a house backing onto the school playing fields that was owned by the deputy head of the English department. Such are the tactics of modern egalitarians in the world of 'education.'



-- Failure to produce fast track learning for pupils
and value-added payments for teachers
comes home to roost as spurned wife seeks revenge --



LONDON (Times 10 iv '99) --  In the past eight years, about a thousand British schoolteachers have been made the subject of investigations into of 'child abuse.' The National Association of Schoolteachers and the Union of Women Teachers reckons this figure is only one third of the total of paedohysterical allegations from which the profession has suffered -- ruining lives in many cases. {And wrecking children's education, they could have added.}

LONDON (Reuters Health) -- Strokes are nearly twice as common among European blacks than whites, and tend to occur at a younger age in blacks regardless of social class or gender, a study in the British Medical Journal reports (318, 967-971). The researchers, from three London medical schools, note a higher prevalence of high blood pressure and diabetes -- two of the risk factors for stroke -- among Blacks. However, these factors "do not account for the increased risk of stroke among black people,'' they write.

PORT HURON, Michigan (AP) -- A mayor known for his colorful persona and volunteer work was remanded in jail on sexual misconduct charges involving two young girls. Gerald "Ajax" Ackerman, 42, is a former drug and alcohol addict known for his long beard and hair and two earrings in his left ear. He goes by his nickname -- named for Ajax in "The Warriors," a movie about street gangs -- rides a Harley-Davidson and wears leather biker duds.

NEW YORK  --  Britoid 'cleavage culture' is being imported into the USA to deal with unmet needs for tit'n'bum. The men's magazine Maxim now has a Britoid editor who has guaranteed to spurn Political Correctness and show at least one nipple per page even at risk of heart attacks for US beer bellies. Says a scornful up-market editor of parapaedophilic GQ: 'The men who read such magazines as Maxim not only move their lips but drool at the same time.'


Humanitarian Neosocialism's Intervention Week 3


(Private Eye 2 iv '99)
  1. Define objectives carefully.
  2. Ensure there is no cloud cover.
  3. Remember you are invisible.
  4. Seek out objectives successfully while no-one is looking.
  5. Execute objectives successfully.
  6. Take no notice of opponents' objectives.
  7. Try to remember own objectives successfully.
  8. Er….
  9. That's it.

TORONTO 30 iii '99, Peter Worthington [a veteran Canadian nationally-syndicated columnist] -- "Nato cannot win the war with Serbs. If anything could be more foolish and self-defeating than trying to help the people of Kosovo by launching air strikes on Serbia, it would be sending Nato ground troops in."

A little history --  The New York Times, reporting on the Kosovo conflict back in 1987, described how the Albanian population of Yugoslavia was pushing for a "Greater Albania" by carrying out violent acts against Serbs. These included attacks on Serb Orthodox churches, crop burning and well-poisonings. Apparently, young Albanian men were told by their elders to rape Serbian women. In 1992, the NYT reported that 250,000 Serbs had been 'ethnically cleansed' from Croatia.

More history --  In 1991, the oil-rich dictator, Madman Insane of Iraq, was blasted out of Kuwait with just a few days of fighting by the Allies. Hussein had been given a full six months in which to give up, and the Allies had used the time constructively in diplomacy -- not least with the Russians -- in leisurely bombing and in building up the necessary troops on the ground. Subsequently, it took only 5,000 British and Dutch commandos to establish and maintain a safe haven for the 600,000 Kurds of northern Iraq.
      Unfortunately, through the 1990's Serbia's 'Terminator' Milosevic was given so many 'warnings' that neither he nor anyone else took them very seriously. Action against him began precipitately as he surprised Nato diplomats by not inviting an international force to police the province of Kosovo in which the Kosovo Liberation had waged vicious guerilla war against Serbs through 1998.

7 iv '99 (Agence France Presse) -- Igor Ivanov, Russia's foreign minister, said that Nato was planning to occupy Kosovo over the next 15 days with 100,000 ground troops -- most of them European. Boris Yeltsin proposed urgent talks via G7 to resolve the crisis.

McDNL's Australian Correspondent writes, 7 iv '99: "Serbia's 'crime' is that it is politically incorrect. The Serbs are nationalistic and patriotic and proud of their race and history and all those other crimes against happy-clappy multiculturalism. Some Nato politicians {e.g. Britain's Labour minister, Clare Short} are outraged that the ethnic Albanians have been shipped out to Turkey. They don't want people safe; they want them to stay on the border of Kosovo so they can be escorted back and 'peacekeepers' will force Serbia to be multicultural like everybody else. Why don't people accept reality? This is a religious, racial and cultural fault line. Only the iron hand of totalitarianism -- Tito or Nato -- could keep these people living together in 'peace'. Frankly such a tyrannical peace is not worth having. ….As far as I can tell, the KLO were instigating most of the killings before the war. The majority of Albanians were happy enough in Kosovo, and the Serbs, though worried about the numbers of Albanians flooding in from Europe's poorest country, were not taking direct action against them. In yesterday's Australian, the leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians was reported as saying that Albania could take in 100,000 refugees, as many of them had family in Albania. This tends to support the Serb claim that many of these 'Kosovars' are in fact illegal immigrants. Being an illegal immigrant does not justify the treatment being meted out -- by all accounts it is horrific (no toilets, medicine etc.) -- but who is to blame? Despite all the blatant propaganda about 'genocide', this disaster would not have happened without the Nato attack."

7 iv '99 EDINBURGH -- Some correspondents in the London papers were signing their own names to stories of atrocities, but much of the reportage was one journalist saying what another said she was told by an unnamed Kosovar. In particular, it was said on the BBC that Kosovar women could not be expected to put their own names to allegations of rape by Serbian soldiers, or indeed to give the slightest detail of such claims (because to do so would be too shaming for them and their families). In fact, it would be utterly bizarre if 10,000 Nato troops (including 4.500 British) had sat in Macedonia for a fortnight and not protected a single square mile of Kosovo or a retreat corridor from Pristina if horrendous atrocities had *indeed* been taking place (let alone 'genocide' -- as claimed six times in five minutes by UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook). The Nato bombing had killed over 300 civilians and wounded over 3,000 others, the Yugoslav ambassador to Russia claimed in Moscow.

7 iv '99 -- (J. Orlin Grabbe)  --  Bill Clinton's failing Kosovo war is part of a desperate, dangerous and fatally flawed plan by a scandal-ridden President to salvage a legacy for the history books, White House and Pentagon insiders say. There are signs of Madeleine Albright being set up to take the blame if the bombing of Serbia continues to fail to achieve anything for the Kosovars. Pentagon insiders say she and Clinton wanted a foreign policy coup on a level with the Dayton Agreement.

8 iv '99 EDINBURGH --  Having caused perhaps 300 deaths in Serbia and some 30 deaths in Kosovo and precipitated the ethnic flight of a million ethnic Albanians (about 300,000 of them to Albania) and billions of dollars of material destruction, multicultural AmericOtan has embarked on spelling out its war aims. At the top of the agenda is Prime Minister Blair's undertaking to the Kosovars (Daily Telegraph 7 iv '99): "We will make sure you can return to your homes and live in your homes in peace. That is our promise." So the chief objective is merely to restore the status quo ante bellum! Just how Kosovo's 10% Serbian population is to be protected from victorious returning neighbours remains unclear; but at least there are plenty of homes left -- top journalist John Simpson revealed from Pristina that media suggestions of widespread burning of Kosovar homes were exaggerations (CFMR 8 iv '99, 00:00). Nato may have gambled and lost in its Third Way plan of avoiding the use of both diplomacy and infantry, but it is not lacking in spirit. It may not be able to save lives, but it can still save the face of New World Order neosocialist, the Reverend William Jefferson Clinton of the Church of the Seven Day Fornicators. 'The immaculate coercion' of fifteen nights of bombing has found the Middle Way between ignoring Serbian enormities and actually ending them. It has proved popular with TV viewers; and once Yugoslavia is a flattened wasteland it should be possible to risk the occasional Nato operative to initiate the process of trying 'war criminals' and demanding reparations. This will let neosocialists make object lessons of nationalists for the next century. AmericOtan has been able to shrug off the anti-Nato-bombing pleas of the moderate Kosovan ethnic Albanian leader Mr Rugova with the unproven suggestion that he is being intimidated or drugged. Nor does the lack of interest of Albania in doing anything impact on Washington's Black House: in Albania, the big businesses are in narcotics, the control of prostitution in Naples and in war profiteering so there has been no time for helping Kosovars in Kosovo.
      UK newspapers continue to show a disjunction between well-propagandized leader writers' and journalists' allusions to 'genocide' on the one hand and independent-minded columnists and correspondents on the other. A particularly fine anti-war article was that by Andrew Roberts in the Times ('Patriots for peace', 7 iv '99). Roberts recalled the many eminent British politicians who have opposed wars in the past. William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806, "the saviour of Europe" [against Napoleon]) opposed making war on the rebellious American colonies; Charles James Fox (1749-1806, "the greatest debater the world ever saw" [Burke]) opposed fighting France on land; the arch-conservative Third Marquis of Salisbury (1830-1903) opposed fighting Russia in the Crimean War; David Lloyd George (Prime Minister of victorious Britain in 1918) had opposed fighting the Boers in 1899; and Labour Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald (1866-1937) had opposed declaring war on Germany in 1914. Noting the plight of Alex Salmond (the Scottish National Party leader currently condemned by Blairites as "the toast of Belgrade"), Roberts recalls Lloyd George's words: "The man who tries to make the flag an object of a single party is a greater traitor to that flag than any man who fires at it." Moreover, Roberts recalls the solemn promise given to Mikhail Gorbachev, to encourage him to bring down the Berlin Wall: that Nato would *not* embark on aggressive hegemonization in Eastern Europe. For Nato to have shredded its commitments to Russia, to the United Nations and to its own Charter has been astonishingly irresponsible in a way that can only be justified by some fairly immediate outbreak of heaven on earth. Anyway, the flight of the Kosovars suggests the 'intervention' is over and lost bar the continued pounding of Serbia necessary to save multiculturalist faces: "For all that we are told by Nato's Jamie Shea that the 'surgical operations' have been a success," says Andrew Roberts, "it is impossible not to notice that the patient has inconveniently died."
      Letter-writers also have distinguished themselves at a time when TV viewers find it easier to do nothing but condemn the Serbs. In the Times (7 iv '99), the war had the support of Stanley Brichto, the Senior Vice-President of the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, London W1P 6D5. However, Thatcherite trooper Sir Alfred Sherman condemned the bombing; and Philip James wrote to say most informed opinion in London opposed the war. In the Telegraph too, correspondents were overwhelmingly critical of their paper's gung-ho line. Traditionally Nato-supporting Lady Olga Maitland (of the anti-USSR organisation, 'Women and Families for Defence') felt that the immediate humanitarian action necessary to help the ethnic Albanian Kosovars should be funded overwhelmingly by President Clinton, who had demanded the bombing campaign from European neosocialists; another writer referred to Nato's "collective madness"; and 'maverick' Conservative MP Alan Clark [of Memoirs] pointed out that, on its own logic, AmericOtan may shortly need to bomb already-unstable Macedonia to punish those people for being inhospitable to ethnic Albanians.
      Remarkably, Romano Prodi, the Italian politician who is expected to become the next President of the European Union, chose this moment to delight in the E.U.'s having smashed 'the two pillars of the traditional nation state -- the sword and the currency' (Daily Telegraph 7 iv '99). Certainly, what the E.U. had not done already from Brussels, AmericOtan's multicultural bombing was completing in Serbia. Instead of quietly arming the Kosovo Liberation Army (as the USA once armed Afghanistan's mujahideen and Croatia's forces) or assassinating Mr Milosevic, AmericOtan has preferred two weeks' bombing of, first, 'military targets' and then 'infrastructure' in Serbia without any conspicuous effort to ensure Serbs knew what 'atrocities' Nato claimed were perpetrated in Serbia's name. AmericOtan has ensured that, in future, no people will have confidence in a national government unless it has nuclear and biological weapons. For this development, multiculturalist neosocialism will bear a heavy responsibility until neoliberalism can restore respect for autonomy, choice and contract.  The mercy is that so many people are still alive after two weeks of armed professionals fighting in Europe; but that won't last long if Macedonia -- already bussing refugees from its frontier and denying access to more Nato 'peacekeepers' -- collapses and sparks the long-feared Balkan War that would break the fifty-year Nato alliance. 

American Spectator 8 iv '99, J. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
"While Boy Clinton was responding with bluff and woefully insufficient military force, Milosevic slaughtered helpless people, ethnically cleansed most of Kosovo, and in fine achieved most of his objectives. Three weeks after our initial blunder into Kosovo the Boy President is still consulting polls, issuing threats, and holding photo-ops at the White House. In the last one I saw he solemnly explained to the assembled cameras how he was turning this war into a massive humanitarian effort. He will assist Milosevic in relocating ethnic Albanians so that Kosovo can be Albanian-free. He even has a 1-800 number for our donations to humanitarian relief. ….He believed he could con Milosevic the way he had conned the United States Senate. Now hundreds of thousands of refugees are suffering horribly in ill-equipped camps along the Kosovo border. Thousands more have been killed by grisly brutes."

Nato's war on Yugoslavia has been the first informationless war. Nato reports no casualties of its own unless the Serbs provide TV footage; it keeps journalists out of Kosovo (whereas the Serbs let in the BBC's star reporter, John Simpson); and it makes no effort to authenticate or otherwise the Serbs' reports of their own casualties in Serbia. For alternative war coverage, go to: (search KLA and see what they have to say),,, and (pro-Albanian)

9 iv '99 EDINBURGH -- Boris Yeltsin was reported (by Duma speaker Gennady Seleznyov) to have announced the resumption of the Cold War and re-targeted Russian nuclear missiles on the USA and the UK (CFMR 11:00). Yeltsin warned Nato not to put ground troops into Serbia. Bill Clinton said he would accept a status quo ante bellum arrangement for Kosovo so long as it was monitored by 'an international force' -- a notably elastic term. After perhaps hundreds of deaths in Kosovo (how many of them caused by RAF Harriers attacking Pristina is not yet known), possibly further hundreds in the rest of Serbia, and a million refugees in Nato-funded accommodation, Nato's humanitarian war aim of protecting the Albanian Kosovars in situ is hardly achievable and the West has suffered the humiliation of proving demonstrably incompetent while sacrificing the few useful principles that previously governed international relations. The till-now pro-bombing Times stopped thundering and let its senior political correspondent, Simon Jenkins, write a strongly anti-war article, 'Will they ever learn?' Reporting from Washington, Jenkins was aghast: "A wild compulsion appears to have seized Western liberalism as it gazes goggle-eyed at whatever the networks have selected for the nightly 'grief pornography' shot." Apparently, faced with the loss of Kosovo and the war, some politicians in Washington (not military people) are talking of the need for macho assertion in the ground war which Clinton, Gore and Blair promised would never take place. No, says Jenkins, nothing is achievable in Kosovo -- above all no virtue, and no humanitarian gain that could make up for the shredded principles, loss of life, misery and destruction that Nato has caused already. Jenkins concludes his stunning article: "The best we can hope is that Mr Milosevic declares his 'cleansing' at an end and then invites the 'monitors' back. That will be a Nato defeat. But it will be a lesser defeat than the madness now on offer from the hawks of London and Washington." A big majority of correspondents in the Times agreed with him. In particular, the leading letter, from Timothy Williamson, the Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at the University of Edinburgh, condemned Nato's "well-meaning but counter-productive toughness."
    Carried away by their own 'anti-Nazi' protestations and opinion poll successes, the West's 'Third Way' neosocialists have sadly acted on the one Nazi principle in foreign affairs, 'Might is Right.' Not content with keeping out of bookshops the West's own authors (Eysenck, Jensen, Rushton, Levin, Lynn, Brand) when they write about such inconvenient topics as IQ, and not content with campus and criminal sanctions for minority-realistic 'hate speech' , neosocialists now aim to bludgeon the rest of the world into line with their own multiculturalism -- which already results in big tracts of many US inner cities being living nightmares. Never was the time more right for a neoliberalism that will allow citizens and countries the autonomy to make their own decisions and contracts! -- And to respect conventions of civilized dealing until changing them by civilized means!

A little more history (Voice of Russia, -- Kosovo was annexed to Serbia after the Balkan war of 1912-1913 when the number of Serbs and Albanians was nearly equal. Albanians began to arrive in Kosovo in great numbers during the Second World War after the province was occupied by the Nazis. Thousands of Serbs and Montenegrins were forced to leave Kosovo while Albanians came to settle there from Albania.

McDNL's South Africa Correspondent received these thoughts from a friend:
The real reason Nato is bombing is that Clinton and the Eurocrats want to suck up to Moslems who accuse them of insufficient "sensitivity." Clinton and Nato are trying to prove how Moslem-sympathetic they are. Which is also why the West is united behind the Rambouillet demands for secession of Kosovo but not for secession of Bilbao, the Catalan areas, Scotland, Wales, Lombardy, the Breton area, Corsica, Lapp areas, Sicily or Sardinia.
    Also, from next year Whites will be a minority in California. What will Clinton do if the Mexican immigrants declare independence to create the state of Atzlan?

US John Birch Society (
"What of the KLA's "humanitarian" credentials? One Western diplomat who had attended peace talks with the KLA reported, in the words of the Chicago Tribune, that "KLA fighters … showed signs of brutality, even with their own people. The diplomat said Western negotiators have been startled by how much the KLA leadership wanted Nato to bomb the Serbs." According to the diplomat's account, when warned that a Nato attack would lead to another wave of "ethnic cleansing" directed at ethnic Albanians, one KLA leader replied: "We don't care -- 400,000 Kosovans can be sacrificed for our independence."

10 iv '99 EDINBURGH  --  "Russia won't get involved in the [Yugoslav] conflict unless we are pushed to do it by the Americans," said Russia's Boris Yeltsin. "But, of course, we can't give up Yugoslavia if the U.S. sends ground forces to capture the country." So reported the Bloomberg newswire.
    Unlike most UK newspapers, London's Times affected indifference to Boris Yeltsin's apparent threat (today being denied) of European and world war, pointed to Russia's co-operative contribution to Red Cross aid for Yugoslavia and expressed satisfaction that Russia does not mind requiring a Serbian Army withdrawal from parts of Kosovo as part of a face-saving package for Nato. Times columnist ex-MP Matthew Parris noted the irony that neosocialism has rushed to 'help' the unknown Kosovars while it was never much exercised about the fate of ex-British Hong Kong, ex-Portuguese East Timor and Angola, ex-French Guinea or ex-Belgian Rwanda. "The modern West has quietly repossessed its racial identity," surmised Parris; and added that Kosovars would be even better looked after if the West actually owned them -- as it would under a proper Protectorate. Times correspondents continued largely unhappy with AmericOtan's peremptory action -- Winston Churchill II MP (Conservative) (Churchill's grandson) in particular blaming Nato "bungling" and calling for "decisive action." Meanwhile, Nato-member Turkey began a new neosocialist effort as it threw 5,000 soldiers (with 30 early casualties) into enforcing Milosevic-type policies on its Kurds. Whether the Kurds of Turkey, Iraq and Iran will be awarded a safe haven by Mr Yeltsin remains to be seen….

A McDNL reader writes:
What's your prescription? Do you think aggressive militarism should be rewarded rather than punished? As one letter in today's Guardian of Correctness said, there are times when compromise is unworthy.
Chris Brand replies:
Indeed: No compromise with neosocialism! If Clinton and Blair get away with their aggression there will be nothing but PC tyranny in our lifetimes. I would support an internationally supervised partition of Kosovo -- with as little face-saving for neosocialism as possible.

Mary Mostert organized one of the first interracial youth groups in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1940s as a teenager, and was involved nationally and internationally in the civil rights movement and the peace movement. She writes (
Should the Cubans have part of Florida as their autonomous nation? Or should African-Americans have Mississippi? Or Hispanics be given San Bernadino County for their ticket to the United Nations? And, what about the Cherokees and the Apaches? Shouldn't they have their own country? Do we really want to set a precedent that would allow a United Nations or Chinese army at some future time to bomb Miami or San Diego or Washington, DC until we Americans agree to give every disgruntled minority in America their own nation-state and seat in the United Nations? Yugoslavia and Slobodan Milosevic have been very harshly judged by Nato, led by Bill Clinton and a vigorous propaganda campaign by people like Geraldo Rivera are working overtime to convince the American people that their judgment authorizes an incredibly harsh punishment -- the destruction of their nation.

The efficiency of humanitarian shipments for Kosovo Albanians are estimated by representatives of charity organizations at about 30 percent. Many cargoes, intended for free distribution among the refugees, end up in the hands of criminal groups which sell them to buy Chevrolets for themselves and RPG7s [Chinese copies of Soviet anti-tank weapons] for the KLA.

NATO/OTAN 1949-1999  --  "NATO's role has evolved dramatically over this half century. The Alliance began as a commitment among members to defend each other from attack. ….Today….through enlargement, the Alliance is demonstrating concretely that there are no more dividing lines in Europe."
    Secretary General Javier SOLANA, 1999,
    Nato Review (50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition).

11 iv '99  -- A march against the bombing of Serbia is being organized today in London -- by legendary left-wing loner MPs Tony Benn and Tam Dalyell. Benn says: "For every £1,000 being spent bombing Serbia, only a penny is going to the Kosovo refugees. ….What happens if Nato shoots down Russian planes flying in volunteers? It is all incredibly serious for the lives of innocent people." Dalyell had previously been advertised as the speaker at a Stalinist ooops Socialist Workers' Party meeting in a hotel on Princes Street in Edinburgh -- but this meeting was private, attracted only some 30 people, and felt so unsure of itself that its chairman had "fascist" McDNL editor Chris Brand ejected before proceedings began. UK newspapers continue to speculate that 250,000 16-49-year-old men may be missing in Kosovo -- presumably captured or killed by Serb paramilitaries or drafted into the Kosovo Liberation Army; but reliable information remains in short supply. (By contrast there are plenty of convenient TV shots of Kosovars who have crossed into Albania and wish to allege atrocities without giving the times, places or names of witnesses that might allow enterprising print journalists to work up proper stories.) With the despatch to the Balkans of 82 more US military aircraft, AmericOtan will soon have 480 planes engaged in the high-tech humanitarian intervention. Meanwhile, fresh refugees/deportees have left Kosovo for both Tirana and Belgrade. Leading 'humanitarians' such as Bianca Jagger now appear regularly on BBC radio to urge arming the KLA and providing it with air cover to fight its way back to Pristina. The UK's armchair supporters of intervention 'on the ground' would themselves be sufficiently numerous to supply a good-sized army corps if recruited before they realize that the KLA is just as keen as Arkan's paramilitaries on killing people -- and that the first targets of the KLA will probably be the 'traitorous' KLO moderates like the scholarly Ibrahim Rugova and his supporters. As Britain sent the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible and promised 4,000 troops (not armed as ground troops) for Albania by May, the newly remarried UK Foreign Secretary, lawyer Robin Cook, said he was sending {another} "powerful message to Milosevic" that neosocialists would "reverse the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo." UK Defence Secretary George 'Spuds-U-Like' Robertson emphatically denied (BBCR4UK 12:10GMT) that Britain intended to make an armed intervention on the ground. He said "many sources" (unnamed) told him that -- after nearly three weeks of Nato bombardment -- things were "hotting up" and that Mr Milosevic was cracking under the strain. (On the last occasion Britain attacked another country without UN blessing -- viz. Egypt, during the Suez Crisis of 1957 -- the move was ferociously condemned by the British Labour Party [then under pro-nuclear armament leader Hugh Gaitskell] as well as by the USA.)

WASHINGTON, ABC NEWS  --  Edward Luttwak, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has derided the "the pretense of air power" in Yugoslavia. He believes a partition of Kosovo is assured. "I am convinced this war will end in a diplomatic solution," he said. "We partition Kosovo, Milosevic gets a chunk and the rest becomes a NATO protectorate."

LONDON (Sunday Times 11 iv '99) -- General Sir Michael Rose, the former commander of the 30,000 Nato troops still peacekeeping in Bosnia, wrote: "In the end, Nato will have to offer Milosevic a political settlement based on a partition of Kosovo."

12 iv '99  --  The brave Sunday Times journalist John Swain who had managed to spend 36 hours sallying on foot across the Montenegro border with Kosovo found no bodies and said "It did not seem that the death toll was in the thousands, as refugees reaching Montenegro had suggested." Evidently there is considerable fear of the KLA among ethnic Albanians; and the shortage of young men among refugees is due chiefly to the KLA forbidding serviceable young men to leave the province. A Sunday Times correspondent also discounted one of the atrocity stories that twenty teachers had been killed in the village of Godar: apparently the village only has a population of two hundred so would be very lucky if it had a single schoolteacher.
    Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has done himself no good -- at least in the short term -- by his denunciation of Nato's bombing. Of people altering their willingness to vote SNP in the forthcoming elections for the so-called Scottish Parliament [which will actually control little more than a Parish Council in England], only one was was more likely to vote SNP for every five who were more likely to vote against.
    UK Defence Secretary George 'Potatoland' Robertson, who says he enjoys the fried breakfasts he is given by the Royal Air Force as he flies round between London and RAF bases in Germany and Italy, was adamant that partition of Kosovo would be unacceptable; and President Clinton sounded bullish about returning Kosovars "to their homeland" (apparently meaning Kosovo). However, Ms Madeleine Albright said Nato top brass assembled in Brussels had been poring over maps to examine partition possibilities.


"The Americans say President Slobodan Milosevic is using disproportionate force to repress the Kosovo Liberation Army, and that is true. But now the Americans are being disproportionate in their actions, in this criminal use of force, which is indiscriminate. And this kind of abuse of power will come back to the United States like a boomerang. They are killing political pluralism here, and thus doing a great favor to this regime."
      Aca Singer, of Belgrade, a 76-year-old Jewish man who lost 65 members of his own family in the Holocaust and has now had to leave his flat near the Belgrade Ministry of the Interior
Quoted by Steven Erlanger, New York Times 9 iv '99 (


``We'll compromise: you live your way, I'll live mine.''
John Wayne in Legend of the Lost.

The triumph of liberal and law-governed capitalism in the West and the world, symbolised by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, has made people forget the horrors of utopian nationalism and socialism. Irreconcilable conflicts seem so unlikely when liberalism has triumphed. Surely we can all live together and put ancient and ethnic rivalries behind us? "Liberalism," says Christopher Coker (1999, War and the Illiberal Conscience) "has discouraged us from thinking in tragic terms." Instead, what has passed for political liberalism in recent years actually shades into neosocialist PC. Under campus-style tyranny, all can be expected to control their 'speech' more than ever happened in days when states like England (under its compromise-seeking and latitudinarian Church of England) readily restricted freedom of assembly for those beyond the pale. This is why neoliberalism is necessary. In clear-sighted realism about human nature, Westerners must not settle only for liberal economics. Rather, they must champion liberalism in both the state and international relations. The rise of tyrannous neosocialism with its two million young prisoners in the USA and its dangerous and already bloody bullying in Serbia makes clear the task: politics, like Western business, must move to being based on contract and driven by choice. That may seem too liberal; but neosocialism will reveal it as hugely preferable.


(Times Higher 8 iv '99; Times Literary Supplement 9 iv '99)

Left-wing U.S. sage Noam Chomsky, now 71, apparently likes to use the term 'neoliberalism' to refer to the policies pursued by US President Reagan in South America. Says Chomsky, such policies aimed at introducing a little democracy and respect for law while not upsetting traditional structures of power. That's OK by McDNL in so far as it implies respect for national sovereignty and responsible choice. However, the term NEOLIBERALISM equally denotes the extension of choice within the state sector and between states. Neoliberalism says freely chosen contracts should permeate the world of politics. By contrast, NEOSOCIALISM uses the state sector as a job creation programme for favoured minorities -- regardless of damaging consequences (notably in education); and today, in bombing Serbia, neosocialism flagrantly shows its contempt for autonomy, law and contract even in the dangerous area of international relations. Neoliberalism is opposed by Chomsky and the equally elderly French Christian-socialist intellectual, Pierre Bourdieu (1999, Acts of Resistance, Oxford : Polity); but these eminences fail to appreciate that the Reagan/Thatcher years saw only the economic face of a revived liberalism which may yet recreate a pre-1914-type civilization by cutting states and statism down to size.

American Biodiversity


To: The Editor, The Economist (
From: Mr C. R. Brand; Edinburgh.

26 March 1999

Dear Editor,
               You are to be congratulated on publicizing the likelihood that the world's leading democracy will have two million of its own population in jail by the millennium, including one million young Black men (Economist 20-26 iii '99, 'Prisoners: More than any other democracy'). Such a rate of imprisonment is especially remarkable in a country that would enforce humanitarian and multicultural principles on others by bombing Serbia, so it deserves careful study.
      America's problem cannot be attributed largely to Afro-Americans (or, for that matter to racism against Black people). Once IQ is allowed for, the Black rate of crime in the USA is little higher than the White.* Instead, attention should focus on the phenomenon of the rate of imprisonment being so high in both the USA and Russia. According to the Council of Europe, relatively high rates of imprisonment also obtain in Belarus, Britain, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia (Penological Information Bulletin 21, December 1998, Table 1 and p. 105). By contrast, the lowest rates in Europe -- only a tenth of those in the USA and Russia -- are found in Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden. A prize in criminology could well go to anyone finding the explanation of these humanitarian variations; but it looks arguable that incarceration is required to deal with ethnic heterogeneity and internal conflict. (Convict-free Cyprus, of course, has been ethnically partitioned since 1965.)
      I am yours etc., Christopher R. Brand.

* R. A. Gordon (1987). 'SES versus IQ in the race-IQ-delinquency model.' International Journal of Sociology & Social Policy 7, 30-96.


PS  There is other evidence that crime rates are higher in ethnically diverse populations: Social Problems, 1997, 44:520-56; Brit J Criminology, 1997, 37:103-20. For contrary evidence, see Social Forces, 1996, 74:1325-52.

Africa Realism


(Nature 8 iv '99)
"Ancient East Africa was evidently a melting pot of people adapted to different lifestyles: the Bantu and their West African wet forest root crops and goats; Central Sudanics….with their dry-country grain crops, sheep and cattle….and Khoisian hunter-gatherers in areas unsuitable for agriculture."

Thus Jared Diamond gives the background to how the Bantu came largely to wipe out the other ethnics in prehistoric melting pot and to dominate southern-eastern Africa. Nicely, Diamond provides visual aids of lithe young women of the Bantu and Khoisian races: even though their beauty is a little obscured by native beadwork, they are both great improvements on the Hottentot Venus and a welcome addition to Nature's pages. But how did the Bantu squeeze out most of the competition? Diamond struggles with the material of Christopher Ehret's An African Classical Age: East and Southern Africa in World History 1000B.C.-40A.D. (University of Virginia Press, $US45) but can find no answer. There could have been a 'cultural wild card', he unsurprisingly thinks -- but finding the DNA will probably be quicker than waiting with Diamond for more of Ehret's 'linguistic archaeology.'

Evolutionary Psychobabble

(Nature 8 iv '99)

The latest in evolutionary psychology is the effort of John Archer (Preston Polytechnic) to explain the adaptive value of grief (The Nature of Grief, Routledge, £UK19). Apparently, grief is "a deficit reaction occurring when a significant other is absent and leading to searching and protest reactions.' -- Yes, that's it, folks, unless Nature's psychiatrist reviewer Hugh Freeman (Green College, Woodstock Road, Oxford) missed something.

Slavery Realism

Q:  Since so many blacks entered the central lands of the Arab World over so long a period, why did they have left so little genetic trace?

A:  "There is nothing in the Arab, Persian, and Turkish lands that resembles the great black and mulatto populations of North and South America. One reason is obviously the high proportion of eunuchs among black males entering the Islamic lands."
      B. LEWIS (1971). Race and Color in Islam. New York: Harper & Row.

Memory Lane -- Lunademics

WASHINGTON -- Several academic researchers told the Seattle Times in 1996 (9 x, 'Scientists reject the traditional notion of races') that there was no such thing as race. Star idiots were:

Quiz Time

In December, the Sun newspaper published the following item (18 xii '98, p. 19, accompanied by a not-too-bad photo of the author of The g Factor, holding his book, outside E.LU. Psychology Department). A disked copy of The g Factor will be awarded to the McDNL reader who can spot the most mistakes in the Sun's report. (Clue: there are at least six serious errors.)

{A parallel report in the Sun dealt with a "shamed clergyman", a former cathedral chaplain, who, after being "booted out by his own church" for embezzling £52,000, had set up as padre to a night-club}



-- Uni chief is waiter  --

A controversial lecturer sacked after he backed some forms of child sex is working as a waiter to pay his legal bills.
      Chris Brand, 54, was spotted serving at a private function after being fired by Edinburgh University bosses.
      His 26-year career was left in tatters after he said paedophilia was acceptable if the child consented and was intelligent.
      The author and psychologist -- who earned £45,000 a year -- has since been turned down by more than 50 unis, including one in Melbourne, Australia.
He turned to waitering to help pay off hefty lawyer's bills after a failed battle to be reinstated.
      Last night Brand, who has joined an Edinburgh catering agency, said: "It was a question of who was prepared to have me. If you're a pariah, it's quite nice to be able to dish up food and get some appreciation from people who like what you do."
      Brand was sacked in 1997 after he broadcast his views on child sex on the Internet.
It was the final straw for bosses who earlier stood by him after he claimed in a book, later withdrawn by publishers, that blacks were less intelligent because of their genes.
      A former colleague -- who still works at the uni -- said last night: "It is a long way to fall for Chris. His opinions may have sickened many people, but he was an intelligent academic. I feel sorry for him."


COMING SOON in McDougall NewsLetter: Special Women's Issue


Sophie Rhys-Jones, the Lady Di lookalike who is to wed Prince Edward in the summer, will promise to obey -- unlike Di herself whose early intransigence proved a harbinger of things to come.

Apparently unfulfilled by her roll ooops role as Weightwatcher Patroness, Britain's Duchess of York [aka Fergie] is to become the American Representative for Wedgwood China. Fergie's critics in Britain say the appointment was made on the recommendation of Royal Doulton; but the great thing about Fergie is that she is prepared to call a Spode and Spode.

Belgrade says:

"Close your teeth next time, Monica!"


The affair of 'The g Factor' is now three years old. The media firestorm about Chris Brand's 'scientific racism' led to the withdrawal of his book on 17 April 1996. Soon, Brand was denounced to the London press as "obnoxious" by the Edinburgh LUniversity Principal, replied in kind with 'The g Factor NewsLetter', and was eventually fired.

THIS WEEK: Bumper Issue -- Women's Studies [with Maternos & Baby supplement]

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! -- Divine Juliette Binoche, Susan Blackmore [parapsychology materialist], Waris Dirie [Somalian beauty], Betty Friedan [old bag ooops socialist], German Greer, Madeleine Halfbright, Hypatia [Greek mathematician -- almost totally nude!], Amanda Johnston [sweet-16 trouble for Blair?], Erica 'Bubbles' Jong, philosopher-ethologist Mary Midgeley, ex-divine Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs 'George' W. B. Yeats.  YES, VIBRATORS, CLITORISES, LESBIAN BONDAGE AND FEMALE HYSTERIA -- ALL IN THIS WEEK'S McDNL! Why are women so 'boring' -- and so, so exciting? 'EVO-PSYCH' HAS THE ANSWERS!




SLAUGHTER SLOBBA? -- How the West's intellectuals have lined up over neosocialist "humanitarian intervention" in Serbia.

STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Can the Jews still be blamed for Bolshevism?


SCIENCE LATEST: Brain, hormones, sex, aggression, drugs and evolutionary psychology. Biology guru John Maynard Smith speaks out. Guest appearances: Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, Arthur Jensen, Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton and Azim Surani.

STOP PRESS -- Russian premier Boris Yeltsin has said he will not allow Mr Milosevic to be defeated by Nato (CFMR 17 iv '99, 11:00). U.S. commentators say American public opinion is tolerant but not 'deeply' supportive of the war. Speculation persists about the mysterious Nato bombing last week of a convoy of ethnic Albanian Kosovars, killing 64 and requiring a massive Nato cover-up. Apparently the attack involved more than one plane: two are now admitted by Nato after a week in which which the attack had been blamed on the Serbs themselves by Nato's Supreme Commander, General Wesley Clark. An Italian journalist reported finding only English and no Cyrillic lettering on bomb fragments at the site. And the attack occurred despite Nato pilots having warned each other of the existence of two convoys on the ground in Kosovo, only one of them military (CFMR 17 iv '99, 09:00). President Clinton is to ask Congress for $US5.9 billion to cover a non-ground-troops war till October 1 (Capitol Hill Blue 17 iv '99). The cash will go to the Department of Defense and includes $US700 million as the U.S. share of the costs of humanitarian aid for refugees from Kosovo. (Just last week the Pentagon estimated its total war costs as only $US4 billion. Nato now flies 500 missions nightly destroying bridges and power supplies in Serbia. Many empty barracks and power stations disused since Croatian independence have been repeatedly blasted, says Belgrade.)

UK Race Relations

(BBCR4UK 18 iv '99, 08:00, 09:00; 19 iv, 16:00)


As a nail bomb exploded outside a busy supermarket in Brixton, south London, at 17:30 on Saturday, 17 April, injuring 48 people, the true state of British race relations was revealed in a flash. After thirty years in which it has been a crime in Britain even to speak in a way that might stimulate racial animosity, the immediate speculation on the BBC as to the motives behind the bombing concerned race. More than 24 hours before Scotland Yard received an anonymous call from a self-styled right-wing nationalist claiming responsibility for the blast, the BBC was inviting Black people to air threats of revenge on Whites. [Through Sunday 18 April, London police said their inquiries suggested no racist motive behind the bombing (BBC World Service 19 iv '99, 00:20GMT). The eventual 'right-wing' caller -- possibly a hoaxer -- claimed to be a member of 'Combat 18' and provocatively used a telephone box near the street corner in Eltham, south London, where Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993 {see McDNLs passim}.]
      Evidently, to commentators on 17 April, it did not matter that Britain had been at war ooops humanitarian intervention with Serbia for three weeks; or that Black gangs of south London notoriously pursue vendettas; or that Animal Liberation and kindred anti-eugenicists think supermarkets a prime target for violent and life-threatening protest; or that, just a few days previously, the 'Mardi Gras' supermarket bomber-extortionist had been imprisoned with attendant televised publicity for his readily imitable crimes. No! Once the IRA and its splinter groups had been ruled out -- they normally tell police of attacks some ten minutes in advance -- it was the possibility of racialist motivation that dominated the BBC's coverage.

When not even PC's major propaganda vehicle in Britain believes in the success of years of 'anti-racist' legislation, broadcasting, school lessons, threats, sackings and prosecutions, it is time for a re-think. Before embarking on the purge of all race-realistic and liberal thought which will doubtless be urged by 'humanitarians', the Government should consider its position. Hopefully it will not only prosecute this dastardly attack on innocent shoppers with vigour but announce its intention to insist on laws and government practices which do not discriminate by race. It is time to start treating Blacks and Whites alike -- according to their achievements, potentials and law-abidingness and without forever encouraging ideas that Blacks are a cosseted group of latter-day saints who provide job creation for an army of sociology-trained carers, counsellors and petty 'anti-Nazi' tyrants. At the same time, the Government should commit itself to U.S. First Amendment-style free speech -- thus providing a proper outlet for dissent and stripping the slightest legitimacy from those who might seek to advance political causes by cowardly attacks.
      Any who wish to play at guns and bombs without donning a soldier's uniform and carrying a flag should recall the fate of the IRA: after fifty years of killings, and rarely able to get one of its own elected to the Dublin Dáil or the Westminster Parliament, the IRA is on the verge of giving up its weapons and accepting that the South of Ireland cannot and should not run the North except with the latter's democratic agreement. The Government should make clear that any 'right-wing nationalist' bombers of Black or multicultural areas will be handled in exactly the same way as Sinn Fein/IRA. Irish nationalists could speak their minds; they could see that, once Britain sent troops to Ulster in 1969, Protestants were not unfairly favoured in the North -- that they were over-represented in senior positions only in line with their qualifications; and, after Mrs Thatcher's stand in 1983, IRA convicts knew that their own hunger strikes would be allowed to proceed without state intervention. Just like the IRA, groups such as 'Combat 18' should be allowed full free speech, assured that all government 'affirmative' discrimination will cease, prosecuted up to the hilt and jailed without so much as a budgerigar for company.

{Because of the BBC's virtual ban on mentioning the terms 'White' and 'Black', it was impossible on 18 April to be sure from broadcasts whether the alleged 'racial' motive was: (a) hatred of Blacks, (b) hatred of Whites, (c) hatred of miscegenation, or (d) hatred of Sir William MacLuny and other toffs who find 'institutional racism' everywhere and have White people's careers wrecked in that way. Calling a spade a spade has for the past decade been forbidden to its journalists by the BBC -- even on radio where the use of race terms can hardly be called gratuitous (given the lack of visual aids). One problem for broadcasters is that, after a generation of multicultural obfuscation, some Britons think 'Black' means 'of African origin', others think 'Black' includes all 'Wogs' [Western-oriental gentlemen, especially Srindopakeshis], and still others think 'Wogs' begin at Calais.}

Glayde Whitney's Week 4

{cf. McDNLs 30 iii '99, 6 iv '99 and 13 iv '99}

Having failed to shift race realist Glayde Whitney by attacking his 'racism', critics are now beginning to explore other accusations -- e.g. insensitivity to wymmin. For his part, Glayde cautiously communicates with critics only via e-mail and so far shows no inclination to discuss feminism, eugenics, Serbia or paedophilia….

Sun-Sentinel [Florida] 10 iv '99, Scott Gold:

TALLAHASSEE -- Maybe it should have come as no surprise that Glayde Whitney found something of a kindred spirit in David Duke. In the 30 years he has taught psychology at Florida State University, Whitney has also worked to "prove" that blacks are genetically inferior -- "overrepresented among the intellectually disabled," he once wrote. That gives them, he argues, a greater penchant for committing murder and other crimes. "Blacks will be blacks," he wrote.
But few people on campus, not his thousands of students, not even colleagues who worked down the hall, knew much about his work -- until he volunteered to write the foreword to Duke's autobiography. In the book, Whitney places the former KKK grand wizard on equal footing with Voltaire and praises Duke for envisioning separate societies for blacks and whites. He describes Duke as a "warrior" with the courage to see that Jews and blacks have embarked on a conspiracy to destroy the country.
The tribute, published this year, has sparked turmoil at Florida State. Whitney's colleagues have publicly questioned whether he undermines race relations on campus; students have demanded the professor's firing; and community leaders have held "healing" sessions.
"He understood that he would pay a price," Duke said from his office in Mandeville, La., where he is running for Congress on a platform of "white pride." "He did it in the service of truth."
    ….In 1994, Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein published The Bell Curve, a book that also claimed heredity is the primary indicator of intelligence -- and that blacks are naturally inferior to whites. The work was discounted as simplistic and flawed, largely because it didn't take into account environmental factors that have an impact on intelligence. Still, the book sold 400,000 copies.
Theoretically, FSU could draw the line if it could prove that Whitney's work doesn't qualify as science. As the past president of the local ACLU pointed out last week, FSU would probably not continue paying a professor who dedicated his research to proving that the world is flat.
    ….Whitney, a Montana native, earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus in 1961. Specializing in evolution, genetics and psychology, he earned a doctorate in psychology in 1966, according to university records. He has written that he was mesmerized early on by "animal diversity" and bird-watching. Though he describes himself as a "Hubert Humphrey liberal," he said he was never interested in politics and largely missed the social unrest of the late 1960s….

Tallahassee Democrat 14 iv '99:

Kudos to D'Alemberte for defending free speech
FSU President H. Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte is to be congratulated for his staunch defense of academic freedom in the case of FSU professor Glayde Whitney. It would probably have been more comfortable for the president to have joined the liberal chorus calling for Whitney's firing.
    In this day of little people who willingly take the easy way out of difficult situations, it is gratifying to see a person big enough to stand firm in support of policies in which he truly believes.
    Tom Markin, Shady Oaks Drive.

Tallahassee Democrat, iv '99:

FSU: Don't allow prejudice into your hallowed halls
Recently, I visited Tallahassee to see some old friends from my days as a Florida State student. I was appalled to hear about the recent controversy stemming from FSU psychology professor Glayde Whitney's foreword to ex-Klansman David Duke's new book.
    It is disturbing to me that FSU officials are not willing to do something about this matter other than say that they don't agree with Whitney's views. I understand what academic freedom is, but to allow a professor who clearly is a prejudicial person to continue teaching college students is a disgrace to Florida State University.
    To hear that my alma mater stands up for a racist professor on its staff makes me sick. I would encourage anyone who cares about the future of Florida State to let FSU President Sandy D'Alemberte and other school officials know that this won't be tolerated by students or alumni. Let them know what keeping a racist professor on staff could mean for alumni support and future enrolment at FSU.
    D'Alemberte: Saying you don't agree with Whitney's views is not enough. Do something about it!
    Jeff Adelman, Gainesville.

The Florida Times-Union, (Jacksonville, FL), 15 iv '99, Mary MacDonald

….Only two students, both women, have complained about things [Glayde Whitney] said in class, said Robert Contreras, chairman of the Department of Psychology. The women -- one white, one Hispanic -- complained in 1997 of sexism and racism in his instruction, Contreras said. The chairman spoke to the professor and believed the matter was resolved. Now, Contreras concedes administrators underestimated how many students were upset with the way Whitney, who is white, taught his classes.
….William Jones, head of the black studies program [at FSU], said he is concerned Whitney has created a hostile learning environment by advancing debunked scientific theories. The administration is focusing on the wrong issue, he said later. 'They are focusing on academic freedom as an absolute,' Jones said. 'Academic freedom was seen as a means to an end. The end was truth.' Na'Im Akbar, a professor of psychology who is the only African-American in the department, said the university needs professors who provide alternative views.
….The university has promised students they can choose another professor next year, as an alternative to Whitney, for the required course. Although Whitney is scheduled to take a previously arranged sabbatical leave, he is expected to return next year. He may teach only elective courses, Contreras said. The university has not decided. Personally, Contreras said he wants students of psychology to feel uplifted and believe in their potential. He is not sure Whitney ever mentioned genetic inferiority. But students told him that was the message they received. 'The implication was there,' Contreras said.



Hidden from the Western world for a decade
by spineless academics and feminastie journalists,
psychologists' research findings on paedophilia
create outrage in 1999 Washington -- as in 1996 Edinburgh. 15 iv '99, Michelle Mittelstadt


WASHINGTON -- House Majority Whip Tom DeLay on Thursday accused the national organizations that represents psychiatric {and clinical-psychological} professionals of adopting permissive attitudes on pedophilia and child sexual abuse.
      Officials with the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association denied the Texas Republican's claims, attributing them to misunderstanding over scientific concepts and writings.
      DeLay said he was "appalled and sickened" by a study published in the American Psychological Association's {prestige journal Psychological Bulletin}in June 1998. The findings have been prominently highlighted in recent weeks by radio therapist Laura Schlessinger on her show and Web site.
      The Psychological Bulletin analyzed the findings of 59 earlier studies on child sexual abuse and concluded that the abuse was less damaging than generally believed for college students interviewed about childhood sexual experiences. Citing findings that not all victims view their experiences negatively, the authors suggested replacing the term child sexual abuse with the more "value neutral" adult-child sex in cases where the young person had willingly engaged in the encounter.
      DeLay said he and his wife Christine, who have worked for years to help abused children, view the study as "our worst nightmare come true."
      Psychological Association spokeswoman Pam Willenz, whose organization represents 159,000 clinicians, researchers and educators, said the passage cited by DeLay was "lifted out of context." "The language in there may be a little free-flowing, but it's by no way condoning" child sexual abuse, Willenz said. The Psychological Association said publication of research in its journals "in no way" constitutes endorsement of the findings. "APA's position is ... very clear: The sexual abuse of children is wrong and harmful to its victims."
      DeLay also criticized the American Psychiatric Association, saying the latest revision of its diagnostic manual "quietly" redefined pedophilia as requiring a finding of anxiety or impairment by the subject.
      But a Psychiatric Association official said DeLay has misunderstood the five-year-old revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. "By definition if you are having sex with a kid, you are having significantly impaired relationships," said Dr. Harold Pincus, vice chairman of the task force responsible for revisions to the diagnostic manual.


For the story of how Edinburgh LUniversity went into shock over Chris Brand's rejection of environmentalistic paedohysteria, and for other studies of the effects of paedophilia, see Wiley & Edinburgh University versus Brand.

South Africa

Mail & Guardian {left-ish}, 16 iv '99, Cheche Seleppe


The black youths who want
a white president

SOME black youths in Johannesburg are so disillusioned with politics they say they would rather have a white than a black president running South Africa. They are considering whether to vote in the June 2 election and, if they do, whether they should vote for a party which has a white person at the top of its list. Many of them are too young to remember the hardships black people faced under white apartheid presidents. But they say a solution to their problems today is to have a white person in charge of their destiny.
      Nicholas Ngoma (17) says whites are honest and straightforward. "I believe whites have more knowledge on almost everything than blacks. Look at countries governed by whites and contrast them with African countries. I believe that African countries were better run under colonialism. "Tribalism and nepotism are the norm today in South Africa, but during white governance qualification was the norm. Whites think for the interests of everybody, whereas we blacks think for our families. Besides educational qualifications, I think that whites are more brainy than us. Even when they choose careers, they do not go there for money but for the love of the job. Look at tennis players like Andre Agassi and the like, they started the thing at about age five."
      Referring to the Johannesburg Art Foundation where he is studying, Ngoma says: "I am here because of white people. I will also be attending tennis lessons at Ellis Park stadium, take extra English lessons at Barnato High and I am attending church. And all these I do because of whites. It is not because I criticise blacks, but believe me, if you could see my relatives you will not agree that they are mine. They are selfish and self-centred. They need me when I am OK. My mother died when I was doing standard five and since then I never attended school. Instead of helping me find school, my uncle said he would not let children who do not go to school to enter his house."
      After the death of his mother, Ngoma briefly stayed with his grandmother, who is the same age as President Nelson Mandela. He then lived on the streets until he was rescued by Street Wise, a shelter for homeless children in Bertrams, Johannesburg. The person at the organisation most responsible for finding him a home and sending him to school is white.
      Asked why he thinks a white president will do a better job, Ngoma says: "I hear people talking about African countries and their problems. I'm not a good reader but if I was, I could read you the stories of African governments and contrast the stories with those of other countries overseas. Look at the things that are produced by whites, such as cellphones and computers. We blacks always follow whites. Even the Bible is written by whites and we blacks just follow. You will never see a white person following our culture and traditions….



Reuters 9 iv '99, 'Second 'Good Mother' Gene Found',
Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent.



Researchers in Cambridge, England, have found a second gene for good motherhood; and they say males appear to have the upper hand when sexes battle over how much time to spend with the babies.
      The animal geneticists said both the discovered genes, which come from the father, may ensure that their daughters are good mothers -- thus making sure that male interests are paramount when it comes to reproduction. Female mice that lack the genes failed to take care of their babies, letting most of them die. The genes are controlled by a special process called imprinting, which ensures that only the father's version of the gene actually works.
      Animals, and people, inherit two copies of a gene -- one from the father and one from the mother. In imprinted genes, poorly understood controls ensure that only the father's version "expresses'', or comes into play. Azim Surani and colleagues at Britain's Cambridge University reported last September that female mice lacking their father's version of a gene called "Mest'' made poor mothers, failing to feed their babies or carry out other maternal duties. Now they have discovered a second such gene, this one known as "Peg3''. Mice bred to lack a working version of the gene were not only small, but also strikingly bad mothers, Surani's team reported in the journal Science.
      ….Males have the best chance of passing their genes on through many offspring if their mates spend a lot of time caring for babies. If a male wants more young, he can always impregnate more females. But it is tough on a female both to feed babies and to carry a pregnancy. Thus the conflict. This could explain why males might evolve genes that help them control maternal behavior, the researchers concluded. Aparicio said such theories were still controversial. "The point is, it is in the interest of the male who has already produced offspring, to ensure that those offspring are then cared for, whereas it may be in the female's interest to have more litters,'' he said.


LONDON  --  In town in April for the first time in seven years (to be made Fellow of the British Academy), Elizabeth Taylor revealed her new love. No, it is not a new husband that keeps the 68-year-old actress out of the UK. It is her Maltese dog, Sugar. "He is the cleanest, best-behaved and most intelligent dog in the world," says proud Elizabeth; but Sugar, like other beloved dogs, must by law do his bit to keep Britain a rabies-free zone.
    Fortunately, Liz was still in chatty, not to mention bitchy form for journalists who turned up for a press conference at the Dorchester hotel (where she had honeymooned with all but one of her husbands -- the one who owned the Hilton). Elizabeth discussed the new generation of 'virgin' Hollywood actresses and pronounced them beautiful and multi-talented while apologizing for not being able to recall any of their names ('I left a bit of my brain on the table after surgery'). (Taylor, who made her screen début at age 10 [in 'There's One Born Every Minute'], herself last acted in 'Flintstones', 1994, playing a nagging mother-in-law. She no longer acts because, she winsomely says, she is "uninsurable.")

DUBLIN (Sunday Times 11 iv '99) -- Mysticism and Maternos -- W. B. Yeats and his wife 'George' led a mystically driven sex life until George had the son the couple desired. Babe-bagger Yeats was aged 50 before he lost his virginity to George, aged 25, and the couple's love life was awkward until they discovered that it should be programmed according to lusty George's automatic writing -- which they half believed to be dictated from the spirit world. In particular, agrees Yeats' new biographer Brenda Maddox, George's daily drawings containing house entrances, skirts, arrows, suns and moons would give Yeats a clue as to the desirability of sex that night. The couple's blissful coital life continued through the disastrous birth of a daughter, Anne, whom they did not want, to the birth of a son, their hoped-for 'Messiah.' However, George's maternos then took over and the mysticism and sex were never the same again.

PS Talking on BBCR4UK (17 v '99, 09:10), Brenda Maddox stressed Yeats's wish for a son and his keen interest in eugenics. Coming from a family where four of his mothers's relatives had been confined to mental hospitals, but where he was the only boy, he welcomed the astrological assurances that his young wife provided that a perfect boy child would be possible. It was hardly a love match ("She is a student of all my subjects, therefore we shall prosper," he wrote); but Yeats further believed sex and creativity were linked and so went along with the folie à deux of George's automatic writing, believing that sexual stimulation improved the flow of images on which his poetry was dependent. After a difficult honeymoon, Yeats' line "turning and turning in the widening gyre" was an early result of George's getting sex organized and thus "changing things utterly" -- as Yeats wrote to his longstanding confidante, Lady Gregory. Maddox agreed George was somewhat "hard done by" as Yeats continued his life a clubman and his liaisons with other women; but, said Maddox, "she asked for it." (Yeats was a devout Freudian -- partly because of his own repeated dream of killing his father.)

Dumbed-Down Britain

(Times Educational Supplement, No. 4320, 16 iv '99, p. 1)

The British Government is seeking to purchase hundreds of thousands of specially designed dumbed-down computers for pupils to use in examinations. If children use their own computers, children from more affluent backgrounds have an advantage, and examiners find it hard to assess candidates. The idea of issuing each examination certificate to a candidate together with a named prosthetic device or other help (including a reader for the blind, or five hours extra time for dyslexic students) seems never to occur to educational authorities.

The Archbishop of Anti-Galtonian Antics, Harvard's Professor Stephen Jay Gould, has suddenly cancelled an advertised address that he was to have given to a Presidential Symposium of the American Psychological Society. The APS is meant to represent psychologists who are more scientifically and perhaps biologically minded than those of the American Psychological Association; but whether there has been some ideological rift between Gould and the APS remains to be seen.

20 iv '99  

PRETORIA (Times 16 iv '99) -- A 67-year-old lady, a senior U.S. diplomat working for UNICEF, was staying with friends in Pretoria when a Black gang cut through razor-wire to burgle the house. First the Mozambican intruders all raped her once; then, after she helped them complete their burglary by lifting out videos and valuable pictures, they raped her again. Later, "the men then pushed her down a steep slope, went after her, and she was raped for a third time,'' police Inspector Gideon Thessner said. Thessner said the lady was traumatized by the attack and could not say how many men had raped her. Police have arrested nine men suspected of entering the home. The woman didn't fight back in order to protect four other people sleeping in the house, authorities said. {No humanitarian bombing ooops intervention by the USA is anticipated since South Africa has a multicultural society already.}

BERKELEY, California 12 iv '99 (U-WIRE ) -- Berkeley police are investigating a possible campus hate crime involving members of a UC Berkeley fraternity that has left one student with a broken jaw which has to be wired shut for nearly a month. Students of several ethnicities were involved in late-night drink-fuelled exchanges of racial epithets outside a campus dormitory.

PONTIAC -- After the Michigan euthanasia trial, dozens of jubilant handicap activists cheered the decision to jail Dr Jack Kevorkian for 10-25 years but said still more needed to be done to oppose assisted suicide. "This is not the end of a fight. This is just the end of a serial killer in Michigan,'' said Carol Cleigh, a member of the disability rights group 'Not Dead Yet.' Kevorkian, who earned the nickname "Dr. Death'' for helping at least 130 people end their pain-wracked lives, said he had acted to relieve the suffering of the terminally ill Thomas Youk, 52, who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). Thomas Youk's widow, Melody, though not allowed to testify, had implored the court to show mercy to Kevorkian, whom she called a compassionate and caring man who had acted only on her husband's wishes.

LONDON -- Outspeaker -- A G.P. went on trial accused of mercy killings in the village where he worked in Northumberland. Dr David Moor, 52, freely admits administering large doses of diamorphine to terminally ill patients in his care. He claims most other G.P.'s do the same but that he is prepared to talk frankly about the practice. He first came to police attention when, in 1991, he supported another doctor accused of 'murdering' a patient.

PENNSYLVANIA -- A female student at Penn has complained about a new type of sexual harassment. She wore a mini-skirt and a male student said "Nice Legs". She described the experience to university authorities as a "mini-rape."

LONDON BBCR4UK 16 iv '99 08:15 -- Psychophysiologists have shown unique brain activity in a painter. The British artist Humphrey Ocean was persuaded to do some sketching in an MRI scanner at a London hospital and was compared with normal controls. Whereas non-artists showed enhanced activity in the occipital area of the brain (housing the primary visual cortex), Ocean showed extensive frontal lobe activation -- providing neurological evidence that his drawing involved thought, feeling and imagination.

HARTFORD, Connecticut -- Leaders of Hartford's African-American community expressed outrage over the fatal shooting of a Black 14-year-old robbery suspect by a White police officer. The youth had a realistic-looking toy gun and a handgun-shaped cigarette lighter in his possession as he fled with four other youths from police who had been called to a parking lot. Hartford's Deputy Police Chief James Berry, who is Black, said: ``I really am concerned that this city is 60-some percent Black and Hispanic, but we have a police force that is 60 percent White.'' In New York, thousands of chanting marchers crossed the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan to protest the police killing of an unarmed African immigrant who had been shot 19 times in March. Former mayor of New York David Dinkins, a Black man, said: ``We've come too far ... moving from the back of the bus to the front, to now put our children in the back of an ambulance.'' Amnesty International has gone to the United Nations to denounce police and prison mistreatment in the U.S.; and lawyers are now selecting a New York jury to try five Brooklyn police officers charged in the 1997 torture of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.

BERKELEY, California (U-WIRE) -- A 10-hour standoff over the "whittling down" of UC Berkeley's ethnic studies department ended when UC police officers arrested more than 40 students who had stormed and locked down Barrows Hall. "Ethnic Studies Under Attack! What Do We Do? We Fight Back!" chanted dozens of protestors, many of whom called themselves "Third World Strikers."

ANN ARBOR, Michigan (U-WIRE) -- A motion filed by the Center for Individual Rights asked for a summary judgment in the class-action lawsuit challenging the College of Literature, Science and the Arts' use of race as a factor in its admissions process. The lawsuit, filed in Oct. 1997 by two white students denied admission to the University, became a class-action suit earlier this semester. The new status could include up to 6,000 denied applicants.

LOS ANGELES, California (U-WIRE) -- To overcome racism, there needs to be a revolution, an organization of an entire counterforce to the culture in power, said poet, playwright and former Black Panther Amiri Baraka, addressing 100 students. Baraka proposed alternative cinemas, newspapers and other media to provide a voice for oppressed US minorities.

LONDON -- Refusing to release the detained Senator Pinochet, whose extradition to Spain on most of the charges brought against him had been turned down by the Law Lords, Home Secretary Jack Straw opted for further months of legal wrangling. This will add considerably to the £UK2 million already spent by Britain in arguing Spain's case that third-world leaders should be yanked into Western capitals for trial as war criminals and human rights violators whenever it suits Western countries thus to exercise their ancient rights of empire. The Senator says he is prepared for a long fight to contest the British Government's shamelessly unjust misuse of extradition procedures.

LONDON, Sunday Times 18 iv '99, Stephen Farrar  --  Chemicals in common plastics have been found to warp the sexual development of male rats, raising fears that man-made substances may be responsible for sexual mutations in animals and falling human sperm counts. A team of American government scientists has announced the first results from the most extensive toxicology tests yet undertaken of phthalates, oily solvents used to soften PVC. These are believed to be the most common artificial chemical found in the modern environment and are used in many household products, including children's toys.

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology to the tired social-environmentalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics. The McDNL is edited from Edinburgh by London School psychologist Chris Brand -- a frequent reviewer for Nature, Times Higher and Personality & Individual Differences, and author of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996).

Slaughter Slobba?

How the intellectuals lined up [PS -- updated 5 vi '99]:

(Opposed to [start of] bombing;
favouring partition of Kosovo [or fairly full retention by Serbia])
with Emperor Clinton, Madeleine Halfbright, Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona, Augustus Blair, Robin 'Nookie' Cook, George 'Spud-U-Like' Robertson, Jamie 'Genocide' Shea, William Hague [who?], the British 'Liberal' Party and Chief of Staff General Sir Charles Guthrie ("This is a humanitarian war. …the Government will start getting fidgety if it goes on into the summer holidays") and London's Guardian, Independent and Observer newspapers. with encouragement from Alex Salmond (Scottish Nationalist), Crispin Blunt MP (Cons., Reigate), Socialist Workers, the Greens, Lady Olga Maitland (anti-Communist, 'Women and Families for Defence'), General Sir Michael Rose ( former commander of the 30,000 Nato troops still peacekeeping in Bosnia), the Independent on Sunday, Peter Hitchens of the Daily Express, and the majority of correspondents to the London Times and Daily Telegraph.
Michael Foot, Oxford, 86, Labour leader 1980-83, author, lifelong CND and Tribune) Paul Foot (Michael Foot's son, long-running Private Eye left-wing columnist)
Stanley Brichto, Senior Vice-President of the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, London Simon Jenkins (star Times columnist)
Vanessa Redgrave, 62, the thinking person's actress ('Prime of Miss Jean Brodie') and revolutionary communist Alan Clark (Conservative MP, historian, famed for 'bonking' Memoirs)
Guenter Grass, 72, German left guru and novelist (The Tin Drum), speechwriter for Willy Brandt Allan Massie (Scottish columnist, historical novelist, Thatcher-supportive)
Alain FinkelkrautNorman Stone (top Oxford historian, retired to Turkey in disgust with British universities, Thatcher-supportive)
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, 1968 Paris firebrand, now Green party leader Andrew Roberts (columnist for Sunday Times and Times ['Patriots for peace', 7 iv '99], Thatcherite)
Mark Danner and Tony Judt, staff writers at New York Review of Books Timothy Williamson, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at the University of Edinburgh
Jonathan Sacks, Chief RabbiSir Alfred Sherman, Thatcherite trooper and think-tanker
Ben Macintyre, Times columnistHarold Pinter, pinko playwright, married to biographer Lady Antonia Fraser: "The Nato action is in breach of its own charter and outside all recognised parameters of international law."
Timothy Garton Ash, St Anthony's College, Oxford. Germaine Greer, b. 1939, veteran feminist, Cambridge donette
Regis Debray, guru to Che Guevara, adviser to President Mitterand
Peter Handke, Austrian dramatist ('Offending the Audience') and novelist
Flaming red ex-Lord Tony Benn, Oxford, 74, Labour Minister of Technology 1966-70
Lord Denis Healey, Oxford, Royal Engineers, 82, Old Labour, Defence Minister 1964-70
Michael Gove, Times columnist
Alan Watkins, Sunday Independent
Ex-Colonel David Huskwort, author, and the US Army's most decorated ex-serviceman ("Blair and Europe should handle it by themselves")
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 81; imprisoned Gulag 1945-1953; One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 1962; Nobel Prize 1971; deported from USSR 1974
Mark Almond, Thatcherite and Holocaust-querying historian, lecturer at Oxford University
John Pilger, classical-hard-left top journalist, columnist for New Statesman
Matthew Parris, ex-MP (Conservative), Times columnist: in bombing, Blair made "a dreadful mistake"
Robert Fisk, veteran war correspondent for the Independent, pro-Palestinian: "Nato's war cannot even be regarded as a mistake -- it is a criminal act."
Mikis Theodorakis, renowned Greek composer: "Nato doesn't care about dialogue and agreements; its sole aim is to turn the heretic Yugoslavia into a desert made up of dust and blood, displaying it to the next victims, warning them 'Look, this is what lies ahead if you don't succumb.'"
Melanie Phillips, Sunday Times {see McDNLs passim}
Gore Vidal, novelist/commentator: "How do we get off this mangey tiger that we are riding with so little grace?"
Baroness Warnock, wife of philosopher Geoffrey Warnock, much in demand for UK Government committees: "I wish the bombing hadn't started and I don't believe it ought to have done."
Bob Skidelski (Oxford historian, Conservative minister in House of Lords)
Sir William Rees-Mogg, former editor of the Times
Canon Paul Oestereicher, longstanding left-pacifist crusader
Eight Oxford University dons (Times 5 vi '99)
Jürgen Habermas, top philosophical deconstructivist and former professor of the Frankfurt School (Institute for Social Research) <>
Auberon Waugh (all-purpose right-wing columnist and editor of Literary Review)
Dr Henry Kissinger
Phillip Knightley, Independent on Sunday columnist, author of First Casualty

Lining up with bombers, neosocialists and the Kosovo Liberation Army is the New York Review of Books' staff writer Mark Danner (currently teaching at University of California, Berkeley). However, Danner's generous four-page history (6 v '99) of 'psychopathic Slobba' allows room for a key admission: through this past winter, in Kosovo, "as Milosevic's forces moved out, in many areas Kosovo Liberation Army fighters moved in." Thus it was predictable that Milosevic readied his army for a push back into Kosovo in the event of the Rambouillet talks failing. (Interestingly, neither Milosevic himself nor Nato top brass showed up at Rambouillet -- making it all the more surprising that Clinton and Blair should have been piqued that these talks arrived at no solution.)

A McDNL reader asks (1) What would have happened if Nato had not intervened in Kosovo; and (2) What is a sovereign state? Chris Brand replies:
To answer your questions:
(1) We didn't need to bomb Serbia to achieve a peaceful settlement in Croatia and Bosnia, so why start now? Without bombing, Milosevic would probably have cleared Kosovo of the KLA's paramilitaries in a more discriminating, leisurely and painless manner -- and then we would have moved in our peacekeepers, as in Bosnia. Our current problem is simply the culmination of years of daft rhetoric to the effect that all these highly hostile, culturally distanced and deeply embittered peoples can be expected to live together. That's why I say one is seeing multiculturalist neosocialism going to war in the Balkans -- as its supporters suddenly saw an opportunity to make war against me in Edinburgh. Evidently, the big cheeses now know the public to be so propagandized that virtually anything can be called 'genocide' and 'Nazism' by nice-looking Oxbridge graduette newsreaders on TV and attacked without further thought.
(2) As to sovereignty, the Serbian position is as complicated as any other. Serbia was given Kosovo in 1913 when its population was only c. 25% Albanian. In 1939-45, the Albanians sided with the Nazis and made significant advances against Serbia while the latter held down several German divisions and took an almighty pounding in air-raids. After 1945, the Marxists of Albania made a mess of that country so people emigrated -- perhaps especially Muslims who, like Christians, could not practise their religion in Albania. Like other regions of Yugoslavia, Kosovo was granted a lot of constitutional power to keep it sweet. However, after Tito's death, as Yugoslavia broke up, Milosevic moved to reduce the province's autonomy. {Should Britain consider renouncing sovereignty over Liverpool or Glasgow because of these being half-Irish cities? If so, there will be lot of changes coming up around the globe, not least when Mexicans reclaim California! Of course, I agree the Serbs should never have allowed the Albanian percentage in Kosovo to mount to 90% -- that was in days when they too, as Yugoslavs, believed in multiculturalist fiction.}

The State of Kosovo

Ethnic Albanians in the Government have manipulated public funds and regulations to take over land belonging to Serbs. And politicians have exchanged vicious insults. Slavic Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags have been torn down. Wells have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian girls.
    ….As Slavs flee the protracted violence, Kosovo is becoming what ethnic Albanian nationalists have been demanding for years -- and especially strongly since the bloody rioting by ethnic Albanians in Pristina in 1981 -- an ''ethnically pure'' Albanian region, a ''Republic of Kosovo'' in all but name. The violence, a journalist in Kosovo said, is escalating to ''the worst in the last seven years.''
    ….Last summer, the authorities in Kosovo said they documented 40 ethnic Albanian attacks on Slavs in two months. In the last two years, 320 ethnic Albanians have been sentenced for political crimes, nearly half of them characterized as severe. In one incident, Fadil Hoxha, once the leading politician of ethnic Albanian origin in Yugoslavia, joked at an official dinner in Prizren last year that Serbian women should be used to satisfy potential ethnic Albanian rapists.
    ….The federal Secretary for National Defense, Fleet Adm. Branko Mamula, told the army's party organization in September of efforts by ethnic Albanians to subvert the armed forces. ''Between 1981 and 1987 a total of 216 illegal organizations with 1,435 members of Albanian nationality were discovered in the Yugoslav People's Army,'' he said. Admiral Mamula said ethnic Albanian subversives had been preparing for ''killing officers and soldiers, poisoning food and water, sabotage, breaking into weapons arsenals and stealing arms and ammunition, desertion and causing flagrant nationalist incidents in army units.''
    ….The hope is that something will be done then to exert the rule of law in Kosovo while drawing ethnic Albanians back into Yugoslavia's mainstream.

The above extracts come from a 1987 {sic} article for the New York Times by David Binder ("IN YUGOSLAVIA, RISING ETHNIC STRIFE BRINGS FEARS OF WORSE CIVIL CONFLICT" 1 xi, Section 1, Part 1, Page 14, Column 1).


Bob Djurdjevic reports from Belgrade (

BELGRADE, Apr. 15 -- Greetings from the capital of the free world! After a nearly 30-hour trek from Phoenix to Belgrade, your editor has finally made it to where the action is. And all we can say right now, as the city awaits its first nightly air raid sirens, is -- wish you were here!
    Wish you could see the resolve in the faces of the people, mostly young, who have just marched across the Gazelle bridge, en route to Brankov's Bridge, walking along the left bank of the River Sava. Wish you could see the cabs and other private cars driving slowly across the bridges, three abreast, honking horns and flying Serbian and Yugoslav flags. Wish you were here to see the 60 Russian trucks parked outside this writer's hotel, which had just delivered humanitarian aid to Serbia. Wish you could have seen an ordinary cashier's face at the hotel at which this writer is saying, as he said: "Welcome back, Mr. Djurdjevic. We will persevere no matter what." ….As for the significant damage to the Yugoslav military which Nato had inflicted, as claimed by Gen. Wesley Clark on Apr. 13, during the first in-depth press briefing Nato has given to-date on the progress of the war, all this writer can say, even after less that a day in Serbia, is -- bull! Without revealing any particular locations which he saw today, some of the Yugoslav facilities which the New York Times had marked as "destroyed" in its Apr. 14 charts, quoting Gen. Clark, are still as erect as the Empire State Building. So add incompetent, to the myriad derogatory epithets which Nato has earned….


Senior British officials have conducted a whispering campaign against the 'treachery' of John Simpson, CBE, the BBC's War Affairs Editor. In what the Times (16 iv '99, p. 1) called an "astonishing" attack, Simpson, who has remained in Belgrade throughout the Humanitarian Bombing, was alleged to have become the dupe of Serbian propaganda. In fact, Simpson -- who is renowned for his courage, compassion, fair-mindedness and objectivity -- had been able to send the BBC unmonitored news from telephone boxes in Belgrade. BBC chiefs rejected the Blair Government's charges with contempt; and Simpson ruefully observed from Belgrade that such accusations against a foreign correspondent were to be expected as "part of the turf." In his book The Darkness Crumbles (Hutchinson, 1992), Simpson mentions the disproportionate powers given to Yugoslavia's 'regions' by Tito to keep the federal country together; and he notes the communist repression tolerated in neighbouring Albania where no religious services were allowed for almost a quarter of a century prior to 1991. Yet Simpson is no fan of Slobodan Milosevic, whom he called an "unashamed populist" and "Communist apparatchik."


Western neosocialists will one day find themselves tried as war criminals -- whether by Mr Milosevic, the Russians or the Chinese. The top Times columnist, Simon Jenkins has observed (16 iv '99) the implications of the Labour Government of Britain wanting to have Senator Pinochet and Slobodan Milosevic and his "thugs" tried for 'violations of human rights.' The Nuremberg principle -- whereby the victorious Allies 'tried' those of the losers who had not committed suicide -- is now in full flower. "No sensible limit can now be set on one man's right to judge another man's 'inhumanity to man'," says Jenkins. According to the multicultural-neosocialist New World Order, any third-world dictator can be hoiked back to neoimperial Europe for his misdeeds -- even when he is acclaimed as a national saviour by a majority of his fellow countrymen.


WASHINGTON, 17 iv '99 -- At the initiative of the National Security Council, a group of Serbian-Americans, mostly Democrat supporters, was invited to the White House on 14 April. Trying to mollify them, the President said he had only just heard from Ms Albright about the hundreds of thousands of Serbs who had been ethnically cleansed from Croatia and he thought that was a real shame. He agreed he would only want an 'international', not a Nato force to police Kosovo; but he said he could not stop the bombing since that would upset the Nato allies.


LONDON, 18 iv '99 -- NATO is making plans for a ground invasion of Kosovo as early as the end of May, the London Observer reported today. The Observer has established that 80,000 troops have been earmarked for the operation. American forces have already started training in a reconstruction of a Balkan village in the Colorado Rockies.


Electric Telegraph 19 iv '99, Laurence McQuillan

``The economy is great, they couldn't pin Monica on [Clinton], but, boy, Kosovo may hang him if he doesn't find a good way out,'' said Valerie Hudson, a foreign policy professor at Brigham Young University. ``He's never been in the military, and that was by his own design,'' she said. ``Now he's calling other people's sons and daughters to war ... There's some very deep ironies here that can't help but undermine him in his role as commander-in-chief.'' She echoed the concern expressed by numerous foreign policy experts about the impact of the Kosovo war. ``Americans are now worried about looking like the biggest idiots on the world stage,'' she said.


A U.S. Correspondent of McDNL responds to President Bill Clinton's statement of AmericOtan doctrine about the war on Serbia. (The President was addressing the American Society of Newspaper Editors, meeting in Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco)

This might be the fullest explanation of the new Clinton Doctrine, and it's exactly what you've been saying. If I thought Clinton believed what he says, I might worry that he's off his rocker. What Clinton is trying to do is impose an updated version of the relatively tolerant Austro-Hungarian Empire upon the Balkans. It almost worked, except the Serbs were too goddam stubborn to play along, so the Austrians started WWI to crush Serbian intransigence. Not an encouraging analogy.... By the way, Clinton's war aims -- returning the refugees to their homes, but keeping Kosovo part of a ethnically diverse and tolerant Yugoslavia -- will require us two fight not one, but two wars. First, we'll have to team up with the lads of the Kosovo Liberation Army to drive the Serbs from Kosovo, then we'll have to fight the KLA to prevent them from establishing an independent, Serb-free Kosovo. This is exactly what America did 100 years ago in the Philippines. We wanted to free the Filipinos from those nasty Spaniards, which we did in 1898, but then Pres. McKinley decided that it was our moral obligation to stick around and civilize the Filipinos, so we ended up fighting a very nasty counter-guerrilla war against Filipino nationalists until 1903.

President Clinton:
….Most of us have a vision of the 21st century world with the triumph of peace and prosperity and personal freedom; with respect for the integrity of ethnic, racial and religious minorities; within a framework of shared values, shared power and shared plenty; making common cause against disease and environmental degradation, against terror, organized crime and weapons of mass destruction. This grand vision, ironically, is threatened by the oldest demon of human society: our vulnerability to hatred of the other, those who are not like us.

McDNL's man on the spot:

In the face of that, we cannot be indifferent -- at home or abroad. That is why we are in Kosovo. Kosovo is a very small place on a very large fault line, on the borderlands of Central and Eastern Europe, at the meetingplace of the Islamic world and the Western and Orthodox branches of Christianity, where people have settled in a complex patchwork of ethnic and religious groups and where countless wars have been fought -- over faith, land and power. Kosovo is far from unique in its region. It is surrounded by nations with similar challenges of history and diversity. The only difference today is that they -- think of them -- Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia -- are now at least struggling to realize the vision of multi-ethnic democracy


that Mr. Milosevic is struggling to kill. Much of the former Soviet Union faces a similar challenge, including Ukraine and Moldova, southern Russia, the Caucasus nations of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, the new nations of Central Asia.


These nations spent most of the last half-century under communist rule. In the years when Western Europe was overcoming its old animosities, by integrating its economies and embracing democracy, in the years when Americans began confronting our own legacy of racial hatred through open debate and political activism,


these nations saw their problems frozen in time -- kept in place by a rigid system that allowed no talk of change. Finally, we must remember the principle we and our allies have been fighting for in the Balkans is the principle of multiethnic, tolerant, inclusive democracy. We have been fighting against the idea that statehood must be based entirely on ethnicity.

{The "entirely" looks like a last-minute insert by a White House staffer. -- Ed.}


Realistically, it will require a democratic transition in Serbia, for the region's democracies will never be safe with a belligerent tyranny in their midst.


Human Biodiversity vs. Ethnic Homogeneity

W. Easterly and R. Levine (1997, 'Africa's growth tragedy: policies and ethnic divisions', Quarterly Journal of Economics 112, xi, 1203-50) find that the great ethnic diversity of countries in sub-Saharan Africa is responsible for about a third of that region's growth disaster (i.e. lack of growth) since 1960. Homogeneous African countries do better than the diverse ones. Easterly and Levine also find that ethnic diversity correlates strongly with low income, level of corruption, lack of rule-of-law, and undemocratic political system. A unifying feature of these phenomena in Africa is that shared ethnicity releases more public altruism.

{A quarter of British trainee teachers believe 'tension is inevitable when different races live together', reported a survey of 400 students (Times Educational Supplement 16 iv '99). And more than a third of these trainees thought 'positive discrimination has gone too far.'}

What does a Womyn
Really Want?

(Times Literary Supplement 19 iii '99,
Women's Studies Issue)

Modern egalitarianism and the utopian statism which it serves to license are crucially harnessed to feminist sentiment. Now that the affecting 'working class' of horny-handed toilers has broken up into embourgeoisified owners of cars, homes and videos on the one hand and the tower-block underclass of shell-suited single parents and pit bull terrier-breeding drug barons on the other, honourable socialist voters have been in short supply. Blacks fill the gap for the political left in the USA -- where they provide a passable 'identity' group so long as White and off-White politicians maintain the stereotype that Blacks need 'affirmative' help against 'racism'; and the medically created handicapped and the Aids-ravaged homosexual also provide affecting groups for whom all can feel sorry. In Europe, however, the bulk supply of lobby-fodder for egalitarian hopefuls comes from women.
      Today, women lack the reassurance once provided by Christianity that the motherhood of a son -- as personified by the Virgin Mary -- was a woman's true and respected life-task. They are no longer sure that the authorities share their own world-view -- itself dimmed by years of embarrassed inarticulacy about it. Yet semi-workable new sex roles have resulted from social change.

This constellation of developments has yielded a new view: that babies are just regrettable accidents in career planning -- though providing understandable solace to life's underachievers and to grandparents. And the new view has been sufficient to maintain a semblance of unity for 'the women's movement.'
      This movement -- once inspired by the demand for equal public rights -- has long been essentially incoherent. By 1970 it was not so much divided as totally confused as to whether women:

Nevertheless, with the help of male or at least masculinized animals of the political jungle, this gaggle of unwed tower-block mothers of snivelling brats, chain-smoking devotees of bingo, tweed-skirted and garden-devoted townswomen, shoulder-padded and lager-quaffing Independent-readers and jackbooted vegetarian lesbians is kept together in what passes for Western thinking. Like Afro-Americans, women are inclined at least to be patient with those who promise them jobs and benefits -- with the high priestesses of feminism in universities, health services, social-work, education, local-government and left-wing political parties, and with the limp male custodians of modernism who have let the nonsense through. There may after all be something in femilunacy for ordinary women themselves, so why kick a gift horse in the teeth? Rather as the Irish of the nineteenth century were tempted by 'Irish nationalism' -- only to spend the next century killing each other for their own deep ethnic divisions -- so today's women accept the bribes that lead them to do without children, to train for the world of work where they remain forever second-rate despite being in bulk demand for their obedience, and to vote to sustain Big Mummy states which can provide pseudo-careers and the ultimate fall-back of cash handouts and state-funded covens ('rape crisis centres') if things go wrong.
      None of this is the fault of women. They, like their menfolk, are the beneficiaries of liberating technology that undermined what was left of the Christian way of life after male scientists had already polished off most of its intellectual forms of support. Religion has always been men's way of ordering society to give themselves the parenting surety (of which children are their own) that women have by nature. Without religion, men have grown chary of female unfaithfulness -- especially when a married woman can demand alimony for life regardless of the blood group, let alone the DNA of the children she has borne. For their part, as Christianity has collapsed, women have understandably sought to replace the security once given them by the Church -- that monogamous marriage, with a half of the marriage's acquired assets, would be theirs for life. Once such contracts became a matter of wishful thinking in the 1990's, women -- always a conservative force in politics -- began to vote socialist.
      Restoring a decent world for both men and women requires a freedom to make contracts that is not available for the moment. Quite simply, the availability of only one form of marriage is a scandal -- though a scandal paralleled by the state's failure to offer choice to its consumers of health care and education. Blasting away that last but most central element of traditional Christianity is probably vital to ensuring a way ahead which can liberate the intelligence of men and women alike -- and control the worst excesses of those who lack intelligence.
      Such liberation from state-imposed monogamy is probably the only way to restore real monogamy in which couples come to arrangements that are actually likely to last. A whole new world of breeding beckons in which the divorce of sex, mutual care and reproduction is likely to become complete -- as successful career girls of age sixty use their eggs banked in adolescence (when they were sterilised) to make babies with the now-affordable sperm of their male idols (via IVF and surrogate motherhood). In that world (discussed amusingly by Robin Baker, 1999, Sex in the Future, Macmillan, ££UK13), new contracts will enhance as well as express new freedoms in ways that will baffle today's neosocialists as much as the world of free markets after 1945 baffled socialists of the traditional tax-and-spend varieties. Although one or two centralised advisory bodies will be necessary, such as an international Gamete Marketing Board to help cut down accidental incest, both men and women will have an enormously range of choices as to how, when and with whom to breed; and such choices will be independent of choices of sexual playmate and live-in home help unless people themselves make such links -- as they will presumably be advised to do by traditionalist religious authorities. In principle, the freedom lies ahead that is bound to smash the neosocialist forever, though enterprising groups of males will presumably attempt the time-honoured religious trick of arranging packages of options that will both simplify matters and keep more of them breeding than would happen under conditions of pure polygamy. Unless religion is tyrannously re-imposed -- whether Orthodox, Marxist or Islamic -- a thousand neoliberal flowers will be able to bloom.

Meanwhile, however, the more local and 1999-bound forms of feminastish argumentation need to be addressed. And the recent TLS 'Women's Studies' issue (19 iii '99) makes that easy.
      What are the complaints of the 1999 sisterhood as articulated by those who have tenure in universities where they can pursue their reflections? Undisturbed by non-PC male intellectuals (whose 'hate' speech and 'mini-rapes' have led to their intimidation if not their outright sacking), feminasties can obtain research grants and get published -- unlike London School psychologists who would study IQ. So what do the girls come up with by way of improving ideas?

Such is the tragedy of 'women's liberation' today. One can only hope that the quite unnecessary 'battle of the sexes' in recent years will not prove a forerunner for any coming 'battle of the races.' Alas, it is not encouraging that states allow themselves to pass measures of discriminatory 'affirmative' racism and to provide 'services' about which users have no choice. In such conditions, both 'sides' see control of the state's machinery as the vital task in the 'struggle' that would itself not exist without the temptations that state tyranny provides.



-- Today's psychologists upstaged by Victorians --

Shocking Victorian suppression of female sexuality has been 'exposed' by Peter Stothard in the Times (27 iii '99, Review, p. 1 -- based on a forthcoming book by Julie Daniels, Hippocrates' Women, Routledge). Evidently, a London medical gentleman of 1866 believed he had discovered the answer to women's issues ooops problems and offered clitoridectomy to discerning and affluent husbands. Nymphomania, hysteria and epilepsy were specially claimed by Dr Baker Brown to benefit from his expensive surgery; and he was awarded silver cups for his achievements. However, the story of London's flirtation with Islamic solutions to life's problems was hardly the indictment of patriarchal-chauvinistic male medicine that 'exposer' Peter Stothard would have liked. In a triumph for male rationality and 'scientism', Baker's poor results were immediately remarked by the top medical journal, the Lancet, and the over-enthusiastic Baker was quickly banished to America, together with his cups.

If only British academic psychologists of 1999 were able to respond thus, within months, to the arrival of fraudulent therapies and kindred 'social skills', 'headstart' and 'emotional intelligence' programmes! As it is, despite the enormous growth of psychology in luniversities, neither scientific psychologists nor sociocognibabblers have any journal remotely equivalent to the Lancet or the British Medical Journal -- though, heaven knows, McDNL does try! More generally, Britain's weekly newspaper for all academics, Times Higher, has proved quite unable in the past three weeks to marshal academic opinion on the legality or expediency of bombing Serbia's military facilities and civilian 'infrastructure.' Even in such a long-drawn-out crisis, British academics have no outlet for their scholarly views -- though they are so craven that they probably like it that way.

{The book Hippocrates' Women contains some fine photography, notably of the beautiful Somalian model, Waris Dirie, today's 'face' of Revlon cosmetics.}

Nursery Corner

Found in a contribution from a lady scientist to an e-mail newsletter group:

When I was pregnant, my husband and I spent many hours discussing what kind of child we would raise -- independent, thoughtful, not encumbered by gender stereotypes, etc. Then Reality struck. Now that Reality is approaching her fourth birthday, I am beginning to understand how naive I was to think I would have any influence on her basic personality. She is who she is and always has been. And the facts are that this "tom-boy" gave birth to a "girly-girl". I have no idea where she got her love of the colour pink, frills, ruffles, lace, and playing dress-up. It wasn't me, that's for sure. And her father really isn't on my list of suspects either.

Satisfaction for Singles

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, iii '99 (Reuters) -- A federal judge struck down an Alabama law that banned the sale of vibrators, saying the state had failed to prove the devices were obscene. The ruling came in a lawsuit filed against the state by six women who either sold vibrators or testified that the devices and other sex toys covered by the ruling gave them sexual pleasure they could not otherwise achieve. {The other methods tried by the women remain unknown.}

Sex Difference

A new one for connoisseurs -- especially 'nerds' and other lads lacking conspicuous testosterone-boosting:

"Within each sex there is a non-linear (inverted-U) relationship between an individual's position on the estrogen/testosterone continuum and the individual's level of spatial ability, with the optimal level of testosterone above the female mean and below the female mean. Generally, females with markedly above-average testosterone levels (for females) and males with below-average levels of testosterone (for males) tend to have higher levels of spatial ability, relative to the average ability for their own sex."
      Arthur R. JENSEN, 1998, The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability. Westport, CN : Sage, p.534.

Group Differences

(Times Higher 26 iii '99, correspondence)

A new book by an eminent lawyer explains why women seldom merit top jobs. They just won't take any risks, says Kingsley Browne (Professor of Law at Wayne State University, Detroit) in Divided Labour; and risk-taking is known to be substantially heritable.
      Yet pointing to the vanishingly low rates of female representation in motor racing and mountaineering has not spared Browne the wrath of reviewers. Their line is that a between-group difference cannot be proved to be genetic (Gabby Dover, TH 26 ii '99).
      In fact, Browne's book itself plainly stated: "the fact that there is a genetic basis for individual differences within a group does not mean that differences between groups necessarily have a genetic basis." But today it's no good saying a race- or sex-difference is 'probably genetic.' Environmentalists are now so badly short of counterarguments that they need to insist desperately that the genetic case is not necessarily proved even when its truth has plainly been advanced only as a racing empirical certainty. Having fled from traditional evidence-driven environmentalism into social constructionism, feminazie critics of 'the glass ceiling' now reach for the logic chopper as their only defence. They feign a sigh of relief when showing that they have not been beaten by an Aristotelian syllogism. As if any truth in psychology were more than probabilistic!

Lesbian Antics

(London Review of Books, 18 iii '99)

Nice girls may think lesbianism was a caring and sharing form of sex which, if a bit slow at times, at least ends with the other partner doing the washing up. They should think again! As part of an up-market 'postmodern' analysis of today's search for order and ritual in PC and vegetarianism, highbrow essayist Slavoj Zizik provides a low-down revelation of "the increasing prevalence of a strict and severely enacted master/slave relationship among lesbian couples." Yes, whereas the most touchingly erotic scenes in the Marquis de Sade's Juliette are of delicious lesbian dalliances of sustained excitement (contrasting markedly with the torture, butchery and cannibalism required by French cardinals as their only way of reaching tottering erections with their seven-year-old child victims), today's bondage, depilation and cuntwhippings are the new arts of Lesbos.

Sibling Differences

Why are women so boring? Why are they seldom geniuses? Why don't they take risks? Why are they conforming?

Answers to these questions are now in hand from evolutionary psychologists who have at last noticed the wider standard deviation of males in IQ tests. Compared to women, men are more often dull, as well as more often bright. Likewise, males have always been over-represented for psychopathy, chronic psychosis and sexual perversion.
      One idea is that nature can afford to take more risks with males -- who can do enormous amounts of breeding if the environment happens to be propitious to a particular idiosyncratic male.
      Another idea is that the diversity of males comes about particularly in the course of sibling in-fighting -- which tends to achieve for any reasonably large family a range of male types that should help at least one of them to be highly successful and to ensure that at least not all the males will fall victim to the same set of environmental hazards. As Steve Sailer has put it ( "Just as it's good advice to balance a highly volatile stock in your portfolio by also buying a slow but steady stock because you don't know what the future might bring, it might make sense that if you have two sons, having one that is adventurous by nature and another that is cautious by nature offers more inclusive reproductive fitness than having two with the same personalities. In contrast, if all your kids are highly adventurous, your genes may suffer "gambler's ruin", i.e. your line goes extinct. If all your offspring are stick-in-the-muds, however, your genes may miss out on reproductive opportunities. Thus, brothers, born of the same parents and raised in the same home, tend to be notoriously dissimilar in personality (cf. the fine book and movie "A River Runs Through It")."
      Unlike many evo-psych speculations, such theorizing lends itself to ready testing in personality questionnaire data from any reasonably sized families that the West has left. It is good to think of interest in siblings coming back into fashion. -- For the arch-theorist of sibship, see Alfred Adler's 'individual psychology'.

{The latest confirmation that lower birth order [i.e. having more older siblings] is associated with male homosexuality is provided by: Blanchard, R., & Bogaert, A. F. (1998). Birth order in homosexual versus heterosexual sex offenders against children, pubescents, and adults. Archives of Sexual Behavior 27, 595-603.}

Sex ooops Gender Differences

A review by Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn of:

P. J. CAPLAN, M. CRAWFORD, J. S. HYDE and J. T. RICHARDSON, 1997, Gender Differences in Cognition. New York and Oxford : Oxford University Press.

This book contains five chapters reviewing studies on sex differences in various abilities culled from the existing research literature. The book has been put together by John Richardson who believes that "gender differences are constituted in particular patterns of social interaction between researchers and participants, and they need to be understood as social constructs arising from a system that organises relationships of power and status between men and women within society at large" (p. 164). This seems to mean that men invent tests showing male superiority on mathematical and spatial abilities in order to keep women in their place. Many will prefer the view that what are more properly called sex differences are biological and psychological facts requiring explanation.
      Strangely missing in this book is any discussion of by far the most important issue to arise in recent years in work on sex differences. This is the discovery, made separately by Ankney and Rushton in 1992, that males have larger brains than females, controlling for body size. Since brain size is positively associated with intelligence, this implies that males on average have greater cognitive abilities than females. Richardson mentions the discovery but dismisses it on the grounds that there is no male-female difference in numbers of cortical neurones, an assertion which is certainly incorrect. Brain size is certainly not just another of John Richardson's social constructs. It is a solid reality and one that serious work on sex differences needs to address.

Published in Personality & Individual Differences 26, 767 (1999).

{Another possibility is that to control for body weight (when comparing male and female brains) is inadequate. Female body weight is made up rather substantially of fatty tissue that requires no close control from the nervous system. -- Ed.}

Women Students' Corner


Students of genius will find a store of materials, including visual aids, at <>. Figures like Da Vinci, Leibniz, Nietzsche and Russell are covered. However, the main revelation is of a sometimes less well covered female genius in Ancient Greece.
Hypatia is very famous and well-known and, er, possibly stimulated Descartes, Newton and Leibniz. Key facts about this sensationally influential figure are as follows (for more see <>).

The McDougall NewsLetter unequivocally adopts the niftily-nippled if somewhat square-jawed, large-nosed and pudgy-cheeked Hypatia as a splendid example of a woman intellectual who died for men and their passions. Another top belly dancer ooops lady philosopher was the devoted wife of Voltaire {see McDNLs passim}.

{The "geniuses" web site strangely doesn't mention Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865), who invented the hypercomplex numbers known as "quaternions", and who was truly a child genius. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica: "[At age 3] he could read English easily and was advanced in arithmetic; at 5, he could translate Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and recite Homer, Milton, and Dryden. Before his 12th birthday he had compiled a grammar of Syriac, and by the age of 14 he had sufficient mastery of the Persian language to compose a welcome to the Persian ambassador on his visit to Dublin." He was made Irish astronomer-royal in 1830. His quaternions have been the seed of much modern algebra.}

Culture Corner

LONDON (Guardian 22 iii '99) --  TgF NewsLetter heroine Juliette Binoche, who grew up in England and is the world's most affecting, beautiful and demure actress today, is to act in 'Les Enfants du Siècle' the part of her own personal heroine, the scandalous George Sand [aka Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, Baronne Dudevant (1804-1876)]. The French novelist was the lover of Chopin and, subsequently, a fine crop of poets, artists, philosophers and politicians. Juliette's previous rave films include 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' [Kaufman], 'The Three Colours Trilogy' [Kieslowski] and 'The English Patient' [Minghella].

Married Bliss

A husband announced he was going to put the magic back into his marriage. He disappeared, taking the couple's cheque book with him.


A woman assured a friend she was glad her own parents had selected the man whom she would marry. She explained: "I would hate to think that I had picked him myself."

Statute of Limitations Corner

In all the following cases, it seems bizarre that 'accusers' should have waited so long. Any reasonable society will adjudicate accusations in a timely fashion or relegate them to history. To allow the pursuit of ancient grievances is to risk a culture of carping in which any person can be blackmailed (by threats to 'reveal' the past) and in which conflict is fuelled rather than reduced.

LONDON 13 iv '99 BBCR4UK, 08:40  -- England's Chief Inspector of Schools continued to deny an affair with a 16-year-old pupil in early-1976 {see McDNLs 6 & 13 iv '99}. Media hounds prepared to analyze the Inspector's and his ex-wife's answers to the questions 'What is an affair?', 'What is sex?', 'How many times?' etc. Several embittered left-wing teachers were said to be ready with their stories -- not of course wishing to bring the Inspector down by discussing his sex life of 23 years ago, but willing to discuss his case if he had, very properly, had to resign because of his nauseating criticisms of the teaching profession…. {Amusingly, several teachers' leaders said that they would not wish to bring up matters of 20 years ago. After all, they actually asked, 'Who could escape whipping if such antique allegations could be raised?' However, the same teachers still demanded that Mr Woodhead should tell the truth about what happened…. These people have plainly learned nothing from the trial of President Clinton, which gave the verdict of an entire nation that a man should not be threatened with losing his job because of white lies about his sex life intended only to diminish media interest. Nevertheless, one would like to know how Mr Woodhead advised the Government on its paedohysterical plan to jail schoolmasters who lose their hearts to a sweet 16-year-old.}

LONDON  18 iv '99  EXTRA -- The scourge of British teachers is being defended by his boss. Blind Education Minister David Blunkett is turning a deaf ear to complaints about Chris Woodhead's alleged affair with a pupil in 1976. 'The issue is helping children today, not sex scandals of 1976,' said the minister (Daily Telegraph 15 iv '99). However, the cudgels have now been taken up by David Hart, the leader of the UK's National Association of Head Teachers: he has asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate whether Woodhead and Amanda Johnston (Woodhead's girlfriend of around 1980) lied when making a sworn affidavit in 1996 that they had not had sex while Johnston was a pupil in 1976 (BBCR4UK 18 iv '99, 09:00). Asked why he has not had to resign, Woodhead's ex-wife says: "My only explanation is that there is a bond between Tony Blair and Chris."


JERUSALEM (AP) -- On Holocaust Memorial Day, 13 April, a group of elderly concentration camp survivors accused Israel of stealing money intended to compensate them for the suffering they had endured. Wearing yellow stars similar to those the Nazis forced Jews to wear, the protesters are seeking reparations for years of neglect by an infant state unable to cope with their trauma. "The money was for the survivors, not for other people," said Yaakov Kfir of the Children of the Holocaust advocacy group. A 1953 German reparation fund should have been used by Israel for the survivors rather than for investments in the five-year-old state's fledgling infrastructure, Kfir said bitterly. …."My anger, at least, is that they didn't let us talk about our families," said Miriam Chasun, 66, who came to Israel alone at the age of 16 after surviving the Warsaw ghetto. "They said we went like sheep to the slaughter," Chasun said fighting back tears.


The current fashion for blaming the past and demanding punishment and reparations for ancient ills must end. So says Gunnar Adler-Karlsson in a new pamphlet 'Is a new wave of anti-semitism predetermined?' (Anacapri, Italy : Capri Institute for International Social Philosophy). Like David Duke (in his My Awakening*), Adler-Karlsson draws attention to the involvement of young Jewish radicals in the creation of Bolshevism and Stalinism. Further to Winston Churchill's classic newspaper article of 1920 (Illustrated Sunday Herald 8 ii), drawing attention to the involvement in communism of Jews such as Karl Marx, Spartacus-Weishaupt, Trotsky [Lev Bronstein], Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg and Emma Goldman, other important revolutionary Jewish names were those of:

Since without Lenin and Stalin there would probably have been no Hitler or Holocaust (says, for example, Richard Pipes, The Russian Revolution), Adler-Karlsson spells out the real possibility that Jewish reparations could be demanded of Russia -- which itself lost ten million lives fighting Hitler when the Nazi-Soviet pact collapsed. Likewise, says Adler-Karlsson, the USA has already been asked for several trillion dollars from Black power representatives. And White America has also tended to accept that it somehow has the genocide of Red Indians on its collective conscience. Properly, Adler-Karlsson concludes: "If we start demanding compensation for all the evil, violence, murder, injustices and all other nasty deeds in history, there is no end to it, only the fuelling of new conflicts."

*  For a review, see McDNL 16 iii '99, 'Mein Kampf' for Louisiana.

PS  NEW YORK Reuters 21 iv '99 -- The World Jewish Congress has opened a new front in its battle to win compensation for Holocaust victims, charging that Dutch banks owe Jews and non-Jews $300 million worth of gold looted by the Nazis.

Anti-Nazi League

1.   'Political Analysis'

Britain's Anti-Nazi League (which is backed by Tony Benn MP, Bernie Grant MP, Glenys Kinnock MEP and Professors Steven and Hilary Rose) has turned its Searchlight magazine on to the 'Conservative right'. Unfortunately, the resulting 'analysis' -- at -- lacks conspicuous coherence.
      Naturally, the 'Conservative right' is seen by the ANL as being forever on the verge of being taken over by harder and foreign 'fascists' of deeply 'racist' views. For example, the editor of Right Now! magazine, Derek Turner, apparently once worked as a security officer for the South African embassy in London… Bizarrely, however, the 'hard right take-over' is admitted by the ANL to have no anti-semitic ingredient: the ANL quotes a British 'hard right' publication which dismisses any idea of a Jewish conspiracy as "essentially a fiction; a sort of sub-poetic image, an intellectually second-rate way of apprehending reality whose origins are to be found in High Catholic integralism and the various occult ideas which the Nazis took from the Thule Society. Such ideas are essentially magical notions of reality."
      However, the ANL has a new anxiety: the arrival in hard right publications of "eugenecists" {sic*} such as Richard Lynn and Phil Rushton:

"So important have the eugenecists been to Right Now! that Hans Eysenck, one of the central figures on the postwar eugenecist scene, even became a patron of the magazine. On his death last year his obituary was written by Chris Brand, another eugenecist, who was recently sacked from his job at Edinburgh University for his views on intelligence and paedophilia."

Any problem with this? Rather! (Apart from 'hard right' ideas seeming difficult to combine with Brand's anti-paedohysteria, rationalism, individualism and libertarianism!) Right Now!'s Derek Turner is admitted by the ANL to be no great supporter of eugenics:

"Not everyone in Right Now! fully supports the eugenecists. Deep down many hold the same racist views that they have always had, fuelled by their simple dislike of black people. "If you say that I am a racist, yes I certainly am and proud of it," says Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, [a] patron of the magazine. "I'm an Anglo-Saxon and want to keep this country Anglo-Saxon." Even Right Now!'s editor, Derek Turner, is sceptical about Social Darwinism. "I'm against it because I'm distrustful of scientists. I'm particularly distrustful of social scientists. The very worst families can throw up the very best people and vice versa. I'm also against people who just become brains, super IQs who can't even do their shirts up and stay on the Internet all day."

Frankly, all that the ANL has discovered is that London School psychologists are prepared to take their realism to anyone who is capable of listening. In the first two-thirds of the twentieth century, Galton, Spearman and Burt were mainstream figures to the intellectual/technocratic wing of the liberal-left -- urging advancement of all bright children, including a proper education for them. In the second half, London and Edinburgh psychologists, together with Arthur Jensen, Richard Herrnstein, Charles Murray and Tom Bouchard, said the same but now had to provide the main opposition to the dominant egalitarianism and authoritarianism of the left -- which wrecked state education with its belief that 'disadvantaged' people (first the 'working class', today the 'minorities') are largely the products of social environment.

*  'Eugenist' was the term long used (as still today by Richard Lynn); but the name 'eugenicist' has probably become more common.

2.   Dysgenics 2000

A real worry for Western peoples must be that neosocialists who find themselves dissatisfied with their support from 'minorities' will take the obvious next step. As intelligent Blacks, women, gays, cross-dressed and handicapped realize they have been sold a pup by the likes of Clinton and Blair, and start voting for individualized contracts like other bright folk, neosocialists may well attempt the feat of breeding their own supply of voters. In the name of egalitarianism, the Anti-Nazi League will link up with Catholic and Fundamentalist moralists to forbid human use of artificial insemination, genetic engineering and cloning except on 'compassionate' and 'legitimate' health grounds that would be decided by Profs Steven and Hilary Rose in cahoots with 'Red' Dame Mary Warnock [renowned in Oxford days for her startling red dresses]. Once in the saddle at the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority and the Human Genetic Advisory Commission, the ANL would happily preside over a continuing decline in the achieved fertility of higher-IQ men and women while breeding a helot class of asexual uglies and dimwits who could be guaranteed to boost numbers at ANL rallies. Encouragement of miscegenated breeding would doubtless be a particular high spot of the HFEA/HGAC-blessed programme -- using the justification that the underclass Britoids from whom alone state-backed breeding would take place had better be given children who would show 'hybrid vigour.'

It is now only a matter of time before the left plans its own genetic future -- though one McDNL supporter encouragingly observes that relativistic notions that there are no such things as 'race' or 'intelligence' might restrain them from a programme that would rid the world of genius forever. Already, entrepreneurial capitalism has supplied the song that the ANL will need for playing in its single-parent-mother-and-marginal-baby units, as follows (made famous by an Irish 'singing' group called Boyzone (lead singer Roland Keating):

                Melting Pot

Take a pinch of one man
Wrap him up in suntan
Add a touch of blue blood
And a little bitty bit of
Whatever you choose.
Curly black and Blondie
Mix it with love and let's see
If you lump it all together
Well you've got a recipe
For a get along scene
Oh what a beautiful dream
If it could only come true
You know you know.
What we need is a great melting pot
Big enough to take the world
And all it's got
Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
Turn out coffee colored
People by the score
Mick and Lady faithful
And everyone who's graceful
You know the living could be tasteful
As we should all get together
In a mixing machine
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The poorest and the wealthy
Weakest and the healthy
If you lump us all together
Well you gotta recipe
For a get-along scene
I'd better call up the Queen
It's only fair that he know
You know, you know.
Featuring Madaline Bell of Blue Mink on vocals.
Written by Cook & Greenway.
Publishing by Polygram Island.

Human Aggression

From an email newsgroup:

"William Divale and Marvin Harris scrutinized data from 561 primitive tribes and discovered that within this sample 21% of the males were killed off violently before they ended adolescence. The percentage of the slaughtered escalates phenomenally if you include the women and children wiped out by indigenous peoples like the South American Taulapang, who burned dozens of families in their huts when trying to eradicate an enemy tribe, then marched home shouting a joyous "hei-hei-hei-hei-hei!" Our techno-capitalist civilization comes nowhere near the resulting grim proportion of butchery. If it did, roughly 720 million modern humans would be blasted to smithereens in wars or homicides every generation. Compare this with the 55 million who died in WWII, and the bloodlettings of the current century, appalling as they've been, are less than one-tenth what they'd amount to under aboriginal conditions."

Race Realism

Reuters 12 i '99

PHILADELPHIA -- A hormone that regulates cell production in the human body may help explain why blacks in the United States are more vulnerable to some cancers, including prostate cancer, say researchers. The new findings confirm previous results which linked high blood levels of the growth hormone known as insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1), to risk for both prostate and breast cancer. A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research found black men in Philadelphia to have significantly lower levels of a protein that suppresses IGF-1. As a result, researchers said, more of that hormone may be free to stimulate prostate cell growth in their bodies. ….``As long as America is a country with many different ethnic groups, we're going to have to look at these groups and study their genetic variations,'' said Dr. Funmi Olopade of the University of Chicago School of Medicine. ``It's very clear to us that we're not going to have one treatment for cancer. We're going to have different treatments for different cancers, based on genetic profiling.''

Evolution Corner

Quotes from John Maynard Smith, 1999, BBC IV UK, 15 iv, 09:05.

'The subject of evolutionary psychology is still very thin. It tends to involve asking young men at American colleges how many girls they slept with last night. I'm afraid I don't believe the answers.'

'Increasingly, people will be able to pass on acquired characteristics to their children -- as Lamarck envisaged. But my teeth are falling out, I am grey, balding and decrepit. Most acquired characteristics are bad.'

'I really felt I had to choose between God and Darwin. ….But we have to have beliefs and principles, including those of altruism. ….Myths and poems are incredibly important.'

'It's very strange that no dinosaur or other higher primate evolved symbolism and symbolic communication. ….To understand the origins of language, I believe we will have to study the genetic differences between people -- especially using people who have problems with language.'

'The Human Genome Project will provide a 'dictionary' of human genetics, but we will still need to find a 'syntax.''


Re Susan Blackmore, 1999, The Meme Machine, Oxford University Press, £UK19

Self-popularizing and trendy psychologist Susan Blackmore (Bristol) is a Buddhist ( after years of following parapsychology to no avail). Now she has taken up 'memes' -- the Dawkinsian way of saying that there are fashions based on imitation {see McDNL 9 iii '99, Nature versus Nurture}. However, the matronly philosopher-ethologist Mary Midgeley (Newcastle) sees straight through this:

"What upsets people about the idea that we are nothing but collections of replicating genes and memes is that we are being pressured to drop the idea of the self. People don't like this -- nor the idea that there is no soul or spirit."

PS  Top British thinker W. G. Runciman (U. Cambridge) was also unimpressed by 'memes.' "She attempts too much too soon," said Runciballs of Susan's effort (London Review of Books 10 vi '99).

{For the preserved modern usage of the terms heart, mind, soul, spirit, will and conscience, and their relation to the 'Big Six' factorial dimensions of human personality, see Quotes VII of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.}

Brain Size and IQ

In recent weeks, an 'authoritative' study has been claimed by some to have found no connection between brain size and IQ: Tramo, M. J., Loftus, W. C., Stukel, T. A., Green, R. L., Weaver, J. B., & Gazzaniga, M. S. (1998). Brain size, head size, and intelligence quotient in monozygotic twins. Neurology 50, 5, 1246-52.

Now Vince Sarich (Univ. California - Berkeley) replies:

"….the whole study is based on only 10 pairs of twins! This means that any meaningful brain size/IQ comparison is based on 10 individuals -- that is, a randomly chosen individual from each twin pair. This is not a sufficient number to demonstrate much of anything. Indeed, if the actual correlation between brain size and IQ were the 0.4 or so currently in the literature (averaged over 6 MRI studies involving some 350 individuals), you would need about 25 individuals to obtain a correlation significantly (at the 0.05 level) different from zero. And it doesn't make any difference who's doing the study -- Gazzaniga at Harvard Medical, or Joe Schmo at Podunkville -- them's the numbers. Do I choose to believe the results of the 6 studies involving 350 individuals, or one "authoritative" study involving 10?"

Phil Rushton adds an abstract of the last big literature review (by David Ankney and himself, 1996, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review):

"Using data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), autopsy, endocranial measurements and other techniques, we show that (1) brain size is correlated with cognitive ability about 0.44 using MRI; (2) brain size varies by age, sex, social class, and race; and (3) cognitive ability varies by age, sex, social class, and race. Brain size and cognitive ability show a curvilinear relation with age, increasing to young adulthood and then decreasing; increasing from women to men; increasing with socioeconomic status; and increasing from Africans to Europeans to Asians. Although only further research can determine if such correlations represent cause and effect, it is clear that the direction of the brain-size/cognitive-ability relationships described by Paul Broca (1824-1880), Francis Galton (1822-1911), and other nineteenth-century visionaries is true, and that the null hypothesis of no relation, strongly advocated over the last half century, is false."

Students' Corner

Recently, a social scientist from the London School of Economics sought information via e-mail networks about the importance of IQ in non-Western societies. Here's what respondents found for her:

S. SINGH & J. J. RAY, 1980, Economic Development & Cultural Change 29.

Boissiere, M., Knight, J. B., & Sabot, R. H. (1985) "Earnings, schooling, ability and cognitive skills." American Economic Review 75, 1016-1030.

Richard Lynn, in Chapter 13 ("Geographical variation in intelligence") of The Scientific Study of Human Nature (1997) H. Nyborg (ed.).

More answers to McDNL, please, on the usual postcard.


Understanding the effects of recreational drugs is no easy matter -- especially since none of the researchers makes the slightest effort to link up drugs to personality dimensions. However, a simplifying possibility of the 1990's, the dopamine hypothesis, has been that, actually, all drugs have the same basic effect: by varied routes, they all trigger dopamine release deep in the human mid-brain's mesolimbic system (Wise & Bozarth, 1987, Psychol. Review). This happy idea has now been given a four-page summary in Nature (15 iv '99, News & Views) by Cambridge psychologists -- together with one or two admissions that there may be extra special effects of opiates in the nucleus accumbens and of cocaine and Prozac in stimulating serotonin.

Memory Lane

Hopes of yester-year:

"The racism previously inculcated and practised by the European countries was obviously demoralizing to Africans in its day. The form of demoralisation which Africa is currently importing from the West is something more insidious: flattery."
      Conor Cruise O'BRIEN, 1984, Observer 6 v.

"....educational and admissions policies based on individual assessment have nothing in common with what historically has been understood (and rightly rejected) as racism."
      W.HAVENDER, 1987, in S. & Celia Modgil, Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy. Brighton : Falmer.

"Explaining racial differences in behaviour may provide a catalyst for understanding individual differences, for the former constitute an aggregate of the latter. As such, any true score variance attributable to category membership will cumulate, whereas unique and idiosyncratic variance will not. Ultimately, the study of racial differences may help us to appreciate more fully the nature of human diversity as well as the binding commonalities we share with other species (cf. E.O.Wilson, 1984, Bibliophilia)."
      J.P.RUSHTON & A.F.BOGAERT, 1987, Journal of Research in Personality 21.

COMING SOON: Psychoanalysis, Mesmerism and Multiple Personality Disorder

Humanitarian Intervention NewsFlash

(University of Utrecht and

BLACK HOUSE -- President Dickhead announced today 480 planes will begin a three-week bombing offensive against English military bases, supply depots, bridges, government buildings and other infrastructure. The campaign will start immediately since the 1998 Good Friday Peace Accord by Britain with its break-away province of Northern Ireland has not been finally ratified by Whitehall. England has been requiring that the Irish Republican Army surrender one or two of its weapons before being allowed to help govern the autonomous province; but the IRA has taken thousands of civilian lives in 'The Troubles' of the past 25 years and fears a repetition of British genocide of 1649, 1689, 1799, 1845, 1847, 1919 and 1971. (Whitehall itself fears a rising by Ulster Protestants if the IRA does not begin demobilization.) Subsequently, America plans to bomb Ankara, Baghdad and Teheran to free the Kurds; Istanbul and Athens to solve the Cyprus problem; Madrid to free the Basque Country; and Ottawa to free the Québecois. Then Serbia will be bombed again to empty ooops liberate the northern Vojvodina region which presently contains ethnic Hungarians, ethnic Slovakians and ethnic Germans. "This schedule will do until we can come up with others," said Madeleine Halfbright, Secretary of State. She would not say when American would begin bombing Peking to liberate Tibet.


( 14 iv '99)

WASHINGTON, DC -- In a historic decision with major implications for the future of U.S. participatory democracy, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 Monday that the American people are unfit to govern.
      The controversial decision, the first of its kind in the 210-year history of U.S. representative government, was, according to Justice David Souter, "a response to the clear, demonstrable incompetence and indifference of the current U.S. citizenry in matters concerning the operation of this nation's government."


If a man is standing in the middle of a forest, talking just to himself, with no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?


THIS WEEK: A decade of illiberal de-publishing and demoNazing brings the return of Der Teppichfresser* as an idol of modern youth






LITTLETON, Colorado -- On Sunday, 25 April, 90,000 people, weeping and clutching flowers, attended an emotional service in an open-air shopping mall parking lot about a mile from Columbine High School, the scene of the USA's latest school massacre. Vice President Al Gore and singer Amy Grant attended. Four Air Force F-16 jets flew overhead in tribute -- led by a graduate of Columbine High School -- and a white dove was released in the air for each of the 13 victims. TRENCHCOATS ARE A WARNING -- SAYS McDNL.

STOP PRESS German tanks prepare to roll into Vojvodina and/or Kosovo; but Hungarian Foreign Minister says it would be "illogical" to use Hungary as the invasion route and USA says it will not stop Russian tankers bringing oil for Serbia.

* A McDNL Millennium essay on Hitler and the Hitlerzeit, called 'Liberating the Future', is available in draft form to regular McDNL readers.



Marking for Nato both its 50th anniversary and its take-over by lawless neosocialism, the West killed ten civilians as it wrecked the Belgrade TV emporium of "genocidal" Mr Slobodan Milosevic. Like oil refineries, power stations, bridges and factories making washing-machines, vacuum cleaners and fertilizers, Belgrade's 14-storey Studio B TV headquarters had become classified as a part of Serbia's "war machine." The channel had certainly done little or nothing to broadcast neosocialists' reasons for their five weeks of 'degrading' Serbian 'infrastructure'; but Nato, too, provides journalists no access to see what is happening in Kosovo, and the Belgrade station was actually showing an American interview with Mr Milosevic when the first cruise missile smashed into its control room. Journalists were among those killed, and some twenty other people in the building were injured.
      Promptly, the UK Secretary of State for International Development, Clare Short (who has been denouncing British anti-war protesters as "shameful"), declared the station had been a "legitimate target." Journalists had assumed Nato wouldn't waste its bombs on this tiresome station with its third-rate propaganda, old movies and pictures of Madeleine Albright as Dracula, let alone kill its staff. Yet because part of its output was government broadcasting ("propaganda"), the TV station could be attacked at leisure and without warning -- about a hundred people were working in the building when it was hit. Quite precisely, the problem was that Emperor Clinton and Augustus Blair didn't like what was said on Belgrade TV. So -- symbolizing the multiculturalist attitude in recent years to disagreeable and 'insensitive' (i.e. race-or-sex-or-paedophilia-realistic) speech in American universities, schools media and corporations, and in Edinburgh LUniversity -- neosocialism answered speech with bombs. The building housed "the ministry of lies in Milosevic's one-medium state" and was the "recruiting sergeant for Kosovo death squads", said Mr Blair. Yet within a few hours Belgrade TV resumed broadcasting from a nearby private television station. For the Independent (23 iv '99), Robert Fisk wrote: "All along, the Serbs had been ready for just such an attack. We had not believed Nato capable of such ferocity. The Serbs had." Nato also bombed Mr Milosevic's own home in a Belgrade suburb but said this was "not an attack on Milosevic personally."
      In Brussels, the International Federation of Journalists, a group of journalism unions which represents about 450,000 journalists around the world, expressed deep concern over Nato's TV-station attack, saying the alliance had violated its pledge to hit military targets only. "This bomb attack seems to make a very clear statement that civilian and particularly media targets are legitimate," IFJ General Secretary, Aidan White, told a news conference. He said the attack meant that Serbian journalists who were working for a free press would be more than ever in danger of being persecuted. The European Broadcasting Union, representing 49 countries, also deplored Nato's attack.
      In Washington, attending Nato's muted 50th birthday celebrations, the Italian Foreign Minister revealed the first public split in the 19-country alliance by condemning the attack on the TV headquarters as "horrible" and saying that he thought talk of a Nato ground assault on Kosovo or Belgrade "exaggerated."
      At the site of the bombing, one crushed man had to have his legs amputated on the spot but still died on the way to hospital. A Serbian woman whose brother had been killed said of Nato: "These criminals have no morals, no brains and no guts."

"I seem to recall Croatian television spreading hatred a-plenty when it was ethnically cleansing 170,000 Serbs from Croatia in 1995. But we didn't bomb Zagreb. And when President Franjo Tudjman's lads were massacring Serbs and Muslims alike in Bosnia, we didn't bomb his residence. Was Serbian television's real sin its broadcast of film of the NATO massacre of Kosovo Albanian refugees last week, killings that NATO was forced to admit had been a mistake? ….Yes, Serbian television could be hateful, biased, bad. It was owned by the government. But once you kill people because you don't like what they say, you have changed the rules of war. And that's what NATO did in Belgrade in the early hours of yesterday morning."
    Robert FISK, Independent [London], 23 iv '99.

(Redding, California;

On the evening of May 10, 1933, some four and a half months after Hitler became Chancellor, there occurred in Berlin a scene which had not been witnessed in the Western world since the late Middle Ages,' wrote William Shirer, in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich -- A History of Nazi Germany. 'At about midnight a torchlight parade of thousands of students ended at a square on Unter den Linden opposite the University of Berlin. Torches were put to a huge pile of books that had been gathered there, and as the flames enveloped them more books were thrown on the fire until some twenty thousand had been consumed. Similar scenes took place in several other cities. The book burning had begun.'
    Why were the books burned? Because the books chosen to be burned did not reflect the Nazi view of 'German thought.' One of the books in that first bonfire was the writings of Hugo Preuss who had drafted the Weimar Constitution.
    Yesterday, NATO air forces destroyed the building of Radio Television Serbia around 2:10 am. ….[Madeleine Albright] said NATO intends to launch a concerted effort to "pierce the veil of propaganda with which Milosevic has tried to shroud the people of former Yugoslavia." That, apparently, was a veiled reference to bombing Yugoslavia's main TV transmitters.

"Freedom of speech for Yugoslavs is quite simple," Augustus Blair told Private Eye. "They are free to broadcast; and we are free to bomb them."

The Italian newspaper Liberazione published 25 iv '99 an account from an apparent Nato informer of "a gigantic military maneuver under way for 48 hours on the territory of Macedonia, up to the frontier with the Yugoslavia." In Naples, police used tear gas against 1,500 protesters who showered them with stones, bottles and balloons filled with paint during a demonstration outside a NATO base. In Rome, tens of thousands of people joined in a rally against racism that also attracted anti-war protesters.

More details from:

See also 'Humanitarian Intervention, Week 5', later in this NewsLetter.



-- London's 'institutionally racist' police aim to pursue 'sick White' bombers --

-- After a generation of criminalizing 'race hate' [in the aftermath of Enoch Powell's 'river of blood' speech], multicultural re-education has failed --

A week after the Brixton outrage {McDNL 20 iv '99), a second unheralded nail-bomb slightly injured six people in London's Brick Lane. In the heart of east London, the traditionally immigrant area of Brick Lane now has a high percentage of Bangladeshis. Thankfully, a brave man put the bomb in his car before going to seek police help. The bomb exploded in the car, so the blast was contained. Police issued a nation-wide alert to all minority groups.
      A phone call professedly from a nationalist/ neo-Nazi (NNN) group, 'Combat 18', claimed responsibility. (This shadowy extremist group takes its name from the position of Adolf Hitler's initials in the alphabet and was formed in the 1980s by National Front members who thought that movement had 'gone soft' as it sought to win voters with its "Third Way" policies.) A new NNN name, the 'White Wolves', was increasingly mentioned. This possible breakaway 'cell' of Combat 18 had told newspapers before the Brixton bombing, ``Jews and non-whites who remain after 1999 has ended will be exterminated,'' and added ``Hail Brittania!'' {The usual spelling is 'Britannia.'} The editor of the 'anti-Nazi' Socialist Workers magazine Searchlight was called in by BBCR4UK (25 iv '99, 09:05) to help discuss developments. UK commentators assumed that the intention of the bombers -- whether they were neo-Nazi or anti-Nazi provocateurs -- was to provoke attacks by immigrants on Whites, thus forcing Whites off the fence into a racial civil war. It emerged that, over the past two weeks, death threats have been received by eminent people of Jewish, African and Asian descent -- particularly by members of the House of Lords.
      London police investigating the Brixton nail-bombing had received messages implicating no less than four NNN groups in the outrage. A police spokesman said the Metropolitan Police were treating that bombing as a racist crime and looking for "sick White racist thugs."{This statement had breached a convention of the past decade that the media never mention the racial group of suspects or even of convicts; but it was apparently deemed necessary to assure the public that the bombers would be handled in the same way as the IRA over the past thirty years.} The Met also gave the undertaking that as many police had been allocated to investigating the Brixton nail-bomb as if the bomb had exploded in Downing Street.


Before multicultural London lurches into the sickening horrors of escalating racial conflict, the Government should consider its objectives and exit strategy.
      To continue to offer a society in which Whites are routinely condemned as 'institutionally racist' and bullied, sacked or imprisoned for infringing speech codes will appear increasingly unjust as most migrants demonstrate not only continuing economic success but increasing political and doubtless paramilitary power. Affirmative racism, introduced in the 1960's out of sympathy for underdogs, has run its course and is now being rejected by American voters when they have the chance to do so in referenda. At the same time, to over-ride ability criteria in public appointments and to enforce the propagation of ignoracism (and feminazism and paedohysteria) in universities will necessarily undermine the efficiency of the neosocialist state that attempts such feats. Lastly, NNNs and those they might newly provoke to join them will not be fighting conveniently for control of rain-soaked lands twenty-five miles across the sea in Ireland; and there will be no equivalent of the civilized Dublin Government with whom a compromise can eventually be sought.
      As the hunt continues for the Brixton and Brick Lane bombers, the Government should ensure it has a sustainable policy. Just as Éire has always protected itself from migrants (whether British or from further afield) by a policy of educational standards (requiring the ability to speak and write Gaelic), Britain will do well to consider how to re-instate ability criteria at the heart of public appointments. Whatever variant of anti-terrorist policy it chooses for handling neo-Nazi or anti-Nazi hoodlums, it should proudly state the qualities -- as well as the mixtures of qualities -- for which it stands and on which it insists.
      The rest of the world will understand if a key requirement of public advancement in Britain is the ability to speak and write English. It would find it eminently reasonable that voting rights should only be accorded to those with basic fluency in what is after all the world's favourite language. The Government should announce such a policy of insisting on good English for state-paid jobs -- a policy already applied in the licensing of medical practitioners. Otherwise London's talent will forsake even its current safe-haven territory of west London for the countryside and make London as pathetic and violent a capital city as Washington.
      Not the least of the advantages of valuing mental ability in general and good English in particular will be the dispiriting effect on many of those who have been inclined over the years to sport neo-Nazi affiliations. At the same time, a proper neoliberal recognition of individual and group rights should be made. In a move that would show respect at once for Islamic idealism and for African sexual realism, people should be able to make marital contracts of their choice, including polygamy; and the British state should cease to fund religious education in any faith -- while scheduling state-school hours in which pupils can choose to receive religious instruction if they wish. To support the individual choices of those who show a legal and linguistic compliance with the country of their choice would provide the finest answer to all those shrieking political infants who want all politics to be about whether people are pro- or anti-'Nazi.' Noisy enthusiasts should not be allowed to stir up primitive hostilities and channel them into a veritable Nazicaust in English cities. Especially in conurbations like London, Birmingham and Bradford, ethnic groups are much inter-mingled and the River Tiber of Enoch Powell's legendary Roman would indeed 'foam with much blood', for civil wars without territorial demarcations are singularly frightful. Instead, in a country renowned world-wide for its tolerance of idiosyncrasy and difference, it is time for the Government to pick some items from this NewsLetter's neoliberal agenda and start talking -- while promising that no discussants will be sacked for free speech.

{After much bloodshed -- first in Parliament's war with King Charles I (executed 1649) and then especially as 'Protector' [i.e. Dictator] Cromwell subdued Ireland to prevent its use against England by Catholics supported from France -- England's religious civil war of the seventeenth century culminated in a very Anglo-Saxon compromise. In 1660, the Stuart monarchy was asked to return on condition that it made a reasonable show of Protestantism. Finally, the Stuarts were banished for good in 1688 but royals from Holland and Germany were invited to take the throne so long as they would defend the unique English compromise of the 'Church of England' (acknowledging the Bishop of Rome as only primus inter pares). Today, Augustus Blair would do well to consider this history, especially since he believes he has just ended the thirty-year battle between Britain and the IRA. Rather than help plunge his country into renewed civil conflict, he should ask himself now what a new 1688-type liberal settlement would look like. After his gratuitous bombing of Serbia, Blair may not seem well-equipped to modify his neosocialism in a neoliberal direction. However, he is a decent man of a good education and doubtless many liberal instincts. He may have learned personally from his bloody and costly blunder in Serbia. He may now recall vividly how easy it is to be swept away by the intolerant religious multicultural mania that 'anti-Nazism' aims to fuel. One can only hope so.}

Glayde Whitney's Week 5

{cf. McDNLs 30 iii '99, 6, 13 and 20 iv '99}

The following Associated Press 19 iv '99 story appeared in/on: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Fox News Online and Yahoo News.


Teacher Called Racist for Essay

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- He's been called a racist, shunned by fellow professors and threatened for his beliefs. But psychologist Glayde Whitney says his theory must be heard. The professor at Florida State University has long believed that blacks are generally less intelligent than whites. He has expressed his views in academic papers but it wasn't until he wrote the foreword for a book by a former Ku Klux Klan leader that people on campus seemed to notice. Whitney's beliefs have sparked a debate about racism and free speech that's engaged hundreds of students and faculty. He has been the target of biting editorials state-wide as well as phone calls that both attack him and praise him.
      In his new book, ``My Awakening,'' David Duke raises the idea of a separate homeland for blacks -- a concept with which Whitney disagrees but says it's based on ``good science.'' Unlike environmental psychologists who believe intelligence has more to do with living conditions than race, Whitney, 59, contends most blacks are destined to fail. ``Is it a nice idea to have a society where you have a lot of mentally not very smart people, and you tell them as children that they can all be astronauts or neurosurgeons if they want to be, and it's just not true?'' he asked. The professor advocates separate schools for advanced and remedial students and says blacks would make up ``easily less than 2 percent'' of the upper-level classes.
      Nearly 100 genetic biologists helped guide Duke in his research for his book, but when it came time to compile an acknowledgments page, most of them ran for cover, Whitney said. ``I'm such a non-political, naive person, that just seemed silly to me,'' he said. ``I thought, if you support the science as decent stuff, why be afraid to say it?'' So Whitney wrote an admiring -- almost gushy -- foreword. In it, he calls Duke a ``seeker of truth'' not unlike many of history's great thinkers including Socrates and Isaac Newton. ``He challenges the sacred cows of modern life, and he does so with intelligence and emotion,'' Whitney wrote.
       Duke said he feels the same about Whitney. ``He's certainly one of the giants in this science,'' said Duke, a Louisiana state legislator and former Klan grand wizard who is seeking the congressional seat once occupied by would-be House Speaker Bob Livingston. ``I think it's very unjust what's occurring,'' Duke said. ``He's obviously a man with a lot of courage.''
      As in Duke's book title, what's occurring at the Tallahassee campus is an awakening to a litany of social and political questions that have long dwelled below the surface. Questions like: When, if ever, does educational free speech go too far? Is racism rooted in belief or action? And, what do you do about a tenured professor who, rightly or wrongly, has been tagged a racist?
      Student groups have given vocal answers at protests, and last week, those questions were debated at a town meeting attended by about 300 students and faculty. There, Florida State President Sandy D'Alemberte concluded this episode may be a perfect example of the power of free speech. ``I find that opinion obnoxious; I find it entirely wrong,''* D'Alemberte told the crowd. ``But, if there's any place in our society that deserves to have robust free speech, it's the university.''
      Florida State has made dramatic strides in recent years to welcome minorities to campus and some faculty members fear Whitney's recent publicity may tarnish that reputation. Black Studies Professor William Jones said at the forum that academic freedom should be no haven for ``those who make a learning environment hostile.'' Even harsher words have come from students, but not necessarily the students in Whitney's upper-level history and systems course. Four students declined to give their names Thursday as they entered the class, but all four said Whitney was a fair teacher who never tried to indoctrinate them.
      Robert Contreras, who heads the university's psychology department, said there's been no faculty revolt, even though the department's other professors have publicly separated their beliefs from Whitney's. ``It's upset some people, but surprisingly, it hasn't fractured our department as well as I can tell,'' Contreras said. ``People are not slamming doors or refusing to speak to Professor Whitney.'' So Whitney, a University of Minnesota graduate who has been at Florida State for 30 years, continues to teach, with few restrictions or fear of losing his job. The university did step in to make sure psychology students have the option of taking another professor for the required class Whitney teaches. At one time, he was the only instructor available.


*  These are very strong words from a university principal. President D'Alamberte must either know what he means by this statement and endorse the newspaper's reporting or otherwise write to correct the journalistic representation of his views.


From Dr Frank Banghart <> to Glayde Whitney -- copied with Dr Banghart's permission.

Dear Dr. Whitney,

I am a retired Professor (FSU). I have also been a Professor at the University of Virginia and at Harvard University. Your situation reminds me of my days at the University of Virginia. My regular golfing partner was Henry Garrett. Henry was the former Chair of the Department of Psychology at Columbia University. He had published the most widely used text on statistics for students of psychology and education and had done extensive research on human intelligence. His findings regarding the differences between the races were consistent and conclusive. As a result the "professional" reaction to his work was basically the same as you are receiving. Although the former Chair of the department, he would observe "I probably wouldn't even be considered for a position as a Teaching Assistant. What in the hell was I supposed to do?"
      There are so many professional advocacy groups these days that it is difficult to go to the bathroom without offending someone. But hang in there! I still think that the vast majority of the American people are fed up with "professional leaders" and hopefully are tolerant of other's views.


Glayde Whitney writes to FSU colleagues, 19 iv '99:

The main differences between [the Brand and Whitney cases] seem to be three:
1. Brand wrote a scholarly book, whereas Whitney only wrote a foreword for someone else's book.
2. Brand is in the PC UK, while Whitney is in the USA with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.
3. Whitney has a University Principal [President] with integrity and backbone.


Chris Brand (Edinburgh) responds to Glayde Whitney's e-mail :

The funny thing is that the UK as a whole prides itself on being *non*-PC. PC is scoffed at as 'American'. There is no appreciation that it has well and truly arrived; and, in fairness, there is little outright affirmative racism enshrined in English or Scottish law. (Of course, there is much informal PC pressure from ideologues holding jobs within the state sector; and there has been a recent surge of finding 'institutional racism' everywhere {see McDNLs Spring 1999 passim, 'Macpherson Report'}.)
      However, Glayde's #3 is very important. My Edinburgh University Principal, Sir Stewart Sutherland, turned out to be a failed theologian of multicultural and inter-faith persuasions who was eager to make his mark as a modern moralist. From Day 1 [when New York Wiley discovered my book had 'race' in it and withdrew it], Sutherland condemned me to the press -- without troubling either to read the book or to seek opinion about it. On the one occasion I met him to discuss matters, his version of my views was a wild extrapolation from what a journalist had told him: he had decided I was "too hard on the Slavs", whose IQs hadn't even been guessed at in my book or in any of my remarks, e-mails etc. (which on closer analysis, when anti-paedohysteria was discovered, were to become the University's basis for firing me).
      It is great to hear that Glayde has more support at FSU. I only hope that I will hear of some academic psychologists speaking up for him, or at least for the importance of free speech in academia. (Duke's book is as engaging, reasonable and non-vitriolic a piece of anti-semitism as one is likely to find; and its c. 100 pages on black-white differences in IQ do an excellent job for people needing something more accessible than 'The Bell Curve' or 'The g Factor.' -- My own review of 'My Awakening' is in the March 16 issue of my weekly newsletter at <>.)
      Lastly, I would like to say that the serious help I have had during my three years as an unemployable pariah has come as much from the States as from within the UK. I have been impressed that people in the States really do believe in free speech despite the siren voices of those who urge the need for 'sensitivity.' I recall an observation by a leading UK jurist and politician of his day, Lord Hailsham [c. 1965]:

"The only freedom which counts is the freedom to do what some other people think to be wrong. There is no point in demanding freedom to do that which all will applaud. All the so-called liberties or rights are things which have to be asserted against others who claim that if such things are to be allowed their own rights are infringed or their own liberties threatened. This is always true, even when we speak of the freedom to worship, of the right of free speech or association, or of public assembly. If we are to allow freedoms at all there will constantly be complaints that either the liberty itself or the way in which it is exercised is being abused, and, if it is a genuine freedom, these complaints will often be justified. There is no way of having a free society in which there is not abuse. Abuse is the very hallmark of liberty."

Tallahassee Democrat Online, 23 iv '99, from Robert Shanafelt ("an anthropologist who teaches courses in ethnicity"):
….Recent perspectives in anthropology about race suggest a very different picture. Most anthropologists do not see "race" as inherently given in the world. Rather, race is an idea that has an origin and a political history. While we do not deny that there are some genetic differences between human populations, we are increasingly aware that categories such as "white" and "black" are hopelessly arcane. They are partially the products of colonialism and slavery, not of pure research. The complex genetics that are being revealed about the human genome do not conform to the categories of white, black, Asian and Indian that were created in the 18th century when folklore and taxonomy were combined.
      Not only is Whitney's view of science and truth strange, but also in discussing race he is simply wrong on much of the data. His claim that blacks have a greater bone density than whites simply does not hold up when data from diverse populations in Africa are taken into account. In fact, when one looks at the details of African genetic relationships, one finds that they are a diverse population, more diverse than Europeans as a group. As surgeons who regularly match tissue types for African American patients know, the idea of black genetic uniformity is a myth.
      As far as intelligence and brain size, Whitney's claims are essentially 19th-century. To hear Whitney tell it, the numerous volumes refuting such a relationship are not science. Yet contemporary anthropologists point out that skull and brain size differences are related to climatic differences and the need to keep the brain relatively cooler or warmer, not to intelligence.
      With reference to IQ, if one believes Whitney's "objective" IQ tests as he presents them, then one would be forced to believe that the average American man (whether white or black) during World War I had an intelligence below the average 13-year-old. Also, one would believe that Eastern Europeans are mentally inferior to Northern Europeans. This is what the Yerkes IQ tests showed when they were given at the time.
      It is clear from Whitney's foreword that his way of thinking about, discussing and classifying race is typical of traditional white American racial folklore. Furthermore, his conclusion that there is an "international racism of organized Jewry" does not come from science, but from casual conversation with a single individual and a cursory reading of the literature of a few political organizations. When one examines the complexities of the history of the race concept, one realizes that race claims have always been political. It is disingenuous for Whitney to claim some kind of disinterested scientific objectivity. Most scientists find his "truth" to be pseudoscientific half-truth, one that reveals a nonscience sense of race.
      He deserves no sympathy then, when he whines that he is being hounded like a geneticist under Stalin. No one is repressing him. People are simply angry when they see politics and prejudice dressed up as science and certainty. Now that Whitney is out of his academic closet, what does he expect?
      Robert SHANAFELT (

TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT ON LINE 23 iv '99, Melanie Yeager:

NAACP wants FSU professor Whitney fired

The Tallahassee Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is calling for the dismissal of a controversial psychology professor at Florida State University. Freedom of speech does not entitle Glayde Whitney to preach racism or bigotry while his salary is being paid with taxpayers and students' tuition dollars, said Anthony Viegbesie, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Viegbesie, who could not be reached Thursday, called for Whitney's ouster in a letter to FSU President Sandy D'Alemberte.
      D'Alemberte said Thursday that he thinks the NAACP's concern -- that students are not demeaned or insulted -- is a valid one. "I don't know of any evidence that that's been the case with Professor Whitney." ….D'Alemberte said the First Amendment and the long-held value of academic freedom allows speech that "angers and disgusts us." D'Alemberte acknowledged Whitney's claims are an embarrassment to FSU, especially as the university seeks to recruit minority faculty.
      Viegbesie, who teaches at Tallahassee Community College, said his organization intends to use every resource at its disposal to ensure FSU students do not tolerate "racist philosophies and sentiments perpetrated and preached under the disguise of `scientific research' ."

From John Bryant to Tampa Tribune, 24 iii '99:
Professor Whitney's statement that blacks are "more violent" and "less intelligent" than whites is a gross understatement. As to intelligence, a mere 15% are above the white average (50% of whites are); as to violence, although blacks are only 13% of the population, they commit 60% of the murders, making the black murder rate 9 times greater than whites. But what's even worse, there were fewer blacks lynched in the century after the Civil War (roughly 3000) than there are whites killed by blacks every year -- the hoopla over James Byrd notwithstanding. And for ladies, a red-light special: There are fewer than 100 white-on-black rapes every year, but more than 20,000 black-on-white. This doesn't include all the white men raped by blacks in prison (a half of all inmates).
      Professor Whitney is rightly concerned. And we should ALL be concerned that there are not more people who are either brave enough or secure enough to speak out as Prof Whitney and David Duke have done about what all but stupid liberals know in their bones.
      One final thought: Don't ask if Prof Whitney and David Duke are racists. Ask only if they are right.
      John BRYANT, 7400 Sun Islands Drive, S. Pasadena, FL 33707.

A word from hero Glayde himself -- when he was asked whether racial differences had any known basis in DNA differences:
With all of the new DNA markers discovered in the last few years, it has become trivial to determine race from DNA. There are now known many PSA [Population Specific Alleles], forms of genes that are present only in one race, or at very different frequencies among various major races. By screening for a few PSA, the probability of correct ascertainment of race from which the sample of DNA came becomes astronomical. Easiest to differentiate are individuals with sub-Sarahan Black ancestry from everybody else, because they are most genetically distant from all other human populations. East Asian vs. European ancestry and AmerInds are also easy to differentiate with DNA. For a reference, see for instance:
Shriver, et al., (1997). 'Ethnic-affiliation estimation by use of population-specific DNA markers', Am. J. Hum. Genet. 60, 957-964.

All the media attention to FSU has provoked a Tallahassee Democrat reader to bring further 'racism' at the university to light. FSU's mascot has a Seminole Red Indian looking aggressive as he beats up members of other US baseball teams. Here's the complaint printed by the Tallahassee Democrat:
….For many years the use of the name, the showing of the "chop," and the ugly face of a seemingly mean Indian ready for war with so-called "war paint," has been inappropriate. The history of Americans' relationship with the native, settled Indians has been suspect, to say the least. Let's not continue to degrade these people with this slanderous display by a university athletic team….. -- G. J. Zenz, Ortega Drive.

{American Indians themselves apparently have no time for such protests. They are probably too busy running at a huge profit their untaxed casinos on their reservations. -- Ed.}

As McDNL goes to press, news arrives of a departmental colleague of Glayde Whitney, Rolf A. Zwaan, accusing him of using "bogus data" and of being a "neonazi." Zwaan was so irate at Glayde's combinations of columns in international crime data sets that he admits "I didn't finish the rest of your article." In reply, Glayde points out that his choices had no systematic biasing effect in the direction of his overall argument; he regrets Zwaan's stirring of animosity in the department and finds Zwaan's own methodological preferences "weird." He concludes: "Rolf, I think a society based on honest truth and the best of data is almost sure to be preferable to one built on lies and ideological theories that are known to be false. Policy makers, politicians and such, should work from knowledge not nice-sounding false platitudes. That is to me the appeal of David Duke: although heavily smeared by the media for decades, he knows the data and attempts to tell the truth as he sees it. What should follow as policy is a matter for open debate, not name-calling." Plainly Glayde is right about open debate -- unfortunately rendered near-impossible by the likes of Wiley DePublisher and the American 'academic publishers' who have denied an outlet even to Arthur Jensen and Phil Rushton except in vanity publishing.


{cf. McDNL 13 iv '99,

Daily Princetonian 19 iv '99, Emma Soichet


Protesters decry Princeton U.'s hiring of bioethicist

(U-WIRE) PRINCETON, N.J. -- First lining Nassau Street and then moving to Firestone Plaza, more than 100 sign-bearing protesters rallied Saturday against the University's appointment of bioethicist Peter Singer. In signs and speeches, protesters said they feared Singer's appointment would provide him with a prestigious platform from which to promote his views on euthanasia of the disabled. Organized by Princeton Students against Infanticide, the rally attracted officials from national disabled rights groups and local right-to-life organizations. However, only a handful of University students were present.
      ….Marca Bristo, the chairwoman of the National Council on Disability, who is restricted to a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury, said she believes the University Board of Trustees was unaware that Singer's appointment would be controversial. "A lot of political leaders on the Board of Trustees embrace values opposing Dr. Singer. This probably never reached them," Bristo said. "I am not an ethicist or a philosopher," she added, "but I know what's right or wrong." A group of eight wheelchair-confined people from the anti-euthanasia and disabled rights organization Not Dead Yet arrived donning black T-shirts and posting signs on their wheelchairs saying, "I am NOT better off dead."
      ….Hank Petri [matriculated 1985], a seminary student, pulled out a photograph of his mentally retarded daughter as he held a poster defending every human's right to life. "This is very close to my heart, here," he said. "I can't imagine what our family would be like without her. It's an outrage for the Center for Human Values to effectively endorse a man who advocates the death of disabled babies as if they don't have a contribution to our society."

Paedohysteria, 21 iv '99, Todd Venezia (


Teacher Charged in Love Affair with Teen

ABBOTSFORD, Wis.-- A 37-year-old high school teacher has been charged with conducting a secret love affair with a 17-year-old varsity football player, allegedly taking him on a cross-country trip in a desperate bid to go to Mexico, police said.
      Educator Trudy R. Anderson, a married mother of two, only got as far as Colorado, but police described the January trip as the most blatant manifestation of an illicit affair that has devastated the lives of two families. In a 16-page report, police allege that the pair had been involved in a romantic relationship for months, passing each other notes, exchanging gifts of condoms and even posting suggestive pictures of themselves together in Anderson's classroom. Police have not charged Anderson with actually having sex with the student. On Friday, however, authorities filed one count of interference with child custody, a Class E felony that carries up to two years in jail and an up to $10,000 fine. Detective Sgt. Bob Powell said that the case is still open and more charges may be filed, including sex charges. "We feel this is only the tip of the iceberg," he said.
      The alleged affair was first brought to the attention of authorities on Jan. 25, when a student complained to an administrator at Abbotsford High School that she had seen a photograph of Anderson and the student kissing, the police report said. After investigating Anderson's classroom, school officials allegedly found several troubling photos, including shots of Anderson lying between two boys, photos with obscene messages written on them and a shot of Anderson and her alleged student lover cut into the shape of a heart. That day, according to the report, Anderson and the student denied any improper actions, but school officials still placed the teacher on administrative leave and notified police. That night, Anderson allegedly became desperate, starting a chain of events that led to her running away with the teen.
      According to her statement to police, she allegedly checked into Home Motel in Abbotsford after her dismissal There, with the threat of her relationship being revealed and the suspicion of her bosses weighing on her, she allegedly became suicidal and took a mixture of anti-depressants and over-the-counter cold medicine. She told police that as she could feel the drugs taking hold, she called her young friend. "Trudy told me that she knew she was getting close to dying, so she got a room at the Home Motel ... where she continued to consume pills and medicine," Detective Powell wrote. "She was fading in and out of consciousness, she called [the teen] at home. She stated that she called him in order to apologize for "everything" and say she didn't want him to blame himself for her death.
      After that call, however, Anderson didn't die. She told police that the 17-year-old came to the motel and took charge, forcing her to vomit up the pills and medicine. After that, the pair decided to run away. According to the report, she returned to her Marshfield home and packed her bags for the trip, leaving a note behind for her husband Ronald and her two children. It said she was "going away for a while."



(Science 22 iv '99)


Researchers in Western Ontario, Canada, have failed to replicate a 1993 finding of a gene locus (Xq28) for homosexuality which had already become controversial (see Bailey, 1995, Nature Genetics). The original claim had been made by Dean Hamer from a study of extreme homosexuals whose own brothers also suffered the condition; but the new study of 52 pairs of homosexual brothers by George Rice confirms suggestions that genetic factors play only a modest role (cf. King & McDonald, 1992, Brit. J. Psychiat.; Brand, 1993, Person. & Indiv. Diffs). Unpublished data from Professor Alan Sanders at the University of Chicago also do not support the theory of a genetic link for homosexuality, a Science editorial said.

{After a century of empirical psychology by behaviourist academics who are now too stupid or too spineless to acknowledge the g factor and racial differences, or to contradict feminism, the causes of human variations in sexual tastes all remain officially obscure. However, in line with proto-Freudian theorizing about the Oedipal phase of development (C. R. Badcock, 1994, PsychoDarwinism, HarperCollins), a half of adult male homosexuals are somewhat feminized by age five and had unusual relationships with their fathers, and homosexuality is more common in later-born siblings (Blanchard, 1997, Ann. Rev. Sex Research). Notoriously, characteristics such as left-handedness and homosexuality are less common in people of African descent; but today's tenured scholars avoid such topics.}

British Conservatism Today

(Times 24 iv '99; BBCR4UK 26 x '99, 13:00 )


British Conservatives who thought they had drained their cup of despair have tasted new dregs of bitterness. Last week, Lady Thatcher "went ballistic" over proposals by Deputy Leader Peter Lilley to distance the party from her famous privatization policies. Instead of positively adopting neoliberalism, some top Tories are planning to drop such economic liberalism as Mrs Thatcher had provided. In a week intended for party celebrations of Thatcher's first arrival in Downing Street,1979, several Shadow Cabinet members thus distanced themselves publicly from Mr Lilley. The Conservative leader, Mr Hague appeared in the British media to deny fresh rifts in his already fractured party.

{Since their disastrous 1997 General Election defeat, the UK's Conservatives have declined to oppose multiculturalism or to re-form as the English National Party that opponents long supposed them to be; and they remain divided on 'Europe' -- the original cause of their downfall once they had ditched Mrs Thatcher. Mrs Thatcher had finessed the problem of British membership of the European Union by supporting nationalism, individualism and free enterprise, though she had thus become diagnosed by voters as lacking in 'compassion.' In particular, Mrs Thatcher fell out with Britain's churches*, most of which were giving up Christianity and choirboys in favour of socialism, pacifism, paedohysteria and women priests.}

*  PS  Early in May, 1985, Margaret Thatcher responded to the scathing criticism of the theologically 'liberal' and politically left-wing Anglican Bishop of Durham. She told newsies: "You may have noted that recently the voices of some Right Reverend Prelates have been heard in the land. I make no complaint about that. After all, it wouldn't be spring, would it, without the voice of the occasional cuckoo?"

27 iv '99  

LONDON -- A teacher's union has asked the police to charge Government's educational hit-man with lying. The union says Blair-backed Chris Woodhead, the scourge of British teachers, once had an affair with a pupil. Woodhead swore an affidavit to the contrary.

LONDON (BBCR4UK, 24 iv '99) -- Street robberies ('muggings') have risen by almost fifty per cent in the past year. The reason is thought to be that, since they have stood accused of 'racism' in the Stephen Lawrence affair, police have cut back on racially profiled 'stop-and-search' procedures.

SOUTH AFRICA -- The famous South African cricket team is now short of one star player -- a Black bowler who this week was convicted of rape. Makhaya Ntini, 22, stopped his Mercedes in East London to pick up an acquaintance; but instead of helping her with her shopping as promised, he took her to empty public toilets and raped her. By the finish, there were seven witnesses to the attack, as well as the 21-year-old victim herself. The bowler "wept bitter tears of shame and recrimination" (Times 24 iv '99) as he was found guilty and remanded on bail for sentencing which will almost certainly include a jail term. Ntini is the first Black cricketer to have won national colours for the South African side. His selection came after years of criticism of the 'lilywhite' team as 'racist'. {South Africa has the highest rape rate in the civilized world, with one rape occurring every 26 seconds -- see TgF Newsletters, passim.}

SOUTH AFRICA CNN 24 iv '99 -- Gwendolyn Thandi Jele was one of South Africa's latest victims of violent crime. The 56-year-old principal of a Soweto primary school was gunned down while questioning three young men who had entered the school by scaling a broken wall. When she confronted the young men, they shot her in the stomach. As she lay bleeding on the ground, the assailants took the keys to her car, then snatched her wristwatch and necklace.

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (AP) -- An indictment unsealed on Friday charges San Francisco 49ers reserve Black quarterback, Jim Druckenmiller, with rape of a Virginia Tech student. The entire SF49 team was tested by police before the charge was brought.

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) -- Demonstrators protesting a sharp increase in gasoline taxes looted stores and stoned motorists in the Jamaican capital, leaving one person dead and six wounded.

NEW YORK 19 iv '99 (New York Post) -- An organization of Black police called for an end to hate-laced protest signs at rallies condemning the shooting of unarmed African rape suspect Amadou Diallo.

Washington Post 19 iv '99 -- Sixth Sense? -- "We think the immune system is essentially a sense organ," said Steven F. Maier, a neuroscientist at the University of Colorado at Boulder. "It's just spread around the body more than most senses are." …Key to the system is a chemical called interleukin-1 (IL-1), which is secreted by immune system cells such as macrophages--large white blood cells that attack foreign particles--when they detect a microbial invasion. ….The immune system….seems to affect how animals and people choose their mates. Cupid, it seems, lives partly in a section of the immune system that varies a lot among individuals (the same part that determines whether a transplanted organ is compatible or will be rejected), and that gives animals equally variable scents that some can detect and unconsciously analyze.

EDINBURGH  --  The Labour-dominated Scottish Trade Union Congress has condemned the Scottish National Party as 'divisive and racist.' This new line in political vitriol was possibly inspired by the SNP leader Alex Salmond having 'unhelpfully' regretted the bombing of Serbia; but, while Prime Minister Blair urged in Washington that international neosocialism accept 'no Exit strategy but success' in Kosovo, STUC delegates in Scotland voted 10-1 for the savage new attack on Labour's main opponents in the forthcoming elections for the Edinburgh Parliament. SNP benefactor Sean Connery ('James Bond') was subsequently brought out to stiffen nationalist morale.

Educalunacy at Littleton, Colorado

"Greetings Gay Bikers: Today, a bunch of our fellow homosexuals at Columbine HS in Denver Colorado, known as the Trench Coat Mafia, decided that they had taken enough crap from the straight community that had been abusing them and have decided to take matters into their own hands. We should all applaud their bravery and hope that they can hold out as long as possible in their fight for gay people everywhere. We can only hope that they can turn this into the gay Alamo and hold out for 13 days of glory. If they can hold out for two days I think gay bikers everywhere should considering riding into Denver as a relief force to fight alongside them. We need to show solidarity!!! -- Queen Jeff"
      Found on the Net by the Drudge Report, 20 iv '99.
"In his parents, Dylan Klebold appeared to have two strong role models. His father, Thomas, 52, is a self-employed geophysicist in the Colorado gas-and-oil field; while his mother, Susan, 50, helps run a program through Colorado Community College that trains disabled persons for employment. Thomas Klebold is a political liberal who probably supported gun control."
      US news report on Net.
"Dylan was a really bright guy."
      Jeff Heckeroth, a drop-out from Columbine High School and friend of Dylan Klebold.
``They were intelligent kids. They just wore black coats to show they had friends. They spent time with each other and played on computers.''
      A senior pupil, Columbine High School.
"They were extremely bright, but not good students... they disliked authority and did not like to be told what to do."
      Choir teacher Lee Andres, Columbine High School.

How can the mayhem in America's schools be stopped? More parental devotion, religious instruction, ski trips, speech codes, stress counseling, playgroups, 'anger therapy' (which one TrenchCoat had received for a minor theft from a motor vehicle)? Less of a "male hierarchical society" (as demanded by Ecofeminist and Macalester College Philosophy Professor Karen J. Warren)? Less of videogame 'Grand Theft Auto' in which players blow up busloads of nuns? Less for US screenagers of grotesque, cross-eyed, pasty-faced Marilyn Manson* (apparently an inspiration to one or two TrenchCoats)? Less Leonardo di Caprio -- blamed for a school shoot-out movie. Fewer guns?
      As the British media cry out for Americans to be stripped of their 235 million legally held weapons in the aftermath of the Littleton massacre, there is a problem they forget. In a multicultural country with a 13% Black minority providing 50% of a startlingly high crime rate, only the knowledge that many people carry guns prevents crime being still higher. Quite literally, multiculturalism and the gun culture are America's yin and yang -- each making the other more bearable. A gun gives people the confidence to walk down a dark street of Black men; and the antipathies that notoriously arise between people of different ethnicities (never less than between Blacks and Hispanics) fuel the crime that demonstrates to all the need for personal protection.
      Littleton is probably another example of the evil of multiculturalism -- quite as much as it exemplifies the horrors of widespread availability of guns regardless of personal maturity. In an area of pleasantly manicured and regularly sprinkled lawns, 93%-White Columbine High School was almost certainly as politically correct and officially egalitarian as other such schools that prepare young Americans for their speech-restricted universities. Almost certainly, the school neither encouraged nor allowed recognition of any hierarchy of talent. In particular, brains would not have been overtly valued. Thus, as always when adult influences fail, kids turned to their own more natural hierarchy -- a hierarchy based on brawn and Satanic energies (as in Lord of the Flies). One girl pupil interviewed on 'Larry King Live' (she was a friend both of one assailant and of a girl who was killed) said that at Columbine those who were not in any cool cliques (her included) received pretty rough treatment. The murderers did not target 'minorities' -- the one black pupil killed was also a 'jock.' The rash of school killings is in part a response to the incredible cruelty of high school kids toward those they regard as intellectuals, outsiders, nerds and geeks. How else can one understand the antics of Columbine High's 'TrenchCoat Mafia' than as a rejection of the only 'cultures' that their school allowed: the cult of anti-Nazism promulgated by the authorities (and practised nightly on Belgrade by the USA's highest authority) and the peer-group-beloved culture of athlete 'jocks'? (Athletic pursuits are massively funded at US high schools because they superficially give 'minorities' more of a chance.)
      The media who would blame guns for gun use should ask what forms of serious competition American high schools any longer allow to intelligent youngsters. Long depriving itself of the language of class differences that could confer a certain nobility on participants in adult class war, and certainly lead to youngsters being tutored by grown-ups for their future role in battle, America now deprives itself additionally of the battles of the sexes and the races as well as of the cruel time-honoured sports of sneering at queers and being beastly to the handicapped. Not only must all youngsters behave as if such tensions do not exist -- as they must especially when, under social welfare, one social group has to pay for the ailments and promiscuous breeding of another -- but they dare not even discuss such social divides. Equally, IQ differences can only be mentioned among high-IQ equals of elitist views: outside such circles, to talk of genetically based ability differences is un-American, unhelpful and likely to earn big trouble.
      Rather than kids learning to accept and handle with grace their own self-knowledge, America's youngsters are thus left to work out their competitive instincts in video war games like 'Duke Nuke 'Em' and 'Doom' where anyone who is simply 'ahead' becomes immediately a justifiable target for 'killing.' Frankly, after a generation of multicultural and egalitarian education which is as dissociated from children's likely futures as any Sunday preacher's visions of heaven, it is a surprise that the 'TrenchCoat Mafia' were not targeting 'minorities' -- as was at first expected by anxious commentators who thus immediately betrayed their lack of faith in multicultural education. Before gun-crazed teenagers do become more focused, the disaster at Littleton should be carefully analyzed. It may be one of the last simple demonstrations of the anomie of schoolboys whose schools and parents licence no competition and thus ensure that kids make up their own.

*  A McDN US Correspondent advises: "Marilyn Manson is a very tall, skinny unattractive man, and that's before he puts on pasty white makeup, black fingernail polish, blood red contact lenses, etc. Basically, his act is straight out of a lot 70's gender bender horrorshow rockers like Alice Cooper and, to a lesser extent, David Bowie. Manson is now engaged to Rose McGowan, who is the epitome of "black Irish" feminine allure: pure white skin, jet black hair, and with every curve God ever gave a woman, not just the beanpole-with-big-breasts-look popular today. She always plays the "bad girl" who seduces her high school teacher, or in some way causes a good man to come to a bad end. Clearly, she is in need of rescue from the arms of Mr. Manson.

{So is a new gun ban an answer? Well, at least one of the weapons used, a TEC machine pistol, popular for so long with Los Angeles gang members, was already illegal.}

{Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine High gunmen said by classmates to have openly admired Adolf Hitler, was the great-grandson of a prominent Jewish philanthropist in Ohio.}

{The first school to ban trenchcoats in the aftermath of the Littleton tragedy was in high-PC Canada which has long prohibited its citizens from reading anything deemed by censors to be 'racist' or pro-Nazi. -- Canadians cannot even read Roger Pearson's scholarly book Race and Bias in Academe, detailing the last decade of suppression of speech and writing about race.}

{The first 'trenchcoat' in Edinburgh made his appearance in 1993. He is a very tall blond lad with a pony tail who is plainly highly computer-literate and adept at the 'war games' that can be played in Edinburgh University' computer labs. However, in truth, he has always seemed more pro-PC than pro-CB.}

Education and Psychology

A comment on:

Howard GARDNER, 1999, The Disciplined Mind: What All Students Should Understand. New York : Simon & Schuster, $US25.

The latest from Harvard's top educator-psychologist will lead many to ask whether any breakthrough has occurred -- any demonstration of independent 'multiple intelligences' or of the value of specialized education in each of them.

To judge by Alison Gopnik's review in New York Review of Books (6 v '99, 33-5), the answer is an emphatic 'No.' As a developmental psychology professor at University of California, Berkeley, Gopnik is well suited to her task as reviewer; and NYRB gives her three of its big pages and throws in a friendly cartoon as a visual aid to Gardner (a Woody Allen look-alike). And Gardner himself certainly has something to say about education: that, under "alternative curricula", primary school children should be taught science via lessons about Darwin, music by listening to Mozart's 'Marriage of Figaro' and history and politics in discussions of the Holocaust. Many will warm to Gardner's idea that education should be good fun and not just the technical mastery of the main human symbol systems (words, numbers, graphics, musical notation).

Yet once that idea is on the table -- as it has been since the revolt of 1950's educators against rote learning -- there is little that Gardner or the worshipping Gopnik really have to say. Should children be educated in each intelligence domain (spatial-mechanical, musical, mathematical etc.) according to their levels of current ability and attainment in each? If so, are the mental abilities in practice so correlated that streamed schools will be the result? What happens in practice if eight-year-olds are exposed to Darwin and the Holocaust in a country where quite a few people believe in neither -- and where the cunning lies of Figaro could shock at least that third of the US population which wanted to throw out a twice-elected President because he was economical with the truth about a blowjob? In particular, what happens if the current minimal attention in schools to spelling, grammar and drawing technique is yet further reduced?

To none of these questions does Gardner have any answers that Gopnik can even hint at. Instead, Gopnik has to burble about how "no-one actually studied children systematically until the 1930's" and about intelligence being to psychology what life is to biology. The first of these claims shows an astonishing neglect of the work of Binet, Goddard and Burt; and, hilariously, it ends in an acknowledgment by Gopkin (as possibly by Gardner) that those first-ever psychologists, Piaget and Vygotsky, are now known to have been wrong in their positing of marked 'stages' of human mental growth. {The 'stage' movement was popular because of its implication that dull children were simply temporarily backward in not having yet gone through their developmental stages. The idea of student believers in Piaget -- always untested (and never endorsed by Piaget himself) -- was that children would all arrive at similar mental levels in the end, even if some had taken longer than others. See Quotes XII of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.}

The second idea of Gopnik's is still more hopeless, for the analogy between life and intelligence is entirely unreal: life is something of an all-or-none possession, to say the least, and Gopkin wants to lure readers towards a similar black-and-white egalitarianism about intelligence; but this is to forget that children have lasting and general mental differences -- whether on the tests of Wechsler, Piaget or Gardner. Trying again, Gopkin (possibly like Gardner) compares intelligence to health. It would not be much good having doctors who said one's ailments were all in the genes, thinks Gopkin. Again, this is breathtaking not only in its failure to realize what doctors actually say to each other -- that 60% of health problems are genetic and general in nature, with a tiny minority of the patients on their books accounting for the bulk of surgery visits -- but also in failing to see that the great breakthroughs just beginning are those that will precisely engineer out the most dire medical conditions thanks to research that has assumed the importance of genetic factors. By the end of her review, Gopnik has managed to provide the worst possible advance publicity for her own forthcoming book, The Scientist in the Crib (W. Morrow, expected ix '99) -- with which she has inextricably linked Gardner's own views.

What is Gopnik's (or Gardner's) bottom line? The usual: schoolteachers in the world's richest country are 'underpaid and overworked' and the pupils of the 'overflowing' schools are 'poor and scared.' Well, certainly no realist about intelligence and fast track learning will disagree that teaching needs to be more carefully tailored to the abilities and attainments-so-far of children who are ill served by large mixed-ability classes; but otherwise Gopnik's (and possibly Gardner's) prescription is just pie in the sky requiring nothing but the one-to-one tuition that the upper classes provided in days before the development of public and state schools that were reasonably efficient and economical by letting brighter 8-year-olds be taught with the 9-year-olds, and eventually by grouping children according to IQ. That decent state school education has been effectively abolished in English-speaking countries in the course of the twentieth century is due very largely to the likes of Gopnik. If she now so abhors the system resulting from an affluent century of egalitarian advance, and if she won't simply allow kids freedom of choice about their lessons {see Chapter 4 of The g Factor, Wiley DePublisher, 1996}, it is surely time for her to abolish state education altogether and put the saved moneys into the hands of parents and children. That way, people who know about individual children would be able to spend on educational investments as they wish -- almost certainly paying more attention to individual differences than can opponents of the g factor like Gopnik and Gardner.

{For Gardner's 'multiple intelligences', see McDNL 13 x '98, 'How Sir Godfrey Thomson and Professor Howard Gardner tried and failed to break up the g factor.' For the latest effort by Gardner and Stephen Ceci to produce a social-environmentalistic theory of intelligence differences that even begins to account for data, see 'IQ heritability -- the emptiness of modern environmentalism.' }

Environmentalist Corner

Nature (22 iv '99) has at last got around to reviewing Judith Rich Harris's thesis that peers have more influence on children than do parents. (See McDNLs 22 ix '98, 10 xi '98 and 9 iii '99.) Simon Baron-Cohen found no harm in The Nurture Assumption (Free Press, 1998) which Harvard's Howard Gardner had called "misleading and potentially harmful." A bit long, perhaps, though Baron-Cohen; but "readable" and stimulating.

Harris has four examples of the importance of peer influence.

  1. The children of immigrants to America invariably pick up the English of their peers rather than the stilted and accented English of their parents.
  2. The children of deaf parents grow up without marked linguistic handicaps.
  3. When parents speak a pidgin (just using a few score words of a language) their children end up with a creole (a structured language with word order).
  4. When deaf children live together, as in schools for the deaf, they often annoy adults by their tendency to develop their own versions of sign language (which adults realize will cut the children off from deaf adults in the wider world).

To these, Baron-Cohen adds his own interesting observation: autistic children are particularly likely to copy the accents and speechways of their parents rather than to adopt those of peers.

None of this says much about the degree to which children's personalities are affected by their peers, or about whether such peer influences are themselves selected by children and are thus under the control of genetic factors. But they certainly exemplify a surprising impotence of parents and refute classical social environmentalism. They would thus have surprised the likes of behaviourists like John B. Watson (who wrote fashionable baby books urging parents to 'condition' their children) as they do today the likes of Howard Gardner.


While Emperor Clinton and Augustus Blair's 'humanitarians' spend their money bombing Serbia, and UK 'civil rights activists' want academics sacked for speaking controversially about race, feminism and paedophilia, US psychologists against apartheid are now acknowledging that it is better to segregate Black psychology into a special forum of its own….

Announcing the First African American Students in Psychology (AASP) Conference entitled:

Black Psychology: Dialogues for the Next Millennium

Sponsored by: The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

June 4 and 5, 1999 in Newport Beach Marriott Suites, Newport Beach, California

Registration (includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and a banquet dinner) is $100 for students and $125 for professionals . This conference is designed to provide students and professionals the opportunity to participate in dialogues with some of the leading African centered psychologists in this country, including Dr. Thomas Parham, Dr. Na'im Akbar, and Dr. Linda James Meyers.

Humanitarian Intervention, Week 5

A little history

'Life in Kosovo has always been an elemental struggle for existence and survival of the strongest, carried out in relentless obedience to Natures law, which says, 'There is not place for you both. You must kill or be killed.' This is Kosovo's tragedy. Between Serb and Albanian, compromise has had no meaning.' -- Edith Durham, an English traveller to Kosovo in 1908.

A Washington Post Editorial (10 iv '99, Walter R. Roberts) was titled 'Serbs as victims.' Among questions raised was: "Where was the outrage when more than 300,000 Serbs were evicted by the Croatian government from the Krajina, a Croatian land inhabited by Serbs for centuries?"

"[In 1995], the problem for Kosovars [disillusioned with getting nothing from the Dayton peace conference, ending fighting in Bosnai] was that, even if they wanted to abandon their leader Mr Rugovas peaceful tactics, it was hard to bring any significant quantities of weapons into landlocked Kosovo. But that changed in 1997, when the Albanian state fell apart in the wake of a financial scandal involving the collapse of a series of fraudulent pyramid investment schemes. The Albanian army dissolved, the police ran away, and their armouries were thrown open. The Kosovars in Germany and elsewhere raised money to begin buying guns for the guerrillas of the fledgling Kosovo Liberation Army, the KLA, which had been founded in 1993." -- Economist 3 iv '99 'WAR WITH MILOSEVIC: How it all started.'


Orlando Sentinel, 20 iv '99, Columnist Charley Reese <>:


In an age of lies, actions in the Balkans speak louder than words

In the fog of war propaganda, let us remember the facts. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is in the wrong. NATO is in violation of the United Nations Charter, which forbids military aggression against a sovereign state at peace with its neighbors. Yugoslavia was at peace with its neighbors. NATO is in violation of its own charter because it was supposed to be a defensive alliance only. No attack was launched against any NATO country. The United States, which has orchestrated this war against Yugoslavia, has no legitimate vital, strategic or even marginal interests in the Balkans. At the time the NATO attacks were launched, a total of about 2,000 people -- both Serbs and Albanians -- had been killed during a two-year civil war between the government and the Kosovo Liberation Army. To put that number into perspective, about 18,000 Americans lose their lives to criminals in one year.
    One of the most stupid statements being made in Washington by both Republicans and Democrats is that attacking Yugoslavia was a mistake but that, because it has already been done, the United States has to win. This is stupid for a number of reasons. War is not a sport. What the people making those statements are really saying is that it was wrong to begin killing people and destroying their property but that, because we are doing it, we have to keep on killing people and destroying more property. Second, there is no way the United States can win. If it takes Kosovo away from Serbia and gives it to the Albanians, then the Serbs will fight a guerrilla war to get it back. Moreover, the Albanians very likely will fight to get NATO forces out so they can pursue the goal of a great-er Albania. Unless the United States halts its aggression, it will create a fire that will burn well into the new millennium. Finally, to say that Americans and Serbs must die in order to salvage the reputation of President Clinton's incompetent foreign-policy team is obscene. The reputations of Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright aren't worth the life of a rat, much less the life of an American or a Serbian man or woman.
    In an age of lies, it is always best to look at actions rather than words, and the meaning of NATO's actions includes the following: By expanding the alliance and immediately launching an offensive war against a sovereign nation, NATO has shown that its purpose is to be a weapon to enforce U.S. domination of Eastern Europe. There were, in fact, no negotiations with Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was told: You will turn Kosovo over to the Albanians; you will accept occupation of your territory by foreign military forces; or you will get bombed. The Yugoslav leader had no choice but to reject the NATO demands. This cannot be blamed on the current leader, Slobodan Milosevic. Any Yugoslav president would have been forced to reject the dictate.
    The consequences will be serious. This war has already precluded the chance of any pro-Western person being elected in Russia. Russia, in this case, is on the high moral ground and rightly sees the NATO aggression as a potential threat to it. Ukraine and Belarus, which had given up nuclear weapons, are both now reconsidering the issue. Russia and China have even more reason to establish close military ties.
    The United Nations, like its predecessor, is a dead issue. The old League of Nations died when it did nothing to help Ethiopia, which had been invaded by fascist Italy. Now the United Nations has done nothing to help the Serbs, who have been attacked by NATO. Clinton has poisoned the future. People who said character doesn't matter were wrong.



To the ranks of intellectuals generally opposed to Nato's attack on Serbia should be added hard-left top UK journalist, John Pilger (e.g. New Statesman 19 iv '99).

Republican Congressman Richard Pombo (Member of the House of Representatives from Northern California), 19 iv '99:
"This month I communicated a message to my constituents that I have been forced to communicate four times since August 1994, when Mr. Clinton began launching foreign adventures. It is a message about the conditions under which I, as their representative, could, in good conscience, vote to send their sons and daughters to fight on foreign soil. I ask myself... Is this action to:
1. Protect and defend territories belonging to the United States?
2. Preserve our political and economic systems from foreign threats?
3. Keep sea-lanes open for trade and maintain free and voluntary trade between the United States and trading partners?
4. Prevent the domination of strategic areas of the globe by powers hostile to the United States?
5. Safeguard Americans and their property from acts of terrorism?
Mr. Clinton's Serbian War clearly does not meet these conditions for committing our young men and women. We can only pray that before he is done, his actions don't create them."

PARIS -- "The way things are going, and regardless of what they might be saying in Washington, London, and Paris, the air campaign being conducted against Yugoslavia is threatening to turn into a fiasco," writes Jacques Amalric in the Libération April 20 editorial.

Sun-Times [Washington] editorial, 20 iv '99: "Some weeks ago, before bombs started falling on Serbia and while there still remained a chance for a negotiated settlement, House Speaker Dennis Hastert was proposing that Congress conduct a public debate on how the United States should deal with the Kosovo crisis. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright took exception to the proposal by the veteran Illinois Republican congressman, and told Hastert he would 'have blood on [his] hands' if he proceeded with a debate aimed at providing Americans with more information about what they might be getting into."

21 iv '99 -- Mad Bomber Says I Regret Nothing {The British supermarket terrorizer's Alzheimer's disease plea has been rejected and he faces fifteen years in jail.} -- Eleven Labour MPs have now rebelled against Augustus 'Mardi Gras' Blair's neo-war to the extent of asking for a vote in Parliament. One of them, Gwyneth Dunwoody is not a notorious neoMarxist or maverick; and another, Ann Mahon, had actually managed a visit to Belgrade to the fury of House of Commons Labour Whips. However, the eleven had no support from the Tories -- themselves preoccupied with policy tinkering designed to distance them from Mrs Thatcher without admitting the neoliberal thinking offered to them in the McDougall NewsLetters and Finanstidningen. Spoiling the Tories' scheme, Mrs Thatcher stayed with them as they moved the site of their picnic. She chose today to announce her support for Nato ground troops to be sent to fight over Kosovo -- where some 400,000 Kosovars seem to have been detained as hostages by Mr Milosevic in the event of Nato being determined to lose not only the original campaign to prevent 'ethnic clearance' but also Blair's subsequent campaign to get Mr Massmurdevich to "step down." In the Times, columnist Simon Jenkins continues his brave castigation of AmericOtan folly. He predicts that, against well dug-in Serbian troops in Kosovo, Nato will find it hard to win its third campaign of reclaiming territory without unacceptable casualties; and that, faced with the implosion of Macedonia [the only decent base for troops in the area], Nato will astonishingly have to end the twentieth century pleading with the Russians for a face-saving peace monitored by the Red Army. Jenkins has the support of a fair amount of opinion at the left-wing New Statesman (19 iv '99): there, the leading article scoffs at the 'humanitarian warfare' oxymoron, notes that strategic considerations (getting on with what it calls a "humiliated" Russia and a "marginalised" U.N.) have been swept away in Blair's moral fervour for bombing, and it concludes "it is the humanitarian warriors who need to find an 'alternative', not those who always said we should stay clear." Staggers' ex-editor John Lloyd also spells out the other 'moral imperatives' that should have exercised Blair quite as much as Serbia/Kosovo: there are Russia/Chechnya, China/Tibet, India/Kashmir, Indonesia/East Timor and Turkey/Kurdistan for starters. And NS columnist Antony Beevors reflects on the bizarreness of Britain's so-far-not-very-feminized-or-PC Army being called upon to provide PC's sharp end for dealing with Serbian "thugs." ('Beasting' games in the military that desensitize trainees to the sights of blood, vomit and shitted pants are discouraged by PC as too upsetting to women -- not that hard-core lesbians will mind {see McDNL 20 iv '99 re 'cuntwhipping' etc.}.) In Belgrade, crowds give a big reception to religious pundits who can add up the names of Clinton and Albright to make the Book of Revelation's '666' and prophesy the outbreak of World War III in June. Many note the sheer incompetence of Nato propaganda with its endlessly falsified stories. (The incompetence started on Day 1. Whereas there had at least been fictional tales (of damage to US ships) to bring America to war with Germany in 1917 and with Vietnam in 1961, this time there was not even a figleaf arranged before hostilities were begun.)
      If only the blood of the already dead Kosovars might somehow bring the curtailment of imperial neosocialism. But that does not seem likely. The Observer (18 iv '99) reported British army preparations and troop movements -- despite weeks of categorical assurances by Blair and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook that the bombing campaign would be sufficient to achieve their humanitarian objectives. As a harbinger of what is to follow, Labour has managed to persuade the Scottish Trades Union Congress to vote 10-1 against the Scottish National Party's "divisive policies which foster prejudice and racism." Having seen how Brits will rally to them when they use the loony-left trick of denouncing "fascism", Labour now plans to proceed in internal politics by denouncing opponents as "racist" just as it has -- quite prior to any authenticated body counts  -- condemned the Serbs for "genocide."


Correspondence to Private Eye from Dr Henry 'Scuttle' ooops 'Shuttle' Kissinger, Ph.D. (Harvardiensis), Nobel Peace Prize Winner:
The war in Kosovo is a catastrophic blunder as I would have said at the beginning if it had not been to late. To be sure of victory, one needs to use ground troops as I learned in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The President should not rest till he has banished the war from the sight of CNN cameras. -- Henry Kissinger, The Old Level Killing Fields, Washington.


A US Correspondent of McDNL offers more comment on President Clinton's recent speeches
about the AmericOtan Intervention in the Balkans:
"America is repudiating the Wilsonian principle of Self-Determination. The nation-state just has not worked out in the Balkans, nor, presumably, elsewhere. The history of the 20th century needs to be rolled back to the moment before a Serbian ethnic activist shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. What the Balkans need is a liberal, multicultural empire -- an updated, politically correct version of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Sure, in the coming millennium "sovereignty matters," but not in "negative" senses like a state being allowed to represent an ethnic group.
      So, who is going to run this neo-Empire? Or, as the President puts it: "Who is going to define the future of this part of the world? Who will provide the model for how the people who have emerged from communism resolve their own legitimate problems?" The only answer of course is mighty, multi-cultural America (with an assist from Mr. Blair's Britain).
      This is a vision of surprising comprehensiveness and audacity from Mr. Clinton. In contrast to Mr Reagan's abhorred "evil empire" of old, Mr. Clinton wants to build an "exemplary empire" of free trade, globalist economics, multiculturalism, sensitivity to minorities, global ecological crackdowns, etc. In Mr. Clinton's world, everybody would belong to a country with its own flag and national holidays, but otherwise independent states would have little to do. Except of course for the U.S., which will retain overweening military force, presumably forever ..."

WASHINGTON  22 iv '99: International Neosocialism announced. --  Reuters, John Morrison:   British Prime Minister Tony Blair will propose a new doctrine to govern outside intervention in humanitarian crises such as Kosovo in a speech Thursday, spelling out the conditions where he believes military force can be used. His speech to the Chicago Economic Club on the eve of NATO's Washington summit is likely to be dubbed the ``Blair doctrine,'' inviting comparisons with the ``Brezhnev doctrine'' the Soviet Union used to justify its intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Blair, a leading NATO hawk in the Kosovo crisis, drew attention last week with an article in Newsweek proclaiming a ''new internationalism'' that would justify outside military intervention to halt such atrocities as ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Aides said they expected his Chicago speech would take the argument further by calling for a rethink of conventional wisdom and arguing that governments often wake up too late to political and financial crises which could be avoided if there was better international co-operation. Where the doctrine proclaimed by Kremlin leader Leonid Brezhnev after Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia to oust a reformist communist government said national sovereignty should take second place to the interests of world socialism, Blair's new theory says intervention is justified to promote civilized values. [Blair dismisses] the widely quoted comment of 19th century German statesman Otto von Bismarck that the Balkans were not worth the bones of one Pomeranian Grenadier.

From Dr William Pierce: "I've said this before, but I'll say it again: the only aggression taking place in Yugoslavia now is the unprovoked bombing of that sovereign nation by an outside force, namely, the United States and its collaborators. What the United States is doing to Yugoslavia fits exactly what the word "aggression" means and always has meant, both in common usage and in international law. And the effort of the Yugoslav government to put down a revolt by Albanian rebels is not aggression. Now, maybe the couch potatoes can't figure that out, but there are hundreds of thousands of Americans who can, and that includes every politician in Washington and every media boss, and it also includes thousands of business leaders, academic leaders, and cultural leaders. Why are they not speaking out against the aggression against Yugoslavia? Why aren't they displaying their outrage, their horror, their disagreement with what the Clinton government is doing? Why aren't the politicians in the Congress speaking out? They impeached Clinton for his perjury, but what he is doing now against Yugoslavia is a thousand times more criminal, and they do nothing."

Britain's Geri 'Old Spice' Halliwell spoke for many when she said (Times 24 iv '99) "We should give as much money to refugees [from Kosovo] as we do to military operations."

The gay Times columnist, Matthew Parris, formerly a Conservative MP, reminded Mr Blair that, in gambling, the 'Double or quits' moment should often be taken as the correct moment for quitting. The expense commitment for the West re Kosovo is already colossal: Nato has used up most of its cruise missiles etc.; it will have to to rebuild much of Yugoslavia; it is committed to establishing, maintaining and defending a multicultural protectorate for some or all of Kosovo against both Serbian guerillas and the KLA; and it will have to continue to pay Russia to keep down the Red Army's contribution to the international peacekeeping force that will be necessary for the next quarter of a century -- or more, if Cyprus is anything to go by.

At Trinity College, Dublin, in the neutral country of Éire, a survey of the 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students found 37% opposed Nato's bombing while 49% had no objection and 14% were undecided.

Nancy SEGAL has just released a mainstream press book on twins and twin research, called Entwined Lives. The book has a singularly full bibliography of research on twins. A conference on "Darwinian Feelings and Values" at Cape Cod Institute, July 19-23, 1999 will consider twin research. -- contact for details.


As well as generally failing to provide for individuality, egalitarianism can also be criticised for weakening forms of community that are arguably necessary to some individuals. The following appeared in an e-mail newsgroup concerned with human biodiversity.

The advice offered to humanity by egalitarian intellectuals can largely be summed up in three words: Be Like Me. Intellectuals' lack of respect for human differences has had some nasty consequences for non-intellectuals. One thing intellectuals have done a terrible job of understanding about other people is that while a racial group less predisposed toward, say, the high degree of paternal investment which appears to be characteristic of Northern peoples can certainly adjust (slowly and painfully, but nevertheless successfully) to Northern ways, their adaptation tends to be fragile. When the rich catch cold, the poor catch pneumonia.
      Thus, in the 1960's white American intellectuals implemented two interrelated Big Ideas imported from Sweden: generous welfare for unmarried mothers and the end of social disapproval of sex without marriage. The damage done to Swedes by these ideas has been almost glacially slow, since it takes generations of welfare to undermine the remarkable Swedish work ethic as it stood in 1900. Same with sex: if you make marriage unfashionable, Swedes will still form long term relationships and act like they're married. And in fact, for those Americans as placid and rational as Scandinavians (e.g., Minnesotans, Vermonters, grad students, etc.), welfare and sexual liberation turned out not so bad. But Swedes and African-Americans, however, are about as similar as ABBA and Jimi Hendrix, so do-it-yourself moral wisdom, and the welfare to subsidize it, proved an instant catastrophe for American blacks. For a sizeable minority of the African-American population, a century's hard work in adjusting to Northern institutions like monogamy, paternal investment, work ethic, law-abidingness, etc. was swept away by these two Swedish imports.

Certainly it is strange to urge liberalism without either personal responsibility for outcomes or a eugenic policy that will help ensure people are capable of liberalism. For the political objective of combining 'freedom' and 'responsibility', see Quotes XXVIII in PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.

Affirmative Racism

The latest issue of Commentary contains a rare statement of the truth from a modern university:

….Though hard to prove or quantify, "race-conscious" grading (that is, going easy on black students) is a fact of life, especially in the humanities, social sciences, and schools of education. It is very hard to know how many more black students would drop out it this were not the case. Such grading is usually motivated by compassion or sympathy or fear of being called a "racist" if black students were to do poorly in one's course. As the administrative pressures intensify to reduce dropout rates among blacks -- the University of Pittsburgh, for example, recently proposed punishing departments that perform poorly in this regard by cutting their budgets -- race-conscious grading is likely to persist and increase…..
    Paul Hollander, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Wymmin's Studies

1. A Reader Writes


The review of Germaine Greer by arch-Tory Ferdie Mount (McDNL 20 iv '99) has drawn the wrath of Ann Phillips (Times Literary Supplement 9 iv '99). A prize of a disked copy of TgF for anyone who can understand Ann's feminastish point! Here it is, in full:

Ferdinand Mount reviews The Whole Woman by Germaine Greer (TLS 19 iii '99) with the blatant sycophantic sexism and/or bloated ego a "middle-aged tycoon" who, like the typical Daily Telegraph reader he also patronizes, is particularly responsive to the "charms" of Dr Greer while unmoved by the force of her intellectual argument. He thus remains bound by the cuirass of his generation's male preconceptions.
      Critical of her "short perspective" and of the "damaging" effect of the notion which he erroneously attributes to her, namely that The Female Eunuch initiated the "feminist" revolution, he has clearly not understood the opening paragraph of The Whole Woman any more than Betty Friedan acknowledged Simone de Beauvoir for la mystique féminine.
       Characteristically, he invokes pity for the disadvantaged male and yet fails to acknowledge his generation's "jobs for the boys" mentality which provoked the positive discrimination movement which has made all men "more unfree." As the mother of four young sons, I do not relish the prospect of what so many of Mr Mount's generation say that I should: a bevy of nubiles all in pursuit of my boys. In the new century, those same young women will be seen as genuine competitors for my male children's jobs within or without marriage. Germaine Greer is not looking for or proposing an "option" but if, as she reckons, "in the year 2000 more men [will] hate more women more bitterly than in 1970", then our sons will not even be courted by the daughters of their mothers' Sisters, and their grandfathers' prejudices and practices may be justly held in some way responsible.
      Ann PHILLIPS, 11, Allée Sprach, Strasburg.

{At least one gathers that Ms Phillips has got into the swing of things with her boys and evinces very reasonable maternos! Likewise even 'liberated' psychologist Sandra Bem (née Lipsitz) managed to become quite attached to her own children after a few years of her husband being made to bottlefeed them. (Bem recently wrote up her own story in An Unconventional Family [Yale University Press]. Her book appears with a Foreword from her separated husband, Daryl -- for the idyllic equal feminazie union that had been intended broke up after a few years of Ms Bem's admitted "slight female dominance.") It is good to detect the vindication of William McDougall's instinct psychology in such convoluted families and through such convoluted writing.}

2. An Editress Answers

Stanford Daily [California] 21 iv '99, Juliana Liu


Author tells women to have children first in speech at Stanford U.

Young women should consider marriage and motherhood in their early- to mid-20s and postpone careers until after their children are in school, said Danielle Crittenden, author of the new book "What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us -- Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman," at a public policy forum sponsored by Stanford In Government and the Hoover Institute.
      The new goal for women, Crittenden said, is not equality but happiness. "We can have it all, but just not all at once," she said. Speaking to an informal group of female and male students eating pizza and fruit, Crittenden blamed the feminist movement for urging women to pursue careers zealously at the most flexible and energetic times of their lives. "We plot our career paths so precisely but not what may be the most important thing in life," she said.
      Crittenden also blamed feminists for turning women off from homemaking and child-rearing, distinctly feminine aspects of life. Drawing a parallel with the idea of "the problem with no name" in Betty Friedan's seminal work, "The Feminine Mystique," Crittenden argued that, "Today we must recognize a new problem. While we see ourselves as human, we deny parts of us that are female." Crittenden cited polls and anecdotes as evidence that modern women are more confused and unhappy than ever. "Yes, we are freer to hold positions of power," she said. "But we are also more likely to be divorced, single, have abortions. . . . I've heard accomplished women complain that they don't have the choices their mothers had." Her solution for those women who do want children and a career is to marry young, stay home with the children until they start school and then have a career. "We should accept that pushing everything outside of work to the middle of life is the opposite of we should do," she said.
      As for why women and not men should take responsibility for child care, Crittenden said women often want to stay at home with children. "Your chest leaks when the baby cries and his doesn't," she said. "When you have a kid, somebody is gonna have to give. Is it so weird that women do it?" she said.
      ….According to Crittenden, these critics include Betty Friedan, Erica Jong and Susan Estrich, who has called Crittenden, "a modern day bunny." ….Crittenden was founding editor of Women's Quarterly magazine and has written for various national publications. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and two children.


Race Realism


Arthur Koestler was virtually a lifelong opponent of any strict determinism and is specially famous for his battle with behaviourism. Like William McDougall, Koestler had a lonely time in his crusade -- he was routinely spurned at once by scientists (for being 'sloppy') and by reviewers (for being too 'scientific'). But did he actually incline to acknowledge the importance of genetic factors, as his commitment to Israel might seem to indicate? In his novel about Zionism, Thieves in the Night (London, 1946) the central character, Joseph, is generally entrusted with Koestler's own political agenda. Mid-way through the novel, Joseph visits the tomb of a Jewish patriarch and muses:

"Inside my testicles there are some complicated but stable groups of molecules which were handed down to me from him with their pattern unchanged."

This recognition of genes for Judaism {cf. McDNL 16 iii '99, GENES SHOW LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL IS BLACK} -- astonishing as it was in 1946 -- occurred at the time when Koestler's interest in psychology was beginning. Soon, Koestler would be attempting to arrive at an ethical system rooted in a proper understanding of human evolution. "Sooner or later," he wrote in Insight and Outlook (1949), "biology and sociology, which at present have but few points of contact, will appear as branches, or rather levels, of one discipline." In particular, Koestler saw the need to acknowledge the "possessive and competitive factor" in man, at least at the 'lower' levels of human psychology; and he thought such mysteries as laughter should be analysed to discover, he believed, a human capacity for 'biosociation' and thus, ultimately, creativity. His new and ungracious biographer, David Cesarani, says Koestler was "steeped in eugenics" and: "Although he apparently eschewed racial thinking he persisted in listing 'Jewish' characteristics as if they were natural and inherited genetically."


Sociobiology guru E. O. Wilson has had his head in the clouds for many years now -- ignoring work on the heritability of human differences, not to mention human race differences. Last year, Jerry Fodor put the boot into Wilson's Consilience (London Review of Books, 29 x), observing that Wilson's reductionism was making little progress and was plainly unrealistic in not acknowledging that "events fall into revealing and reliable patterns not just at the level of microstructure but at many different orders of aggregation of matter." However, Wilson does apparently share one realistic and proto-eugenic concern:

"If the facts about the risk of over-population and the accelerating destruction of the environment... were laid out before everyone, which we have not properly done... the world would most likely move to a pretty solid consensus"
    Quoted in F. Miele, 1998, The Ionian Instauration: an interview with E. O. Wilson on his latest controversial book. Skeptic 6, No. 1, pp. 76-85.

Perhaps Wilson's followers will one day be told what that "consensus" would look like. -- That will be the day, when the 'Darwinians' who have courted controversy by following Wilson and Richard Dawkins find some real controversy by acknowledging the ideas of Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton!


Sometimes a sensible explanation for Stephen Jay Gould's environmentalism about IQ must occur to kindly readers. Simply, it may be that Gould and his Marxist pals have backed environmentalism because -- until the arrival of genetic engineering -- it seems more 'optimistic.' However, Gould himself is not content with such a characterization of his views:

"If we thought that biological determinism was pernicious but correct, we would live with it as we cope with the fact of our impending death. We campaigned vigorously against this doctrine because we regard determinist arguments primarily as bad biology -- and only then as devices used to support dubious politics."
      Stephen J. GOULD, 'Nurturing Nature', an essay from the book An Urchin in the Storm, page 151.


A new book on sale this week, The Alphabet versus the Goddess explains the arrival in human thinking of un-imaged masculine gods -- as, notoriously, the God of the Old Testament -- as the result of 'the male brain' in which verbal and spatial functions are relatively distinct. Christianity gradually learned redressed the balance by supplying the fourth, if sub rosa member of its godhead, the Virgin Mary.

Students' Corner

For all your cheating needs -- essays supplied!

For genuine tuition/mentoring/essay-improvement
at highly competitive prices:




Following the dismissal by Middlesex University of its media relations chief for an "idiosyncratic view of her role as editor" of the university newspaper and for seeking "to assert her independence" (Times Higher 9 iv '99), top academic columnist Laurie Taylor has been joking that many universities only want the kind of sycophantic editing exemplified by Biscuit News, the legendary in-house newspaper of 'National Biscuits plc'(Times Higher 16 iv '99). Taylor suggested how a Biscuits News editor might write when applying for a job at a British university:

"….my principal task has been to keep all employees at National Biscuits informed of the exciting and innovative developments taking place in the company. I used my last editorial to point out that the recent loss of 2,000 jobs at our Pontefract factory should not be seen in negative terms but rather as a positive indication of the determination of management to create a tighter and more efficient workforce. I am responsible for the Good News Page, in which senior managers are provided with a regular opportunity to explain the extraordinary effectiveness of their latest initiatives, and for The Leader Speaks, in which our Managing Director (equivalent to your vice-chancellor) vigorously attacks negative employee attitudes that are detrimental to the company's well-being and praises those attributes which do so much to ensure that the conveyor belts always run on time."

In fact, it was precisely to standard work practices at a firm called United Biscuits that Edinburgh LUniversity's counsel appealed in February 1998 when seeking to justify its sacking of Chris Brand for the "disgraceful" action of speaking his mind. At the end of a century in which they prided themselves on 'academic tenure' even if they had little money and (in social science, at least) less discovery to their credits, British academics have been revealed to have no more rights to free speech than does the operative at a biscuit factory.

Heart of Darkness

FROM BELGRADE re US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright:
"The only thing that woman lacks is a broom."

Mukavisi National Park crocodiles are fed daily at 4.30p.m.
Bring the children.


THIS WEEK: Utopians run amok. -- Both anti-Nazis and neo-Nazis believe their fabled ends justify their vile means. Unloosed over the past decade, the genie of affirmative racism and sexism (ARS) is now a positive menace -- warping the minds and morals of supporters and opponents alike. Today's hysteria in the West's educational establishments suggests that worse is in the pipeline and will yield civil strife unless neosocialists discipline their followers. ARS needs the boot -- soon!






THE FUTURE OF HISTORY: LIBERAL DEMOCRACY BREAKS INTO ITS COMPONENT PARTS. -- As 'conservatism' fails, McDNL offers a special essay on the New World Order.

TRENCHCOAT TRAGEDY WAS IQ WAR. -- With McDNL readers' pull-out supplement on How To Become A Goth.

PLUS Diary of Multicultural Bombing (Serbia) AND Diary of Anti-Multicultural Bombing (London)

STOP PRESS -- At a West London magistrates' court on May 3, the Underground railway engineer charged with the Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho bombings was remanded in custody for a week. The accused, David James Copeland, 22, spoke only to agree his name, age and address in Farnborough, Hampshire.
                        -- Continuing his upbeat, not to say hypomanic approach to the bombing of Serbia, the Reverend Blair, addressing the Romanian parliament, denied the main military objective had become that of saving Nato's face and announced a new objective of the humanitarian intervention: Serbs should rise up against Mr Milosevic and vote for democracy, the European Union and the Pope. (Back in the UK, Mr Blair is busy abolishing the House of Lords, the restraining chamber of the bicameral Westminster parliament, and has now let it be known he will substitute unelected placemen appointed by himself with a little help from 'Opposition' leader Mr Hague.) Glen Rangwala, a British international law expert from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University, has drafted articles of indictment against some of the Nato leaders for waging war on Serbia. A US State Department official told CNN that it would be "possible if not likely" that, in a forthcoming peace deal, Russian and perhaps Ukrainian troops could occupy parts of Kosovo which have large Serb populations. UK Defence Secretary George Robertson is playing down President Clinton's talk of a settlement being "possible." Voluntary charitable donations in Britain to aid Kosovars have now produced twice as much cash as has been contributed by the neosocialist Blair government.

Multicultural Grievous Harm Threats




DURHAM, North Carolina {where William McDougall held the Chair of Psychology for ten years, after he forsook Harvard}  --   A series of letters to the editor at Duke University's student newspaper has ignited a controversy resulting in hate mail, physical confrontations, and death threats directed at two students. Their crime? Freshmen Berin Szoka and Jay Strader expressed a preference for Western civilization over Indian civilization in an argument over whether Duke should institute a major in the study of the Hindi language.
      Responses to Szoka and Strader ranged from the obscene to the insulting to threats of physical violence. Duke University Police are now involved, because the threats have gotten so out of hand. "If we ever see you out of your room around East [Campus], WE WILL BEAT YOU WITHIN ONE INCH OF YOUR LIFE and step on you like the little s--- that you are," said one anonymous e-mail threat. "Don't be surprised if between now and the end of the year, bad things start happening to you and your room...we will find you, and when we do, you could only wish that you had never learned to write you little p----." Szoka contacted the Duke University Police Department, and an investigation is underway.
      The controversy began April 15, when Strader wrote a letter to the Chronicle, Duke's student-run daily paper, in response to an article a few days earlier calling for the creation of a Hindi major. Strader observed that there is little actual demand for Hindi classes, as evidenced by the low enrolment in the few classes already offered (17 out of 60 class seats). Strader immediately began receiving hate mail via the Internet accusing him of racism and "ethnocentrism." Early that afternoon while he was in class, vandals broke into his room and left the message, "We're going to kick your ass  --  Mother India," on his computer screen. That evening, Diya, Duke's Southeast-Asian student group, convened an emergency meeting to plot a response to the "crisis." The group organized a letter-writing campaign to the Chronicle and posted a message on four Internet newsgroups asking readers to deluge Strader with hate mail.
      On April 23, Berin Szoka's letter appeared in the Chronicle in Strader's defense. Szoka echoed Strader's point that there was insufficient demand for a Hindi major. He also addressed the question of whether cultures embody specific values and whether those values can be judged. Szoka declared the values of Western civilization-- "the power of reason, the sanctity of individual rights and the unfettered pursuit of happiness"  --  to be morally superior to values of Indian culture. That started a barrage of hate mail. That evening, three Indian students confronted Szoka in his room, called him a "racist," threatened him with violence and refused to leave until Szoka threatened to call the police. On April 25, Szoka received an anonymous death threat.
      The Chronicle was ambivalent when asked to print a follow-up letter or story on the subject. "We don't print that kind of thing," said University Life Assistant Editor Jaime Levy. "Your letter wasn't exactly mainstream. What sort of response did you expect when you wrote that kind of letter?"
      When asked by Strader how she would respond to a death threat like those received by Szoka, University President Nan Keohane replied, "My hunch is, it was just a scary way of blowing off steam."
      Szoka is steadfast about the issue and astonished at the strident response. "I would have enjoyed having a rational discussion about the issue and merits of cultural relativism with my critics," Szoka said. "Instead, I've been subjected to the type of threats one might find in an uncivilized, Third World backwater. I understand their anger -- they've lost the argument, so they lash out. My critics, in fact, are proving my point about the superiority of Western Civilization and its tradition of rational discourse. What disturbs me most about this is that, in the same week as a tragedy like the massacre of 15 students in Littleton, Colorado, anyone could actually claim that a death threat is just an upset student's way of 'blowing off steam'."

McDNL's informant comments:
We must remind ourselves that this all occurred in a country that is still predominantly white, in a region that is predominantly white, and at a university that is predominantly white. Try to imagine a group of Americans attending an Indian university and terrorizing Indian students who had the audacity to defend Indian culture (something Indians would not often feel the need to do, at least not in the middle of India)!

Kids' Lib

Britain's failure to provide a proper education for the brighter pupils in state schools has attracted the critical attention of an all-party parliamentary committee:

Daily Telegraph 29 iv '99, Liz Lightfoot, Education Correspondent


MPs accuse schools of neglecting best pupils

Highly able pupils have been neglected in Britain's schools because of the focus on raising the standards of under-performing pupils, a Commons committee reported yesterday. They have too often been left to their own devices because of the mistaken view that they can get by on their own, MPs concluded. Malcolm Wicks, chairman of the Commons' education select committee, said people with good minds were a national asset. "They ought to be cherished and encouraged, not neglected," he said. "We deplore the view that children of high ability need little support and can easily cope." The cross-party committee also recommended that the brightest children could be taught over the Internet by leading academics. Although they emphasised that they did not wish to see highly able children left in front of computers to "surf the Net", MPs said they believed the Internet could be used to link pupils with Nobel prize-winners. Students should be able to supplement A-level studies by mini-dissertations overseen by university-based mentors as one way of maximising their potential.
      The report said teachers had often been reluctant to pick children out as very able. They had also been encouraged to concentrate on the lower achievers by the national test regime and Government targets, which judged schools on the proportion of pupils reaching the average level expected for their ages. ….The Government needed to do more for very able children than its proposed enrichment courses at specialist schools and inner-city "learning centres". Every school and local education authority should have a named person to take responsibility for the education of very able children. Universities must be encouraged to make links with schools, offering academic mentors and more challenging work. ….There should be better training for teachers and extra funding for the very able, it said, adding: "In supporting masterclasses and similar out-of-school activities, we do not wish to suggest such provision, however good, can compensate for poor provision in school." But most important was a change in attitude by teachers, education authorities and the public. "Bright children should not be belittled as "swots" or "boffins"," the committee warned. ….Acceleration to an older age group could be useful in some cases, but should not be regarded as a simple solution. "The right balance must be struck between meeting their intellectual needs and supporting their social and emotional development. It is also wrong to assume the only way of satisfying the intellectual demands of highly able children is through linear progression up the ladder of examinations and qualifications." A better solution was to provide enrichment activities, such as extended work within a subject or a new subject, such as an extra foreign language….


{The Committee had plainly not read Chapter 4 of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996). There, it would have seen that worries about the 'emotional development' of accelerated pupils are groundless. Still, it is good to see parliamentary attention to the problem of egalitarianism in education even if the answers of FAST TRACK LEARNING and KIDS' LIB remain to be discovered.}

Glayde Whitney's Week 5

{cf. McDNLs 30 iii '99 and 6, 13, 20 and 27 iv '99}


A dozen members of the Florida State legislature, belonging to the Legislative Black Caucus, have urged breaking Glayde Whitney's tenure by re-ordering FSU -- putting it under the control of a largely Black nearby college and ordering redundancies. Here is an extract from an amendment that was proposed so as to allow examination of the 'anti-racist' case against Glayde:

Effective September 1, 1999, the College of Arts and Sciences at the Florida State University is abolished. The College of Arts and Sciences at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University* shall be reconstituted as a joint program to serve students at both institutions. However, the joint program shall be administered by the Florida Agricultural and Manufacturing University. (1) Employees of the College of Arts and Sciences at the Florida State University may be considered for re-employment at the reconstituted program. Employees who are not selected for re-employment shall be considered laid off under the provisions of Article 13 of the State University System's Collective Bargaining Agreement….
* {Florida A&M track athlete Lynwood Wilson was identified 3 v '99 as the driver of the vehicle suspected in a drive-by shooting 30 iv '99 involving FSU football players Bryne Malone and Julian Moore. -- Ed.}

In discussion, one Black lady said that, since FSU refused to sack Whitney, he should be required to put his views to Black classes (Tallahassee Democrat 27 iv '99, 'Lawmakers try to move Whitney's department to FAMU', Bill Cotterell). "This man is responsible for educating young people," said Betty Holzendorf. "But he's already pre-supposed their intelligence, through heredity!" Other politicians, including Whites, are said to be 'watching Whitney.'

Glayde Whitney's colleague Anders Ericsson wrote an open letter as follows:

From: Anders Ericsson <>  To: <> Date: 28 iv '99.
Dear Glayde:
I would like to request that you help focus this discussion group by answering the following questions. Do you think that there is current evidence to compel a reasonable natural scientist that race is a useful biological construct for explaining behavioral phenomena in Psychology? If so, state as clearly and succinctly as possible a few specific findings involving the concept race that you feel comfortable defending where the empirical evidence is available and reproducible (one or two citation to the best publications supporting each claim would be very useful)! If not, it would be very useful if you could acknowledge that. Sincerely, Anders Ericsson.

To this peremptory letter, Glayde immediately replied with a nice mixture of academic dutifulness and cheek:

Dear Anders:
Do you think that there is current evidence that practice explains any behavioral phenomena in Psychology? Does the sun rise in the east? If so, please state as clearly and succinctly as possible a few specific findings. Sincerely, Glayde Whitney.
Levin, M.[1997] Why Race Matters: Race differences and what they mean. Westport CT:Praeger.
Rushton, J.P.[1995] Race, Evolution, and Behavior; a life history perspective. New Brunswick NJ: Transaction.
Andrews, L. [1996ff] Stalking the wild taboo:
{where includes 'Ten Arguments for Race Realism'}.
Jensen, A.R.[1998] The g Factor: The science of mental ability. Westport CT:Praeger. Burnham, S. [1993] America's Bimodal Crisis: Black intelligence in white society, 3rd Ed.,Box 5712 Athens GA: FHU.
Taylor, J.[Ed] [1998] The REAL American Dilemma: Race, immigration, and the future of America. Oakton VA: New Century Books.

Perhaps inspired by Dr Andersson's call for brevity, an editorial in Palm Beach Post (26 iv '99, 'DOCTOR OF PHONYOLOGY') sought to kick away the props of Glayde's race-realist case while using only 185 words -- in what would be a remarkable culmination to generation of scholarly argument:

….there is nothing scientific about [Dr Whitney's] views. Science depends upon setting forth propositions specific enough so they can be tested. The statement, ''African-Americans are generally less intelligent than whites'' is not a scientific proposition because it contains three terms that cannot be satisfactorily defined: African-American, white and intelligent.
    Consider golfer Tiger Woods, whose ancestry is African-American, Native American, Chinese, Thai and white. Mr. Woods, reflecting on the absurdity of trying to find a racial pigeonhole for him, has called himself ''a Cablinasian.'' Race, as Dr. Whitney ought to know, is not a biological category but a social category based on skin color. As for intelligence, there still is no dependable way to measure it, despite the claims of those who see in test scores a perfect measure.
    Besides, any two groups of people are going to score differently on a standardized test. The fact that ''scholars'' such as Dr. Whitney choose to divide the groups by skin color shows their biases. Dr. Whitney's field of study is the taste preferences of certain rodents, which may explain why he finds a kindred spirit in Mr. Duke.

{Would the Palm Beach Post find terms like 'sun', 'rise' and 'east' to be "satisfactorily defined"? [TEACHER: Is it true that the sun never sets on the British Empire? CHILD: Yes -- the British Empire is in the east and the sun sets in the west.] It would certainly be interesting to see Palm Beach Post attempt satisfactory definitions of such scientific terms as 'electricity', 'gravity' and 'heat.' Perhaps it will turn out that nothing can be said satisfactorily about anything by the Palm Beach Post's exacting standards.}

Tallahassee Democrat 30 iv '99:

The black, Hispanic and Jewish members of the Florida Senate have co-sponsored a resolution to condemn a Florida State University professor who wrote an admiring foreword to the autobiography of David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard. But Senate leaders are refusing to allow a debate on the matter.
    Sen. Daryl Jones, D-South Dade, chairman of the Legislature's black caucus, filed the proposed resolution (SB 2742) Wednesday. It says: "The Florida Senate condemns the racist, intolerant and divisive teachings of Professor Glayde Whitney as an affront to the values and morals of our state and nation, and repudiates his views with this instrument of truth."
    The Herald left an e-mail message and a phone message for Whitney, who could not be reached for comment.
{Glayde had been out on a late-evening teaching assignment for FSU but replied as soon as he returned home at 10.55p.m. -- Ed.}
    Senate leaders say the bill was filed too late to fully examine the issue. "I don't know a whole lot about this," said Sen. John McKay, R-Bradenton, chair of the Rules Committee that serves as gatekeeper to bills. "If this gentleman did all these things, it's completely abhorrent. But before the Senate as a body accuses someone of anything, you have to go through a deliberative process." McKay told Jones there should first be a Senate hearing to allow Whitney a chance to defend himself.
    "They wanted a deliberative hearing, to put people under oath to prove this guy actually said and did these things," Jones said. "I think his record speaks for itself."

Orlando Sentinel 30 iv '99:

State senators are planning to investigate whether a Florida State University professor who has long believed that blacks are generally less intelligent than whites, has shared those views with students in publicly funded classrooms. State legislators also will contend with the issues of academic freedom and free speech when they investigate psychologist Glayde Whitney's practices, Sen. Daryl Jones, D-Miami, confirmed Thursday. Jones said a Senate committee also will look into whether Florida's public universities should receive grant money from private organizations that are considered racist. A portion of Whitney's research is financed by the Pioneer Fund, a private trust fund in New York that has supported controversial research for 20 years -- much of it designed to show that blacks are genetically inferior to whites. The Senate committee, assisted by constitutional scholars, will report back to the Legislature next spring, Jones said. Senate President Toni Jennings must approve the creation of the committee.

David Duke, the far-right Republican whose book, My Awakening, Glayde had endorsed in a Foreword, has been pipped to the post in the race for the Republican nomination in the heavily GOP 1st District in suburban New Orleans (CNN 2 v '99). Duke received 19% of the poll and the other two leading contenders received 23% and 24% respectively. Six other candidates received smaller percentages of the votes cast. It is the two front runners who will go forward to the next ballot -- leaving David Duke with more time to help his psychologist-supporter in Florida.

{For a review of Duke's book, My Awakening, see McDNL 16 iii '99. Glayde does not support Duke's proposals for a form of apartheid in the USA though, like this NewsLetter, he might support a degree of Swiss-type cantonization, with citizens having welfare rights only in the main area where they are established by domicile. Perhaps strangely, David Duke, during his campaign, lambasted the issuance of a postage stamp honouring slain black leader Malcolm X who had long favoured separatism rather than integration. (Malcolm X [Malcolm Little, 1925-1965] was a Black American burglar who converted during his six years in prison to the Muslim sect led by Elijah Muhammad. He fell out with his followers and was thus assassinated after a visit to Mecca which led him to abandon advocacy of violent methods.)}

Glayde Whitney's colleague, Anders Ericsson, asked for a few simple references that would exemplify the modern hereditarian case about race and IQ. Now Ericsson e-mails:

"….In response to my request for easy access to the most compelling specific empirical evidence, Glayde Whitney listed six books. If Glayde seriously feels that I would need to read all of the six books before a dialogue can be initiated that presents a problem."

So has Ericsson read ANY of them? -- Nope, not one! He does not even comment on Chris Brand's twenty-minute talk for Cambridge undergraduates, 'Ten Arguments for Race Realism' (at which was expressly drawn to his attention. But he has a favourite 22-item reference list of his own, as follows. (BEFORE YOU READ: Any guesses as to who Ericsson thinks has done the most important work on intelligence in the 1990's?)

Bailey, R. C. (1997). Hereditarian scientific fallacies. Genetica, 99, 125-133.
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*  This is Ericsson's favourite. Nisbett is a sociologist at the University of Michigan who is disgusted that Herrnstein and Murray were able to get The Bell Curve published. Says Nisbett: "Their treatment of intervention {Head Start etc.} wouldn't be accepted by an academic journal -- it's that bad. I'm distressed by the extent to which people assume [Murray] is playing by the rules." On the matter of race, Nisbett makes no points that have not been adequately discussed in The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996); and he neglects that the correlation between skin whiteness and IQ in US Black people may be modest because today's people of mixed race were often the products of unions between Black women and low-IQ Whites working on or running slave plantations.

Brain, Evolution and Intelligence

Reuters 28 iv '99; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Unique Neurons Make People, Apes Smart - Report

A unique type of brain cell seems to separate humans and apes from lower animals, and may make them smarter, say researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. The large, spindle-shaped cells are found in humans, bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, but not any other type of animal, Patrick Hof of Mount Sinai and his colleagues report.
      Bonobos are a type of chimpanzee recently found to be a distinct species and more closely related to humans than other chimpanzees. And Hof's team also found that bonobos have more of these cells than the other apes. The brain cells could finally offer what many people have searched for -- a defining element that separates humans from the animal world. Criteria have fallen by the wayside one by one with discoveries that gerbils have a fairly sophisticated language to warn of predators, that birds use tools and that dolphins can respond to the grammatical structure in hand signals. Several chimpanzees have been taught to use either sign language or computers to communicate and have been shown to use original thought in structuring sentences.
      Hof and Allman's team looked at 28 different species of primate, and at humans who died and had autopsies. They found their spindle cells in the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain, which controls automatic functions such as heart rate but which also has been linked to emotions -- including the emotional response to pain -- and facial expressions. ``Spindle cells were notably absent in the gibbon as well as in New World monkeys, Old World monkeys and all of the prosimians (such as lemurs),'' they added. The findings show that, as biologists have long said, chimpanzees and bonobos are the closest relatives of humans.


In other breakthroughs, scientists have been reporting evidence of counting by Chinese cormorants (Times 28 iv '99). The ability of these birds to count was first noticed by Chinese boatmen who tie up the cormorants' throats so they cannot eat until they have dived to fetch up about seven fish. Once familiar such a regime, birds will sometimes refuse to make an eighth dive until they have been untied and allowed to feed on the seventh fish. Replying, intelligence-sceptic Euan Macphail of York University says it all depends what is meant by counting. But other animal workers profess to have chimpanzees who can calculate simple fractions.


The limitless ability of psychologists to draw media attention with a little half-baked utopianism was demonstrated on BBCR4UK (3 v '99, 09:20) by Ian Robertson, author of the forthcoming Mind Sculpture: How Your Brain Really Works (due May 13). Robertson, soon to take up an appointment at King Henry VIII's delightful Trinity College Dublin, urges a "reversal of the normal assumption that genes and physiology determine your behaviour."


Overheard at a bus stop, one lady pensioner talking to another: 'I told the doctor about my memory and he says I've to go into hospital for an anagram.'

Arthur Koestler


The betrayal of Arthur Koestler by his new biographer, David Cesarani, has drawn the wrath of writer Michael Scammell in New York Writing to the Times Literary Supplement (23 iv '99, from his 605, West 113 Street #32 address), Scammell says that in his own biographical work on Koestler he has interviewed some two dozen women who were intimate with the 'serial rapist' -- as Cesarani describes Koestler.* "Not once did I hear that Koestler had raped or attempted to rape any of these women or their friends," writes Scammell. Thus the only serious 'rape' charge remaining against Koestler is that of Jill Craigie which arrived on Cesarani's desk while he was working on final drafts of his book. Like McDNL (6 iv '99), Scammell suggests that Cesarani took insufficient time to check and to ponder Jill Craigie's complaints.

Nor is this Scammell's only complaint against apparently teetotal family man and Sartre-lover, Cesarani. Scammell wonders how Cesarani ever gained unrestricted access to the Koestler Archive in Edinburgh. Trustees of that Archive demand that applicants sign that "my research…would not be used for the compilation of any biography about Koestler." {Presumably this stipulation exists so as to have retained Michael Scammell himself as the official biographer -- assured that he would not face immediate competition while he undertook his extensive work.}

So: did Cesarani, whose biography runs to 646 pages, sign the disclaimer? "Belatedly," writes Scammell, Edinburgh LUniversity has confirmed that the disclaimer was indeed signed by Cesarani.

Hereby plainly hangs a huge tale of treachery.

Meanwhile, what does Scammell think of Cesarani's unsympathetic and virtually unreadable work, which is concerned to insist at every turn that Koestler (b. 1905) neglected his Jewish roots in his writings after 1950? (Koestler worked as a keen young Zionist in Palestine in the 1920's and revisited Palestine in 1948 and supported Israel's birth [though not uncritically]. But nothing can satisfy Cesarani's demand that Koestler should have committed himself more fully to Jewish causes.)

Scammell concludes his letter: "An impression has somehow got about that David Cesarani's volume is somehow definitive. Let me assure readers that this is laughably not the case."

*  There is no doubt that Koestler was a man of vigour, sometimes having five sexual partners on the go at the same time, at least when he was between marriages. In London of 1953, he noted for himself, along with advice to "have the courage to be yourself" and imitate Henry James and Tolstoy, "Remain true to promiscuity too, so long as the going is good." -- This was despite Koestler's having concluded, in 1952, after an "unforgettable" threesome, "my harem is beginning to wear me out." Spirited young women positively flocked to him. In 1954 he received fan mail from what even his churlish biographer records as "a strikingly pretty young Turkish woman who worked at the UN in New York." Three months later she visited London, slept with him and, on her way back across the Atlantic wrote "since you touched me I consider my body sacred….I won't let anyone get close to me until I see you again." The unromantic Cesarani records: "There is no record that she ever did."

Successful Multiculturalism

(Times 29 iv '99)

The new Master of the New Forest Foxhounds is a Black (well, marginal) man. Dashing Derek Laud, 39, who can trace Jamaican roots, has been appointed to lead the prestigious 210-year-old hunt. Last year, Laud was famously asked by hunt saboteurs how he could approve hunting animals in the company of White people who would 200 years ago have been hunting the likes of him. Famously, he replied, 'That is no problem -- 300 years previously, my ancestors would have been eating them.' Derek Laud is the only Black member of the Britain's legendary ultra-conservative Monday Club.


In Virginia, the Monticello Society has invited some thirty-four mulatto ooops marginal descendants of Thomas Jefferson to attend its annual knees-up for 150. The invitation follows a year of argument about the likelihood that Jefferson left progeny (a son, Madison) by his Black slave and lover Sally Hemings.

{For less successful multiculturalism -- Multiculturalist Bombing (Serbia) and Anti-Multiculturalist Bombing (London) -- see diaries at the end of this NewsLetter….}

Biological Basis

(New York Times 2 v '99)

Fat may have been 'a feminist issue' and 'a social construct'….

"The fact that compulsive eating is overwhelmingly a woman's problem suggests that it has something to do with the experience of being female in our society.... Getting fat understood as a definite and purposeful act; it is a directed, conscious or unconscious, challenge to sex-role stereotyping and culturally defined experience of womanhood. Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue.... It is a response to the inequality of the sexes."
Susie ORBACH, 1976, Fat is a Feminist Issue. Feltham, Mddx : Hamlyn Paperbacks.

Yet now the drug industry has a pharmacologic fix for it. Of course, the fix is lucrative: financial analysts say the market for Xenical, which is expected to cost about $1.10 a capsule and $100 for a month's supply, could approach $1 billion a year.

{Yes, the pharmacological treatment breakthrough which you read about in McDougall Newsletter 29 ix '98 has at last been brought to the attention of NYT readers -- in conjunction with much obfuscating twaddle about whether government criteria for obesity make fatties worry too much.}


(Scottish Daily Express 1 v '99, p. 21; Channel 4 TV starting 9 v '99)

Top UK media psychocackler Oliver James has been explaining to newsies that too many Brits are unhappy. One person in five is depressed, says the horrified 'senior clinical psychologist' as he begins a television series to help Brits get over one of the longest running psychological facts of life. Strangely, psychologists today forget Hans Eysenck's notion that neuroticism is expresses unharnessed motivations -- what William McDougall called instincts and what Freud called the id. James himself admits an American study of 45 millionaires finding that even one third of this enviable group were less cheerful than the national average for an American. What a pity that Dr James has not heard of the advantages of neuroticism, at least in romantic, artistic and interpersonal endeavours!* At least when combined with decent intelligence, misery and agony have many attractive results -- explaining why all US Nobel prizewinners for literature (until the Black female, Toni Morrison) were alcohol-crazy, as was one of this NewsLetter's heroes, Arthur Koestler.

* See Quotes XIV of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY and Chris Brand's forthcoming chapter 'What is it to be high-neuroticism?' (in J. Mohan (ed.), Personality Across Cultures, Delhi : Oxford University Press.) By contrast, to be low-neuroticism is more compatible with success in the uniformed services and kindred high-stress occupations.

{Oliver James has the kind of 100% ignorance of trait psychology that is typical of 'clinical psychologists' today. He has no place for inherited differences in neuroticism, cheerfulness or anything else. Naturally he believes the child-victims of paedophilia suffer "a form of psychological death" and "might as well be dead" (McDNL 7 iv '98, 'Boys will be Boys').

B.C. not P.C.

(BBCR4UK 4 v '99, 08:15)

Perhaps anticipating a victory for multiculturalist bombing in Serbia, the BBC has told all its staff that the Birth of Christ was no big deal. In a Memo to staff, the BBC has relayed the advice of a team of professoriated experts in theology. Apparently, continual "thoughtless" reference "out of context" to A.D. and B.C. when giving dates is "inappropriate" in multicultural Yukay. It is "insensitive" to Muslims, to multifaith personages or at least to the P.C. types who wish that the former had expressed more outrage for themselves at the indignities done to them. An alternative dating system has yet to emerge, but will doubtless be eagerly sought once cessation of reference to A.D. and B.C. has led to total confusion. The last attempt to change the calendar in the West occurred during the early years of the French Revolution.

{In Jerusalem, a group of Western Christians is seeking forgiveness from Jews, Muslims and Orthodox Christians for the slaughter and destruction left in the Crusaders' wake. The project began in Cologne, Germany, in 1996.}

4 v '99  

CHICAGO (Chronicle of Higher Education 30 iv '99)  --  Affirmative action is on the defensive. Campus speech codes are crumbling. Core curricula are on the rise. Yet, despite such gains, the members of the National Association of Scholars found plenty to gripe about at their annual meeting here in Chicago. On one worry there was particular consensus: intellectual relativism is corrupting academe. "There has been a decline in the belief in objective standards," said the leading US philosopher, John R. Searle (University of California at Berkeley). "But we have to believe that we can train students to see the difference between good and bad arguments."

U.S.A. 4 v '99  --  Following the TrenchCoat Tragedy in Littleton, a national wave of copycat incidents appears to have entered a more dangerous phase in the last few days as growing numbers of students have been apprehended in the act of attacking or planning to attack their schools with bombs or guns. In England, a teenager fired three shots through a window into a beauty therapy classroom of the Gloucestershire College of Arts of Science before running away.

SAN ANTONIO,  APB News 3 v '99 -- A love-struck teacher from Puerto Rico has been charged with kidnapping after he travelled to Texas with a 12-year-old former student earlier this month, the FBI said. Authorities say 42-year-old fugitive Agustin Torres-Castellar phoned from San Antonio to his wife and the victim's mother to say he was in love with the girl and did not want to be separated from her. The victim, Awilda Gueits-Maldonado, is not believed to be in danger.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, APB News 3 v '99 -- Larry Flynt's attorneys cannot conduct discovery to find out more about a teenager who allegedly bought two pornographic videotapes from a clerk in Flynt's Hustler Books, Magazines, and Gifts store, a judge has ruled. Flynt, charged with selling pornography to a minor, claims the boy stands over 6 feet tall, weighs almost 200 pounds, and has facial hair.

LONDON -- The teachers' trade unions whose leaders have sought to sack education reformer Chris Woodhead has now split on the issue. A breakaway union is being formed which approves Woodhead's idea that teachers be paid according to pupils' exam results. {Woodhead fell foul of paedohysteria as the Government, while lowering the age of consent for sodomy, moved to criminalize love affairs between teachers and senior pupils. Woodhead found himself accused by left-wing educationalists of lying about his own alleged affair with a pupil twenty-five years ago.}

LONDON -- British Conservatives hit new depths of despair over rifts between Thatcherites and Europhiles about future directions. It was expected that leader William Hague would have to resign in the aftermath of what are expected to be disastrous local election results throughout Britain in the coming week. Beset with their internal disputes, Conservatives have entirely failed to oppose the rise of affirmative racism and sexism in Britain; and, despite being the official and state-funded Opposition in Parliament, they have supported the multiculturalist bombing of Serbia.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (Reuters) -- Police arrested dozens of anarchists and ultra-right skinheads on Saturday after the two groups clashed during May Day demonstrations in central Prague, Czech Television reported.

McDNL speaks:

Hopefully there will be world-wide subscriptions for impressive memorials to those Serbs and Albanian Kosovars who lost their lives before the folly of multicultural neosocialism became plain. -- For more, see below: 'Humanitarian Intervention/Multicultural Bombing, Week 6.'

New World Order

(Times 29 iv '99, Anatole Keretsky;
BBCR4UK 29 iv '99, Reith Lecture [also at])


-- The West's Cold War victory was one for liberal democracy. Yet today only democracy matters to Emperor Clinton and his pals. --

As Nato's 'smart' bombs have rained down nightly on Serbian 'military infrastructure' and much else (trains, buses, bridges, TV stations, Bulgarians) for the sixth week, astonishing love-ins amongst seekers of the 'Third Way' have taken place in Washington.
      Alongside the international junketing for Nato toadies, a conference was held called 'The Third Way: a programme of governance for the twenty-first century' which was attended by such luminaries as German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Italy's Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema and Holland's leader Wim Kok; and the BBC broadcast one of its star annual Reith Lectures, by Blairite neosocialist guru Anthony Giddens {see McDNLs passim}, from Washington's National Press Club. The lecture took place before a star-studded audience of Washington pinkoes; and Hillary Clinton phoned in a question for "Tony" from the White House.
      Needless to say, there was wishful and platitudinous talk at such a jamboree. The faithful favoured such slogans as FREEDOM AND FAIRNESS, RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, COMPASSION AND SELF-RELIANCE and ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. Notoriously, to combine such contrasting values is the business of intelligent politics {see Quotes XXV, PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY}; and it is good that the world's new masters and mistresses see such a need. Yet the final solutions arrived at by neosocialists contain no ingenious reconciliations of these principles. It is not that neosocialism is unclear. Its ditching of nationalization and punitive taxation and its embracing of policies of 'affirmative' advancement (i.e. favouritism) for selected 'minorities' are strikingly clear -- and have proved compelling to the West's lame-duck 'conservatives.' Rather, the problem concerns what is the rationale of such Third Way policies. What is the driving integratory idea that is to bring about heaven on earth and justify the lawless bombing of a European state and the terrorizing of the West's males for living too dangerously close to 'date rape', 'stalking', 'wife beating', 'insensitive speech', 'child abuse' and 'paedophilia' and for failing to undertake enough domestic chores? AmericOtan is not short of policies that are attractive as and when they work. 'Low taxation and better public services' works fine while neosocialists live on the capitalism-encouraging inheritance from the Reagan/Thatcher years. 'Bombing but no ground troops' also works fine so long as one is not an ethnically cleansed Kosovar. -- Certainly the initial enthusiasm for the war among those who live by PC-controlled TV in the West was notable. Yet the essential nature of the Third Way has remained elusive. Though it clearly combines such traditional irreconcilables as authoritarianism and humanitarianism in a way that is impressive and may mark the beginning of a long (and even prosperous and fairly peaceful) period of Western Empire, what is the Third Way? Is it just a new political pragmatism that has brought rich rewards for the multicultural jet-set that has found it can coral the votes of diverse minorities by illusions of 'affirmation'? Is it just a new bible written by sycophants for the Reverend Blair, giving him the confidence to say as he does "History does not set problems that humanity cannot solve"?
      Enter London School of Economics boss Prof. Giddens.* Though a sociologist who has always avoided games with numbers, Giddens sees very clearly where the numbers are to be found to support neosocialism and its planned empire. It is women who, especially within that persistently traditional arrangement, the family, are the 'oppressed class'; virtually any continuation of anti-male policies (especially, making men provide more fully after family break-up) can be justified by reference to that holy of holies, 'protection of women and children'; and women are the key to neoimperialism because the most shocking feature of much of the rest of the world (to Harvard eyes) is the 'oppression of women' in arrangements of clitoridectomy (Islam), child marriage (Hinduism) and enforced sterilization (China). Whereas the USA has a traditional culture of what Giddens calls "outlaw masculinity" -- on display at Columbine High School as he spoke, he observed -- the new world order will involve progress towards a decent degree of feminism.
      Yet feminazism itself is not what neosocialists can say they champion. That would be too partisan and risk losing the votes of the 47% of Western voters who are males -- a few of whom still have a passable sperm and balls count. Rather, declares Giddens, the Third Way is to be about DEMOCRACY. It is in the name of this principle, already accepted in name world-wide through the twentieth century, that neosocialism is to achieve its breakthroughs to 'progress' and 'decency.' In particular, Giddens wants to see a psychological shift, towards a DEMOCRACY OF THE EMOTIONS -- that is, towards an equality of respect among all family members. The family is no longer intrinsically about sex or children or even shared accommodation, observes Giddens. The traditional links between sex, love, companionship and procreation have been broken. Instead, the modern Western is about intimacy. This is what people need in their lives; and intimacy requires democratic instincts reinforced by draconian governments which will punish offenders and bomb foreign enemies into rapid, well, er, fairly rapid submission.
      One has to hand it to the Prof. It is a stroke of some genius to claim for capricious female-favouring neosocialism a coherence in DEMOCRACY. In a Western world where elite leadership has come to be reviled -- witness Britain's own final assault on its House of Lords -- DEMOCRACY may seem pretty unanswerable. If one's country has to be democratic, why not one's school and university and family?
      Anyone smell a rat? Well, why not demand democracy in one's firm or factory? Or hospital? And this indeed was precisely the objective of those former enthusiasts for psychological democracy, the afficionados of partnership schemes in industry and milieu therapy in psychiatric hospitals that were hoped, in the 1960's, to bring breakthroughs not only in social harmony but in economic prosperity and remission of schizophrenia. In fact, Yugoslavia -- that very model of economic partnership that was often held up for emulation by the West -- has sunk without trace of its once improving ideals; and the entire advance in freeing patients from psychiatric hospitals was made by the drug companies. The pursuit of industrial democracy may rumble on in trade union circles and the European Union. However, the electability of neosocialists has resulted only from the left's grudging acceptance that it would cease to favour such weasel words and their users. The barons of corporate labour who had waxed so powerful (especially in strike-torn pre-Thatcher Britain) have been stripped of their privilege to picket and their pretences at democracy cruelly exposed. Already, universities driven by democratic considerations plainly abandon academic standards and sack staff who upset the ignorant idealism of 'student representatives.' After such such failures of democratic rhetoric, it is hilarious to think of the principle of democracy being turned by politicians on 'the family.' One can only imagine that such a process will undo either the family or neosocialism or both. Already, men are reluctant to make marriages in which they can easily end homeless and penniless for the sake of unseen children and errant wives. If Giddens' 'democracy of the emotions' means that partners will no longer be able to suit themselves as to the types of domestic arrangement they set up, even the currently long-lasting marriages of Asian and Islamic migrants will be put at risk until neosocialism is overthrown.
      Like equality, democracy has some attractive features. In the absence of plain reasoning and preferences and contracts to the contrary, it is a fair -- if rather boring -- idea that people should contribute equally to group decisions. Some term should be coined (equitude?) to distinguish such a simple principle from the more common lunacies of egalitarianism {see Quotes XXVIII} and from the many bizarre versions of democracy that have been seen (not least in Iron Curtain countries and 'people's republics') in the twentieth century. Yet any reasonable statement of the democratic objective necessarily contains a reminder that people do not want to be equal -- let alone the same -- in all of the groups to which they belong. Nor do they wish all groups to be the same: unlike the bomb-happy military novitiates, Emperor Clinton and Augustus Blair, most people are happy and even grateful to 'live and let live' -- at least so long as a country like Serbia does not lock in its Kosovars and treat them like post-war Communism long treated its Jews and other dissidents.
      To re-establish a true liberalism -- and to add a new ingredient of choice by users of state services -- must now be the urgent objective of those in the West who value human intelligence, human diversity and the human spirit. Currently the West's neosocialists are cock-a-hoop -- assisted by a powerful Nato that many of them did precious little to support and equip while the West stood against Soviet Communism. A crusade for JUSTICE -- for people to get what they themselves bargain for -- cannot begin soon enough in the West. It is people's own solemn choices that need government assistance -- and states should provide a multiplicity of ways (different political cantons, different types of school, different forms of marriage) in which intelligent freedom can find expression. Yes, of course people should be bombed sometimes -- when they lock their people in and starve them, as Stalin did repeatedly to Ukrainians in the 1930's without a squeak of protest from international socialists. Such enclosure and right-stripping is precisely the course on which the British Labour party is still officially committed to embark: its constitution still seeks, and many of its enthusiasts still want, to abolish private schools and hospitals and to make it a crime to seek educational and medical help outwith the provision made by the British state. Hopefully, democracy will prevent such enthusiasts having their way even when such man-hating neoimperialists claim democracy as their slogan; but neoliberalism is the only serious defence against neosocialism.

*  Times Higher's columnist, Laurie Taylor, has coined the verb 'to gidden', meaning 'to produce books at a rate of more than one per year across a reasonable time frame.'


{Hillary's sickly question? 'Tony, how do we make sure in our humanitarian intervention round the world that no family gets missed out?' Prof. Giddens' answer? 'I lick your ass.'}


(cf. McDNL 27 iv '99, Columbine High: brains would not have been overtly valued)


-- After years of being spurned in officially egalitarian
schools, the 'nerds' rebelled, says website --

News for Nerds [] 26 iv '99,
Jon Katz "from the Geek-Profiling Department"


In the days after the Littleton massacre, the country went on a panicked hunt for the oddballs in High School -- a profoundly ignorant and unthinking response to a tragedy that left geeks, nerds, non-conformists and the alienated in an even worse situation than before. Columnists all over the country embarked on witch-hunts that amounted to little more than Geek Profiling. All weekend, these voiceless kids -- invisible in media and on TV talk shows and powerless in their own schools -- have been e-mailing me with stories of what has happened to them in the past few days. Here are some of those stories in their own words, with gratitude and admiration for their courage in sending them. The big story out of Littleton isn't about violence on the Internet, or whether or not video games are turning out kids into killers. It's about the fact that for some of the best, brightest and most interesting kids, high school is a nightmare of exclusion, cruelty, warped values and anger….

….From Jason in Pennsylvania: "The hate just eats you up, like the molten metal moving up Keanu Reeve's arm in the ?The Matrix.? That's what I thought of when I saw it. You lose track of what is real and what isn't. The worst people are the happiest and do the best, the best and smartest people are the most miserable and picked upon. The cruelty is unimaginable. If Dan Rather wants to know why those guys killed those people in Littleton, Colorado, tell him for me that the kids who run the school probably drove them crazy, bit by bit?. That doesn't mean all those kids deserved to die. But a lot of kids in America know why it happened, even if the people running schools don't."

….From ES in New York: "High school favors people with a certain look and attitude -- the adolescent equivalent of Aryans. They are the chosen ones, and they want to get rid of anyone who doesn't look and think the way they do. One of the things which makes this so infuriating is that the system favors shallow people. Anyone who took the time to think about things would realize that things like the prom, school spirit and who won the football game are utterly insignificant in the larger scheme of things. So anyone with depth of thought is almost automatically excluded from the main high school social structure. It's like some horribly twisted form of Social Darwinism. I would never, ever do anything at all like what was done in Colorado. I can't understand how anyone could. But I do understand the hatred of high school life which, I guess, prompted it."

….From a Slashdot reader: "[Even] you and a lot of the Slashdot readers don't get it. You don't have the guts to stand up and say these games are not only not evil, they are great. They are good. They are challenging and stimulating. They help millions of kids who have nowhere else to go, because the whole world is set up to take care of different kinds of kids, kids who fit in, who do what they're told, who are popular. I've made more friends online on than I have in three years of high school. I think about my characters and my competitions and battles all day. Nothing I've been taught in school interests me as much. And believe me, the gamers who (try to) kill me online all day are a lot closer to me than the kids I go to high school with. I'm in my own world, for sure, but it's my choice and it's a world I love. Without it, I wouldn't have one... Last week, my father told me he had cancelled my ISP because he had asked me not to game so much and I still was. And when he saw the Colorado thing online, he said, he told my Mom that he felt one of these kids could be me. I am a resourceful geek, and I was back online before he got to bed that night. But I have to go underground now."

….From Jane (Florida): "School sucks. It's run like a police state and it's boring and clueless."

….From John Katz: "Teachers and administrators have an obligation to make dignity for everybody -- not just the popular and the conventional -- an urgent educational concern, in the same way they've taken on racism and other forms of bigotry. ….Geeks are used to choice, a landmark cultural and political issue for them. It's the responsibility of schools to create more challenging and interactive environments for their students -- a benefit for all younger people who need to learn how to analyze, how to question, how to reach decisions, not just how to take notes and then check the right boxes on the midterm. ….And: freedom. Why does the First Amendment end at the school door, when many kids, especially geeks, have spent much of their lives in the freest part of American culture -- the Internet? Online, people can speak about anything: dump on God, talk about sex, flame pundits, express themselves politically and rebelliously. In school, no one can. Geeks, perhaps more accustomed to free expression than their non-wired peers, increasingly and disturbingly refer to schools as "fascistic" environments in which they are censored and oppressed. All kids can't have absolute freedom all the time but many kids, especially older ones raised in the Digital Age, need more than they're getting. Without it, they will become increasingly alienated.
    A gaming website like PlanetQuake gets more than 70,000 visitors a day; Planet Halflife gets about 30,000. GameSpy, which helps gamers connect to local games, draws between 60,000 and 80,000. Estimates of online gamers in the United States alone run as high as 15 to 20 million people. The half-baked notion that this activity sparks kids to grab lethal weapons and murder their peers sends a particular kind of message to the millions of kids gaming on and off-line -- that the people responsible for educating and protecting them (politicians, therapists, journalists, educators) have no idea what they are talking about, and are posturing in the most ignorant and self-serving ways. It's hard to imagine a more alienating lesson for the young than that. "


{Littleton's murderous but elitism-deprived 'TrenchCoat', Dylan Klebold, did not just impress his school's choir master (McDNL 27 iv '99). It now transpires that he won much-sought-after admission as an honours student to Arizona State University, the academic location of the noted evolutionary biologist, John Alcock. [Alcock is the author of a popular text on animal behavior and writer of a splendidly vicious assault on S. J. Gould (Human Behavior and Evolution Society, 1997)].}

{On a recent CNN program "Burden of Proof", the topic was whether parents should be held responsible for damage done by their children in criminal cases. One Denver prosecutor suggested that these sorts of cases (Littleton) one might invoke something like product liability suits against the parents. For the merits of advance delinquency insurance, see What about eugenics?.}


NEW YORK (CNN 29 iv '99)-- Five boys at a Brooklyn middle school were arrested and charged with conspiracy to bomb their graduation ceremony after police found a bomb-making manual and apparent hit list on school grounds, authorities said. The identities of the boys, aged 13 or 14, have not been released. Chiara Coletti, a New York City Schools spokeswoman, said all five were good, computer-savvy students. Four had very good attendance records at McKinley Junior High.


Police have said that Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, got three of the four weapons they used from Klebold's girlfriend Robyn Anderson, 18. She allegedly bought them at a gun show where neither a waiting period, identification or a background check was required.       In Denver, 10,000 people marched in protest to the hotel where the National Rifle Association was holding a convention.

"While arrest or conviction rates and the death penalty reduce "normal" murder rates, our results show that the only policy factor to influence multiple victim public shootings is the passage of concealed handgun laws. We explain why public shootings are more sensitive than other violent crimes to concealed handguns, why the laws reduce both the number of shootings as well as their severity, and why other penalties like executions have differential deterrent effects depending upon the type of murder."
    John Lott & William Landes, 1999, "Multiple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handgun Laws." John Lott is the author of the recent "More Guns, Less Crime," to name just one of many dozen works on his c.v.; William Landes is one of the founders of the Law & Economics movement, and is a professor of law and economics at University of Chicago Law School. The full text is available in PDF format at

"We and others find numerous errors in Lott and Mustard's study which bias their findings, and little support for their conclusions that RTC [Right To Carry] laws reduce violent crime. Previous research finds no deterrent effects from right-to-carry laws and suggests that the laws may actually increase homicide rates."
    Daniel Webster, a researcher with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, in a rebuttal distributed to gun-policy researchers around the country.

In fact, at Columbine High School, an armed sheriff's deputy had been patrolling the school grounds when the shooting began, and exchanged fire with the two pupil gunmen. Overwhelmed by their firepower, the deputy retreated and called for backup. Meanwhile, Harris and Klebold murdered 13 classmates and then killed themselves (APB News 30 iv '99, Hans H. Chen). Whether the armed deputy's presence limited the scale of the massacre remains to be established.

From 'News for Nerds': "Goth is a style -- of music, dress, state of mind. In general, Goths wear black, hang out on the Net, experiment with androgynous styles, are sometimes drawn to piercings, tattoos and white makeup; and love Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and the Cure. Among their cherished authors are Sartre, Burroughs, Shelley and Poe. Fascinated with death (a taboo in the media and certainly in schools, along with sex and the open discussion of religion), Goths see it as a part of life. In general, though, Goths do not hurt people. They brood; they emote; but the idea that they are murderous is a cultural libel. ….Goths are probably one of the least likely cultures in American life to commit homicide; their weapons of choice are electronic flames, not machine guns."


The Littleton TrenchCoats have provided a most splendid rationale for clamp-downs on 'hate' speech. Parents in Littleton upset by the TrenchCoats filed an incident report last spring and gave deputies a sheaf of Web postings by Harris such as "God, I can't wait until I can kill you people." Understandably enough, the parents now complain that police did nothing about their report. {Probably the US police already had well-rehearsed routines for dismissing such complaints -- e.g. about Black people saying they want to 'kill mothafuckin' honkies.'}


Just five days before the attack, the Marine Corps rejected Harris as a recruit because he had been prescribed Luvox, which is generally prescribed to treat obsessive compulsive behavior.


(Dr TOM MARKIN, free-lance writer,


Alarm has been raised about the air traffic control center in Atlanta, Georgia. The center, once regarded as the safest in the U.S., this year had the worst record of the nation's 22 air traffic centers. Rank-and-file air traffic controllers charge that the change took place when the newly appointed Air Traffic Manager, Nancy Shelton, was put in charge to boost the number of women and minorities in senior management posts. Since Shelton took charge in December, 1993, FAA records show the incidence of operational errors -- permitting two planes to come closer to each other than FAA regulations allow -- in one year went from 33 to 41, and the following year escalated to 51. FAA's investigators said Shelton and her subordinates "had agendas other than the management of the center, and that this contributed to a perceived lack of commitment to the future of the facility."
      According to Randy Schwitz, regional vice-president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, FAA's gender and racial goals were won at the expense of qualifications and expertise. He said: "There have been lots of management selections in the Southern Region in the past two years and most have been for diversity, meaning they were people of color or women...I'm not saying they shouldn't be there, but I think qualifications have taken a back seat in some of the selections."

Humanitarian Intervention/Multicultural Bombing, Week 6

WASHINGTON 25 iv '99 -- Republic Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan: "With regard to Kosovo, there were 2,000 killed in 1998 in a low-grade civil war. There was no genocide going on. It was an ugly little war. The massive ethnic cleansing of 1999 is a consequence of air strikes and Rambouillet. We ourselves have ignited this debacle. ….the Nato expansionists and the Nato interventionists who launched this Balkan Bay of Pigs are more responsible than anyone for the possible ruin of Nato's credibility, and secondly for the possible destruction of Nato."

28 iv '99 (Times) -- Britain has agreed with Russia that there need be no reference to 'Nato' in any Kosovo climb-down document. Instead, only an 'international peacekeeping force' will be mentioned. As well as meeting Russian demands that no Nato leadership of any force be articulated, the agreed formula will, from the West's point of view, mercifully disguise the extent of Russian involvement in the new Kosovo. In Washington, Congress reckons the President has grossly underestimated the cost of the antics in Yugoslavia (now thought to have cost the USA 12 billion dollars for the military aspect alone) and has forbidden the use of ground troops without its express authority. Only Britain and France currently wish to send in ground troops in an opposed entry, and Britain has none to spare (for the British Army is needed to enforce multiculturalism in Northern Ireland); so a compromise has become a necessity, involving the Red Army. Russia will thus have advanced its troops virtually to the Adriatic -- a time-honoured objective of Russian foreign policy; and the expense will be borne by Nato; but Emperor Clinton will then be able to limit the Kosovo debacle before his toadies in the press abandon the charade of 'Nato success' after six weeks of bombing Serbia without helping a single Kosovar. -- And before the KLA is reinforced by young men of Albanian ethnicity now returning from all over Europe at the rate of 200 per day to fight for their homeland. The 'international force' will need all the Red Army help it can get if there is to be the slightest chance of separating the Serbs and the KLA, or of keeping the KLA from turning on Nato's own charity-worker troops in Albania if it feels let down by any Kosovo deal.
    The Nato versus Serbia exercise in multicultural neosocialist bombing can hardly stop too soon. As another twenty civilians were killed on a housing estate at Surdulica, 2km from Serbian military barracks, Nato was reduced to justifying its killings [without war having been declared] by saying that at least it hadn't murdered as many people as Mr Milosevic in Kosovo. So much for the high morality of six weeks of bombing a European country from 15,000 feet! Nato's failures have resulted in both mission creep and method creep: lately we hear that Milosevic must be deposed or killed in his own home, that a TV station is a reasonable target for unwarned bombing, that bombing policies will continue unaltered despite three major incidents of 'collateral damage' (i.e. civilian deaths -- including as many Kosovars as Serbs) and that Belgrade itself should be taken by Nato armies currently based on the Rhine. In the Times, columnist Simon Jenkins deplored the hypocrisy and said Britain was being shamed by the incoherence: "It is an odd 'just war' that seeks an equivalence of mayhem in others' conflicts. ….[You] cannot summon a nation to a just war and say that a just war is for wimps."     Prime Minister Blair himself is having a good war and continues "eloquent and passionate" [supporters] and "sanctimonious and thoughtless" [non-supporters] in defence of bombing and 'what it takes'; but veteran Labour MP Tony Benn denounced the bombings in Serbia as "war crimes." On BBCR4UK, top interviewer John Humphrys was taken aback to be asked from Belgrade whether he had any neutral evidence of the rapes and genocide in Kosovo that are standardly alleged by the BBC. "Yes," replied the interviewer but declined to indicate what his evidence was. In a stinging blow to President Clinton's foreign policy and the U.S.-led Nato bombing, a US House of Representatives resolution authorizing air strikes failed to pass as a deadlocked vote showed deep opposition to American involvement in the war (Reuters). The White House failed to talk civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson out of going to Yugoslavia on a freelance peace mission.

29 iv '99 -- Germany and Italy are both essential to Nato's current air campaign, and would be vital to any future ground option as well. They have also made it clear that they are eager for the crisis to end. Both countries' governments are threatened with collapse due to internal division over Operation Allied Force. In addition, Germany has substantial economic and security interests that weigh against deepening the rift between Russia and the West. The U.S. is exerting every effort to maintain Nato unity, and neither Germany nor Italy wants to shatter the organization, but they also cannot tolerate the conflict going on much longer. Letters in the Times were equally divided about the war but, remarkably, a Group Captain Keith Chapman, RAF (retd), demanded an "immediate end" to the bombing.

30 iv '99 -- Nato's multicultural intervention to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo continued into its sixth week with the bombing of homes forty miles inside Bulgaria. Nato explained that 15% of 'smart bombs' standardly miss their targets. Boris Yeltsin denounced Nato's campaign as a "lawless and disproportionate use of force." In Germany, the Chief Whip of the ruling Social Democratic Party, Peter Struck, accused Britain of "incredible meanness" in taking only 330 Albanian Kosovars as refugees, whereas Germany has taken 9,974. Even tiny Norway had taken 1,570; and Turkey had received 5,144 (Guardian). In Greece, protesters have changed road signs to divert Nato convoys through market areas where troops are pelted with rotten eggs and fruit; and the government has said it will not countenance the use of Greek soil to mount a ground invasion of Kosovo. On the BBC's 'Any Questions' programme, Britain's leading left-winger, the veteran Tony Benn MP, denounced Nato's bombings as "war crimes" and said London journalists were plainly censored or self-censored in ignoring votes against the war in the US Congress and in failing to report that some 10,000 people have protested in London's Trafalgar Square over each of the past few weekends.

{Elsewhere, ethnic cleansing is occurring quite naturally in the USA. The University of Princeton today attracts few Jewish applicants whereas the University of Pennsylvania is now 35% Jewish. In the University of Texas, the effort to keep out academically qualified White applicants is continuing (Daily Texan 29 iv '99). This luniversity's Senate Education Committee is now recommending privileged entry for applicants who: claim need-based financial aid, are the first in their family in graduate school, have bilingual proficiency {presumably Eubonics is a second language, as well as Spanish}, and have family obligations {mothers and siblings to support}. White students who do strangely get through to the University of Arizona are encouraged to do penance by joining encounter sessions called 'Tunnel of Oppression' where they are called 'fag,' 'bitch,' 'pussy', 'nigger' and 'slut' through a public address system and put in blacked-out rooms with a sound of hissing gas to give them a Holocaust experience.}

The pro-Serbian 'Truth in Media' organization received the following message from American Indians: ""Hypocritical" is possibly the word best suited for the American role in the aggression against the nation of Yugoslavia. All alleged Serb crimes -- the justifications rendered by the Clinton administration for this aggression -- have been and continue to be perpetrated by the United States Government against its own Native Peoples. Since its beginning, the United States has sought to eradicate or assimilate the ethnic people of the continent it occupies. Germ warfare, massacre of women, children and the elderly, forced removal from homelands, and sequestering in desolate environments have been U.S. policy. The removal of ethnic Albanians is played up by the Americans, forgetting that it was the United States Government which ordered the forced removal from the southeastern part of the American continent of the Five Civilized Nations in what was later to be called The Trail of Tears: American Indian people forced from their homes with little more than they could carry in their arms; forced westward marches with the dead and dying left on the side of the trails; and execution of any who sought to remain or escape. ….Today the Nations of the world stand by in fear, as if frightened by a large serpent and the threat of its fangs, as the American aggression continues, forgetting that in time even they will be challenged to withdraw their sovereign rights or be attacked. Just like the Roman, Spanish and British empires before it, the United States' Empire has grown in military and monetary strengths to the point that it has placed itself in the position of making the Nations of the World its subjects. All the empires before it continued to destroy the rights of others until enough courage was borne in them to stand up to the attacks. Even the American Empire had its beginning by standing against what was then the greatest empire in the World. And Its victory was only achieved only with the aid of others tired of that Empire."

2 v '99 -- Opinion polls show more than 95 per cent of Greeks oppose the bombing against what they see as a traditional ally. In Germany, Oskar Lafontaine, in his first major speech since quitting as finance minister and chairman of the ruling Social Democrats two months ago, told 12,000 cheering supporters in Saarbruecken: ``More and more innocent people are becoming victims of this bombing. I urge those responsible to work toward ending the bombing, to return to the negotiating table to end the murdering and bombing.'' The Forsa Opinion Poll Institute shows 52 per cent of Germans now favour an immediate unilateral halt in the NATO campaign. According to the New York Times, "the Pentagon says this war is costing about $37 million a day, and that's not counting the relief operation for refugees.


Extract from address by Truth in Media editor Bob Djurdjevich, in Washington on May 1 to a protest rally against the bombing:
"….Less than two weeks ago, I traveled to Serbia, where I spent five days under NATO's bombardment. What I saw was wanton and senseless devastation. As I left Belgrade, the civilian death toll stood at over 500, including 51 children. After the NATO bombings this week, it is now much higher than that. If you pick up a pamphlet at the Truth in Media table over there, you can see for yourself -- the 11-month old Bojana, for example, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father. You can see the rubble into which NATO has turned a residential neighborhood in the southern Serbian town of Aleksinac on Apr. 6. You can see an international passenger train gutted after being hit by NATO bombers on a bridge near Leskovac on Apr. 12. You can see the collapsed bridges over the Danube near Novi Sad which NATO destroyed, blocking Europe's longest waterway, and cutting off fresh water supply to half of the population of Serbia's second largest city. You've also heard, I am sure, that on Wednesday of this week, NATO killed 18 civilians, including 12 children, in the southern Serbian town of Surdulica. That on Friday, one of NATO missiles even hit a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria. And that last night, downtown Belgrade was attacked again, with scores of civilians killed or injured. A fashionable street, Belgrade's "embassy row," like the Massachusetts Avenue in Washington [pointing toward it], was practically carpet-bombed by the NATO madmen. Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton is not waging war on Milosevic; he is waging war on Serb civilians. A cowardly war. Bombs being dropped on Serb citizens -- men, women and children from a height of 10,000 to 30,000 ft. And then there are human tragedies I came across during my trip which never get reported in the media - Serb or American. Like that of the four-year old Mina. A young Serb doctor treating this little girl told me that that this four-year was losing her hair. From the constant trauma caused by air raid sirens and bombs. Asked by the doctor what she feared more -- the sirens or the bombs -- the little Mina said the dreaded the sirens more. And now, YOU will have a chance to find out why. What you're about to hear is no Hollywood soundstage product. It is a live recording of an air raid siren made on a Belgrade balcony less than two weeks ago. (PLAYED THE TAPE) [As the sound of Belgrade air raid sirens filled the air between the White House and the Washington Memorial through powerful soundstage speakers for full 60 seconds, expressions of shock and fear were visible on the faces of people in the crowd]. What usually follows is this sound of anti-aircraft artillery fire; then the bombs; then fire truck sirens. And then, the silence of the dead…."


With Greece, Italy, the US Congress and Jesse Jackson abjuring a Nato invasion of Kosovo, the Clinton Administration, which still adamantly opposes a UN sponsored peace, is looking somewhat isolated. In London, snake oil salesman ooops Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who had previously been gung-ho for the Reverend Blair's bombings, has been emollient in his remarks about Serbia over the past week. It seems increasingly likely that Nato's murderous humanitarian intervention will end with Russian troops in the Adriatic port of Bar -- a long-standing ambition of Russian diplomacy. Hopefully there will be world-wide subscriptions for impressive memorials to those Serbs and Albanian Kosovars who lost their lives before the folly of multicultural neosocialism became plain.

Anti-Multicultural Bombing, Week 3

LONDON (BBCR4UK 30 iv '99)  -- A third nail bomb attack has killed three people and wounded seventy more, nineteen of them seriously, in a notorious homosexual venue in Soho. The bomb exploded in a crowded public house, the Admiral Duncan, in the early evening as thousands of revellers met in Soho's gay area to begin celebrating a May holiday that will close government offices, banks and libraries throughout Britain on May 3. Previous nail-bomb attacks targeted Blacks (Brixton) and 'Asians' (Brick Lane) {McDNL 20 and 27 iv '99}. The new attack occurred despite police having arrested a suspect fitting the description of a man (White, c. 25, 5'6", wearing baseball cap and tee shirt) who appeared on videomonitors in Brixton market shortly before the nail bomb attack of two weeks ago. For Searchlight, the 'anti-Nazi' magazine that assists the BBC with its inquiries, the far-right (etc.) bombers appear to be 'an intelligent and well organized group', the White Wolves, whose plans can be traced back to 1994. Searchlight does not regard police response to the attacks on minorities as having been adequate -- though what would appear adequate to such a group as its hour of media glory has come remains unknown.

2 v '99 Police hunting for the perpetrators of the London anti-minority atrocities charged a 22-year-old engineer from Hampshire and arrested two others in London, but released the last two on bail together with a previously arrested suspect. The police denied the man charged had any membership of or conspicuous link to such NNN groups as 'Combat 18' or the 'White Wolves.' Supposedly he was operating "for his own motives." A new group, called 'White Lightning' has apparently been leafleting south London's Brixton area with material which Home Secretary Jack Straw believes falls foul of Britain's legislation against incitement to racial hatred. The 'White Wolves' -- first noticed by 'anti-Nazis' in 1994 -- are apparently named after a Serbian death squad that has recently been active in Kosovo. (A phone call to police claimed to be from a Serbian death squad which had murdered popular British TV present Jill Dando on her own doorstep -- producing national horror and grief.) According to two Sunday newspapers, the 'thug' who leads the White Wolves is now in hiding in the USA. Showing that Christians of the Church of England have moved on from Old Testament values, the Archbishop of Canterbury said that "anything to do with racism or homophobia has to be rejected by us all" (CFMR 10:00).

At Oxford University, an invitation to British National Party leader John Tyndall to address the Oxford Union was withdrawn after police had raised security fears. {Britain's police are not singularly daring in such matters these days. Last year an invited talk by Chris Brand to the Oxford Scientific Society had to be cancelled after similar anxieties had surfaced.}

3 v '99 Times -- "In a passionate speech to an audience of Sikhs in Birmingham, Mr Blair said that the bomb attacks on the black and Asian communities were an attack on the whole of Britain. "When one section of our community is under attack, we defend them in the name of all the community," he said. "When the gay community is attacked and innocent people are murdered, all the good people of Britain, whatever their race, their lifestyle, their class, unite in revulsion and determination to bring the evil people to justice. ….The true outcasts, the true minorities, those truly excluded are not the different races and religions of Britain, but the racists, the bombers, the violent criminals who hate that vision of Britain and try to destroy it. But they shall not win. The great decent majority of British people will not let them. We will defeat them and then we can build the tolerant, multi-racial Britain the vast majority of us want to see.""

Ethnic Cleansing Realism

A Quebec correspondent writes:

The Swiss recently accomplished a peaceful reordering of ethnic boundaries to achieve the same ends as "ethnic cleansing". Their cantons are now more homogeneous ethnically, e.g., the French, once in the canton of Berne, now have their own French canton of Jura, spreading across the Jura Mountains in the north-west and connecting them to France. It was done extremely democratically via a series of referenda. The process was not perfect, perhaps -- they still wound up with a few outliers. But it will be possible to handle most outliers via a land/house swapping system which I gather also occurred along the border of Germany and Denmark years ago.
      Such a cantonization procedure has been favoured by many (including myself) for Quebec for some time now. Jura, as a canton, is still part of the Swiss federation, and one can easily appreciate the importance of a federal government (but not a Milosevic, please!) for handling common tasks and preventing squabbling between cantons; but Jura and the other cantons have enormous autonomy culturally.

A Chicago correspondent writes:

In the Cecilienhof Palace at Potsdam, near Berlin, from 17 July to 2 August 1945, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and Josef Stalin finalized the division of the corpus of Germany planned at Teheran and Yalta. Just as Wilson's Fourteen Points, following World War I, had offered that territorial changes would be based on the wishes of the peoples concerned, so, in the 1941 Atlantic Charter, the same pledges were made and broken. Instead, the entire populations of East Prussia, most of Pomerania and Silesia, and the Germans in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia were expelled -- some 12 to 15 million people. Historian A. Bell-Fialkoff writes (A Brief History of Ethnic Cleansing, Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993, p.115): "What ensued was the largest and most sweeping 'ethnic cleansing' in history . . .About 2.1 million of these died from a combination of war, hunger, cold and disease."


The notoriously short memories of Japanese for the Rape of Nanking (1937) are going to matched by short memories in Cambodia for the 1.7 million people killed by the Khmer Rouge (1977).

Reuters 27 iv '99


Cambodia Schools Skip ''Killing Fields''

Evidence of the Khmer Rouge reign of terror is not hard to find in Cambodia -- from monuments piled high with skulls to the deep emotional scars still borne by those who lived through it. But just two decades on and amid moves to put Khmer Rouge leaders on trial for their crimes, Cambodian schoolchildren find little or no mention of this dark chapter in their textbooks. Critics fear this will mean the lessons of the dreadful past will one day be forgotten. An estimated 1.7 million people died during the Khmer Rouge's catastrophic revolution in the 1970s. The victims were either executed as class or ethnic enemies, or died of starvation, disease or exhaustion in brutally run agricultural collectives.
      Countless tomes detailing Khmer Rouge atrocities were distributed in Cambodia after Vietnam invaded to overthrow the Khmer Rouge in 1979, in no small part to justify the intervention by a rival and historically despised neighbour. But those books dropped out of fashion after rival factions signed a post-Cold War peace treaty in 1991 and "national reconciliation" became the main political buzzwords. Schools started leaving Khmer Rouge crimes off their lessons in the late 1980s after Vietnamese troops withdrew from Cambodia and momentum for peace intensified. "We didn't want to see the young generation seek revenge for the past," said Education Ministry director-general So Muy Kheang. "We dropped it because we want to see national reconciliation instead of revenge."


Advertiser's Announcement

The Museum of Tolerance --

Won't you join us? The Museum has more than 30,000 members from around the world who support our efforts in educating the public about the importance of tolerance in our society. As a member you will receive unlimited free visits to the Museum of Tolerance throughout the year as well as discounts on special events and in the bookstore.
"The Other America" exhibit features a wall-sized, computer interactive map documenting and locating the more than 250 hate groups in the United States.

Anti-racist Utopia

Reuters 28 iv '99

Xenophobia is on the rise in post-apartheid South Africa, with a growing number of brutal attacks on and killings of foreigners, the United Nations refugee agency says. "In the past two years, more than 30 innocent refugees and asylum seekers have been brutally killed, simply because they were foreigners," says a report released by the deputy regional representative of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Mengesha Kabede.
      The UNHCR report cites the deaths of two Mozambicans and a Senegalese on a train in Pretoria last September when an angry mob accused them of stealing jobs from South Africans. Two of the victims were electrocuted by overhead wires while trying to escape by climbing onto the roof of the train. The third was thrown out of a window and was hit by a train. "Increasingly, persons perceived as foreigners fall victim to hostile attacks and otherwise outrageous, xenophobic behaviour," the report says. David McDonald of the Southern African Migration Project told the news conference that xenophobia was mainly fuelled by a belief that immigrants were taking scarce jobs and were responsible for rising crime and disease. South Africa has shed 500,000 jobs in the first five years of democratic rule, pushing unemployment to around 30 percent.



In Japan, a weekly TV show uses a panel of 100 foreigners living in Japan. A correspondent tells McDNL:

Some weeks they have experiments. For example, one week they had wives in several countries make undelicious food for dinner (food is VERY VERY important to Japanese) and tested the husbands' reactions. The husbands in "white" countries tended to pretend the food was OK. (Japanese couldn't believe this. Some westerners explained that husbands are sometimes afraid of their wives. Japanese couldn't believe this.) But the African husband reacted very angrily, and even after the joke was revealed he was still plainly angry and his wife was plainly regretting she took part in the experiment. The Western wives showed no such regret.



Louis Andrews and Steve Sailer write and relay, 30 iv '99:

Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man was selected as the 24th most important non-fiction [some might find a little humor in the term "non-fiction" here] work in English of the 20th century by the Modern Library, a division of the publisher Random House. The Education of Henry Adams," the weighty but evasive 1918 autobiography about growing up in a famous presidential family (Adams never mentions his wife's suicide) tops the list. A quarter of all 100 selections were Random House imprints. In his book, according to the media, Gould demonstrated that IQ research done in the late-twentieth century was invalid because there were problems with brain size research done in the nineteenth century. Mismeasure's 24th position put it well ahead of Arnold Toynbee's A Study of History, J. K. Galbraith's The Affluent Society, Winston Churchill's The Second World War, Karl Popper's The Open Society and Its Enemies, R. H. Tawney's Religion and the Rise and Fall of Capitalism and Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
      Gould himself was on the Panel, but panelists were not allowed to vote for their own works. Today's New York Times has an article (by Dinitia Smith) and a complete listing. As noted, "Obviously, the judges fared well..." As one might expect, The Bell Curve was nowhere to be found. Other judges were: John Richardson, Charles Johnson, Carolyn See, Caleb Carr, A. S. Byatt, Vartan Gregorian, Jon Krakauer and Christopher Cerf, whose father, Bennett, owned the Modern Library, which became part of Random House. Scientists were conspicuous by their absence from the panel. One critic of the list was Camille Paglia. "I burst out laughing when I saw how many of the committee's books ended up on the list," Ms. Paglia said. "Please!" She called it "an act of shameful narcissism." The committee's sole black member, Johnson, said he was "very pleased with the African-American representation," which amounted to six books. Books that did not make it on to the list included David Riesman's The Lonely Crowd, Dr Spock's Child Care and the Growth of Love, William Whyte Jr.'s The Organization Man, Hannah Arendt's Human Condition, Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae and Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique. The omission of the century's four great works by historians Man on his Past (Herbert Butterfield), An Unfinished History of the World (Hugh Thomas), A History of the Modern World from 1917 (Paul Johnson) and The Age of Extremes: the Short Twentieth Century (Eric Hobsbawm) is also remarkable, though a work of the still active British military historian, John Keegan, was included. In today's climate it may be unsurprising that Hans Eysenck was ignored, but the omission of Sigmund Freud (e.g. Introductory Lectures) is strange.

Here are the top twenty non-fiction 'greats' that appealed to the East-coast culture-vultures:

1. "THE EDUCATION OF HENRY ADAMS," Henry Adams.   2. "THE VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE," William James.   3. "UP FROM SLAVERY," Booker T. Washington.   4. "A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN," Virginia Woolf.   5. "SILENT SPRING," Rachel Carson.   6. "SELECTED ESSAYS," 1917-1932, T. S. Eliot.   7. "THE DOUBLE HELIX," James D. Watson.   8. "SPEAK, MEMORY," Vladimir Nabokov.*  9. "THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE," H. L. Mencken.   10. "THE GENERAL THEORY OF EMPLOYMENT, INTEREST, AND MONEY," John Maynard Keynes.   11. "THE LIVES OF A CELL," Lewis Thomas.   12. "THE FRONTIER IN AMERICAN HISTORY," Frederick Jackson Turner.   13. "BLACK BOY," Richard Wright.   14. "ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL," E. M. Forster.   15. "THE CIVIL WAR," Shelby Foote.   16. "THE GUNS OF AUGUST," Barbara W. Tuchman.   17. "THE PROPER STUDY OF MANKIND," Isaiah Berlin.   18. "THE NATURE AND DESTINY OF MAN," Reinhold Niebuhr.   19. "NOTES OF A NATIVE SON," James Baldwin.  20. "THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ALICE B. TOKLAS," Gertrude Stein.

*  Nabokov was the only author from the top ten also to have a book (Lolita) in the Modern Library's fiction Top Ten of the century, selected last year amidst considerable controversy.

For more, see

For an excellent recent review of the "revised" version of Gould's book by Phil Rushton, see

Brain Size and Cognitive Ability: A Review With New Evidence

[Presented at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Columbus, Ohio, April 28 - May 1, 1999]

J. Philippe Rushton (

Modern research employing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which creates a three- dimensional image of the brain in vivo, confirms a correlation between brain size and IQ. Rushton and Ankney (1996, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 3, 21-36) reviewed the evidence and found an overall correlation of 0.44 between MRI measured brain size and IQ in 8 separate studies. Lower, but still significant, correlations are found between external head size and IQ (r = 0.20). Additional MRI and head size studies have since confirmed these relationships, as shown in the annotated reference list. As such, these data confirm Van Valen's review (1974, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 40, 417-424) estimating a correlation of about 0.30 between brain volume and cognitive ability from external head circumference.

Head Circumference Measurements

Furlow, F. B., Armijo-Prewitt, T., Gangestad, S. W., & Thornhill, R. (1997). Fluctuating asymmetry and psychometric intelligence. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B, 264, 823-829. [128 undergraduates, 60% female; r = 0.20]

Rushton, J. P. (1997). Cranial size and IQ in Asian Americans from birth to age seven. Intelligence, 25, 7-20. [100 Asian American 7-year-olds, 54% female; r = 0.20]

Summary: Number of studies = 2 Total N = 228 Unweighted mean = 0.20 N-weighted mean = 0.20.

   Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques

Flashman, L. A., Andreasen, N. C., Flaum, M., & Swayze II, V. W. (1998). Intelligence and regional brain volumes in normal controls. Intelligence, 25, 149-160. [90 healthy normal volunteers, 47% female; r = 0.25]

Reiss, A. R., Abrams, M. T., Singer, H. S., Ross, J. R., & Denckla, M. B. (1996). Brain development, gender and IQ in children: A volumetric study. Brain, 119, 1763-1774. [69 children aged 5- to 17- years, 80% female, r = 0.46]

Tan, U., Tan, M., Polat, P., Ceylon, Y., Suma, S., & Okur, A. (in press). Magnetic resonance imaging brain size/IQ relations in Turkish university students. Intelligence. [103 Turkish university students, 52% female, r = 0.40]

Schoenemann, P. T. (1997). An MRI study of the relationship between human neuroanatomy and behavioral ability. Unpublished dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley. [36 pairs of sisters, age not specified; r = 0.46]

Tramo, M. J., Loftus, W. C., Stukel, T. A., Green, R. L., Weaver, J. B., & Gazzaniga, M. S. (1998). Brain size, head size, and intelligence quotient in monozygotic twins. Neurology, 50, 1246-1252. [10 pairs of identical twins aged 24-43 years; sex unspecified; total forebrain volume, r = -.06; cortical surface area r = 0.20]

Wickett, J. C., Vernon, P. A., & Lee, D. H. (submitted). The relationships between the factors of intelligence and brain volume. Personality and Individual Differences. [34 pairs of brothers aged 20 to 35 years; r = 0.35, corrected r = 0.50]

Summary: Studies = 6 Total N = 422 Range of r = -.06 to 0.46 Unweighted mean = 0.31 N-weighted mean: 0.36

Conclusion: The correlations between cognitive ability and head size/brain size average about 0.30 and are as replicable a set of results as one will find in the behavioral sciences.


(Nature 29 iv '99: review of Susan Blackmore, 1999, The Meme Machine, Oxford University Press)

Memetics has not impressed Jerry Coyne, of the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. Like philosopher-ethologist Mary Midgeley (McDNL 20 iv '99), Coyne can't see any point in adding a new 'selfish replicator' to the concepts already available for handling human behaviour. Blackmore thinks songs, fax machines, books and alcohol are all 'meme machines' because they get copied; and Coyne grants her "ambitious advocacy" of her cause. But there are too many problems:

  1. Blackmore likes to believe that it was the arrival of memes that necessitated human brain growth. Yet human brain growth stopped about 500,000 years ago -- long before tee-shirts and most other memes were invented.
  2. Copying does not occur for its own sake. Rather, says Coyne, "humans, especially females, are attracted by power and its attendant resources."
  3. Blackmore thinks memes form meme-plexes and account for the 'self-plex'. Yet her account of the evolution of the self and consciousness does not seem to require people to be able to feel even pain, let alone anything else.
  4. Blackmore's theory that memes cause minds is suspiciously like saying that programmes cause computers.
  5. Whereas we know something of how and why genes spread, it is far from clear how or why memes spread. Memes seem to be constructs that are distinctly pre-scientific.

Altogether, while Blackmore's book "teems with speculations", these speculations are "untestable" and the book is "wholly unsatisfying." Coyne concludes: "To me, memetics boils down to the following obvious theory: ideas tend to spread if they cater to our desire to have love, comfort, pleasure, power, sex, the attention and admiration of others, a meaningful life and a way to evade the awful fact of mortality." Blackmore anticipates she will be reviled as was Darwin. "Call me Bishop Wilberforce!" concludes Coyne.

PS For a full consideration of Dawkinsian 'memes' and their conceptual complexities, see the article by Derek Gatherer, School of Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University at

Race & Sex

The dislike that Asian men feel for miscegenation is illuminated by recent U.S. figures from researcher Arthur Hu (

Frequency of Outmarriage

                                           Men Women Ratio

Chinese                               12.5% 15.0% 1.2
Korean                                 5.6% 24.4% 4.4
Japanese                             15.1% 34.5% 2.3
Filipino                                22.0% 31.7% 1.4
Indian                                  16.2% 16.4% 1.0
Vietnamese                           9.6% 26.4% 2.9
All Asian/Pacific Islanders    17.0% 30.0% 1.8

Multicultural Japan?

Thoughts from a correspondent at the Japanese University of Aizu on how Japan is adjusting to multicultural neosocialism:

"Japanese are "go with the flow" people if there ever were such a people. They can go from being the most warlike nation to the most pacifist in an hour. The "flow" now is toward a "global society" and they will flow into that if they see it as "normal." The Japanese language is now creolizing with English. (The number of English words in daily use probably exceeds 30 or 40,000.) The number of Japanese (mostly females) marrying foreigners is growing tremendously. The Japanese have no principles so they have no basis for objecting to this internationalization process except feelings (which matter greatly to Japanese), but if the "flow" drifts toward the "global standard" (a new Japanese word), this will be a sort of multi-ethnic society, believe it nor not.

Students' Corner

AUSTIN, Texas (U-Wire) -- In a novel educational experiment, students have begun expressing their opinions about past classes and professors on suggestion tables outside the Undergraduate Library. Jacob Hodges, vice chair of the Cabinet of College Councils, said his group started the "slam tables" -- which will continue throughout registration -- to allow students to openly write their opinions on courses and professors as advice for other students. "We've gotten a positive response, and we've been successful," Hodges said. "Students would definitely miss [the slam tables] if they weren't there."


ENTWINED LIVES-A word from Skeptic magazine
[Skeptic Mag Hotline,]

I wanted to let you all know about a new book I think is an important contribution to the scientific understanding of the relative roles of heredity and environment: ENTWINED LIVES: TWINS AND WHAT THEY TELL US ABOUT HUMAN BEHAVIOR (1999, Dutton) by Dr. Nancy Segal, a professor of psychology at California State University, Fullerton. Nancy spent nearly a decade working at the famous Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research with Thomas Bouchard, Jr., and has been a contributing editor for TWINS magazine. (She is also a twin-fraternal.)
      Nancy and her book were the subject of a Dateline NBC special report on twins a couple of weeks ago and this pushed her book up toward the top of the list (where you can order it, or it should be in most bookstores by now). ….What is especially interesting about Nancy's work is that she has developed an extensive database of not only maternal and fraternal twins, but of what she calls "pseudotwins"-adopted children of the same age raised in the same home. That is, they share no genetic relationship at all but they do share the same environment (since they are the same age there will be no birth order effects, cf. Frank Sulloway's research that shows how siblings of different ages compete for parental attention with different strategies and thus develop different attitudes, beliefs, and personalities). The bottom line to this study is fascinating: identical twins reared apart are more similar on almost any measurable behavioral trait or personality characteristic than these pseudotwins. So, as we continue to see over and over again, heredity matters in a big way.
      This is just one part of Nancy's research. The book is a complete study of twins, including all the amazing and almost freaky similarities between identical twins reared apart, like the Jim twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. These identical twin brothers were separated at birth and reunited at age 39. In addition to having the same jobs, cars, hobbies, and health histories, they both married a first wife named Linda, and a second wife named Betty (apparently when one of them separated from his wife the other wife got worried), they named their sons the same name of James Alan (the other James Allan-maybe the letter l is not genetically programmed), both drove a light blue Chevrolet when they met, both worked as sheriffs, both smoked Salems and drank Miller Lite, and, most amazingly, they both used the same brand of toothpaste-and I don't mean Crest [it was an obscure imported Swedish toothpaste called Vademecum]. Nancy's explanation for the latter is that genes code for taste preferences. Still, this is downright spooky. And the book is filled with such stories, as well as a LOT of good, solid research data. Check it out right away.

Springtime Ringtime

For the last ten years it has been known to researchers that identical twins, contrary to what some hereditarians and most environmentalists might have expected, are not particularly likely to fall in love with the same people -- except in so far as IQ and social attitudes influence choices.

Man 1: I went out with a pair of identical twins last night.

Man 2: Did you get off ooops on all right?

Man 3: Well, yes and no.

Legal World


A promising barrister had a car smash and was badly injured. On recovery, he found replacement surgery had given him busty-babe breasts, the arse of a dead homosexual and the large penis of a Black man. Looking on the bright side, he reflected that at least he now had three features that would recommend him to a modern Lord Chancellor when he put in for promotion to Silk.

For telling this story, with suitable adumbrations, at the Annual Dinner of the Criminal Bar Association in London, Judge Graham Boal QC has been reported by shocked lawyers to the Lord Chancellor, who has initiated inquiries as to the seemliness of his conduct (Times 28 iv '99). The London Bar turns out to have a Race Relations Committee and a Sex Discrimination Committee -- both of which reported their members to be in a swoon when they heard the story.

MAY 11



Black students enjoy less selective but more suitable campuses


A blistering new review of American social psychology

says Nato's General Wesley 'Supreme Being' Clark. A 'smart' bomb smokescreen must continue while Emperor Clinton placates Chinese as well as Russians and Serbs in the planned partition of the now uninhabited wasteland of Kosovo. Neosocialist faces must be saved, especially the Emperor's. Multicultural Bombing Crusade, Week 7.
: UK Foreign Office Minister Derek Fatchett, 53, dies of a massive heart attack after having to give Britain's apology for Nato's bloody destruction of China's embassy in Belgrade. Mr Slobodan Milosevic agrees to accept a small, lightly-armed, UN-controlled and US-financed force to help his police in Kosovo and orders withdrawal of some Serb troops from border areas already well scouted-out by Nato.

STUDENT SUPPLEMENT, including WEBSITES GALORE -- All you need to prepare for your summer research project on race and IQ. PLUS: TRAINEE PSYCHOLOGY TUTORS' CORNER!



-- Despite its holier-than-thou attitude to Chris Brand and The g Factor, the American Enterprise Institute is now itself accused of "racism." Wot a larf! --

One of the most influential think tanks in the United States also houses several of the nation's leading controversial pundits on race issues. In a new analysis, researcher Deborah Toler scrutinizes what she calls the "race desk" at the American Enterprise Institute.
      Toler, a policy analyst with the Institute for Public Accuracy, contends that mainstream AEI conservatives and "racist hate groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens" share a preoccupation with managing the emerging majority of people of color in the United States. According to AEI fellows, African Americans in particular constitute a major threat to Western civilization.
      In The End of Racism (New York : Free Press, 1995), AEI's John M. Olin fellow Dinesh D'Souza (himself of Indian origin) blames African Americans' so-called culture of poverty for their failure to achieve what whites and Asians in the U.S. have achieved. He especially blames the race relations industry for encouraging irresponsibility and anti-Western attitudes in young blacks. D'Souza advocates as an appropriate policy response the repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Black conservatives Glenn Loury and Robert Woodson found The End of Racism so offensive that they severed all ties with AEI in protest.
      Charles Murray's proposed study of genetic explanations for poverty was too hot to handle for the conservative Manhattan Institute -- but not for AEI, where he is a Bradley Fellow and where he completed the controversial book The Bell Curve. In his book Slouching Towards Gomorrah, Justice Robert Bork -- AEI's John M. Olin Fellow in Legal Studies -- place much of the blame for the "decline of bourgeois culture" on African American culture. AEI fellow Ben Wattenberg shares Bork's perspective and has written that the global demographic dominance of non-European populations threatens the ability of the West to continue its role as "the driving force of modernization."
      Despite considerable criticism of the overtly anti-African-American views of its most visible racial policy analysts, AEI continues to rake in huge sums of money from conservative foundations, corporations and individual contributors. AEI had $18.6 million in revenues in 1997 and expenses of only $14.3 million, allowing it to invest the surplus in building its endowment and pre-funding future research.
      Toler's The Right's 'Race Desk' is a joint project of IPA and the media watch group FAIR. The article is available in 'Extra!' at

The American Enterprise Institute wouldn't defend Chris Brand's book The g Factor. Its luminaries, Charles Murray and Dinesh D'Souza, have been as evasive about The g Factor as have crass environmentalists like Leon Kamin and Steve Jones. Yet now this top US free-marketeering think-tank is freely named as "racist" anyway! When will conservatives learn to stand up for themselves -- and for neoliberalism? Instead of race realists being picked off one by one, isn't it time for them to stand together with Immanuel Kant, Charles Darwin and Francis Galton and agree there are important and deep-seated differences between human races?

Affirmative Realism



Sent to McDNL by a Special US Correspondent


The Class of Prop. 209

In the wake of affirmative action, campuses in California are managing to maintain diversity without racial set-asides. This will satisfy neither liberals nor conservatives; but it's looking a lot like the future.


It may not have the cachet of Berkeley or U.C.L.A., but for many students, Riverside ends up being a blessing in disguise. The campus of the University of California at Berkeley in springtime is about as close to Shangri-La as most mortals are likely to get. When I paid a visit last month, the dogwoods and the cherry trees were in splendid bloom, and the broad, sunny plaza in front of the Mario Savio Steps at Sproul Hall was jammed with students. I had arrived during campaign season, and kids were milling around the plaza holding placards and bedsheets promising better, wiser, bolder student government. Berkeley must be one of the few universities with standing political parties, and several of the parties had set up booths. One of the loneliest of them, never staffed by more than a student or two, belonged to the Defend Affirmative Action Party.
      A year earlier, when the ban on the use of affirmative action enacted by the Board of Regents of the university and confirmed by voters in Proposition 209 went into effect, freshman minority enrollment at Berkeley had been cut by half. Conservatives had got their wish, but it had led to precisely the disaster predicted by affirmative action's backers. It wouldn't have been surprising, then, if preferences were a roaring issue on campus. I asked a student if the Defend Affirmative Action Party had a chance of winning a seat in this spring's elections in the student government. He consulted a friend. "Not really," he said. A poll taken at the time of Prop. 209 showed that in fact most students opposed affirmative action.


So began a long article breaking the news to NYT readers that the cutting back of affirmative racism by Prop.209 was not producing the disasters anticipated by PC types. In fact, educational streaming at the University of California has been working quite as well and as happily as any reader of Chapter 4 of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996) could have hoped. Some more quotes from the NYT article follow.


Ending affirmative action on campus has had many fewer nightmarish effects in California than you might have thought from the initial returns. Many, though scarcely all, of the minority students who didn't get in to Berkeley or U.C.L.A. the first year after Prop. 209 was passed enrolled instead at one of the less selective U.C. campuses, including Irvine, Santa Cruz and Riverside -- a phenomenon known in the affirmative action world as "cascading."

In recent years, however, as increasing numbers of high-school graduates have trained their sights on Berkeley and U.C.L.A., the U.C. system has developed a meritocratic ladder of its own. The campuses at the bottom, including Santa Cruz and Riverside, accept all U.C.-eligible students, but you have to be in the upper third of that group -- in the top 4 percent of the state -- to make it into Berkeley or U.C.L.A. Not many Latinos, and a minuscule number of blacks, make it into this pool-within-a-pool. And so the essential function of affirmative action in California has been to redistribute minority students from the bottom to the top of the U.C. ladder. Berkeley's gain, until recently, has been Riverside's loss. Now it's working the other way around.
      One way to think about the consequences of ending affirmative action, then, is to ask, How bad is it to go to Riverside? It's not a question that goes down well on the Riverside campus. One afternoon in March I sat around a table with a group of black and Chicano students who were involved in Riverside's outreach program. (Chicanos are Latinos of Mexican extraction.) When I asked Kenya Coleman, a black student who was majoring in business, whether she felt that students denied admission to Berkeley would be losing out on something at Riverside, she bristled slightly and said, "If they end up here it would be a blessing in disguise." ….Said Bert Wright Jr., at Riverside: 'I think I am more prepared in terms of graduate school than I would have been if I had gone to U.C.L.A. Some of the professors there are not necessarily as humble as they are here.' ….I met a surprising number of students who, like Wright or Coleman, had got into fancier schools but had chosen to enroll at Riverside, and none of them had come to regret it. A black student named Mark Thomas told me that he had been accepted at U.C.L.A., Berkeley, Yale and Princeton, but that he had chosen Riverside because it was much cheaper than the Ivy Leagues and had offered scholarship money unavailable at the other U.C. schools. Thomas was majoring in biochemistry. "This year," he said, "I've already spent two and a half to three hours with my academic adviser; I've heard that the average at other places is about half an hour."

[Deep in the boondocks, 60 miles east of L.A., and more into science than the arts or politics, Riverside wouldn't suit everyone.] One student, Josh Phillips, a white kid from Orange County who had scored a 1,400 on his S.A.T.'s but hadn't been able to afford Berkeley because of the higher housing costs, said tartly, "I'd rather be a number at U.C.L.A. than an individual here." ….Still, Riverside is much more than a credentialing factory. Many of the minority students I met were involved in the school's innumerable outreach programs. Indeed, one reason scarcely anyone could get agitated about affirmative action was that Riverside has an active sense of social mission that made the whole issue of preferences seem almost irrelevant. When I paid a visit to Carlos Vélez-Ib´ñez, dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, he started telling me about a program he had devised to bring minority students from a local community college to the campus for an intensive five-week summer course in research and statistical methods….

Robert Berdahl, the chancellor of Berkeley, says flatly, "The University of California in its eight institutions can not reform the public schools." What is striking, though, is the extent to which Riverside, a far more humble and pragmatic institution, has begun to reshape itself around the mission of expanding the pool of eligible minority students….

Whatever is lost with the elimination of affirmative action, what's gained is a new sense of mission for schools and universities. Riverside is considered one of the more "left" of the U.C. campuses; yet the left commitment there has to do with dedication to the painstaking work of improving minority performance. ….It may not have the cachet of Berkeley or U.C.L.A., but for many students, Riverside ends up being a blessing in disguise.


Full marks to James Traub for breaking NYT readers in so gently to the possibility of decent and acceptable types of education that do not madly fly in the face of IQ differences!

{On May 9th, the New York Times published news of the African 'Lemba' tribe that has Jewish genes and liking for circumcision. The story appeared in McDNL on March 16th. It took NYT that long to carry a little genes realism for its readers. Now will NYT mention The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996)? -- Not likely!}

PC Defeat


For years, faculty member Donald Downs has been active at the University of Wisconsin at Madison as an advocate of freedom of expression. He has argued that restrictions on classroom instruction -- either tacitly through the coercion of political correctness or in explicit speech codes -- inhibit faculty from exploring controversial ideas, for fear of retribution from students. For 19 months, an ad hoc committee at UW-Madison studied potential revisions to its existing speech code. Then, on March 1, the UW-Madison Faculty Senate effectively abolished the code by a 71-62 vote. The decision, according to Downs, made UW-Madison the first university in the country to abolish such a code of its own free will. With the speech codes nullified, Downs said there is now an infrastructure at UW-Madison to protect intellectual inquiry and academic freedom. During Tuesday's discussion he noted that it was ironic that it had taken what was virtually a political movement to guarantee faculty the freedom to pursue truth in the classroom.

{In other places, PC authoritarianism reigns -- e.g. at the university where William McDougall went as Professor of Psychology after he had tired of the behaviourism of 1920's Harvard. At Duke University, in 1998/9, first-year students take their first test at the end of orientation week. It's a questionnaire on attitudes about multiculturalism (the PC buzz word for P.C.) asking students to "agree" or "disagree" with statements such as, "Men and women are equally capable of nurturing," and "Minority students should be expected to know their history and culture." Students are then counselled on their answers (they aren't graded) and informed that Duke maintains a vision of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is good. Uniculturalism is bad. So much for diversity, tolerance and free speech!}

Early Environment

The question of which children need specially attentive carers in their early years has been addressed in a recent study at London's Maudsley Hospital (Rutter, M. 1999, Psychosocial adversity and child psychopathology, British Journal of Psychiatry, in press):

Panyiota Vorria and colleagues have focused their research work on Greek orphanages because, unlike in the UK, some children were admitted to orphanages primarily as a result of family poverty, rather than parenting breakdown or family conflict. Children in this subgroup were unusual in that they did not come from a very high-risk family environment before entering the institution. Vorria et al.'s findings showed that, apart from difficulties with peer relationships, behavioural problems were much less likely to be found in these children. The data on the biological families were limited in this study and most of the children had been admitted to the institutions after infancy. So it was not easy to determine the sources of vulnerability and of protective influences. Nevertheless, the interesting conclusion is that, although institutional rearing does carry substantial risks, perhaps the risks apply mainly to children who are unusually vulnerable as a result of their genetic background or early rearing.

Quotes of the Week

"Jean Henri Dunant wandered the battlefield at Solferino [1859] and decided to found the Red Cross. Today's humanitarians order the Red Cross out of Kosovo and drop bombs instead."
      Simon JENKINS, 'From Ulster* to Kosovo, intervention is proving a dangerous addiction', Times 5 v '99.
* Referring to Americans' financial support for the IRA.
"I'm not sitting down and dealing with Milosevic."
      Prime Minister Tony Blair, 7 v '99.
"Just let Clinton, a little bit, accidentally, send a missile here! We'll answer immediately."
      Russian President Boris Yeltsin, possibly after a sixth vodka, 8 v '99. Reported Sunday Times, 9 v '99.
'[Mr Blair] has cast himself as the high priest of the secular religion of Human Rights which has filled the gap left by the collapse of socialism. He even tries to shut down debate by accusing opponents of virtually Nazi sympathies when they dispute his popularistic utopianism. Yet the reason why so many of us are agonising is that it is not clear-cut. There is a great difference between genocide and a viciously opposed independence movement and a civil war. ….Blair diminishes the Holocaust by calling Milosevic's actions genocide; and he diminishes Kosovo by calling the London nail-bombings "Britain's Kosovo." ….Mr Blair should stop preaching. Human rights are best protected by the rule of law.'
      Melanie PHILLIPS, 'Blair makes a hollow saviour for Kosovo.' Sunday Times, 9 v '99.


11 v '99  

LONDON (Times Higher 6 v '99) -- Universities are being told they must play an active part in encouraging bright schoolchildren, e.g. by doing research into such children's needs. {This may be a belated government response to Chapter 4 of The g Factor. The intention is particularly to make redress for the Blair Government's failure to introduce unequivocal fast track learning or track choice in Britain's schools. Still, the embarrassment of the British education industry's egalitarian-oriented 'researchers' can be imagined.}

BERKELEY, California; U-WIRE 6 v '99 -- University of California police raided a makeshift tent city in front of California Hall early Tuesday morning, arresting 83 protesters who were pulled and dragged away in a three-hour ordeal while tearing down the makeshift campsite. ….The incident capped five days of camping out in front of the chancellor's office in protest of budget cuts in the ethnic studies program. …."If Berkeley's (ethnic studies) program goes under, others are next," said Stanford sophomore Mariana White-Hammond, before she was arrested. "These are the textbooks and these are the professors (from Berkeley) that we count on. So we stand in solidarity." ….African-American Studies Professor June Jordan echoed the protesters' demands when she addressed a later rally and called on students to end the "ethnic cleansing" at UC Berkeley. ….At the rally, some students wore the Third World Liberation Front's signature yellow armbands.

LITTLETON -- All the pupils killed by the 'TrenchCoat Mafia' were keen young Christians. A religious leader speaking on Larry King Live said that one girl who was shot in Colorado (the one who was asked whether she believed in God before she was killed) was arguably "America's first Christian martyr."

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (Reuters) -- In a wondrous continuing job creation programme for lawyers, a Federal US court jury resumed deliberations in the case of Julie Hiatt Steele, charged with lying about her knowledge of an alleged sexual advance ( i.e. grope) by President Bill Clinton. In Little Rock, Arkansas, Paula Jones' attorneys have asked for nearly $500,000 to cover their costs for a January 1998 deposition in which the President lied about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. {There should plainly be neoliberal legislation to the effect that people found innocent in higher courts cannot be retried in lower courts. It makes a mockery of justice that the Clinton saga should continue after Congress itself has passed an 'innocent' verdict on the only charges that Judge Ringo Starr thought fit to bring before it.} PS Steele had ludicrously faced up to 35 years in prison on four counts of lying to two grand juries and the FBI. However, her jury was deadlocked and the judge declared the case a mistrial.

HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters) -- Teeth can show which soldiers should be leaders, a study of Finnish conscripts suggests. A Finnish dentist examined almost 3,000 conscripts' teeth and found a correlation with their owners' personalities. "Those with good teeth are more group-leader types and those with poor teeth are more rank-and-file,'' the daily Helsingin Sanomat quoted dentist Matti Laara as saying.

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) -- Identical twin gangsta rappers Daniel and David Garcia, known as the gold-selling album duo Kane & Abel, were named in a federal indictment in New Orleans for wholesale purchases of cocaine which they allegedly intended to distribute in different areas of the city. The duo's most recent album, "Am I My Bother's Keeper,'' had its debut in July 1998 at No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Chart and has since sold more than 750,000 copies. The twins recently published a book, "Eyes of a Killer -- Behind Enemy Lines.'' They moved to New Orleans as teenagers, graduated from public schools and both studied mass communications at Xavier University.

PONTIAC, Michigan -- Retroactive PC pseudo-legislation -- A television chat show in 1995 brought together in its studio a disturbed young man and a homosexual who fancied him. Three days later, the gay man was killed -- though the cause of death remains to be proven by any court. Now the chat show has been ordered by a civil court to pay the parents of the homosexual $US25 million for its negligence. The plaintiffs argued that the producers misled the borderline-psychotic Jonathan Schmitz by failing to tell him that his secret admirer would be a man. Schmitz was told only that his secret admirer, invited to attend the TV studio, could be a man, a woman, or a transvestite. [It is by presenting show guests with such lists of possibilities beforehand that shows have usually exonerated themselves from substantial responsibility for such shock as may occur -- and which is the main excitement of for both guests and viewers.] In fact, the show was never broadcast.
{'Am I my brother's keeper?' -- 'Yes,' answers the neosocialist American Empire, 'you must not help arrange encounters that might conceivably lead to a sainted minority person being hurt. That a 32-year-old homosexual might be capable of weighing up for himself whether to proposition a disturbed young man for television should not weigh with you. You must not introduce Christians to tethered lions even when (a) the Christians are positively begging for it (b) we only think up injunctions like this four years after your frightful negligence and (c) we haven't got around to proving that it was your lion that ate the Christian.'}

LONDON/EDINBURGH  --  'Third Way' guru Professor Tony Giddens concluded his Reith Lectures with a plea for still more democracy (supranational, devolutionized, within the family etc.). In the same week, turn-out in local elections in the UK was an abysmal 25% -- a mere 11% in Liverpool's district of Solihull. In Edinburgh, there were unprecedentedly few posters in windows throughout the three-week electoral campaigning for the 'Scottish Parliament.' There is not much point in democracy and elections when opposition 'conservatives', 'liberals' and 'nationalists' spend their time agreeing with neosocialism rather than pointing to a brighter future of neoliberalism. {For more on Giddens' plans for world utopia, see 'Learning to live without intervention', below.}

DUBLIN  --  IRA leader Gerry Adams has been quick to see the new incoherence of UK Government's demand for decommissioning of armaments in Northern Ireland. "Apparently the daily bombing of Serbia is acceptable while the silent guns of the IRA are not," he said to the cheers of thousands of Sinn Fein supporters at their annual convention.

LONDON  --  Children will be trained at primary school to spot and denounce paedophiles. In debate in Parliament, MPs have given a sympathetic ear to the proposition that children should be taught the difference between "good touch" and "bad touch." "Sex is a complicated matter," opined one MP; but with early training children will be ready by adolescence to sneak to headmasters and police about a wide range of insensitive, intrusive, unacceptable and inappropriate behaviours.

LONDON  --  Viagra, the bonk-boosting drug that rushes blood to the genitalia, has been reported to increase enjoyment of sex in females who take it as well as in females whose men take it. Manufacturers Pfizer now plan to sue the UK's Department of Health for its refusal to allow prescription of the drug by National Health Service doctors to any but their most decrepit patients ooops men suffering from spinal cord injury, single gene neurological disease, spina bifida and severe pelvic injury, as well as men who have had polio. Even these patients are to be allowed only one bonk ooops pill each week. {The NHS restriction exposes the farce of state medicine. Restoration of patients to full health and vigour does not interest NHS practitioners, only keeping patients alive and thus on GPs' lists. The service should be renamed the National Life & Death Service and people should be allowed to choose where to make their own investments for medical insurance.} {The potential assistance of Viagra to the cause of monogamy is enormous. The randy Arthur Koestler used to find that he would sometimes be impotent if confined to sleeping with the same girl for weeks on end -- he called it 'the incest syndrome' and blamed his Oedipal inhibitions….}

LIVERPOOL (Times 6 v '99) -- Girls asked to rate photographed males for their 'power of attracting women' have turned out to be guided primarily by men's shoulder-to-waist ratios. Previous research had shown female preferences for non-overweight men who have small bottoms; but this has been swept aside by the new results from thirty Physiology students at Liverpool University. {However, critics doubted whether the girls had been shown any really neat bottoms and that the study thus suffered from restricted variance…. -- Ed.}

LONDON (Times 5 v '99) -- The British Museum has just spent £UK1.8 million on the most explicit scenes of paedophilia ever to have come into its possession. In its most significant purchase for years, it now has the famous Warren Cup -- dated to 60AD, in the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, and found in Palestine in 1900. One scene on the goblet shows a naked erastes [older, active lover] with a naked eromenes [younger, passive beloved] in his lap; the other scene depicts an erastes as a youth and his eromenes as a boy. The goblet is believed to have come from Greece, where sex between tutors and tutees was typically intercrural -- sodomy being frowned upon. {For visual aids, see K. J. Dover, 1978, Greek Homosexuality, Harvard University Press.}

LONDON (CFMR 10 v '99, 21:00) -- A London jury has cleared the brother of one of the Stephen Lawrence case suspects {see McDNLs passim} of possessing a knife used in an attack on an Asian. A charge of unlawful wounding remains to be decided.

{For Multicultural Bombing Crusade, Week 7, see later.}

Community Development Realism


'There are today thirty million refugees in the world about whom the West does little or nothing. Two million of them are nearby Sudanese. Others are Angolans, Burmese, Bosnians, Rwandans, Iraqis, Armenians, Azeris, Chechens, Columbians and Eritreans. In each case the cause of misery is political collapse and the failure of a nation state to maintain internal discipline while allowing diversity and tolerance to minority races, tribes or religious groups.'
    Simon JENKINS, Times 5 v '99.
"What is now to happen {after the bombing of Serbia} when a separatist group wants to split your country in two? Do you peacefully let them go (like the Czech Republic let Slovakia go after the Gulf War made it seem the era of international aggression was over, so nations could be as small as they'd like without risking being conquered)? Hell no! Now that America and Britain have shifted from deterring international agression (during the Gulf War) to committing it, national security will require every every draftee and tax dollar you can drag in at gunpoint.
      As we saw in the 1930's, the world can get very brutal very quickly when international aggression succeeds. After the glorious events of 1991 in Kuwait and Moscow, the world appeared to be entering a Pax Americana even more promising than the Pax Brittanica that helped make the 19th century such an age of human betterment. A world dominated by a single superpower with no territoral ambitions and a committment to the protection of lawful property, both personal and national, can be a wonderful place. Yet, less than a decade after Saddam attacked Kuwait, we've grown so arrogant and deluded and forgetful that we've simply pissed away the principle of the sanctity of national borders, the most valuable lesson learned from centuries of bloody war."
      Steve SAILER, 1999, E-Mail Group re Human Biodiversity.

As Nato's humanitarian intervention seems likely to end with an enfeebled Serbia still largely in control of the better parts Kosovo, with the help of Russian troops, what has been learned?
      Clearly, the real face of multicultural PC religiosity has now been seen on its first crusade. All the principles of the inviolability of post-1945 nation states have been sacrificed by the West's neosocialist politicians in order to reinforce their own self-righteousness in opposing anything that smacks of 'Nazism.' That the latest 'Adolf Hitler', viz. Mr Slobodan Milosevic, is rather small beer compared to Der Teppichfresser [carpet-eater] himself, let alone to the more successful (and certainly more murderous) 'Uncle' Joe Stalin, matters little except in demonstrating the opportunism of the PC maniacs. The 'multiculturalists' could have taken on someone their own size like the oppressors of Tibet; but instead they preferred to purify Western Europe of an almost unheard-of outpost of anti-Muslim nationalism.
      The ability of an individual country to hold out for weeks, through the destruction of its more sophisticated military defences and 'infrastructure' like bridges and power stations, is a matter for remark. Fortunately, Serbian resistance has not been accompanied by the use of biological or nuclear weapons -- though any nation state worth its salt now knows it must acquire such weapons if it is to stand a chance in the international jungle that Nato's lawlessness has created.
      The essence of Serbia's success in holding out for so long has been essentially democratic. Instead of jettisoning both Kosovo province and the 'mad' Milosevic whose 'rabid nationalism' required Kosovo's retention, the Serbs have resolved to take their punishment and hang on for the moment when Nato tires of its humanitarian over-excitement. In short, the Serbs want Kosovo. It is indeed inscribed on their hearts, as the West had been told but had not believed. They could think of nothing more natural than to expel the ethnic Albanians whose KLA terrorists had sought to seize the province. KLA intransigence persisted despite all the mollificatory options mooted by the Kosovars' respected leader, Mr Ibrahim Rugova -- whom the Serbs first kept in Belgrade for open and televised discussions and then released with his family to Rome. Unlike the British (or at least the English) who would at any time in the past century have breathed a sigh of relief if a well-armed Éire had quickly seized Northern Ireland, the Serbs were prepared to pay a high price to hang on to a province even though, in an excess of early multiculturalism, they had allowed Kosovo to become 90% Albanian through the century in which international congresses had repeatedly awarded it to them.
      Is there some easier way of learning the strong interest of a people in some particular state of affairs? How else could Serbs have demonstrated their likely capacity for resistance to Nato? -- Except by the conventional expedient of living in Kosovo, which had proved too taxing because of Albanian numbers and hostility. Must any society simply accept that migrants who establish a hegemony in one of its border areas will soon proceed to lop off that area after complaining to the US President that their terrorists have been roughly used by the host country? That is hardly a recipe for continued acceptance of immigration and multiculturalism.
      Showing conventinal determination, Serbia put troops into Kosovo to maintain order and protect its 10% minority in the province. Yet such a sign of commitment, costly as it is, will not impress hysterical 'antiNazis' who think 'repression' is being arranged and 'genocide' threatened by an ogre-tyrant of the kind that Milosevic was supposed to be. It took half a century for US Presidents to learn that Britain was not oppressing the Catholics of Northern Ireland.
      Yes, there plainly was another way of establishing the Serbs' interest in Kosovo. Simply, all Yugoslavs could have been given a choice as to the particular local community in which they wanted to cast their votes at local elections. Obviously, ethnic Albanians would have chosen to vote in Kosovo and to mandate Kosovo's assemblymen to seek autonomy or outright independence for the province. Yet if all Yugoslavia's citizens could have chosen the constituency -- the commune -- within which they would vote, perhaps a million of Serbia's twelve million people would have voted in the commune of Pristina rather than in that of Belgrade. Apparently, many Serbs feel strongly about Kosovo -- perhaps as strongly as Mr Milosevic. Given the opportunity, they would have switched their votes down to Pristina rather than have used them on the comparatively minor issues of the particular area of Serbia where they happened to live.
      Commune choice is a reasonable principle. It allows people to say 'This is the sub-community of our country that matters to me -- and in which I want to be particularly influential.' Commune choice means that people do not have to abandon a community merely because their work has taken them to (or terrorists have driven them to) a country's capital city. It means that people who would otherwise waste their votes by voting against the overwhelming trend in their own geographical area can use them in some place that matters to them. Yet it also allows people like the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo to establish autonomy if they so wish: for, so long as the arrangements that they propose will safeguard their own minorities -- in this case the Serbs -- then no great transfer of votes to influence elections in their locality is likely to occur.
      The multi-ethnic West faces huge problems as nation states -- themselves set in stone by the Nato-guaranteed tranquillity of Europe from 1945 till the present -- are challenged from the inside by changes in ethnic balance. Increasingly, as President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair have realized, Muslim immigrants all over Europe will rightly want protection against hostility -- especially in areas where and at times when the economy is not as booming as is today's USA. Hopefully, 1999 will see the back of the inclination to bomb into submission those countries which are not inclined simply to hand over such bits of themselves as are demanded from time to time by migrants (or by older populations -- the Celts of France, Spain and the British Isles). Yet, if it is to put bombing behind it, the West will need sensible alternative arrangements for allowing countries to change their internal arrangements under population pressures; and for allowing minorities that despair of their treatment by majorities to establish themselves in areas where the regime they promise will be so fair that majoritarian vote-switchers will not bother to oppose it. By all means, a leader Mr Milosevic should not think he can solve his problems by expelling ethnic Albanians; but Albanian Kosovars should not think they can solve their own problems by expelling Serbs. Once citizens can choose the communities of interest -- the communes -- in which they want to vote, both ethnic cleansing and humanitarian bombing will be unnecessary. A country should be like a club within which most members have special interests in serving and voting on some sub-committees rather than on others. Naturally, a sub-committee that wants to become its own club will have to negotiate its membership and claims in such a way that other club members will not move in to prevent secession. Communes would behave similarly within countries having a neoliberal rubric allowing freedom to contract and room for change.
      The West already owes the Serbians it has killed a remarkable memorial. As well as bringing Serbian culture to world-wide attention, there should be a more immediate and practical gain that will stand the test of time along with the Serbs themselves. 'Humanitarian intervention' like that in Kosovo can never again be contemplated against a sovereign state. Nor should authoritarian neosocialists be allowed to think that they can retreat to the business of subverting free speech within their own countries. The gain that would best commemorate the victims of Nato's attack on a small European country would be to make community a matter of democracy and not just of geography. In the past, geography was an ultimate refuge: to know that one could always retreat among people of one's own kind was a real security that encouraged mixing and the growth of city life. People still need that sort of security. They should be allowed to nominate in their country's political processes that real sub-community where they consider or wish themselves to belong. Such neoliberalism would have a singular practical advantage: communes to which people belong by choice -- and not just by geographical location -- would warn 'humanitarian' interveners of the resistance that bombing crusades would encounter.

Get Real About Prejudice!

'The West is so rife with prejudice against minorities that countless psychological defence mechanisms have to used by victims.'
      So say social psychologists. But is their anxiety overdone? Are they themselves self-serving, self-righteous and prejudiced?
      Devoid of homo-, gyno-, raco- and fato-phobic prejudice though today's social psychologists believe themselves to be, they have arguably forgotten the words of that keen progressive of his day, William Hazlitt (1817): "There is no prejudice so strong as that which arises from a fancied exemption from all prejudice." For a discussion (reviewing Prejudice: the Target's Perspective, eds. Janet Swim & Charles Stangor, Academic 1998), see Chris Brand's new article, 'Prejudice in postmodern social psychology.'

Multicultural Bombing Crusade, Week 7

A little history, as published in the New York Times 1 xi 1987 {sic} by "special reporter" David Binder:

"Portions of southern Yugoslavia have reached such a state of ethnic friction that Yugoslavs have begun to talk of the horrifying possibility of ''civil war'' in a land that lost one-tenth of its population, or 1.7 million people, in World War II. The current hostilities pit separatist-minded ethnic Albanians against the various Slavic populations of Yugoslavia and occur at all levels of society, from the highest officials to the humblest peasants.
      A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others. The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided. Ethnic Albanians in the Government have manipulated public funds and regulations to take over land belonging to Serbs. And politicians have exchanged vicious insults. Slavic Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags have been torn down. Wells have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian girls.
      Ethnic Albanians comprise the fastest growing nationality in Yugoslavia and are expected soon to become its third largest, after the Serbs and Croats…."


BONN, 30 iv '99 -- Leaked documents from the German government reveal that there was no extensive persecution of the Kosovo Albanians prior to the start of NATO's bombing on Serbia. It is not that "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" accelerated after the bombing; simply, neither had existed prior to the bombing, these reports show. The Serbian forces were fighting the KLA, not Albanians in general. Excerpts from these official documents were obtained by IALANA (International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms) which sent them to various media. The texts used were published in the German daily Junge Welt on April 24, 1999 (

London Review of Books 29 iv '99 provided full and fair coverage of the Serbs' long-standing struggle with the 'congenitally irrational, bloodthirsty, rapacious and mediaeval' Albanians who are now supported by Rev 'Goebbels' Blair. (By contrast, Times Higher [for university teachers] has found itself quite unable to say anything of significance about the humanitarian intervention in the entire seven weeks the bombing and ethnic cleansing have run. One solitary, personal, one-third-of-a-tabloid-page article from Dejan Djokic, a lonely Serb in Slavonic & Eastern European Studies, London, favoured 'peace' and condemned "the propaganda of both sides." But this was the newspaper's sole effort at critical in-depth analysis of what is happening while dons keep their heads down. Verily, as shown in the Brand affair, British academics are now nothing but arse-licking civil servants. Needless to say, Times Higher has found plenty of space for articles by Black race relations industry operatives urging a far wider witch-hunting of 'racism' in British society than was already encouraged in the Macpherson Report. -- MacLuny supposedly let off police too lightly as merely naïve, thoughtless, unconscious and suffering poor (but unidentified) leadership in their innocent racist quirks.)


Edinburgh, 2 v '99  --  In an article published in London's Conservative-supporting Sunday Telegraph, British historian Andrew Roberts suggests that the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia is not working. Therefore the simplest and least painful resolution to the conflict is for NATO to threaten, and if necessary use, a small nuclear bomb in Yugoslavia. {Instead of opposing the British Labour Government and its authoritarian and lawless multiculturalism, British Conservatives wish positively to excel at once in folly and inhumanity. -- Ed.}

Truth in Media <>, 4 v '99, relayed a comment by Ben Works (a Vietnam veteran and a commentator for Fox News and CBS Radio in New York) on a statement by Nato's Supreme Commander:

'Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.'
    Gen. Wesley 'Supreme Being' Clark, USA; Supreme Commander, NATO, via CNN, April 24-25, 1999.

This statement betrays the fundamental intellectual dishonesty at every level in this ongoing and increasingly criminal NATO bombing campaign. Yugoslavia -- where the TV station in Novi Sad broadcast in six different languages till Nato bombed it -- is the most multi-ethnic state in Europe; it is the KLA and its ethnocentric supporters who seek an ethnically pure 'Greater Albania' at the expense of NATO troops and taxpayers, as well as other ethnic communities in Kosovo.
    ….Oh, Wesley Clark, in his personal spin-campaign, admitted a Jewish grandfather as the root of his personal commitment to justice in the Balkans. It seems he has not explored his Holocaust connection sufficiently to uncover the Nazi connections of his Albanian client-allies, and like the whole Albright-Cohen-Berger-Rubin-Holbrooke team, is ignorant about the Croat-Ustasha concentration camp at Jasenovac.

{As to there being 'no place in Europe for ethnically pure states', what does Clark think of Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Éire and Slovakia? Or of the cantons of Switzerland and the ethnically cleansed enclaves of Londonderry and Belfast? Would Greater Albania offer programmes of community education to help Albanians understand and affirmatively advance such Serbs as could be induced to remain in the homeland that Nato is mindlessly helping to create?}

A message from a Canadian citizen to Truth in Media:
"Bob: On Canadian television tonight (May 4) they showed the first of the (Albanian) refugees getting off the plane. These were poor souls who had supposedly spent weeks hiding out in the mountains from 'Serb killers' and 'ethnic cleansers;' refugees who had almost starved to death and were sun-burned... Well let me tell you, they got off the plane in fancier apparel than a lot of Canadian citizens I know, with lots of high-quality luggage.
    We were told that very few men would be arriving. But I counted, and there were more men than women - young, healthy-looking men with gold rings (I thought the Serbs had stolen those?), and expensive shoes that certainly showed no mud-stains or wear and tear. These clothes couldn't have been donated recently -- how could the donors have known everyone's sizes? The children were dolled up like you wouldn't believe, some of the women had elaborate hair-do's. We were told, as Canadians, not to ask these poor people too many questions - after all, they had been traumatized.
    I guess my beloved Canada is in danger of becoming KLA Kanada. Doesn't anyone ask - or CARE - why we're taking KLA members in? (It was reported that some of these people are KLA members). The world has to be near the end - what other possible explanation could there be?"


BBCR4UK, 5 v '99, 08:20 and 13:00 -- BATTLE OF IDEAS, NEOSOCIALIST-STYLE -- UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook explained that the purpose of the bombing of Serbian 'military infrastructure' was to prevail over "ethnic cleansing and the idea of ethnic superiority on which is based." As Kosovar refugees continued to arrive in Albania with horrible stories (on which they almost invariably declined to be interviewed), Cook said six weeks of bombing had had a "serious impact." However, UK left-luminary Ken Livingstone, who has backed the bombing and compared Mr Milosevic to Hitler, is now accusing the USA and its people of going soft and needing more "education"; and Germany is moving to the Greek and Italian position of unhappiness about the war. As President Clinton arrived in Europe for discussions, Nato suffered what were claimed to be its first two fatalities of its humanitarian endeavour in Kosovo -- two airmen killed when their Apache helicopter snagged power cables during training for low-level night flying. Nato talk of the end game has moved from 100% of Kosovo being occupied by a Nato force through Nato playing a 'leading role' and providing the 'backbone', to discussion of Nato having 'a part' in an international force that would occupy 'a significant part' of Kosovo. From Moscow, Russia's trouble-shooter Mr Viktor Chernomyrdin, newly returned from talks in Washington with Mr Clinton, is said by the BBC to be well pleased with the way things are going. Britain is switching its policy so to admit 'thousands' of Kosovar refugees.


A message re Serbia, received from California by Truth in Media ( -- currently rated the 33rd most popular site on the Net):

"Thus far, I have opposed this war only in terms of logic and facts. Last weekend, I attended a Serbian Orthodox church service and put faces to those dehumanized and demonized people. This strengthened my resolve to oppose NATO aggression and added an unexpected element. I feel a kinship with these people and now better understand the situation which led us all here.
    These folks have courage and character none of us Americans could even imagine. They have endured hardships even our revolutionary ancestors couldn't relate to. They have defended their country against invaders since the day of it's inception. They have been "ethnically cleansed" from Croatia and Bosnia, now from their last stronghold first through mass immigration and now bombing and terrorism. They have been called "Nazis" even though they lost a significant proportion of their male population fighting off the SS Waffen's attempts to occupy their country. They repelled the Nazis while outnumbered 10-1.
    It seems lost on the Jewish-Americans running this war that Serbia never oppressed the Jews. In fact, they have protected them at the times they most needed it. They (the Serbs) have been called "communists," even though they have fought off Stalin. They have been called "ethnic cleansers" when they themselves have been victims of the mass purges because they were Christians. They have even been accused of being drug-runners, even though they have battled the KLA drug-running routes through their nation.
    These people have been screwed by our nation. They have been screwed by their neighbors, first as Hitler's allies, now as the allies of the drug-dealing KLA separatists. They have been screwed by the Albanians they were so tolerant of until the mass terrorism began. They have been tolerant of the complete demographic shift and have endeavored to pay for the Albanians' average 9 kids per family. They have been taxed to death to pay for Albanians' infrastructure and social programs. So they finally object after being consistently terrorized by these Muslims, who play innocent while harboring and shielding terrorists in their villages, and allowing them to use said villages as staging areas. I think Milosevic has been rather kind in his removal of them before shelling KLA operations bases."

Another message received by Truth in Media 5 v '99:

We've received a copy of the note which the former American POW, one of the three U.S. soldiers released during Jesse Jackson's mission to Belgrade, sent to his former captors following his release. Here's what Sgt. Chris Stone wrote:

"To all Serbian guards at this prison. Thank you for your kindness and respect. I have much liking for Serbian people after this, and I will continue to pray to God and for peace and an end to this war. Thank you mostly for the cigarettes you gave me! Bog Bomogo! [God bless!]"


6 v '99 (BBCR4UK 08:25) -- Speaking to the press on arrival in Frankfurt, President Clinton declined to insist on Mr Milosevic standing down and said he would have no objection to Russian, Ukrainian, Egyptian and Austrian troops advancing to the Adriatic ooops being part of an international peacekeeping force "with Nato at its core." The BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent remarked that the President sounded "defeated, disconcerted and conciliatory" -- whether from an excess of blowjobs was not known. Mr Clinton embarked on a "waffle" in which he rather dully claimed that Mr Milosevic had "dehumanized" the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo; but in likening Serb behaviour to that of American Whites when ethnically cleansing much of America of Red Indians* he probably gave the game away -- for the West can hardly be much outraged at ethnic cleansing no worse than that inflicted by its Russian ally on 12 million Germans in 1945, and somewhat superior to the Australians' complete extermination of the Aborigines of Tasmania, the bloody repression of Tibet by the USA's 'favoured nation' trading partner Red China, and the ethnic cleansing of 600,000 Serbs themselves in 1995 from Krajina by US-backed Croatian forces. In the UK, Conservative MP Alan Clark -- the only Conservative to take a firm line against bombing Belgrade -- has begun to outline the thieving, mendacity, bloodthirsty violence and heroin dealing for which Albanians are a legend among Serbs, Macedonians and Greeks. (Jane's Intelligence Review for 1997 listed Albania as "the crime capital of Europe." Pimps of the Kosovo Liberation Army standardly seize the prettier Kosovar refugees and take them as prostitutes to Italy; refugees must surrender what cash they have retained, all young men must join the KLA, and all women refugees must peddle the same story that they have been raped but are too 'ashamed' to provide chapter and verse for journalists (Times 6 v '99). Some 2,000 Albanian criminals are apparently held in the jails of Switzerland. ) As Britain prepares to receive what the Government has suddenly decided will be "thousands" of ethnic Albanian refugees, Clark says many of the Kosovar men will have weapons and that none should be allowed through Dover without exhaustive police checks using information held by the Italian branch of Interpol. The scene of diplomatic action now moves to the G8 meeting in Bonn which is likely to discuss the level of armamentation to be allowed to the Nato troops in any Kosovo peacekeeping force -- for the Serbs' position is that they do not want an army presence that might decide to lop off part of Kosovo and hand it to KLA terrorists seeking to forge a Greater Albania. As refugees continued to stream out of Kosovo, leading Macedonia to close its border with Yugoslavia, UK Defence Secretary George Robertson said the bombing campaign had been succeeding over the past sixth week as never before. {See forthcoming McDougall NewsLetter for an essay, 'COUNTRIES NEED NEOLIBERALISM TO HANDLE ETHNIC TENSIONS SENSIBLY AND CONSTRUCTIVELY -- AND AT LEAST WITHOUT 'ETHNIC CLEANSING' OR 'HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTIONS' BY THEIR NEIGHBOURS.'}
That America's own ethnic cleansing should have been on the Reverend Clintstone's mind may have been due to Mr Chernomyrdin's visit to Moscow. Americans just as often like to forget their own successful 200-year process of stripping Amerindians, Southerners and immigrants of as much of their ethnicity as possible in the cause of creating flag-worshipping 'good Americans.' (A reminder of this process was given in the Atlantic Monthly's May 1995 article "The Diversity Myth: America's Leading Export" by Benjamin Schwarz [now posted at].) A great feature of PC as a religion is to make both of these mindsets bearable. If feeling guilty about bossiness to Red Indians, PC types can say: 'Well, we don't do it now, and we'll bomb you if you start on any similar exercise." Alternatively, the successful integration of diverse peoples into the twentieth century's mightiest country can be dressed up retrospectively as an exercise in celebrating diversity -- which it certainly wasn't at the time (except in that immigrants were, before their socialization, a mixed bag of people escaping all kinds of persecution).

6 v '99 (BBCR4UK, 18:00)  --  Announcing an "important" step towards peace, Nato hawk Ms Halfbright talked no longer of a Nato peacekeeping force, a Nato-led force or a force with Nato "at its core" but of Nato "participating in a force", if that seemed appropriate, "as some of us think." (Apparently Russia has offered an internationally supervised settlement in Kosovo so long as Nato troops are kept out of the province -- as Serbia currently wishes.) Returning to Edinburgh (in an endeavour to celebrate the supposed 'return of the Scottish Parliament'), UK Foreign Secretary Robin 'Martian' [as the Serbs say] Cook quibbled at a journalist's suggestion that the peacekeepers would only be 'lightly armed.' That would hardly be suitable, Cook thought, since the Serbs themselves would have heavy weapons. Thus Cook gave away that apparently much less than a complete Serbian military withdrawal from Kosovo had been envisaged by the powers when formulating the new 7-point peace plan agreed at the G8 meeting in Bonn and forwarded to the UN Security Council. Peace is unlikely to be received in a pious multicultural spirit by the Kosovo Liberation Army. Speaking from his hideout in the Reka-e-Keque mountains, a Kalashnikov-sporting 'Fighting Emir' who produced a baby from his coat pocket, supposedly killed by Serbs, said (Times 6 v '99): "I have sworn on oath to fight unflinchingly and continuously until the day when the whole of Kosovo is totally free. We will shed the blood of the hated Shkjau [Serbs]." It maybe that the G8 plan is for the international force to allow a return to Kosovo of unarmed ethnic Albanians while Nato forces crush the 30,000-strong KLA in the camps of Macedonia and Albania. In any event, Nato will now wish to acknowledge and establish the scholarly Mr Ibrahim Rugova as the leader of the Albanian Kosovars -- as urged by Mr Milosevic for the past six weeks.

6 v '99 CFMR 21:00 --  Astonishingly, a tired-sounding Mr Clinton, lacking his usual self-righteous zeal, said: "I hope the UN Security Council will endorse the [G8] peace plan -- if it will work." Apparently, the US President is not even advising the UN one way or the other, let alone insisting on any plan of his own which he thinks will work. Yugoslavia is letting non-Nato humanitarian agencies into Kosovo to assess what will be needed to ensure the safe return of refugees. {Presumably their disarmament will be the first essential….}

8 v '99 -- More US planes were sent to the Serbian theatre, bringing the total of Nato jets and bombers to over 1,000; a hospital in Serbia's third-largest city, Nis, was hit by Nato cluster bombs, killing fifteen civilians and injuring dozens more; and the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was hit by three Nato missiles, killing three, injuring twenty and resulting in Chinese "indignation" and insistence that Nato's "barbarian" bombing be stopped. Even prior to the embassy bombing, on sovereign Chinese soil, Mr Kofi Anan, General Secretary of the United Nations, had cautioned against unlawful warmaking conducted without the approval of the Security Council; but UK Foreign Secretary Cook said he would make no pause or halt in the bombing since to do so would "let Milosevic off the hook." {What hook? Similar Martian words could have been issued five weeks ago after the first civilian casualties -- and probably were.} In Belgrade -- where Russia's stance has seemed too weak -- there was scarcely disguised jubilation at the prospect of Chinese support. The Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, cancelled his visit to meet Mr Cook in Edinburgh, planned for today. Addressing 15,000 'Campaign for Peace in the Balkans' demonstrators in Trafalgar Square, London, veteran left-wing MP Tony Benn said that US reluctance to commit ground troops spelled the end of Nato's attacks. "I fear the warmongers are going to be humiliated," he said.
{Just how much more offence around the world will Nato give in venting PC/multiculturalist spleen at the failure of Serbs and Albanian Kosovars to live happily together? Probably not much more. Nato's multicultural objective -- readily endorsed by the West's neosocialists, happy-clappy media and TV-gawpers -- has been the bizarre one of making Serbs be kind to secessionary Kosovars. The chosen method was that of bombing the Serbs -- which for a day or two looked cheaper than paying them to be social workers. If successful, the policy would have prevented the emergence of a Greater Albania; but now, since Nato's multiculturalism has failed, it would rather hand Kosovo over to 'international peacekeepers' at virtually any (Russian) price than let Turkey impose its own multicultural solution -- leading to war with Greece. All along, the question has been whether the idealistic bombing of allegedly genocidal Serbs would justify the international mayhem of Might is Right that must follow from lawlessness. As PC receives its answer, it can only be hoped that the West has as much compensation lined up for orphaned, widowed, injured and dispossessed Kosovars and Serbs as it has spent on bombing. The money can easily be raised by withdrawing financial support from 'universities' that have dumbed down their standards and come to attach more importance to PC-orchestrated 'affirmative' 'sensitivity' and to bogus 'research funding' for their castrated academics than to truth.}

A New York attorney advising the KLA, Martin Vulaj, said the KLA, like political campaigns in the United States, rejects donations from sources it believes are tainted, e.g. by drugs money. At least 30 private homes were destroyed in the Nis suburb Medosevac. One woman weeping in front of her devastated house said, "Look for yourselves and make your own judgments. They (NATO) have destroyed this city without mercy. They did it with a clear conscience but without a sound mind."

9 v '99 -- Continuing true to form, London's Sunday editorializers reacted to Nato's bombing of the Chinese embassy by urging more and still more bombing. "There is no easy way," said the Sunday Times -- neglecting that Emperor Clinton was showing every proclivity for finding an easy way to retire behind a CNN smokescreen of a few thousand Kosovars returning to whatever may be the Nato-controlled section of a divided Kosovo. (The psychopathic Clinton does not mind leaving High Priest Blair in the lurch, facing the music as Europe works out that only credentialled "Yugoslav citizens" will be allowed back into Kosovo under the G8 plan.) Trying to 'spin' their way out of trouble, some commentators said a Serb spy must have infiltrated Nato and been responsible for the three warheads targeted from a Stealth bomber from Missouri on the west side of Chinese embassy -- just as Nato sources persuaded UK journalists for several days in April that Serbs had "lured" Nato to bomb a Kosovo column of ethnic Albanians, killing 60. Only the Independent on Sunday was quite clear that the latest, eleventh failure of Nato 'smart' weaponry was "a bomb too far." Plainly Nato cannot actually lose and must actually be seen on TV to win; but the IoS reckoned the mutlticulturalist hawks might yet lose. From Washington, the hawkish Andrew O'Sullivan reported gloomily for the Sunday Times that a diplomatic fudge was nearing completion -- in which lightly armed Nato troops would hold a little of west Kosovo helped by Serbian 'police' while Russian and Ukrainian troops held the important eastern side of the province.

{Nothing could better indicate the religiosity of neosocialism. Just as the pious 'liberal'/left in psychology once used to urge more psychotherapy whenever studies showed psychotherapy had failed, so it is thirty years later with bombing. Enthusiasts for bombing say 'you can't deal with Milosevic any more than with Adolf Hitler' even though that proposition has been falsified already -- for the West found Mr Milosevic a perfectly acceptable negotiator over the past ten years in general and at Dayton in particular. One is reminded that it took almost 1,900 years of Christianity before Francis Galton provided evidence that prayer did not work -- and even then Galton's study was not often mentioned.
      Neosocialism has a second feature in common with classical Christianity. In having the elephantine TV industry constrained in this war to deploy its resources relaying images of fleeing Kosovars reaching the safety of camera crews with their lorries, trailers and mobile homes in Albania, neosocialism controls thought much as did mediaeval Catholicism. The Church controlled people who loved their 'visual aids' of the crucified Christ, a grieving mother and bloodied martyrs. For extra safety, people were not encouraged to read such few copies of the Bible as existed.
      In the past six weeks, a few decent photos with a Brownie of 'piles of Kosovar corpses' and a few well-detailed accounts of 'massacres' by credible witnesses whose stories could be checked would have been most helpful to AmericOtan propagandists wishing to preach to the unconverted. Remarkably, such elementary evidence has not been available any more than were contemporary accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Christ available to the Church. Yet few have remarked the absence of such evidence for the neosocialist case -- itself thought up all of a sudden as the bombing began in March. Gawping masses are invited to be outraged at travellers' tales of 'genocide' just as they were once outraged at the Jews' 'murder' of Jesus -- who had by the New Testament's own account been asking for serious trouble by his assaults on and threats to the established and Roman-sanctioned Judaism of Jerusalem. No wonder Judaism, Platonism, Mohammedanism and Protestantism were all so suspicious of 'images'!}

10 v '99 -- As thousands of chanting Chinese students and factory workers continued to be marshalled for a third day past the US embassy in Peking -- each group unleashing a fusillade of chunks of concrete and paint bombs while American diplomats cowered inside the cut-off building -- the Chinese Prime Minister refused to accept an apologetic personal call from the Rev. Clinton. Many Peking protesters wore the now world-famous Belgrade target signs and posters, and chanted slogans, like "NATO=NAZIS", "Kill Klinton", "English Dogs", "Bugger Blair", "Go to Hell, U.S.A." and just "FUCK." Police struggled to keep the protesters away from the embassy but did little to stop them from prying bricks from sidewalks for use as missiles. Several Western journalists were kicked, punched, or pelted with rocks.
    The saintly Éirish President, Mrs Mary Robinson, repeated her call that Nato should be charged with war crimes; Canadian lawyers and professors from York University, Toronto, have filed a formal complaint with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia against all of the individual leaders of the NATO countries; and Serbia is appealing to the International Court of Justice against what it calls Nato's genocide. From London, the Times deplored President Clinton's "unwise diplomatic initiative" and urged all-out war. Without victory, "the credibility and integrity of Nato will be ripped asunder," the paper observed as Britain faced its worst foreign disaster since the USA let it down at Suez in 1957.
{Perhaps surprisingly, Nato did not seize on its "accidental" destruction of China's embassy in Belgrade as an excuse for limiting or halting its seven-week bombing campaign. (Back in 1991, at the height of the Gulf War, poor CIA intelligence was blamed for the bombing of the Al Firdos bunker in which scores of Iraqi civilians were killed. Gen. Colin Powell then scaled down the bombings of urban targets.) 'Walking tall' and 'stopping dominoe effects' may have now become the main AmericOtan objectives, as they were when the USA continued the Vietnam conflict until it had lost 57,000 American lives and achieved neither objective. At least, Nato needs time and ingenuity to placate the Chinese while making it appear for TV that its war aims are being achieved. One group that is not fooled by the fudging is the KLA: they know they are receiving no serious weaponry -- for Nato had promised the Greeks all along that the affair would not end with a Greater Albania.}

Just like Arthur Koestler, Slobodan Milosevic's son, Marko, likes nothing better than a bit of bonking on a boat. The Sunday Times carried a nice picture of Marko's splendid 'Sunseeker Predator' motor launch [only three are manufactured each year] sporting no less than four bathing belles off pretty Hydra island -- where Saint Diana used to visit, some two hours' cruise from the Greek mainlaind. However, Mrs Milosevic says her boy's activities are vital to keeping open supply lines for petrol to reach Serbia through the Nato blockade.

Summer Holidays


"The azure sea contains many islands called the Twelve Islets. With the boat you will swim in many inlets and enjoy unbelievable beauties."

Learning to love not intervening

One lesson should have been learned by globalizing neosocialist guru, Professor Anthony Giddens, whose Reith Lectures advise the Reverend Blair to advance the cause of oppressed wymmin world-wide {McDNL 4 v '99}.
      The Serbs and Greeks have long held a sceptical view of Albanians. The KLA's domination of Europe's heroin trade is now admitted by journalists to bear them out. And it turns out they have been prepared to do a lot to hold out against Nato's humanitarian mission. It is better to know now the sort of resistance that will be encountered if the likes of Mr and Mrs Clinton and Prof. Giddens move, for their next trick, to bring feminazism to the rest of the planet.
      The West's view of 'the rights of women' may seem natural enough to the present generation of Western wimps whose dumbed-down education has apparently erased all understanding of their race and civilization. But many others will observe that the final result of Western feminism has been the large-scale elimination of both breeding and sex itself [except in so far as the West supplies sex via pornography and prostitution]. Already Western boys do not marry till 28; and they have their first divorce by 32. By contrast, Hindu boys from reasonable families can have a really nice, sensuous and dedicated girl from age 15. In China, marriage is very companionate and stable. Under Islam, a man can take new partners without losing access to his children. Think how hard men will fight for such privileges, compared to which much Western modernity is wothless. It may be doubted by the frequently satiated Rev. Wm Jefferson Clintstone of the Church of the Seven Day Fornicators, but it is better for the West to spend its money buying back its own women than on humanitarian pulverization of the 'military infrastructure' of countries which order sexual relations differently. In the past warfare at least won over some of the women of other lands. Today, by contrast, war has no such attractive feature and will indeed be counterproductive since neosocialist victory will only boost homegrown feminism.

Glayde Whitney's Week 6

{cf. McDNLs 30 iii '99; 6, 13, 20 and 27 iv '99; and 4 v '99}

Glayde Whitney's ignoracist colleague, K. Anders Ericsson [Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology; Department of Psychology; Florida State University] wrote:

…the categorical concept of race does not meet rigorous scientific criteria, and in modern societies, members of the society share complex genetic similarities. Let me quote the premier authority on the evolution of human races, Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza:

"The idea of race in the human species serves no purpose. The structure of human populations is extremely complex and changes from area to area: there are always nuances deriving from continual migration across and within the borders of every nation, which makes clear distinctions impossible."
    Cavalli-Sforza & Cavalli-Sforza, 1995, p. 237.

A McDNL supporter replied:

This quotation would be most impressive were it not from a book full of data which contradict it. Cavalli-Sforza is an example of the politically correct geneticist expressing opinions which are at odds with his own research findings. Humor me and look at the allele frequencies and genetic distance tables in the book. Then tell me that race is nothing more than an "idea".
      Cavalli-Sforza himself rejects only the usefulness ("purpose") of racial classification. A more egregious example of ignoracism is Ken Kidd at Yale. About twice a year, the New York Times feels compelled to publish an OP-ED piece denying the undeniable. A few years ago, Kidd was quoted in one of these diatribes as finding absolutely no evidence of race. Such an unambiguous finding ("no evidence") struck me as rather improbable, so I examined Kidd's data -- much of which is posted on the Internet. There appeared to me to be a large number of allele frequencies which corresponded quite closely to the pattern of commonly accepted racial categories. Kidd simply refuses to use the term "race". But when his "populations" walk like a duck, quack like a duck......well, you get the idea. (Interested persons may find Kidd's allele frequencies in global race ooops "population" samples at <>.)
      J. Viceroy Krasniak, Francis Galton Eminent Scholar and Professor of Genetics; St. John's Mead Primary School; Chipping Sodbury (or is it Sodding Chipbury?).

{For the main human racial groups and their ancestry as registered by Chinese scholars and discussed in Nature (15 x '98), see McDNL Autumn '98 (3 xi) 'CHINESE RESEARCH REVEALS MAIN HUMAN RACES.' The Chinese work, by J. Y. Chu et al. (Proc. Nat. Acad. Science 95, 11763-11768) [using 'microsatellites' (repeats of short DNA segments)] had -- along with its finer divisions of Asian groups -- produced an African/Caucasian/Aboriginal/Amerindian/South Asian/North Asian result comparable to that of M. Nei & A. K. Roychoudhury (Molecular Biology & Evolution 10, 927-943) [using allele frequencies]. The latter result was factor analysed by Arthur Jensen and discussed by Glayde Whitney in American Renaissance in 1997 (see TgFNewsletters 3 ii '97, 'HUMAN RACES BY FACTOR ANALYSIS'). Glayde wrote: "[N&R's data] are....a virtually irrefutable demonstration of the reality of race.... [In future,] it could easily be found that there is far more consistent genetic difference between the different [human] races -- all thought to [belong to] the same species -- than there is between wolves and coyotes, for example, which can interbreed but are recognized as distinct species.}

Intelligence Realism

Professor George Cunningham, University of Louisville, writes:

Intelligence is the most accurately measured of any non-physical attribute. It is more accurately measured than blood pressure. Should we no longer measure blood pressure because it is less than perfectly reliable and because this measure is biased against African Americans? Would anyone assert that the best way to address the high rate of hypertension among African Americans is no longer to assess blood pressure?

Bushman Realism

Henry Harpending, a University of Utah (Salt Lake City) anthropologist, writes:

I have worked among Bushmen for years and have always thought they looked Asian. You can sit in a Bushman camp and think you are Thailand. They have yellowish rather than black skin, epicanthic folds in their eyelids, shovel shaped incisors, and Mongoloid spots (a blue discoloration at the base of the spine in newborns).
      Contemporary orthodoxy would have it that these are all accidental similarities and that my perception that they look Asian is just some kind of racist thought in my mind. But Bushmen also think they look Asian. In the !Kung language there are three kinds of mammals: !a is meat, !oma is a predator or inedible animal, and zhu is a human being. Black Africans and Europeans are !oma, while Asians are immediately identified as Zhu. When I protested once to a bunch of friends, asking why I was a !oma but a Japanese anthropologist with me was a zhu, the immediate answer was "just look at him, he looks like a human being".

Harpending's view is that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the ancestral population of modern humans was already subdivided into races. This goes under the name of the "weak Garden of Eden hypothesis" or the "Divided Eden" hypothesis. For more, see

Slavery Realism

"In the US south in 1850, a slave cost about $US1,000 (the equivalent of $US60,000 today). For that price, clear ownership was expected and care was taken to protect the investment. ….In Thailand today, a broker can buy a 14-year-old girl from her parents for $300 and sell her on to a brothel for twice that."
      Kevin BALES, 1999, Disposable People. University of California Press, £UK20, due out 18 v.

Handicap Ideology

It is hard to say the right thing about the handicapped, as British football coach Glenn Hoddle found when he said handicap must be some kind of payment for the ills of a past life. No sufferer can want his handicap, and few handicapped people want their problems perpetuated in their children; but many have no obsessive wish to undo or remake themselves. Like others, they settle for the limitations that life has provided, hoping that the handicap itself or at least their struggles with it give them some special competitive edge in confronting the rest of the human condition; and they not not want reminders of the unattainable. This, however, is not enough for the ideological leaders of the handicap business who insist that handicap be treated quite literally as entirely normal. The latest public figure to hit trouble is Chris Reeves -- the actor who has struggled heroically with damage to his back and given a lot of time and cash to the handicapped since his own affliction began. But all this was no good to a handicapped spokesperson who told the Daily Mail (8 iii '99): "Christopher Reeves is telling the public he wants to walk again and that his goal is to be cured of his disability. Reeves and Kevorkian [who offerers euthanasia to the chronically sick] are giving out the same message: that it's not OK to be disabled." Of course, Reeves is saying no such thing. Of course we all think that the syphilitic Schubert was "OK" and wonder whether some of his music would have been written unless he had been at death's door. But who would have wished to keep Schubert in the dark if there had been a new treatment become available for syphilis? Perhaps a cured Schubert would have gone on to write even more and even greater music? The handicapped should have the options that Reeves tries to exemplify and provide for them. What they do with the options is their own business.

Robbery Race Realism


(New York Times 8 iiii '99, Fox Butterfield)

Of the one million robberies annually in the USA, five per cent are now carjackings. Carjackings have increased since 1991 for two reasons. Manufacturers have made cars harder to steal without the ignition key; and drug dealers have found it unwise to do business from their own vehicles lest they be traced by police. In contrast with carjackings, US automobile theft as a whole reached a peak of 1.7 million stolen vehicles in 1991 and fell to 1.4 million stolen vehicles in 1997.
      According to the US National Crime Victimization Survey, a nationally representative sample of households that are questioned by the US Census Bureau, 58% of carjackers are Black, 19% are White, and the remainder are of indeterminate racial origin. The 58% figure tallies well with the 57% of other face-to-face robberies reported by victims to be Black even though, at any one time, a million young Black males -- presumably the more seriously criminal -- are already in prison and thus not available for carjackings. (16% of carjack victims say they were injured; but each fortnight one US car driver is actually killed by a carjacker, and such victims are not alive to figure in the Victimization Survey.)


Bullying is a popular subject with researchers these days (see McDNL 13 x '98) -- perhaps because it is usually an allegation against males and provides a way of 'firming up' on suggestions of 'insensitivity…. It must also help that bullying has long been known to have a temperamental basis -- since the work by Norway's Dan Olweus of 1974 (published in Determinants and Origins of Aggressive Behaviour, Mouton).
      As reported below, the psychogeneticists of London's Institute of Psychiatry (under director Bob Plomin) are continuing their policy of only announcing discoveries of genetic factors when they can soften the blow of this information for lefties. This is done by distracting allusions to 'environmental factors' -- never themselves identified in the seventy years in which psychology has been dominated by environmentalistic thinking.


(Reuters Health 9 iii '99; Daily Record [Scotland] 10 iii '99;
Child Development 70
, 1999)

Aggressive and bullying behavior may have genetic causes, especially in boys. The results of a study in twins "support the hypothesis that aggressive behavior is heritable,'' write a team of British and Swedish researchers led by Dr. Thalia Eley of the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK.
      The team studied the behaviors of over 1,500 pairs of twins. Approximately one third of the pairs were identical twins. The authors found that "aggressive behavior'' -- bullying or fighting -- "was highly inheritable,'' especially among boys.
      On the other hand, the causes of non-aggressive, antisocial behaviors -- such as theft or truancy -- seemed to vary by gender, with "environment having a greater role for boys and genetic effects having a greater influence on girls.'' {It was Cesare Lombroso who first suggested that genetic and psychopathological factors might be especially involved in female criminality.}
      Eley and colleagues point out that genes help regulate the function of various neurotransmitters. Among these is serotonin, which is ''specifically associated with physical aggression'' but not linked with non-aggressive behaviors such as theft. The tendency toward violent or aggressive behavior seems to begin very early in childhood development, they add, indicating a 'pre-set' genetic origin for bullying, violent behaviors.
      ….The researchers also found that children of either gender were more likely to exhibit delinquent, antisocial behaviors if they already exhibited aggressive personalities. This pairing of the two types of behavior seemed to be linked to ``both genetic and... environmental influences'' among boys, but to genetic factors alone in girls, the authors conclude.


Inherited it may be, but bullying is not always psychopathological or even unacceptable. In the past year, Arthur Koestler and Sigmund Freud have been accused of being bullies; and it has long been known that quite a few schoolgirls rather like and positively encourage bullies (McDNL 13 x '98: 'NO SEX, PLEASE, WE'RE PSYCHIATRISTS!')


(Times Higher 7 v '99)

CRB writes:

The latest psychobabble about the hemispheres links the horrid 'left-hemisphere' tendencies (to abstract, analyse, reduce, dissect and symbolize) to the creation of fearsome religions from which all pleasant (holistic, integrative, synthetic, emotional etc.) tendencies are banished. The story is advanced by a Californian brain surgeon -- the chief of laparoscopic surgery at Californian-Pacific Medical Centre.* Needless to say, the wicked left-hemisphere traits are 'male' and they are envisaged by Leonard Shlain to be linked to the Western use of alphabetic languages. An especially charming feature of Shlain's thinking is that the Russian Orthodox preference for religious images is being linked to a singular lack of aggression -- which meant that Russians never persecuted witches…. {Just what degree of longevity was ever enjoyed by Russian female peasants, exhausted additionally by ceaseless childbearing until abortion arrived, is not explained.}

Probably Shlain's idea of the pacificity and cuddliness of those who prefer idiographic 'right hemisphere' languages will take a bit of a dent as the Chinese pull apart the US embassy in Peking with their bare hands (except in so far as they are restrained by their own even more aggressive policemen). However, hemispheres are back in fashion as two other books by psychologists indicate.** Here there is actually an agreed account that the left hemisphere makes up stories ('coherent, stable narratives from which contrary world views are banished by reconstructing the past') while the 'revolutionary' right hemisphere administers doses of reality ('drawing attention to anomalies').

All such thinking meets a bit of a problem in that there are still no established ways of identifying people who are more 'left-hemisphered', more 'right-hemisphered' or more 'specialized' or 'mixed-hemisphered' than anyone else. {Before you say IQ and personality testing lack validity, have a look at hemispherology!} As to sex differences, whereas men are in general more inclined to show greater hemisphere specialization (localization of cognitive function), they are, in general, obstinately more mixed-handed. Still, nothing can stop those who would speculate without the slightest serious data -- so long as they say nothing about race, feminism or paedophilia…. As the present writer explained for Cahiers de Psychologie Cognitive in 1995, the hemispheres "must be reckoned to function generally as identical twins--with one providing effectively a 'back-up' for the other"; but there is undoubtedly specialization of function as between left-hemisphere ego (managerial) and right-hemisphere superego (board of directors) function that is greater in males and allows males to operate more in one mode or another when interhemispheric hemisphere suppression occurs to avoid distraction. There is certainly no need to think of the two twins as constituting multiple personalities -- any more than British government is a 'split personality' because it draws on healthy debate of subtle differences between parliamentarians who share rolling acres of intelligence, knowledge and ethical principles with each other. Hemispherologists, too, easily see some kind of 'illusoriness' of the self as a natural conclusion to draw from their work. But, as philosopher Susan Hurley (University of Warwick) puts it when reviewing the latest volumes, "emergent properties of the world may not be unreal" -- the proper study of the brain teaches how our selves are made up rather than that our selves are fictions."

* L. SHLAIN, The Alphabet versus the Goddess, Penguin.

** V. S. RAMACHANDRAN & Sandra BLAKESLEE, Phantoms in the Brain: Human Nature and the Architecture of the Mind, Fourth Estate; M. GAZZANIGA, The Mind's Past, University of California Press.

Artificial Intelligence

(Ray KURZWEIL, The Age of Spiritual Machines, NY : Viking.
Reviewed for Times Higher 7 v '99 by Diane Proudfoot.)

The latest offering from the wilder shores of AI is that robots (like Daniel Dennett's 'Cog') are developing 'faces', 'hips', 'waists' and a proclivity to follow the gaze patterns of their human 'mothers' [the easiest way for them to learn, apparently]. Soon they are scheduled to 'pray' and to have better (virtual) sex than mere mortals -- who will recognize they themselves are essentially software and 'port' put their own minds on to floppy disks before death so as to have a chance on (virtual) immortality. Unfortunately, all such excited blether comes from an author who, while admiring Wittgenstein, thinks that an 'analytic' proposition is one that is 'deducible from observation.' -- There would be one blessing in being a machine: one would have no conscious awareness that one had made such a philosophical howler.

Polygyny Corner

Peter Frost, University of Laval (Quebec) addresses the evolution of aborigine folkways and physique -- and reveals a little-known statistic:

Australia, unlike Africa, has no large game animals. So the contribution that male hunters make to the family food supply is proportionately less than the contribution of female gatherers. Polygyny thus becomes more cost-effective, being limited not by family food provisioning but rather by the male's ability to get as many wives as possible (and hang on to them). Consequently, male-male competition increases and the male morphology evolves towards a larger and more robust body form. I suspect this is why [in African Bushmen] the !Kung's physique is much more infantile and gracile than that of the Australian Aborigines, despite apparently similar environments. We see the same contrast, only even more marked, when we compare the !Kung and other Khoisans with true Black Africans. In West and Central Africa, polygyny rates run from 20 to 40% of all sexual unions (compared to 6% for the !Kung) and the male body form has undergone comparatively more masculinization.

For a proposal to 'Get Real About Race!' by allowing polygyny -- along with other well-thought-out marital contracts suiting different individuals and making for family stability -- see

Parental Deprivation

(Times Higher 30 iv '99)

The achievements of that mighty modern sage of 'cog. psych.', Daniel Dennett (of Tufts University), turns out provide another demonstration that paternal deprivation does boys like Bill Clinton little harm. The philosopher and AI expert lost his father -- a professor of Islamic History -- when he was just five years old.

Sadly, Dennett's robot 'Cog' -- which wanders around a padded cell in MIT, though having built-in "pain receptors" just in case -- has yet to produce much vindication of DD's commitment to the idea that consciousness will one day develop in a machine. And DD himself needs straightening out about PC: he believes "academics should think about their responsibility for misinterpretations of what they say" -- rather than leave such responsibilities to ethicists, God-botherers and democratic electorates while themselves trying to discover the truth. Still, DD is far from alone in wanting PC self-censorship on questions of race and sex; and he deserves credit for falsifying by his own life-success one of the great pieties of mid-century social environmentalists.

Like the great UK Liberal Prime Minister Gladstone, DD's favourite hobby is chopping wood on his country estate in Maine. -- Whether DD shares Gladstone's penchant for 'investigating' wayward girls is unknown.

(For more cases of parental loss, see Quotes V of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.}

Student Pull-Out Supplement


Getting Rid of IQ

One way to persuade oneself that IQ is unimportant is to say that it accounts for little variance in attainment once 'other factors' have been controlled. Best of all is to 'control out for (parental) social class' -- which itself reflects not only parental levels of education and hard work but also the different levels of genetic g that families possess. Yet this may seem to gross and well-known a ruse. Anyhow, 'controlling for SES' only gives the researcher one chance of removing IQ variance.
      If, instead, the researcher partials out one by one for a whole host of 'social factors' the chance of getting rid of IQ variance altogether is probably increased. And partialling out children's own experiences and attainment will further assist the IQ-loather. Thus, a fine list of 'other factors' (maternal education, child's first language, whether child is given books for Christmas) is then drawn up and 'controlled for'. Bingo! IQ no longer correlates with such outcome differences as remain between children.
      For a fair-minded presentation of this entirely bogus argument, see: -- Of course, what goes unmentioned is the considerable likelihood that IQ (or families' genes for IQ) might once have influenced causally the very variables that the researcher later partials out. Thus IQ's own influence has simply been obscured bit by tiny bit as the controlled variables have been removed.

Twinning shows effects of environment
never expected by stock environmento-stalinists

(Now! 18 ix '97, 'Love at the Double', Lucy Broadbent)

The developmental pressures that push siblings and twins apart from each other are well recognized by lifelong twin researcher Dr Raymond Brandt. The US President of 'Twinless Twins International' devotes himself to bringing separated twins together -- and to consoling twins who have lost their co-twins. He himself lost a twin brother 47 years ago. Whether Brandt is a follower of Adler is not known to McDNL, but his experiences have taught him sympathy for Adler's view that reaction to (and indeed against) siblings is a vital part of the growing-up process. Says Brandt: "Twins who have been separated are often more alike than those raised together." In line with this, identical twins themselves often insist on there being differences between them that it is hard for researchers to detect. And, when they marry other identical twins (as they not uncommonly do -- sometimes via the marriage market at Twinsville, USA), they make the following observation: they may indeed quite often (like other people) confuse the two identical twins whom they have married, and thus find themselves smooching up to the wrong twin; but they insist they could each only have married the particular co-twin that they did. They may find the co-twins physically indistinguishable; but "it's their personalities that are different," they say.

{Psychogenetic research typically finds that shared childhood environments count for little in the ways that social environmentalists expect. They do not produce conspicuous similarities in personality. Recently, US psychologist Judith Rich Harris has suggested that the 'parentally supplied environment', in particular, produces little effect compared with that effect of 'peer environment' (see McDNLs 22 ix '98 and 10 xi '98). Yet the larger truth is probably as Adler envisaged: that siblings who live together actually push away from each other -- and that identical twins may actually be more similar when they grow up separately. Technically, such variance is one form of 'genetic-environmental covariation' (G,ECOV) -- see The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications, Chapter 3).}

That world-wide IQ-test-score rise

"A study in Scotland of the average gains on the six verbal sub-scales of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children from 1961 to 1983/4 permits a rank-order correlation of…gains on each of the subtests with…the subtests' g loadings (Brand et al., 1989, Irish J. Psychol. 10). The rank correlations are +.22 and +.40 for 10-year-olds and 13-year-olds respectively. The Seattle Longitudinal study (Schaie, 1994, Amer. Psychologist 49 {found a correlation of} only +.30. Hence the mean rise in test scores largely reflects something other than the degree to which the scores measure g…"
      Arthur JENSEN, 1998, The g Factor: the Science of Mental Ability. Westport, CN : Praeger.

Thanatos Realism


"Clive [to become 'Clive of India'], the "morose and untractable" problem son of a country lawyer from Market Drayton in Shropshire….had become so bored with his [£10 a year] job in the counting house [of Madras] that he twice tried to blow his brains out with a pistol. …On 23 June 1757, Clive led his [1,600] troops to meet….an army of 50,000 at the village of Plassey -- the decisive moment in establishing British hegemony in Bengal, paving the way for the domination of India. ….He returned home in 1760 with, by his own reckoning, £401,102. {Prime Minister Pitt called him "a heaven sent general."} ….at the age of 49 [in 1774], he finally succeeded in committing suicide by cutting his throat."
      Anthony READ & David FISHER, 1997, The Proudest Day: India's Long Road to Independence. London : Jonathan Cape.

Evolutionary Psychopathology

There are sound reasons for children entertaining suspicions about their parentage. First, one seventh of apparent fathers today are not (by blood group criteria) the biological fathers of the children who call them 'Daddy.' Secondly, for a child to make a mistake in this arena will lead to mistaken imitation of adults who have genetic gifts that are quite different from those of the child: there is little point training to be a tailor if one's own genetic gifts are for being a smith. Thirdly, incorrect identification will result in the child putting undue confidence in adults who, when the chips are down, will not do much to support or defend it: historically, at least, adult males put effort into steering youngsters through adolescence and the early stages of competition for sexual partners, but few adult males would have taken many risks for children they believed were not their own. Thus it is not unintelligible that there are some genes in modern populations that make for the disorder of Capgras Syndrome -- in which children believe their own true parents have been abducted by aliens and replaced with identical-looking impostors (New Scientist 26 ix '98).

{The idea that children who doubt their parentage may develop homosexual tendencies has been particularly developed by Christopher Badcock -- e.g. in his 1994 book PsychoDarwinism. The idea is that refusal to make any simple same-sex identification will sometimes make sense -- especially for boys, for whom a little feminization will help reduce violent assaults from peers. Such a story would make homosexuality a matter of genetic-environmental covariation rather than of strong heritability. This is the result found in the single best study of twins with regard to homosexuality. In London, King & McDonald (1992, Brit. J. Psychiatry 160), found 46 twin pairs via an AIDS clinic, thus eliminating tendency for volunteer MZ twins to be artificially similar (otherwise participating in twin research has less fascination for them). In this study, MZ concordance for homosexuality (25%) was low, and only slightly higher than that for DZ twins (17%). For further support for a strong environmental component in homosexuality, see 'TENURED ACADEMICS BAFFLED BY SEX' (McDNL, Spring '99).} 

Students as psychotherapists benefit students and patients


(Lancet 352, 9131, 12 ix '98)

According to David Sturgeon (University College Hospital [UCH], London, UK), many medical students are not completely satisfied by "the purely technological aspects of medicine". ….A project started 40 years ago at UCH aims to give medical students something different. Students at UCH are given the opportunity of seeing carefully selected patients for weekly psychotherapy interviews for 1 year. ….Students are closely supervised by senior psychiatric and psychotherapy staff, and patients are made aware of their rights….The experience of four decades shows that students and patients benefit from the scheme: patients can have further therapy if needed and students learn how to form and develop a relationship with their patients on which they can draw, whatever speciality they choose to pursue…. Similar schemes are now in place in other teaching hospitals in the UK and in Canada and Switzerland.

Consciousness Corner

(Times Literary Supplement, 28 viii '98, 'The potential of parrots')

In the past two decades, a main focus of speculation about consciousness in animals has been on the issue of 'deception'. If (as in the work of A. Whiten and R. W. Byrne at St Andrews University, Scotland) monkeys will distract each other and thus obtain access to their food or mates, the inference must be that the animals credit each other with plans and perspectives and surely have plans and perspectives themselves.
      However, the failure of animal research to discover or produce language (with a grammar) in any species has been a continuing disappointment. How can you be conscious of anything very much if you can never say what you are conscious of? Thus there is new excitement about that long-standing top vocalizer and mimic, the parrot.
      According to ethological guru Emeritus Professor Aubrey Manning (Britain's successor to Niko Tinbergen), a parrot has now been produced that will chatter its way very creditably through a reasoning task -- drawing attention to its principles of work and to the items presented that are 'the odd man out.' Early days yet, perhaps; and no evidence seems forthcoming of the later memory for events that is, for human beings, still the only sure sign that they were conscious (rather than sleepwalking) while they experienced them. But AM feels sure a threshold is being crossed: with regard to the issue of consciousness, he says in a thoughtful and helpful review of recent research, "some animals will have to be given the benefit of the doubt."


America in Black and White: One Nation Indivisible, by Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom, New York: Simon & Schuster, 704 pages, $32.50

America in Black and White is not about IQ and race. Indeed, the authors don't have much time for IQ -- preferring the libertarialunatic position that the continuing B-W disparity in socio-economic achievement in the USA is largely due to misguided programmes of welfare and affirmative action. However, the book does make a good job of detailing the enormous efforts made to wangle more Black entrants into US colleges and to molly-coddle them when they are there. It will leave no reader in doubt that pinko-favoured policies have been tried and failed, and that it is time for race realism, streaming and student choice to have an innings.

{There was a favourable review in the libertarian magazine, Reason, by John Hood.}


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For Commentary's Autumn 1998 review of new books on intelligence/IQ --

For articles opposing 'antiracism' and 'affirmative action':

For 'advances' in the study of intelligence at Edinburgh LUniversity since Chris Brand was fired:
{In these 1999 papers, it is proposed -- for no very obvious reason -- to jettison the term 'mental speed.' The only breakthrough reported about intelligence is one by workers elsewhere, in 1993: the discovery that an allele of the apoliprotein E gene makes for dementia.}

Genetic and family studies of psychopathology
E.g.: "Torgersen (1983, 1990) investigated concordance rates for anxiety disorders with panic attacks and found that 31% of the monozygotic twins had a similar diagnosis compared to 0% of the dizygotic twins."

For helpful definitions and explanations of behavioural genetics:

S. BOYD 'Discoveries challenge the idea of race':

Father Paul MARX, O.S.B., Ph.D. 'The Differential Psychology of Men and Women':

Hall of Fame

1984 interview on eugenic themes with top psychometrician-psychologist, Raymond Cattell --
E.g. CATTELL: "….there are advantages to a country in having some diversity, in that each can be used as an experiment to see in which direction the group as a whole might advantageously go. I think that there's a happy medium on this matter of diversity, and it has probably been overshot in the U.S. at the present."
      INTERVIEWER: The authors of a recent article in a psychology journal voiced concern about the fact that the mentally retarded don't vote nearly as often as people of normal intelligence do, and suggested various ways to entice them to the polls. How do you react to this? CATTELL: "The article you describe strikes me as the highest form of idiocy. Writers such as Shaw and Wells spoke good sense a generation ago when they demanded qualifications for voting, such as some knowledge of history and current events and a certain level of intelligence. This, surely, is needed if democracy is to work."

{In the interview, Cattell insists on avoiding the race issue: "I agree that the only reasonable thing is to be noncommittal on the race question -- that's not the central issue, and it would be a great mistake to be side-tracked into all the emotional upsets that go on in discussions of racial differences." However, as with the high-minded 'conservatives' with whom the present newsletter began, no amount of insistence on being merely an individualist, differential psychologist or IQ-ist would prevent critics who feared Cattell's work calling him a "racist." -- America's 'antiNazis' made the closing year of his life a misery and quite possibly helped to kill him (see McDougall NewsLetters 1997/8). Ray Cattell's tests continue to be published in 1999 under the names of himself, his second wife and his daughter, Heather (CATTELL, R. B., CATTELL, A. K. & CATTELL, H. E. (1993) Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, 5th Edition, Champaign, IL : Institute for Personality and Ability Testing); and they continue to yield the 'Big Six' main independent dimensions of human psychology outlined in Chapter 1 of The g Factor and in BRAND, C. R. (1997) 'Hans Eysenck's personality dimensions: their number and nature', in H. Nyborg (ed.), The Scientific Study of Human Nature: Tribute to Hans J. Eysenck at Eighty, Oxford:Pergamon, pp. 17-35.}

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Online site. Racial Differences. Innate Intellectual & Psychological Differences.
Racial Differences in Intelligence: What Mainstream Scientists Say.
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Univ. of Delaware Prof. Linda Gottfredson tells truth, violates PC taboos.
Left-wing Marxist Stephen Gould, a media-favorite "source" on race, rebuked by Harvard colleague.
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Heredity 1, Heredity 2, Heredity 3.     Prof. Chris Brand Gets Real About Race.
Prof. Ed Miller on paternal provisioning --Why the Black family in America is disappearing.
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What Ever happened to Genetics? -- By Glayde Whitney.    Intelligence: Heredity Vs. Environment.
Heredity vs. Environment: Twin Studies Vindicate Hereditarian Position!
Prof. Jensen on Limits of Human Intelligence.   Eugenic Principals in Britain.
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For a psychoanalysis of Shakespeare's The Tempest, see Barry Beck's It could be said that 'Prospero' is a superego-like figure who is spaced out after his narrow escape from incest with his daughter Miranda; that the spirit Ariel is his wilful and wayward ego who is trying to sort things out; and that Caliban is the id with which Prospero has never come to proper terms -- any more than with the outside world from which he has been banished. However, the website manages the analysis the play engagingly in Jungian rather than Freudian terms: The Tempest is a play about God's maturation -- "Prospero is finally fully owning, acknowledging and taking responsibility for Caliban, his shadow, his unconscious. In his growth and individuation, he has taken a big step toward integrating his shadow within himself."


Frank Barr, the publican of the distinguished London bar, El Vino's -- distinguished till it was ruined in the late-1980's by feminist entryism -- was overheard by one of his intellectually up-market barflies. "They may be all right in their own country," Frank held forth, "but bring 'em over 'ere an' they're good for nuffink." On finding himself seized by the lapels by the tipsy intellectual and ask to repudiate his "racialism", Frank explained he had been referring to certain German wines.

Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools, Clintonsville

Private Eye 30 iv '99

TRUE LIFE PHOTO -- Photographed in front of a classroom blackboard alongside a delightfully fresh blonde fifteen-year old in a chequered blouse, no earrings, and all the trimmings, including a little décolletage, is grey-haired Chris Woodhead {controversial today for his teacher-bashing, for his efforts to raise school standards by any means other than streaming, and for his past hanky-panky with [ex?-]pupils}. Potentially co-operative but serious, the pair are turned slightly towards each other and looking downwards at something in between them which the viewer cannot see. What is Woodhead saying to the sweetiepie? Eye readers have supplied the answers:

'Are you the Head Girl?'

'Is this too hard for you?'

'Do you do French?'

Serbian Green Cross Code

When preparing to cross a street in Belgrade, look left, look right and look up.

MAY 18







BOMBER BLAIR SENT TO BULLY BULGARIA WHILE THIRD-WAY TERRORIST KLINTON BOWS TO BELGRADE -- Multicultural Humanitarian Bombing Week 8. Neosocialist Warfare in crisis: Archbishop Blair and 'Martian' Cook deny rift with Emperor Klinton and 'Witch of the West' Albright (themselves at loggerheads). STOP PRESS German Chancellor Schroeder rules out attack using ground troops as "unthinkable."

Environmentalunacy Exposed


(New York Times 15 v '99,
'Project to Rescue Needy Stumbles Against the Persistence of Poverty', Jason De Parle)

Results from efforts in Milwaukee to help the low paid have shocked the New York Times.
      For the past five years, an experimental sample of unemployed people in Milwaukee have been offered guaranteed work for 30 hours per week -- e.g. assisting in the offices of charities. Those approached were assured of a final income putting them ten per cent above the current US poverty line of $US13,000 (for a family of three). The organizers, New Hope, signed up 677 recruits from among low- and unwaged people and have now had the programme's results independently assessed. Only 27% of the sigNatories stuck with the programme to lift them out of poverty; and 6% actually continued to do now work at all despite having signed for the programme. The target group's average annual earnings were just $6,602 -- statistically no better than a control group of poor people not in the programme. Nor, despite the opportunity for regular work and above-basic income, were there psychological gains in health or happiness. NYT records:

"….despite the conventional theory that going to work makes low-income adults feel better about themselves, New Hope clients showed no declines in depression and no growth in self-esteem, when compared with a control group.
    Indeed, even after two years in the program, the average participant still registered levels of depression above the threshold that most psychologists consider cause for clinical referrals.
    The problems that kept people from maintaining steady employment comprise a catalog of inner-city ills: drug and alcohol abuse; jealous or violent boyfriends and husbands; conflicts with employers; unreliable baby sitters and cars, and generally flagging spirits. In addition, some participants said they preferred to work less and spend more time with their families, even if it meant staying poor."

All that remained from this devastating falsification of conventional ideas about how to help the unemployed was an improvement in the Scholastic Aptitude Test performance of some of the children of the 677 participants -- but the gain only affected boys and has yet to be understood. (It might have been that truancy was reduced as participants went through the motions of assuring New Hope organizers that they were available for work.)

Educalunacy Continued

Any teaching that works is suspect in the eyes of modern educationalists. Used to arguing against streamed learning and track choice, educationalists even reject the rote learning that will allow pupils to pass the babyish exams that are routinely set in today's schools.

Wall Street Journal 12 v '99,
Lynne Cheney [Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute].


Effective Education Squelched

After principal Eric Mahmoud introduced a new curriculum at Harvest Preparatory, a Minneapolis elementary school that serves many children from poor families, test scores shot up. Kindergartners, whose reading results had been at about the national average, were now in the 89th percentile. The new curriculum that proved so effective at Harvest Prep was actually a venerable program with a remarkable record of success. It is called Direct Instruction, and if you haven't heard about it, the reason may be that the nation's education schools don't want you to. In their view, Direct Instruction is pedagogically incorrect. Direct Instruction teachers, operating from detailed scripts, tell kids what they need to know, rather than letting them discover it for themselves, as ed schools advise. Direct Instruction teachers drill students on lessons (a method education professors sneeringly call "drill and kill"). They reward right answers and immediately correct wrong ones, flying in the face of ed-school dogma downplaying the importance of accuracy.
      How well Direct Instruction works first became evident in 1977, when the results of Project Follow Through, a huge educational experiment undertaken by the federal government, were made public. Kindergartners through third-graders who were taught by Direct Instruction scored higher in reading and math than children in any other instructional model. The Direct Instruction children not only proved superior at academics, but also scored higher on "affective" measures like self-esteem than did children in most other programs--several of which were specifically directed toward making children feel good about themselves. ….[Yet] still the ed schools continue their not-so-benign neglect. In recently reviewing dozens of textbooks used to teach future teachers, I found exactly one mention of Direct Instruction, a reference a few sentences long that described it as "prescriptive"….


McDNL's Special US Correspondent explains: "The less effective a scheme is at passing pupils through exams, the more effective it is at creating jobs for remedial education teachers. Looked at from this perspective, the resistance of the establishment to Direct Instruction makes perfect sense.

Brain and Intelligence

For years a major problem in interpreting racial differences in brain volume has been that sizeable sex differences in brain volume [males' brains are bigger] have no consequence for general intelligence. Now a distinction between different types of volume seems to explain what is happening.

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Press Release
Franklin Hoke,


Sex Differences Found In Proportions Of Gray And White Matter In The Brain: Links To Differences In Cognitive Performance Seen

Head size correlates statistically with intelligence, a not-widely known fact -- greater cranial volumes are linked to higher intelligence. The correlation, while small, has been reported in multiple studies. And because, on average, men's bodies are bigger than women's, their heads too are larger than women's. So, one might reasonably expect men to be more intelligent than women. This is not the case, however -- men and women consistently score equally on intelligence tests. For neuroscientists, this paradox has long presented a puzzle. If head size correlates with intelligence, and women have smaller heads, why don't they have lower intelligence?
      Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center now report new findings that may help explain the conundrum: Women have a higher proportion of gray matter to cranial volume than men. Conversely, men have higher proportions of white matter and cerebrospinal fluid to cranial volume than women. Gray matter refers to the neuronal cell bodies and their dendrites, the short protrusions that communicate with immediately neighboring neurons in the brain. White matter refers to the longer axons, sheathed in a white fat called myelin, that reach out from neurons to more distant regions of the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid is the liquid in which the brain floats inside the head. Gray matter is where computation takes place, while white matter is responsible for communication between groups of cells in different areas of the brain.
      "With these findings, we are beginning to get an explanation for the lack of intelligence disparity between men and women," says Ruben C. Gur, Ph.D., professor of psychology in psychiatry and lead author on the new study (J. Neuroscience, 15 v '99). "Women have a higher percentage of tissue devoted to computation than men. Men have a greater proportion of tissue assigned to the transfer of information between distant regions."
      The study replicated the findings associating better cognitive performance with larger volumes of brain tissue. The researchers determined, however, that with similar increases in volume, women gain more intelligence than men. "Women's brains appear to be more efficient than men's in the sense that an equal increase in volume produces a larger increase in processing capacity in women than in men," notes Raquel E. Gur, M.D., Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and neurology and senior author on the study.
      The study also offers a possible explanation for long-observed ability differences between men and women on specific types of cognitive tasks. Generally, women excel on verbal tasks, while men do better on spatial tasks. In the current study, these task-specific differences in ability were reconfirmed and correlated with the newly found proportional differences in gray and white matter in men and women. While higher volume of tissue correlated with better performance on both verbal and spatial intelligence tasks, the highest levels of spatial task performance required greater amounts of white matter than can be accommodated in the crania of most women.
      ….The new data shed light on earlier observations concerning the corpus callosum, a large body of nerve fibers that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Those studies showed that women have a relatively larger corpus callosum than men. The corpus callosum, however, is composed of white matter, the tissue type seen in this study at lower overall proportions in women than men in the brain, suggesting that evolution has placed a priority on this structure in women. "The implication of women having more white matter connecting between the hemispheres of the brain is that they would have better communication between the different modes of perceiving and relating to the world," says Raquel Gur. "On the other hand, men would demonstrate a stronger concentration on working within any one of those modes."
      Forty men and forty women, all healthy adults, volunteered to participate in the study. Gray and white matter percentages and overall cranial volumes were assessed using three-dimensional MRI imaging techniques. Cognitive performance was measured using tasks designed to examine different types of intellectual ability. An example of a spatial task given to the study participants involved viewing an array of lines fanning out at angles. Shown a second set of two shorter lines at similar angles, the participants were asked to identify which lines in the original fan array matched the angles of the shorter lines. One verbal intelligence task involved extrapolations of word relationships. Some examples: "sailor is to navy as soldier is to: a) gun, b) cap, c) hill, d) army" and "thoughts are to brains as steam is to: a) water, b) vapor, c) boiling, d) heat."


Provocation / Students' Corner

(Science 7 v '99, 922-3, 'The search for intelligence',
Tom Bouchard)

In his magisterial overview for Science of the latest academic arguments on intelligence and IQ {see below, 'IQ and Human Intelligence'}, Tom Bouchard finds a safe way of handling the naughtinesses of The Bell Curve (1994) and The g Factor (1996). One of the seven 1990's works on intelligence TB thinks worth mentioning is "psychometrically inclined" (Arthur Jensen, 1998), says the doyen of twin study. Others are "cognitively inclined" (Earl Hunt, 1995; Gardner et al., 1996), socio-historical (Flynn, 1998, Amer. Psychol.) or journalistic (Seligman, 1992). But the remaining two, says TB, singling out Herrnstein & Murray's The Bell and Brand's TgF, are "provocatively inclined."
      It is amusing to see a tenured academic needing to distance himself from 'racism.' TB doesn't even mention Phil Rushton's surely 'provocative' Race, Evolution and Behaviour (1995) despite the fact that TB had his own twin study research pump-primed by the Pioneer Fund. Still,
it is nice for psychology students to have such a handy reading list offered by Science and for top scientists* to be advised of the non-provocative 1990's tomes on intelligence of which they would otherwise never have heard….
      Incidentally, Tom Bouchard has found the most elegant solution yet to the problem of how to reference The g Factor. One wants to avoid both (a) shocking readers with a glaring declaration of the book's de-publication, and (b) failing to warn readers that they won't be able to buy it at a bookshop. TB's solution states simply:
BRAND, C. R. (1996). The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications. Chichester, UK : Wiley. [See C. Holden, Science 272, 644 (1996).]

* On p. 533, in another review for Science, Canadian philosopher-psychologist Michael Ruse pooh-poohs the idea (recently advanced by a British scientific journalist) that top scientists chiefly read Nature.

Poetic England

Following the death of England's top poet, Ted Hughes, the appointment of a new Poet Laureate for Her Majesty in imminent. The two most widely favoured candidates have ruled themselves out by being devout Republicans -- the Irishman Seamus Heaney and an unheard-of Australian (Independent 13 v '99). That has left a Scottish single-parent lesbian (Someone-or-other Duffy) and the "heavyweight" Black, well, marginal poet Derek Walcott (b. 1930 in St Lucia).

Nothing could be more understandable after thirty years of dumbed-down comprehensive schooling. 'Shakespeare in Love' may have topped the Oscars; and Spectator writers like Ian Buruma are searching for England's 'identity' (Neal Ascherson, New York Review of Books 20 v '99); but most modern English litterati enthuse only about aliens.

18 v '99  

LONDON -- There were scenes of jubilation as an English jury gave the green light to euthanasia for people in agony. The High Court jury took only 65 minutes to clear a Newcastle GP, Dr David Moor, whose pain-killing injections of morphine had killed an 85-year-old man (as well as, Moor had said, some 300 other patients). Such killings are commonplace in Britain but, to avoid prosecution, the doctor needs to maintain for public consumption that death occurs as an unfortunate adjunct of pain relief. This Dr Moor declined to do at first, thus bringing on his head the 18-day prosecution. As police had moved in, Dr Moor further complicated matters by lying that he had not administered morphine, so the court finally required him to pay one third of prosecution costs. However, Dr Moor's switch (to admitting giving the medication but denying he intended to kill) satisfied the jury; and a defence fund set up by grateful patients should be sufficient to prevent him ending up bankrupt. For its part, the Crown Prosecution Service will think twice before mounting another prosecution in a hurry.

LONDON -- In the latest extension of neosocialist propaganda, all English children will be compelled under a new national curriculum to take Citizenship Classes. Already Racial Awareness teaching is compulsory in schools; but now the Government says it wishes "to end apathy towards politics."
      Meanwhile music teachers believe they have persuaded Britain's blind Minister of Education to think of making music compulsory. Their argument? They have told David Blunkett that, since pupils who study music do better at other school subjects, there must be a cause-and-effect relationship (CFMR 13 v '99). {Such primitive reasoing is common in media and government circles in Britain, where there is general ignorance of John Stuart Mill's observation that variables A and B may be correlated because of the inflluence of a third variable, C. Whether the music teachers have cunningly invoked the equally dubious 'Mozart effect' (leading to gains on some IQ tests, e.g. McDNL 17 xi '99) remains unknown.}

LOS ANGELES -- A Black substitute teacher who taught citizenship classes was hit with sex charges for allegedly exposing himself to a class of 9-year-olds. Police charged the history graduate with multiple counts of committing a lewd act after his afternoon antics sent fourth graders at El Sereno Elementary School fleeing into the hallway. Smith allegedly disrobed when he and his 24 students reconvened after a lunchbreak. Some of the children ran out of the classroom to summon another adult, who found Smith "sweating profusely and unresponsive," said police.

MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut (AP) -- Acting in deference to media pressure, the president of Wesleyan University has ordered a review of a class that he says may be too liberal for the liberal arts college. The course, ''Pornography: Writing of Prostitutes,'' examines pornography as a cultural and political practice. Its reading list includes the Marquis de Sade and academic critiques of Hustler magazine. As a final project, students must produce their own work of pornography. One student in Professor Hope Weissman's class submitted a short film that focused on a man's eyes while he masturbated. In another, a female student acted out a scene of sexual bondage.

TORONTO (Toronto Star) -- False/Recovered Memory Syndrome -- A jury threw out five cases in which women accused a man of one-time sex abuse which they had 'remembered' during therapy sessions.

OKLAHOMA -- The University of Oklahoma announced that it would dissolve an endowment created with the intent of naming a professorship for Anita Hill, who used to teach law there. The effort to honor Ms. Hill started after she accused the Black judge Clarence Thomas, now a Supreme Court Justice, of sexual harassment in 1991.

BONN, N.Y. Times 10 v '99 The AIDS epidemic in southern Africa is out of control, the leading epidemiologist of the United Nations agency for AIDS (UNAIDS) says in an article in the German magazine Focus. Bernhard Schwartlaender said more than a quarter of the adult population of Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe is infected with the AIDS virus. AIDS is the biggest killer in those countries and in South Africa, where the spread of the virus has grown in pace since the start of the decade. The situation "exceeds the worst nightmares," Schwartlaender is quoted as saying.       
      PS ­­ Education officials in Swaziland estimate that some 70 percent of teachers in the small kingdom are infected with the HIV virus which causes AIDS (AFP 12 v '99).

ANGOLA -- Since December, when Angola's civil war resumed, 700,000 people have been driven from their homes in the countryside into three towns where they live surrounded by Unita rebels (Independent 13 v '99). Killing has been at a higher rate than in Kosovo though few journalists have been present to observe it. Twenty-five adults were recently witnessed being killed with agricultural implements; their children were picked up by the feet and had their brains dashed out against trees.

TOKYO -- Japan is obsessed with the Italian soothsayer Nostradamus and with his possible prediction that the world will end by the millennium. Each week millions of Japanese tune to special TV programme which features two men building a bunker to prepare for doomsday scenarios. {The Japanese may be high in the g factor but they are also high in the n (neuroticism) factor.}

LONDON -- Obsessive medical preservation of ultra-pre-term babies [born before 33 weeks' gestation] carries serious risks. By adolescence, UPTBs are at increased risk of behavioral problems and show abnormalities on brain scans. In new research at University College London, 40 out of 72 UPTBs (56%) had ''unequivocally abnormal'' results on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans as compared to 1 in 21 of full-term-born children (5%) (Lancet 15 v '99).

NEW YORK -- Researchers at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development have discovered a gene which controls the development of the hippocampus, a brain structure crucial for learning and memory. The work was performed by Yangu Zhao, Ph.D. et al. and appears in the May 14th issue of Science.

LONDON -- There was no noticeable complaint from Britain's neosocialist Government that multicultural America leaked via its Chinese citizens just about the only nuclear secrets that Britain has (pertaining to the UK's independent deterrent, the four Trident class submarines based at the Holy Loch just north of Glasgow).

LONDON -- British teenagers lag far behind their European peers when it comes to reducing rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (British Medical Journal 318:1300-1301, 1321-1322). A 15- to 19-year-old girl living in the UK is seven times more likely to become pregnant compared with her counterpart on the European continent; and teen births, abortions and sexual ailments started rising again in 1995-6, reversing previous trends. {Whether Britain has a relatively large number of 'White trash' girls combining low IQ, poor education, superstitious beliefs and single-parent family backgrounds remained uninvestigated by the BMJ.}

NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey ( 14 v '99) -- Budding students of criminology received a practical class when four maximum-security teenage inmates detained, stripped, slapped, scratched, bruised, masturbated and robbed them once they had become separated from a school party touring Jamesburg reform school as part of a 16-member criminal justice class project. The four inmates, aged 15-17, race unknown due to media restrictions, have been charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact, robbery, making terrorist threats, riot, tampering with witnesses, and conspiracy.

Quote of the Week

"Kosovo is a war to expand the frontiers of America's moral community. ….America has progressed over the past 100 years, because of mass immigration and a widening of our democracy, to the point where many Americans see the Serbs and the Kosovars as racially and morally like us. If this war succeeds, maybe in another century we will include the Hutus and Tutsis within that moral circle as well. If it fails, we certainly will not. "
      Peter BEINART, in the 'conservative' magazine, New Republic.

Steve Sailer comments:
History's most successful example of a multi-ethnic democracy, Switzerland, worked very hard so as not to expand the frontiers of their moral community. It didn't want outside conflicts between the Germans and the French to spill into Switzerland and ignite a civil war. As we become ever more multi-ethnic, such aloofness from others' problems may be necessary to maintain civil peace in America.

Multicultural Humanitarian Intervention
-- A Protest

To: Madam Justice Louise Arbour
P.O. Box 13888
Churchillplain 1
2501 EW The Hague

TEL: +31-70-416-5000      E-mail: <>

From: Mr C. R. Brand, MA (Oxon.), Fellow of the Galton Institute (London)

Date: 13 v 1999

Dear Louise Arbour,

                                     I would like to support what I believe is your move to indict Nato's political leaders for war crimes. Beyond the failure to issue Serbia with a proper war ultimatum, the horrific incidents killing both Serbian and ethnic Albanian Kosovar civilians, and the failure to distinguish military from civilian 'infrastructure', it seems to me that Nato's use of force and the resulting loss of life and destruction have been essentially and substantially disproportionate to the provocation given.

Notably, Nato has produced none of the much-promised evidence of "genocide" by Serb troops (whether before or after the commencement of Nato's bombing); and it has transpired that the Kosovo Liberation Army was itself a fully-fledged terrorist organization that had long used, and whose leaders had joked about using well-poisoning, crop arson, church vandalism, knifings, rape, sabotage and murder to achieve its objectives. The activities of the KLA had been publicized in a 1987 {sic} article for the New York Times by David Binder ("IN YUGOSLAVIA, RISING ETHNIC STRIFE BRINGS FEARS OF WORSE CIVIL CONFLICT" 1 xi, Section 1, Part 1, p. 14, column 1). Yet Nato press releases never showed any sign that there might have been two sides to the history of conflict in Kosovo. It may be that Nato authorities were guilty of wilful self-deception. At least, they kept their own populations in the dark.

The continuance of Nato's destruction without demonstrable gains for 50 days (as I write) further suggests wilful negligence. The $US6 billion spent so far on bombing could surely, if offered to Serbia, have purchased autonomy or independence for the ethnic Albanian Kosovars in some part of Kosovo in perpetuity. Yet so far Nato has only offered to stop bombing if Serbia entirely withdraws its police and troops (and thus effectively its own Serbian Kosovars) from its own sovereign territory. Nato's intransigence suggests a petty wish to save face -- a wish quite improper to the pursuit of the "humanitarian" objectives claimed as Nato's sole motivation.

Lastly, I observe that the Nato bombing campaign took place not only without the blessing of the United Nations but without serious discussion in the democratic assemblies of member states (especially in Washington and London). To have failed to achieve well-informed consent for such prolonged destruction seems to me to suggest a state of mind that was criminally negligent of any nation's normal responsibilities. Although Nato countries subscribe to the ideal of multi-party democracy, intimidatory efforts were made to inhibit public discussion: in the UK, eminent MPs like Mr Alec Salmond (SNP), Mr Tony Benn (Labour) and Mr Alan Clark (Conservative) who did criticize the bombing were instantly denounced as virtual traitors by sources close to the Blair government -- even though no state of war had been declared. The "humanitarian" intentions of the socialist [or perhaps neosocialist] leaders who embarked on such destruction may have been genuine; but the conduct of the Nato action showed a reckless disregard of the need for open, reasoned and informed discussion before such violence -- especially since no Nato member country was under attack.

Please let me know if and when I can be of assistance to your consideration of the matter. My 'McDougall NewsLetter', on the Internet, has carried regular criticism of the Nato campaign. I will gladly relay any messages by which you might seek to censure politicians who bomb other countries or prevent free speech in their own countries as ways of enforcing their multicultural ideals.

I am yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand.


Recent additions to McDNL's list of intellectuals who have condemned the bombing ('Slaughter Slobba?', 20 iv '99) are Gore Vidal and Baroness Warnock. Britain's veteran left-ish war correspondent Robert Fisk, asking whether Nato bombed the Chinese embassy because the Milosevics might have been sleeping there (after the first attempt to assassinate them failed), says (Independent 13 v '99): "Well, Nato is desperate. It is losing the war, it is destroying itself."

The UK's Times Higher continues to say virtually nothing about the biggest crisis for intellectuals since Vietnam. A review of a few relevant websites (e.g. and a mention of an e-mail newsletter ( is as far as the paper will go. Mirroring the UK university community, as it did during the investigation, tribunal and appeal that fired Chris Brand from Edinburgh LUniversity, Times Higher prefers not to raise awkward questions. Only its light-relief columnist Laurie Taylor is brave enough to say that most UK academics would find it hard to get a job at Pizza Hut in the event of them blotting their copybooks with the neosocialist powers that be. (In contrast, the London Review of Books continues to let its reviewers and correspondents digress on the war: in its 13 v '99 issue, the "vaingloriously hawkish" Blair and "the new Euro-American colonialism" found themselves lambasted.)

Multicultural Bombing Crusade, Week 8

A little history of 'ethnic cleansing':
In 1945, Stalin, Roosevelt [advised by Soviet agent Alger Hiss] and Churchill ordered the German populations of East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia to be cleared. The victorious Allies expelled some 12 to 15 million people. "What ensued was the largest and most sweeping 'ethnic cleansing' in history . . .About 2.1 million of these [expellees] died from a combination of war, hunger, cold and disease." (A. Bell-Fialkoff, 'A brief history of ethnic cleansing', Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993, p.115. See also A. de Zayas, The German Expellees: Victims in War and Peace, NY : St. Martin's, 1993.) Subsequently, Europe enjoyed its longest period of peace between nation states since 1756.
      Ironically, today's Macedonia -- now prospering under the demands of supplying Nato troops and Kosovo refugees -- is based on a strict modern apartheid. In 1991, non-Slavs were expelled from most government jobs and big firms in "a complete, bloodless and unreported purge" (London Review of Books 13 v '99). Today, Slavs live in 'new town' areas of full employment and affluence; Albanians do drugs in 'old town' areas; and gypsies (Romanies) live by thievery conducted from areas where the government doesn't even supply roads or water.
      The successful, modern and democratic state of Israel, too, depends on ethnic cleansing for its existence.

A little history of Albania from an e-mail group: "Albania has been notorious since at least the time of Lord Byron as a nest of thieves and bandits. More recently, an Italian acquaintance tells me that the Albanians have taken over drug trafficking in her country -- no mean achievement, when you consider that the previous proprietors of this business were the Sicilian Mafia."

That KLA: According to a diplomatic insider quoted by the April 1st Chicago Tribune, when KLA officials were warned that NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia would trigger retaliatory violence by Serb forces in Kosovo, one KLA leader replied: "We don't care. 400,000 Kosovars can be sacrificed for our independence."

11 v '99 -- 'Liberal' Thomas Friedman, a columnist with the 'liberal' New York Times, dropped the mask about AmericOtan's 'humanitarian intervention' in Serbia:
"I am sorry about the Chinese Embassy, but we have no reason to be defensive here. We are at war with the Serbian nation, and anyone hanging around Belgrade needs to understand that. This notion that we are only at war with one bad guy, Slobodan Milosevic, is ludicrous."
{Milo was popularly elected three times without the West even suggesting that Serbia abandon democracy. -- Ed.}

McDNL's Australian Political Correspondent considers why Mr William 'Baldie in the Baseball Cap' Hague, UK Conservative leader, doesn't seem to remember that he draws a salary to run Her Majesty's Opposition (and was thus at some well-funded liberty to oppose 'humanitarian intervention' in the Balkans, if not war itself):

Vague is an arsehole who is not long for the political world, it seems. There is bugger all to choose between the political doctrines of the four UK parties anyway (Cons., Lab., 'Liberal', Scot. Nat.). They all espouse socialised medicine, high taxes, multi-culturalism, ''the environment'', anti-hate-speech laws, paedohysteria, sodomy, 'Europe', gun-banning etc. Any differences between them are largely cosmetic or matters of obscure dogma of little realpolitik consequence. The UK electorate was right to stay in bed on May 7. What indeed is the point of voting any more ?
      Bizarrely, following Nato's bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, the ''Newsnight'' programme on BBC2 TV staged a 15-minute exposition of how maps are untrustworthy -- an astonishing tour-de-force of constructivist babble and generalized non sequitur. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't sat through it.
      Things look black. The stability of the Balkans is hanging by a thread; and whatever happens, neosocialism has taken root and now has quite literally license to kill. Thoughtcrimes will be punished and Orwell's 1984 scenario realized. Already the media jump through hoops to support their own. NATO should have been disbanded at the end of the Cold War. It's now become a monster which we can't kill and will have to feed with yet more money. Well, we wanted the collapse of the Soviet empire. As the Chinese say, 'Be careful what you wish for, since your wishes may come true.'


12 v '99 -- Even the gung-ho Times now despairs of Nato's 'humanitarian intervention' in Serbia. It is not just the paper's courageous star columnist Simon Jenkins who says "our strategy is in tatters" and recommends some money be spent on the refugees to match the $US6 billion so far spent on bombing. The Thunderer's leading editorial lashes out at Emperor Clinton as "stumbling around on a stage that is bigger than his talents can match" and concludes: "For Nato, for European peace and for Britain, the true high reckoning beckons: it is called failure."
      The Reverend Blair, however, continues buoyant ("in a space of his own between focus groups and fantasy", says Simon Jenkins). In Parliament, replying to a little criticism by Conservatives of Nato's slow progress and mistakes (criticism which promptly had Tories denounced as traitors by Labour's chorus of bomb-happy patrons of winebars and hairdressing saloons), Archbishop Blair said (CFMR 12 v '99, 18:30): "Our aims are perfectly clear and they will be met. They can be easily summarized. [Milosevic] gets his troops out of Kosovo, we get our troops in, and the refugees get to go back home." Evidently Blair still backs the fundamental neosocialist analysis promulgated in New York Review of Books (20 v '99 issue, Tony Judt): 'Unless we want to dismantle the fragile international system of human rights, this is our war and we had better win it.'
      However, the Chinese embassy bombing was a mistake too far in the eyes of many. There is angst in Germany, boredom in France at the war being a flop, and even a 50-50 split of public opinion in Britain despite the efforts of virtually the entire British media to convince people that the nation had once more embarked on its supposed historic mission of standing up to 'genocidal fascism.'
      {In fact, human rights would normally be held to preclude locking people in (as the Soviet Union did with Jewish 'refuseniks') rather than locking them and their terrorists out. -- In particular, expulsion looks understandable when undertaken by a democratic country like Serbia which has already seen its own people cleansed in their hundreds of thousands from nearby areas. And the rights-conscious West did not even lift a finger when despotic Nigeria suddenly expelled a million Ghanaians c.1980 merely for economic reasons. As for British consciousness, memories of fighting the Hun remain very fond if only because, bankrupted and rudderless after two world wars and the loss of India, Britain hasn't done much since except give a fair wind to Thatcherism -- itself derived largely from the Austrian and American political economists, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Freeman. Anti-German cruderies remain a staple diet of the British tabloid industry. But multicultural neosocialists and Holocaust harpies forget that the 1939-45 war was fought against German expansionism -- and not against genocide, fascism or indeed the German democracy which had brought Hitler to power. In Britain's last solo military outing, in the Falklands (1982), care was taken merely to recover territory (intact, together with all the islanders), not to attack Argentina itself, and to stay within the demands being made by the United Nations.}

13 v '99 -- UK 'conservative' 'opposition' leader Mr Hague has now criticised the Government (Independent)! Unfortunately his reservation is today the opposite of what he had registered in an early half-hearted criticism of the UK's war effort. In March, Hague had said he would be unhappy if the Government should be sucked in to sending ground troops; but today he is anxious that the Government may 'leave it too late' to send such troops.
      At Stanford University, more than 200 Chinese students gathered in White Plaza to protest NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia and mourn the three Chinese people killed in the incident. Wearing black ribbons on their arms, they lit candles and held up a 20-foot-long banner reading, "We need peace! Stop killing the innocent!" Among the protesters was Charles Stein, a 79-year-old emeritus statistics professor.
      In Germany, angry delegates of the Green Party pelted their leader with red paint at the start of a party congress in a protest against Joschka Fischer's support of NATO's war on Serbia. The demonstrator who threw red paint at Fischer was expelled by the guards; but another one then paraded in front of the head table stark naked. Stunned and furious, Fischer wiped the paint from his face and neck with a paper towel. In Aachen, where Archbishop Blair received a prize for services to EuroUniophilia, two hundred war protesters heckled him, displaying signs such as "You're crazier than your cows, Toni" -- in a reference to the 'mad cows' for which Britain has lately been best known in Europe [no reference to Mrs Thatcher intended, not normally….].

14 v '99 -- Emperor Klinton warmed to his theme that he and his Archbishop Blair are like Churchill and, er, Churchill, standing alone, er, with 17 other countries, against the tyrannical (if democratically elected) invader, er, Mr Milosevic, and needing to act swiftly because of the peril to them posed by Serbia [pop. 12 million] and without lengthy, er, any consultation with the traitors ooops parliamentarians of Washington and Westminster. Clinton especially compared the 'ethnic cleansing' of Slobodan Milosevic with the actions of Adolf Hitler -- both involved ''vicious, premeditated, systematic oppression, fueled by religious and ethnic hatred.'' In contrast, on the US TV programme 'This Week', Elie Wiesel, who witnessed genocide first hand in Hitler's Germany and almost became a victim himself, said that what is going on in Yugoslavia is not at all like what went on in Germany.
      In an interview with the New York Times at his office in Vicenza, Italy, Nato's top air-war commander, Lieut. Gen. Michael C. Short, said that the Alliance needed to renew its attacks against central Belgrade. He brushed aside critics who say the allies should show restraint after the mistaken bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Forgetting that Nato was meant to be 'taking out' only Serbia's 'military infrastructure, Gen. Short hoped that the distress of the Yugoslav public would undermine support for the authorities in Belgrade. "I think: no power to your refrigerator, no gas to your stove, you can't get to work because the bridge is down. -- The bridge on which you held your rock concerts and where you all stood with targets on your heads. That needs to disappear at 3 o'clock some morning."
      In the UK, a national debate began as to whether the BBC should refer to 'ethnic cleansing.' 'Cleansing' is too favourable a term, say critics who would rather refer to 'ethnic genocide', 'outrageous atrocities' etc. In fact, the traditional English term for such peremptory expulsion was always 'clearance' -- as notoriously in the 'Highland Clearances' after the second Jacobite rebellion of 1745. When 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' returned from France and unsuccessfully tried to restore the Stuart monarchy [abandoned by Britain as Papist in 1688], his (Catholic) followers were 'cleared' from their crofts by landowners supported by English and Scottish troops -- resulting in substantial Scottish migration to Canada and New Zealand.

15 v '99 (BBCR4UK, 08:00) -- After twenty-four hours of evasion ooops deliberation, Nato decided that it had bombed a Kosovo village in which 79 civilians died. Having first said that the Serbs themselves were shelling the village ('Serbs get the blame', Scotsman), Nato spin doctors switched to supposing that Serbs had been using civilians as a 'human shield' {apparently Nato intends to shoot straight through such shields}and to attacking the credibility of Western journalists on the spot. The journalists, some French, say they were free to inspect the site of Nato's bloodiest blunder as they wished. They say the dead were from 600 ethnic Albanian Kosovar refugees who had apparently returned from the border to await resettlement and that there was no sign of Serbian soldiers or vehicles having been hit. Times correspondents continued 5-3 against the Nato bombings; and in Italy there was outrage that unwanted Nato ordnance was being dumped by planes in the waters off Venice. (Nato's Maj. Gen. Walter Jertz says that, in order to land safely on aircraft carriers, Nato pilots jettison bombs which have been activated but not used, so as to ensure they don't explode as planes land.) However, the Times stood by its recent editorial, 'Give war a chance!' In Moscow, Boris Yeltsin, having sacked his prime minister (to oblige a millionaire Rasputin who controls Yeltsin's court), is said to be learning to play the fiddle and to have offered the prime-ministerial job to a horse…. And a mollified Chinese President -- presumably now cut in on the fudge by which the war will be ended to save neosocialist faces -- agreed to accept a phone call from the White House.

For the Independent, Robert Fisk reported from a Brussels briefing which had announced the day of the latest precision blunder as "A GOOD DAY": "When I asked for NATO's reaction to the KLA appointment of one of the most notorious ethnic cleansers as its new military commander -- Agim Ceku, one of the planners of Croatia's ethnic cleansing of 300,000 Serbs in Krajina -- Mr Shea said he had no comment because "NATO has no direct contact with the KLA". This is totally untrue. NATO liaises with the KLA, holds security and intelligence meetings with its commanders, maintains radio contact with KLA men in Kosovo. NATO officials (including J Shea Esq.) regularly announce KLA operations with approval. ….Kosovo is dead. Its people are dead or dispossessed. For investigation, read autopsy. And after a while it dawned on me, as it has dawned on others attending these preposterous gatherings, that we are being prepared for the death of NATO.""

The classical left's top journalist in the UK, John Pilger, says the Rambouillet Agreement was patently unfair to Serbia. In his column in this week's New Statesman, Pilger points out that no-one in the West appears to have read the Agreement, since none could seriously have expected Serbia to sign up to its outrageous terms. More like a surrender document than anything else, it included such humiliating conditions as that "NATO personnel shall enjoy, together with their vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and equipment, free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia."

"[Nato's bombing] is pure lawlessness and I strongly condemn it," said the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev while attending a signing ceremony for a joint Russian-Canadian research project in Moscow. "At the root of this is the United States' ambitions to dominate the world," he said. "Two-thirds of the world's raw power, concentrated in NATO, is attacking one tiny country."

A 'Truth in Media' reader sent in an English translation of a poem, written by a Serb poet, Aleksa Santic (pronounced Shantich). The poem was written in 1907, when the Austrian-Hungarian empire annexed Bosnia -- as a prelude to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914, and the First World War which ensued.

We see our fate and what life deals to us,
Yet our hearts will not freeze or fail in fear!
Oxen are forced the heavy yoke to bear;
God gave His freedom to men everywhere.
Our strength is like a mountain river's sway,
No-one will ever stop it's boiling flow.
How to face death our people soundly know;
While free, we scorn the man who will not stay.
We know our path, the path of God-the-Son:
Now, mighty like a mountain river's flow
We will seethe even o'er the sharpest stones,
Ready to climb Golgotha, face the foe.
Watch! Even if you blast our only lives,
Our very graves will chill your watered blood.


16 v '99 (Observer) -- As if he needed encouragement, the supposedly "frustrated" Archbishop Blair has now been advised to demand ground troops to finish the job of wrecking Nato's reputation in Kosovo. The advice comes from the UK's best known military historian, John Keegan. Nato's Secretary-General, Javier Solana, said the air campaign alone would suffice to get the Kosovo refugees back home by October; but the UK Liberal leader (Mr Paddy Ashdown, a military man) said "I have never heard of anyone surrendering to aircraft." Other papers say thousands of crack British troops -- especially the Gurkha and Irish regiments renowned for their hand-to-hand night fighting skills -- have been moved to Cyprus so as to ready for parachuting into Kosovo. On his weekly radio programme, Sir Alistair Cook recalled the words of the distinguished American columnist Walter Lippman when he was asked what the world had to fear most: after a long pause, "China on the loose" had been Lippman's answer. Though UK Foreign Secretary Robin 'Martian' Cook is heading to Washington to reinforce Pentagon arguments that only Britain's Gurkha and Irish troops (with body-bag addresses outside London) can win the war, Nato is holding discussions with moderate Kosovar leader Ibrahim Rugova and returning two captured Serbian soldiers to Belgrade. Javier Solana admitted that, despite the thousands of Nato troops who could have followed up refugees' charges and scouted for mass graves of ethnic Albanians, he still had no evidence of genocide having occurred in Kosovo, two months after Nato's accusations had been made. Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari is continuing preparations to act as an emissary to Belgrade if Russia and Nato can agree what foreign military force they want to take control in Kosovo.

17 v '99 -- Peacemaking seems in full swing to save Emperor Clinton's face. Though Germany's Chancellor Schroeder has been in public a staunch supporter of Nato's bombs-and-diplomacy strategy, he was angered last week by the Alliance's explanation of its bombing of China's Belgrade embassy as an intelligence error and has decided to work flat out for a political solution. In a revealing statement, the duplicitous UK Foreign Secretary 'Martian' Cook said (CFMR 12:00) "Milosevic has no veto -- we're not going to wait around for peace-signing ceremonies under waving flags in Macedonia; but we do need to know when and at what point it is safe and appropriate and right to enter Kosovo."
    Yesterday, Lord
Robert Skidelski (the Oxford historian and Conservative minister in House of Lords) announced in the Sunday Telegraph that his instinct had always been to oppose the bombing and that he now felt he must declare his position. This morning, he read in the newspapers that he had been sacked by Baldie Hague.
    Nato leaflets dropped into Kosovo warn Serbian troops, "Don't Wait For Me," showing a picture of an Apache helicopter swooping down on a tank. As it turns out, it could be a long wait. The Pentagon brass, fearing the Apaches may end up as flying coffins in narrow mountain passes, are getting cold feet about using them against the tough Serb SAM-7 air defences.
    Time magazine' s cover story calls the attack on Serbia "Madeleine's War." Perhaps Emperor Clinton is successfully edging out of the postwar line of fire?


In the 1960's, Bill Clinton believed in 'Make Love, not War.'

Today, the whole world knows how he has tried both.


Race Unrealism

A debate has been going on in the Indie as to whether it is easy to tell the difference between a Serb and an ethnic Albanian. Some readers say that Serbs are darker and more heavily built, while Albanians look more "Celtic"; but other Indie readers are shocked and say such talk reminds them of nothing but Adolf Hitler.
      The latter readers would swoon clean away if they saw the proposals by Edinburgh University aNatomist Robert Knox for the ethnic cleansing from Ireland of the Celts -- given as Knox thought the Celts were to self-esteem, flashy dressing and the precipitous use of the sword -- these "little men with sky-blue coats like dreamy, half-crazed fiddlers" (The Races of Men, London : Renshaw, 1850. According to Knox (whose own preference was, on balance, for the sturdy, hard-working, parliament-creating, independent-minded Saxon) the Celt's "morals, actions, feelings, greatnesses and littlenesses flow distinctly from his physical structure"; and the main Celtic traits were to be "irascible, warm-hearted, full of deep sympathies, dreamers on the past, uncertain, treacherous, gallant and brave." However, Knox drew a further big distinction: "The Celtic race represents the two extremes of what is called civilized man: in Paris we find the one; in Ireland, at Skibbereen and Derrymane, the other."
      Nor does the Celtic-descended Marquis de Sade refrain from noting a Celtic characteristic that would not appeal to all. In Juliette, one character urges another on to more sexually exciting criminality with the observation "The Celts, our earliest ancestors, held that the highest and most sacred of our rights was that of might."


America's conservatives are in such a bad way that, as well as insisting the Serbian-Albania conflict is not about race, they deny also that race is involved in the Hutu-Tutsi conflict. Writing in New Republic (13 v '99), Peter Beinart approvingly says: "The New York Times called the killings the continuation of a "centuries-old history of tribal warfare," even though historians agree that the terms Hutu and Tutsi were designations of social class, not ethnicity, until the twentieth century."
Steve Sailer comments:
If the terms referred to class and not race, then "Hutu" must have meant "hereditary class of short oppressed aboriginal farmers" and "Tutsi" must have meant "hereditary class of tall overlord herdsmen from the North." According to African-born sociologist Pierre L. van den Berghe, Tutsis average 6 inches taller than Hutus who average 4 inches taller than the pygmoid Twa.


CHENGDU, May 14 -- Chinese students who had torched the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, during the protests against the NATO bombing a week ago of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, have given an 'apology' to Clinton, mocking the latter's own, three-times-repeated apology to the Chinese government:
"We, the students in Chengdu, hereby express our deep sorrow to the U.S. government. The city map of Chengdu of 1972 shows that your consulate was a trash dump. Please trust us: it was not our intention to burn your Consulate. We are looking forward to a good relationship between our two countries in the future."

A pensioner in a car last week circled London three times on the notorious M20 orbital motorway before finding the correct exit point for Greenwich. Wags thought the pensioner may have been using tourist guides supplied by the CIA.

Afrocentric Education

(London Review of Books 13 v '99, Landeg White)


A major send-up of Afrocentric Studies is now available.

You think the White race might be descended from albino women lepers who fled to the Caucasus and copulated with jackals? You know that Napoleon disfigured the nose of Great Sphinx because it was too Negroid for his liking? You like the idea that the star Sirius B is a storehouse of energy that can be conveyed to Black people whose bodies are rich in melanin? You are tempted by the idea that the chocolate bars beloved in the West are stand-ins for the Black penis? You believe AIDS is a genocidal conspiracy by Whites against Blacks?

At last, such twaddle, for which 'racism' is the mot juste, has its come-uppance from an author who doesn't hesitate to compare the myths -- now peddled in the USA's colleges at the expense of the US taxpayer -- as fully equivalent to Nazi myths about the Jews and far worse than anything today's Serbs believe about the Albanians. The author is Stephen Howe, of Oxford University's Ruskin College [for trade unionists wanting to escape from their wives in northern mill towns] and his book, Afrocentrism, is published by Verso (£UK22).

Amidst the nonsense, a central strand of Afrocentrism is the idea that classical Egypt was a very great country -- with helicopters etc., and responsible for Greek philosophy (even if Socrates, Plato and Alexander the Great weren't actually Black, as some Afrocentrists allege). Unfortunately, this way of boosting Black pride has big drawbacks. If the Egyptians were so wonderful, how did the later condition of negritude come about? Afrocentrists say Egyptians intermarried with aboriginal African tribes to create the modern Black man. Quite apart from the lack of evidence for it, this is not an inviting story, properly considered. How aboriginal, exactly?… What was that old aboriginal IQ? What is the point of a West Africa hunk believing that he has Ancient Egyptian blood in his veins if that percentage must be little greater than what he has from Western slave traders of more recent times? Lastly, what are Black students meant to find inspiring about a society best known for its massive use of slave labour (however intelligent the supervision)?

Stephen Howe may overestimate the enthusiasm that US Blacks have for these batty ideas, and underestimate the role of Black scholars like Henry Louis Gates, Paul Gilroy, Kenneth Appiah, Manning Marable and Cornel West in exposing them as nonsense; but he is right to say that teaching them in 'universities' is a scandal in a world where the likes of Emperor Clinton and Archbishop Blair want to nip ethnic cleansing in the bud. "No one can be 'empowered' by fantasies," Howe correctly observes.

PS   In LRB, disputes continued for some while (e.g. 4 vi '99) as to the the succour that disenfranchised and oppressed peoples might draw from total make-believe -- as American Blacks long did from Christianity. Some thought Afrocentrism a charming device for helping students experience the feeling of Black history even if Afrocentrism was short on mere facts. However, other LRB correspondents likened the situation in today's African History departments to departments of English History being taken over by fanatics having the Cromwellian belief that the English were the Lost Tribe of Israel. Wouldn't such 'teaching' of English quickly and correctly be dismissed as plain racism, these correspondents asked.


{cf. McDNL 7 vii '98, Reconstructivism deconstructed:


A nice new send-up of the postmodern relativism of Jacques Derrida, Luce Irigaray et al. can be found in the June issue of Reason and at By Walter Olson, the essay 'Postmodernist critics of science get their comeuppance' points interestingly to the appeal that modern Western relativism is having not only for Western feminists but for Muslim and Hindu propagandists and for anyone who is just not too good at maths. In particular, there are now 'left-wing' writers who have been tempted by versions of creationism and anti-Darwinism. All this helps show how the multiculturalism and neosocialism of PC can become a world religion -- allowing practitioners to preach whatever they want, and bomb whomever they want, in the name of 'valid perspectives' to which others must be 'sensitive' even when the adherents themselves have actually abandoned any systematic search for truth and are merely the modern equivalents of multiply superstitious animists.

Sadly, like the bombing of Serbia, deconstructibabbling creationism remains entirely unopposed by 'the right' in the West -- for many Roger Scrutons and midwest fundamentalists doubtless hope there will be some window through which Christianity can clamber back on to the platform of 21st -century ideas.

Human Aggression

``Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.'' -- H. L. Mencken.

As Nato kills civilians in their hundreds with barely a cursory word of apology at its Brussels briefings for newsies, what could be more appropriate than a book documenting the sheer normality of killing? Joanna Bourke (An Intimate History of Killing: Face-to-Face Killing in Twentieth-Century Warfare, Granta, £UK25) has not heard of William McDougall and his magisterial summary of the main human proclivities, or instincts; but she documents the routine atrocities of war (including the sexual abuse of Vietnamese by Americans) in a way that would shock any pious mid-century behaviourist believing in the goodness of man until led astray by bad conditioning or exposure to TV and plays like Shakespeare's Lear.
      Evidently the major historical relaxation of the rules of war occurred during the horrors Stalingrad. But it was only in the 1990's that Western populations discovered what social psychologists had long struggled to ignore, that rape was standard practice in any warfare beyond the splendid set-piece battles between professional armies under the strictest supervision of generals on the spot.
      Bourke is especially good at showing how modern soldiers have survived their exposure to (and participation in) the most devastating brutalities. Contrary to what many social-environmentalists would assume, no general psychopathology, or even any tendency to murder citizens of one's own country, results from killing lots of men or ravaging lots of women.
      Today, regular mass killing can be undertaken from 15,000 feet by young men who have had comprehensive-school educations in a multi-ethnic society that has reached a world high in feminism. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose -- except that women are now recruited to kill, thus destroying Western society's idea that women should preserve a dream of a world untouched by serious aggression.

IQ and Human Intelligence

(Science 7 v '99, 922-3, 'The search for intelligence', Tom Bouchard.
Review of
Nicholas J. Mackintosh, 1998, IQ and Human Intelligence,
Oxford University Press, pp. 425, £UK20).

The McDougall NewsLetter reviewed IQ and Human Intelligence, the new book by the UK's top academic psychologist, on 30th March ('CAMBRIDGE PSYCHOLOGY SUPREMO DARES NOT MENTION The g Factor') and concluded it said nothing new. Of course, the volume is beautifully written and eminently magisterial -- as Tom Bouchard agrees, calling it "well-articulated", "impressive" and "a superb introduction." But it is a cautious book that will excite no-one even if it will dampen the spirits of IQ-bashers. Here, as rehearsed by Bouchard, are Mackintosh's main conclusions on the four main questions about individual-difference variables.

  1. Psychometric. There is a g factor among mental abilities, and it is right to say people differ in general intelligence; though there are also general-purpose associative learning systems {classical conditioning, language learning} in which people do not differ greatly between each other. IQ is an enduring and general characteristic of a person; and such differences between people are not attributable to mere labelling.
  2. Psychological. Mackintosh is not impressed that biologically-based mental speed is causal to intelligence, but he doesn't back any other particular psychological or physiological theory and he acknowledges that IQ's correlations with simple forms of mental speed (like Inspection Time) are substantial {whereas such correlations were reckoned to be around near-zero till the 1980's}. He accepts that what psychometrician-psychologists have studied as g differences are differences in the functioning of what experimental psychologists have called by such terms as 'short term memory.' Says Mackintosh: "There is reason to believe that the planning and monitoring functions attributed by cognitive psychologists and neuropsychologists to a 'central executive' may constitute the basis of g or general intelligence."
  3. Psychogenetic. Mackintosh estimates the broad heritability (h²B) for IQ at between .35 and .75. This may seem to allow enough space for trusty environmental variables of yore to do some work; but, says Mackintosh, "We have no theory of cognitive development that explains how environments shape different children's different IQ scores."
  4. Psychotelic. IQ is causal to an impressive range of important features of personal and social well-being and achievement {cf. Brand, 1987, 'The importance of general intelligence', in Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy; Brand, Egan & Deary, 1994, 'Intelligence, personality and society', in Current Topics in Human Intelligence 4; Brand, 1996, 'The importance of intelligence in Western societies', J. Biosoc. Science 28}.

Oh, and what does Mackintosh have to say about race? Not a word, apparently! -- No more than about what Bouchard calls that "provocative" de-published book, The g Factor (1996).

Twins, personality and the g factor

A comment on:
June Aitken HARRIS, Philip A. VERNON, James M. OLSON and Kerry J. LANG (1999). 'Self-rated personality and intelligence: a multivariate genetic analysis.' European Journal of Personality 13, 121-128.

New research on twins has produced further evidence for the importance of gene combinations (epistasis) for adult personality (at around age 25). In the latest results from 92 MZ pairs and 140 DZ pairs in Western Ontario, DZ twins show virtually no similarity at all in personality traits -- correlating around -.04. By contrast, MZ twins correlate at around +.37 -- suggesting that similarities arise when multiple gene-gene interactions are held in common, as well as allowing a substantial role for within-family environmental factors that push even identical twins apart.

Intelligence levels , by contrast were highly similar in the study in both DZ (.59) and MZ (.88) twins -- showing the influence of additive genetic factors (phenotypic similarity increasing linearly with genetic similarity) and of between-family environmental differences (making DZ twins more similar than would be expected from their 50% genetic similarity).

Both results confirm previous findings. But the authors add a nice new touch after finding a few correlations between personality traits and intelligence:

"In conclusion, the results suggest that some personality factors, based on self-report responses to personality adjectives are related to psychometric intelligence at both the phenotypic and the genetic level. These findings help to support the views of some researchers that intelligence and personality are interrelated constructs such that intelligence is a 'trait' much like personality dimensions are traits (e.g. Allport, 1961, Pattern and Growth in Personality; Brand, 1994 European Journal of Personality 8; Cattell, 1965, The Scientific Analysis of Personality)."

Emotional Intelligence


(Times Higher 14 v '99)

Since 1995, trendy psychologists have been trying to validate the unlikely concept of 'emotional intelligence' -- advocated as a supreme ideal of modern psychological life by psychometric nonentity Daniel Goleman {see TgF Newsletters passim}. In fact, the 'EQ' concept is entirely incoherent -- involving emotional sensitivity and emotional control in equal measure. Yet these independent characteristics, actual opposition between which defines the neuroticism/anxiety factor of most self-report personality tests, attract charlatans like flies. The latest arrivals are dumbos at Henley Management College whose work on 100 managers is proceeding apace. So far, "the main indicators of EQ fit in well with the Big Five personality dimensions", researcher Vic Dulewicz tells Times Higher. -- Such 'fitting' wouldn't be too hard since the Big Five are themselves independent of each other and of the g factor. But, nothing daunted by the miserable shambles of their non-intercorrelating EQ 'measures', the Henley team retreats to saying EQ is "an overarching concept". By this, they would like to be taken as having found that EQ is a second-order dimension having positive (if modest) correlations with the whole range of EQ sub-variables, however little these themselves might correlate amongst each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. EQ 'measures' correlate very highly -- but some positively and some negatively with plain old neuroticism and thus with some but not most putative EQ scales.

Is there any criticism to be found for Times Higher of this EQ charade that is providing the latest language of the fraudulent pseudo-science of 'business management'? -- The question is important, for EQ will get IQ testing a bad name if anybody thinks the two operations are similar. Yes, another team of geniuses at Ashworth Management College has stepped forward to tell Times Higher of its reservations. The problem? 'EQ is too similar to IQ', say the Ashworthians. They recommend instead that psychologists pursue a quest to measure "emotional creativity"! -- Creativity was the big breakaway movement from IQ in the 1960's; but someone should tell the Ashworthians that it ran into the sand: IQ always remained better correlated with real-life creativity than were psychologists' 'measures' of creativity. Britain's management college layabouts would do better to apply themselves to mastering the different aspects of creativity identified in Quotes XVII ('Creativity & Genius') of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.

{In the USA, the high point of sophistication in EQ measurement was reached in the work of R. Bar-On, 1997, Emotional Quotient Inventory, MultiHealth Systems. Unfortunately, this test manual draws largely on unpublished studies so academics cannot easily assess what precise nonsense is being perpetrated.}

Glayde Whitney's Week 7

An irate Floridan 'antiracist' has shown what Glayde Whitney is up against (Tallahassee Democrat Online 6 v '99):

Responding to Whitney's foreword to Duke's book
Months ago, when I learned via the Southern Poverty Law Center that there was an FSU professor involved with white supremacist groups, I was upset. Now, after reading Professor Glayde Whitney's foreword to David Duke's book in the April 2 Democrat, I am completely disgusted.
    Aside from his misrepresentation of Thomas Jefferson and maligning of Hubert Humphrey, it is appalling that he calls himself a scientist. The scientific method requires rigorous adherence to facts; not to biases. Anyone who has studied statistics knows how easy it is to manipulate data to "prove" whatever -- a la "The Bell Curve."
    Decades ago, reputable scientists concluded that race is a meaningless concept and has no place in the study of human behavior and intelligence. Certainly the impact of genetics on both is overwhelming, but it does not prove any kind of inferiority by ethnic group. Whitney's anti-Semitism is repellent. It is surprising he does not cite Hitler as an authority for his nonsense. As one of those liberals he so deeply hates, I fully believe in the First Amendment and academic freedom.
      However, I do not believe students should be subjected to his corrupting influence. My solution: Give him a small, windowless room for him and his mice until he can be retired. Undoubtedly, he will write reports filled with more drivel -- send those directly to a shredder. Finally, I would request the mice do a complete report. This could prove to be highly enlightening.
      Gerald E Snyder; Sheline Drive; Havana, FL 32333.

A further 'race science' row may be building up, says Louis Andrews:

In New Orleans, there is a lengthy article on economist-turned-psychologist Edward Miller and race studies generally in the weekly local newspaper, Gambit <>:


"You gotta love a self-described "female chauvinist sow" who writes like Walt Whitman crossed with Erma Bombeck and depicts the vagina as a "Rorschach with legs." Woman: An Intimate Geography is a delicious cocktail of estrogen and amphetamine designed to pump up the ovaries as well as the cerebral cortex. ….female marathoners could be leaving men in the dust sometime in the next century."
      Barbara EHRENREICH, 1998, commenting on Natalie Angier for Time magazine <,3266,20616,00.html>.

Two years ago, Edinburgh LUniversity feminazies rushed to testify to senior academics that Chris Brand had shocked them to their cotton socks by discussing the female orgasm as a vacuum pump. Today, even the readers of London's main tabloid newspaper, the Evening Standard, are told the latest in female sexuality from New York. (Except for some bits from the Marquis de Sade which McDNL supplies.)

(Nature 399, 13 v '99. Olivia Judson [Department of Biology, Imperial College at Silwood Park, Ascot] reviews: Natalie Angier, Woman: An Intimate Geography, Houghton Mifflin/Little, Brown, $25; and Dianne Hales, Just Like a Woman: How Gender Science is Redefining What Makes Us Female, Virago, £UK16.99.)

"Once upon a time, poets and musicians had a monopoly on illuminating the mystery that is woman. Then science started to creep in on the act. As the fervour for eugenics soured into revulsion, however, so too did enthusiasm for biological explanations of differences between peoples. For decades, feminists fought the notion that observed differences between men and women could be explained by biology rather than by inequality of opportunity, education and environment. They were right to do so. Stereotype after stereotype -- from marathon running to performing surgery -- has been dismantled."

Such is the fond if tendentious belief* of Nature reviewer Olivia Judson as she prepares to savage two new books by science journalists that set a new trend. At last, it is no longer the fashionable to deny sex differences. Instead, the female capacity for hot, wet and wobbly things like blood, milk, dugs, pulsing labia and what the Marquis de Sade was wont to call 'gushes of fuck' is to be celebrated. As Rosalind Arden** wrote for London's Evening Standard (8 iii '99) of Angier's book:

"In her new book, the Pulitzer prize winning New York Times journalist Natalie Angier celebrates and explores the female body and mind with enormous verve. She seeks out the dampest places and is at her happiest sloshing around among eggs, breast milk, oestrogen and ovarian follicles. Armed with modern research from evolutionary psychology and developmental biology, she displays a keen gift for beautiful anatomical descriptions. In this 'woman's realm' the female is on top and looking good."

Yes, the Enlightenment is over and the passions are in -- even including mother love, and certainly including the female capacity for 50 orgasms per hour so long as sufficient marijuana is supplied and the female is reasonably "athletic." De Sade's insights into the female condition will soon grace university bookshelves unless feminazies watch out.*** Rosalind Arden has told Londoners of how Channel Four made a film to demonstrate the sperm-grabbing 'vacuum pump' pulsations of orgasm. For her part, Angier is excited by "the ability of bloodshed to purify and rout" and she tells women "We are hidden folds and primal wisdom and always, always the womb."
      In contrast,
Nature's Olivia is a scientific type of girl who grew up under an older dispensation of feminism. Thus she finds herself unhappy with all those scents and hormones and humours and emotings that seem so obviously to neofeminists to constitute the drippingly juicy female condition and its 'love aggressorship.'****
      Sadly, Olivia is thus a bit of a bore as she complains about 'evopsych' -- especially when it engagingly suggests that career girls have something to learn about office management from the practices of sylph-like elephant seals. The authors have only compiled "a fantasia of biological feminism", Olivia concludes.
      Still, even a girl at Imperial College can defrost a little. So, by the end of her review, Olivia comes up with her
own biologistic proposal. We all know John Donne's famous lines:

Though she were true, when you met her,
And last, till you write your letter,
Yet she
Will be
False, ere I come, to two, or three.

Well, says Olivia these lines point not just to the basic male condition of sexual jealousy but to its very real provocation by what Olivia considers the real truth about women. "Of course, the real prediction that evolutionary psychology makes about female mating patterns is more subtle" than the new books reveal. But Olivia will tell us the secret in her closing lines: "It is that women should prefer to maintain the appearance of monogamy, while practising polyandry."
      Alas, the debates on polyandry that took place in
The g Factor Newsletters in 1996/7 found few areas of the world in which polyandry flourished -- apart from the poverty-stricken slopes of the Himalayas, where it takes two men to afford a wife, and the 1950's East End of London (where it was not uncommon for the mothers of bastard children to supply them with quite a number of 'uncles' as sources of pocket money). Still, it is good of Olivia to come clean about her own heart's desires. She surely speaks for other career wymmin too, even if there is little scientific authority for her claim about women in general.

* Olivia plainly hasn't been reading much of Steve Sailer's oeuvre {see McDNLs passim}! (Steve points out that many of the female 'breakthroughs' in athletics were derived largely from illicit steroid use and are now fading away under tighter controls on athletes' use of banned substances and masking agents.)

**  Rosalind Arden is herself writing a popular book on intelligence. She now reveals that a planned review of Angier's book by Helena Cronin, at the London School of Economics, was spiked at New York Times. -- The NYT these days sometimes runs two months behind the London Times and the McDougall NewsLetter in its coverage of news that biological factors are important in human behaviour and ethnic differences; and it might take even longer to adjust to warm and wet neofeminism. However, the fact that Angier is a regular NYT columnist might equally be the explanation. Cronin, whose study ''The Ant and the Peacock'' was selected as one of the nine best books of 1992 by the Times editors, doesn't want to discuss the dust-up (said the Boston Globe, 14 v '99). But Cronin is happy to talk about Angier's book, published by Houghton Mifflin. ''It's totally idiotic,'' she says. ''She uses phrases like `the vagina as a model for the universe itself.' Then she has these menstrual epiphanies you find in modern feminist literature -- you know, how we must all dance in a circle around a Tampax. She was so wrong-headed in the areas where I knew the science that, even if there were areas where she might have been correct, I could no longer trust her.''

***  The Marquis de Sade was the first writer to compare potent female orgasmicity favourably to that of the male. With the libertine 'Princess Flavie', de Sade's erotomanic devotee, 'Juliette' records "I squirted myself dry into her mouth"; elsewhere, "The tribade every minute exploded in a gush of fuck"; later, "the three tribades sprawled on the altar discharge like a battery of mortars."; and "The tribade fired point blank at the pretty visage fairly engulfed in her cunt, and drenched it in fuck" (Juliette, 1787; London, Arrow, 1991). Juliette herself finds herself aroused as she puts a pistol to the head of a girl who had declined to masturbate her: "my fuck fairly spat forth." 'Olympia', herself covered "from groin to brow" with male ejaculate (from eight friars), "discharges like maenead." And another girl declares a masculine-sounding goal: "the purpose of my life is to shed fuck." De Sade particularly stressed the female's enthusiastic response to buggery. Addressing the murderer of her own father, Juliette cries out, "Norceuil, fuck me, fuck me, you swine. I adore the idea of whoring to the assassin of my kin. Ah, come bugger-fuck that hole, wring fuck out of my cunt." De Sade's own recommendation for a state of "constant discharge" in the female was "dual intromission"; especially, said 'Juliette', if one of the organs of penetration should be "a prick as thick as my arm." Juliette insists "there [is] nothing, I affirm, absolutely nothing so delicious for a woman as to feel a prick penetrate her ass at the same time as she is overtaken by an orgasm." "He's assassinating me," cries out Juliette's girlfriend Clairwil as she is buggered by a well-equipped monk (having three testicles), "every blow is costing me a pint of sperm." (Clairwil survived: de Sade records "Biscuits and sherry were served, then battle was resumed.")

****   According to Natalie Angier, "love can feel aggressive to the point of violence." The neofeminists are apparently prepared to go back to the 1920's and the understanding that females should assert their rapacious "instinctive need to connect", especially perhaps while doing it on top. -- In the 1920's, the behaviourist John B. Watson had as a rival not only William McDougall, who championed the woman's right to orgasmic satisfaction in 'the marital embrace', but the Harvard physiologist and psychologist, William Marston, who wrote:

"Dr H. W. Long advises the male to lie beneath the woman, instead of in the more common position expressive of male dominance.... In this admirable advice, the doctor recognizes the necessity for the woman's captivation response [expressing her role as love aggressor] to prevail throughout the relationship."
      W.M.MARSTON, 1928, Emotions of Normal People. London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.

Natalie Angier's most recent writing on sex and biology considers progress in the creation of artificial wombs that will allow women to have babies without having to limit their much-prized careers while they bear them. 'Dr. Yosinori Kuwabara and his co-workers in Tokyo have so far managed to keep foetal goats alive for up to 10 days in glass jars, and they are getting closer to understanding why the artificial environment eventually fails its charges.' -- New York Times Magazine, at (after registration).

Race Realism

From research by a mixed-race pair of researchers into infant development (Daniel G. Freedman, Human Sociobiology: A Wholistic Approach. Free Press, 1979, pp. 144-6):

….Chinese and Caucasian babies were….like two different breeds. Caucasian babies started to cry more easily, and once they started, they were more difficult to console. Chinese babies adapted to almost any position in which they were placed; for example, when placed face down in their cribs, they tended to keep their faces buried in the sheets rather than immediately turning to one side, as did the Caucasians. In a similar maneuver (called the "defense reaction" by neurologists), we briefly pressed the baby's nose with a cloth, forcing him to breathe with his mouth. Most Caucasian and Black babies fight this maneuver by immediately turning away or swiping at the cloth with the hands, and this is reported in Western pediatric textbooks as the normal, expected response. However, not so the average Chinese baby in our study. He simply lay on his back, breathing from the mouth, "accepting" the cloth without a fight. I must say that this finding is most impressive on film, and audiences have been awed by the intergroup differences.


People of Jewish "religious background" achieve eminence in the arts and sciences more than twice as often as do Protestants, who themselves outpace Catholics. This well-known result is tabularized by Colin Berry in Personality and Individual Differences 26, 1125-1135 (1999). The precise eugenic practices mediating Jewish superiority are not identified.

Reflecting on Jewish intelligence, Steve Sailer writes:

Anti-semitic quotas to hold down the number of Jews admitted to Ivy League colleges were already common by 1922, when the famous columnist Walter Lippman wrote about them. (It's hard to take seriously the Gould/Kamin suggestion that Congress shut down immigration in 1924 because of IQ test evidence that Jews were stupid.)
      The hostile attitude of most Jewish intellectuals today toward IQ research stems from a multitude of sources, but I believe the most important reason is not that IQ research supposedly showed Jews were stupider than the average American in 1917, but that it would show that Jews are smarter than the average American in 1999.
      This fear is prudent. Although the conventional wisdom claims that genocide and lesser forms of ethnic violence are caused by the attackers believing they are mentally superior to their victims, a quick survey of 20th-century history shows that the opposite is probably more common. Big groups attack smaller groups for being mentally superior: e.g., Jews, Armenians in 1915, Indians in Uganda, the Chinese in Vietnam in 1979, and the Chinese in Indonesia just last year. (There are obvious exceptions, but most of those were still caused by fear, not contempt: for example, the lynching of black males in the South stemmed in sizeable part from the white man's feelings of sexual inferiority. Gunnar Myrdal found, to his astonishment, that the underlying reason for Jim Crow was to humiliate black men in order to make them look less masculine in white women's eyes.)
      Thus, the large IQ gap between Jews and African-Americans provokes anxiety. Nobody wants to see a repeat of the Crown Heights pogrom of 1991 when black rioters in New York City murdered a Hassidic scholar. Therefore, it's not surprising that Gould, Kamin, Lewontin, etc. devote so much effort to concocting libels of IQ researchers.

Charles Murray confirms what Steve Sailer says:

During the writing of TBC, the response from just about every Jewish friend with whom I discussed the issue was in effect the same: "Yes, we know we're smarter than everybody else, but we don't want anyone to say so."

Postmodern History

In Washington, the Smithsonian Museum has now succumbed to the 'identity politics' whereby precious minorities must have history written 'their' way -- at least according the practitioners of White guilt who run the Museum. The Museum has embarked on a process of making all its female mammals look bigger and more active so as to counteract 'negative stereotypes.' Africans, too, are given an image change by 'curators' who see themselves not as preserving the past but as recreating it.

New Criterion, 1999

"The new Africa Hall will be impeccably postmodern. It will tell African "stories" with African "voices." Its theme is not Africa per se, but African identity: over half the hall will be devoted to the "African diaspora" -- peoples of African origin living elsewhere. Geographical divisions of Africa will be minimally included as a grudging concession to visitors who expect it. The new museology has little use for the traditional organizing tools of natural history, such as geography or species classification, which are seen as relics of the "western\-\scientific\-\anthropological world view." But what is a natural history museum if not the record of the interaction of humans with a particular patch of the natural world? In an era when Americans' geographical and historical knowledge is shrinking into nothingness, a de-emphasis on geography is dangerous.
      The old Africa Hall was criticized in the press and the "community" as showing a timeless Africa of quaint or barbaric customs; curators of the new Africa Hall are determined to avoid such charges. "We have to make sure to let people know there are as many Africans in science labs as are working in the fields," says curator Mary Jo Arnoldi. The self-esteem imperative seems to have overridden truth here: given the backward state of Africa's still largely rural economy, it seems highly unlikely that Africa is producing as many scientists as subsistence farmers…."

Germany Calling

A correspondent from the University of Mainz gives a little recent history:

To mention the word 'race' in connection with 'differences between' would be regarded an insane act in today's Germany. In 1994, the anthropologist Charlotte Hahn lost government funding for her Federal Institute for Demographic Research ('Bundesinstitut für Bevoelkerungsforschung') in Wiesbaden after she had given an interview to a newspaper (Welt am Sontag 30 x '94, p. 30). She had said she regarded blacks as less intelligent than other races. In a combined and concerted action the then-conservative government and the left-liberal media declared her as fair game and opened the hunting season.

Equality and Freedom

A fine defence of property rights (as being central to any society that would do without tyranny) has recently been provided by US historian Richard Pipes in his Property and Freedom. For a review in Wall Street Journal 6 v '99, see

Apparently, the lucky break for Britain and America came over the issue of whether the ruler could be said to own everything in the country. Walter Olson (himself a Fellow of the Manhattan Institute) writes:

"In England, this idea was challenged and then rejected with the revolutionary consequence that the king had no more right to trespass on an Englishman's freehold than anyone else did. Nor (eventually) could he exact financial penalties from his subjects -- or do much of anything else, such as take away life and liberty -- without due process of law. The idea that rights were something prior to government soon made England the most property-oriented country on earth. By contrast, in unhappy Russia, the czars' claim to own everything carried only too much weight. The members of the Russian nobility often found themselves acting as collectors-of-tribute on highly revocable allotments. Serfdom persisted because the obligations of nominal landowners to the crown were too onerous to be met any other way. Whole categories of economic endeavor, such as coach inns and flour mills, were decreed to be the property of the royal family. When Lenin sought to ensure submission to the authority of his Soviets by ordering the pulping of old title deeds, he was acting in the tradition of the worst czars.
      ….A man with an eye for a quote, Mr. Pipes invokes David Hume on redistribution:
"....[ideas of perfect equality] are really, at bottom, impracticable; and, were they not so, would be extremely pernicious to human society. Render possessions ever so equal, men's different degrees of art, care and industry will immediately break that equality. Or if you check these virtues, you reduce society to the most extreme indigence; and instead of preventing want and beggary in a few, render it unavoidable to the whole community." (Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding, c. 1745. Oxford, 1902 (2nd edn).)
On his own, Pipes comes up with a pithy philosophical reflection on the sweeping success of "privatization" around the world since 1980: "Aristotle has triumphed over Plato."

For more on whether people ARE, CAN BE or SHOULD BE equal, see Quotes XXVII of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.

Intellectuals' Corner

The great Chicago-Jewish right-wing intellectual, Allan Bloom, who wrote The Closing of the American Mind, damning the arrival of Parisian constructivism across the Pond, was once invited for lunch in the countryside at Chequers with Mrs Thatcher. Apparently the bright-eyed and cross-gartered pensioner was delighted with the occasion. Even though Denis Thatcher had fortified himself for the high-power lunch with several stiffies, Mrs Thatcher herself had stayed up half the night reading Bloom's book -- she couldn't put it down, she told him. A later meeting at 10, Downing Street, was not such a success -- the Maggon was preoccupied with routine business of the day, closing a few hospitals or whatever; but Bloom's admiration was undiminished. He had found -- as many right-wing intellectuals found -- a dedicated student in Thatch.

{Those were the days, sob…. They ended two weeks after Richard Lynn became the new guru. Thatch was knifed in 1989 when senior Tories heard her, at the conclusion of a sherry party in the Athenaeum, telling three hundred Men of the Social Affairs Unit that she would like to embark on "transforming human nature."}

Students' Corner

A 'commencement' has just taken place at the University of Arizona, with The Wicked Witch of West, US Foreign Secretary Halfbright, as the star. A McDNL supporter attended:

I just witnessed my first 'commencement ceremony' and I now, more than ever, do not regret missing out on graduation ceremonies for any of my prior degrees (high school, BA, MA). The damned things are awfully noisy and just not something I enjoy in the least (let's also not forget how horrifically long they are too!).
      Well, I did see Madeleine Albright speak and there were some protesters (one very vocal and nasty) who got ejected. Those protesters who were not disruptive (i.e. hanging a sign of some sort), were left alone. I guess I'm a bit too thoughtful to wish to ruin everybody's good time (even if it's not something I enjoy). As for Albright's speech, well, as with most things, I found some things I could agree with (she seems to favor merit from what I gather) and others I did not (stuff about sweatshops, the role of the US in the world, etc.). She is a really excellent speaker though. It was also interesting seeing all of the secret service agents...

Philosophy for the Postmodern Parlour

In view of the success of TV shows where people meet, exchange fisticuffs and sometimes seek reconciliation, McDNL relays the screenplay of a new show for intellectuals:


Crowd: Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

Jerry: Today's guests are here because they can't agree on fundamental philosophical principles. I'd like to welcome Todd to the show.

Todd enters from backstage.

Jerry: Hello, Todd.

Todd: Hi, Jerry.

Jerry: (reading from card) So, Todd, you're here to tell your girlfriend something. What is it?

Todd: Well, Jerry, my girlfriend Ursula and I have been going out for three years now. We did everything together. We were really inseparable. But then she discovered post-Marxist political and literary theory, and it's been nothing but fighting ever since.

Jerry: Why is that?

Todd: You see, Jerry, I'm a traditional Cartesian rationalist. I believe that the individual self, the "I" or ego is the foundation of all metaphysics. She, on the other hand, believes that the contemporary self is a socially constructed, multi-faceted subjectivity reflecting the political and economic realities of late capitalist consumerist discourse.

Crowd: Ooooohhhh!

Todd: I know! I know! Is that infantile, or what?

Jerry: So what do you want to tell her today?

Todd: I want to tell her that unless she ditches the post-modernism, we're through. I just can't go on having a relationship with a woman who doesn't believe I exist.

Jerry: Well, you're going to get your chance. Here's Ursula!

Ursula storms onstage and charges up to Todd.

Ursula: Patriarchal colonizer!

She slaps him viciously. Todd leaps up, but the security guys pull them apart before things can go any further.

Ursula: Don't listen to him! Logic is a male hysteria! Rationality equals oppression and the silencing of marginalized voices! Todd: The classical methodology of rational dialectic is our only road to truth! Don't try to deny it!

Ursula: You and your dialectic! That's how it's been through our whole relationship, Jerry. Mindless repetition of the post-Enlightenment meta-narrative. "You have to start with radical doubt, Ursula." "Post-structuralism is just classical sceptical thought re-cast in the language of semiotics, Ursula."

Crowd: Booo! Booo!

Jerry: Well, Ursula, come on. Don't you agree that the roots of contemporary neo-Leftism simply have to be sought in Enlightenment political philosophy?

Ursula: History is the discourse of powerful centrally located voices marginalizing and de-scribing the sub-altern!

Todd: See what I have to put up with? Do you know what it's like living with someone who sees sex as a metaphoric demonstration of the anti-feminist violence implicit in the discourse of the dominant power structure? It's terrible. She just lies there and thinks of Andrea Dworkin. That's why we never do it any more.

Crowd: Wooooo!

Ursula: You liar! Why don't you tell them how you haven't been able to get it up for the past three months because you couldn't decide if your penis truly had essential Being, or was simply a manifestation of Mind?

Todd: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Ursula: It's true!

Jerry: Well, I don't think we're going to solve this one right away. Our next guests are Louis and Tina….


From The Upstream People <>.

MAY 25






'Racial Profiling: Wrong for Police, Wrong for Universities'

'A THIRD MONTH OF MULTICULTURAL NEOSOCIALIST BOMBING AT 700 AIR SORTIES PER NIGHT SHOULD DO THE TRICK,' SAYS EMPEROR CLINTON. What trick? -- Getting him out of the war with a >50% opinion poll rating! Whoever thought the US President could not make war for more than 60 days without the express authority of Congress? Chinese flag raised in Edinburgh protest -- EXCLUSIVE. While Clinton hopes for a quick peace with only Russian, not Chinese troops on the Adriatic, Boy Scout Blair is allowed to threaten the use of British troops in a not-altogether-so-very "permissive" environment. Nato begins to claim 'victory' prior to climb-down.



Yes! Bomber Blair, Cyril Burt, Larry Elder, Sally Hemings, Darcust Howe, Arthur Koestler, Marek Kohn, Kevin MacDonald, Saint Nelson Mandela, Luciano Pavarotti, Harold Pinter, Arpad Puztai, Phil Rushton, Glayde Whitney -- all your favourites are here in this week's McDNL! Plus NEW, NEW boy bagger, lusty lesbians, tit'n'bum-loving theologian [Harvard] and death row dullards!

Free Speech USA 1999


Associated Press 19 v '99


LOS ANGELES -- A volunteer tour guide at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was fired for delivering what officials say was a sexually frank lecture to a group of fifth-grade girls.
      Stephanie Riseley says she was merely following an approved script in describing "Back Seat Dodge '38," a sculpture by Edward Kienholz that depicts a drunken couple embracing in the back seat of a car.
      Riseley conducted the museum tour in March for ten girls from an elementary school in the central California town of Visalia. They stopped at the sculpture, an actual 1938 Dodge with beer bottles and sculptures of a faceless man and woman embracing inside. Riseley said she told the group the piece was an expression of the artist's first sexual encounter. "They can see their own reflections in all the mirrors and they understand what I feel he was trying to express: That you only get one first sexual experience, so think before you act," she said she told the group. "Make it meaningful, make it special, make it beautiful."
      Sharon Bressler, head of the council that fired Riseley, said the lecture was inappropriate. "It's not our place to teach religion or sex education," she said. Riseley is fighting the termination and demanding an apology.


Home and Castle, UK 1999


(Times 21 v '99; Times Higher 21 v '99)

A self-declared lesbian lecturer who was fired last year has been vindicated by a public court. Glasgow College of Nautical Studies unloaded the lady lecturer when younger colleagues complained they had been sexually assaulted and harassed by her, and threatened with non-advancement if they told tales. Now a Scottish Sheriff Court has found the charges not proven and freed the lesbian lecturer unconditionally.
      Where did the alleged naughtinesses take place? In the college library? In the staff room? No: in the lecturer's own home! For this, a career is in ruins, a profession deprived of a long-standing good servant, and the lecturer probably faces a legal bill for £UK20,000.

{At Edinburgh LUniversity, in 1997, Chris Brand likewise found himself facing witnesses who testified that -- horror of horrors! -- he had made anti-feminist jokes in his own home, in 1987, in the hearing of witnesses who were enjoying his drink and never even took the trouble to make a scene or to leave the party or to remember the jokes. For details of the Edinburgh LUniversity Tribunal and Appeal, see McDougall NewsLetters, Spring 1998.}

Science Witch-hunt


{cf. McDNL 16 ii '99, Scientific Censorship Today (Sunday Times 14 ii '99):

Scotsman 19 v '99, p. 1, Stuart Nicolson



The scientist who prompted a world-wide scare over the safety of genetically modified food has condemned the findings of an independent inquiry as fatally flawed.
      A working group of six experts in nutrition and toxicology, appointed by the Royal Society to evaluate Dr Arpad Puztai's experiments on GM potatoes, declared yesterday that no conclusions should be drawn from his results.
      Dr Puztai, who lost his job at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen after suggesting that genetically altered food could be dangerous to humans, claimed he was the victim of a deliberate attempt to silence those whose views could damage the growing GM food industry.
      He said [yesterday]: "Who is doing it, I don't know. But it seems to me that wherever I turn I always run up against somebody. It's as if they have to make an example of me."
      The group of scientists ruled that his research had been badly designed, had flouted normal practice and had drawn unjustified conclusions on the dangers of so-called "Frankenstein foods."
      Dr Puztai dismissed the report's criticisms as "absolute rubbish" and vowed to publish his findings in full. He said: "My findings -- and I stand by them -- for the GM potatoes are absolutely correct, and no Royal Society or anyone else can say otherwise. I refuse to be judged in this way. I am a serious scientist and have probably published more papers than these six people put together, so why should I take this very seriously?" He insisted: "I have the right at least to explain the significance of my own data before people sit in judgment on me. But I was not given the chance."….


 The Royal Society experts concluded that bias may have arisen because Puztai's experiments did not leave him 'blind' as to which animals had been fed GM potatoes. By contrast, when first suppressing the work, the Rowett Institute had claimed there had been a "muddle" in the experiment.

The British public remained unimpressed by the Royal Society's reassurance; and the big supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, said it would proceed to make all its own-label food GM-free in response to popular demand.

The Scotsman also carried (p. 2) a colour photo of Dr Puztai and a feature article on the intense, grey-haired Hungarian-born scientist. The title was 'Food scientist who risked his reputation -- and lost.' Dr Puztai's mistake had been to mention his preliminary results to the ITV programme 'World in Action.' He was immediately suspended and gagged; four months later forced to retire.  Subsequently, as the scandal came to Parliament's attention, the Rowett Institute released details of Puztai's work and it was backed by a 20-strong group of international scientists. Today, it seems that all attempts to resolve the matter have failed.

{How different it might have been if Dr Puztai had been allowed to continue his work, to speak about his work and to see his study replicated by independent researchers -- all at a fraction of the human and financial cost incurred over the past year. See below for editorial 'Science and Government cf. Church and State.'} 

Academic Freedom, Canada 1999


-- Follow-up discussion invited in e-mail to Times Higher --

(Times Higher 21 v '99, Marek Kohn [author of The Race Gallery])

Left-wing but liberty-supportive author Marek Kohn has brought to the attention of British academics the case of Ontario's hounding of hereditarian and race realist Professor Phil Rushton [author of Race, Evolution and Behavior]. Under the heading "Whatever happened to academic freedom? -- Should academic freedom cover racial science?", Kohn rehearses how Phil Rushton was denied promotion and almost lost his job at the University of Western Ontario.

There is nothing remarkable in this. In Edinburgh, in 1997, Chris Brand did actually lose his job for speaking out about race and IQ; and British academics did not give a toss. However, in the Canadian case, Rushton for a while faced criminal charges; and Marek Kohn would like to think someone would care enough to draw a thin red line at this point (even if they had entirely failed to defend Brand through the year of his being 'investigated', 'inquired into' and finally tribunalized in Edinburgh). What happened in Ontario, concludes MK, was that "the state had explored the possibility of criminal charges for which the evidence would have been articles published in learned journals."

Rushton was saved when the wonderful Canadian Mounties finally declared him to be "loony" but not within reach of their prosecutorial capacities. Essentially, Phil Rushton was given the same charming verdict that the FBI had once given to top poet and 'fascist' Ezra Pound (1885-1972). But MK and Times Higher think the time is right to discuss whether controversial academics should be protected from the criminal law -- and suffer only the dramatic and near-total loss of status, livelihood and reputation that easily befalls anyone who speaks about race, IQ, eugenics, feminism or paedohysteria.

Times Higher invites comment on MK's article.
Just e-mail <>.

{MK assumes that academic articles would have been the basis for prosecuting Phil Rushton. In fact, that seems unlikely. Almost certainly, students at UWO would have been called upon to testify that Phil's speech, views and mere presence in a coffee room made them feel 'intimidated', 'insecure', 'threatened', 'in a hostile working environment' etc. Fortunately, Phil Rushton's university principal stood by him. It was that alone which saved Phil from a trial that would almost certainly not have contented itself with examining Phil's academic productions. Prosecutors, like journalists, are little interested in what people publish, precisely because it is so controlled and thus gives too little away. Instead, such people much prefer live remarks extracted by telephone, weeping wymmin who will testify in court as to the insensitivities they have suffered (even when they cannot recall a full sentence that came from the accused), or, failing that, a page of quickly written unpublished e-mail (as in the Chris Brand case).}

{Needless to say, Times Higher does not mention that Professor Glayde Whitney has been under constant attack for 'racism' at Florida State University over the past two months. Times Higher newsies and presumably MK fail to read their McDougall NewsLetters; so the conflict in Florida is as remote from their purview as is the war ooops humanitarian intervention in Kosovo.}

{It is good that MK may still care about academic freedom. What a pity he did nothing at the time when Phil was under fire! -- Ed.}

PS  In 1997, New Statesman writer Marek Kohn published a summary of race realists' troubles in the 1990's. MK suggested that Phil Rushton (Western Ontario), Chris Brand (Edinburgh) and Kevin MacDonald (California) had largely brought upon their own heads such few troubles as they had experienced in publishing their work and keeping their academic jobs and contacts. Apparently, after de-publication of The g Factor in 1996: "Brand continued his normal academic activities at Edinburgh despite endless bickering with the university authorities." In fact, over six months, Brand's lectures were disrupted or cancelled; he was ostracized by his colleagues; he was asked to resign when chosen to be departmental head of the Ethics Committee lest the press think the university had any confidence in him; and he was subjected to a month-long official university Inquiry at which accusers [largely 'feminists'] remained anonymous. All this "bickering" occurred only after Edinburgh LUniversity's Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland had condemned Brand's views to the London press as "false and personally obnoxious" -- i.e. had declared open season for attacks on the psychologist. Kohn professes to be unamused by Brand's "puerile" and "meandering" newsletters written in response to the LUniversity-orchestrated attacks -- and eventually (16 October 1996) including a single page mocking those who sought to imprison for 30 years the 73-year-old 'paedophile' Nobel prizewinner, Carleton Gajdusek. Nevertheless, Kohn's 1997 article admitted some disconcerting aspects of how British liberal-leftists had behaved in the summer of 1996, stating:

"Among those who welcomed the withdrawal of Chris Brand's book was Liberty, formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties. Its spokesman called Wiley's decision [to withdraw The g Factor] `a wise one'. Liberty's stance in favour of both civil liberties and censorship was trumped in political fatuity by the Anti-Nazi League, which succeeded in preventing anti-racists {principally MK himself and another London left-wing journalist, who had both come specially to a central Edinburgh café for the occasion} from speaking against Chris Brand's arguments on race and intelligence."

Although MK felt that Rushton, Brand and MacDonald had themselves received little worse than was their due, he was shocked that "[f]ollowing threats of violence from the ANL, the café's proprietor cancelled the event on police advice." MK's article, 'A race apart' appeared in Index on Censorship, 1997, and at <>.

Evopsychology / Students' Special

(Nature 20 v '99)

Not all males salivate over the wasp-waisted woman. A taste for the tubular has been detected in Peruvian Indians. Apparently it arises because hour-glass curves come with less of the surging androgen that Peruvian Indians like to have available for their sons' aggressive and kindred manly activities.

More boat-rocking at Nature comes from the top Leicester University geneticist who says "Our genes are born to co-operate." Gabby Dover* evidently has time for the thesis of Unto Others** (1998, E. Sober & D. S. Wilson, Harvard University Press) that there are circumstances in which altruism can evolve, and Dover thinks those circumstances actually obtain in man. {Certainly a penchant to trust nice-seeming people would help explain the continuing popularity in Britain of Bomber Blair….}

* Reviewing John MAYNARD-SMITH & Eörs SZATHMARY, 1999 The Origins of Life: from the Birth of Life to the Origins of Language.

**  For this and other 1998 science news on genes for altruism, see McDNL Summer 1998 (''Green beard' gene for race altruism discovered') and Autum 1998 ('Sociobiology' and 'Evolutionary Biology').

(Science 14 v '99)

A new book by Canadian philosopher-biologist Michael Ruse* reviews the arguments between left-constructionists Gould and Lewontin and right-realists Dawkins and Wilson. The book is "spirited and ambitious" says Science, as well as being healthily anti-constructivist in its conclusions. In these debates as to whether the world evolved by revolutions or steady and sound selfishness, Britain's John Maynard-Smith is something of an umpire who tends to come down on the gradualist side; but readers are advised that "JM-S's Marxist credentials are at least as impressive as those of Gould and Lewontin."
*  Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction? Harvard University Press, $US28.

Theology Corner

Modern theologians like to be very saintly. No longer do they have real-life choirboys under their cassocks. They whip themselves into 'anti-racist' fervour in Edinburgh and will happily indict the likes of Chris Brand for too-cool anti-paedohysteria. Yet they still indulge in whatever sexual shenanigans they can get away with until their own undermining of the principle of collegiality brings them down -- for they favour sneaking on sinners:


Washington Post 20 v '99, p. A18, Pamela Ferdinand

Computer Smut Leads To Ouster At Harvard -- Divinity Dean Forced to Resign

BOSTON, 19 v '99  --  The dean of Harvard Divinity School, a respected Lutheran theologian who had sought to expand the role of religion and morality in public life, has been forced to resign after thousands of pornographic images were found on his university-owned personal computer. The Rev. Ronald F. Thiemann, 52, has been asked to step down from his position after information "bearing on his continued capacity to serve as dean" was brought to the attention of Harvard President Neil L. Rudenstine.
      …The long-time dean cites "personal and professional reasons" for his sudden departure. His decision to resign was "a mutually agreed-upon decision and there were a number of factors beyond those alleged that influenced his decision," his attorney was quoted as saying.
      The Boston Globe and Associated Press cited anonymous university sources in reporting that pornographic material was found last fall when Thiemann requested more disk space on his computer, which he kept at his Harvard-owned residence. The dean was caught after he asked the computer department to transfer files containing pornography to the new disk drive.
      Thiemann's resignation has ended a nearly 13-year term as dean at the Divinity School, during which he founded the Center for the Study of Values in Public Life and was credited with overseeing the near-completion of a $2.1 billion capital campaign, adding senior faculty, and increasing financial aid to students.

What a wanker ooops idiot! If only someone would investigate the personal computers of saintly PC theologians in Edinburgh LUniversity! -- Ed.

PS It turns out that Harvard Divinity School prohibits the exchange and acquisition of "inappropriate, obscene, bigoted, or abusive" materials on its computers. Does the McDougall NewsLetter get past the censor, one wonders?…       Of course, if only Dean Thiemann had enrolled for a class at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut -- recently exposed as having a course called 'Pornography: Writing of Prostitutes' -- he could have easily justified his supply of porn. The trick seemingly lost on the poor Dean, says Chris Weinkopf ( is to couch obscenity in postmodernist jargon and left-wing rhetoric. Just as Spain's naughtiest films have come from the left-and-lesbian-loving Almovodar, so making films of students masturbating, and getting good grades for them, is OK in today's USA so long as deconstructibabbling rhetoric accompanies the obscenity.

25 v '99  

WASHINGTON Chronicle of Higher Education 17 v '99 -- Affirmative Racism --Universities may be in legal jeopardy if they make SAT or ACT scores the primary basis for admissions and financial-aid decisions, according to draft guidelines that the U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights is circulating among college officials. The guidelines seem to anticipate the result of a class-action lawsuit filed by eight minority students in February charging the University of California at Berkeley with bias in its use of test scores in admissions.

WASHINGTON -- The number of serious crimes committed in the United States dropped dramatically, by 7%, in 1998, marking the seventh annual decline in succession, says the FBI. {Since the introduction of 'three strikes and you're out' [i.e. what used to be called 'preventive detention' in Britain until the sentence was abolished as illiberal c. 1967] the USA prison population has climbed towards 2 million, including almost a million young Black males.}

SOUTH AFRICA, where teachers now feel the need to shoot their pupils*, is "slowly and surely heading towards a blood bath." So says top Black UK leftist Darcus Howe in his New Statesman column (17 v '99). Soon-to-retire Saint Nelson Mandela was a second-rate leader who failed to empower 'the hewers of wood and drawers of water', says Darcus -- who remains loyal to his heroes Karl Marx and Malcolm X.
At a school thirty miles south of Durban, a teacher and a principal shot at youths arguing with them about the payment due for a bus ride.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (CNN)  -- At the Jefferson family's recent re-union at Monticello, new details emerged about its famous ancestor's mistress, the Black (well, marginal) Sally Hemings. Apparently the Black slave Isaac Jefferson had remembered that Sally was "mighty near white...very handsome, long straight hair down her back." Jefferson biographer Henry S. Randall recalled Jefferson's grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph describing Sally as "light colored and decidedly good looking." Hemings was the daughter of Jefferson's father-in-law, John Wayles, and Wayles' slave, Elizabeth Hemings. "People aren't taught that Jefferson owned 83 slaves the day he wrote the Declaration of Independence," said Jefferson descendant Lucian Truscott. Referring to disputes that had occurred as to whether to admit Jefferson's marginal offspring, Jefferson descendant Theresa Shackelford explained: "We're not racists -- we're just snobs."

OTTAWA (CNN) -- Marital Choice -- In a landmark gay rights ruling that could have ramifications across Canada, the Supreme Court has ruled that Ontario's legal definition of a spouse as someone of the opposite sex is unconstitutional. The Court had been resolving a case of two lesbians from Toronto, who had lived together for five years and owned a home and business together. After they broke up in 1992, one of the women sought alimony from the other under Canada's Family Law Act.

DURBAN, South Africa, CNN 19 v '99, Charlayne Hunter-Gault  -- South Africa's north-eastern province of Kwazulu-Natal is blessed with a lush landscape but cursed with the country's highest AIDS rate. The rolling hills and fertile valleys in the province of 8.5 million have spawned a myth of a terrible folk "cure" -- a story that says having sex with a virgin will rid sufferers of the disease. The widespread belief among Black people has left parents, children, doctors and the courts struggling with a wave of rapes, frequently of young girls….

NOTTINGHAM -- Two hundred outraged citizens demonstrated outside Nottingham Prison where plans are afoot to offer voluntary accommodation within the walls to British paedophiles whose sentences have been completed. In a scheme that might have provided a model for handling British 'racists', 'chauvinists', 'homophobes' and 'eugenicists', the idea was that the paedophile pariahs would be both supervised and protected while able to make brief excursions from their entirely self-chosen prison homes. However, a significant percentage of Britons prefers castration for paedophiles -- despite half a century of evidence suggesting a limited efficacy for this controversial procedure. Only reversion to Britain's most-successful-ever penal policy of transportation is likely to meet the needs of all parties while feminazie-led paedohysteria lasts. {See TgF Newsletters, 1997, 10 ii and 24 ii: "the logic of NoPIMBY ['No 'paedophile' in my back yard'] is transportation."}

NOTTINGHAM (Daily Telegraph 20 v '99) -- Lying bitch -- An 18-year-old lad has walked free, cleared of a rape charge made by a 16-year-old girl and state prosecutors. Tearfully, the girl had told Nottingham Crown Court how she had been raped in the toilet of a night club then dragged outside into a back alley and raped again. However, at the last moment, in the course of the trial, defence demands to see footage from video cameras in the night-club foyer were granted -- revealing the girl as having cheerfully co-operated with her 'abduction' despite the presence of people in the club foyer to whom she could easily have appealed. Police had been so impressed by the girl's story that, as they confessed to the court, they had never properly examined the CCTV footage.

LONDON -- The neosocialist preference for criminalizing self-expression has a new focus: London's telephone kiosks. In some areas of London, prostitutes leave their phone numbers in the boxes; and the 'tart cards' all have to be taken away by London's cleansing operatives -- heavy work, indeed! So Rev. Blair is to make leaving one's phone number in a kiosk a criminal offence. {The arrangement will one day prove invaluable to a government eager to suppress the slightest public communication from political deviants. -- Ed.}

EDINBURGH -- The story of 'Greyfriars Bobby', the dog that supposedly stayed by its master's grave for years after its owner died, has been exposed as a myth (Sunday Times 23 v '99). The story of doggy loyalty to man is much beloved of tourists from America, where it was first circulated, and a statue of 'Bobby' is the most photographed of Edinburgh's tourist attractions; but it now turns out that the owner was buried not in the graveyard of Greyfriars Kirk but in a pauper's grave in East Preston Street {just around the corner from Chris Brand's flat}. The confusion arose because the owner was a poor visiting farmer, John Gray, who had come to Edinburgh to attend the market, stayed in lodgings near Greyfriars Kirk and died of an excess of lampreys. At the same time, a distinguished Edinburgh constable, also called John Gray, died and was indeed buried at Greyfriars. Locals for years took pity on the stray dog and fed it pies at what they mistakenly took to be the grave of its master.

LONDON -- Britain has been spared the appointment of a Black single-parent lesbian Poet Laureate. Instead, Spectator-adored Andrew Motion, 46, now has the coveted job from Mr Blair, with its daily butt of sack to brace the office holder for reflecting on national events. In the modern manner, Motion's poetry neither rhymes nor scans; but its mixture of fine and colloquial language is singularly comprehensible (not to say polite, prosaic, mawkish, soporific* and banal). Though often criticized for writing nothing more than melancholic personal apperçus, Motion was a good friend not only of Ted Hughes but also of the pornography-appreciating and misogynist ooops sex realist poet Philip Larkin, long the presiding genius of English poetry (Times 19 v '99), so there may be more of a theme to his work than some critics detect. Motion was educated, like President Bill Clinton, at Oxford's University College, across the High Street from The Queen's College, and is known for sporting exquisite collarless shirts and cardigans. Motion's best-known verse today is contained in his poem 'Mythology' written on the death of Saint Diana (1997) and cruelly said by some to be his job application for the Laureateship when it became vacant:

Your life was not your own to keep or lose.
Beside the river, swerving underground,
Your future tracked you, snapping at your heels:
Diana, breathless, hunted by your own quick hounds.

Some have called this "spontaneous drivel" but Motion says poetry is "a hotline to the emotions." Though his life has been dominated by the loss of his fairly left-wing mother from a riding accident, perhaps his most emotional public pronouncement was when he thought he had developed motoneurone disease and said "Life is precious but it's also full of s***." He has a second wife and three children.

*  "At least Motion's name is a source of irony," writes M. Bashaarat of Eton College, Windsor, "since his poems themselves are spectacularly inert."

This newsletter for the science, philosophy and politics of differential psychology, plus cultural uplift, appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology (as per Hans Eysenck) to the tired social-environmentalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose, and clinical psychologist Oliver James; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed paedophile Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher/reformer Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics. The McDNL is edited from Edinburgh by London School psychologist Chris Brand -- a Fellow of the Galton Institute, long-standing reviewer for Nature, Times Higher and Personality & Individual Differences, author of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996), silver service waiter, and writer for Sweden's Financial Times.

Science and Government
Church and State


No less a body than the Royal Society has now ridiculed the research of the much-published Scottish food scientist Arpad Puztai {see above and McDNLs Winter '98/9} who had already been forced into early retirement and a heart attack by the furore about his work. Yet British media speculation about the safety of genetically modified food continues.
      Having wrecked its own poultry and beef industries over the past decade by scares about eggs and BSE that the governments of the day could do nothing to control, Britain is now heading for a damaging scare about genetically modified foods. Instead of issuing 'authoritative' pronouncements about the work of scientists, the Government would be better to refer journalists to scientific periodicals. That would dampen the newsies' ardour! Anyhow, the idea that the government supports research and researchers regardless of political considerations is plainly wrong -- as shown by the speed with which, in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Arpad Puztai and Chris Brand were vilified and unloaded when it suited British authorities. Now the only way out is for the Government to show it genuinely respects, and urges others to respect, work that is published and cited in top journals.
      Doubtless, like the Serbian-born Roman Emperor Constantine in his dealings with Christians around 325AD, the Government would like the seekers and proclaimers of truth to speak with one voice. ("Give me back my peaceful nights," Constantine once wrote as Christians battled over their differences about the Trinity.) Moreover, since the expanded universities are now much dependent on government grants based on student numbers, the Government knows it can fairly easily bully tenured intellectuals to do its bidding. Likewise, Constantine was able to impose the Athanasian creed of the full divinity of Jesus on a Christian church that, though intellectually divided, was benefiting massively from state largesse as pagan temples were raided for their gold. The Government would like science to provide an equivalent of the Christian Church in emperor-supervised council, resolving arcane matters of the likely hazards of genetic engineering just as soothsayers had once warned Roman emperors of the hazards of battle and as the Church was able to condone, in 328AD, Constantine's murders of his wife and son.
      Yet just as the Government's own authority rests on its popularity with the media and Parliament, the Government must understand that the authority of any scientist who advises them (whether President of the Royal Society, the top biscuit of Imperial College, or the editor of Nature) will itself depend on that figure reflecting fairly faithfully the current state of elite opinion in well-cited journals -- for that is all that scientists themselves respect. A Government that wants protection by science thus needs to re-establish its respect for science -- and that must include protecting what
William McDougall called 'outspeakers' in science from both the media and from itself.
      Emperor Constantine knew that well. He found it easy to demonstrate since he personally rather liked Arius [the propounder of the Arian 'heresy', as it was to become]. If the Government, by contrast, continues down the American road of letting race-, sex- and IQ-realists, and now food scientists be casually bullied, it cannot be surprised if its claims about food safety are dismissed. Already, most bright young people in London know that Government propaganda about drugs is a joke to which scientists and policemen have been conscripted because -- by all means -- drugs can have bad effects in the hands of the low IQ. (Today's fall from grace of the England rugby captain, 'stung' in a hotel room by a girl from the News of the World to reveal his apparent drug-taking, reminds many of bizarreness of UK legislation on drugs -- than which only US legislation is dafter.) When the Government announces to a public which has seen the martyrdom of Puztai and Brand that it has science behind it in making a truth claim backing the soundness of its policies, people will only laugh and prefer the ancient wisdom of eco-nuts and hard-core racists. Neosocialism dispenses with Christianity and urges a stand-alone brotherly love having no basis in either genetics or religiosity. It can ill afford to kick in the teeth the scientists who alone would be able to give it much help in a crisis.

Race Profiling

Washington Times 16 v '99, Edward Blum and Marc Levin [Chairman and Executive Director, respectively, of the Campaign for a Color-Blind America].


Racial Profiling: Wrong for Police, Wrong for Universities.

The recently publicized incident of police brutality in New York City has brought the issue of racial profiling to the forefront of national debate. The critics of racial profiling by police officers are correct in their analysis: using race as a proxy for criminality is wrong. It offends the very meaning and purpose of the Constitution and an entire body of civil rights laws. Skin color and ethnicity are meaningless qualities within the American judicial system. Equal protection under law is built on colorblind principles. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has accurately stated that "stopping our citizens to be searched on account of their race is an unacceptable activity on the part of law enforcement."
      It is baffling, however, that so many of the critics of police racial profiling encourage schools and universities to engage in the very same racial stereotyping when it involves admissions and curriculum. In this case, the racial advocacy groups argue that skin color is paramount, nearly primordial. In fact, they contend that the cultural differences between the races are so enormous that race is virtually synonymous with identity.
      Apparently, the civil rights groups decrying police profiling by race believe that it is "bad" stereotyping, but when universities profile applicants by race, that is "good" stereotyping. Well, they can't have it both ways. Either skin color tells us something about how a person should be treated in society or it doesn't. This should force Jesse Jackson to rethink his absurd claim that "to ignore race and sex is racist and sexist." Jackson wants the cops to ignore it, but not the admissions committee….


A University of Louisville professor adds:

Racial profiling is a terrible thing. It awful that a middle-class African American lawyer or doctor gets hassled by the police who view him suspiciously because of the color of his skin. He has every right to be outraged at the unfairness of it. The question is: towards whom should his anger be directed? Towards the police who are trying to prevent crime and are using their best judgement to identify threats or towards African American criminals who's high rate of criminal behavior forces us to suspect all individuals of that race. The problem of profiling is caused by those in a particular group who commit crime at a high rate not to those who draw conclusions about those rates.

Quotes of the Week
"Two significant historical strands in [British] national life, the military and the missionary, are still very much to the fore, and Tony Blair has clearly received a strong dose of both. We want to tell foreigners who to worship and how to behave, and we still want to use our strong right hand to smash them into submission if they disobey. That is old-fashioned imperialism resurrected."
    Richard GOTT (co-author with Martin Gilbert of The Appeasers), 'The drive to intervene', Guardian 20 v '99.
"I know Bill Clinton well. He will always do the right thing by America and the world."
    UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, reported in Daily Telegraph 20 v '99.
"Simone de Beauvoir certainly suffers from verbal diarrhoea. I have seldom read a book that seems to run in such concentric circles."
    US publisher Alfred Knopf, whose wife Blanche was instrumental in ensuring publication for The Second Sex in America.

Multicultural Humanitarian Bombing Week 9

The uselessness of bombing for subduing a people or its military was first foreseen by socialist and eugenicist H. G. Wells in his 1908 novel, The War in the Air. Wells meant what he said and was furious after 1939 that Britain's top brass and politicians were bomb-happy. "I told you so, you damned fools," he wrote as repeated bombings of Germany had as little of the desired effect as had the German Blitz on London.

How did the wretched business start?
      Well, Kosovo has vast mineral resources, including the richest mines for lead, molybdenum, mercury and other metals inall of Europe. The capital to exploit these resources, which have till now been mainly owned by the Yugoslavian state, would undoubtedly come from the USA. A prime demand of the Rambouillet Accord document {in effect, the Rambouillet Ultimatum} was that free enterprise should reign in a Nato-run Kosovo from which the Yugoslav army and police would have been withdrawn to a three-mile strip along Kosovo's borders.
      Repeatedly, US documents in Washington, including those of the Republican Party, said no invasion would take place unless there were a triggering incident. That trigger was provided when the US Observer with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe claimed on January 16th that a "massacre" had taken place at the Kosovo village of Raèak, where 40 Kosovar bodies were shown to the Observer by the KLA. -- In fact, as both Le Figaro and Le Monde notied (neither of them a pro-Serb paper) there was little blood and there were no bullets found anywhere near the mass grave; the KLA's fire power at the village was entirely able to prevent Serb forces massacring genuine villagers with impunity; and the KLA had ample time to take bodies of their own terrorists killed in the firefight with advancing Serbs to make an impressive grave and give the appearance of the atrocity for which US forces had been waiting.

A letter from Canada:

I am a Slovak. I was born in Yugoslavia. The Slovaks are a minority in Yugoslavia. We have never had a problem with the Serbian people.
      We Slovaks were refugees from Slovakia. We came because of the Inquisition. We came to Serbia for religious freedom. We settled on empty Serbian lands in Vojvodina in the 1740's. We have been in Yugoslavia for over 250 years. We NEVER had any problems with our Serb neighbours. We had and still have religious freedom.
      We are not Orthodox, but the Serbs don't mind. We have our own Slovak schools where all subjects are taught in Slovak, but the Serbs don't mind. We have Slovak radio, television, newspapers, but the Serbs don't mind. Our customs, dress, and way of life is different, but the Serbs don't mind.
      When Western European countries were forcefully assimilating all their minorities, the Serbs didn't even think of performing this type of brutality on any of their minorities. When Slovaks moved to Vojvodina, they also moved to various parts of Hungary. In Hungary the Slovaks were forcefully assimilated into the Hungarian culture. The Slovak schools were closed. Slovaks had to go to Hungarian schools. Slovaks in Hungary even had to change their names into Hungarian. The Serbs never even thought of doing this to us or any other minority.
      Now the press says that the Serbs are intolerant people and that they have to be taught how to get along with minorities. The press is LYING. I am a Slovak from Yugoslavia. I am a minority from Yugoslavia. And I know the truth. There isn't a more tolerant group of people in all of Europe than are the Serbian people.
      Long live Yugoslavia! Long live Serbia!"
      Ondrej Recnik, Ontario, Canada.

Paying no attention to this letter, UK Defence Secretary Spud-U-Like Robinson announced (Times 20 v '99) that Nato was moving forces to protect Hungarians in Vojvodina from what he thought would be Slobodan Milosevic's next exercise in genocide….


The former editor of the Times, Sir William Rees Mogg, and the UK's long-standing left-pacifist crusader, Canon Paul Oestereicher, have announced their opposition to Nato's bombing of Serbia (Times 19 v '99). At the Cambridge University Union, Crispin Blunt MP (Reigate, Conservative) -- debating against the KLA's Dr Pleurat Sejdiu -- called for an immediate halt to the bombing, the introduction of the Chinese to the negotiating process, and, as he thought might be necessary, the ditching of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.


WASHINGTON AP 20 v '99 -- Vigorously defending his Kosovo policy, President Clinton said today NATO airstrikes were ``the best available way'' to retaliate against Serb massacres of ethnic Albanians. The State Department produced videotape and surveillance photographs it said verified the massacres. The alternative to the NATO campaign, Clinton said, would have been ``sitting on my hands, letting those people be butchered.'' The State Department exhibited videotape taken with a home camera by an Albanian villager purporting to show that Serbs had intercepted a group of elderly men at Izbica in mid-April {!!!} and massacred them.

The relevance of events of mid-April to justifying bombings that began on March 23rd was not spelled out. Nor does a CNN-reported videotape of a massacre of 127 men at Izbica (Drenica Valley, Kosovo) on March 28th add much -- especially since it has taken Nato so long to manufacture ooops discover this video.

"Socialism in particular, being a progressive and just democratic society, should not allow people to be divided in national and religious ways. The only differences one can and should allow in socialism are between hard-working people and idlers and between honest people and dishonest people...Yugoslavia is a multinational community and it can survive only under the conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it."
      Slobodan Milosevic, 1989, speaking at the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo. Reported by US government agencies and in Orlando Sentinel 11 v '99. {There was not a word in the speech attacking ethnic Albanians. Mr Milosevic was a multiculturalist himself and would still be so were it not for the terrorism of the Kosovo Liberation Army.}

EDINBURGH, 21 v '99 -- EXCLUSIVE -- Seventy students from Edinburgh and St Andrews [Joanna, Johannes, Michaelis and Andy] mounted the first public protest march in Scotland against the humanitarian bombing of Serbian 'infrastructure' -- now including the Swedish, Swiss and Spanish embassies in Belgrade -- and the ceaseless "accidental" and "collateral" recklessness with civilian lives (as in destruction at a Serbian hospital, where four died). Speeches were megaphoned from the steps of the George Square Main Library to hundreds of Edinburgh LUniversity students as they took lunch and sunbathed. Extracts from the McDougall NewsLetter were repeatedly used -- especially the condemnations of the bombing by leading London broadsheet journalists like John Pilger who had not been taken in by the grotesquely Blair-sycophantic coverage of the war on British TV. The demonstrators, who included Greeks, Chinese [one of whom was the smartly turned-out ten-year-old son of a Chinese couple studying accounting and engineering], Scots, English and Socialist Workers, then marched, escorted by police [including a charming blonde officer] around the forecourt of the City Chambers and past the offices of the Scotsman and Evening News through central Edinburgh, their banners and chants deploring 'Blair's bloodshed' and 'Nato Nazism.' At the American Consulate, on Regent Terrace [overlooking Holyrood Palace], after a petition had been handed in to an embarrassed Consul who refused to address the demonstrators, the crowd shouted "Show your Shame!", "Nato Out!" and "Rambouillet Rubbish!" and raised the Chinese flag [red with yellow stars and a hammer and sickle]. In his address from the steps of the Consulate, Mr Alex Roushias (a former Psychology student of Greek Cypriot and Glaswegian origins, now working on a film screenplay) especially stressed that the 'Rambouillet Agreement' had been nothing less a surrender document demanding Nato troops be allowed to range freely over the whole of Yugoslavia (cf. McDNL 18 v '99) and said Nato had "a mania for control." After photographs had been taken by a lissome chestnut-haired geography student [Gwyneth], the demonstrators put away their Belgrade 'target' signs and returned to libraries (where many were in the middle of swotting for examinations) observing that phone calls and e-mails to Scotland's 'free press' had produced not a flicker of interest in the march.*
      From London came the news that Bomber Blair was caving in after abuse from Emperor Klinton (who had made a reverse charge call to Blair for 90 minutes to explain who was running the war ooops humanitarian intervention), from demonstrators all around the world and from hundreds of Chinese volunteers now headed for Serbia. Blair, who had apparently never read what 'genocide' involves, had been brought down from Mount McKinley in a frostbitten condition after seeking direct contact with the Almighty. Having been given very powerful tablets, he announced that if Rev Wm Jefferson Clinton (of the Church of the Seven Day Fornicators) would not send in ground troops, then the British Government would advocate an unconditional pause in the bombing. It was the first time Beamish Blair had said he might settle for, as he put it (BBCR4UK), "less than total victory." Thanks to two independent-minded women, left-feminist Germaine Greer and right-wing trooper Anne Leslie, the panel of the BBC's Friday evening Any Questions was about 2-1 against the bombing; and the audience surprisingly gave the louder applause to the anti-bombers and their shared view that Clinton and Blair were "morons." The day's letters in the Times had also been 2-1 against bombing. It is now quite plain that the Thunderer's editorials have worked no magic on its relatively literate readers who know how to tell 'genocide' from the clearances**, mass migrations and inter-community riots that are bound to occur when two intermingled peoples of similar power do not share religion in common.***

*   In the New Statesman, the Palestinian journalist Edward Said has strongly condemned the "conspiracy of silence" among UK hacks about the war (17 v '99, 'The blind misleading the blind'). Observing that, headed by CNN television in the USA, "the media is in effect part of the Nato campaign", Said recorded that top leftist Tony Benn had pronounced the two-month war to have become nothing less than a threat to democracy in the UK -- quite apart from undermining finally the authority of the United Nations and international law. Said is not the first journalist to explain that critics of the war have been treated in London is little but traitors -- as Chris Brand complained to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL FOR FORMER YUGOSLAVIA at the Hague (as published in McDNL 18 v '99).

**  That the Serb clearance of Kosovo was relatively gentle is clear from the first photos of the exodus published in the neosocialist New York Review of Books (21 vi '99 {sic}). Taken in Pristina (31 iii '99), the photos show an orderly crowd leaving complete with well-packed bags and wearing plenty of sensible clothing. The cameraman could not obtain a single snap of brutality -- only one of a tank progressing fairly quietly along an empty street. Printed to illustrate Václav Havel's 29 iv '99 address in Canada which cheerfully announced Nato expansion, "the end of the nation state", the overturning of Mr Milosevic's "genocidal regime" and Russian willingness to accept the loss of Estonia and much else, these photos would certainly have been replaced by others had more harrowing camera-work been available.

***   Historically, the West usually solved its religious problems by tyranny and expulsion, as in France and Spain; by cantonization, as in Germany and Switzerland; or by outlawing all sects from public influence, as in England and America.


In a terse statement issued in London on May 20, the UK Ministry of Defence said that the prize British aircraft carrier, HMS "Invincible", was being withdrawn from the NATO operation against Yugoslavia, and sent home, the BBC World Service reported. The Ministry said the vessel would not be replaced. It may be it needed an oil change, or that the crew neared mutiny at the damage to civilians and civilian life that they knew bombing from 15,000 feet must inflict.

LONDON, 22 v '99 -- "Mountains Ground US Apaches," read a headline from today's report by the London Telegraph's defense correspondent, Tim Butcher:
"The Apache attack helicopter, promoted as the most potent weapon in America's airborne arsenal, will never fly on combat missions in Kosovo because it cannot cope with the region's mountains, defense sources said yesterday. The aircraft, deployed to Albania by the Pentagon with great fanfare as the 'silver bullet' to end to the Kosovo crisis, is militarily redundant because of the 10,000ft mountains. Only by fitting additional fuel pods could it negotiate such obstacles, and that would reduce its weapons payload and its capability to defend itself."

China has barred U.S. warships from visiting Hong Kong because of ''the current situation,'' the International Herald Tribune reported (May 22). The ban affects five warships that were due to visit HK in May and June. A US spokeswomyn said ''We regret the banning of these mutually beneficial port calls, which bring economic benefits to Hong Kong, as well as shore leave benefits to U.S. Navy personnel."


GERMANY CALLING -- We in Germany are once again ruled by the N.S.D.A.P! This party is not the old "Nationale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei", known to Anglo-Saxons as the Nazi Party. Today, we have the "Neue Sozialistische Demokratische Alternative Partei" [NeoSocialist Democratic Alternative Party]. -- The Green Party here once called themselves "Gruen Alternative Liste" [Green Alternative List]. Today, the Green Secretary of State Josef (Joschka) Fischer, along with the N.S.D.A.P. coalition supports the air-raids by Nato against Serbia. And the Greens plan to make equal housework compulsory for husbands whose wives have jobs.


DJAKOVICA, May 21 (Truth in Media) -- With the kind of "support" the Kosovo Liberation Army rebels received at 7:30AM local time on Friday May 21 from their friends and allies at NATO, the Albanian terrorists may prefer low-tech combat against the Yugoslav police. By the time smoke had cleared after three NATO bombs hit a KLA compound in Kosovo, a mile from the Albanian south west of Djakovica, five KLA rebels lay dead and 25 were wounded. The KLA compound was actually a former Yugoslav Army barracks taken over by the rebels last month, the Washington Post reported today (May 22). The attack is an embarrassment for both NATO and the Albanian guerrillas, who had felt confident enough of their control of the area to invite western journalists to visit, the Post said. British journalists said KLA fighters had embarrassed them by wishing to toast Archbishop Blair, Martian Cookie and even UK Defence Minister Spud-U-Like Robertson.


From top English playwright, Harold Pinter ('We are bandits guilty of murder'):

"We are being spun and managed and kept on message with the desperate assertion that this is a replay of the Holocaust and Milosevic is Adolf Hitler. The trains on to which ethnic Albanians were forced did not lead to gas chambers but to Macedonia.
…[We] lied in writing on April 12th to the International Federation of Journalists that Yugoslav television would not be bombed. Ten days later it was, with the loss of some two dozen lives. …Whatever one might say about Radio Television Serbia's ugly output, the Geneva Convention states quite clearly that only civilians directly involved in hostilities may be killed. The make-up girl who was killed wielded a powder compact, not a Kalashnikov. …Nato killed Belgrade media workers for saying things Nato doesn't like.
….Let us [remember] a Nato member, democratic Turkey: 1.4 million Kurds cleansed in a repression far worse than Kosovo, including air bombardment of its own citizens. …Our media accept each different pronouncement of 'why we bomb' with sleepy equanimity. ….In nearby Bosnia, despite the presence of tens of thousands of Nato troops, only 78,000 of the 1.2 million people displaced by the war have been able to return to their homes.
…Tony Blair is leading us in a sanctimonious crusade that bestows a sheen of moral purpose but is fundamentally hollow. If we are not to be guilty of hypocrisy by tackling only Milosevic, we risk a permanent state of global war. Messrs Blair and Clinton will need to continue like humanitarian sharks, constantly swimming and gobbling up nasty little minnows as and when they decree. But no bigger fish like Turkey or China, please! Then we might really start having to look at ourselves."

YUGOSLAVIA CALLING -- "There are craters everywhere. Nato are now even bombing the monuments, such as the one on Iriski Venac. {This monument commemorates the fallen partisan freedom fighters against the Nazi occupation during WW II.) They've gone completely nuts."


FREDERICTON, Canada, May 21 (Truth in Media)  --  Speaking at a ceremony held at the University of New Brunswick, Justice Louise Arbour, said that the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia which she heads at the Hague could deal with allegations that NATO caused "disproportionate" civilian casualties during bombing missions over Yugoslavia. Judge Arbour told reporters: "We have been seized by many complaints, ranging from pure political polemic, such as urging us to charge the entire NATO leadership with genocide... to much more detailed allegations that the principle of proportionality has been violated.* That is, when NATO made decisions on military targets, that disproportionate civilian casualties were, or should have been, anticipated." Arbour said it would be "wildly premature" for her to speculate on whether accusations that NATO has violated the Geneva Conventions will ever be substantiated. But she said there is no question her organization has the authority to investigate NATO. "It's a milestone in international justice, but we definitely have jurisdiction over NATO."

* McDNL editor Chris Brand had written to Judge Arbour (13 v '99, published McDNL 18 v '99): "….it seems to me that Nato's use of force and the resulting loss of life and destruction have been essentially and substantially disproportionate to the provocation given." Arbour's remarks echo a recent comment by Mary Robinson, the U.N.'s high commissioner for human rights, who said that NATO leaders should be tried for war crimes against civilians. Louise Arbour's e-mail address is <>.


The first Russian volunteer to be killed in the Balkan neoconflict has had his body paraded for TV cameras by the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA demanded a ransom from the Russian embassy in Tirana, Albania, of 5,000 AK-47 automatic weapons and ammunition in return for the dead Russian veteran's body (New York Times 21 v '99).

Agence France Press has reported an interview with a 39-year-old French skinhead, covered with tattoos, who was recruited by the KLA as soon as he showed pictures of Serbs he had killed in Croatia. However, the service of 'Jacques' -- claiming to be the son of President Mitterand's chauffeur -- did not last long. After a first night of intense bombardment by the Serb artillery, he was wounded and seven of the nine members of his group asked permission to leave. "They were scared to death, they were vomiting," he said.


24 v '99 -- Multicultural Kosovo? -- BBC Radio 4 UK (13:00) amazingly produced an international expert from the UN's High Commission on Refugees to say that ethnic Albanians and Serbs would soon be reconciled to living with each other as hoped for in the biblical vision of lions and lambs.* Such idealistic Western multiculturalist nonsense -- to which half the troubles of today's ex-Yugoslavia can be attributed -- would not impress the New York Review of Books' writer, Tim Judah (10 vi '99 {sic}). Judah travelled on a 150-seat hydrofoil across the Adriatic together with 23 enthusiastic KLA volunteers who were already donning their camouflage gear and blacking their faces. Says Judah: "No one should entertain any notion that a future Kosovo is going to have any Serbs in it, whether it is run by an Albanian government or by an international protectorate. …Kosovo is nothing if not a land of revenge."
      In the UK, the understanding that multicultural neosocialists lack of the Kosovo refugee problem is being rapidly revealed as the refugees -- who had been deliberately 'dispersed' to Glasgow and Manchester -- begin streaming London. Already a hundred of the three hundred Kosovars who disembarked last week at Prestwick Airport have disappeared to join the 10,000-strong community of Albanians in England.
      In Kosovo, intrepid Sunday Times reporter Jon Swain heard a story of 27 Kosovars being buried alive in retaliation for a Nato bombing of Serbian military headquarters and a hotel. However, JS still said there was as yet no independent evidence at all of atrocities by Serbs in Kosovo -- and, especially, no evidence of genocide. (Anxieties about vanished Kosovar males are repeatedly disconfirmed as thousands of them turn up at the border unshaved but unbruised, unbloodied, well clothed, smoking, and with surprisingly little to show for their supposed detention by Serbs -- during which Serbs are supposed to have been able to make them fight each other.)
PS  25 v '99 BBCR4UK 15:25 A programme was advertised that would consider how to "rebuild the shattered community of the people of Kosovo." Even after a month of televised ethnic cleansing, British neosocialists are expected to believe that Serbs and Albanians will settle down well after some US dollar handouts, a sermon from Rev. Blair and a visit from a few spare British social workers….

24 v '99 -- Once Augustus Blair told Emperor Clinton in a 90-minute phone call that the latter was jolly marvellous, he was told to send as many British troops as he liked on a coach outing to the Balkans, bringing Nato troops available for Kosovo to 40,000 so as to placate the British press (now whipped up for the British Army to astonish the world once more, as it did in the Falkland Islands, 1982*). The French, too, may wish to join such an outing while Clinton arranges a more humanitarian face-saving fudge. Chancellor Schroeder's aides have been unequivocal (Sunday Times 23 v): "The Brits know that even preparing for a potential ground attack is politically out of the question. We believe it is pointless making empty threats to Milosevic." Most likely the British and Germans have been told different stories by Clinton, who notoriously tells people what they want to hear, as with his marriage promise to Ms Lewinsky. The President may reckon that a rapid troop build-up could persuade the media that any forthcoming partition of Kosovo is some kind of Serbian surrender to a splendid Nato initiative. Equally likely, he hopes the British war party will tire as it gets nearer to contemplating throwing the tiny British Army against a Serbian force that, even after two months of ferocious hi-tech bombing is still only "one third degraded" according to Ms Albright. It is to be hoped that some such British and/or French assault could recover a little dignity for the West at this late stage, before civilian casualties mount in Serbia from the absence of electricity and water supplies; but the omens are hardly propitious and the Reverend Blair and his henchmen certainly don't deserve to be saved by British Tommies.

* For example, the saintly ex-editor of the Independent, Andreas Whittam-Smith, wrote (24 v '99): "Britain and France must head a coalition to save Kosovo."

Glayde Whitney's Week 8

More irate 'antiracists' show what Glayde Whitney is up against (Tallahassee Democrat Online):

FSU professor as quoted in New Orleans newspaper
The May 11 edition of New Orleans' Gambit Weekly newspaper contains an interview with FSU Professor Glayde Whitney, as part of a lengthy cover article on geneticists and ultra-right hate groups. The FSU/Tallahassee community should see Whitney's most recent statements. In the interview, Whitney states that "there are certainly very brilliant African Americans; there just aren't very many of them." He insists he is not a "white supremacist," because he "freely admit(s) that both Asians and Jews are, in general, more intelligent than whites." Asked whether he would call himself a "racist," Whitney states, "If that word was not so loaded, I suppose I would."
    Emboldened by the FSU administration's backing, Whitney continues to identify FSU with his ridiculous hateful views. The cost to the university is already incalculable. If I were in Tallahassee, I would burn my undergrad and law diplomas in front of the Westcott Building.
    Jimmy Lohman; New Orleans, Louisiana;
Is brain size what really matters at Florida State?
I cannot believe that a university the caliber of Florida State actually continues to employ Glayde Whitney. The "trouncing" that he has received is absolutely deserved. Further, the quality of his work must be at least suspect, given his own statements.
    In his recent column in the Democrat, he showed his eloquence by stating, "We are not all the same." (Duh.) Some of us are tall, short, heavy, thin, fair, dark, blond, red, black, white, brown, etc. The most disturbing elements, though, have to do with the vocabulary and faulty logic that the professor uses in his rebuttal.
    Whitney illogically implies that the fall of Russia is somehow closely related to its ban on intelligence testing. It's the same old "commie" scare tactic of the McCarthy era in new packaging. He endorses a book for which he ". . . may personally disagree with many of (its) specific suggestions." He refers to brain sizes as large and small. Does size refer to pounds, circumference or density? In the end is the brain's actual dimension significant in the overall scheme of human intelligence?
    I hope that this brand of "research" is not endorsed by FSU. Whitney has the right to his beliefs. However, such obvious racist, illogical rhetoric should not be fueled at the taxpayers' expense. Two of FSU's major sports are peopled by the racial group for which Whitney shows such disdain. What if those "inferiors" left FSU for a place where they might find acceptance? Black universities would probably welcome them.
    Claudia R. Miles; Pheasant Run Drive.

At Florida State University, hereditarian participants in an e-mail newsgroup devoted to Glayde's case are in celebratory mood:

I wish to thank all those members of this list who have provided detailed the empirical evidence against the reality of human races. The paper showing that a panel of the world's leading geneticists was unable to distinguish Central African pygmies from Canadian Eskimos by any known combination of genetic measurements was most impressive.
    In addition the detailed evidence provided for the unreliability of IQ tests was eye-opening. Particularly impressive was the series of tests given to Bill Gates of Seattle as a child which consistently indicated an IQ in the 80s.
    And who can forget the spectacular examples of twins separated at birth, the anorexic meeting her 300-pound sister for the first time, the glib motivational speaker meeting his recluse brother, the mathematician and his security guard brother. Truly impressive demonstrations of the primacy of environment in shaping personality.
    I also want to thank the gentlemen who posted a detailed mathematical item analysis of the home environments of whites and blacks in the United States, and how by just knowing the environment of a child's home, one can calculate with amazing accuracy what IQ score he will achieve on a standard IQ test, thus completely explaining the 15-point IQ gap, and consigning Jensen's books to the dustbin of history.
    All in all, most educational. Let me once again express my appreciation to all who posted this impressive collection of empirical data.
Albert Himoe.
Wow! I guess it is settled now. Intelligence is 100% environmental and 0% genetic. Everyone is capable of being an Einstein or a Forrest Gump, it just depends on what kind of environment they are raised in. Intelligence, man's primary advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom, is not genetic. This means that it did not evolve. Which leaves only one option, it was created by the hand of God. So I might as well join the creationists down the street. Guess I will start speaking in tongues and taking up serpents as well.
Well, I might hold off on the snakes for a while.
Ron Patterson

Jewish Studies


Kevin MacDonald, of California State University (at Long Beach), has recently produced three important volumes about what William McDougall always called simply The Race: A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy [1994]; Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-semitism [1998]; The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-century Intellectual and Political Movements [1998]. As well as providing an impressive history of the Jewish nation-race, MacDonald's work notably puts forward the thesis that Jews have worked out a way of maintaining their own homogeneity by criticizing and undermining other ethnicities. In short, the idea is that twentieth-century Jewry has a "double standard": 'multiculturalism for you, Jewish rights for us, and, don't forget NO HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM!'
      One might have thought that it is hard to see the Jews as much of a success story when they have just experienced the mighty blow of the Holocaust followed by inter-marriage and just 'no marriage' on an unprecedented scale. Anyway, many of the cultures that Jews have confronted in their Diaspora deserved criticism: the Christians' priestly celibacy and avoidance of divorce, circumcision and money lending were all disastrous and have had to be abandoned in preference for Jewish attitudes in such matters. Moreover, multiculturalism has a following among Gentile males* -- like, currently, the Reverend Blair and the Reverend Clinton -- that reflects sheer wimpishness and socialist calculation of how to continue 'the politics of oppression' rather than any indoctrination by Talmudic scholars. Nevertheless, MacDonald's work is thoughtful and well-informed and has been well received in The Social Contract by Jewish historian Paul Gottfried -- from which review the following extracts are taken.

MacDonald pulls together eye-opening assertions by Jewish civic leaders that a US transformed by Third-World populations will be beneficial for Jews. Such a transformed society will no longer be able to launch a Holocaust against Jews, an eruption of cruelty to which white Christian peoples are thought to be especially prone. The author is correct that those who express such sentiments have no intention of abandoning their ethnic specificity, even though they demand that white gentiles embrace a globalist culture.

Here is Gottfried's own verdict on the core MacDonald theme:

The attempts by American Jewish leaders to weaken the American Judeo-Christian core culture does not, as far as I can tell, advance any rational Jewish interest. It is both malicious and socially self-destructive. It is hard to grasp how Jews benefit from awarding preferential treatment to blacks and Hispanics, insisting that the Ten Commandments be removed from public schools, or denigrating the heritage of America's white majority. While it is certainly possible to compose rationalizations for such politics, Jews would seem to have greater interest in supporting a Western Christian society in the US than in making heroic efforts to subvert the remnants of one. Why should they yearn to replace a world that amply rewards their talents by one that will likely be less friendly? Or in the words of my friend Rabbi Meyer Schiller," Do American Jews really think that the new majority that they are raising up will run to build Holocaust monuments?"

Gottfried especially notes that White guilt and the ceaseless and apparently hopeless quest for atonement especially affect 'decayed Protestantism' rather than other variants of Christianity. France's President Mr Mitterand used to scorn Political Correctness; but others positively wallow in self-abasement. {At Edinburgh LUniversity, in the witch-hunting of Chris Brand for 'racism', two of the leading players were Protestant luminaries -- Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland and the LUniversity Chaplain, the Rev. Ian Whyte.}

Fits of self-rejection are also characteristic of deformed Protestants, and in the US, Canada, Germany, and England Protestant clergy have been out in front of those demanding atonement for racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, and homophobia. Ray Honeyford and Claus Nordbruch have documented the growing roles of the English and German governments in pushing victimological agendas, and Protestant churches have been at work instigating these governments. In the US, even the Religious Right strikes postures of atonement. In April 1995, Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition expressed contrition for the persecution of Jews that had taken place during the Spanish Inquisition. Reed was responding to a statement by Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League scolding American Christians for not accepting "responsibility" for the Christian record of bigotry. Though Reed, a Baptist of English descent, had nothing to do, even ancestrally, with the cruelty of a Spanish Catholic regime toward Spanish Catholics of Jewish extraction, he nonetheless behaved as a deformed Protestant. Like others of his type, Evangelical Christian Reed resides in a predominantly Protestant society where members of the once dominant culture wallow in guilt toward "victimized" minorities. Jews have taken advantage of this situation, but did not create it. MacDonald observes that neoconservative philosopher Sidney Hook raised "ethnic diversity" to be the essence of democracy. Hook's definition is said to be a Jewish attempt to destabilize outgroups, but it may be something else. It is the way gentile conservatives, almost all of them professing Christians, understand their national and religious heritage. Hook, after all, bestrode the American conservative movement for decades, as a spokesman for American values.

Gottfried also largely accepts MacDonald's critique of the flagrant attack on the Western family that was brought into psychology by the German-Jewish refugees from the Hitler years who, re-established in the pleasant conditions of California, wrote The Authoritarian Personality in 1950.

MacDonald stresses that the "pathologization" of normal gentile society found in The Authoritarian Personality foreshadows today's coerced political correctness. The social criticism of the [Frankfurt Critical School] implies the need for a powerful regime of socialist administrators, to level inequalities and resocialize allegedly dangerous personalities. MacDonald links this call for massive social engineering to characteristically Jewish concerns and anxieties among the overwhelmingly Jewish contributors. The gentile other would remain a prowling presence, or so it was assumed, unless one could reconstruct the surrounding society. (The German term Verharmlösung comes inevitably to mind here.) The plea for resocialization in 1950 continued to resonate among Jewish "social scientists" who shared Adorno's fears. Both the plea and rhetoric live on equally in the efforts of Jewish organizations to identify traditional Christian values with incipient "fascism."

Today, fears of 'incipient "fascism"'** abound as never before -- providing the rationale both for Emperor Klinton's attack on Serbia and for Mr Slobodan Milosevic's own resistance. Throughout the West -- but especially in ex-Protestant countries -- Political Correctness noisily demands "a powerful regime of socialist administrators, to level inequalities and resocialize allegedly dangerous personalities." Once the authoritarians of Christianity wanted to control sex; then the authoritarians of socialism wanted to control money; now the authoritarians of neosocialism want to control speech. Already the attack on the Western family has progressed very far: forty per cent of such few children as are produced grow up in 'single parent families' and the physical punishment of which fathers once availed themselves now verges on being a criminal offence. Yet all this is not to say that Jews are to blame. Criticism strengthens a good theory as much as it erodes a bad one. Having largely seen off Christianity and classical socialism, the West must now confront the neosocialist arrival. It will do no good to blame the Jews. Without their criticism, it would merely have taken Gentiles a decade longer to think of PC for themselves.

* See also Chris Brand's review David Duke's My Awakening ('Mein Kampf for Louisiana', McDNL 16 iii '99).

**  A draft essay dealing with the West's continuing preoccupation with the Hitlerzeit is available for regular readers of the McDougall NewsLetters.

Race Realism

In 1961, after months spent in India and Japan, Arthur Koestler addressed the Royal Society of Literature and did not shirk the race question. (Answers on the usual postcard to McDNL HQ, please.) Churlish biographer David Cesarani,* Professor of Semitofanatic Studies, Univ. Southampton records:

He aptly chose as his subject the superiority of European culture over the culture of the Orient, a thin variation on the epilogue to The Lotus and the Robot. It gave him the opportunity to display his global scope at its best. {And why ever not, pray?!} European culture, he argued, was superior to Eastern civilisation because it asserted the value of empiricism over transcendence. The split between East and West was not one of materialism versus spiritualism. Rather, the line of fracture was 'two different approaches to reality: one which relies on intuition, symbolic imagery and essential being; the other, on research, conceptual thinking and logical categories.' Europe managed to blend the two; but in India and Japan they were bifurcated. These countries 'lived in a spiritual vacuum.' To the lively approbation of his audience, he concluded: 'I went to Asia….and came back rather proud of being a European.'

*  Psychological speculation in 1960 about cognitive styles was -- like Koestler's opposition to behaviourism and Britain's quarantine-only answer to rabies [finally abandoned in 1997] and his advocacy of social democracy and new research in parapsychology -- astonishingly ahead of its time. (It was only in the 1980's that any number of tenured psychologists became interested in the hemispherology of the yin and yang and suchlike mysteries -- see McDNL 11 v '99 on the ego and superego functions of the left and right hemispheres.) Yet Koestler finds it hard to win Brownie points from his biographer -- who takes till p. 473 to admit that Koestler's dozens of ex-lovers were invariably reluctant to leave him and welcomed chances of any new get-together. "Perhaps the memory of his charm and benevolence outlasted the scars of bitter quarrels," admits Cesarani before going on to suggest that Koestler's many women (almost always pretty, lively and educated) were 'masochistic personalities.'
    Cesarani's spiteful dismissal of Koestler's intellectual life as nothing but self-delusion is actually denied page by page in Cesarani's own lists of the company Koestler found it possible to keep. The philosophical genius, Karl Popper, was a regular visitor at Koestler's country seat in Alpbach, Austria, in the nineteen-sixties; and when Koestler met Cyril Burt in London, the two peppery men -- agreeing with Burt's mentor William McDougall in preferring parapsychology to behaviourism -- struck up such a good relationship that they each wrote pieces for inclusion in each other's work. Needless to say, with the benefit of hindsight about Burt, Cesarani dismisses the Burt-Koestler bond as based on "charlatanry." In fact, it is a sign of Koestler's own intelligence and his eagerness for his psychological and philosophical quest that he could mix as readily with the sex-adept atheist, Bertrand Russell, and with the crusty and misogynistic Kingsley Amis as with the unlucky and Christianity-nostalgic Cyril Burt (who had only married in his fifties, and then most unhappily).
    It is much to be hoped that psychologists will today begin to explore Koestler's suggestions about the world's most important race difference. -- Not that the difference requires any assumption of European superiority to the Orient: for, though the West does seem to produce more scientific discovery and liberal progress, its capacity for fast-changing fashions -- today of murderous neosocialism and feminist imperialism {McDNL 4 v '99, New World Order} -- may well require balancing by ideas from the eugenics-tolerant patriarchies* of the mysterious East.

*  New York Review of Books 10 vi '99 carries a nice photo of street propaganda by the Government of Singapore. The slogans to get Asians going? -- SINGAPORE FAMILY VALUES! FILIAL RESPONSIBILITY! and MUTUAL RESPECT!


Irony from a conservative Black radio talk-show host, Larry Elder, who gets a lot of US liberal Whites and Blacks frothing with his realism.


1. See every Spike Lee movie. Pronounce each brilliant (even School Daze). Attack any non-black who disagrees. ("You wouldn't understand. It's a black thing.")

2. Whenever possible, disparage the success of other ethnic groups. Never attribute their success to hard work, discipline and sacrifice. Jews cheat. Koreans deceive. Japanese sneak.

3. If you are black, never publicly acknowledge hard work as the key to success. If living in a suburb, driving a nice car, you've "sold out." So. whenever possible, disparage your own success by citing racist enemies conquered and enemy terrain (all offices, factories, non-black customers) "overcome."

4. Remember every racial slight and slur that's ever happened to you. Forget how long ago or what idiot said it. All racist remarks should be retained, remembered, regurgitated.

5. Always construe unpleasant remarks as racist. Dumb statements made by non-blacks are never just dumb, insensitive or naive. When a curious non-black classmate asks why so many blacks sit together, accuse him of racism.

6. Never look happy or comfortable. Rap artists don't smile. Neither should you. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice-T and Public Enemy never grin. This would suggest, "Hot damn, I'm rich! America works!"



McDNL's analysis of the problems of modern American high schools -- dominated by non-intellectual peer cultures which may gratify egalitarian educators but which fail to mirror adult life (McDNL 27 iv '99, 'How can the mayhem in America's schools be stopped?') -- has found an echo in the New York Times. Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College and the author of Jefferson's Children: Education and the Promise of American Culture, even picks up the theme (of Chapter 4 of The g Factor) that schoolkids should not have to live their lives dominated by their chronological age. LB writes:

"….the rules of high school turn out not to be the rules of life. Often the high school outsider becomes the more successful and admired adult. The definitions of masculinity and femininity go through sufficient transformation to make the game of popularity in high school an embarrassment. No other group of adults young or old is confined to an age-segregated environment, much like a gang in which individuals of the same age group define each other's world. In no workplace, not even in colleges or universities, is there such a narrow segmentation by chronology.
    Given the poor quality of recruitment and training for high school teachers, it is no wonder that the curriculum and the enterprise of learning hold so little sway over young people. When puberty meets education and learning in modern America, the victory of puberty masquerading as popular culture and the tyranny of peer groups based on ludicrous values meet little resistance."

This is well said. Of course, the low quality of schoolteachers today is due principally to the terrorization of paedophile masters and mistresses who once worked for a pittance but have now retreated into early retirement….

A letter to NYT (17 v '99) lent support to the Botstein/Brand critique:

Unfortunately, most adults refuse to see the abuse that goes on daily in American high schools, or they try to brush it off as nothing more than adolescent pranks. The rage that we have seen and that is continuing to surface will continue as long as young adults are victimized, marginalized and made to feel worthless by their peers.
      When people feel worthless, everything around them seems worthless as well, often leading to disastrous consequences. A young adult should not have to suffer through six years of systematic abuse by peers and apathy by parents and teachers before being allowed to escape to an environment where nonconformity and intelligence are rewarded instead of punished.
; Hingham, Massachusetts.

So did another letter:

Even though I attended what was a highly rated high school, I found the experience depressing, stifling and boring. My entrance into adulthood was stifled by this bizarre institution that seemed to have no purpose other than to keep me occupied with mindless busywork going over subjects I either had mastered or had no interest in, and to keep me artificially dependent on my parents when I was more than qualified for university-level work, employment, public service and simple exploration. All that is achieved by high school is the yearly arrival of 18-year-olds in American colleges with no work ethic and no idea of what to do with themselves.
      ROBIN CAMPBELL, Philadelphia.

And another:

….High schools must change, but it is absurd, for instance, to ask each student in New York State to pass the Regents exams to earn a diploma. People differ in abilities. They cannot all achieve the same academic goals. Offer more practical courses in high school to prepare young people for jobs.
    Upgrade the teaching staff, rethink the curriculum and offer more choices.
    LORE KRAMER, retired school psychologist; Hartsdale, N.Y.

Horrors of Horrors….

Did you read this in the Lancet?

Lancet 352, 9143, 5 xii '98

Human rights in the USA: land of the free?

The IV line then wiggled a bit, a sign that one of the medical technicians behind a second curtain had inserted the first of three syringes--bringing a chemical that induces unconsciousness--into the line. At the second wiggle, a chemical to stop Wright's breathing headed for his veins. His chest and stomach heaved deeply, again, again, again, again. Then it stopped. A third wiggle from the intravenous tube brought the final dose into the lethal cocktail, a chemical to stop his heart. Several minutes later, after a doctor watching a heart monitor gave the signal, Wright was declared dead.
    On Oct 14, Dwayne Wright became the third juvenile offender known to have been put to death in the world this year. All three offenders had a history of learning difficulties, i.e. IQ below 75, and all were executed in the USA. Their killings violated the international ban on the death penalty against those who commit crimes when under the age of 18 years, and were an affront to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which allows low-IQ people to kill as often as they wish.
     The 50th anniversary of the UDHR is on Dec 10, 1998, and it seems an appropriate time to examine how respect for human rights is faring in the USA -- one of the Declaration's chief architects, since that country is committed to egalitarianism by its famous Constitution. Not well, according to Rights for Amnesty International's report on the USA and the launch pad for a global campaign that aims to bring US laws and practices into line with the even more egalitaian international human rights standards inspired by the UDHR.
    The execution of dullard juvenile offenders is just one of the many alarm bells rung by Rights for All. The report also highlights widespread cruelty in prisons and persistent police brutality, and unfair use of the death penalty, with numerous mentally ill inmates among the 3500 prisoners now on death row. In a country with extreme disparities of wealth and power and lots of self-styled Afro-Americans, the poor and members of ethnic minorities, well, one ethnic minority, bear the brunt of these 'human rights violations.'
    An increasing emphasis on punishment rather than rehabilitation or euthanasia has led to a deterioration of standards for a prison population that has tripled since 1980 to over 17 million inmates, half of whom are African Americans. Women are the fastest-growing group of prisoners, numbering 137,000 in 1997. Many incarcerated women have brought upon themselves appalling abuses, including sexual abuse such as rape and inadequate health care. Restraints and shackles have had to be used on pregnant women because of their hysterical inability to accept conventional control; in 1996, more than 1000 babies were born in US prisons to these feckless females…. 


How to get your way in today's academia:

From: "Carlos Munoz, Jr." <> 12 May 1999


Greetings of solidarity to all.

After 8 hours of arduous negotiations between students, faculty, and Chancellor Robert Berdahl, I am pleased to report that we reached a final and meaningful agreement for Ethnic Studies late last night. The struggle is now over and Ethnic Studies now has a future at the University of California, Berkeley, thanks to the students of the Third World Liberation Front the courageous sacrifice of the 6 student hunger strikers, the support of hundreds of Berkeley students and faculty from other departments, and equally important, the support of all of you who took the time to fax, email, phone, and write to the Chancellor expressing your strong support for the demands of the students and our struggle.
    The final agreement includes the following: 8 Faculty ladder rank positions over the next 5 years with 3 of those to be filled this coming year as soon as a search can begin; a budget sufficient to maintain the department's curricular offerings beginning with the spring semester of 2000 (in other words, the dept will not have to cut back on any more classes); a research center on "RACE & GENDER STUDIES"; additional office space; a Multicultural Center for Students; funds for recruitment of transfer students admitted to the University with an interest in Ethnic Studies; a mural for a wall in the Dept's floor in the building where it is housed; over a hundred students arrested over the course of their peaceful and non-violent protest beginning with the actions of April 14th will only receive disciplinary letters (eight of them will have to undergo campus student conduct proceedings because they have received more than two police citations for "unlawful" student conduct, but all criminal charges have been dropped).


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Political Correctness versus Freedom

For consideration of how Canadian 'anti-hate-speech' laws are now being extended to provide protection to 'the poor' and any other group finding itself demeaned by anything said or written -- regardless of the author's intent -- see the website of Rory Leishman, a columnist for the London (Ontario) Free Press:

Babe Baggers

The mighty Luciano Pavarotti, 62, is having to postpone marriage to his former secretary, the luscious Nicoletta Mantovani, c. 30. Pavarotti had instructed lawyers to 'tidy up loose ends' with his estranged wife but has just been told that the bill for this settlement will come to £UK80 million. Paedoscore c. 32.

Babe-bagger Mick Jagger, 55, is preparing, if DNA tests prove positive as expected, to acknowledge a seventh child -- this time by leggy Brazilian underwear model Luciana Gimenze Morad, 29 (see McDNL 1 xii '99 for picture). Mick tends to feel he gets no satisfaction from women. But, heck, doesn't he keep on trying!

Boy Bagger?

Sixteenth-century letters from Robert Devereux, the dark and handsome curly-haired Earl of Essex, 21, to Queen Elizabeth I, 52, reveal the intensity of the young man's passion (Daily Telegraph 20 v '99). "I have preferred your beauty above all things," the stepson of court favourite the Duke of Leicester told his Queen. "My heart is torn in pieces with passion," Essex wrote as he experienced Elizabeth's disapproval for engaging in peace discussions with Irish rebels and realized he was on the path that soon led him to the gallows. Paedoscore? [no Elizabethan bonking has ever been proved] c. 31.

After President John F. Kennedy's assassination, his intimate associates were worried about whether he would be admitted to heaven. They well knew of his insatiable appetites and extramarital charities on behalf of deprived women.
      His chief aides were so concerned that one made a telephone call to heaven. The call was answered, "This is the Virgin Mary. May I help you?" "Yes, has President Kennedy arrived yet?" "No, he hasn't," was the reply.
      A little later the call was repeated and answered with "This is the Immaculate Mary, Mother of God. May I help you?" The aide asked the same question and was given the same answer.
      He waited a short time and anxiously called Heaven again. The call was answered, "This is Mary. Can I be of assistance today?" The aide sighs in relief, turns to his fellow mourners and says, "The President is in heaven."

For a brief, introductory account of Brand's battles with modern censorship, see:
Wiley & Edinburgh University versus Brand
. This history has appended to it: the explanation of how academic freedom came to be effectively abolished in the United Kingdom in 1988; references to 1996-8 press coverage when Brand was run to ground for his views on IQ, race, education, eugenics, sex, 'feminazism' and paedophilia; and references to new articles which counsel against ignoracism and paedohysteria.

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