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      GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? CHRIS BRAND'S BOOK, The g Factor, WAS DE-PUBLISHED by Wiley Inc. [New York] (1996) AND BRAND WAS FIRED by Edinburgh University (1997) (and stayed fired after an internal Appeal, 1998). Latest Press: Evening News [Edinburgh] 9 ii '99; Scotsman 12 vi '99.

Edinburgh: Summer, 1999
News of Personality and Individual Differences

This newsletter for differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology to the tired social-environmentalism, multiculturalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics.

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'Can we ever understand consciousness?'

MULTICULTURAL MUDDLES: Already divided as between Afro-worshippers and homosexualists, and with its leaders regularly accused by intellectuals of disproportionate bombing of Yugoslavia, neosocialism is encountering new problems. Its feminists are becoming openly restive about Asian patriarchy; and its druggies and 'anti-racists' abhor the 'tough on crime' policies that made Messrs Clinton and Blair so popular. Clinton's Job Approval Ratings Weaken. Dysentry Outbreak in Nato Refugee Camp. Chernomyrdin Provides Chance for Nato Extrication. USA Welcomes Milosevic Peace Offer -- but Bomber Blair Unhappy.






Brain, Evolution & Intelligence


(Nature 20 v '99; Associated Press 21 v '99)

The ancestors of the Neanderthals were taller and heavier than previously thought, say researchers at Madrid's Complutense University. The leading Spanish scientists speculate that 'brawn over brains' may have contributed to the Neanderthals' extinction.
      The anthropologists reached their conclusions after a five-year study of a 300,000-year-old fossil pelvis. The pelvis was put together from fragments found in 1994 in the key Atapuerca caves in northern Spain. Team director Juan Luis Arsuaga told the Spanish paper El Mundo that the newly discovered pelvis belonged to a pre-Neanderthal male between 1.73 to 1.80 meters (about 6 feet) tall who weighed at least 100 kilograms (about 220 pounds). The Nature article said that, despite their "armoured car" build, the Neanderthals became extinct because they failed to look after each other, whereas their weaker cousins, the descendants of modern man, were more social and were forced to depend on each other for survival. As adults, the Atapuerca hominids had brains that were smaller in relation to body mass than those of modern humans, supporting the brawn-over-brain theory.
      The study removes a major problem for the idea that brain size is linked with intelligence -- important to the study of human racial differences. In the past, the large brains of Neanderthals were an embarrassment to scientists like J. P. Rushton and A. R. Jensen who attributed low Black IQ to low brain size. Now these workers have been vindicated.
      This is the second breakthrough in a month for race scientists. In May, medical scientists at the University of Pennsylvania found that the large brains of males owed their size to white matter rather than to gray matter (McDNL 18 v '99). (Gray matter is where computation takes place, while white matter is responsible for communication between groups of cells in different areas of the brain.)

Phil Rushton writes (from the University of Western Ontario):
Over the last ten years, I had heard from two physical anthropologists that, once body size was controlled, Neanderthals were not bigger-brained than modern humans. The views of these anthropologists never made it into the popular media or even the textbooks. Now maybe they will. As you say, it is good news for race-realists and an anomaly cleared away.


(Last year, a review by Bruce Rind et al. -- from Temple, Pennsylvania and Michigan Universities -- of 59 studies found little demonstrable harm to result from adult-teenager sex contacts. Like other empirical work on paedophilia [notably that of M. C. Baurmann, 1983, for the German Department of Justice], this result ran contrary to the ideas of the paedohysteria industry which today provides the last bastion of social environmentalist ideology. The study was publicly condemned by a leading US Congressman and a chat show hostess. For more, see William McDougall NewsLetter 20 iv '99 and Wiley&ELUvsCRBhistory.htm.)

Faced with outrage from the US media and Congress over an empirical report that paedophilia does little harm to intelligent youngsters (except sometimes when violent and involving relatively young girls from unhappy homes), a senior executive officer of the American Psychological Association has issued the official response of US psychologists. Evidently, the most thorough attempt to fault the Psychological Bulletin report has left the APA with no option but to defend the study -- though in as mealy-mouthed terms as possible.

Subject: Controversy Regarding APA Journal Article

From: Ray Fowler, Ph.D.


Date: 25 May 1999


You may be aware of an ongoing controversy regarding an APA journal article on child sexual abuse. Unfortunately, misinformation is being spread about this article by certain groups and some elements of the media. We don't question the right of those groups to express their own views vigorously, but in doing so they are distorting both the nature of the article and the policies of the American Psychological Association.
      Let me give you some background. Last July, APA published an article, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," by Rind, Tromovitch, & Bauserman, in Psychological Bulletin. The authors of the article reviewed the findings of 59 studies of college students who had, as children or adolescents, experienced some form of child sexual abuse. The authors subjected these studies to meta-analysis in an effort to determine the common factors across studies.
      The first overall finding was that those students who had been the victims of child sexual abuse were somewhat LESS well adjusted than those students who had not suffered such abuse. The next level of finding was that there was a great deal of individual variability in the reports of the abused students about how the experience had affected them -- their self-reports of their reactions ranged from highly negative to somewhat positive. That anyone reported childhood sexual abuse as "positive" may seem surprising and may be an artifact of both the criteria used to define child sexual abuse and of gender differences. Male adolescents were more likely to report neutral or positive reactions than females or younger children, whose reactions were reported as much more negative and whose long-term adjustment was more negatively impacted.
      Many factors seemed to determine the long-term effects of the abuse, including the sex of the child, the nature of the abuse (violent or non-violent), and the family environment. For example, the damage was greater and more long lasting among females, when violence was used and when the family was, in other ways, dysfunctional. The authors concluded that the effects of child sexual abuse vary with the individual, that some child sexual abuse victims perceived it, at the time and in retrospect, as a positive rather than negative experience, and that there was no support for the general belief that child sexual abuse always has long term negative effects on all victims. The article does not address the question of whether or not some of the students had received any form of psychotherapy, which may have ameliorated the long-term impact of childhood abuse experiences.
      Many of these findings, while answering important empirical questions, provided an opportunity for the article to be misrepresented as condoning sexual contact between adults and children, or at least failing to condemn it. Several months after the article was published, the Web site of NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) publicized the study as "Good News," misrepresenting it as support for their position in favor of sexual relations between men and boys. Subsequently, it was denounced by "Dr. Laura," a talk show host who spent hours attacking APA for publishing what she called "severely flawed" "junk science." This, in turn, attracted the attention of some members of Congress who participated in a press conference on the issue and subsequently submitted a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning the study and, by implication, APA. That resolution (attached) is currently referred to House Committee, but no action has been taken.
      The conclusions of the study have been strongly objected to by critics, even though the findings are consistent with, and, in fact, based on, the 59 previous studies. The report that some college students, who as children or adolescents had experienced sexual interactions with adults, reported it as positive has especially aroused anger and outrage. Many critics have demanded that APA repudiate the study.
      Because the article has attracted so much attention, we have carefully reviewed the process by which it was approved for publication and the >> soundness of the methodology and analysis. This study passed the journal's rigorous peer review process and has, since the controversy, been reviewed again by an expert in statistical analysis who affirmed that it meets current standards and that the methodology, which is widely used by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop guidelines, is sound. We also believe it asked a valid and important research question -- are there varying degrees of harm from child sexual abuse? Can the child's age, resiliency, and family environment lessen the ill effects of such abuse? There is no support in the article for a change in social policy or current law vis-à-vis pedophilia. In fact, the authors state that questions of harmfulness are separate from the question of the wrongfulness of the act.
      These conclusions have been distorted and misreported by various groups and media figures who are now claiming that APA is saying that child sexual abuse is not harmful to children, or that young children are capable of "consenting" to sex with adults. Of course, APA's position is just the opposite; child sexual abuse is harmful to children. Pedophilia is WRONG, should never be considered acceptable behavior, and is properly punishable by law. In response to the controversy, the Board of Directors approved a resolution on child sexual abuse reaffirming APA's longstanding policies on the topic (see below).
      In essence, we believe that, through this issue, science has been misrepresented to further the cause of politics and sensationalist publicity. That is ultimately a disservice to science, to society and to children. We are working hard to try and correct the record with those politicians and members of the media who care about the facts. You will find below a copy of the Board of Directors' resolution on child sexual abuse, which will be brought before Council in August for ratification. A statement that further outlines APA's position is also posted on APA's Web site if you want to direct colleagues who have questions to it. The citation to the article is below: the full text of the article can be located in the member services section of the APA Web site.

Rind, B., Tromovitch, P., & Bauserman, R. (1998). A meta-analytic examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples. Psychological Bulletin 124, 22-53. The full text can be located at:

APA statement:
Congressional Resolution:

If you have further questions about this issue, please contact

If you have difficulty accessing the article in the secure APA member area, please contact


Thanatos and Longevity

(New York Times 14 v '99, Nicholas Wade; Cell v '99)

Chromosomes Have a Loop at Each End, Scientists Find

-- 'Stubby telomeres' give signal for senescence --

Biologists must have gazed thousands of times through microscopes at the 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of every normal human cell without perceiving what has now been discovered: the ends of the chromosomes -- the immensely long molecules of DNA that carry the genetic information -- are neatly tied in large, firmly knotted loops. The arrangement resembles that by which the end of a bootlace may be looped to prevent fraying.
      The discovery, reported in the top journal Cell, bears on a long-standing puzzle, that of why the cell does not mistake the ends of intact chromosomes for the broken ends of cut chromosomes. -- A broken chromosome end sends the cell into full panic mode: if it cannot repair the broken end, it will trigger its self-destruct mechanism and die for the common good rather than risk the genetic instability that leads to cancer.
      The loops provide the answer that no one had divined: normal chromosomes have no ends, only the perfect topological continuum of a circle. "This gives us a whole new way to think about how the telomeres may function," said Dr. Carol W. Greider of Johns Hopkins University, referring to the end sections of the chromosomes. The discovery could lead to important insights about cancer and longevity, with which the telomeres are intimately connected. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter, as if marking off a finite number of permissible divisions. When the telomeres get too stubby, the cell is thrown into senescence and dies. Biologists recently had a taste of immortality when they found that human cells kept in culture would grow and divide indefinitely if their telomeres were artificially lengthened.
      The discovery could lead to important insights about cancer and longevity, with which the telomeres are intimately connected. One reason the loops had never been noticed before is the enormous length of DNA. Each cell has about six feet of DNA. Although there must be 92 terminal loops in each full set of 46 chromosomes, they would be hard to notice among the many accidental circles made by DNA molecules when they are spread out on a microscope slide. "If you take spaghetti and sling it on the floor, you'll occasionally see a little lassoo-like thing," Dr. Griffith said.

{For more on Freud's percipient thanatos realism, see McDNLs Autum 1998.}

Illegal Substances


-- Drugs now provide major blackmail opportunities among British youf, and the Government wants full information about who it can bring down at will --

England has lost its esteemed rugby captain to a News of the World honey-trap in which he admitted taking 'illegal substances'. Within 24 hours of the revelation of his conversation with people he thought were arranging a Gillette sponsorship deal for the English team, 'youth role model' Lawrence Doolallyo, 26, previously 'squeaky clean', was bundled out by the Rugby Football Union with hardly time to think up his excuse -- that he had only been boasting to the young blonde with pulchritudinous poitrine supplied by News of the Screws to entrap him over drinks in a hotel bedroom.
      However, instead of embarking at once on legalization (and taxation) of recreational drugs, Britain's neosocialist Government announced that 30% of crime was due to illegal drugs and that it would bounce further down the American route and spend an extra £6 million on research into 'the links' between such drugs and crime.
      The News of the World exposure came hard on the heels of UK tabloid revelations that the Royal princes, William and Harry, had friends who were users of pleasure drugs: in particular their idol, the son of Mrs Camilla Parker-Knolls, Prince Charles' consort, uses cocaine, as do quite a few senior boys at English public schools. The prices of recreational drugs in Britain have been halved since 1995. Quality is said to be much improved; and drug strengths are now more reliable.

{In fact 70% of crime is alcohol-related. But nothing will stop neosocialists seizing the opportunity to expand statist endeavour -- even when they apparently know the link between crime and illegal drugs already. The extent of drug use among London's young and multi-talented males gives prodigious opportunity for blackmail -- when selected victims cannot already be brought down for pornographic downloadings, flirtation with fifteen-year-olds, race realism, insensitive sexism, 'stalking' or 'date rape.' However, neoliberalisation of drugs policy will be a concession that neosocialism will not want to make: the popularity of neosocialism among older and low-intelligence Whites derives from appearing 'tough' on the problems of drugs, sex and their combination in teenagers. Dull people of limited achievements may take especial pride in the fact that they do not do 'weird' things like smoking marijuana, downloading teen porn from the Internet or showing that interest in youth culture which is the very hallmark of paedophilia.}



(Times 28 v '99; Sunday Times 30 v '99, Joan McAlpine)

Showing the illiberalism of neosocialism, the Blair government is threatening to close England's most progressive school -- founded by a Scot who had been sickened by his own country's use of the tawse on children.
      Summerhill School, in Leiston, Sussex, was founded by the Scottish educational progressive, A. S. Neill (an Edinburgh University graduate) in 1922. Neill, who was an early British Freudian, was commended by Erich Fromm for his ideas, and is revered world-wide, held that emotions are as important as intellect. Summerhill works on the key principles that there will be plenty of love and no physical punishment. For three-quarters of a century, children have been able to choose which lessons they attended (if any), to smoke and to enjoy nude mixed bathing. From time to time, scandals would erupt into the British press (pregnancies, weenies on the Pill, 'illicit substances' etc.); but the overwhelmingly middle-class, often American and Japanese parents continued paying for such education either out of deep liberal convictions or to help difficult/disturbed children or both. Now, however, the fully private school has been censured by Ofsted (Office of Standards in Education), the schools' inspectorate in England and Wales, for not achieving enough A-Level passes for its pupils, for its nude bathing, for its 'unsupervised' sleeping accommodation for senior girls, and for allowing "the pursuit of idleness." (The report's only concession was that the pupils were "well-behaved and courteous, if often foul-mouthed.") Now this school for the idiosyncratic must oblige the state's petty tyrants (headed up by Chief Inspector Chris Woodhead -- who routinely prefers bullying to fast track learning, and who probably failed to take account of the inherited levels of neuroticism, psychoticism and personal inadequacy in Summerhill-using families). Otherwise Summerhill will have either to close in six months, or to become the first famous British school forced by neosocialism to re-locate in Belgium.



Currently the only line against populist democracy, i.e. mob rule, in the West is maintained by ancient Anglo-Saxon respect for property (and by the fact that money can buy newspapers and votes, at least in the USA). However, as neosocialists come to enjoy their new legalism, they will doubtless consider that sentences for crime are seldom harsh enough and should be unfailingly accompanied by loss of property, even to the fourth generation (as was the arrangement in twelfth-century Scotland -- as suffered by the McDougall clan). (After all, crimes such as insensitivity to women -- not to mention actual date rape or paedophile frottage -- are so horrendous that perpetrators should surely have no continued stake in a neosocialist world?... The new conservatives of the New Multiculturalist World Order will make the old rightists seem a bunch of spaced-out, er, flankers!) Now from the USA comes this:

USA TODAY 27 v '99, Editorial Page
('Your car may be committing crimes', James Bovard)
The Supreme Court last week generously reduced the paperwork burden on cops itching to seize someone's car. As long as police allege that a car was involved in a narcotics violation, however long ago, Florida police -- and police in any state with similarly expansive laws -- now can confiscate the vehicle without even getting a warrant from a judge.
      ….The Clinton administration is pushing to make forfeiture laws even more sweeping. Justice Department lawyer Irving Gornstein told the Supreme Court in November 1997 that the government had a right to confiscate practically any property involved in a violation of law "except that one small category of cases where perhaps the property is involved in what might be a minor infraction, such as a parking offense."
      Asset-forfeiture abuses aren't new. A federal appeals court complained in 1992, "We continue to be enormously troubled by the government's increasing and virtually unchecked use of the civil-forfeiture statutes and the disregard for due process that is buried in those statutes." But the Supreme Court, the supposed defender of the Bill of Rights, has done little to curb these abuses. In fact, in January it said innocent owners have no right to information on how to recover property wrongfully seized by government agents.

Age of Consent / Paedohysteria

JAIL [with sodomization] FACES

Reuters 28 v '99, from Santa Ana, California

A former high school assistant principal who fathered two children with a pupil at his California school has been convicted of 'unlawful sex with a minor' despite the girl's testimony in his defense. Defense lawyers had argued that Miguel Vivanco, 43, of Costa Mesa, California, had engaged in sex with the girl only in Mexico, which would not have violated California's preposterous law setting the age of consent at 18. But an Orange County Superior Court jury deliberated for just two hours before convicting Vivanco. The teacher is married to and has three daughters by another of his former students from a previous school.
      Vivanco, who is free on his own recognisance pending sentencing on July 9, faces a possible three years and eight months in prison. Prosecutors claimed during trial that Vivanco and a 17-year-old girl who attended Rancho Alamitos High School in Garden Grove engaged in a sexual relationship that began in 1996. Vivanco worked at the high school from 1994 to 1998 and worked in the Garden Grove school district for 15 years.
      The girl, whom prosecutors labelled a ''totally hostile'' witness, also testified that sex took place only in Mexico, despite prosecution evidence that the two had a long relationship. Vivanco and the girl had two children.
Juror Lucy Chandler told reporters after the verdict that she did not find the girl's testimony believable. ''They both admitted that it had been in Orange County at least a couple of times; but when they had time to work on their story together, they changed the location of intercourse to Mexico,'' Chandler said.
      Two other women who had attended Vivanco's high school also testified that Vivanco had sex with them. Both described encounters in his orange Porsche sports car.

Musclebound Manhood


(Reuters Health 27 v '99, from New York;
H. Pope et al., International Journal of Eating Disorders, v '99)

The increasing muscularity of 'GI Joe' and other male toy figures reflects a growing cultural fixation with hypermuscular male physiques, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. They suggest that the emergence of this unrealistic masculine ideal may contribute to body image disorders in young men. The researchers report that, in the case of GI Joe toys, ''not only have the figures grown more muscular, but they have developed increasingly sharp muscular definition through the years.'' The 1998 version of the 'GI Joe Extreme' action figure ''dwarfs his earlier counterparts with dramatically greater musculature and... an expression of rage which contrasts sharply with the bland faces of his predecessors,'' according to the authors. They point out that if 'Extreme's' dimensions were extrapolated to life-size, he ''would sport larger biceps than any bodybuilder in history. ''Even the Luke Skywalker and Han Solo 'Star Wars' figures have 'bulked up' since their introduction in the late 1970s, according to the authors, ''with particularly impressive gains in the shoulder and chest areas.''

{As Western educators discourage hierarchies related to intellect or moral achievement, 'jock' culture is taking over. In an increasingly feminazified world, men will take no pride in genius, initiative or courage but only in their ability to service the occasional woman recreationally in the manner of the gardener, 'Mellors', in Lady Chatterley's Lover. A West African future beckons for Western men -- while their women have their fingers on nuclear triggers to zap the last outposts of resistance to feminism that remain from Asia.}

Advance Delinquency Insurance


-- Littleton lawyer's eugenic proposal --

(CNN 26 v '99)

DENVER -- A lawsuit is being prepared against the parents of the two teen-agers who went on a rampage that left 15 people dead and more than 20 wounded at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The family of Isaiah Shoels, the Black student shot to death, will sue the parents of Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, for $250 million for failing to supervise their child. The family's attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, who has also represented assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian, said Shoels was singled out during the massacre because he was African-American. "Our schools must never again become a shooting gallery. As a result of this suit we will gain subpoena power to assist in the continuing investigations," Fieger said in a statement released from his Michigan office. "Justice demands a full accounting of everyone who significantly contributed to this massacre. Klebold and Harris could not have developed and executed their violence without the negligence of the parents and possibly others," said Fieger's statement. Fieger said he intends to amend the lawsuit later to add other defendants who he believes were responsible in some way for the massacre in the Denver suburb of Littleton.

{Such a challenge, if successful, would represent an important step towards increasing parental responsibility -- thus encouraging eugenic practices. However, it would be important to have a definite contracted point [perhaps generally marked by 'number of years of sexual maturity x IQ', but subject to negotiation within each family] at which parental control and compulsory support would cease and the child alone would become responsible for its crimes and civil liabilities. Also, both parents and children would need to be allowed choice about state-school arrangements -- in particular, the option to advance teenagers out of dumbed-down classes.}



They have already lost many top male schoolteachers for their elite children.
Now the chinless wonders are losing their personal aides.
-- All because they would not stand up to tabloid moralizing and the feminazie passion for persecution!

SALT LAKE CITY (APBNews) -- A 39-year-old aide to Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver has been taken into custody charged with sending child pornography over the Internet. The man had worked as a personal aide to Shriver and her husband, Sargent Shriver, at their suburban Washington, D.C., home since Oct. 1. Eunice Shriver, a sister of President John F. Kennedy Jr. and mother of ABC anchorwoman Maria Shriver, founded the Special Olympics in 1968. Sargent Shriver, a former ambassador to France and organizer of the Peace Corps, was George McGovern's running mate in the 1972 presidential election. Police say the aide may have planned to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. Under US law, it is illegal to possess computer images of children engaging in sex, even if no real sexual activities by children were involved in constructing the images.

{There is still no sign of US Democrats moving to dampen paedohysteria and allow US teenagers as much freedom to correspond affectionately with adults as they have to get themselves pregnant or syphilitic by each other. The West is prepared to see its young girls prostituted for a peach brandy at fourteen by a fellow weenie; but it is prepared to turn half its youth to deception and blackmail by its 'tough' laws on the victimless crimes of taking drugs, and it wants all its male teachers to live in constant fear of accusations of insensitive speech and paedophile frottage.}

{As for 'likenesses', simulations and 'images', the latest 'outrage' among US film critics is that some of the characters of a new 'Star Wars' blockbuster remind them faintly of Whites [the liberal-democratic goodies], Blacks [the cheerful half-wits], Jews [the grasping slave-drivers] and East Asians [the maniacal paranoids]. Whether such horrific associations are to be blamed on faulty potty training, institutional racism or li'l ol' reality, there is no doubt that years more censorship lie ahead from neosocialist neopuritans so that no association between sex and children or between race and the g factor ever trouble their piety.}


"Our Mother which art in Heaven" is to be given the green light by the new Bishop of Leicester. At his forthcoming inauguration, the Right Revered Tim Stevens will say a prayer addressing "God, Our Mother."

At Top Man shops all over the UK, men can now buy the latest fashion, sarongs which, though they look like beach towels, are effectively skirts. Times readers, however, reject the idea that this is a plot to emasculate them: they have pointed to extensive use by British sailors in the Far East of items like the lungi, the laplap, the sulu and the sarong. {The Scottish penchant for the kilt may have given US evangelist Pat Robertson the idea that Scotland is a land of wooftahs -- an idea which, once expressed on air, led to the end of a multi-million dollar deal whereby fundamentalist Americans would have been encouraged to leave all their money in the Bank of Scotland.}

The National Health Service has now been revealed to spend eight times as much on women as it does on men. This is chiefly because women live longer -- whereas stressed-out men obligingly die early of alcohol poisoing, lung cancer and suicide.

Reflecting on the lot of males today, McDNL heroine Melanie Phillips {cf. McDNL 1 ix '98, 'Observer pinkoes lose star columnist'} writes (Sunday Times 30 v '99): "The Government is destroying the idea of the male breadwinner. It refuses to provide incentives for couples to marry. Whether by accident or design, the Home Office is endorsing the feminist agenda."

1 vi '99  

LONDON (BBCR4UK 26 v '99, 08:10; Times 28 v '99) -- Feminism versus Orientalism  -- Left-wing Labour MP Ann Cryer has taken up with the Rev. Blair and his Ministers cases known to her in which British Asian {i.e. Srindopakeshi} girls are threatened with death by their mothers unless they abandon White boyfriends and make marriages arranged for them with men from the Indian subcontinent. Ann Cryer's action coincided with a High Court judge, Mr Justice Singer, revealing that he had organized what he admitted was "a bogus and unenforceable court order" to retrieve from the Punjab a 17-year-old girl 'abducted' from Britain by her own parents so as to make an arranged marriage. The judge demanded schools and social workers take more action to prevent such cases; he said 'abduction was still abduction' even when inflicted by parents on a child approaching adulthood. {Stories of hit men being used to terrorize Asian daughters are seldom investigated by British feminists for fear of disturbing the alliance of 'antiracism' and 'antisexism' that is central to neosocialism; but Ann Cryer has now produced for newsies a young mixed-race couple who have been in hiding for six months -- apparently fearing the wrath of the Asian girl's parents. This week, in England, an Asian woman and her son were convicted of murdering a daughter of their family. The girl had become pregnant by an Asian factory-worker lover who had not been deemed of suitable caste for the family's honour. Each year, some 1,000 Srindopakeshi girls are thought to be abducted from Britain to make forced marriages.}

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- The small United Democratic Party, which enjoys much support from Cape Coloureds, is being intimidated by the African National Congress. The ANC is seeking a two-thirds electoral vote so it can embark on redistribution of even more White property than is already seized in South Africa by burglary. Some ANC leaders have said openly, "If we can't beat them, we'll kill them"; and already several UDM leaders have been shot and their homes arsoned.

PITTSVILLE, Maryland ( -- A 10-year-old boy was charged with criminal assault for pulling the bra straps of five 8-11-year-old girls at an after-school programme Sheriff Hunter Helms said the charges met his department's criteria of assault and, despite the boy's age, the bra-snapping incidents were being treated just as if they had involved adults. June Million, director of public information for the National Association of Elementary School Principals admitted, "It's not good to be arrested at that young age," but said, "This is the time to get a hold of it so that something bad doesn't happen down the line." The incidents took place only days before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled public schools will be held financially liable if they fail to stop sexual harassment among students. {American schools and prosecutors live in terror of feminazies; and the pressures are so well known that mischievous children will contact headteachers on their mobile phones threatening to sue schools that do not take 'harassment' incidents seriously. The sport that started on PC campuses has now spread nation-wide.}

LONDON -- The High Court has declared the sudden Government restrictions {McDNL 22 ix '99} on the prescribing of the bonk-boosting drug Viagra as unlawful and an interference with the proper functions of GPs. Pfizer, who manufacture the new drug that has brought widespread domestic satisfaction, were awarded legal costs and may now pursue a suit for millions of pounds against Britain's National 'Health' Service. The Times (27 v '99) has urged a national debate on which drugs should be rationed to its compulsorily contributing clientele -- e.g. Xenical and the coming Sibutramine [both for obesity], Seroxat [for shyness and premature ejaculation], Aricept [for Alzheimer's] and Rilutex [for motoneurone disease]. {Any overt rationing will constitute the first overt breach in the NHS and accelerate the process of Britons choosing suitable private insurance so that they can avail themselves of the latest medical advances -- a move from their current dependency on state paternalism.}

LONDON -- The suspect in the recent racist nail-bombings turns out to have been present at a British National Party meeting in 1997 (Scottish Mirror 25 v '99). Photos of a meeting where violence flared between BNP and 'Anti-Nazi League' have been found which show the youth near to the blood-spattered BNP leader. (Previously London police had maintained the nail-bombing suspect was most likely a 'lone wolf.')

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) -- Spankers' Corner -- The Los Angeles-based Children's Institute International criticized the legislature of Oklahoma for a bill passed this week. Reacting to the Colorado school shootings, the measure amends Oklahoma's state laws to make clear parents may use corporal punishment. Oklahoma plans to remind parents they can spank, paddle or whip their children. However, the California child welfare group says this will 'promote child abuse.'

ABINGDON, Oxfordshire (Times 15 v '99) -- The forty-year-old matron of famous Abingdon School (a thirteenth century foundation, where chapel attendance is still compulsory for boys) has been expelled after being found in flagrante delicto with an eighteen-year-old male pupil. School authorities reported they had gone into deep shock; but several pupils told journalists they thought the long-running affair really "cool" [a term of high approbation among Britoid youf of the 1990's].

SWANSEA (Times 15 v '99) -- Home proved no castle for top English lawyer Jonathan Brierley, 37, when he took his sixteen stone frame in Boxer shorts and shirt to the bedroom of a couple whom he had entertained for the evening. Brierley initiated a little hanky panky under the sheets with the lassie of the piece, a 24-year-old brunette. The trio had spent the evening consuming eleven bottles of JB's red wine; but the couple was unforgiving and JB found himself sentenced to something ghastly by the High Court for indecent assault and placed for life on the Sex Offenders' Register. JB had a previous conviction for non-sexual assault. {At least JB will have the satisfaction of helping to give the Sex Offenders' Register a good name -- it was introduced in response to paedohysteria.}

NEW YORK -- Five White police officers testified that another White officer had sodomized a Black man with a night stick. He had thought (incorrectly) his victim, who was subsequenly made to lick the stick clean, was the Black man who had assaulted him as arrests were made at a night-club. Black activist Rev. Al Sharpton was delighted with the confession -- though claiming that other White officers should have shared the blame for the incident.

CANBERRA (The Age 23 v '99, Duncan Campbell [famed for espionage reporting]) -- Australia has become the first country openly to admit that it takes part in a global electronic surveillance system that intercepts the private and commercial international communications of citizens and companies from its own and other countries. The admission about signals intelligence (sigint) has been made by the director of the Defence Signals Directorate, which operates in co-operation with UK and US agencies. Faxes, phone calls and e-mails are all intercepted as they bounce off satellites, or by pods attached to deep sea cables by nuclear submarines. Messages are searched using dictionaries of key words and phrases. Supposedly, only messages suspected to relate to 'serious' criminal activity are read by neosocialist authorities.

LONDON (CFMR 28 v '99) -- A paedophile who stopped his car in the seaside town of Eastbourne and somehow 'snatched' two 10-year-old girls known to him and 'bundled them into the boot' has been sentenced to nine sentences of life imprisonment. The man had taken the girls to his flat above a supermarket and submitted them to a four-day 'ordeal' from which they emerged entirely unscathed. The paedophile, who had a previous conviction for abduction, had co-operated fully with the police and pleaded guilty to everything throughout [the public could not be told the details], sparing the girls the 'further ordeal' of a court appearance -- or, at least, the ordeal of endless interviewing by paedohysterics and allied social workers. {In future, wise paedophiles will murder such girls if only they can muster the required common sense -- for their sentences in the UK could hardly be higher.}

BRISTOL (Times 28 v '99) -- A respected English literature specialist has been sacked from Bristol University for paedophilic downloadings. A public court further fined him, put in on Britain's Sex Offenders Register (obliging him to maintain contact with the police), and unloaded £UK3,500 costs into his lap. Dr Anthony Atkins -- who accepts his academic career is at an end -- has written noted works on D. H. Lawrence and J. M. Barrie (himself normally thought to have had paedophilic inclinations). He maintained that the pictures he had downloaded were to have assisted with his research.

LONDON (Sunday Times 30 v '99) -- Falling exam standards are the Labour Government's way of boosting pass rates, claim social scientists. Dr Martin Turner, the head of psychology at the Dyslexia Institute, says planned relaxations of exam conditions will extend to far more than diagnosed dyslexics and allow as many as a quarter of O-Level examinees -- any who just have poor spelling -- to have 40% more time than other candidates. Backing this up, Sheila Lawlor of the independent think-tank Politeia said that Education Minister David Blunkett was engaging in "educational fraud."

COVENTRY -- Dysgenics? -- The National Health Service has plenty of spare cash for the disabled. Nurses and carers these days become involved in soliciting sexual partners, including prostitutes, for the disabled, according to Dr Sarah Earle of the University of Coventry (latest Journal of Disability and Society). Carers are also expected to undress the disabled to prepare them for sex with partners. {The contraceptive precautions taken are currently unknown.}

Race Profiling Revolt -- and possible sequelae


E-mail groups on the Net have been humming with discussions of how the police should set about looking for criminals. -- Should cops concentrate their enquiries on young Black males, or should elderly White females be stopped and strip-searched (or just be gunned down by 19 bullets without needing to complete questionnaires) with equal frequency?
      Now the controversies that have preoccupied the USA for the past two months have reached the attention of the BBC (Radio 4 UK, 29 v '99, 08:00). The problem is plain. Through the period of the right's popularity in the 1980's, the creators of neosocialism realized the merits of being pro-police and pro-Laura Norder (long the right's favourite pinup). Now, however, as neosocialism has become so popular, the traditional supporters of liberal-leftism are getting fed up. Now that US police have admitted to 'race-profiled' stopping of cars on the New Jersey turnpike and to sodomizing occasional arrestees with their night-sticks, a head of steam has built up; and the case of the innocent African immigrant who died in New York in a hail of bullets as a rape suspect has brought glitterati to the scene.
      Perhaps traditional liberal-leftists and peaceniks will even come to criticize the swaggering savagery of Emperor Clinton and his right-hand Archbishop Blair in Serbia? This would be a major development that would highlight the degree to which neosocialism is the new authoritarian conservatism that has no coherence except its grotesque effort to favour 'minorities' and to convince many people (especially women) that their minority status is the most important thing about them.
      Yet there is an even bigger problem for neosocialism. Once anti-authoritarianism comes back into fashion, attention is bound to turn to the way in which neosocialism's success has been achieved. As the West begins to see the scale of its monstrous destruction of Serbia, someone is bound to notice America's new version of slavery -- the one million Black men confined till senescence in America's jails where their only function seems to be to sodomize minor criminals who are too pathetic by nature to have joined protective prison gangs. Winston Churchill once said, famously, that it was reasonable to judge a nation by the state of its prisons. As that judgment is passed, the attraction of legalistic neosocialism will pall. Plainly most people must be able to live more of their own lives than is possible in a maximum security prison; and those possibilities for unwanted deviants are usually recognized as 'having their own country' or of working as indentured labour on strict terms of good behaviour. It may not be too long before Black American convicts pioneer the way to a cantonized America, to an America where employer-employee contracts can be serious, or even to an Africa where the Aids-ridden population is replenished by mature Blacks whose health and education has been carefully tended in American jails and who will welcome the opportunity to live in freedom and contribute to some society -- even if that society cannot be tthe United States.

Multicultural Humanitarian Bombing Week 10

LONDON, 22 v '99 -- The British Helsinki Human Rights Group, a non-governmental organization which has been involved in a variety of activities in the Balkans, such as monitoring civil elections in the last several years, has just issued a report about NATO's war on Serbia. It said: "There is little optimism that much good will come out of the tragic war over Kosovo. Other places have been watching events in the Balkans with interest. For example, a Polish diplomat publicly stated that neighbouring Belarus "met all the conditions for a similar invasion by the West." And during the recent presidential campaign in Slovakia, people have been told by state and private media that if they vote for Vladimir Meciar the country will meet the same fate as Yugoslavia. In the Caucasus region there is unease about the future of disputed regions like Nagorno Karabakh. The question is: will the United States and its allies have the stomach for taking on any more adventures of this kind? If they do, the world could face the nightmare predicted in George Orwell's 1984 with small, low-grade wars going on all the time while people become dehumanized, impoverished and ultimately reduced to meaninglessness."

Nato's astonishing record of minimal war casualties is turning out to have been a maximal propaganda exercise. The Apache helicopter that Nato said had probably hit power lines on May 5 was probably shot down by the Yugoslav anti-aircraft defences, according to a May 23 report in Germany's Welt am Sontag (World on Sunday). Citing a "secret report" issued by NATO experts, the German newspaper said the Apache exploded in the air and went down in a ball of fire -- thus ruling out mechanical or human errors as the cause.

Both sides upped the ante -- perhaps preparing for what all will be able to greet as a wondrous peace. The West had Mr Milosevic indicted as a war criminal and prepared thousands more troops for an outing to the Balkans; Russia's Viktor Chernomyrdin said that nuclear war had never been so near since 1989.

Evidently Judge Louise Arbour, the nice lady at INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL FOR FORMER YUGOSLAVIA who has served notice on Mr Milosevic, has yet to find time to process demands {e.g. McDNL Spring '99} that Nato leaders be indicted for the disproportionality of Nato's response to whatever Mr Milosevic did to his ethnic Albanians in mid-March.
In Greece, a representative poll of 1,000 adults showed 69.7 per cent of Greeks want Mr Clinton tried for war crimes and 35.2 per cent want the British Prime Minister, Mr Blair, charged over NATO's campaign of air strikes against Yugoslavia (Irish Times 27 v '99). Only 14 per cent believed Mr Milosevic should face international sanctions for his role in the repression and expulsion of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian population. {Certainly, it is astonishing for Nato to be bombing a whole country -- where civilians are now typically without electricity -- when it claims only to want to punish Mr Milosevic and a few of his leading henchmen.}
      In Russia it was the same. Mr Chernomyrdin told the Washington Post (27 v '99): "Before the air raids, 57 percent of Russians were positively disposed toward the United States, with 28 percent hostile. The raids reversed those numbers to 14 percent positive and 72 percent negative. Sixty-three percent of Russians blame NATO for unleashing the conflict, while only 6 percent blame Yugoslavia. These attitudes result not so much from so-called Slavic fraternity as because a sovereign country is being bombed ... This approach clashes with international law, the Helsinki agreements and the entire world order that took shape after World War II." He continued: "Just as Soviet tanks trampling on the Prague Spring of 1968 finally shattered the myth of the socialist regime's merits, so the United States lost its moral right to be regarded as a leader of the free democratic world when its bombs shattered the ideals of liberty and democracy in Yugoslavia. .…Now that raids against military targets have evidently proven pointless, NATO's armed force has moved to massive destruction of civilian infrastructure -- in particular, electric transmission lines, water pipes and factories. Are thousands of innocent people to be killed because of one man's blunders? ….[I fear it will] no longer be possible to thwart the proliferation of missiles and nuclear arms -- another negative consequence of NATO's policy. Even the smallest of independent states will seek nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles to defend themselves after they see NATO's military machine in action. The danger of global instability looms, with more new wars and more victims."

ATLANTA , 27 v '99 -- Former US president, Jimmy Carter, still a member of the New World Order's inner circle (CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers), added his own voice to a chorus of protests against NATO's war on Serbia. In an OpEd piece published today by the New York Times, Carter said that, "even the most severe military or economic punishment of oppressed citizens is unlikely to force their oppressors to yield to American demands."
      Carter also spoke out against the use of cluster bombs by the Pentagon. "The United States' insistence on the use of cluster bombs, designed to kill or maim humans, is condemned almost universally and brings discredit on our nation (as does our refusal to support a ban on land mines)."

Correspondents of the London Times continued 5-3 against the two months of bombing by Nato. Columnist Simon Jenkins wrote: "Kosovo has been reduced to a ruin by Nato's hopeless strategy: the only hope now is the return of the monitors." A Fellow of Jesus College Oxford also condemned Nato's bombing campaign as disproportionate and manifestly unlawful (BBCR4UK 28 v '99, 22:00). And both the panel and audience of BBCR4UK's 'Any Questions', coming this week from Ireland, was overwhelmingly opposed to the bombing and to the "hypocrisy" of nominating Mr Milosevic as a human rights monster.

Like Times leading articles, the New York Review of Books had no regrets about the war. However, though Warren Zimmermann, the former US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, condemned Slobodan Milosevic as authoritarian, duplicitous and ruthless (NYRB 10 vi '99), he made four interesting admissions:

  1. "Nato's bombing campaign undoubtedly accelerated the implementation of Milosevic's expulsion strategy." {A damning indictment of the particular 'humanitarian intervention' that was chosen!}
  2. Nato's strategy of low-risk bombing and declining to deploy troops in Kosovo has been "recklessly counterproductive." {With a friend like this, think what Nato's enemies will be able to prove if they win concessions in the conflict and have Nato leaders indicted as war criminals!}
  3. Milosevic himself has consistently represented himself as "an apostle of multi-ethnic co-operation." {This is not going to play well in New York as it finally emerges that Milosevic was only driven to ethnic clearances by Nato's insistence on total surrender to them of the whole of Yugoslavia at Rambouillet.}
  4. Milosevic is "a brilliant negotiator." {Enough said!}


28 v '99 What can explain Mr Milosevic holding out?


WASHINGTON (Truth in Media <> 28 v '99) -- Walter Rockler, a Washington-based lawyer and a prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trial after WW II, said in a May 23 Chicago Tribune OpEd piece that, "those (like Bill Clinton) who live in glass houses should be careful about throwing stones." "We have engaged in a flagrant military aggression, ceaselessly attacking a small country, primarily to demonstrate that we run the world," he said. The rationale offered by Clinton to justify this attack on a sovereign country, "does not lessen the culpability of the authors of this aggression." In support of his judgment, this Washington lawyer cites a Nuremberg court order:

"To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

At Nuremberg, the U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, the head of the American prosecution staff, asserted that, "launching a war of aggression is a crime that no political or economic situation can justify."

WASHINGTON (Reuters, 30 v '99) -- A Gallup poll released Thursday showed 53 percent of American adults approved of the way Clinton was doing his job. This was the lowest rating of his second term and down from 70 percent -- the highest of his presidency -- during his impeachment trial in February. Only 49% approved of the bombing of Serbia. White House officials acknowledged Kosovo was taking a toll on Clinton's ratings. ``A substantial military action in a foreign country, when it doesn't have swift results, leaves people concerned,'' presidential counselor Ann Lewis said. The Clinton administration was blamed by 59 percent of those polled for letting China obtain nuclear secrets, though a greater majority of 65 percent spread the blame to previous administrations as well.

At Varvaran, south of Belgrade, 20 died in as Nato hit a bridge, a church, a sanatorium and an old people's home. Among the injured was London Times journalist Mrs Eve-Anne Prentice.

Dysentry and meningitis have been among the conditions breaking out in the Nato's refugee camp at Cegrane, Macedonia (Times 31 v '99). So far at very least 750 cases of head lice have occurred, requiring all children to be shaved by local barbers; and there have been 250 cases of scabies. Running water at the camp is not officially suitable for drinking; children play in streams polluted with effluent; and temperatures will soon be reaching 45 degrees Centigrade.

The New Statesman's US Correspondent, Andrew Stephen, remains convinced that Bomber Blair was soundly reprimanded by Emperor Klinton for becoming too excited about the humanitarian and photo opportunities provided by the war (31 v '99). "America is desperately trying to extricate itself," write Stephen. John Pilger reports that the German Foreign Ministry found Appendix B of Rambouillet -- given to the Serbs as the last moment, and leading to war within two days -- as "a complexte surprise." Germany will not commit ground troops to Kosovo, though it will not veto American or British deployment.. John Pilger wonders whether America and Britain might even have planned the bombing in order to provide an overweaning Europe with a problem that will preoccupy it for many years to come -- for America and Britain have largely avoided taking refugees and seem to be reckoning that the Continentals will end up paying for the bombing and the reconstruction.       

Meanwhile, as Nato member Turkey opened its trial of the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who will almost certainly receive a death sentence, stories abound of critical lawyers and journalists being harried, forced to sing Turkish marching tunes and raped. Nato has named deterrence of ethnic cleansing as its original motivation for its disastrous operation in Yugoslavia; but Russia has renewed tough measures in Chechnya and the new Russian prime minister, Sergei Stepashin, going beyond Mr Milosoveic's ideas, has said "Those who rob and kill should not be punished but eliminated" (Times 31 v '99).

The former editor of the Times, William Rees-Mogg says that Nato's bombing would fall foul of the judgments made at Nuremberg (Times 31 v '99, 'By flouting UN authority, Nato is putting its entire future in doubt'). President Nelson Mandela of South Africa has also condemned Nato's campaign, saying it was "equally criminal" to what Slobodan Milosevic had done.

On its part, Nato has pretended to prepare for a ground intervention involving as many as 150,000 troops. Mr Milosevic is unlikely to have been fooled by this: a ground war between his well-dug-in defending forces and US conscripts would be just what he needs -- a breath of fresh air. Some say he might in any case attack Nato troops in Macedonia before Nato troops get their bearings. So he has offered a deal: British and French Nato troops will be most welcome in Macedonia and Albania where they can police the KLA; a small number of Italian troops will be allowed to shepherd a few Kosovans having documentation back into an enclave and impress TV crews and their gawpers back home; Ukrainian Belorussian and other non-Nato troops would have a free run in Kosovo to prevent Nato expansion and look after ethnic-Serbian Kosovars….

Quotes of the Week

"Our countries are not enemies any longer. We are on the same side now."
      Sergei Khrushchev, 63, son of USSR Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev who had told the West in the 1960's, "We will bury you." (Sergei will become a US citizen next month. Once a rocket scientist in the USSR, he became a lecturer at Brown University's Centre for Foreign Policy Development in 1991.) {No wonder the Serbs think Russian has betrayed them!}
"I remember Jack Straw {current UK Home Secretary} explaining in the 1960's that drugs had to be banned because there was not enough information. I don't know where he's been the last thirty years, but I have smoked a lot of marijuana and it hasn't harmed me."
      David Hockney, the artist, in London with his panoramic paintings of the Grand Canyon which will be on display at the Royal Academy of Arts' Summer Exhibition. Reported in the Times 27 v '99.
"These past few weeks, I have hardly come across a single defence expert, military historian, political commentator or intellectual of any discipline who doesn't think of the conflict in Kosovo as a disaster -- morally, politically or both."
      Ferdinand MOUNT (long-standing British political commentator), Sunday Times 30 v '99. {Mount went on to argue that, to the contrary, the Kosovo bombing "is a rational exercise in deterrrence."}
"Morale in academia is so low that all the dons I spoke to -- on both sides -- of the Atlantic asked to remain anonymous."
      Amanda FOREMAN, former Oxford donette, Sunday Times 30 v '99.
"I try to spread my missionary word about detailed realism."
      Tom Wolfe (the lean, courtly, dandified chronicler/author of Bonfire of the Vanities and A Man in Full), interviewed as 1999 winner of the ST's New Literature Prize, Sunday Times 30 v '99.

Glayde Whitney's Week 9

The Whitney Witch-Hunt at Florida State University is not over but it has gone very quiet. The reason is the ending of the spring semester for FSU at the same time as the end of the Florida government's legislative session. There are still some very unhappy lefties on campus; and, in the Psychology Department, there are rumours of lobbying for the hiring of another person in behavior genetics and/or more black faculty in general -- so as to 'balance' the incorrect views of America's only known race realist.
      In fact, the Psychology Department at FSU is already notable for its breadth of coverage. It does not just provide a home for Glayde. It also houses Professor Ni'am Akbar, a teacher of Afrocentrism, a self-avowed racist [no White professor could get away with that!], and a former president of a Black Psychologists' Association. With that kind of breadth already on offer, the unhappy lefties should look to other amusements -- like working out whether they condemn war criminal Klinton or are leaving that to socialist colleagues of the Chinese and Serbian People's Republics.

Human Sciences

(Nature 27 v '99)


In view of the failure of psychology as a subject -- without a single decent guru since the deaths of Jean Piaget, Henri Tajfel and Hans Eysenck, and smashed into pieces as each researcher grubs for money in his (or, as likely, her) own way -- it may be time for a rearrangement of the social sciences. Certainly Bruce Mazlish has a new name for the overall umbrella he seeks to erect. According to him, the human sciences, including a few bits and pieces from biology and some big chunks from the constructibabbling arts, should be called The Uncertain Sciences. So that is the title of his book (newly published by Yale University Press, £UK25).
      Sadly, Mazlish's book fails to address the question of what all Mazlish's favourite 'sciences' have in common; and it is dominated by Jurgen Haberman, Michel Foucault and Thomas Kuhn (with barely a mention of Darwin, Freud and Adam Smith) so Mazlish is attempting the unlikely feat of combining relativism and realism. Just because plants are of interest to botanists, horticulturalists, cooks, agricultural economists, still life artists and interior decorators, that does not mean that there is much in common between those disciplines. 'Human science' may be an attractive-sounding term. Oxford University even established a degree in the 'subject' around 1970. Yet a science needs to champion its explanans, not its explananda: physics is about what makes up atoms; chemistry is about how the arrangements of atoms explain molecules; physiology uses chemistry to explain cells; biologists use cells to explain life. Even in the social sciences themselves, the really interesting and coherent exercises are those of using kinship (social anthropology), class (psychology) and the unconscious (psychoanalysis) for all they are worth to give purchase on data. Without their key explanatory concepts, all of these disciplines would be mere hobbies or interests. It is only the wretched non-discipline of modern psychology -- today without any agreement on any list of basic motivations or abilities or types of learning or mental mechanisms -- that has to rely on diversions (statistics, 'strategies' and complex interaction effects) to pretend something is happening. It would be bizarre for it to be thought that a range of 'human sciences' from French deconstructibabbling through to molecular genetics would somehow rectify the problem that the history of psychology has made very starkly obvious: that without concepts like the g factor, eros, thanatos and maternos, there is never going to exist a science of the mind -- even if a rational being's dealings with the world will always lend themselves to understanding in terms of affinity, hierarchy and money-grubbing.
      By contrast, there is a serious science to be found in psychogenetics, in the exploration of whether and how genetic factors influence behaviour, personality and experience. Sadly, few modern 'human scientists', and even fewer 'social scientists' dare begin to acknowledge the twentieth-century victory of genetic factors which most of them have done their damnedest to prevent and disparage. In view of what the methods of 'human biosocial science' -- those of the population geneticist, the trait theorist and the psychoanalyst -- find to be the key causal nodules in the human morass, it would be better to pursue such inquiries than to pretend there is some wider subject that embraces Darwin and Derrida. It may suit cogniburbling deconstructionists and strategy enthusiasts to welcome a vast range of endeavours as similar to their own in having no 'certain' purpose or results. Yet that has not been the position for differential psychology which has since 1970 come very near agreeing a 'Big Five' (or Six) main constellations of influence in human affairs. [One of them, g, has substantial broad heritability; the others (personality traits like neuroticism/emotionality) are especially dependent on gene-gene interaction and gene-environment covariation.] Now is not the time to abandon such hard-won explanations in favour of compromise whether with the class-ism of Karl Marx, the cultural relativism of Franz Boas or the hermeneutical meanderings of Jacques Derrida.

{An example of broad-brush 'human science' is reviewed in this week's Nature. Called Cheating Monkeys and Citizen Bees: the Nature of Co-operation in Animals and Humans (by Lee Dugatkin). The book reviews evidence for four types of altruism -- favouring genetic kin, trusted reciprocators, accidental bystanders and any group that is itself a unit on which selection occurs. This sounds good news for students. However, the book's objective of making practical improvements to the human condition is hardly attained: nepotism [using the wisdom of kinship] and smaller social units [encouraging reciprocity] are the main but hardly inspirational proposals. What enthusiasts for altruism neglect is that as much good in the world comes from thanatos as from eros: valuable ideas and relations are those that survive ruthless winnowing, not those that all too easily result from casual though charming affinities. A substantial civilization is bound to use all the hypotheses that can be put forward in language and exposed to falsification. It success will depend on the very antagonisms that it can at once generate yet contain -- as in the Western tradition of courts and parliaments. To find nepotism and parochialism recommended by a human scientist is to be reminded of the limits of 'human science' without ideas.}

Consciousness -- The Latest / Student Special

{cf. McDNL 2 xii '97, Consciousness and Chips; McDNL 14 vii '98, Professor Susan Greenfield; McDNL 21 vii '98, The split brain revisited; McDNL 17 xi '98, Professor Stuart Sutherland; McDNL Winter '98/9, 19 i '99, Consciousness and Human Identity; McDNL 26 i '99, 'Beyond Behaviourism'; McDNL 23 ii '99, David Chalmers)

Today's three main views of consciousness, and its connection with the brain, are outlined and critiqued in a fine review by philosopher Colin McGinn (himself a believer in the need for a scientific breakthrough) (New York Review of Books 10 vi '99, 'Can we ever understand consciousness?').

  1. John Searle takes the 'beguilingly simple' view that consciousness is just what the brain does. This 'dualism faute de mieux' is doubtless an improvement on behaviouristic denial that consciousness need ever be mentioned in a full scientific account of human nature. Doubtless it is correct so far as it goes. However, it studiously avoids not only the question of how the brain 'does consciousness' -- which might possibly be left to science -- but the legitimate question for philosophy of how the brain can possibly do consciousness: i.e. of how the most completely known description of a brain state could ever lead an unprejudiced scientist to expect for more than empirical reasons that the brain's possessor would be conscious. Neodualism is all very well, but it fails to ask 'What is it about neurones that makes them any more capable of consciousness than the standard gas over?'
  2. The latest book from 'eliminativists' Patricia and John Churchland stands by their own neobehaviourist thesis that the 'folk psychological' language of consciousness will eventually be 'reduced' to the wondrous truths of neurocogniburble. So impressed are the Churchlands with cognitive science that they even seem to reckon that some present-day machines are already a lot more genuinely thoughtful than some existing human beings. Yet thirty years of cognitive science has produced not the slightest scaling down of folk psychology even though cognitivism has been assisted by contructivism in the argument that there are no such unities as thought, feeling or personality to be found amidst the sub-processes into which it has been intended to reanalyze the human experience. More serious, philosophically, is McGinn's telling blow: If reductionist eliminativism is true, there would never have been anything that needed to be 'reduced'!
  3. Colin McGinn's own position is thus one one of the 'strong unknowability' of these weighty matters. "My own position is that there is a theory which unifies minds with physical brains, but that we do not have any idea of what that theory is. In reality there is an underlying understanding -- albeit elusive to our cognitive faculties." -- It is hard not to smile at such a dressing-up of sheer ignorance; but William McDougall and Arthur Koestler, who were both driven to parapsychological research and Lamarckian speculation in search of solutions, would have applauded McGinn's apparent hope that something will turn up.

History of Psychology


(Alison WINTER, 1998, Mesmerized: Powers of Mind in Victorian Britain. University of Chicago Press.)

The almost incredible persistence of folly and illusion in the ranks of psychology is well illustrated by the century-long persistence of phrenological, behaviourist and social-environmental ideas. Less well appreciated is the persistence of mesmerism. Initially popular around the time of the French Revolution, mesmerism was still thriving in Britain in 1838 when Thomas Wakley [the founder of The Lancet] exposed Professor John Elliotson of University College London as having been hoaxed -- leading to Elliotson's resignation. Even then, mesmerism retained followers who believed in its anaesthetic powers, and it was only finally banished from medicine after Robert Liston* had provided a UK demonstration of the efficacy of ether as an anaesthetic in 1846. Psychoanalysis, too, had a big hold on some psychologists -- especially in its less biological forms of 'neo'-Freudianism that attracted tender-minded social psychologists unhappy with any kind of measurement. Today, it is only the arrival of genetic engineering that will lead Kamin et al. to give up the ghost -- and even then they will probably mumble on for years that 'genes have their effect only in a social context.'

*  Born in Linlithgow and trained in Edinburgh and London, Liston first used a general anaesthetic in a public operation at University College Hospital in December, 1846.

Asian Multicultural Relations


{Cf. McDNL 23 ii '99, '[I]nternational best-seller on Japan's wartime atrocities in Nanjing'; and Literary Review v '99}

Following the withdrawal from publication in Japan of Iris Chang's The Rape of Nanking (Basic Books), the American-Chinese author has been interviewed. When the Japanese army took Nanking, in1937, Japanese soldiers raped about 80,000 women, often disembowelling them or cutting their breasts off in the process; prisoners were beheaded and bayoneted in training exercises for Japan's troops; and some Westerners who lived through the atrocities broke down and committed suicide. Other Westerners were subsequently gagged by Western authorities and told to keep their stories to themselves. After the war, the USA was eager to bolster Japan as its 'aircraft carrier' in the area and to restore stability using the Japanese Emperor. Anyhow there was feeling that the Japanese had suffered enough in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; so demands for penitence for Japan's treatment of Australian, British and Chinese soldiers and Chinese civilians were minimal.
      Now Salon Books (25 v '99, Laura Miller) brings more news of efforts to suppress what happened:

"Japanese extremists have used lawsuits, death threats and even physical intimidation to silence their opponents. Just this year, a fanatic with a baseball bat trashed the offices of a Japanese publisher who printed the diary of a Japanese veteran of the Nanking massacre. Also, when a Chinese feature film on the Rape of Nanking was shown in Japanese theaters a few months ago, right-wingers harassed theater owners, slashed up movie screens with knives and even smashed a loudspeaker truck through theater gates.
      ….the newly elected governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, is an outspoken revisionist of World War II history. He told Playboy magazine back in 1990 that the Rape of Nanking was a "lie" and "a story made up by the Chinese." He's enormously popular in Japan, and he won the election by a landslide."

NEW DELHI (Reuters 26/7 '99) --  India unleashed two waves of air strikes to flush out guerrillas dug in on its side of the Kashmir cease-fire line resulting from Britain's introduction of democracy to India and the subsequent ethnic cleansing by Hindus and Muslims. The use of air power was India's first in peacetime in the beautiful province of Kashmir. New Delhi drew a tough line by warning Pakistan's army and air force not to interfere, but Pakistan responded within a day by shooting down two Indian MiG fighters that it claimed had crossed into Pakistan. A senior Indian defence official said the air strikes would continue until Afghan mercenaries were dislodged from high ridges in Kashmir's Drass-Kargil-Batalik sectors. "We have firm evidence now that those Afghan chaps are supplied by the Pakistan Army and are operating in close concert with the Pakistan army,'' said an Indian official. {The conflict comes two months' after Nato's surprise initiation of the bombing of Serbia, apparently proclaiming the doctrine that 'might is right.'}

{By its recent ignominious defeat on the cricket field, England has made more likely an India versus Pakistan World League final which could be the final trigger for nuclear holocaust. -- If there is one thing interests Indians and Pakistanis more than Kashmir, it is cricket.}


On all sides it is said that there is no answer to the problem of Kashmir -- two thirds in Indian and one third in Pakistani hands. This is not the view of the McDougall Newsletter.

  1. Established borders should be respected. India and Pakistani have not been to war since 1971, so the existing cease-fire line should be recognized as the border.
  2. Each side (India, Pakistan) should convert to the arrangement of constituency-choice in elections (McDNL 11 v '99). Thus, if enough Indian Hindus are prepared to switch their local votes to eastern Kashmir, they will be able to hang on to the province. If not, it will become autonomous and able to vote -- now without interference from non-residents -- either to join Pakistan or to set up a reunited and independent Kashmir.
  3. As the Indian electoral process moved ahead, Pakistan would proceed similarly -- first allowing any Pakistanis to identify themselves as primarily interested in west Kashmir, and then, if autonomy came about, to allow west Pakistan to vote on the option of secession.

Such a procedure would provide an excellent first test of constituency-choice (or commune or canton choice -- whatever may be the more acceptable term). And few would doubt that both India and Pakistan, who have so disgraced the hopes entertained as Britain left the subcontinent in 1947, would be punished by Kashmiris for their intransigent and dangerous behaviour unless their switched votes indicated massive enthusiasm for over-riding the simple principle that would leave Kashmir to the Kashmiris.

Race and Sex Naughtiness, Asian-style

From Japan, Steve Tripp corrects a common Western misunderstanding:

"Contrary to popular Western belief, there is no Japanese word for "round eye." I have never heard that expression in 15 years in Japan (except from foreigners). Nor is it used in Thailand: I lived in Thailand for three years and speak Thai, and I am quite sure that there is no Thai word for "round eye." The correct Japanese expression is "tall nose" (hana-ga takai), which is used widely.
    Japanese generally refer to foreigners as "gaijin" (outsider) which means American by default. (American means white person by default.) Japanese also refer to "ajiajin" (Asians) which does not include Japanese by default. The Japanese word for black people is black people (kokujin). Since kokujin don't have tall noses they are not in the same category as white people (hakujin). Japanese children consider black people to be "unusual" in comparison to white people. Indians and south-east Asians are in a separate category."

But perhaps China has the answer? John Derbyshire writes:

"I have interrogated several Chinese people on this point, starting with my wife. The consensus is that "round-eyes" (Mandarin "yuan yan-jing") would be taken as a comical/abusive expression for "foreigner" if the context was obvious. However, it is not a commonplace term. There are simply too many other weird things about foreigners to notice -- their pale blotchy skin, big noses/ears/feet/genitals, green eyes, red hair, milky smell, exaggerated facial expressions, etc. etc.
      The only really colloquial "eye-shape" term I know in any Chinese dialect is Cantonese "ngaan-gok-gou", literally "eye-corners-high". This is used by Hong Kong men to refer to a certain regrettably widespread attitude among Hong Kong women -- summed up by one acquaintance as: "If you don't make a million [HK$] [i.e. aren't firmly in the middle class] I won't sleep with you." There are numerous English/Chinglish equivalents of "ngaan-gok-gou"-- "No money, no honey", "No cookie, no nookie" etc. etc."

World's Strongest Man Contests

For better or worse, a new area of Caucasian 'superiority' has been identified by McDNL's Sports Correspondent:

This staple of late-night viewing on ESPN2 features beefy brutes hoisting boulders, heaving beer kegs, hauling 18-wheelers, and other feats of strength that Thor himself would find right and fitting for manly men to compete at. Since neither foot-speed nor agility (whether physical or mental) is much needed, the stars are mostly Conan the Barbarian-types from the blonder peoples of Europe: Finns, Dutch, English, Boers, Austrians, etc. {Perhaps the term Saxon comes to mind? -- Ed.} Their king of kings is the man with the greatest name in sports (at least from my hereditarian viewpoint): Magnus Ver Magnusson of Iceland. Interestingly, Magnus is not particularly ripped nor particularly blonde. In fact, he looks like a brown-haired version of baseball's home run champ Mark McGwire. (This might be due to the fact that the Viking raiders brought home to Iceland a lot of Irish and Scottish slaves, who eventually married into the Nordic population). Like McGwire, and unlike a lot of chiseled West African athletes, Magnus' muscles look nicely marbleized with just enough fat to keep out the cold. Magnus is 6'2" and 287, Big Mac is 6'-5" and 270.

Sex Differences


Men cross their legs far less frequently, says a US survey. Among men, 21 percent cross their legs most of the time, compared with 45 percent of women, say researchers (for a health firm interested in varicose veins). Most men and women think leg crossing by women is flirtatious, and about 70 percent of men say they think a woman looks sexier with crossed legs, the researchers added.

{Doctor Johnson once praised the habit: "The first thing a young lady should learn," he said, "is to keep her legs together." It is well known to observers of human nature that, when standing, women more often place most of their weight on one leg, sometimes charmingly using the other foot to massage the calf of the leg on which they are standing. Leg crossing and leg lifting may have an underlying psychosexual unity that researchers have yet to discover.}



(Science 21 v '99; Times 26 v '99)

How men cope with nagging wives has come to light in the course of research on emotional perception. 40% of women can correctly identify from a tachistoscopic exposure whether a face is 'angry' -- no matter whether the presented face is male or female. Likewise, finds graduate student researcher Lisa Goos, of York University, Toronto, 40% of males can identify an 'angry' male face. But when it comes to males identifying 'angry' female faces, the success rate drops to 30%. How can this be? Well, evolution often supplies mechanisms enhancing perception for events that are of importance to organisms. "Information important for survival will be taken in and used in special ways." -- No, it wasn't McDNL that said it, but Ms Goos's academic supervisor, Ruben C. Gur, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology! (Ms Goos's study involved 56 male and 59 female subjects rating expressions contrived by actors.)

Psychopathy Today


Pondering what was the correct psychiatric diagnosis for Saint Diana of Harrods, the Medical Correspondent of the Times, Dr Thomas Stuttaford, has noted that Di's impulsiveness, boredom-proneness, fear of abandonment, fear of solitude and threats of suicide would all have qualified her as a case of histrionic psychopathy. However, docs are busy and careful men. Thus, says Stuttaford, "the emotionally detached physicians who had time to read the tabloids" usually settled for the less specific diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.


The Marquis de Sade, in real life, had a "hatred of bloodshed and violence." Such is the agreed view of Francine du Plessix Gray (1999, At Home with the Marquis de Sade, Chatto & Windus, £UK20) and her Oxford University reviewer, Richard Parish (Times Higher 28 v '99). De Sade's problems may have included infantile anality, exhibitionism, narcissism and delusional identities, but he long got on well with his wife -- and even better with his wife's sister. While his wife, Pelagie, visited him regularly in the Bastille, bringing food and helping build up his library of thousands of books, de Sade's only big failure at social relations was with his mother-in-law. To this day, it remains possible that the icy sobriety of de Sade's writings (about the Pope ripping the babies from the wombs of multiply abused pregnant women at the height of their gushing orgasms etc.) was due to the Marquis merely including such scenes so as to win an audience for his serious and detailed anti-Christian and pro-realism, pro-individualism, pro-choice and pro-contract messages.

Mediawatch, USA

John Derbyshire writes:

The main newspaper on New York's Long Island is "Newsday." It has a left-liberal editorial line. On Sunday May 23rd the news section "World" page (page A19) ran a lead item headline: "United in Anger Over Crime", subhead "S. Africa's suspects get zero tolerance", datelined Johannesburg, South Africa. The gist of it was that South Africans have had it with their stupendous crime rate. They want criminals rounded up and hanged in batches.
      Turning the sheet, page A21 "The Americas" main headline was "Violence Surges in Jamaica", subhead "Killings of cops bring new visibility to crime". The gist of it was that Jamaicans have had it with their stupendous crime rate and want.....
      J. P. Rushton's name did not appear in either article.

Liberal History

(Literary Review, v '99, Roy Hattersley [former Labour Cabinet Minister])

Notoriously, liberalism which once created the era of Queen Victoria, the Manchester school of economics, the Great Exhibition and Charles Darwin went into decline at some point. Eventually it became, in America and Britain, a version of welfare-socialism -- though more tolerant of abortion. Liberalism, beginning in revolt against authoritarian (episcopalian) Christianity, gradually succumbed to the idea that the freedoms it sought were -- for most people -- more easily provided by State welfare endeavour than by the untaxed efforts of citizens themselves.
      Yet when did the slide begin? By 1912, Britain's powerful Liberal party had become even more 'progressive' about providing free health care than was Labour -- starting in the Highlands of Scotland where support for Presbyterianism and Liberalism was strong and where poverty was frightful.. Now it turns out that 1870 may have been the crucial year when British Liberals, headed by Gladstone, switched from backing individuals to 'protecting' them. The issue that turned the Liberals to paternalism was, understandably enough, the continuing grinding poverty of overpopulated Ireland. In that year, Gladstone licensed courts in Ireland to re-write contracts between landowners and tenants when the contracts, however voluntarily made, seemed 'oppressive.'
      If this was the beginning of Liberalism's slippery slope, it is understandable. Necessarily, the biggest problem to any society of free and responsible people will always arise from those who aren't so conspicuously, er, responsible; and who may well be -- in virtue of personal deficiencies such as low IQ -- seriously unfree. This is why a serious liberalism will always need to be coupled with eugenic concern and inducement, as any neoliberal revival must insist.

Student Special: Alcoholism

In the 1960's, plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists could be found who would maintain that alcoholism was of social-environmental origin. For the latest psychogenetic evidence, see:

Marc A. SCHUCKIT, 1999, 'New findings in the genetics of alcoholism.' Journal of the American Medical Association 281, 1875-1876, 26 v.

SUMMARY -- This article reviews recent research on the importance of genetic influences on alcohol abuse and dependence. ….The contribution of genetic influences in alcoholism is supported by the 3- to 4-fold higher prevalence of this disorder in first-degree relatives of alcoholics, a rate that increases another 2-fold in identical twins of alcoholics.[1-4] Adoption-type studies reveal that the increased risk remains strong for children of alcoholics adopted and raised by non-alcoholics.[5,6] The genetic influences appear to be, in large part, separate from a generic predisposition toward dependence on other drugs.[7-9] These influences might involve multiple genes or incomplete expression of several major genes, along with environmental influences.[10]


1. Prescott CA, Kendler KS. Genetic and environmental contributions to alcohol abuse and dependence in a population-based sample of male twins. Am J Psychiatry. 1999;156:34-40.
2. Pickens RW, Svikis DS, McGue M, Lykken DT, Heston LL, Clayton PJ. Heterogeneity in the inheritance of alcoholism. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1991;48:19-28.
3. Heath AC, Bucholz KK, Madden PAF, et al. Genetic and environmental contributions to alcohol dependence risk in a national twin sample. Psychol Med. 1997;27:1381-1396.
4. Kendler KS, Prescott CA, Neale MC, Pedersen NL. Temperance board registration for alcohol abuse in a national sample of Swedish male twins born 1902-1949. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1997;54:178-184.
5. Goodwin DW, Schulsinger R, Hermansen L, Guze SB, Winokur G. Alcohol problems in adoptees raised apart from alcoholic biological parents. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1973;28:238-255.
6. Schuckit MA, Goodwin DW, Winokur G. A study of alcoholism in half-siblings. Am J Psychiatry. 1972;128:1132-1136.
7. Schuckit MA, Smith TL. An 8-year follow-up of 450 sons of alcoholic and control subjects. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1996;53:202-210.
8. Bierut LJ, Dinwiddie SH, Begleiter H, et al. Familial transmission of substance dependence. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1998;55:982-988.
9. Tsuang MT, Lyons MJ, Meyer JM, et al. Co-occurrence of abuse of different drugs in men. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1998;55:967-972.
10. Schuckit MA. Biological, psychological, and environmental predictors of the alcoholism risk: a longitudinal study. J Stud Alcohol. 1998;59:485-494.

Corresponding Author and Reprints: Marc A. Schuckit, MD, University of California School of Medicine, 3350 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92161 (e-mail:

Memory Lane

(Literary Review v '99, Niall Fergusson)

As maintained in the essay 'Liberating the Future',* Adolf Hitler seems to have developed his anti-Semitism only well after his years as a university student. In Vienna, Hitler greatly enjoyed hearing Mahler conduct Wagner; he had several Jewish friends; he was readily lent money by Jewish helpers -- without acrimony resulting; and one Jew was the leading purchaser of the artwork by which the (now parentless) Hitler stayed afloat. Hitler is even known to have dismissed expressly claims that Jews sometimes undertook 'ritual murders.'** Indeed, the Fuehrer-to-be's only problem with twentieth-century liberal-democratic ideas seems to have been that he was appalled when seeing, as a visitor to the Austro-Hungarian parliament, pandemonium in the chamber which included the use of fisticuffs.

* Draft copies of this Essay for the Millennium by Chris Brand are available to regular McDNL readers.

**  Just what were these accusations, one wonders? Surely not that Jews practised eugenic infanticide on their young? Answers on the usual postcard please to McDNL HQ.

President Willy

Why did President Clinton agree to pay Paula Jones $840,000? According to Mark Steyn in the Times (26 v '99) the answer is probably very short, and it concerns the presidential organ -- seen at close quarters by Ms Jones. Apparently it is traditional overcompensation for what Adler used to call 'organ inferiority' that explains why Bill Clinton has bombed more countries in six months than Ronald Reagan bombed in six years.

{Perhaps it is the same with Mr Blair who, as John Pilger wrote for the Guardian (18 v '99), "has dropped more bombs in the last 18 months [including the daily and equally fruitless efforts in Iraq] than the Tories dropped in 18 years."}

Class Unrealism

Letter in Daily Telegraph 27 v '99:

"Britain really is a classless society now. In my local supermarket, a board once titled STAFF ANNOUNCEMENTS has been re-named COLLEAGUE ANNOUNCEMENTS."


  1. At first, the infant is essentially selfish, inclined to manipulate all others around it to do its bidding.
  2. Er, that's it.






Science reviews 'affirmative action'





Genius Explained -- by M. J. A. WHO

BOMBING FOR A MULTICULTURAL KOSOVO: Starting with 'humanitarian intervention' and 'surgical strikes' on 'military infrastructure', Nato's campaign continued with deliberate 'economic devastation' to 'ruin the lives of Milosevic's people,' admit neosocialists. Serbian flight from Kosovo halted by lack of petrol; Nato advance halted by shortage of UN blue helmets. Nato officers refuse Serb offer to exchange shirts. Russia prepares to supply common sense, i.e. partition. UN will tell Nato to stop bombing and collect supply of helmets. NEOSOCIALISTS DENOUNCE CRITICS AS TRAITORS. Neosocialist World Order? Or will Kosovo be Nato's Afghanistan?



(Times 3 & 4 v '99, John O'Leary, Education Correspondent)

Taking time off from bombing Serbia, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair bombed the annual conference of the National Association of Head Teachers. Despite his Government's 1997 election commitment to "Education, education, education", there would be no more money for the teachers, said Blair, unless they agreed to some kind of payment-by-results scheme. There must be "something for something", Blair said, referring to a figure of £UK1 billion that he would withdraw from present Government offers unless the teachers surrendered.
      Mr Blair won an ovation for his talk, which included a refusal to bring back grammar schools (to which he sends his own children); but his insistence on pay-by-results was given the thumbs-down by the head teachers the next day. All other UK teachers' unions also reject payment-by-results.

{Neither side is overtly proposing the obvious compromise, that teachers be rewarded when they improve on results that would be predicted from children's IQs alone. Perhaps, so long as the dread term IQ itself is not mentioned, some such result will finally emerge from the head teachers' pipe-smoke-filled rooms. -- Ed.}


In Britain, it is fashionable for BBC chatterers to discuss 'the crisis of masculinity' as male labour is no longer needed by the welfare state in the information age and sperm counts drop. (Solutions include new roles for men as caring househusbands who have got in touch with their feelings -- BBCR4UK 5 vi '99, 22:10.) Yet men face even more straightforward problems thanks to the legal system and the media caving in to feminazism. Today, a man can easily find himself imprisoned for 'rape' of a girl whose withholding of consent does not need to be plainly demonstrated; and, if he is murdered by a jealous wife, he will be lucky if the murderess is not successfully defended by 'women's groups.'

(Times 5 vi '99)

A blonde who claimed sexual abuse by her policeman husband has been jailed for life. Mrs Kim Galbraith, 30, a mother of one, shot her husband Ian, 37, in the head while he was sleeping and sobbed in court as she claimed a long history of abuse involving her husband brandishing whips, guns and knives while dressed only in black fishnet stockings. Wymmin's groups sprang to Kim's side and psychologist Dr Mairead Teagg of Glasgow Easterhouse Woman's Aid testified that she believed Kim's story of a "brutal and sadistic partner" from whom escape via divorce, emigration or having the man imprisoned (for buggery, guns possession etc.) would have been a psychological impossibility. Jurors, however, were unimpressed because:

Psychologist Teagg was scornful of the verdict. 'What other motive could Kim have had?' she complained. {The idea does not seem to have occurred to Dr Teagg that, after the couple's child had come along, Mr Galbraith might have devoted herself to maternos in the usual fashion and that Constable Galbraith might have had an occasional affair -- very wicked, no doubt, in feminazie eyes, but not meriting being killed in his bed in cold blood.}


At least the dead Constable Galbraith received justice post mortem. Less fortunate is an imprisoned-for-life constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary found guilty of multiple rapes of a late-teenager. The story? The 47-year-old constable first raped the girl in her own home when she was still only fifteen years old. Then the couple quite got into the habit and rapes kept on occurring in the girl's home from 1988 to 1993. Typically, the constable wore woman's stockings, a girdle and high heels. Altogether seven 'rapes' were charged -- and the court gave him a life sentence on each count. The girl had supposedly felt unable to tell her parents because she thought she would not be believed. {British media showed no curiosity about this case. Perhaps the girl was mentally defective ooops had learning difficulties? Only some such condition could possibly justify the imprisonment. Today, even the Times does not trouble to supply such detail -- so axiomatic is it in its readers' minds that any male charged with rape is automatically GUILTY.}

Political Correctness


(Sunday Times 6 vi '99, Allan Massie)

PC took a new step forward in Scotland this week when a top QC felt obliged to resign from the Board of Directors of Rangers Football Club (Glasgow) after he had been videoed joining in the singing of an anti-Catholic song. Donald Findlay QC had joined with fellow supporters of Rangers -- a traditionally Protestant team -- in singing after an exciting victorious day of football the rousing song 'The Sash' which invites singers to rejoice in 'wading deep in Fenian blood' [i.e. in the blood of Irish rebels against the 1798 Act of Union]. As soon as the Scottish tabloids were given the video, Findlay resigned.

{For the past generation, both Rangers and Celtic, Glasgow's main soccer teams, have felt obliged to deny the degree to which they were tribal in nature. Both clubs have maintained they selected players impartially -- and indeed fielded players of the opposite religion to prove the point. Now it turns out that it is not just in offers of employment that such clubs feel obliged to appear non-discriminatory and without prejudiced affect. Even without legal pressure on them, they wish to avoid a scene.
       It is fascinating to see such religiosity at work, infecting voluntary societies that have no legal obligation to toe the PC line. Of course, tribalistic songs and sentiments don't appeal to many pinkoes and women who want all the fun of feeling associated with a soccer team without any of the naughty bits. Yet who seriously expects that, say, the members of the Welsh Rugby Union will not have some anti-English drinking songs in their repertoire? Who expects that a university will not contain some academics who back race-realism or oppose paedohysteria? -- Presently very few; but PC's day will surely come while associations like Rangers place more stress on winning at any cost than on winning in a way that generates genuine pride for any real community. That day already came for Edinburgh LUniversity which decided it could ditch truth because its primary concern was with money-making entertainment.
      A state that allows people no serious loyalties to principles other than those of PC can doubtless be pleased to rid itself of competing loyalties. Not dissimilarly, Scottish kings used to simply forbid men to play golf because they would be distracted from the proper pursuit of archery. However, a state that encourages religion to emasculate its citizenry should not be surprised when -- as with Rome -- few people are left who have much interest in defending it. A state that is itself to be other than a tyranny or tribe must manage to rejoice in and use to the full the competing interests within it -- just as the world has learned that competitive capitalism is the least bad way of arranging economic affairs. That is why citizens should be allowed and encouraged to join, within a state, vigorous communities of their choice -- see McDNL 11 v '99, NEOLIBERALIZING ETHNIC TENSIONS BY CONSTITUENCY CHOICE.}


New York Times 31 v '99


Son of Radio Show Host Sues in School Sex Case

LAS VEGAS -- The son of a nation-wide radio talk show host who cited a "family crisis" in abruptly quitting his show last year has sued a school district and a former substitute teacher convicted of sexually assaulting him.
      Arthur Bell IV, the son of Art Bell whose radio show attracts 15 million listeners with talk of space aliens and C.I.A. conspiracies, seeks unspecified damages in a Federal lawsuit. He accuses the Nye County School District, its superintendent and a high school principal of negligently hiring the teacher, Brian Lepley.
      The suit also names Lepley, who was sentenced last year to life in prison for having sexual contact with Arthur Bell, a 16-year-old student at the time, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on Saturday.
      The suit was filed in November, a month after Art Bell suddenly announced that he was quitting his radio show. After leaving the show on Oct. 13, Bell returned on Oct. 28 without explanation.


A McDNL supporter writes: "Life in prison for sexual contact with a 16-year-old (consenting?) boy! We've all gone crazy."

One-Party State

(Times 2 vi '99; BBCR4UK 3 vi '99, 08:10)


Appearing at the Oxford Union to debate with students Nato's bombing of Serbia, the Blair Government's Minister for Disabled Overseas Penitents, Clare Short, publicly called her opponents "fascist traitors." Already renowned for weeping along with Mr & Mrs Blair in the photo-opportunities ooops snows of Macedonia, humanitarian campaigner Ms Short cannot contain her rage at those who have opposed Nato's ending of the post-1945 era of respect for national sovereignty and international law. To her, as to utopians through the ages, the humanitarian needs of others (as diagnosed by benevolent socialist tyrants) can license any amount of killing and destruction.
      In one-party New Labour Britain, where opponents have failed to provide either a national or a liberal alternative to neosocialism, such strong language has become common. The Government is so arrogant that it has even nominated a big Labour Party donor to become the top biscuit at the BBC. Pursuit of this story led the media to the discovery that the last Director-General of the BBC, Sir John Birt, had been a fully paid-up Labour Party member when he had taken the job -- thus ending for goo all pretence that the BBC is any longer a non-committed reporter of both sides of national debates. (Birt's appointment was followed by years of arguments with the Conservatives. Today, just like Messrs Blair and Blunkett, the Beeb never even mentions IQ, the g factor or intelligence when discussing 'problems of school failure, racism and exclusion affecting Black children.'*) Even Britain's holier-than-thou Prime Minister (renowned for his attendance at Mass -- quite unprecedented in British PM's) can no longer resist the demonization of his opponents. Not only is Slobbering Milosevic (the Beast of Belgrade and hunted war criminal who should hand himself in to police immediately) a modern Hitler who properly exercises Rev. Blair's Churchillian talents; even poor Tory leader Mr Hague, who has dared to poke a little fun at the sinking Eurodollar and Blair's preparation for abandoning the pound sterling, is now publicly accused by Blair of speaking "the language of betrayal."

* Not that Britain is alone in its ignoracism. Newsweek 7 vi '99 (US edition) carries an article 'Trying to Close the Achievement Gap' about a well-heeled Ohio suburb where the offspring of upper-middle-class Blacks doggedly achieve less academically than their White peers. Quote: "Though blacks make up half the high-school population, they regularly account for less than 10 per cent of those at the top of the class and nearly 90 per cent of the bottom. 'We have been aware of and working on this for years,' says school spokesperson Peggy Caldwell....." Possible hereditarian explanations of the long-standing group difference are mentioned nowhere in the article.

Affirmative Racism


(Science, 27 v '99, pp. 1473-4 'The effects of affirmative action')

The 'science news' magazine, Science, has just got around to reviewing The Shape of The River. The 511-page book by former Harvard and Princeton presidents Derek Bok and William Bowen set out to prove from a postal questionnaire that 'affirmative action' had gone down well with American graduates who had lived through it; but the book's publication, though hyped in New York Review of Books (R. Dworkin) and Times Higher, was effectively rubbished in Center Right <> and McDougall NewsLetters (Autumn '98 passim, esp. PINKO PHILOSOPHER DEFENDS 'POSITIVE' PREJUDICE -- Dreadnought Dworkin emerges for River Battle but has a leak --) as failing to disguise the high drop-out rates of Black students sent artificially to elite colleges. When released, The River was hoped to dissuade the voters of Washington State from 'Proposition 200' which -- finally approved in the referendum -- forbade affirmative racism by universities. Now, nine months after authoritative opinion was wanted, Robert E. Thach, Dean of the Graduate School at Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, has graciously reviewed the book for Science (which normally reviews books within six weeks of their publication).

Why the delay? Apparently Thach found it hard to think up even unimpressive flatteries about the book.

Racial profiling


Black criminals not entitled to pro rata correctional facilities,
say hard New York PC nuts.

(Associated Press 3 vi '99)

"Skin color has become a substitute for evidence in a way that really resembles Jim Crow justice on the nation's highways," says Ira Glasser, head of the American Civil Liberties Union. The group -- which never did anything for The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher) -- blasts the controversial practice of the police trying to arrest criminals rather than non-criminals. The Drug Enforcement Administration's "Operation Pipeline" has trained at least 27,000 law enforcers to use race as a factor in spotting potential drug couriers, says Glasser. The practice is apparently so common that the minority community has given it the derisive term DWB -- "driving while black or brown," or stopping minorities for no reason other than their skin color. "If you're a young black man there's three things you can count on in your lifetime: death, taxes and police harassment," said ACLU lawyer Reginald Shuford. The group rejects the idea of helping 'harassed' Black people move to countries where they can lead their own lives. {In fact, surveys show the vast majority of Black people, 76%, are satisfied with US police. But neosocialists use alleged Black grievances to sack White opponents and gain power for themselves.}

8 vi '99  

CAPE TOWN -- 'Multicultural' South Africa divided strictly along racial lines for its second general election which gave the Black African National Congress the two-thirds majority it requires to be able to change the constitution and begin mass confiscation of White property. Former President F.W. de Klerk, who freed Saint Nelson Mandela from his 27-year imprisonment for anti-apartheid activism and who began dismantling the apartheid regime, said: "The negative thing about the result is that it is a setback for nonracial politics. It's only the Whites who voted for the Democratic Party, and this establishes a racial pattern." The other minority party, Inkatha, is strictly for Zulus under the leadership of Prince MangoJuice Boot-a-Lazy-Black-Bottom.

TOKYO -- Japan is to approve the Pill, some 35 years after it first appeared in the West. Previously, Japan preferred women to become pregnant but to abort or kill undesired children; and scares about heart disease and AIDS had helped maintain Japanese preference for the condom. The arrival of Viagra is thought to have engendered a more Western understanding that sex is purely for pleasure. Nato's bombing of Serbia may also have helped Japanese to understand what fate may befall them if they do not make progress towards women's liberation. (At any moment, the humanitarian West could decide to bomb Japanese infrastructure so as to liberate the hairy Ainu people of Japan's northern regions.)

LOS ANGELES -- The awesome hair-trigger tensions of today's multicultural (i.e. de-cultured) USA surfaced on trendy La Brea Avenue, LA, when a Black woman vagrant, 54, was shot dead in broad daylight by a Hispanic policeman, 27. The paranoid woman, who did not beg and was invariably well groomed and smartly dressed, was in the habit of pushing a shopping trolley to and fro along the street -- looking a quite normal intent shopper to any casual passer-by, though known affectionately to local shopkeepers as a weirdo. Asked by police to explain how she came by her trolley, she poked a screwdriver at the Hispanic officer who fell to one knee and instantly killed her with one shot to the chest. Fielding criticism of the incident, Black police chief Bernard Parks said: ``We're not going to carry the burden of racism in the country of the United States for the last 200 years and place it on those officers' shoulders.''

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Reuters -- Gangstarappacoppa -- Port-au-Prince's police commissioner, wanted in connection with the recent massacre of 11 supposed gangsters in the Haitian capital, has fled the country. {Though not apparently in fishnet tights! -- Ed.}

NEW YORK, Reuters Health 2 vi '99 -- After a century of US multiculturalism…: In a recent survey of African Americans, more than a quarter said they believed that AIDS was caused by a man-made virus developed by the Federal government to kill black people.

UTAH -- Polygyny -- David Kingston, who has supposedly had fifteen wives without legal harassment, hit trouble when a court found him guilty of 'incest' with his fifteenth wife, his niece.

NEW YORK, Psychological Science 10, 1999 -- Twin researchers of aggression have found once more that 30% of childhood violence is due to genetic factors and the remaining 70% is due to 'unshared' environment -- i.e. to environmental factors that differ as between twins within the same family, usually because sibling competition between twins lead to the creation of different micro-environments. The researchers also found violence was lowest at schools that were more ethnically homogeneous (cf. McDNL 13 iv '99 LOWER CRIME IN MONO-ETHNIC COUNTRIES, SAY COUNCIL OF EUROPE'S FIGURES).

NEW YORK, APBNews 3 vi '99 -- Police Commissioner Howard Safir is attributing a recent spike in the murder rate to pressure put on the department to be less aggressive following the mistaken police killing of an unarmed black immigrant in February -- a claim one critic called "preposterous." From January to May 30, there were 266 murders, up from 250 during the same period last year, an increase that comes after eight straight years of declining murder rates.



(Sunday Times 6 vi '99, Richard Woods, 'Solving the secrets of genius', p. 15)

The hope that genius is largely the result of hard work has engaged despairing leftists and behaviourists of psychology in the 1990s -- see the 1993 London CIBA Symposium on giftedness. UK protagonist Michael Howe has now impressed a British journalist with his story that Mozart never wrote much top-flight music till he was twenty -- so he had had ages in which to practise -- and that Faraday owed his genius to having once worked as apprentice in a bookbinder's shop, when he was thirteen.
      Sadly, Howe has no control group of non-geniuses examined for their own wonderful early opportunities -- that would be too much to expect from the world of egalitarian edutainment. We don't hear from Howe of representative children made to practise for hours per day by ambitious parents, or having special opportunities to practise thanks to restriction to house or hospital by early illnesses. Nor has Howe any proposal for measuring the 'motivation' that he takes to be so much more important a source of genius than mere 'intelligence.' However, journalist Richard Woods does observe that there are surely quite a few children who would only put in the three hours per day practice that Mozart did (under the eye of his highly musical father, Leopold) if at least one of two conditions held: either the child itself or its teacher would have to be a genius.

Howe's new book -- probably as low-brow and ignorant as his last, IQ in Question: the Truth about Intelligence (London:Sage) -- is due in the autumn and titled Genius Explained.

Multicultural Humanitarian Bombing Week 10
"By whom has the movement toward multi-ethnic states been gradually introduced in Europe and the USA since World War II? It has been supported by those who believe that 'multiculturalism' reduces conflict and war, and by trans-nationalists who would profit -- for example, from access to the mineral wealth of Kosovo -- unrestricted by national interests and laws. It results in the diffusion of political and cultural influence among the various ethnic and religious groups, and it becomes difficult or impossible to develop unified, cohesive groups united in their opposition to international centralized power (e.g. K. MacDonald, 1998, Separation and its Discontents, Praeger, p. 276).

The former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, launched a scathing attack on Nato, of which his country is a member (National Post 31 v '99 and <>). He concluded:

"To their everlasting shame, our NATO leaders have chosen war over peace in Kosovo. They have abandoned diplomacy in favor of bloodshed. They have taken us back to the Cold War and the arms race. They have smashed the framework of world security. They have guaranteed that we will start the new century as we did this one, with killing and carnage. They have left us with a terrible legacy. With six months to go before the millennium* they have taken us back to barbarism."

* The former ambassador was referring to the premature millennial ejaculation planned to occur spontaneously a year before the end of the twentieth century. -- Ed.

For British animal lovers, from Belgrade Zoo (Truth in Media 2 vi '99):

[One night] NATO hit an army headquarters only 600 meters (yards) away, with a huge detonation. "The next day we found that some of the animals had killed their young,'' the director said. "A female tiger killed two of her four three-day-old cubs, and the other two were so badly injured we couldn't save them. She had been a terrific mother until then, raising several litters without any problems. I can't say whether it was the detonation or the awful smell that accompanied the bombing. I personally think it was the detonation,'' he added. On the same night, an eagle owl killed all of its five young, and ate the smallest of them. "It wasn't because she was hungry. I can only think it was fear.'' The grimmest spin-off of the war, now in its third month, is the sight of armed guards patrolling the zoo. "Their job is to shoot the animals if the zoo gets bombed and some of them try and break out.''

When Peace Opportunity Day came for Nato, 4 vi '99, arranged by Emperor Clinton and Mr Chernomyrdin after 72 days of fruitless multiculturalist bombing, Mr Milosevic was well pleased [he had himself and Cabinet photographed engaged in amicable discussions around a table bearing plenty of fresh flowers, crystal glasses and supplies of sparkling water] ; the ethnic Albanians in the camps were largely suspicious; and the Reverend Blair and Martian Cookie were distinctly testy (though rushing around news studios to demonstrate collective Nato bonhomie, as promised to Emperor Clinton). Blair weirdly said he did not trust the 'war criminal' with whom Nato had just done a deal, and he called for Slobbo's overthrow. Here's why Slobbo, having failed to go in hard enough against the KLA [distracted by all that ethnic cleansing no doubt] signed for 'peace':

  1. Unlike what was arranged at Rambouillet (iii '99), the force to occupy Kosovo is now plainly stated as having to be under UN control -- and Russia and China (currently getting on famously) both have vetoes. Almost certainly, a de facto partition of Kosovo will emerge. (American PR people claim the force is "Nato-led", but that term has not been used by the BBC. A Times leader (4 v '99) called the UN control of the peacekeeping force a "Russian bear trap.")
  2. Unlike under Rambouillet, the UN force has no mandate whatever to enter Serbia itself. (The astonishing Appendix to Rambouillet had been rejected by Serbia as the 'unconditional surrender' demand that it was.)
  3. The peace process stipulates that the KLA will be disarmed by Nato and Kosovo rendered a demilitarized zone. The quid pro quo is the withdrawal of Serbian forces from Kosovo. Guess who has drawn the short straw? Mr Milosevic will have no trouble keeping his own side of that bargain while demanding that Nato reciprocate -- thus solving the problem that Serbia had with KLA terrorists over the past year. Indeed, Slobbo will now rub his hands with glee as the neosocialists pay for the bombing of his country by an indefinite commitment to a bloody hand-to-hand fight with a well-armed and massively financed guerrilla movement that is recruiting scores of young men by the day and which unequivocally (and contrary to the wishes of the nice Kosovar leader Mr Ibrahim Rugova) seeks an independent Kosovo and a Greater Albania. The KLA is sworn to revenge on the Serbs, as well as to the ceaseless task of intimidating the ethnic Albanians to supply it with recruits as necessary. "Coexistence has gone forever," says Jashar Salihu, a long-time militant who runs the KLA's fund-raising efforts in Switzerland.
  4. Behind the UN's shield, hundreds (or even thousands) of Serbian troops will continue to guard the Serbs' holy places in Kosovo. (One reading of the peace agreement is that Serbia will merely reduce its troops in Kosovo to 'normal peacetime' levels.) In any case, there will be plenty of chances for Serb terrorists to re-spark conflicts with ethnic Albanians that UN troops will have to settle. NATO may rule Kosovo in the daytime. "But the night will always belong to us," said one normally mild-mannered Serb "city slicker," vowing to take his revenge on Nato's occupying forces.
  5. How many ethnic Albanians will want to return to Kosovo as part of such a scenario? Notoriously, refugees come to terms with their situations and make the best of them. Who wants to live long in a tent on a hillside without drinking water in temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit? In the ethnic-Albanian case, the best deal for the non-violent will plainly be to head for Germany -- thus further solving Milosevic's original problem. Anyhow, the peace process contains no hint of a promise of independence for Kosovo -- there will not even be the referendum on independence that was offered in Rambouillet. Plainly, any return of the ethnic Albanian Kosovars to Kosovo will depend on the Serbs being happy that they have sufficient control of the Kosovo situation -- which was what the Serbs had demanded before Nato's bombing began.
  6. The peace agreement is astonishingly vague -- leaving plenty of room for argument as to who is an ethnic Albanian Kosovar (many were dispossessed of documentation) and what is a Serb policeman as distinct from a soldier (Milosevic probably has plenty of police uniforms ready). Nor is it clear how the UN force would be able to deal with Serb guerillas who just happened to make nightly forays from Serbia into Kosovo.

The Western media obligingly spent June 4 announcing a Nato victory (or, sometimes (BBC), "an apparent Nato victory"). Emperor Clinton plainly thinks that a few days of media sycophancy will be sufficient for his own and Hillary's electoral purposes. But the truths will eventually dawn on the West about multiculturalism:

Mercifully, Nato is now off the hook in that its face has been saved and it can begin to compromise -- perhaps with help of instructions from the UN. Mercifully, Nato's daily death toll of non-combatant civilians can now cease. Mercifully, there is now time for Nato to consider the McDougall NewsLetter's 'community choice' plan for settling problems of regions of a country that wish to break away (McDNL 25 vi '99). Unfortunately, Nato's unrealism about ethnicity and its playing fast and loose with sovereign territory mean that plenty of daily terror lies ahead -- even if Nato is no longer the immediate instigator. Very easily, Kosovo could become to Nato what Afghanistan was to the USSR -- a graveyard in which terrorists show their superiority to defensive ground troops. Yet at least multicultural Kosovo has vanished and all parties can accept Nato's astonishing introduction of substantial Red Army forces to the Balkans for the first time since 1948. Hopefully Nato's simplistic multicultural rhetoric will soon be ditched -- whether for consumption abroad or at home -- and the Red Army's immediate presence will remind Nato of the need to respect territorial divisions, national sovereignty and international law.


WASHINGTON -- World Net Daily, 4 vi '99 Alan Keyes [US radio commentator] <>:

The official spokesmen for our policy have been careful to avoid stating directly what our strategy has been. That has been left to Clinton proxies, like Senator Lieberman, who have been making unofficial, and more truthful, statements of what we are up to. Here's what he says: "I hope it doesn't take ground troops to win, because I hope the air campaign, even if it does not convince Milosevic to order his troops out of Kosovo, will so devastate his economy, which it is doing now, so ruin the lives of his people, that they will rise up and throw him out. ….We're not only hitting military targets. Otherwise, why would we be cutting off the water supply and knocking out the power stations, turning the lights off?" … .Our "victory" in Yugoslavia, should it occur, will be worse than hollow -- it will be ripe with the seeds of greater evil to come, now that America has begun to teach the world that the end justifies the means.

WASHINGTON 5 vi '99 -- A protest involving some 5,000 (police estimate) to 35,000 (organizers' estimate) took place outside the Pentagon. Addressed by Mr Bob Djurdjevic of Truth in Media [based in Arizona, <>], demonstrators -- including many from China, Greece and Yugoslavia -- heard tapes of Belgrade air raids and chanted such slogans as "One, two, three, four, WE DON'T WANT YOUR BLOODY WAR" and "Bombs and missiles -- we say no! U.S. OUT OF KOSOVO!"


7 vi '99 -- Hilariously, Milosevic's men made nonsense of Nato's pretence that they were surrendering. Meeting Nato's top brass on a sweltering day in Macedonia, they sipped their Perrier waters and took their quiche while giving their cameras to Nato personnel to provide a record of the great day. Only the Serbs' desire to exchange uniforms with their opponents for more photos was declined. Getting down to business over many hours that Nato insisted were not discussions, the Serbs explained to Nato their shortage of petrol for retreating, their finding 7 days a bit of a rush, and that there was no way of finding their way home without decent maps which Nato would have to supply. Finally they refused to budge until issued with alcohol rations, so the entire diplomatic community of the West had to convene in Bonn and spend another 24 hours telling Nato to agree with Milosevic that only UN-controlled troops would be allowed into Kosovo by the Serbs as they left.


To e-mail your protest against Nato's 76 days of disproportionate bombing, go to



KASHMIR -- India's figures are that it has lost 56 humanitarian fighters and killed 200 terrorist infiltrators -- some of whom allegedly bore Pakistani identification and items of Pakistani standard-issue military apparel. When India will begin humanitarian bombing of Pakistan to protest at Pakistan's clearance of east Kashmir [where scores of thousands have fled their homes] remains moot. An India versus Pakistan cricket match begins today at Old Trafford, Manchester, England. {No kidding! -- Ed.}


Pax Americotan

If Nato achieves more than token face-saving through a summer of wrangling, terror bombing of Belgrade, and dealing with KLA and Serbian terrorists in Kosovo, the Neosocialist World Order will have arrived. Historians will regard nothing as more natural following the West's Cold War victory and the willingness of its socialists to drop their opposition to capitalism and to start using the law to push people around.

Noting the preachy ingredient supplied by Bomber Blair, historians will remark that most great empires have believed they were divinely inspired: certainly the Spanish Empire, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, and the British Empire all believed strongly in their mission from on high. Mr Clinton has long seemed well cut out to use feminism as Rome's Emperor Constantine once used Christianity -- to inspire his troops, rob opponents and solidify his power despite his own egregious moral derelictions.

As Times columnist Matthew Parris has remarked (5 vi '99), the West is now in a position to intervene on 'humanitarian' grounds wherever it wishes by high-tech bombing so long as Nato stays united. Perhaps it will start in Egypt where British and French imperial ambitions were ended by America in 1957 at Suez. -- Nato might at any moment take Eden's Revenge!?

Alternatively, the Kosovo exercise could be like Britain's Boer War of 1899-1902 -- the last fling of a great but overblown empire that would be answered within a few years by South African independence, by the rise of the new modern navies of Japan and Germany and by Britain's own big shake-up (administered by a revived Liberal Party). Already, America has had to withdraw ignominiously from Vietnam, the Lebanon and Somalia. Yes, the final result of a couple of years of trying to keep the KLA apart from Serb terrorists may well be 'Exit Nato -- pursued by a bear.' The best hope must be that Nato will leave behind it a reasonable ethnic partition -- of the kind it should have proposed to Mr Milosevic in the first place.

Quote of the Week
"Our Alliance threatens no one. None of our weapons will ever be used except in response to attack."
      Declaration of Brussels, issued by Nato's Foreign Ministers at the North Atlantic Council Meeting, Brussels, 9 xii '83. Also available at NATO's own Web site:

Glayde Whitney's Week 10

A correspondent of the Tallahassee Democrat (4 vi '99) thinks there is a clear line that can be drawn as to what is covered by 'academic freedom'…:

No academic protections for unresearched claims

The Democrat should be commended for publishing Professor Glayde Whitney's racist and fascist views. Although former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke lost his bid for the House, Whitney's support for Duke clearly distinguishes the issues between academic freedom and First Amendment rights.
      Academic freedom protects the faculty from attacks upon their professionally researched statements. A search of PsychINFO (an FSU online database) reveals that Whitney's dissertation and publications have nothing to do with his outrageous statements about "behavioral genetics." In fact, of 47 entries listed in his name as either co-author or author, 99 percent were about "genetics in bitter perception in mice . . . and . . .monkeys." None of these studies had anything to do with differences in intelligence, animal or human.
      If Whitney discusses his racist and fascist views in class, he cannot claim the protection of academic freedom under even its most liberal interpretation. However, he is clearly protected by the First Amendment for his political views. FSU President Sandy D'Alemberte should be applauded for his support of Whitney's constitutional rights.
      Now, for the rest of the story. The really important lesson is about "biological determinism." This view holds that differences between races, classes, sexes, disabilities, et al., are based upon inherited genetic differences. The evil here is that there is no scientific evidence to support this.
      The one thing history teaches us is that we do not learn from history. The Hitlers, Dukes and Whitneys must be recognized for what they are.
      Louis Schwartz, Ortega Drive.


A helpful overview of modern racial classification, using genetic analysis [DNA], is forthcoming from Glayde: 'On the races of man', Mankind Quarterly, 1999, in press. Glayde especially considers the distinction within Africa between:

  1. North Africans [largely Caucasian with some Negroid admixture]
  2. East Africans [i.e. Sanids -- Ethiopians, Bushmen and Hottentots -- with their remarkable buttocks and pudenda* storing water and preventing dehydration while allowing heat loss from otherwise lean physiques]  * A McDNL correspondent advises: "The Hottentot female's famous 'apron', resembling a large phallus, may serve to preserve flavour or taste in a hot and dry climate…."
  3. Black Africans [i.e. Negroes -- Pygmies, West Africans, Bantu and Elongates]

Similar racial distinctions within the Chinese population are made by J. Y. Chu et al., 1998, Proc. Nat. Acad. Science USA 95, 11763-11768 -- summarized in McDNL 3 xi '98, CHINESE RESEARCH REVEALS MAIN HUMAN RACES. Glayde notes that many medical problems, including infant deaths (twice as high for Blacks) require a race-conscious approach and concludes many problems "will not be solved until our liberal masters pay attention to the biological reality of race."

Emotional Intelligence

(Times Higher 4 vi '99, Ayalo Ochert)

{cf. McDNL 18 v '99}

Someone is still doing a great job of selling the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Britoid journalists these days. The latest 'news' is apparently that EQ inventor Daniel Goleman has some data to show that EQ is 'twice as important as IQ.'
      Sadly, no-one can be told any more. -- British academics aren't held to need details. Anyhow, EQ can't be measured, adds Goleman: it is "plastic", doncha know!
      According to Goleman, the key truth that academics need to appreciate about EQ was revealed by Harvard experiments of the 1960's. There, some children {low-IQ and Black}preferred one immediate cream cake to being offered two at a later date. Supposedly, some kids could control themselves and others just could not!!! Apparently, this opened Goleman's eyes.
      In fact, the Harvard measure of impulsivity soon became known to have a substantial negative correlation with plain old Mental Age and IQ. In 1970, the severe problems of the mentally subnormal with 'inhibition' were detailed by Peter Mittler (The Psychological Assessment of Mental and Physical Handicaps, Methuen); and, by 1979, the US psychologist I. J. Toner freely admitted that low intelligence was a major ingredient in Harvard's 'lack of inhibition' syndrome. That Goleman should now rely on such an ancient finding to provide the chief reason to support his EQ concept shows once more that his claims are based on muddle, fraud or both.

PS Forthcoming: McCrae R.R.: Emotional intelligence from the perspective of the Five-Factor Model. In: R. Bar-On and J.D.A. Parker (Eds.): The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Racism Realism

'Hate crimes' not big problem in race relations,
study finds

Washington Times 1 vi '99, p. 2, Robert Stacy McCain


Violent crimes like murder, assault, robbery and rape cause far more damage to U.S. race relations than officially recognized "hate crimes," a study based on federal crime statistics concludes. The study reports that some 1.7 million violent interracial crimes involving blacks and whites are committed annually. But in 1997 only 4,105 of those were deemed "hate crimes" under the Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990, according to a study by the New Century Foundation, based in Oakton, Virginia, and headed by Jared Taylor.
      Although Americans most often think of "hate crimes" as acts by whites against racial minorities --such as last year's killing of James Byrd in Texas by three white ex-convicts -- the majority of violent crime across racial lines is committed by blacks against whites, the study finds. Black-on-white crimes were almost nine times as frequent as white-on-black crimes, the study reports. "Hate crimes are thought to be the most serious acts of interracial crime; but it is likely that the millions of ordinary interracial crimes -- 90 percent of which are committed by blacks against whites -- are more damaging to race relations," the study concludes.
      Jared Taylor is author of Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, a 1991 book that documented fundamental problems with U.S. policies on civil rights, crime and welfare. Academics who have studied crime rates said that although some of the New Century report's conclusions may seem startling, the statistics about crime and race are well known to researchers. "It's an issue that most white scholars ignore, because you can only get in trouble," said Morgan Reynolds, director of the Criminal Justice Center at the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis. "It's no news to anybody who's pursued the differences of race and crime, but it's politically incorrect."
      Racial aspects of violent crime are "too sensitive" to be openly discussed, said UCLA professor James Q. Wilson, but they have a major impact on American society. "This affects both races," said Mr. Wilson. "Whites are apprehensive. Blacks are irritated by being subjected to this apprehension."….


Black Slavery Today

(Dr Tom Markin, 'Curmudgeon's Corner')

America's Race Crime Time Bomb has been noticed by Atlantic Monthly. The June issue of the magazine points out:

In 1995, 463,284 inmates were released and it is projected 660,000 will be turned out in 2000, 887,000 in 2005and 1.2 million in 2010. Further projections show that America by 2010 will be releasing from half a million to a million felons from its prisons every year. ….That is an awful lot of potential rage coming out of prison to haunt our future. Many of the present long time prison inmates are so vicious and so violent that States have begun opening what they call maximum security facilities, i.e. dumping grounds for troublesome inmates. Because they are so uncontrollable, many of these convicts end up in solitary confinement, some for many years. Prisoners regress until they become violent animals capable only of acting on instinct with no ability to plan beyond the moment.

{Yes, the media are now appreciating the Black problem that President Clinton's neosocialism has left for another generation to handle (cf. McDNL Winter '99, 'Incarceration is apparently required to deal with ethnic heterogeneity and internal conflict'). While all criminals quieten down with age when housed in damp English jails with only porridge and copies of the Times, things could be different for Black musclemen fed on TV pornography and inspired by coffee-coloured politicians to believe they have been given AIDS by White men and must rebel. In the past, Britain found transportation was the most humane answer to crime; and H. L. Mencken once remarked the eugenic effect -- transforming Britain from being notoriously violent (e.g. in Elizabethan times) to being renowned for its respect for Laura Norder (at least until Rev. Blair was induced by Emperor Clinton to bomb unheard-of Serbia for 72 days). Hopefully America will arrive at a similar answer to its problems. It could begin by offering assisted transportation to paedophiles -- sending them to Oriental countries like Ceylon that would welcome such educated gentlemen to assist their own youth. After that, Black US criminals and their half-caste ooops marginal leaders would surely queue up to apply for similar divine rights of assisted passage to Africa. -- The advantage of voluntary but well-funded transportation of criminals was first considered in TgF Newsletters, 1997, 10 ii and 24 ii: "the logic of NoPIMBY ['No 'paedophile' in my back yard'] is transportation." Soon after the introduction of such a scheme, regions of America would soon put themselves forward as positively keen to offer sanctuary to useful paedophiles, transsexuals, computer hackers and guns maniacs ooops realists. Thus a pacific cantonization of the USA could resume -- returning it to its happy state before Federal government loomed so large.}


The Chinese are now learning to use the key word of abuse in the modern Western vocabulary -- "racism":

PEKING (Reuters) -- Chinese Cabinet spokesman Zhao Qizheng branded as racist the US Cox Report's charge that China used not only professional intelligence agents but also scientists, students, businessmen and bureaucrats to obtain secrets. ``This is a great slander against the Chinese nation and is typical racial prejudice,'' he said. China launched its first indigenous surface-to-surface missile and first atom bomb in 1964, 12 years before the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States when Washington was running an economic blockade of China, he said.

Race Realism

Steve Sailer explains the latest 'good news' about social progress in the US for Afro-Americans:

The series of articles in Newsweek on "The Good News About Black America" <> is interesting. There are trend graphs showing the upswing in measures of the good life since Black America's nadir around 1990.
      However, the magazine's explanations for this upswing in black America are none too perceptive. Welfare reform has no doubt played a role, but the positive trend was underway well before even the new welfare law was passed in 1996, much less before actual changes hit home. The booming economy helps, but the economy was also booming around 1984-1985 when black America went into a tailspin.
      ….[The end of the crack epidemic helps. But there is a cause of both this and other welcome changes:] the imprisonment of huge numbers of young black males, many of whom were crack dealers. Close to 1 million black men are now in jail, about twice as many as in the early Eighties. This artificially improves some of the black social measurements by making the most troublesome million black people disappear. Unemployment statistics only count those actively looking for jobs, so they tend to look better when the prison population swells. Other positive effects are very real -- lock up the million most dangerous black men and the number of murders committed by blacks will automatically plummet -- but not really all that heart-warming. Similarly, the decline in out of wedlock black babies and the growth in black women in college -- there are now 35% more black women than black men completing 4 years of college -- are in part due to fewer black men around to impregnate black women.

{Who can doubt that America's one million imprisoned young Black men will eventually need a political response? Obviously they will have to be released, along with many equally savagely imprisoned Whites, and the question will be 'On what terms?' Neosocialists will presumably favour tagging, house arrest and drink-rationing as the key ingredients of 21st-century slavery-without-an-owner. But what will neoliberals propose? Autonomous regions policed by the Red Army could seem quite attractive if the Kosovo plan manages to keep the KLA in check. (Of course, it would not be nice to call this apartheid; so a new name would be helpful.) More liberating would be to offer Black prisoners the opportunity to go and fight under White officers for the ANC Army and repopulate AIDS-ridden Africa. (Again, don't call the policy transportation or repatriation!....) -- Ed.}

Hybrid Vigour

As Russia has celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of its greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), a source of the poet's curly hair and chocolate-box good looks has become clear -- an Ethiopian great-grandfather (Times 5 vi '99). Miscegenation is often unfortunate between distant races (E. Mayr, 1963, Animal Species and Evolution, Cambridge MA : Belknap-Harvard University Press) -- the phenomenon of 'hybrid incompatibility.' But a little of what you fancy is well agreed to do you good. Pushkin otherwise came of illustrious Russian lineage; but his Ethiopianism possibly added that little bit extra that distinguished him from the bull-necked Slavic males more often seen in positions of political leadership and on TV. Pushkin was exiled from Moscow for several years for undue liberalism and finally died in a duel over his beautiful wife. Ethiopians are not, of course Negroes but brown-coloured Sanids -- the East African racial group that includes Hottentots and Bushmen.
      Pushkin's Ethiopian connection also provided the British Royal Family with a little Sanid blood -- for an aunt of Prince Philip [probably the one who asked Freud the size of his penis] married a descendant of Pushkin. This touch of the tarbrush for the Royals is complemented by the Queen's own fractionally Moorish ancestry: for George III married a grand-daughter of the Moorish mistress of Portugal's Alfonso III. (Portugal had actually encouraged miscegenation and probably went too far, virtually wiping its own empire and civilization off the map. But Charlotte, who as the Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz married George III, had only a faintly Negroid mouth and nose, according to painters.)

On a more general matter, British archaeologists continue to debate whether the Brits were a healthy hybrid of Celts and Anglo-Saxons -- or whether Gaels were mainly banished to the rain-soaked bogs of Wales and Ireland or the forests of ancient Scotland where the kilt helped people to swing easily from tree to tree. According to B. Cunliffe (U. Oxford), no educated Greek or Roman would have had any doubt as to the distinct existence of Celtic people who were "fond of war, exuberant, prone to drunkenness, superstitious and indulgent in human sacrifice" (Times Higher 4 vi '99). However, the latest British scholarship is that, if they ever existed in Britain, the Gaels pretty rapidly interbred with other folk and vanished. Says Simon James (U. Durham): "Many archaeologists specializing in the Iron Age regard the idea of ancient Celts in Britain as an untenable, obsolete theory."

{Problems about who where the Celts and where did they end up are long-standing. In 1974, John Baker concluded (Race, Oxford University Press): "It will be clear from what has been said in this chapter ['The Celts'] that the word 'Celts' has been used with very different meanings. The archaeologist, basing his opinion on the objects buried with corpses or ashes, may apply the word to all or nearly all those who practised the Hallstatt culture [in Austria, near Mount Plassen], or to those who developed particular styles within that culture; or, on the contrary -- and this is more usual -- to those who developed and spread the culture of La Tène [arriving in Hallstatt c. 390BC]. The historian may use it for a nation that inhabited a part of what is now France, in ancient times; this is a political application of the term. The linguist may mean by it the very diverse peoples who use or have used a particular language or group of related dialects. The anthropologist may apply it to those people of the Alpinid subrace who formed part of the population of ancient France, or even to the Alpinid subrace in general; or, on the contrary, to those Nordids (perhaps slightly intermixed with Alpinids) who spoke a non-Germanic language, or to the people of a particular form of the Nordid subrace, some of whom brought certain Iron Age cultures to the British Isles before the Roman occupation of Great Britain."}


Among the ways of finding the right stimulus-situation for a person, none is more popular than dieting. And, out on the Net, The Other McDougall Newsletter primarily offers instruction in making vegetarian cooking appetizing -- an uphill struggle quite as hard as The William McDougall NewsLetter's campaign for truth in academia. However, vegetarianism now has to counter the first expert truth-telling for many years about this bizarre dietary exercise -- designed to further emasculate the West's already wimpish males. Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman has told Salon Health & Body magazine (1 vi '99) that, out of her 325 vegetarian clients, about seventy per cent complain of a low sex drive. When she tests them, using dietary and tissue mineral analyses, they are low in zinc {the key aphrodisiac supplied by oysters}, and have toxic metal imbalances. Ann Louise also says that the trace element copper cancels out zinc, so having a diet that is high in copper (like mushrooms, seeds, chocolate and soy products) can affect the amount of zinc (which is commonly found in eggs, red meat, whole grains, beans, lentils and peas). Once she puts her veggies on a diet with copper-free multiple vitamins and zinc supplements, the first thing they say is that their sex drive has come back.


{Slate 27 v '99 <>; cf. McDNL 1 vi '99, Paedohysteria: Controversy Regarding APA Journal Article}

'Thank heaven for little boys'

US Republican politicians are now accusing Democrats in general and President Clinton in particular of being soft on paedophilia.       How is this managed in days when all politicians are so careful not upset the paedohysterics whom they have stirred up by their campaign to champion sodomy? Well, the latest tricks are to point the finger at: (a) politicians who fail to vote for bills into which paedohysterical clauses have been introduce (e.g. specifying new cash for paedo-hounding); and (b) politicians who fail to condemn the American Psychological Association for publishing "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples" in Psychological Bulletin. House Democrats have already caved in, and Clinton is likely to do so soon. The GOP may not have gotten much mileage out of Monica, but -- like Britain's 'anti-racists' who used paedohysteria to sack Chris Brand in Edinburgh -- it is determined to do well out of little boys.

Anti-paedohysteria challenged

Chris Brand received the following challenge in e-mail from an irate reader of his website:

As a Christian i'm truly in awe of the kind of faith you have in intelligence. It is, I am sorry to say, faith misplaced, since intelligence is nothing more than mere accumulation of data. Even so i have to question your intelligence if you can't see that pedophilia is evil, in and of itself, because it involves the abuse of power and the betrayal of trust because the adult is infinitely more adept at the kind of persuasive behavior used to get sex from the prospective partner. For this reason children are not, i repeat, not capable of consenting to sex with an adult. And i am ashamed to say that, very soon after finding out that an adult had sex with my underage children, that adult would desparately wish they'd never been born.

Chris replies:

Re IQ, have you been able to get a look at my book, actually?
            Personally I'm very much in favour of parents being allowed to make whatever stipulations they prefer, so long as they remain responsible for a child, and for paedophiles and others to have to meet rigorous criteria of consent and to pay full civil damages for harm. (The main risk to young teenagers is of course from other teenagers; but I favour all harm being recompensed, howsoever it occurs.)
            At present, by contrast, the British Government is moving to allow sodomy at 16 -- always so long as it is not by a schoolteacher -- with no possibility of redress for anyone! The pieties of the homosexual community that few of its members incline to under-16 sex (with 'chicken', as such boys are generically called) are being used to license nothing less than large-scale homosexual activity: so long as homosexuals don't dip under the magic age of 16, they can do anything they like. That seems to me quite amazing and unrealistic. Rather than pretend there is anything crucial about 16, it seems to me we should concentrate on setting out, for any chronological group, what constitutes CONSENT and what constitutes HARM. In adult heterosexual relations too, court cases of 'date rape' suggest such attention is urgently necessary.*
            However, please don't forget that most teenagers are perfectly able to deal with all sorts of dubious propositions put to them -- doubtless rejecting most of them. How I became involved in saying anything about this whole wretched question is merely because psychology and life have taught me to admire the strengths of most individuals and to lament the growth of the 'victim culture' under which some people (notoriously on TV chat shows) blame their current behaviour on past misfortunes. -- In fact, many people survive the same 'misfortunes' and put their experiences to good use (see e.g. my 'Nature-Nurture Quotes' at; and to appeal to police and criminal justice system to regulate sexual behaviour in adolescence requires a faith in statist endeavour which -- after years working as a prison psychologist -- I just don't have (see e.g. my 'Psychosocial Engineering Quotes' at
            I hope that helps make my own position clear. You will find more specific ideas and suggestions in previous McDougall NewsLetters under the headings 'paedohysteria', 'age of consent' and 'contract.'

* A Standard Consent Letter for use among adults was proposed in McDNL 28 vii '98.


PATNA, India (Reuters) -- A child prodigy from Bihar, India's least literate state is still four months short of his 12th birthday, but he has big ambitions. ``I want to become the youngest masters degree holder in the world,'' says Tathagat Avtar Tulsi. It will not be long before the short, stocky and introverted child prodigy has the degree. Bihar's Patna University is allowing him to take the masters examination for physics. In December last year, he became the world's youngest university graduate at 11 years and two months, beating a record held by Britain's Sittam Pal, who graduated at the age of 11 years and eight months.

TV- and Video-assisted Violence

(Reuters 1 vi '99)

In the aftermath of the Littleton (Colorado) high school shoot-out, President Clinton has stepped up his anti-violence campaign against Hollywood. He has ordered a study on advertising of violent entertainment to children and urged stricter enforcement of rating codes. …The study, to be conducted by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, takes a tactic from battles waged against the tobacco and alcohol industries by focusing on impact of advertising on children. In this case, the study will look at advertising of movies, music and video-games.

{It is to be hoped that the new researchers will take individual differences into account. Over forty years of large-scale psychological research on the effects [if any] of screened violence, the only reliable finding is that low-IQ boys who are already in trouble at school are the children who especially seek out, enjoy and model their behaviour on that of screen gangsters and musclemen.
      A massive modern pan-European study is that of:
WIEGMAN, O., KUTTSCHREUTER, M. & BAARDA, B. (1992). 'A longitudinal study of the effects of television viewing on aggressive and prosocial behaviours.' British Journal of Social Psychology 31, 147-164.
From its Summary: "A [3-year] longitudinal study investigated the extent to which children's exposure to aggressive and prosocial models in drama programmes influences their aggressive and prosocial behaviour [AB, PB]. In the Netherlands we did not find significant positive correlations between PB and the viewing of PB on television. Positive correlations were found, however, between AB and television violence viewing [TVVW]. This relationship disappeared almost completely when corrections for the starting level of AB and intelligence were applied. The hypothesis, formulated on the basis of social learning theory, that TVVW leads to AB could not be supported."
      Likewise, in the USA, the leading behaviourist-oriented researcher who had studied screened violence for a generation eventually reported few effects on 600 children except those that were driven by children's own intelligence and personality (ERON, Leonard D., 'The development of aggressive behavior from the perspective of a developing behaviorism', American Psychologist 42, 5, 435-442). The champion of 'learning' effects concluded merely: "....One of the best predictors of how aggressive a young man would be at age 19 was the violence of the television programs he preferred when he was 8 years old. ….Continued research, however, has indicated that the causal effect is probably bi-directional: Aggressive children prefer violent television, and the violence on television causes them to be more aggressive."
      For hundreds of years, grown-ups have tried to control delinquency by restricting adolescents' access to Shakespeare and the tales of Dick Turpin. Yet Japan -- where screen and comic violence tops the world league -- is a crime-free rural paradise by US standards. It is time to start realizing that it is low intelligence and not Shakespeare that is bad for Americanoids; and for researchers of 'the effects of screened violence' to take IQ into account.}


PS The Wall Street Journal (9 vi '99) carried an article by Jonathan Kellerman, a child clinical psychologist, urging early identification of children who might go on to become violent. [Kellerman is the author of "Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children" (Ballentine, 1999).] Kellerman pointed out:

Numerous correlative studies (the president cited the figure as 300, but the actual number is closer to 1,000) indicate an association between media violence and aggression. But correlation is not causation; blue-eyed people tend to have blond hair, but one doesn't cause the other. Despite years of research and tens of millions of tax dollars funneled into violence research, not a single causal link has been established between vicarious violence and actual violent crime. What's more, in Japan, where the level of media violence is much higher than in the U.S., the rate of real-life violence is very low among both children or adults.

Unfortunately, Kellerman omitted to mention that -- at least under educational conditions of the recent past in the West -- it is low IQ that is the major predictor of which boys will go on to serious physical aggression. When the facts of life cannot be mentioned, one doubts whether an author can be very serious….

Arthur Koestler


Like William McDougall, Arthur Koestler took up the cudgels against communism -- only to run into hostility from contemporary leftists and eventually from his own biographer (the feminazified Professor of Jewish History at the University of Southampton).

The churlish 'biographer', David Cesarani , seeks to condemn his biographee at every turn (Arthur Koestler: the Homeless Mind). Writing of the post-1945 years when Koestler was to become, by 1948, the leading (and CIA-supported) light among Western intellectuals prepared to be counted against Stalinism and Communism, Cesaranican only complain of the victim of his biographizing as follows (p. 350):

"….Koestler, like other ex-Communists, had been searching for a political and ideological home. In Britain during the war he had found congenial company among left-wing Labour politicians and journalists. But he quickly tired of the practical questions that engaged career politicians like [Michael] Foot and [Richard] Crossman*, and tended to regard pragmatism as a form of opportunism. Consequently he gravitated towards independent leftists such as Orwell and less easily classifiable free-thinkers such as Olaf Stapledon and Bertrand Russell, who seemed to offer the promise of a magic formula that would solve social and political dilemmas at a stroke."

*  The politician who was later, as a Labour Cabinet minister of the 1960s, most vehemently opposed to grammar schools -- Ed.

That it should be a criticism for Koestler to have preferred Orwell and Russell to Foot and Crossman beggars belief. What are intellectuals for if not to cut through to good answers to questions somewhat ahead of the rest of us? This was especially needed at a period when the Red Army loomed over Western Europe and when many Western leftists declined even to admit the existence of Stalin's gulags, let alone to admit the figures reaching Koestler and showing that 80% of the USSR's camp inmates perished. For his part, Koestler was a big enough figure -- assisted by his martyrdom in Spanish, French and British jails as well as by his book Darkness at Noon and the backing of Orwell and Russell -- to be able to take on leftists like Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Mann and Bernard Shaw who preferred to sit on the fence about Stalin. In 1949, Koestler took such intellectuals apart as Cesarani  himself is obliged to summarize:

"Nothing had changed [from the 1930's] according to Koestler: most French intellectuals still took Soviet propaganda at face value, not understanding that 'extreme Left' now signified totalitarianism and that [Soviet-funded] 'peace congresses' were a cover for warlike intentions. They were [in Koestler's words] the "semi-virgins of totalitarian flirtations…Won't you learn from our experience, you clever little flirts of St Germain Des Près? Yes and no, they whisper. With them it is always Yes and No -- or rather "Oh no, please don't." They neither want the Russians nor the Atlantic pact. Neither capitulation nor self-defence. Neither life nor death. They are only happy doing a pirouette on the tightrope over the No Man's Land suspended between heaven and earth. And they will never understand that under Stalin and Thorez there will be no pirouettes, no neutrality and no No Man's Land.""

Thanks to Koestler, the Congress of Cultural Freedom produced a reasonably firm response to Soviet Communism: "To the totalitarian threat and its fanatical creed we oppose an absolute and unconditional NO" (CCF pamphlet, Qui veulent les Amis de la Liberté). And it went on to initiate and support such influential magazines as Encounter and Preuves (with the help of CIA money, as was eventually revealed in 1967). Cesarani  rebukes Koestler for falling out too quickly with the CCF that he had pioneered, and for arguing with his erstwhile pal Crossman. Yet, after its inception, the CCF developed around a somewhat pinkish consensus which even refused Koestler's ideas of taking thousands of young French intellectuals to the capitalist USA for themselves and of channelling help to writers who fled the Soviet bloc; and Cesarani  himself admits that Crossman's tolerance for international communism put him well to the left of the 1949 Labour government -- the 100% support of which for Nato was much more in line with Koestler's far-sighted thinking. Cesarani  sneers at what are Koestler's plainly jocular references to 'saving the world'; but as the Soviet Union went on to suppress rebellions in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia it became plain for all to see that the policy of the Atlantic Alliance had been correct -- contentious as Nato would long remain with left-wing French intellectuals.

See also the blistering comments by Michael Scammell about Cesarani 's 'laughable' biography (McDNL 4 iv '99).


(Times Higher 4 vi '99, John Gray)


Can a classical liberalism be revived -- basing a morality of freedom on natural philosophy (that is, on the facts of the human condition)? This task was one that Jeremy Bentham embraced, while persuaded of the degree of happiness that might come from state control. (Hence Bentham's notorious contribution to prison design -- the panopticon, enabling all wings of a prison to be monitored from an axial centre.) Subsequently, John Stuart Mill espoused a maximalist view of freedom within more relaxed constraints, including the recognition of the equal average intelligence of men and women. Lately, philosopher John Rawls tried to separate the philosophy of liberty from any moral or epistemological claims -- but the lame version of freedom resulting has proved perfectly compatible with the explosion of neosocialist efforts to restrict liberty (especially that of men) by law.

Whether the original liberal project can be completed is now the question. Plainly the considerations of sociobiology have sometimes been thought capable of indicating a new morality -- yet that idea has equally often been contested, and sociobiologists have proved lame ducks when it comes to claims about modern human nature. (They have been too frightened to acknowledge anything more than sex differences to be genetic.) The luminous discussion of J. S. Mill's project in the new volume The Cambridge Companion to Mill (John Skorupski; Cambridge University Press, £UK40) may constitute the beginning of an answer. Skorupski's analysis points to contrast between the naturalistic philosophies of Thomas Reid (Scotland's 'common sense' philosopher -- still hailed by Oxford's Peter Hacker as the most reasonable philosopher from among the ancients), J. S. Mill and the pragmatist W. V. Quine on the one hand and the radically negative philosophies of David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche that left truth to guesswork and morals to the passions and the polis a victim to moral neutrality and, for want of anything better, democracy. Today, now that the Reagan/Thatcher reclaiming of economic liberalism has proved so popular with the left, it is time to ask whether more of the liberal heritage can be reclaimed to help contest the new tyrants of Nato who would bestride Europe as Napoleonic colossi. It is well agreed that liberalism has been repeatedly obscured by the philosophies of materialism and determinism and by the politics of imperialism and socialism. Now perhaps, as the West faces new versions of these ancient doctrines, the liberalism of Voltaire, Goethe and Mill can come to the rescue.

Pure Genius

(Scientific American vi '99, T. W. Dawson [Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University])

As London prepares for the possible award of this year's Rhaone-Poulenc Prize for science writing to a book about the obsessional Hungarian mathematician, Paul Erdos (see McDNLs 1998), Scientific American has revealed the intense psychosis of one of the twentieth century's greatest logicians, Kurt Gödel. Only narrowly escaping the Nazis to Princeton (after he had been conscripted in Vienna and amazingly declared fit to fight), Gödel is famous for his proof that no system of thought will ever be able to prove all the truths that can be stated using its terms. For example, 'This statement is unprovable' cannot itself be proved -- and is thereby true. (An important modern corollary of Gödel's theorem is that no program that does not itself alter a computer's operating system will be capable of detecting all those programs that do [viruses].) To the shy and sensitive second-born Gödel, such failures of systematization (which threw other logicians into melancholia) were of profound importance: they meant that truth could attach to some non-provable statements of a more interesting type, viz. the intuited Platonic truths of the paranormal on which Gödel lingered together with such fine philosophical scholars of his day as Rudolf Carnap, Hans Hahn, Hans Thirring and William McDougall. Sadly, perhaps, Gödel's enthusiasm for his work was accompanied by recurring paranoia that he was being poisoned. Fortunately, he found a wife (herself suffering a bad port-wine facial stigma) who acted as a food taster and it was only when he lost her to illness that Gödel himself became quite emaciated through his self-starvation and died.
      Gödel's preoccupation with systematization was intense. When seeking refuge from the Nazis in the USA, a judge presiding over his case asked him what he thought of the US Constitution and was treated to a lengthy harangue on its inconsistencies.


Just published by evocogniburbler David M. Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin is Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind (Allyn & Bacon).
      DB has told the New York Times ('Evolutionary Science Ponders: Where is Fancy Bred?'1 vi '99) that he is called a "semenhead" by feminazies and often invited to suppress his own work. Fortunately for him, the low correlations that are all that evopsych ever has to offer mean that he can carry on getting published. The latest evobreakthrough? --"According to one evolutionary hypothesis, love emerged along with the evolution of helpless offspring needing care from both parents, with consequent commitment and pair-bonding. People cherish a spouse because that spouse is the one person on a planet of billions who has as much of an interest in the fate of their children as they do." This less-than-riveting conclusion to DB's essay has enabled him fairly to zoom past NYT's in-house censorship.

Newly reviewed is last year's important summary of sex differences, Male and Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences by David C. Geary (Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 1998, pp. 397). Generally, Geary does a competent job of building on the original insight of R. L. Trivers* that males and females have different interests in progeny -- or none at all in the case of quite a few males (including Arthur Koestler)…. However, Geary does take an important step beyond general evoburble to admit the importance of the g factor (often dismissed by sociobiologists as inconvenient baggage that could taint their enterprise with elitism -- a fate to be avoided when they're already in so much trouble for sexism). According to Kevin MacDonald's welcoming review at <>, Geary at least allows a role for the g factor:

Geary proposes that g, which includes abilities such as speed of information processing and working memory, "reflects the ability to use evolved, or biologically primary, cognitive competencies in ways that are unrelated to their evolutionary function" (p. 308). An example is reading which uses many of the same primary (domain-specific) adaptations involved in language comprehension and production to perform the non-evolved, biologically secondary task of reading. Individual differences in reading ability are correlated with g and reflect the ease with which children can adapt their evolved systems to accomplish a novel task. Unlike spoken vocabulary which develops rapidly and effortlessly -- a defining feature of a domain-specific adaptation, reading develops slowly and with effort, and it is facilitated by g as a domain-general evolved mechanism.

OK, this may be only a new way of stating the obvious, that general intelligence facilitates the usage of symbols -- whereas lots of 'domain-specific' mechanisms exist for picking out busty blondes and recognizing that one's bridge partner has lost track of what is going on. But it is nice to have little g mentioned at all in the ranks of jittery sociobiologists or, as is now said, evolutionary psychologists. (The latter stress that behaviour which was once adaptive need no longer be so, and may thus yield psychopathology.)

*  1972, 'Parental investment and sexual selection.' In B. Campbell (ed.), Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man 1871-1971 (pp. 136-179). Chicago: Aldine.


(Sunday Times 7 vi '99)

Bottle-nosed dolphins make lifetime gay friendships. So do grizzly bears. And, among penguins, one stably bonded couple in twenty is male-male. Outstandingly, in man's close relative, the bonobo [pygmy chimpanzee], as many as fifty per cent of copulations are homosexual. Evidence of all this homosexuality in many animal species is summarized by Bruce Bagemihl in his book Biological Exuberance -- including pictures of lesbian hedgehogs engaged in cunnilingus. The book may serve to brace Western males for the future that awaits them under feminazism -- where only the sperm of alpha males will be used in breeding, and breeding itself will be replaced as fast as possible by cloning from grey-skirted power-shouldered female bureaucrats.

PS   Steve Sailer adds a paedo-alert:
"A bonobo troop resembles a summer camp for omnisexuals run by Madonna and David Bowie: everybody has sex with everybody else all day long. Lesbian crotch-to-crotch grinding is a particular favorite, while males practice "penis-fencing." (Bonobos can couple dozens of times per day because each session typically lasts only 13 seconds.) Another run-of-the-mill bit of fun is what New York Times feminist-science reporter Natalie Angier euphemizes as "transgenerational sex" (i.e. child molestation)."

PPS Bagemihl adopts the currently discredited view that homosexuality provides a group advantage by enabling control of population numbers. He also thinks all this is organized by Gaia… For a (damning) review by Oxford zoologist Paul Harvey see Nature 397, 402 - 403 (1999).
         US evolutionary geneticist Gregory Cochran wrote in a 'Human Biodiversity' e-mail group: "I have heard anthropologists say that they have never seen preferential homosexuality in hunter-gatherer peoples. I doubt if there are chimps that pass the Greg Louganis test. When Louganis visited his alma mater (which was UC Santa Barbara, I think) after winning gold at the Olympics, there were girls hanging out of the windows shouting ' Greg, I want to have your baby!'. He wasn't interested, and now is a cover guy for Poz."
         Another e-mailer, William Calvin, wrote: "Frans de Waal, in his book Bonobo (UC Press, Berkeley 1997) and earlier books, discusses same-sex sexual behaviors in our closest cousins. It is very widespread, seen in most individuals. There is genital-genital rubbing between females, said to be important in female power structure. And males are often seen making the motions of copulation with other males, with juveniles, even infants. But there is a very important difference: ejaculation has never been observed. So far as I can see, they're just playing around with parts of a common innate motor program; the only functional claim made so far is the genital-genital rubbing for female dominance hierarchy."

PPPS  Enthusiasm for the bonobo way of life should not be unconstrained. Sex is said to be the key to the social life of the bonobo. Indeed, sexual behavior is indistinguishable from social behavior. Bonobo males remain attached to their mothers all their lives, following them through the forest and being dependent on them for protection in aggressive encounters with other males. There are no indications that bonobos form humanlike nuclear families. (Frans de Waal, 1995, 'Bonobo sex and society: the behavior of a close relative challenges assumptions about male supremacy in human evolution.' Scientific American iii 82-88.)


(Science 27 v '99, Norman E. Rosenthal,
reviewing Malignant Sadness: Anatomy of Depression, Faber, £UK10)

The latest English academic to write about his own travails with depression is Fellow of the Galton Institute Sir Lewis Wolpert. After getting in a muddle with medications he was taking for various ailments, the smooth-talking South African embryologist has provided an account of depression which -- like that of psychology professor Stuart Sutherland before him (Breakdown) -- attributes zero personal or evolutionary significance to the condition. Thanatos doesn't merit a mention. The fact that Sir Lewis's father had died just prior to the depressive illness in the land from which the son had fled in liberal horror had nothing to do with the illness, no, not a bit….Unsurprisingly, Science doesn't find Sir Lewis's insights into the condition very striking, but allows the book would be helpful for the totally ignorant.

PS  For Times Literary Supplement (25 vii '99), psychologist Liam Hudson agreed that Wolpert's book was magisterially lacking in insight. Hudson likes the psychoanalytic story that much science is motivated by hostility to one's father and a determination to cut through the patriarchal pretences that one has suffered. On this account, the death of Sir Lewis's father -- after years of Sir Lewis indulging his 'hostility' so fully as to become one of Britain's very best-known scientists --would have triggered a veritable orgy of guilt. {Such guilt would never have troubled artsman Liam himself: for, after a brief spell as Education supremo at Edinburgh LUniversity, he gave up science rather than face the music as to the importance of the g factor.}

Artificial Intelligence

(Science 27 v '99)

Pet lovers can now buy a robotic dog from Sony for $2,500. The creation will variously 'sit', bark, wag its tail and chase a ball. However, like William McDougall's dog, it will accept little instruction from its master: Sony has not been able to crack the relevant linguistic problems of doggy-human communication. Instead, the dog will pretend to 'piddle' but stop when smacked on the head. Such are the wonders of AI.

Eugenics Corner

VICAR, to primary school class: "God put all you children on earth to help others."

JIMMY: "Please, Vicar, what are the others here for?"













MULTICULTURAL NEOSOCIALIST BOMBING: A SUMMARY OF ACHIEVEMENTS -- Kosovo gets a Nato force with Russia at its core. Serbs leave Kosovo with three fingers up while KLA reburies corpses of 'genocide victims' for Nato to find.


Political Correctness


(Sunday Times 13 vi '99, Maurice Chittenden)

The Chairman of the BBC, Sir Christopher Bland {sic}, is being labelled a racist. Following revelations of the Labour connections of some top BBC names, the Sunday Times has been shown writing of Bland's from the 1960's when he worked with the Bow Group, a think-tank for young intellectual Tories. Although generally pink, and concerned to head off by sweet moderation what would be Labour's breakthrough election victory in 1964, the Bow Group published Bland's views on how to achieve racial harmony in the aftermath of London's famous Notting Hill race riots of 1959. Bland's views were: (a) immigrants should be required to pass literacy tests; (b) no street should be allowed to become more than 50% Black -- at least if residents objected and if other accommodation stood empty nearby; (c) the Government should make generous grants to allow voluntary repatriation back to Jamaica.
      Today, Lee Jasper, the director of the '1990 Trust' which calls itself Britain's only Black think-tank, says that Bland's views have plainly 'bordered on racism' from which the BBC must dissociate itself. Tim Farmer, a Conservative councillor who once published with Bland, noted that PC did not exist in those days; but it remains to be seen whether this will 'clear' Bland,or whether he will come out laughing that, yes, of course he was and is a racist by the batty nomenclature that PC has foisted on the West and its media in the 1990's.

{I await Sir Christopher's support for offering generously funded voluntary (though permanent) relocation to a wide range of Britoid illiterates, mothers without husbands and unappreciated paedophiles. There is no need for Sir Christopher to be branded a racist if he could make a fully-fledged neoliberal. -- Ed.}

Academic Self-Censorship

(Times Higher 11 vi '99)


A graduate having degrees from Universities II and III of Lyons, France, has been given a suspended jail sentence for Holocaust denial; and local academics have promptly withdrawn their previous support for his work. Jean Plantin is a 'negationist' who has a Masters degree (Diplôme d'Études Approfondies) from Lyons for a thesis disputing whether the Nazis ever killed large numbers of Jews using cyanide gas. {Whatocaust revisionists allege that evidence of Nazi atrocities was often fabricated by understandably vengeful Russians in 1945.} Yet after Plantin began appearing in court, the Lyons teaching staff who supervised his work were forced into resignation; and university top dogs say they will have Plantin's degree invalidated.

{Gone are the days when Voltaire wrote, in 1770, "Monsieur l' Abbé, I detest what you write, but would give my life to ensure you can continue." An essay on Hitler and the HitlerZeit, 'Liberating the Future', suggesting a way of laying the ghosts of Europe's devastating experience with national socialism, is available on request to regular McDNL readers.}


Bad news for 'Anti-Nazis': A new book documents how Nazi scientists began serious research into cancer years before medics in the West. Called The Nazi War on Cancer, and published by Princeton University Press, the book (by Robert N. Proctor) is "highly recommended" by the prestigious Library Journal (Times Higher, 11 vi '99).
PS  National Post [Canada] 2 vii '99, Alexander Rose: "In Nazi Germany….abstinence from tobacco was a "national socialist duty." Hitler gave a gold watch to associates who quit the habit -- though this didn't stop them lighting up in the Berlin bunker once they heard the Fuhrer had committed suicide. Armed with such senior sanction, Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler banned SS men from smoking, though not shooting, on duty; and Propaganda Minister Joseph Gobbels was obliged to hide his ciggie whenever he was filmed. Anti-tobacco activists succeeded in banning smoking from government offices, civic transport, university campuses, rest homes, post offices, many restaurants and bars, hospital grounds and workplaces. ….Thanks to the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Reich Health Office, posters were produced depicting smoking as the typically despicable habit of Jews, jazz musicians, Gypsies, Indians, homosexuals, blacks, communists, capitalists, cripples, intellectuals and harlots. Zealous lobbyists descended into the schools, terrifying children with tales of impotence and racial impurity. …the phrase "passive smoking" (Passivrauchen) was coined not by contemporary American admen, but by Fritz Lickint, the author of the magisterial 1100-page Tabak und Organismus ("Tobacco and the Organism")."



-- AIDS researcher and IQ researcher both silenced by colleagues --

Reviewing a new book on censorship, Scotsman journalist Iain S. Bruce shows how university experts themselves cheerfully help suppress each other's ideas.

Scotsman [Interactive] <>,
12 vi '99, 'In defiance of science'


…."Most people would not believe that the scientific authorities could be so irresponsible, that they are not telling the truth," says Gordon Stewart, emeritus professor of public health at Glasgow University. "Yet the truth is that they will not brook any question of what is accepted wisdom, that they are capable of perpetrating the most disgraceful fraud to protect commercial interests while the public gets a raw deal."

HIV and AIDS: unproven fact or accepted fiction?

A renowned consultant in epidemiology and preventive medicine, Stewart claims to have first-hand experience of what happens to researchers whose work takes them beyond the boundaries of accepted thinking and challenges the scientific status quo. Once a leading expert on global health issues, the professor has for much of the past decade seen his work on AIDS heavily censored and his reputation demonised on an international scale. His crime? Failing to agree with the powers that be. ….Essentially, Stewart and researchers such as Berkeley's Professor Peter Duesburg were saying that, whatever the role of HIV in the process, AIDS appeared to be a disease that still, predominantly, only affected homosexual men.
      Stewart claims that since then, he has witnessed a closing of the ranks, a near-watertight conspiracy to marginalise researchers championing his arguments and to censor all work on the subject. He laughs off accusations of homophobia, asserting that he has worked closely with several groups representing the gay community. If his suspicions are correct, he says, then the entire resources of the international AIDS effort are being thrown down a blind alley [in their search for a virus] while the people truly at risk suffer the consequences of ignorance and the unavailability of appropriate care.
      Despite a long, previously respected career working in the field, he has only ever succeeded in having a few short letters on the subject printed, while his requests that the relevant journals open the debate and allow widespread scrutiny of his theories have been turned down flat by the British Medical Journal, Lancet, Science, Nature and the New England Journal of Medicine. "I was at first surprised that such pillars of the scientific community could behave like this," he says, having been denied participation in debates produced by the BBC, Channel 4 and the Royal Statistical Society. "But there has been an enormous cover-up - an absolute blockade of the issue across the major publications, a refusal to consider the paper evidence and not a single meeting to discuss the facts. Together with academics from around the world, I send in papers knowing that they will be rejected out of hand, but I continue to do so because thousands of people are either scared stiff or not receiving the specialist care they require, and the truth must come out eventually."

Scientific sense and commercial sensibility

….According to the Index on Censorship's latest report, Big Science and Little White Lies….Stewart is not alone. The volume, published this month, paints a picture of a knowledge industry corrupted by skewed agendas and distinctly unscientific sensibilities, where progress and understanding come second to preserving accepted thinking and making a fast buck. "From the outside, science looks like a seamless, white-jacketed progression of discovery," says Frank Fisher, editor of the report. "The truth is that there are as many fiscal interests, squabbles and conservatives clinging to twisted orthodoxies as you would find in any industry. Censorship regularly occurs at the behest of governments and commercial entities, research results are skewed to fit individual agendas and scientists with unconventional ideas are pushed to the lunatic fringe of their profession."
      [Fisher is]….supportive of Stewart's stance - "there are no photographs of this supposed virus, yet they dread to consider alternatives" - [and he] draws a long and alarming line of censorship and result-fixing to bring progress within the boundaries of accepted political thinking that runs throughout scientific history. Galileo clashed with the Catholic Church, and lost, when his hypotheses on the nature of the universe were at odds with the ordained views of Christianity. Theodor Schwann correctly proposed that living organisms are built from cells in 1836 and was forced into exile by German academia, while Mendel, one of the founding fathers of gene research, found himself pushed to the periphery as charlatans prospered because his discoveries on the genetic predisposition of humanity contravened Stalin's own take on Marxist thought.

The science of political censorship

Scotland, of course, is no stranger to politically motivated censorship of science, having witnessed the hounding out from the field of psychology research of the controversial former Edinburgh University lecturer Chris Brand. Dubbing himself a "scientific racist" in 1996, Brand published a book, The g Factor, discussing the gap in average IQ scores between the black and white populations and favouring the view that there is a genetic component to these differences. A furore exploded, the book was withdrawn by its publishers on the grounds that it made "assertions we find repellent" and the unpardonably impolite boffin lost his job.
      There is little doubt that some of Brand's comments to the press at the height of debate - ranging from approval for paedophilia to advocacy of segregated breeding to avoid "genetic deterioration" - were indeed objectionable. However, his research had never in fact left the realms of usual academic process and was instead rejected wholesale on the back of pious outrage from a media, public and student body whose properly egalitarian credo had been offended.
      Last reported to be working as a waiter, Brand's views may well have been offensive, they might even have been factually incorrect. But to reject them on the basis of perceived cultural propriety was not pure science and thus reasoned debate and exploration has been the real loser, not to mention the doctrines of free speech.
      ….After centuries of researchers noticing that the major continents formed shapes that appeared to fit together, the geophysicist Alfred Wegner proposed the theory of continental drift, a hypothesis that was widely greeted with international derision. While Wegner died discredited and poverty stricken and it was impossible for his theory's advocates to gain a geophysics degree as late as 1965, the concept has now become accepted fact. Similar victims were the unheralded Nikola Tesla, who discovered radio waves before Marconi, X-rays prior to Roentgen and the AC electrical system while Edison was still pushing DC, and George Zweig, the student who was branded a charlatan after claiming to have discovered subatomic particles called "aces" in 1963. Verified and renamed quarks by Murray Gell-Mann soon after, Zweig witnessed another man winning his Nobel prize from the frozen outreaches of academic exile….



IQ researchers like Phil Rushton, who also can't achieve mainstream publication, are further considered in the June issue of the Galton Institute Newsletter. In a most helpful review of Art Jensen's vanity-published book The g Factor: the Science of Mental Ability (Praeger, 1998), Dr Leslie Jones spells out ten main reasons for believing that the Black-White IQ difference is heritable [cf. Ten Arguments for Race Realism]. Jones notes: "[Jensen's Harvard Educational Review 1969] violation of the race taboo immediately turned him into a hate figure for the left, one of differential psychology's swelling band of martyrs, whose latest member is the hapless Saint Christopher Brand."

Brand's bad luck came about despite his book The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications having, unlike Jensen's massive tome, an upbeat educational message. Brand's book was also well in line with the 'Education, education, education' stress and 'fast track learning' plans of Mr Tony Blair in 1996. Responding to Jensen's book with its gloomy emphasis on dysgenic trends (undetectable because of the world-wide secular rise in IQ scoring), Leslie Jones says: "Psychometrics is now the dismal science." Yet Brand's book was to meet with PC's modern form of censorship. It advocated eminently practical track choice as a way of helping all children make educational progress after years of egalitarianism; and so scared behaviourist Leon Kamin and geneticist-against-genetics Steve Jones that they even refused to accept free copies.


The censored and early-retired Scottish GM-food researcher, Arpad Puztai (see McDNL 25 v '99), has complained to the Daily Telegraph ('No evidence for 'safe' GM food', 14 vi '99) that the work of Cambridge scientists is being suppressed. The Telegraph had asserted that hundreds of studies at the Plant Breeding Institute of Cambridge University had shown that GM foods presented no risk to human health. Fine, says Puztai, but the details of these studies cannot be found. "If these experiments took place," he writes, "why cannot we read the results?"

Sex and the Neosocialist State


(BBCR4UK 14 vi '99)

The Blair Government has announced that it will strip families of any rights to intervene in teenagers' sex lives. Fed up with Britain's high rate of teenage pregnancy (double that of any other European country), New Labour will give every teenager her own medical adviser and the right to keep her affairs entirely secret from the parents -- who will still be legally obliged to support her. Further blazing a path to state control of procreation, girls who fall pregnant will be given not a flat of their own according to need as at present but compulsory hostel accommodation with other single-parent mothers until they are eighteen. The plan is taken from the Conservatives who had proposed the same in 1996 but met with opposition from Labour (which called it "a return to the workhouse").

{Officially, the idea is to limit the quantity of teenage pregnancies; but in fact the new arrangements mean that the state will become the major adviser on girls' sex lives and on the quality of their progeny. -- For many girls will naturally try to please the nice GPs and hostel wardens who will usually, in terms of IQ, be a big improvement on their own parents.
      Instead of making individuals and families more responsible for sex, pregnancy, child-rearing and eventual child education, welfare and criminal justice costs, New Labour's impulse is unreconstructedly statist. The reason why many weenager girls 'can't talk to parents' about sex is because of the low IQ of all the parties and because, in this situation, parents are inclined to issue outright bans on all sexual activity. By contrast, since it does not acknowledge that different levels of IQ will need different arrangements, the Labour Government's policy is evidently that the most immature girls of any age should be able to have any kind of sex whatsoever -- always so long as they use contraception and barrier protection and on no account enjoy sex with over-16's. Of course, such girls have the right under UK 'law' to make trouble for boys long after the event by claiming they were 'abused': this helps to establish long-term female blackmail threats over males. Such is the Brave New World that will be rejected alike by neoliberals and by all who take pride in their own family and religion.}


Reacting to the latest Blairite threat to the individual and the family, McDNL heroine-columnist Melanie Phillips is equally scornful (Sunday Times 13 vi '99, 'Abstinence makes the heart grown fonder'). Taking a trip to Liverpool to see matters for herself, MP had no difficulty finding hordes of 16-year old mothers in tower blocks raising their bastard progeny, clad in the latest £UK30 miniature trainers, on a diet of TV soap opera featuring sex and the troubles of other 'single parent families.' The children of these arrangement are almost as unhappy and wretched as the mothers -- reacting to the slightest frustration by fighting, grabbing and swearing, MP observed. "The crucial and chilling point," says MP, "is that fathers in this area have almost been written out of the real-life script." In what is an increasingly Black lifestyle, men only exist for occasional thrills, i.e. big presents that have fallen off the backs of lorries. It is plain to these girls from an early age that pregnancy provides them the natural way out of their own awful families; so even at age 11 girls in school playgrounds taunt other girls who have not yet lost their virginity.
      What is the answer to all this? MP does not consider paedophilia but reckons that long-lasting depot injections of contraceptives, as increasingly practised in the USA, have a lot to be said for them. MP and her readers will certainly not recall that rewarding girls for staying on contraception was the idea in the 1970's of demon eugenicist Bill Shockley; but only a fool would think this a worse option than the workhouses now advocated by Blairites.

{The Sunday Times also carried a story that 40% of adult females have no interest in sex -- according to research for the American Medical Association conducted in the USA and Britain by Cristine Ferrare. If only the same were true of female 11-year-olds!}

PS  One positive feature of the Rev. Blair's new proposals -- let us be fair! -- is to dock the driving licences of teenage fathers who fail to pay maintenance for children they have fathered. It is good to see the driving licence used in this way -- much better than sending youths to institutions! It will certainly have more impact than obliging young out-of-wedlock fathers to pay from their benefits £UK5 per week [= 2 pints beer] towards the maintenance of their children.


(Wall Street Journal 10 vi '99, 'Blaming the SATs')

{cf. McDNL 25 v '99}


Just what do the SATs have to do with civil rights? Reasonable people may well wonder. The U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights has an answer, set forth in planned guidelines intended to lower reliance on the standardized education tests long employed by college and university admissions offices.
      The use of tests that have what the guidelines call "significant disparate impact" on members of any particular race, national origin or sex is discriminatory, according to the Office for Civil Rights. Therefore, the OCR advises, universities and colleges should use what this document delicately describes as "alternative criteria." In plain English, this means using criteria more concerned with the goals of minority and gender preference than with measuring abilities in reading, writing, thinking, basic English and other elementary skills still required for success in most colleges and universities, and the world beyond.
      College and university officials have received news of the federal guidelines with confusion and dismay. The plain fact of the matter is, as they told a reporter for Chronicle of Higher Education, the standardized tests are essential since there is no other single, reliable way to compare all applicants.
      Educators can see the threat implicit in the comments of Arthur Coleman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. "To the extent that schools are recipients of federal funds and are not aware of potential discrimination issues, we hope this guide will inform them." This threatens not only restriction of federal funds, but also federal lawsuits against any institution judged guilty of excessive interest in SAT scores.

{The USA's colleges have for half a century attended especially to the results of applicants on the annually revised Scholastic Aptitude Tests. These multiple-choice instruments allow relatively fair comparisons among pupils having a wide range of school backgrounds (Blue Ridge Mountains, Harlem, Springfield, Staten Island etc.). Faced with an SAT-ban from Washington, the braver universities might consider resorting to using older criteria of educational attainment -- thus encouraging schools that actually supply education. Yet whenever children have to discuss questions, spontaneously combine knowledge and reasoning, write grammatical sentences or demonstrate calculation, the principal determinants of the quality of their work are still those of chronological and mental age (IQ). Thus, whatever the courage of educators (never to be overestimated in 'anti-racist' days), US college administrators will soon be searching frantically for even more multiple-choice tests which do not require genuine intellectual maturity and are passable by rote learning alone.
      Once this pressure from the tertiary sector of 'education' becomes clear, schools will revert to 1900-type regimes. A century ago, when schooling had been made compulsory even for children in rural areas, pupils chanted tables and mnemonic devices and inducements (in Scotland, the tawse) were the chief techniques of the teacher. The problem with such regimes was truancy resulting from loathing of the classroom. Every child in those days understood Shakespeare's pen picture of the schoolboy, going 'like a snail, unwillingly to school.' However, truancy would not be tolerated today: 'school exclusion', even if self-chosen, would doubtless be deemed racially-discriminatory. In token of their authoritarianism, today's neosocialists already keep one million young US Black men in prison rather than acknowledge that different human needs and abilities require different social arrangements [often called 'countries']. Pity the children: forced to attend schools where the main provision is rote learning at the speed of the slowest, and all to protect the myth of the equality of man!}

PS Washington officials subsequently accused people in the testing movement of "panicking" at the officials' attempt to summarize and clarify already-existing law (New York Times 12 vi '99).
       Jay Heubert, an expert on testing and disparate impact law at Columbia University Teachers College, added that schools and colleges will remain in the clear if they can show that the test is being used for the purpose for which its producers say it should be used. (SAT suppliers already advise that SAT scores should be used for selection only in conjunction with other criteria such as Grade Point Average and teachers' recommendations. This covers the Educational Testing Service against rogue use of tests by over-enthusiastic purchasers.)
      The storm reveals the astonishing grip that Washington has on university selection in what the world believes is a federal country.

PPS  Having failed to persuade NYT journalists to still the anxiety of US college administrators, top bureaucrat Arthur L. Coleman, Deputy Asst. Secretary, Civil Rights Department of Education, wrote to the New York Times on 16 vi '99 that "we do not seek to ban standardized testing." Apparently, the Department's draft did not "equate racial gaps in test performance with discrimination." After all: "Differences in students' test scores may result from many factors, including lack of preparation or motivation to do well. The guarantee under Federal law is equal opportunity, not equal results." In fact, Goleman's communication is disingenuous. (1) The Department may not seek to ban testing. But is the Department's advice that the law would regard a race gap as indicating race discrimination (unless heroic measures were made to show that gap had arisen in some other way)? And would the Department be content with that interpretation of the law? (2) That Asst. Top Biscuit Goleman can only mention 'preparation' and 'motivation' as factors yielding differences in test scores suggests total unrealism about SAT score differences being largely determined by differences in general intelligence and educational attainment. If a senior apparatchik like Goleman doesn't accept the g factor, there must be plenty of his juniors who would be only too keen to flourish their anti-racist credentials by attributing SAT differences largely to unfairness and by cutting off the financial wherewithal of SAT-using colleges.

PPS  Abigail Thernstrom was unimpressed by Arthur Coleman's attempt to wiggle out of what his Office had done. In the New York Times and at <>, she wrote: "The Office of Civil Rights allows schools to prove that their exams are "educationally necessary" and have no "practicable alternative." But tests with a disparate impact are guilty until proved innocent, and such proof will be hard to come by. Colleges, for instance, can show that S.A.T.'s are good gauges of college performance, but the guidelines explicitly dismiss this fact. If tests suggest an applicant "is probably going to be a poor student, a school cannot on that basis alone" deprive the candidate of an opportunity to improve and develop the academic skills necessary to success in our society."


Better news from the university world: Efforts by greybeard scholars have saved the University of Chicago from plans for dumbing-down. Luminaries Saul Bellow, Gertrude Himmelfarb, David Riesman and James Q. Wilson have protested against plans to up quantity and decrease quality at the elite university, and President Hugo Sonnenschein has been forced to step down (Times Higher 11 vi '99).

Financial Times


-- Now that the 'universities' have largely succumbed to 'anti-racism', the business sector can be attacked, starting with the banks --

From McDNL's Chicago Correspondent

A remarkable front page article of the Wall Street Journal (11 vi '99, Douglas Blackmon, Staff Reporter) summarizes modern opinion that banks should block their depositors from transferring their own personal money to politically incorrect organizations.
      The prime example offered to wankers ooops bankers of how they should monitor their clients concerns the setting up of the Pioneer Fund -- which shot to glory for its support that guaranteed a low cover price for The Bell Curve in 1994 and thus the book's success despite overwhelmingly hostile reviews form the USA's East Coast intellectual establishment. The WSJ article continues: "[The bankers Morgan Guaranty] did close the asset-management account it maintained for the Pioneer Fund after the furor erupted over The Bell Curve, according to people familiar with the situation. The bank won't give details on why it did so. That option is something banks should consider, says Thomas Donaldson, a business ethics professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. 'Good bankers should have the words "Know thy client" tattooed somewhere on their chests," Mr. Donaldson says. "When the activities of the client or customer reach the point where they offend vital, deeply held values of the institution, you have to say no." The article further criticizes large transfers of money by Morgan Guaranty in 1964 on behalf of a client who turns out was a wealthy and reclusive New Yorker named Wickliffe Preston Draper. Mr. Draper, the long-standing eminence of the Pioneer Fund, used his private banker to transfer nearly $215,000 in stock and cash to the Sovereignty Commission for use in its fight against the Civil Rights Act. In his will, Mr. Draper instructed that after his death, the Pioneer Fund use Morgan for financial advice; the fund did so for two decades. (Wickliffe Draper was, in many ways, a typical Yankee aristocrat. He was born in Hopedale, Mass., in 1891. His father was a top executive in the textile-machinery giant Draper Corp. His mother was from a blue-blood Kentucky family. An uncle was a Massachusetts governor. His younger sister married a nephew of President William Howard Taft. One of the first major projects of the Pioneer Fund under Mr. Draper was a program to encourage officers of the all-white U.S. Army Air Corps, predecessor of the Air Force, to have more children. Mr. Draper and other directors of the foundation believed that the Pioneer Fund should encourage a higher birth rate among the best of the white race. So the fund offered to establish annuities to pay for the education of any child born in 1940 to a pilot who had already fathered at least three children.)

{With the prominent publication of this WSJ article, anyone who might have thought that a bank's 'deeply held value' was the protection of its customers' money must begin to think again in modern America. Scotland has lately provided an example of what can happen to a bank that does not adjust to democratic piety and its multicultural caucus. In Edinburgh, the Bank of Scotland withdrew from a multi-zillion-pound deal with US evangelist Pat Robertson when that TV-show host said Scotland was 'a dark land full of homosexuals.' Robertson had a point (as inspection of the dating columns of any copy of the Scottish Central Belt's leading cultural magazine, The List, will show); but the bank found itself threatened that big customers like leftist Lothian Regional Council and the new Scottish 'Parliament' would withdraw their accounts, so promptly dumped the TV preacherman and the millions of Americans who were meant to have started banking ooops banking in Edinburgh.}

PS  Robertson was certainly correct about Scotland being 'a dark land'. For Scotia means Darkness in Greek; and (K)nox means Night in Latin, yielding the English schoolboy's doggerel: 'Alas for Scotland, furthest from the light / Thy name is Darkness, and thy prophet Night.'

PPS  Douglas Blackmon's criticism of the Pioneer Fund elicited a firm response (WSJ 22 vi '99) recalling the honourable elitist motives and entirely lawful practices of Pioneer supporters and concluding:

With respect to Mr. Blackmon's appeal that banks become the guardians of his personal political views, and refuse financial services to those who disagree with him, I point out that such intolerance runs counter to the principle of free debate in a democratic society, and represents political correctness run amok. -- Harry F. Weyher, President, The Pioneer Fund, New York

Far Right Outasight

(Reuters 11 vi '99)

Rambo Republican Tom DeLay of Texas, the number three Republican leader in the US House of Representatives, has an abhorrence of paedophilia (McDNL 8 vi '99) and wants a Black cop-killer zapped with megavolts. In extremely harsh language, DeLay has recently attacked Evergreen State College for inviting a Pennsylvania death row prisoner to address its graduates through a tape-recording from his cell. The prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal, was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer 18 years ago but has proclaimed his innocence. He has been at the center of a debate over the death penalty, and about the role of race in the judicial system.

{Pity the US Black man! Republicans want Black murderers killed at a rate that would require prison furnaces to work night and day. Democrats, by contrast, want America's murderers imprisoned for three times the length of their natural lives so as to ensure neosocialist chances of re-election. By contrast, the humane McDougall NewsLetter urges that the USA's serious criminals -- most are Black -- be offered voluntary assisted transportation to any countries prepared to have them. We hope soon to announce the support of Mr Louis Farrakhan…. In the Balkans, the KLA will certainly accept all the support it can obtain as it moves to take on Nato. Likewise, many African countries seem to be chronically short of the teaching expertise that the West's unwanted paedophiles could often supply.}

International Justice

(Guardian 12 vi '99)

Feisty 52-year old French-Canadian Justice Louise Arbour is quitting her post as suprema in charge of adjudicating accusations of war crimes in the Balkans. Leggy but home-loving Louise has been promoted to be Supreme Court Judge in response to her requests for furlough. She thus leaves to others in the Hague the task of indicting Nato for disproportionality of response to Mr Milosevic's rough handling of the Kosovo Liberation Army (McDNL 18 v '99). So far, the work of Louise and colleagues in the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia has led to the detention of 26 men since 1993.



(Sunday Times 13 vi '99)

Undercover research by the Sunday Times has revealed that the abortion of unwanted girl children is now regularly arranged in Britain. Demand for the service comes from the Asian {i.e. Srindopakeshi} community which retains the time-honoured idea that girls are not much fun for successful parents because they can themselves produce so few children (compared with a boy in conditions of passable elitism and de facto polygamy). The Sunday Times also conducted an experiment of its own to find who were the chief 'culprits' in obliging Britain's Asian parents. Quite a few doctors with Srindopakeshi surnames emerged, like a Dr Benu Chaudhuri in London. Most interesting however was the co-operation received from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service -- the largest arranger of abortions outwith the National Health Service. Although BPAS warned an inquirer of the illegality of sex-selected abortion, it apparently passed on inquirers who had indicated their intentions to ultrasound experts and to doctors willing to terminate pregnancies in response to 'maternal distress.'

{Whether Asians are wise to seek to avoid having female children is a question that is frequently raised with McDNL in readers' letters. McDNL HQ long sported a work by the leading Scottish painter George Donald about an Aberdonian alcoholic who, as five daughters are born to him, reconciles himself to the future: "She", he says, speaking of his fifth girl, "was the stousie who made me think I was makin' ma way i' the wurld wi'out formality; leaving ma mark for fowks to wonder; for they should know a guid buk's guid wi'out t' scriever's name." Answers on the usual postcard, please. -- Ed.} [The Editor himself has one son and two daughters.]

15 vi '99  

BRUSSELS -- Conservatives all over Europe did well in the latest elections for the European Union's so-called Parliament. Britain' s Conservative MEPs (36) will now outnumber those of Labour (29). However, voter turn-out in the UK was less than 20% -- farcical compared with the 75% typically achieved in elections for the Westminster Parliament. 8% of the electorate voted Conservative and 6% voted Labour. Britain's Liberals accused Conservatives of having chosen to "ride the tiger of nationalism." Conservatives had opposed abandonment of the pound sterling in the foreseeable future and sacrificed the support of some Heath-ite Conservatives who favour Britain adopting the Eurocurrency.{It could hardly be plainer that Europeans in general and Britons in particular have no interest in the new super-state and its phoney parliament that cannot even sack Brussels bureaucrats found to be shamelessly fraudulent. By contrast, most Europeans, including Britons, are sympathetic to the lawful co-operation between nations that Nato has just undermined by its bombing of Serbia.}

KASHMIR (World Net Daily 10 vi '99) -- Multiculturalism -- Nearly a thousand people, mostly soldiers, have been killed in recent fighting between Hindus and Muslims. Some 50,000 people on both sides of Kashmir's internal border have been have been displaced from their homes in 'the Switzerland of India'. {Eastern Kashmir's total population is 9 million, of whom one half are Muslims and the other half Hindus or Buddhists. Kashmir has become synonymous with any problem that defies a solution, but a neoliberal solution of community choice (McDNL 11 v '99) has not been tried.}

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland ( -- Abusohysteria -- The parents of a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl have asked police to file assault charges against their children. The mother of the girl found a hickey [love bite] on her daughter's neck. Police say the two children were at a friend's house one evening when the boy left a "passion mark" on her neck. "As I understand it, she asked the boy to stop and he continued, putting the mark on her neck," said Annapolis Police Lt. Robert Beans. Some US experts in juvenile law and sexual harassment say the arrests are symbolic of an era when common childhood pranks or innocent acts have been elevated to high crimes. The Annapolis arrests come just two weeks after a 10-year-old boy in Salisbury, Maryland, was charged with four counts of assault for snapping girls' bras (McDNL 1 vi '99).

OXFORD, England -- Cogniburbling BBC-superstar physiologist Professor Susan Greenfield, 48, seldom has anything definite to say about the brain or the genes and their functions. Rather, her speciality is girlish enthusiasm -- not least for the millionaire husband, Peter Atkins, whom she married in 1991. However, asked by Times Higher whether there will turn out to be genes for shyness and intelligence, she committed herself to a relatively bold answer (11 vi '99): "Surely not. It's not conceptually viable to find the genes to make people fall in love with you." (Despite her inability to answer any interesting question, lucky Susan will carry on researching undistracted by the cares of maternity: the elder sister of a younger brother she was "disillusioned early on about babies" -- of that she is sure.)

LONDON -- An equally uncommitted -- if not positively craven -- neurocogniwaffler is big-spending David Skuse who runs the Institute of Child Health at London's prestigious University College [the home of Galton, Spearman and Burt]. Asked to talk about his research to the "Cutting Edge" column of Times Higher (11 vi '99), all that Sorry Skuse could come up with was: "Locating the genes for psychological make-up is still some way off."

BIRMINGHAM -- Statute of Limitations -- The senior Roman Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham, His Holiness Maurice Couve de Murville, is the latest victim of retroactive paedohysteria. The Archbishop, 70, is retiring prematurely as stresses have grown on the Archdiocese of Warwickshire from twenty men demanding retribution for paedophile antics with them between 1957 and 1965 (Sunday Times 13 vi '99). Already two Catholic priests have been jailed for the assaults -- each for seven years. The details of their fearful molestations cannot be mentioned for fear of desensitizing newspaper readers; but millions of pounds in compensation are now claimed. One of the priests still claims total innocence since he was rendered impotent while serving as a prisoner of war in Germany.

NOTTINGHAM -- Britoids protesting against plans to house conviction-spent paedophiles in the grounds of Nottingham Gaol handcuffed themselves to railings and motor vehicles outside the prison. A detachment of 100 police had to work hard to remove them in what was a violent demonstration. Home Secretary Jack Straw has announced that all paedophiles can regard themselves as detained for life -- thus ending the 'cosy' arrangement where men who engaged in frottage with 13-16-year-old boys might only go to prison for two years. (A source close to Straw said it was a "disgrace" that any perverts had ever got off so lightly, with sentences no higher than that for breaking and entering [Sunday Times 13 vi '99].) So the question has now arisen of where the fearsome beasts are to be detained. {Implicitly, the Nottingham protesters support McDNL's scheme for transportation. This now seems the only way out of the paedohysteria fuelled by Britain's media. One of the few passions left to Britons -- no longer allowed to 'date rape' each other, to kill Frogs, Krauts or 'genocidal' Serbs [such efforts being left to ethnic Albanians] or even to abominate grasping capitalists like slum landlords and the Gnomes of Zurich -- is that of loving their children, who are today few in number.}

LONDON -- The organization 'Internet Freedom' says that UK Internet service providers have failed to defend against demands to censor websites. Until now, ISPs have claimed that they only 'innocuously disseminate' material, rather than publish it. Soon, however, having failed to defend this distinction in a London court case, British ISPs will have to respond to any complaint about a website being libellous by closing the site down until and unless they take responsibility for it. The resulting loss of Internet freedom could be massive -- once PC people realize their power to complain. For more, see
For further comment, call Chris Ellison on 00 44 (0) 956 129 518; or go to <>. {'Internet Freedom' itself did precisely nothing when Chris Brand was sacked for using the Net to respond in 1996 to Edinburgh LUniversity's censorious Principal, Dame Stewart Sutherland.}

OXFORD -- Oxford University plans to acknowledge the usefulness of IQ testing. Having long undermined England's great public [i.e. private] and grammar schools by searching for uneducated 'working class' talent by interviews, the University is now admitting defeat. Apparently, interviews for tower-block children over a glass of sherry with a don on a Persian rug in front of a burbling gas fire just do not seem to yield enough underclass entrants. The new scheme will make offers of college places on the basis of IQ tests, and without even the most casual check that a youngster has the proper left-wing views required in an institution which refused an honorary degree to its star graduate, Mrs Thatcher. However, some say the radical breakthrough is being accepted in Oxford chiefly because the average don is now so old that he has lost interest even in paedophilia….

EDINBURGH -- A Sheriff {judge} who sits in Edinburgh has been accused of giving his wife a black eye in the course of family discussions about divorce in 1996. The wife had finally got around to lodging her complaint with police late in 1998. Sheriff Andrew Lothian has apparently been an admirably heavy drinker, but whether he ever campaigned for a statute of limitations or to help men accused of 'date rape' or paedophilia is unknown.

Neosocialist Bombing for a Multicultural Kosovo

McDNL Analysis
(with contributions from Steve Sailer)

Historical parallel between Third Way and Third Reich adventurism
From LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE 47, 30 v '99, Victor Milan

"[In Czechoslovakia,] Hitler attacked a sovereign nation that was doing nothing to threaten him, on the basis of its alleged mistreatment of a national [German] minority within its borders.
      You know where this is going. Flash forward six decades. A Yugoslav minority -- like the Sudeten Germans, a majority in its own province -- claims mistreatment by the central government. A foreign entity intervenes militarily in the sovereign country's affairs on behalf of that minority. The situation is the same. NATO (which really means the US and the UK, which really means the US, since the UK's actual role consists of the furious yapping of Clinton's neutered attack Chihuahua and cocaine buddy Tony Blair) is attacking the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia on the basis of no threat to any nation beyond Yugoslavia's internationally-recognized borders. This is, unmistakably, a war of aggression -- a thing men were condemned at Nuremberg for undertaking."

The problem

Mr Milosevic did not accept surrender to Nato at Rambouillet (where Appendices to documents, produced at the last moment, made plain that Nato demanded carte blanche to station troops not only in Kosovo but also in Serbia). Milosevic was also unhappy with Nato's idea that an autonomous Kosovo might become independent after a referendum -- to be held within three years.

Mr Milosevic seemed to be planning to clear Kosovo of ethnic Albanians if Nato couldn't think of some way of protecting the Serbs and their holy places of Kosovo from mounting KLA violence. (Violence escalated through 1997-9, funded from drugs money*; and Milosevic seemed likely to respond directly in March 1999 rather than hand the problem over to Nato.)

* Though one British Foreign Office source said 'Drugs were the one thing the Kosovars were not into.'

When had the problem come to attention?
In 1998, the shrewd old President of Macedonia, Kiro Gilgorov, was convinced that Milosevic would empty Kosovo of ethnic Albanians rather than be defeated by KLA terror. Gilgorov asked Nato to created a corridor through Kosovo along which the ethnic Albanians could relatively easily escape if ethnic cleansing were to begin.


Prevention of ethnic cleansing and/or genocide.

Establishment of a harmonious multi-ethnic Kosovo. [That 'the communities of Kosova should live together' was still the objective of UK Defence Minister George Robertson 10 vi '99 (CFMR 18:30) -- after the province had been largely cleared of ethnic Albanians and a UN-negotiated peace treaty had been signed.]

Use of minimum force to establish maximum Nato authority. [Bombing would make Milosevic surrender "in days, not weeks," said the British Government repetedly in March.]

'Serbs out, Nato in, refugees back!' -- the UK Government slogan.

Getting rid of Slobodan Milosevic -- a cause dear to the righteous Prime Minister Blair.

(Gain access for Western firms to Kosovo mineral wealth?)

Options rejected

Making Mr Milosevic a cash offer for the province, or at least for the south-western two-thirds of the province.

Proposing a realistic partition, backed up by threat of military force to any choosing not to respect it.

Taking no military action against the sovereign state of Yugoslavia, but perhaps declaring an embargo on oil and other trade.

Maintaining Nato observers in Kosovo to deter criminality and ensure that any crimes by Serb forces were properly recorded. (Attacks on the observers could have been announced as triggering partition by Nato or even full scale war with Serbia.)

Interposing Nato troops as Serbs advanced on ethnic Albanians.

Results of selected policy

Kosovo largely emptied.

Macedonia highly unstable, having received 230,000 ethnic Albanians to join its population of 2 million. (This is like the USA taking 30 million Mexican migrants.)

Massive deliberate destruction by Nato, plus the 'collateral' loss of 1,500 Serb lives in Serbia, 400 in Kosovo (to a B52 cluster bomb dropped four days after both sides said they intended to accept the UN solution), and some 150 ethnic Albanians killed by accidental Nato attacks on railway trains and lorry convoys.

International principles of sovereignty, war ultimatums and proportionality of response undermined.

Europe's problems require to be sorted by the UN -- which provides the overseeing body for the international forces entering Kosovo (not all under Nato control).

No independence, or even a referendum on independence for Kosovo. [The G-8 agreement makes no reference to the Rambouillet-proposed referendum after three years and clearly states that the political administration of Kosovo must be consistent with "principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia." This stipulation is unlikely to satisfy the greatly strengthened Kosovo Liberation Army (which Nato has committed itself to disarm ).]

'The image of the West around the world is now one of careless bullies, concerned chiefly for the safety of their own troops and domestic opinion polls, having conducted a coward's war by proxy (using the KLA as the only fighters in Kosovo) and on the political cheap.' -- Simon Jenkins, Times 11 vi '99.

China guarantees Serbian sovereignty of Kosovo.

Hundreds of Serb troops remain in Kosovo and Serbian artillery is allowed up to 5 kilometres from Serbia's border with Kosovo.

Thousands of Serb civilians flee Kosovo in 'reverse ethnic cleansing' as ethnic Albanians re-enter behind Nato troops. The KLA officially says that all Serbs, 'anyone,' will be allowed to stay in Kosovo; but it adds ominously that 'no criminals will be tolerated' (Sunday Times 14 vi '99).

Nato "peacekeepers" (i.e. occupation troops) will long be responsible for running Kosovo -- like its other hopelessly dependent protectorate in Bosnia (mercifully peaceful thanks to de facto partition).

Nato was made a world laughing stock as a motorized convoy of 200 Russians seized Pristina airport ahead of Nato troops. "Whacky Racers" was the headline in the Sun (11 vi '99) together with goofy portrayals of Uncle Sam, Tinhat Tommy and a Russian bear. The Russian force occupies the northern half of the airport, and Nato the southern half. Russian reinforcements are in waiting at Rayazan in case Nato chooses to argue the toss. The Russian force seems well placed to insist on de facto partition, making Rev. Blair and his multi-ethnic ambitions a laughing stock. Although the White House first made out the Russian move was an 'accident', implying that it would be reversed, a cheery Mr Yeltsin hiccupped to journalists that he was well pleashed with his achievement and that Mr Clinton had told him on their phone hotline that he was 'Good Boy Yeltsin', a first-class diplomat and an internashnal stachespershon etc.{The White House may well have secretly agreed such Russian intervention, reckoning it would help justify a distinct Russian zone of occupied Kosovo and thus the partition that is the practical alternative to Nato's own disastrous goal of harmonious multi-ethnic cohabitation.} A Daily Telegraph editorial said British top biscuit General Sir Michael Jackson had been "inexcusably frustrated", that allowing the Russians into discussions had "seriously queered KFOR's pitch" and that "Nato leaders have much to answer for."

A million refugees will require shelter for months, perhaps years.

Expenses of bombing and perhaps re-building. (World Net Daily 11 vi '99: "The West will have to make good the damage done in Kosovo, a task likely to cost much more than the $3 billion spent on the bombing campaign. The 'Allies' will try to rebuild a society in which the wealthiest and best educated of the refugees will be the least likely to want to return rather than to stay in exile in more comfortable, less stressful circumstances. Thus the rebuilding effort will lack significant indigenous resources.")

Significant hostility to Nato from Greece and Italy; German government divided. First-ever anti-Nato demonstrations in many countries.

Risk of humanitarian disaster (cholera etc.) in Serbia -- where infrastructure of water and electricity considerably disrupted as hot summer weather arrives.

Mr Milosevic is actually needed by the West to explain to Serbs that he won them a pretty good deal. Otherwise extreme Serb nationalists might take over.

Deterrence theory is now a total mess. As in the Falkland Islands, it has been established that the West can get its way -- but only at colossal cost to itself. That Madman Insane and Slobbering Milosevic should have cheeked the West after Galtieri's put-down in Argentina was itself remarkable; but the survival in office of these two 'little Hitlers' (in American and British demonology) will greatly encourage other national leaders to 'have a go.'

Although Mr Yeltsin has proved reliable, Western-Russian relations are at a post-Cold War low, and the prospects for pro-Western candidates in this winter's Russian parliamentary elections are bleak. Russia still has more than 6,000 aging nuclear missiles; the election of anti-Western forces could doom the START II arms control agreement.

Air war theory is a total mess. Evidently the experts are quite unlikely to agree whether the bombing of Serbia's 'infrastructure' (forget about the 'military') did the trick. The tide of war only turned after two months when Nato leaders agreed to talk of sending ground troops. Yet perhaps that was only talk designed to impress the Western public while America's emissary Mr Strobe Talbott negotiated a secret deal with Moscow and Belgrade. Probably no-one will ever know, though there will be enough hawkish technocrats who will contemplate 'surgical' bombing of Nato's next victim -- perhaps Macedonia or Pakistan.

Even on the third day of Nato occupation of Pristina, killings and burnings continued as between the KLA and Serb guerillas; and the first Nato soldier, a Serbian paramilitary and a German journalist were killed.

By allowing armed KLA to follow them into Pristina, Nato "is aiding and abetting the next great round of ethnic cleansing" -- Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph 14 vi '99.

Favourite Excuses

"If most of the refugees can return, Nato will have reversed ethnic cleansing and thus justified the war." ANSWER: There was little ethnic cleansing to reverse until Nato started the war. Yugoslavia's subsequent ethnic cleansing of Albanians no more justifies post hoc Nato's initial violation of international law than the United States' ethnic cleansing from the West Coast of Japanese in 1942 would have 'justified' Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

"We were dealing with genocide." ANSWER: In almost three months of accusations, little evidence of genocide has been forthcoming. {In its first three days of occupying Kosovo, Nato was told of only one mass grave -- involving 100 corpses. Unfortunately, the bodies had already be disinterred and reburied by ethnic Albanians, giving ample opportunity for adding the bodies of people who had died a natural death to those of KLA fighters. Apparently, in three months of work by Western investigators of crimes against humanity, ethnic Albanians had not been told the simple principle that evidence at the scene of a possible crime should not be disturbed.}

"What would you have done?" ANSWER: see Options Rejected, above.

"….the famous ancient general, Pyrrhus, was an Illyrian, an ancient clan to which modern Albanians like to trace their ancestry. Pyrrhus fought for the Greek Empire against the up-and-coming Roman Empire. He won two victories that so depleted his sources and resources that he feared yet another victory would undo him altogether. From his name comes the term "Pyrrhic victory'' for a victory that feels a lot more like a defeat. That seems to be what Nato has won."
      Alan W. BOCK, 1999, World Net Daily, 11 vi.

New Doubter of Neosocialist World Order

MONTREAL, 5 vi '99 -- Former Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulrooney, assailed Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia and Canada's participation in it. In an interview published by Montreal's "La Presse," Mulrooney underscored that all international interventions must be approved by the United Nations and regretted that Canada had taken part in NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.



The Third Way:
Stealth Fascism (anti-racist fascism)?

-- Tony Blair's Neo-Fascist Third Way --

By Wolf De Voon

British prime minister Tony Blair likes government and positively heaves with enthusiasm for the future of democracy. Well, he should. Tony Blair is the best thing that happened to British socialism since the invention of income tax.
      I suppose I should be grateful to have a worthy opponent. Blair's recently-published political manifesto, The Third Way: New Politics for the New Century, digs fresh ground and convincingly defends the indefensible. It is an outstanding achievement in rhetoric. He makes the welfare state seem reasonable and sane, positively essential to modern society. Coming from me, that's high praise.
      Blair gets top marks for historical creativity and truly breathtaking contradictions. "The Third Way," he explains, "is founded on the values which have guided progressive politics for more than a century -- democracy, liberty, justice, mutual obligation and internationalism... The Third Way is not an attempt to split the difference between Right and Left. It is about traditional values in a changed world... [Margaret Thatcher] asserted the primacy of individual liberty in the market economy; [Karl Marx] promoted social justice with the state as its main agent. There is no necessary conflict between the two, accepting as we do that state power is one means to achieve our goals, but not the only one and emphatically not an end in itself." ...Wow!
      Blair's values are bullet-proof: "The new constitution of the Labour Party commits us to seek the widest possible spread of wealth, power and opportunity... The rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe; rights and opportunity without responsibility are engines of selfishness and greed." It could be an ordinary share-the-wealth scam. But here comes the Blair sledgehammer, with universal obedience and obligation at the base of his Third Way: "We need to shape modern institutions of work, and the institutions in which children are brought up, on the basis of enduring values -- justice for all, responsibility from all." Every business decision will be scrutinized by government; parents will be 'policed' by state inspectors, to determine if they are raising their children properly.
      Agriculture and industry are verboten in the Blair Economy. "Services, knowledge, skills and small enterprises are its cornerstones," he cautions. "Most of its output cannot be weighed, touched or measured." (This is a politically-specific warning shot, fired at the wallets of trade unionists and three million metal bashers who voted for New Labour and are no longer economically or demographically important to the New Labour regime. Workers of the world, prepare for retirement!) If Blair's view of the economy sounds a little screw-loose, here's the party line on wealth-creation:

"We all depend on collective goods for our independence, and all our lives are enriched or impoverished by the communities to which we belong... [F]reedom for the many requires strong government... Government intervention is necessary to protect the weak..."

Blair's Third Way agenda has the raw growl of fascism: state control of everyone and everything.

"Strong communities depend on shared values and a recognition of the rights and duties of citizenship -- not just the duty to pay taxes and obey the law, but the obligation to bring up children as competent, responsible citizens, and to support those -- such as teachers -- who are employed by the state in the task. In the past we have tended to take such duties for granted. But where they are neglected, we should not hesitate to encourage and even enforce them... In all areas, monitoring and inspection are playing a key role, as an incentive to higher standards and as a means of determining appropriate levels of intervention... The Government will have powers to intervene where performance indicators or inspectors' reports show that there is a serious or persistent failure in the delivery of services."

Ostensibly, this is being done to make the trains run on time and to salvage the byzantine superstructure of Britain's government health care monopoly, the NHS, Europe's largest employer. To her everlasting shame, Mrs Thatcher lacked the courage to dismantle this medical monstrosity, doubling her NHS budget instead of calling a socialist sewer a sewer. Immune from competition and tort law, the NHS continues to neglect and butcher helpless patients, driving competent doctors and nurses from practice, widening the deeply-entrenched English "brain drain" that Tony Blair proposes to slam shut by adding another layer of inept supervisors, regulators, inspectors and informers. It is irrelevant that government officials and the Royal Family are treated by an elite cadre of private physicians in private hospitals. Hypocrisy is the least of his problems. At its core, Blair's Third Way is a prescription for totalitarian poison.
      "Money is not the only problem!" Blair shouted to the assembled Labour Party. "There are too few good state schools, too much tolerance of mediocrity, too little pursuit of excellence... We are spending more but getting less, failing to help those who need it and sometimes helping those who don't -- billions wasted every year through fraud and abuse. We have a system of unemployment benefit that asks first not how to get people into work but how to get them on to benefit."
      The Third Way? Controls, police, penalties and obedience to government. Blair sounds like a transcript of Hitler at times: "Success in life never comes without a struggle. This is our challenge. To hold firm; to show the same resolution in changing the country as we did in changing the Labour Party... The challenge we face has to be met by us together: one nation, one community... The crude individualism of the 80s is the mood no longer. The spirit of the times is community."
      And the first thing that Blair's community intends to do is censor the Internet and rub out free speech. They have already proposed that every email message and every web visit in Europe should be logged by every ISP and reported to the police, to allegedly track down pornographers and drug dealers.
      To an American reader, that probably sounds outrageous and incredible. To a European, it's par for the socialist course. Marlboros are $6 a pack. A 40W light bulb costs $1 and lasts half as long. Employment taxes are higher than the amount paid to workers. Local property tax on a single-family home averages $6,000 a year. A new pair of shoes cost $100. Wages across the board in Britain are about half of what Americans earn. People wait an average of six months for hospital treatment after diagnosis. To rectify this problem, admirers of the Third Way can chant the party wish list:

"We ask that the government undertake the obligation of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment... We demand profit-sharing in big business. We demand a broad extension of care for the aged... the greatest possible consideration of small business in the purchases of the national, state, and municipal governments... an all-around enlargement of our entire system of public education... education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents... the improvement of public health..." (Policy Platform of the National Socialist Workers (Nazi) Party, adopted in Munich, 1920)

Like Hitler before him, Mr Blair insists that nothing is predictable in the conduct of his government:

"A large measure of pragmatism is essential. As I say continually, what matters is what works to give effect to our values... There are even claims that it is unprincipled... Our approach is 'permanent revisionism,' a continual search for better means to meet our goals, based on a clear view of the changes taking place in advanced industrialized societies."

So, there you have it, comrade. The global economic crisis will prompt a series of improvizations by a man who sees himself anointed by history. Forget the misty-eyed care and concern, his carefully staged informality and scripted sound bites. Evil never announces itself as evil, threatening to destroy your happiness. It humbly defends you, and prays to God for guidance -- right, Tony?


Liberalism -- New and Old

The question of who will lead Britain's Liberal Party will be a matter of indifference to most readers of this NewsLetter. As in the USA, Britain's Liberals have disgraced themselves ever since they took up with social welfarism after 1918 and became less concerned to help the independent-minded (who had once opposed Popery and thus provided classical Liberalism's backbone) than to lavish public money on those who would long remain positively dependent on welfare. Today, British Liberals distinguish themselves in the UK media chiefly by urging more social spending than the electable, Thatcherized Labour Party deems politic; and by being even more pro-Euroland than other gravy-train-loving politicians. (Many British politicians, having nothing to do while Mr Blair enjoys a 200 seat majority, are fed up with schoolboy debates in the Mother of Parliaments and want nothing better than expense-account lunches in Brussels even with politicians whose Eurocratic thinking remains stuck in the 1970's and who can barely string a joke together in English, let alone a political philosophy.)

Still, with that said, the new leader should be Jackie Ballard, M.P. Unheard-of? Yes. As unthinking as the humorist Charles Kennedy (who is likely to be elected leader)? Possibly. A fat frump? It could be.* But the thing about Jackie is that she has the backing of the only Liberal who ever fought hard and intelligently for academic freedom. Yes, Earl Russell, the son of Bertrand Russell, has lent his support to Jackie's campaign (Times 11 vi '99). Conrad Russell says Jackie has the true beliefs of 1679 (when the party was formed to get rid of the Stuart monarchy -- a task which it managed within the decade) and opposes the "moral authoritarianism" of Rev. Blair and Home Secretary Jack Straw (who allowed the Metropolitan Police to be bullied for 'institutional racism' -- McDNLs 23 ii '99 and Spring '99). Again, says Lord Russell, Jackie disputes the simplistic psychologizing of Mr Blair who believes, along with many Conservatives, that the problem with the unemployed is that they lack 'the will to work.' -- Heaven forfend: Jackie may even believe in educational choice and specialization and fast track learning! She may even favour letting kids themselves choose how to spend the moneys collected for them by the state -- at least if they have achieved greater literacy than the average UK adult….

OK, one must not be carried away. But it is worth recalling what Conrad Russell contributed as he led opposition in the House of Lords to the Conservative abolition of academic tenure that occurred in 1988. Here at least is the reliable and intelligent liberal inspiration that neoliberalism will hopefully enjoy as it moves over the next few years to take on neosocialism.

In all this, Conrad Russell was quite outstanding. In 1988, the universities were already becoming more concerned to guarantee their continued expansion and funding than to guarantee their commitment to controversial scholars. Lord Russell may well have been the only person in Britain to appreciate what would be the impact on academic freedom of the abolition of academic tenure.

* PS  Yes, Jackie is indeed a fat frump -- though she has lost weight recently (Guardian 12 vi '99). She is also an LSE graduate, a social worker, an anti-hunting campaigner and a divorced mother of a daughter. Jackie says: "People will judge Labour on their failure to deliver women-friendly policies." Although supported in her leadership bid by Peter Brand, M.P., she exemplifies the sorry state of UK 'Liberalism' -- determined generally to rival Labour in feminazism and even old-fashioned socialism, whatever Conrad Russell might hope.

Neosocialism -- and what Next?

A UK McDNL reader reflects on the below-20% turnout at recent nation-wide elections for the 'European Parliament' (a phoney talking-shop in Strasbourg which is now elected by proportional representation -- i.e. no serious representation):

I was pondering that the NeoSocialists are sleep-walking into danger for themselves and us: they're destroying all constitutional checks and balances to their legislative excesses and ruling on the back of the supposed ``democratic legitimacy'' -- which is clearly a farce when so few people vote. But what happens when something or someone does inflame the Britoid hordes enough for them to sit up and take notice and vote -- a new Adolf Hitler or Stalin has had all the legal groundwork laid for him. In a disarmed country {without handguns}. The UK already imprisons more people per capita than any other European country under caring, sharing NeoSocialism, and we have no freedom of speech, no right to peaceable assembly, a closely controlled and heavily censored media, huge army and para-military police force, surveillance cameras on every street corner, the Echelon spy system, a school system that is nationally controlled to indoctrinate children into whatever is politically correct and to snitch on their parents and teachers...need I go on. We live in a police state already. All it needs is a change of ownership and today's nightmare will be remembered fondly as the good times...

Race Agony Corner

A mature English skinhead (graduate of Edinburgh LUniversity) writes to McDNL:

What happened to the men who made this country great? Where is the spirit of Crecy and Agincourt? I say it's genetic, immigration and inter-breeding have done for us. That and giving women the vote...

Uncle Chris replies:

The rougher element of the population which made Britain notorious for its savagery in the Elizabethan period and allowed us to beat even the great pirates of North Africa was phased out by hanging and transportation -- hence the rise of the English gentleman. The English gentleman was then destroyed in the First World War because officers were supposed to lead from the front and did so. Then the key breeding and training ground was stripped away as the Americans insisted we part with India because having an empire was a no-no and Gandhi was such a saint. Finally the grammar schools, too, were kicked away -- leaving only the low-IQ mixed-footed game of soccer as a popular sport. (One can only thank heaven that the ex-empire has preserved cricket so well -- as we have seen to our cost over the last week in the Cricket World Cup Series. THANKS FOR THE MEMORY!)
      No, I don't blame women at all in this. They long voted Conservative despite the fact that the welfare state was largely going to benefit them; and, today, they are carrying on the same way -- voting for neosocialism rather than seeing that neoliberalism is the wave of the future (with tailor-made marriages and grammar schools ooops fast track learning for the very few children they manage to produce). Nor have I noticed much intermarriage: the Pakistanis, Indians and Black gangsta-rappas wisely don't allow it, White boys are anyhow too frightened to try, and the only White girls who I see going with Black boys are conspicuously surly, spotty, or tall. As for intermarriage with East Asians, I would suggest 'the sooner the better' and that you try to work your way out of your own fixation with busty blondes and give it a try. Remember you would have Kipling on your side!

'Feminazism' Agony Corner

A London banker with a feisty Black wife writes to McDNL:

The more I read of what you write, the more I like your writing style, with the possible exception of your quirky portmanteau expressions like 'feminazi'.

Editor Chris replies:

Thanks, much appreciated. Re 'feminazism', however, I don't see how else to deal with the following problem (posed by Nora Vincent in a recent Baltimore Sun).

Are you a feminist? It's a question that every American female who has come of age since the 1970s has been asked at least once in her lifetime, and it's a question that most thoughtful girls and women have a hard time answering.
      If you say ''no,'' you're conceding that women are inferior; or, at least, that you've been conditioned by the reigning feminists of the world to think so. If you say ''yes,'' those same feminists have, to their detriment, convinced you that you're allying yourself with a group of mostly hateful, hysterical demagogues whose aim for women has never been equality, but power. The word ''feminist'' reeks of jingoism; but the word ''misogynist'' seems to be its only antonym. What's a girl to do? Or say?

My own answer is to leave 'feminism' to its historic meaning of 'seeking equal opportunity' and to introduce 'feminazism' for the pursuit of actual equality of outcome and belief in female and/or lesbian equality or superiority. I admit someone else might be more discriminating in nomenclature and I will promise to attend to possibilities. But I think what must concern the neoliberal [seeking freedom *within* the state] is the distinction between feminists and feminazies, for the latter can never be happy with the human differences that a truly liberal state must allow. (I add the -e because I dislike the habit -- lately adopted by Messrs Blair and Milosevic -- of calling opponents 'Nazi' tout court.)

Irate Non-Reader's Corner

John Bryant wrote:

I find it amusing that you appear to have cut me from your mailing list, on which I was placed by my request only a short time ago; and my comments in this letter are predicated on the assumption that you have done so deliberately, as opposed to your having been jailed, Called Home, or sent to Bedlam. ….In conclusion, I would say that if you make it a necessary condition of friendship that people agree with you both that black intelligence is the pits and diddling kids is the greatest, I'd say your friendships are going to be somewhat limited -- by the "gee, I don't know" factor.

Chris Brand replies:

The McDougall NewsLetter is available to everybody on the Net; but I send HighLights to people who seem to be sympathetic or constructively interested in the causes it advances. By contrast, my book is not available to all because Wiley, New York, have the copyright and refuse to part with it unless promised that they will never be criticized for their egregious 'politically correct' censorship of what is probably the best modern introduction to the 'g' factor for anyone over IQ 120.
      I will always be glad to hear from people who are trying to ensure that Wiley's PC censorship becomes known, condemned and reversed. Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, Glayde Whitney and I are the only four psychologists in the world to have said 'yes, we are race realists'; and more support would be welcome. Many academic psychologists need to be asked where they stand on race -- for it is disgraceful to psychology that a century of massive popularity for the subject should be ending without taxpayer-funded experts having any idea why the Black-White difference in IQ has persisted in the USA. (Sadly, many academics are too frightened to say anything -- even though the USA prides itself on having 'freedom of speech' and 'academic tenure.')
      This whole episode (which led on to my being witch-hunted at Edinburgh University) -- together with the fact that no mainstream publisher would publish Art Jensen -- is a major embarrassment for the left and PC. It exposes the illiberalism of the modern egalitarianism that has made itself a home in 'anti-racism.' Sadly, opportunities to spell this out in public have been wasted by right-wingers who are either positively keen to jail for 30 years the likes of 73-year-old Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek or otherwise are at least afraid to stand up to paedohysteria. (Frenzy about 'child abuse' has become the cutting edge at once of hysterical environmentalism, feminazism and the neosocialism which locks men up -- including the one million Blacks now held in sub-slavery conditions in US jails. Failure to admit that children differ in resilience and do not all need a Californian age of consent set at 18 is only to be expected when children's differences in IQ are denied or thought unimportant.)
      Presently I am hoping there will soon be a big cash prize for academics and students who bother to discuss the educational proposals made in 'The g Factor.' (These proposals were extracted from the book and published in the journal 'Intelligence' in 1996 ['Doing something about g', Intelligence 22, 3, 311-326].) Perhaps pecuniary interest will eventually motivate American intellectuals to overcome their fears and read what I have written. Again, I welcome support in this endeavour. Unlike 'The Bell Curve', my book has an optimistic as well as liberal message. I hope my ideas will be examined and will try to help genuine inquirers.

Cult of the Victim

America's worship of televised victims of early-life 'horrors' is not abating. Indeed, it is now deemed politic for would-be leaders of men -- and, more especially, of wymmin -- to claim that they have suffered from rotten parents and horrid siblings and thus can empathize with the TV-gawping masses. Conjuring a world that is the mirror image of all heroic 'fascism' seems to be the objective for neosocialist politicians as they establish AmericOtan's second colony in Kosovo (the Nato-dependent Bosnia being the first). They owe their only real successes to having taken belatedly on board the economic vision of President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher; and feel the need to add something of their own -- especially something that will appeal to the maternal instincts of female voters (so little indulged these days by Western women having children of their own). The resulting wallowing in misery (first it was breast cancer, then alcoholic fathers, now chronic psychiatric ailments) was splendidly exposed by CNN commentator Betsy Hart as the Clintons and Gores held a White House garden party to display their sores to the media and well-medicated psychiatric cases representing the rest of the country ('The real victims of the Gores', 11 vi '99 5:30 a.m. EDT Extracts follow.

"It turns out, [Mrs Tipper Gore] tells us in some detail, that she struggled with and was finally treated for depression herself. Sharing this bit of news with America has been called an act of "personal courage" by the elites in our culture and media. ….Now, maybe I'm old-fashioned but I tend to think of personal courage as something that belonged to, say, the young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy and not to those who simply take part in the orgy of self-revelation that has become the Holy Grail of 1990s American life.
      But. . .why should Tipper Gore be different? In today's society we are immersed in strangers telling us about their childhood sexual abuse, their eating disorders, their drug or alcohol addictions, or their self-esteem problems. We even have a former presidential candidate, Bob Dole, talking about his erectile dysfunction. We've become obsessed with self-disclosure. Today the mantra is that discretion is repression. So from the daytime television talk-shows to the White House, from celebrities to the rest of us mere mortals, it seems we've become a nation determined to reveal to large groups of complete strangers not the best of ourselves, but the most pathological.
      I doubt this has much to do with seeking healing for legitimate problems, depression included. ….No, I fear it has most to do with self-absorption and, ultimately, a society in which achieving victim status has become a crowning accomplishment. You see, to be able to say "look at me I'm injured, I'm not whole" in today's world gives us rights over other people. In its fullest expression it's the right to not be judged, to not be held responsible for our actions or the choices we make. That agenda fits perfectly with the Gore philosophy. ….Ironically, it's become today's agenda of victim-hood that's most abusive -- to human dignity."

Wallowing by neosocialist bigwigs in their one-time adversities has something to be said for it in so far as the triumph of the individual over circumstances is asserted. By such declarations, neosocialists undermine their own favourite official theory that ill health, illiteracy and unemployability are the automatic products of unfortunate early environments that more multi-billion-dollar Head Start programmes might rectify. However, to attempt to rejoice in ongoing pathology itself is a sickening anti-elitism that can only be designed to encourage and obtain the votes of other 'victims.'

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology (as per Hans Eysenck) to the tired social-environmentalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose, and clinical psychologist Oliver James; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983)* as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics. The McDNL is edited from Edinburgh by London School psychologist Chris Brand -- a Fellow of the Galton Institute, a long-standing reviewer for Nature, Times Higher and Personality & Individual Differences, and author of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996).

Race Measurement

Through the last year, this NewsLetter has reported that DNA analysis suggests there are some eight main human racial groupings (African-Negro, African-Sanids [Hottentots, Bushmen], Australian-Aboriginal, Caucasian, Amerindian, North Asian, South Asian, Oceanian)(McDNL 3 xi '98, 11 v '99, 1 vi '99; see also The g Factor Newsletter 3 ii '97). Now a study has appeared which has measured degree of European ancestral admixture in Black samples from the USA and Jamaica. Sensible-looking results emerge, with the Black samples from New Orleans and New York being more genetically European (23%, 20%)) than Black samples from Jamaica and Charleston [South Carolina] (7%, 12%); so it would now seem possible to correlate White genetic admixture with IQ. (Summary kindly supplied by Glayde Whitney.)

Parra EJ,* Marcini A, Akey J, Martinson J, Batzer MA, Cooper R, Forrester T, Allison DB, Deka R, Ferrell RE, Shriver MD (1998). 'Estimating African American admixture proportions by use of population-specific alleles.' Amer. J. Human Genetics 63, 6, 1839-51 (xii)

*  Department of Human Genetics, Allegheny University of Health Sciences, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


We analyzed the European genetic contribution to 10 populations of African descent in the United States (Maywood, Illinois; Detroit; New York; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Baltimore; Charleston, South Carolina; New Orleans; and Houston) and in Jamaica, using nine autosomal DNA markers. These markers either are population-specific or show frequency differences >45% between the parental populations and are thus especially informative for admixture. European genetic ancestry ranged from 6.8% (Jamaica) to 22.5% (New Orleans). The unique utility of these markers is reflected in the low variance associated with these admixture estimates (SEM 1.3%-2.7%). We also estimated the male and female European contribution to African Americans, on the basis of informative mtDNA (haplogroups H and L) and Y Alu polymorphic markers. Results indicate a sex-biased gene flow from Europeans, the male contribution being substantially greater than the female contribution. mtDNA haplogroups analysis shows no evidence of a significant maternal Amerindian contribution to any of the 10 populations. We detected significant non-random association between two markers located 22 cM apart (FY-null and AT3), most likely due to admixture linkage disequilibrium created in the interbreeding of the two parental populations. The strength of this association and the substantial genetic distance between FY and AT3 emphasize the importance of admixed populations as a useful resource for mapping traits with different prevalence in two parental populations.

Race Unrealism

(, Bruce Bower)


In a recent study (directed by Clark McCauley of Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania), five groups of white adults--consisting of high school and college students, graduate students in social work, members of a church choir, and members of a labor union--estimated the percentage of black U.S. citizens and all U.S. citizens matching each of seven characteristics. These included having finished high school, living in a family receiving welfare, living in a family headed by a woman, and having been unemployed in the previous month. Most of the volunteers' estimates coincided closely with U.S. Census figures, McCauley states. The few areas in which participants disagreed with government tallies involved underestimates of actual differences between blacks and the entire population.



Pity Martin Heidegger, the high priest of twentieth-century metaphysics! Heidegger was a Catholic who was always unhappy with how critical Protestantism stripped away so many bits of the rich world of Christian theology and left only what was alarmingly like subjectivism. Kant had tried to get around the critical philosophy of David Hume by talking of what the world simply must be like -- at least to our perception. Yet, never well understood in the world-beating and practically oriented British Empire, Kant was finally upstaged by Einstein discovering that there was more to space and time than four dimensions. So Heidegger applied himself afresh to the metaphysical quest -- only to plunge into greater incomprehensibility than Kant as he envisaged the great Beyond and seemed to most to plunge into placing time and experience above space and matter as fundamentals of reality. Not content, however, with the obscurity in which most of his work could easily have remained, Heidegger decided to take on at once the Church, science and the bourgeoisie; and, for the icing on the cake, threw himself into adulation of the Nazis from his powerful position as Rector of Freiburg University. Already a hard act with which to win sympathy -- though elevated post-1970 lefties have tried -- Heidegger threw in a romantic liaison with Hannah Arendt; although, maintaining mystification, he periodically gave her the brush off as if kow-towing to his Nazi sponsors. Strange, since the Nazis didn't know the great philosopher was having an affair with a Jewess. But now the secret has been revealed. Yes, it was Mrs Arendt who provided the major inhibitions on Heidegger's bonking -- making "hell on earth" for Arendt whenever she turned up. So what is the verdict of MH's latest biographer? 'Heidegger lived in a dream world', reckons Rudiger Sakranski (Martin Heidegger, Harvard University Press, £UK24); and Times Higher's reviewer Denis McManus (U. Southampton) agrees this is "a sadly plausible verdict." Through the years when Bertie Russell and Freddie Ayer in unphilosophical England had scarcely a day without a legova situation, Germany's idol of the mind, who was teaching to Sartre that existence came before essence, had his head well and truly stuck in the clouds.

Aesthetic Philosophy

For years, constructibabblers and kindred relativists have doubted the nineteenth-century view that Rembrandt discovered human individuality in painting just as Shakespeare had done the same job in literature. No, say the critics, Rembrandt was too far ahead of other painters. Anyway, all those self-portraits all exhibit different moods and different funny hats. Simply, they say, Rembrandt was practising how to register surprise, happiness and anger; and how to paint the costumes that his sitters would wear. Fortunately, this ghastly idea -- denying the progress of Rembrandt towards the towering wisdom, kindness, suffering and cynicism of his later portraits -- can now be disproved. As early as 1633, Charles I of England had in his gallery a Rembrandt portrait that was not titled 'Angry Man', 'Nightcap' or whatever but plainly 'Self-portrait of Rembrandt', plainly indicating that the very fact that the picture was of the great artist was expected to be significant.


(Sunday Times 13 vi '99)

Replying to the idea of unreconstructed behaviourist Michael Howe that genius is largely a matter of hard work (McDNL 8 vi '99), Martin Bradley (Tamworth, Staffordshire) makes two great points:

  1. It was well known that Amadeus Mozart had been intensively tutored by his musically gifted father, Leopold. As a result, many families attempted to replicate the experiment. One father who threw himself into the effort was the alcoholic Johann Beethoven: he locked his son into rooms for hours to practise the harpsichord and violin. (Ludwig first appeared as a performer before the public at age six [Johann billed him as four].) However, despite Europe-wide enthusiasm for such projects there were no other geniuses to show for them. (Ludwig himself did not in fact make a great impression in early childhood. His first compositions were published when he was 13. -- Jan Swafford, New Guide to Classical Music.)
  2. The most likely story of what happens in such cases was noted by Hans Eysenck. Writing of one of the very few cases of transmission from father to son of top-flight intellect, Eysenck observed that John Stuart Mill's father was "lucky to have a son whose genes made him receptive to such teaching as he received."

Sibling Saga

The German public has been astonished to learn that the successful Gerhard Schroeder, 55, has an unemployed brother, Vossler, 52, who smokes cheap cigarettes and is barely up and about by the time that journalists call at his apartment in an area chiefly occupied by Turkish Gastarbeiter.
      Could this be sibling rivalry at work -- as notoriously in the case of both Mrs Thatcher and Mr John Major, who had both left sorry sisters behind them? Not according to Vossler. He didn't care for Gerhard's last wife who wouldn't answer the phone from him if he hadn't shaved; but he likes the latest trophy-wife replacement just fine. No, it is not an emotional thing. Simply, the two are only half-brothers: Gerhard's father was killed on the Russian front in 1944 and the mother remarried and bore Vossler after the war.


The still-current issue of Intelligence (Vol. 26, No. 3, 1998) is a special issue devoted to Arthur Jensen and his work. It contains 13 articles on Jensen, plus a lengthy bibliography of all of his publishing. Authors range from Linda Gottfredson and Phil Rushton to Robert Sternberg, Sandra Scarr and Nat Brody. The subscription department of the publisher, Ablex, can be reached at 203-323-9606 and they do sell single issues; but they do not say why production of the journal seems to have ground to halt with this Autumn 1998 issue. {Could it possibly contain some race realism?… Academics are today so craven that even this journal -- which published the educational proposals of The g Factor in November 1996 -- may be hanging by a thread.}

Louis Andrews writes:
The special tribute to Arthur Jensen issue of Intelligence (26:3) has an especially powerful article by Sandra Scarr. Concerning her much re-analysed transracial adoption study, Scarr writes:

"The test performance of the Black/Black adoptees was not different from that of ordinary Black children reared by their own families in the same area of the country. My colleagues and I reported the data accurately and as fully as possible, and then tried to make the results palatable to environmentally committed colleagues. In retrospect, this was a mistake. The results of the transracial adoption study can be used to support either a genetic difference hypothesis or an environmental difference one (because the children have visible African ancestry)."

And on Gould and other such "thugs with pens," Scarr writes:

"Art has also endured abuse from thugs with pens instead of megaphones. Personally, I have no empathy for politically driven liars, who distort scientific facts in a misguided and condescending effort to protect an impossible myth about human equality (= identity). Art believes he understands the motives of the Marcus Feldmans, Steven Jay Goulds, and Leon Kamins of the intellectual world. They seem to speak his language, albeit with forked tongues. I find them despicable, because they have the knowledge and intellect to know that they deliberately corrupt science. To deny falsely the scientific evidence that nearly all measurable human traits are moderately to highly heritable is to deny parents and policy makers essential knowledge to run their own lives and the society as a whole. Self-appointed saviors of the equality myth are far more dangerous to an honest psychological science than a hundred outraged groupies who don't know that the lecture was supposed to be about anyway."

Eugenics Corner

The Autumn-Winter 1998 issue of the journal Science in Context (11, 3 & 4) is now available. It is devoted to the theme, "Eugenic Thought and Practice: A Reappraisal" and is comprised of papers presented in 1997 in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at a conference, "Eugenic Thought and Practice: A Reappraisal Towards the End of the Twentieth Century." The issue was edited by Raphael Falk, Diane B. Paul, Garland Allen and Snait Gissis; and contains a paper by Jonathan Benjamin, "Genes for Human Personality Traits," pp. 357-372. For information on the journal, see: .

Sex Differences




On the Rarity of Mathematically and Mechanically Gifted Females: A Life History Analysis


Patricia Hausman

Engineering and certain physical sciences demand high levels of both mathematical and mechanical (HMHM) ability -- a cognitive pattern found primarily among males. A small number of females also demonstrate this pattern. However, its correlates have not been examined longitudinally.
      This study compared life histories of females with the HMHM pattern to those of other college-capable women. Using a model adapted from Helmuth Nyborg's theory of general trait co-variance, it predicted that HMHM females would have characteristics suggesting low lifetime exposure to estrogens or to a high androgen/estrogen ratio. Subjects were 127 females from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.
      Most somatic and reproductive predictions were supported. HMHM females matured more slowly than controls and were taller, thinner, and more physically active. Reproductive histories proved particularly noteworthy. HMHM females lost almost 25% of their pregnancies to miscarriage or stillbirth, and almost half were childless as of their early to late 30s. Controls had more pregnancies and births and much lower rates of childlessness and pregnancy loss. Limited data on contraceptive use did not explain the fertility differential. HMHM females showed less religiosity than controls, but other psychological predictions were inconclusive or not supported.
      Follow-up analysis considered whether study variables co-varied with general ability. Both groups were compared to a third (HI-IQ) group equal to HMHM females in general ability but lacking marked mechanical aptitude. Means for HI-IQ females on somatic and reproductive traits were generally intermediate to those of HMHM and control groups. By contrast, HMHM males showed some reproductive advantage over HI-IQ males.
      The results indicate that HMHM females differ biologically from controls and are consistent with reports that sex hormones influence cognitive architecture. The findings further suggest that the rarity of the HMHM pattern in females is best explained by the Darwinian principle of sexual selection. Evolutionary pressures select against characteristics that inhibit reproductive success. In females, factors associated with the HMHM pattern appear to fall into this category. The limitations of the study, recommendations for further research, and suggested modifications to the study model are discussed. The need to replicate the findings in larger populations is stressed.


Quotes of the Week
"Nato is now feasting on Balkan fudge."
      Simon Jenkins, top Times political columnist, 11 vi '99.
``I'm sure we'll be able to work this out in the fashion that soldiers normally do.''       Nato's top commander in Europe, General Wesley Clark, 12 vi '99, at the daily NATO briefing today in Brussels, when told Russian troops had raced to occupy Pristina Airport. Clark said he didn't anticipate problems with the Russian soldiers, with whom he said NATO troops had worked with before in the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. {Bosnia enjoys de facto partition.}
"The Empire is back. Listen to a United Nations official in Bosnia explaining how he is trying to teach Muslims and Serbs to live together and you hear the voice of the old British district commissioner dispensing justice under the palm tree. ….There is now a consensus for brisk intervention to save lives and damn the sensibilities of local political elites."
      Ferdinand MOUNT, Sunday Times 13 vi '99.
"What she has to say about men in thrall to the penis is challenging, sympathetic and intelligent."
      Antony CLARE, media psychiatrist and director of Dublin's top security Dundrum Hospital, reviewing therapist Susie Orbach's ramble around her analysands in her new book, The Impossibility of Sex (Penguin, 1999).

Student Corner

Help from the Editor

For an attempt to outline a wonderful fifty-year eugenic conspiracy, designed to overthrow democracy and install racism in the West, see:
At the heart of the alleged conspiracy is the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). This organization "has been supported by British taxpayers' money since 1967, the same year abortion was introduced in England. In 1980 the British government gave IPPF 2,000,000 British pounds; by 1987, 6,000,000 British pounds. (Association of Lawyers for the Defence of the Unborn newsletter). The Cairo Conference allocated 17 billion tax dollars, mainly from the US, for population control. The IPPF is to be the real administrator of these funds." The Bell Curve and The g Factor are meant to be key modern parts of the conspiracy. My own work is supposed to have been paid for by the Pioneer Fund.

Poetry Corner

(Sunday Times 13 vi '99)

Dylan Thomas, Britain's greatest poet since Shakespeare, is now being said to have had an American girlfriend whose effort to minister to him led to his booze-sodden death in New York in 1953. According to letters recently sold to pay for Alzheimers treatment for the lady, the woman had urged Thomas to take the then state-of-the-art drug for his diabetes -- a common problem for alcoholics. It was the interaction of cortisone, drink, and just possibly the woman that is now thought to have killed Dylan. On arriving for the death rites, Thomas's wife, Caitlin, went into a frenzy at discovering the female admirer and had to be put into a straitjacket and confined temporarily to a New York lunatic asylum.

Political Correctness

(CFMR 11 vi '99, 10:00)

'Sensitivity' has for a decade been the watchword of witch-hunters snooping out alleged offences against minority groups -- especially against wymmin. 'Insensitivity' was the core and multiply re-stated charge of Edinburgh LUniversity's Tribunal against Chris Brand in 1996/7. Today, even the notoriously gargantuan, tyrannical, near-monopolistic and behemothic British Gas Board, selling a product of which Britain has a superabundance, viz. natural North Sea gas, has taken the new lingo on board, writing to a customer as follows.

We note with regret your complaint that charges to you have risen in the past year by 100%. However, our charges compare favourably with other energy sources, only exceeding them on some average estimates. You will also be pleased to know that we promise to review charges in future and increase them only with sensitivity.







RACE REALISM -- If races 'don't exist', nor can (i) breeds of dogs, (ii) human languages!

HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION -- As two British Gurkha soldiers are blown to bits outside Pristina, the New York Times prepares for the next neosocialist bombing to achieve world-wide multicultural togetherness.



Brain and Genius



(Lancet 18 vi '99, Sandra F. Witelson, Debra L. Kigar & Thomas Harvey,
'The exceptional brain of Albert Einstein' <>;
Times 18 vi '99, Ian Murray; New York Times 18 vi '99, 'Key to intellect may lie in folds of Einstein's brain', Lawrence K. Altman; BBCR4UK 18 vi '99, 08:20)

Canadian scientist and sex realist Sandra Witelson (Dept. Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University, Hamilton) has overturned half a century of scientific convention.
      Before Albert Einstein (1879-1955) died, he had undergone EEG testing and said that he wanted scientists to study his brain after his death; but behaviourism was all the rage in the biology-denying period that followed 1945. Once it turned out that Einstein's brain had a normal weight, this finding was readily accepted as showing the unimportance of biology; and the brain was injected with and suffused in 10% formalin and kept in a fruit jar on the kitchen shelf of the New Jersey pathologist who conducted the original autopsy. (According to several accounts, the pathologist, Dr. Thomas Harvey, kept the brain in a jar after he retired from Princeton and at one time it sat in a cardboard box that once held apple cider behind a beer cooler in his study in Lawrence, Kansas.) Later the brain was cut up into 240 cubes each embedded in celloidin to allow pieces for lending to interested researchers, but no-one looked at the whole picture until the now elderly pathologist heard of Witelson's researches on sex differences and mathematics and contacted McMaster University.       Witelson was able to compare Einstein's brain with those of 35 men and 56 women (including singers, architects and blue-collar workers) known to have normal intelligence when they died, and in particular with those of 8 men of the same age at death and having a mean IQ of 116 (s.d. 9). It transpired that, in just one respect, Einstein's cerebral hemispheres were radically different from all the other 182 studied: the area between the posterior ascending branch of the Sylvian fissure and the postcentral sulcus was filled -- the usual inter-lobe groove was missing.

The discovery that Einstein's brain had 15%-enlarged parietal lobes and lacked the gap, the parietal operculum, normally found between the temporal and parietal lobes did not disconcert IQ-bashing behaviourist Professor Michael Howe (McDNLs 1 vi and 8 vi '99). (Who once persuaded the Lancet that IQ's are 'mere numbers' -- see Lancet 337, pp. 678-9, and The g Factor, Wiley DePublisher, Chapter 4, pp. 148-150.) Appearing on the BBC's flagship programme, 'Today', Who announced that practice could have accounted for Einstein's brain anatomy -- just as violinists have distinctive areas in their right hemispheres associated with use of the left hand for fingering the keyboard.

Howe was doubtless referring to the paper by Elbert, TH., Pantev, C., Wienbruch, C. Rochstroh, B. & Taub, E., 1995, 'Increased cortical representation of the fingers of the left hand in string players.' Science 270, 305-307 (McDNL 12 i '99). Yet this work itself established only an association, not a cause-and-effect relation. Similarly, the cause of the distinctive gay brain anatomy (discovered in the 1990's) remains unknown (Levay, 1994, Scientific American). As to the gap lacking in Einstein's brain, Professor Witelson said it is likely that it had always been absent in that part of Einstein's brain, rather than shrinking away as a result of his intelligence or application. As one of the two or three landmarks in the human brain, the parietal operculum "normally develops during fetal life," and is present at birth say the Lancet authors (citing Chi et al., 1977, Annals of Neurology 1). There was no sign of Einstein's remarkable morphology in any of Witelson et al.'s 91 control subjects. The enlarged area of Einstein's brain, the inferior parietal lobe, is situated about the level of the ear, starting in the front of the brain and extending two-thirds of the way back.

Witelson theorized that the partial absence of the gap in Einstein's brain may be the key, because it might have allowed more neurons in this area to establish connections between each other and work together more easily. The result could have been to link verbal, numerical and spatial thinking. Einstein himself once said of his mathematical thought processes: "Words do not seem to play a role, but there is an associative play of more or less clear images of a visual and muscular type." The great German mathematician-physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) is also thought to have had an enlarged parietal lobe (E. A. Spitzke, 1907, American Philosophical Society 21). In Einstein's case, the enlargement was greater on the left hand side -- resulting in unusual left-right symmetry of his parietal lobes; Einstein's temporal lobe and other areas were correspondingly smaller than normal.

Certainly, Einstein's genius owed nothing to any early identification, labelling or encouragement: notoriously, Einstein was unhappy at school, did not shine, was not considered promising and was finally expelled. Earlier in life, he had actually appeared handicapped: Einstein's mother worried that he might be retarded because his head seemed large and misshapen at birth and his speech was slow to develop. (Einstein did not speak until he was 3 years old and later had trouble forming sentences.)

Brought on to 'Today' by the BBC to stick up for the idea that Einstein had some kind of potential -- as well as being undoubtedly an avid student of maths and physics from age 12 or 13 -- Professor John Radford (North East London Polytechnic University) said Einstein may have had, er, some kind of, er, potential. Discussion between the two British experts proceeded without the word 'intelligence' once being mentioned; nor could the two professors name any other type of human potential or motivation that could be measured so as to allow predictive study of which children might go on to become geniuses. Nor was any reference made to Howard Gardner who -- whatever his reservations about the g factor -- sticks with Thurstonianism and does not go along with Who's Watsonian belief in the plasticity of man. -- Gardner once told UK radio listeners that "There is no way Einstein could have been Stravinsky, or vice versa...." (BBCR4UK, 30 i '93).

Although Einstein's theorizing was completely revolutionary, he did not fit Frank Sulloway's idea that innovative thought is more characteristic of uppity, later-born children. Like Kepler, Luther, Newton, Robespierre and Freud before him, the Bavarian-born Jewish patent officer was a firstborn. Nor did Einstein himself attribute his success to hard work or discipline. Talking about himself and Max Planck [1858-1947, the formulator of quantum theory], Einstein once said that the devotion of his friend and himself to work sprang from an 'immediately felt need' which he likened to the experience of a deeply religious man or a man in love (A. Vallentin, 1954, Einstein, London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson). Einstein was also known to believe that creative scientists were those who had 'access to their dreams.' (Not that Einstein was any kind of straightforward softie: at university, he was considered too arrogant.) Discussing Einstein's extra-connected brain, Professor Witelson told the New York Times: "We don't know if it was genetic, but if I had to guess I'd say it was."

It will be interesting to see how Who gets on in tutorials at Exeter about the parietal operculum. Already, Who does not go far enough for some…:

"Genius is a superstition.... There's no such thing as the intellect. A man's brain is a social product. -- A sum of influences that he's picked up from those around him. Nobody invents anything, he merely reflects what's floating in the social atmosphere. A genius is an intellectual scavenger and a greedy hoarder of the ideas which rightfully belong to society, from which he stole them."
      'Dr Ferris', one of the bêtes-noires in Ayn RAND's Atlas Shrugged. New York : Random House, 1957.

The Witelson et al. article cites:
Gardner (Frames of Mind) as source for the view that there are different types of intelligence;
Gould (Mismeasure of Man) as source for the finding that Nobelist Anatole France 1844-1924)
      had a very small brain; and
Wickett et al. (1994, Personality & Individual Diffs.) as source for recent observations that the
      size of live brains correlates with IQ. (The weight of Einstein's own brain was unremarkable
      at least at post mortem examination, but its volume was not assessed before it was preserved.)

For other recent phrenological breakthroughs, see McDNLs Spring '99, e.g. JUNG ANTICIPATED 'BRAIN versus BRIAN' (r/K) RACE THEORY
Tramo, M. J. et al. refuted;
Rushton, J.P., 1999;
Brains of males owed size to white matter rather than to gray (McDNL 18 v '99);

{The leisurely pace of modern physiological psychology is demonstrated by this week's Nature (17 vi '99). There, brain scientist Jeffrey Gray (Hans Eysenck's successor at the Maudsley Hospital) has just got around to reviewing Rita Carter's book about the brain, Mapping the Mind (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1998, £UK25-00). -- The book was reviewed in McDNL 27 x '98!}

PS  For the New York Times (24 vi '99), cognibabbling Steven Pinker was given the task of respectfully licking the arse of a distraught Stephen Jay Gould. Pinker kindly insisted that the Witelson et al. finding was not at all what vain, wicked, racist and simplistic nineteenth-century phrenologists had in mind…. However, Pinker did not seem to know that 'phrenology' was just an early name for what the twentieth century has called 'physiological psychology' and 'neuropsychology.' (The term for the study of skull bumps was 'craniology.') Pinker further admitted: "The difference between the inferior parietal lobules of Einstein and of us mortals is not subtle. Our lobules are deeply cleaved by a branch of the Sylvian fissure, the horizontal Grand Canyon of each cerebral hemisphere. Einstein's fissure veered sharply upward, skirting the lobule and leaving it undivided." (Steven Pinker, a professor of cognitive science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the author of ``The Language Instinct'' and ``How the Mind Works.'' Pinker's affection for pop evolutionizing is seldom matched by commitment to even the most basic findings of psychogenetics: although he troubles leftists by saying that genes and biology are important, he carefully avoids the key topic of IQ -- preferring happy-clappy 'modules' that are allow everyone to be good a something. Not even the left is much impressed by Pinker's evasions -- see evoburblers like Pinker "hope to avoid political objections by concentrating on common traits, not individual, sexual, and racial differences.")
      In Britain, an editorial in the IQ-bashing New Scientist also tried to pooh-pooh the Einstein advance: "[Compared to the days of Einstein] we now know a lot more about cognitive modules within the brain. But still not nearly enough to even begin guessing whether Einstein owed his genius to his childhood experiences, his reading, his friends, his incredible motivation or any of a thousand other factors. But let's be thankful for that. It would be a dull word if our great talents -- and weaknesses -- could be measured by a brain scan."


More details have arrived from McDNL's Science Correspondent of both:

Chronicle of Higher Education [USA] 28 v '99


Conservative Groups Blast Psychology Journal
Over Paper on Sexual Abuse


Religious groups and conservative members of Congress are condemning the American Psychological Association for publishing a paper in which researchers argued that not all instances of sex between adults and children cause psychological harm to the children. The critics say the association condones the sexual abuse of children; the group says the attacks could chill future research.
      The paper, which appeared last July in Psychological Bulletin, a bimonthly journal published by the association, recommended that some behaviors now defined by scientists as abuse be reclassified as "adult-child sex." The authors were Bruce Rind, of Temple University; Philip Tromovitch, of the University of Pennsylvania; and Robert Bauserman, formerly at the University of Michigan and now a state-government consultant on AIDS prevention.
      The Christian Coalition last week called the study "repugnant and socially irresponsible" for saying that minors may in some cases consent to, or enjoy, sex with adults. "It is imperative that we protect our children from an ominous and encroaching campaign to harm them and ruin their innocence," the coalition said in a statement urging President Clinton to denounce the A.P.A. and the report. Four Republican Congressmen -- Representatives Tom DeLay, of Texas; Joseph R. Pitts, of Pennsylvania; Matt Salmon, of Arizona; and Dave Weldon, of Florida -- are sponsoring a resolution (H.C.R. 107) harshly criticizing the association's decision to publish the paper. The report also elicited angry commentary from the Family Research Council, a national group that says it promotes "the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which it is built," and the popular radio psychologist Laura Schlessinger.
      The psychology association and the authors of the paper say it in no way condones sex between children and adults. The report, they point out, explicitly distinguishes between moral or legal views of abuse -- that is, "wrongfulness" -- and scientific definitions of the term, or "harmfulness." The report said psychologists had a history of "conflating morality and law with science," and noted that behaviors such as cunnilingus, fellatio, homosexual sex, masturbation, and promiscuous sex were once defined as pathological. The authors wrote that by putting in the same category such behaviors as a father's repeated rape of his 5-year-old daughter and the willing sexual involvement of a 15-year-old boy with an unrelated adult, the current broad scientific definition of abuse obscured its causes and effects.
The findings "do not imply that moral or legal definitions of or views on behaviors currently classified as [childhood sexual abuse] should be abandoned or even altered," the report said. The critics also misunderstood what the article meant by "consent," the authors said. "We neither stated nor implied that children can give informed consent to such experiences." Rather, psychologists have used the word "consent" to mean the victim's own perception of his or her level of participation, a factor that bears on the resulting mental health of the victim, the authors explained.
      The article, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," reviewed 59 studies of college students who reported having had sexual relations with adults when they were younger than 18, or with other children when physical force was involved. The sexual encounters included acts such as the invitation to do something sexual, exhibitionism, fondling, masturbation, oral sex, attempted intercourse, and completed intercourse. Finding that two-thirds of sexually abused men and more than a quarter of sexually abused women had reported neutral or positive reactions, the authors concluded that scientists should not assume that sexual abuse always causes pervasive, intense harm.


The media problem started when NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) got hold of the Psychol. Bull. article. They used it at their website to say, effectively, "There's nothing wrong with paedophilia. See, even the APA endorses it!" Then, an outraged Dr. Laura Schlessinger, talk-radio hostess and pop psychologist, declared open season on academic-psychological researchers, dismissing meta-analysis as bad science and psychologists and the APA in general as defenders of immorality. (Doctor Laura had climbed to popularity on the basis of her background as a 'therapist.')


Soon, faced with media pressure, the APA caved in: 15 vi '99


Psych Group Backs Off Child-Adult Sex Study

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Psychological Association….now says it is going to look before it leaps into publishing controversial research again. …. It now says it will consider social policy implications before publishing controversial research. The group also says that because of the backlash, it will prepare legal documents that could be used to fight attempts to "legitimize pedophilia" in courts. Further, Raymond D. Fowler, chief executive officer of the 159,000-member APA, said the board of directors of the group will have experts evaluate the controversial study and then make public the findings. ….In addition, Fowler said APA lawyers are preparing briefs that could be used to help challenge any effort to use the data in the study to "justify, condone or normalize child-adult sex." Besides having the controversial study evaluated by experts, APA journal editors have now been told that they must "fully consider the social policy implications of articles on controversial topics," Fowler said.


Pariah Corner


Fashion for left-wing paedohysteria explained and rejected

To: The Editor, The Scotsman [Edinburgh]

13 vi 1999

Dear Sir,
               For the second time in six months, I read in your columns that I condone paedophilia (Ian S. Bruce, 'In defiance of science', Scotsman, c. 12 vi '99, Interactive at Having already explained that I do not approve of paedophilia (Scotsman, 22 December 1998), I wonder what else I can do to avoid what you and your staff must realize to be highly dangerous allegations.
      My position is that I fully support all lawful and proportionate efforts to punish and redress harm -- especially to children; but I maintain (along with a recent review of 59 studies published in the prestigious Psychological Bulletin [June, 1998]) that many non-violent incidents of paedophilia (especially involving intelligent teenage boys) are in fact harmless. Like many, I equally do not advocate or condone or approve of prostitution; but I accept that much prostitution does no demonstrable harm and thus merits no judicial punishment.
      I realize such a claim about paedophilia surprises those who believe that we are all the creatures of our environments and might thus be improved by the massive social spending schemes over which they wish to preside; but researches of the past two decades -- now surfacing in such popular books as The Nurture Assumption (Judith Rich Harris, 1998, Free Press) -- make quite clear such environmentalism is wrong. People and their typical levels of happiness are not the products of events that happen to them. For example, siblings who grow up together have nothing to show by way of personal similarity for their years of shared experiences. Rather, people's personalities and attitudes are the products of their genes and of the way in which they choose to negotiate their original family situations. Just as many who experience poverty, illness and parental deprivation come to no harm and indeed draw strength from their experiences, so most intelligent teenagers are quite capable of making up their own minds about paedophilic advances -- as about the sexual temptations to which they are often exposed by members of their peer groups.
      That is why I urged clemency for a 73-year-old Nobel prizewinner facing 30 years imprisonment in the USA for offences of non-violent molestation after he had proved a wonderful father to his many adopted children. I am also critical of sending US murderers (whether White or, as in many cases, Black) to the electric chair, or imprisoning them for decades; and I have not agreed with the recent policy of bombing Serbia 'back to the Stone Age.' Such preferences for avoiding savage punishment do not mean that I approve of murder or ethnic cleansing. My views on such matters are classically, if boringly liberal and are shared by many psychologists and psychiatrists. On paedophilia, my views have not been publicly challenged by a single Scottish academic; indeed, they never attracted the slightest interest until critics of my race realism turned to pondering how they could persuade Edinburgh University to fire me.
      I am yours sincerely, Chris Brand.

Patriarchal Primates


-- Third World groups and their social workers ooops anthropologists face competition as it turns out that culture no longer distinguishes man from beasts --

Chimpanzees can identify family likeness from black and white photos of faces of unknown conspecifics. Researchers Lisa Parr and Frans de Waal, of the Yerkes Primate Center at Emory University in Atlanta (reporting in Nature 17 vi '99), have found that chimpanzees can spot facial likenesses between female chimpanzees and their sons. But not between the females and their daughters. Spotting the identity and connections of males is apparently important in chimpanzee society -- with its complex 'political' alliances where males take considerable risks for each other. {By contrast, what matters about a female is chiefly her bottom.}

Such is the main clue to the nature of chimpanzee philosophy to emerge in a week that has rocked social anthropology to its foundations as another Nature report found cultural differences across seven groups of chimpanzees in Africa (in whether to wash potatoes, in how to eat ants, in whether to scrape out bone marrow for eating, and in whether rain-dancing and nut-cracking are attempted). Previously, social anthropologists claimed culture as their own distinct field of study and marvelled at third-world humans on the edge of extinction who have their own cultures; but it now turns out that chimpanzee folkways also show "combined repertoires that are highly distinctive" (Andrew Whiten, Jane Goodall, Bill McGrew* et al., Nature 17 vi; also Frans B. M. de Waal, News & Views, 'Cultural primatology comes of age'). ``We've known for some while that animals have traditions but the scale and complexity of what we've discovered here brings chimpanzees closer to us. I think it emphasizes the continuity between ourselves and the rest of nature,'' said Whiten.

Most behavioral differences that set animals apart, such as a dialect among certain song birds, are restricted to one or two traits. Even the chimp researchers were surprised when they found 39 behaviours that could not be accounted for by locality variables (like availability of nuts for cracking). The characteristic behaviour of the animals shows "patterns of variation far more extensive than previously documented," say the authors; although Whiten told BBCR4UK (20 vi '99, 09:30) "I don't want to claim that chimpanzees are little people in furry coats. …In humans, much culture is mediated by language." The apes' group differences might be genetic; but Whiten and colleagues found no evidence that habits vary more between, than within, the three main subspecies of chimpanzee, so known genetic differences do not account for the observed variability.

Unfortunately, the studies -- involving 150 years-worth of observations 'in the field' by dedicated men with beards -- convey little impression of any of the cultures being any more coherent or rational in its approach to life than are many of those found among homo branches in sub-Saharan Africa and New Guinea. All that can be said at present is that most of the group differences in habits and conventions concern feeding and grooming. Sex, aggression and patriarchy do not seem to lend themselves to the relaxed development of local variations -- perhaps not too surprising when the cracking of nuts, after demonstration by elders, takes juniors many years of practice to master.

*  In an apparent breakthrough for multimedia studies, the gentle and genial Bill McGrew now holds positions at once in departments of Zoology, Sociology, Gerontology and Anthropology (at Miami University, Ohio).

Black-on-Black 'Racism'


Chicago Shootings Fuel 'Racism' Issue

Racism may only be preventable by never arresting
Black people under any circumstances.

Associated Press 16 vi '99


CHICAGO -- Police shoot and kill two young, unarmed blacks. Protesters converge on City Hall. The Rev. Al Sharpton calls a rally at police headquarters. Black leaders denounce racism in police ranks.
      The scenario may sound familiar, but these cases have a twist: The officers who pulled the trigger are black.
      Now Chicago's police department, which has long promoted minority hiring as a way to stamp out racism, is struggling with whether minority officers can be racist. The notion isn't so farfetched, according to some black veteran officers. "In policing, the description of a good police officer is that of a white male, so the whole philosophy, the whole culture there is white," said Ronald Hampton, a retired Washington, D.C., police officer and executive director of the National Black Police Association. Hampton said police often get the impression that minorities commit most crimes. And that in turn makes officers -- regardless of race -- more likely to target minorities, he said.




BBC Chairperson Sir Christopher Bland {sic} wrote to the Sunday Times (20 vi '99) to insist that he had "always been a wholehearted believer in racial equality." This gave the Sunday Times the opportunity to re-assert that Sir Christopher had, in 1962, proposed apartheid for London -- with no streets to be allowed to become more than 50% Black.

22 vi '99  

USA (Times 16 vi '99) -- As a second British citizen in two years was found guilty in America of shaking a baby to death, her lawyer condemned the decision. Under a Californian law of 1996 which treats child abuse resulting in harm to toddlers as murder, Mrs Manjit Basuta, a Sikh woman of British citizenship who had set up a child care agency in the USA employing unregistered immigrant childminders, was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. But she claimed the baby had already been injured during punishment by parents; and her lawyer, Eugene Iredale, said, "Child protection is a secular religion that has run out of control here."

KOSOVO 18 vi '99 -- The frail, 84-year old Serbian Orthodox spiritual leader, Patriarch Pavle, said he would move to the dangerous, KLA-infested city of Pec, in western Kosovo, to show solidarity with the region's Serb minority. Meanwhile all armed players in the Kosocaust (YA, KLA, Nato) continued to take unchristian pride in the three-month destruction they had wrought by refusing to contemplate partition and community choice. {While ethnic Albanians accuse Serbs of atrocities, no one seems to estimate how many of the former were killed as 'traitors' by the KLA, or how many of their houses were looted and torched not by Serbs but by gypsies.}

COLOGNE 20 vi '99 -- After $US4 billion expenditure on the Kosovo question, and more to come (watch the Europeans try to argue down their share!), Emperor Clinton and sidekick Bomber Blair did a peace dance with 'indicted war criminal' Slobodan Milosevic -- the guy they called Hitler -- and with Borish Yeltshin who needs more money for the 3,000 troops with which he will police Kosovo 'alongside' Nato forces. {Exactly what $US4 billion would have bought if offered to Mr Milosevic in March remains unknown; but it is inconceivable that it would not have prevented Kosovo's tidal flows of refugees -- lately including 60,000 Serbs fleeing Kosovo and Nato's crazy plan for multicultural inter-coexistence.}

SOUTHAMPTON (Times 17 vi '99) -- Britain's world of soccer was rocked to its foundations as handsome, blue-eyed ex-player David Jones, 42, now manager of Southampton Football Club was charged with paedophilic offences. Jones, who previously played for a top English team, Everton [Liverpool] has three children. He has been released on bail will go on trial in September. {Among Britoids, it is generally supposed that paedophilia is only a penchant of demasculinized old men in greasy raincoats.}

LONDON -- Better off with paedophilia -- A couple are appearing in a London court charged with killing three of their seven children. Investigators found a scene of filth and squalor with stinking nappies, sick children and urine-soaked mattresses when they gained entry to the home of Keith, 37, and Tracie, 26. The IQ's of Keith and Tracie are not known.

NOTTINGHAM (CFMR 18 vi '99, 11:00) -- Paedohysterical protesters entered Nottingham Gaol by scaling the walls and encamped on the gatehouse roof. The men, aged around 30, wanted to show that, if they could easily get in, then it would be easy for paedophiles to get out. Recently the Home Office Prison Department has spent £UK50 million preparing a special bedsit complex in the grounds of the prison to hold released paedophiles needing protection from the British public. It is intended that the violent paedophiles Robert Oliver (McDNL 21 x '97 et seq., 'Lynch Mob Corner') and Lennie Smith (44, just released after six years prison for an assault on a six-year-old boy) should be housed in Nottingham and allowed into town only with an escort of two plainclothes prison officers. The three protesters had sixteen children of their own between them. {It is a pity that, in such protests, no distinction is made between paedophilia and paedosadism. A difference has been remarked by forensic-psychological top biscuit Professor David Canter (McDNL, 23 ii '99). Still, even paedosadists deserve the protection of the law until New Labour adopts the logical course of transporting them -- followed soon by many other recidivists, unemployables and illiterates who would be better off with a fresh start far from censorious UK.}

TRALEE, County Kerry, Éire (Classic FM Radio 16 vi '99, 21:00)  --  Statute of Limitations -- Four elderly Catholic monks have been charged with scores of paedophilic crimes dating back 50 years to days when they taught at a former schools.

DENVER (Reuters) - Teenagers crave time and attention from parents, do not trust teachers and are afraid to snitch on kids who have guns, students told a conference on youth violence, two months after the Columbine High School shooting. Pupils want to be able to make secret reports to school authorities, media were told. {A key feature in the success of the regimes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao was the use of children to report each other and parents for incorrect thinking and attitudes.}

LONDON (CFMR 20 vi '99, 11:00) -- Gay Government -- New Labour's former Secretary of State for Wales, Ron Davies, who resigned after an "moment of madness" on Clapham Common in which he claimed to have been robbed at knife-point by Black strangers (McDNLs 3 xi, 10 xi and 1 xii '98) after accepting an invitation to drinks, dinner and a video, has now told the press: (a) that he is bisexual; (b) that he is having psychiatric treatment for 'an obsessional condition which makes him seek out high-risk situations.' {It is unknown whether psychiatrists think that inventing novel psychiatric diagnoses constitutes seeking a high-risk situation. The new 'obsessive-compulsive' diagnostic category, also known as 'impulse control disorder', apparently has the blessing of the Maudsley Hospital (Sunday Times 20 vi '99). There, the condition is thought to require psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication but to be impossible to cure -- just like 'psychopathy' in the past.}{The Government lost one homosexual member at Christmas -- Mr Peter 'Wendy House' Mandelson, its chief election-winner. Currently one other Cabinet Minister, Mr Chris Smith, responsible for the Arts, is known to be gay; but some other Ministers have never married despite no shortage of funds.}

PARIS (AFP, 15 vi '99) -- Neosocialist porkies* -- The media organisation Reporteurs sans Frontières (Reporters without Borders, RSF) has criticized Nato for "distorting the truth," and giving "false information and impossible-to-check figures," about the war in Yugoslavia. RSF has complained about Nato claims that KLA leaders had been killed and that an attack on a Kosovar convoy had been made by Serb aircraft. (Subsequently Mr Ibrahim Rugova appeared in Belgrade and Nato admitted that it had itself attacked the convoy by accident, killing 75.) …"The term 'genocide' has been used systematically by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and in Germany officials have compared the Milosevic government to that of Hitler," the report added. "These historical references have led to protests from experts," RSF said. * In Cockney rhyming slang, lie = pork pie = porkie.

LONDON -- On June 18, protesters in a 'Carnival against Capitalism' did more than two million pounds worth of damage as they rampaged through the City -- London's financial centre, adjoining St Paul's Cathedral. A loose alliance of anarchists, environmentalists [especially, anti-car enthusiasts], Trotskyites and animal rights activists -- hailing back to the days of protests against Mrs Thatcher's Poll Tax in 1987-90 -- had built up a head of steam on the Internet, calling itself J18. On the chosen day, as the G8 met in Cologne, 3,000 colourfully attired demonstrators banged drums and blew whistles in and around London's edifices of international capitalism. Financiers showered the crowd with champagne and photocopies of £UK50 notes, but also had to erect barricades of furniture against the more determined demonstrators. Fighting with police began after a Black Maria had broken the legs of a woman when it reversed somewhat precipitately. Police are investigating accounts that some demonstrators were paid £30 each and given free travel from Nottingham and a bag of crisps, sandwiches and Tizer on arrival in London.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Clubs distributing medical marijuana have survived their first year despite a series of headline-grabbing raids: <>.

LONDON, Canada -- In a move to reduce harm, Conservative Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin wants drugs legalized and distributed by the federal government.

EDINBURGH -- At the July annual conference of the British Medical Association in Belfast, Scotland's doctors -- via the BMA's Scottish Committee -- are to propose the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.

LONDON (Sunday Times 20 vi '99) -- Shemales -- Survey research shows that a half of all cigars purchased are now smoked by fat dykes ooops women. Likewise, a third of purchases of the 'male hormone' perfume Eau Sauvage are now by women for spraying on themselves or a female partner.

FLORIDA -- In 1998, the law school of Florida State University (home of McDNL hero, race realist Glayde Whitney) lost six academic staff. Five of them were women, two belonged to ethnic minorities, and four of the departing faculty said sexism and racism created a hostile work environment at the school. Complaints from exiting faculty were not so much about promotion and tenure, but 'an extraordinary lack of civility' by their colleagues. Frank Garcia, the one remaining Hispanic tenure-track faculty member, says he has seen conversations about race and gender turn quickly into arguments, and then into angry silences.

CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Times 12 vi '99 -- Community choice -- That people prefer to live in ethnically distinct areas is being demonstrated by California's schools, a new study shows. In California, more than 40% of Latino students and 35% of African Americans attend schools that are 90% or more minority. Authors of the report say the state is approaching the "hypersegregation" that has characterized schooling in the Northeast.

PRINCETON  -- Long considered the more 'conservative' of the USA's top universities, Princeton seems to be caught up in an unplanned, market-driven process of ethnic cleansing. The percentage of students who are Jewish is 29% at Yale and 21% at Harvard but has now sunk to 10% at Princeton (from 16% in1985).

NEW DELHI, (AFP) -- Multiculturalism -- Pakistan has been isolated diplomatically for sponsoring an armed intrusion into multicultural East Kashmir, said India's External Affairs Minister, Jaswant Singh. Fighting over Indian Kashmir, which is 50% Muslim, has claimed around 24,000 lives over the past decade.

LONDON, England -- In a move to reduce harm, the Labour Government is banning all tobacco advertising from 20001 (with just a 5-year exception for motor racing and the game of 'snooker' which finds its hard to win alternative sponsorship).

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- PC Purge --The state of California has allocated nearly $159 million to the public school system in an effort to replace books filled with ethnic and gender stereotypes and similar outdated information. "There are so many books about how boys fix things and girls need things fixed," said librarian Bonnie O'Brian. "Boys can be scientists, doctors and engineers. Girls can be teachers and beauty parlor workers," she said, describing the outdated volumes. Racial stereotypes are also rampant, with books about "Negroes" and "Redskins." "When the Negro walked proudly into his village, dozens of fuzzy heads popped out of the yellow huts," reads a passage from one book.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Gulf War syndrome, which has baffled experts and led to accusations that the illness was stress-related, probably has a substantial genetic component. The journal Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology has reported a gene which controls production of an enzyme known as type Q paraoxonase, or PON-Q, and helps the body destroy toxins. The gene is highly specific for the chemical nerve agents sarin and soman as well as for the common pesticide diazinon.

NORTH KOREA (Times 18 vi '99)  --  World-watchers wondering who may reply to Nato aggression in Serbia are following North Korea's testing of its Taepodong II missile that will be able to reach Australia and is probably capable of modification to reach Los Angeles. Simmering tensions in Korea are the result of business left unfinished by Harry Truman; and American troops are right in the middle (see After a naval battle between North and South Korean vessels, fresh U.S. ships and planes have been committed to the region.

LONDON (Times 19 vi '99) -- Nature, not nurture -- Screaming Lord Sutch [as he had himself called by deed poll], 58, the man who brought gravity to British politics as the leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party, was found hanged in his home. For a generation, David Sutch, dressed in a leopardskin leotard and top hat, had challenged the sitting Prime Minister in every parliamentary election in Britain -- invariably losing his deposit (for many years only £UK150). Under the slogan 'Vote for lunacy, you know it makes sense', Sutch had urged putting crocodiles in the Thames to deter hysterical females from suicide bids and holding national jog-ins to generate electricity for Britain's old age pensioners. Sutch came from a long line of men who had starred at Speakers' Corner [in London's Hyde Park], but he lost his father at birth in a motorcycle accident during the Blitz. Dedicated to his mother, Sutch was a good friend of fellow media jesters Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter (see McDNLs 1998) but found time to have one son by an American actress before she left him for another man (whom she soon murdered). Apparently, the world's recent lunacies in Rwanda, Algeria, Ethiopia, Congo, Serbia and Kashmir proved too much for Sutch -- showing him that he could never succeed in his effort to be madder than conventional politicians.

WINDSOR (Times 19 vi '99) -- Is family life possible in Britain? -- As Britain's Royal Family hoped for a happy marriage for at least one of the Queen's children, Prince Edward, the new Poet Laureate [McDNL 25 v '99] produced a 12-line poem for the occasion. Although the effort reflected melancholia -- containing the words 'fall', 'gaping', 'vacant', 'nothing', 'silent' 'disappear', 'empty' and 'dead', and avoiding the topic of sex -- it was deemed suitable by a top London literary agent who said "It is simple, touching and not too long. And it doesn't mention dead crows floating in rivers." However, top death-wish novelist J. G. Ballard [TgF Newsletters] thought the poem boring and dull and said he couldn't understand what Andrew Motion meant when envisaging, for the day of the wedding, in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, that "A people-river floods those empty pews." "What is a 'people-river'?" Ballard critically inquired.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Top World Biscuits Unite for Neosocialism -- AIDS activists vowed to dog Vice President Al Gore at every campaign stop unless he promised to support a South African law designed to bring patients cheaper medicines. The next day, drugs-company-funded Gore sported an AIDS ribbon made with African beads given to him by South Africa's new leader, Thabo Mbeki -- a symbol of the leaders' shared bond in fighting AIDS, a Gore spokesman said. {Gore also publicly nursed a sobbing 17-year-old lesbian who complained of taunts at her California school.}

LONDON (Times 16 vi '99) -- With his Euroelection 'victory' over, Conservative leader William Hague, has reshuffled his Shadow Cabinet, promoting three women. Far be it from this NewsLetter to say that, reflecting Conservative failure to adopt an engaging new neoliberal agenda, all three appointees (Anne Widdecombe, Angela Browning and Theresa May) are overweight frumps. There might have been chances ahead at this juncture for Mr Hague: Kosovo will turn bloody for Nato troops if they insist on a proper disarmament of the KLA (currently to be allowed to 'demilitarize', i.e. stash their guns and uniforms in their lofts by day and conduct a 90-day reign of terror by night); and Mr Blair's policies to ensure a peaceful hand-over of Northern Ireland and to produce better school results by bribing schoolteachers seem to be coming unstuck. However, the Euroelection has shown Mr Blair another policy he can steal from the hapless Conservatives: commentators are now saying Blair will no longer hold the promised referendum at which the Government would have urged British membership of the Eurocurrency. Three over-thirties short of a corset are unlikely to be inspired admirers of Ayn Rand or any kind of high-IQ future.

GLASGOW (Times Higher 18 vi '99) -- Stan 'Stan's the Man' Mason has failed in his bid to be reinstated as Principal of Glasgow Caledonian University. An Employment Tribunal found that the method of dismissing him had been unfair but that Stan had obviously 'breached trust' with the university by needing to have dismissal charges brought against him in the first place. He will now receive a maximum of £10K compensation -- even though his salary had been £100K.{Stan had practised a little nepotism -- probably because his own children were the most intelligent applicants around -- and was given no warning before the ton of bricks from accusers fell on his head.}

PARIS -- Femilunacy -- A ballerina must be allowed to work on full pay to the same age as a man, regardless of ability, audience demand or insurance costs, a court has decided. Top ballerina Jessica Sordoillet, 40, had demanded that she should be allowed to continue till age 45, the normal age of retirement for male ballet dancers.

Humanitarian Victory

Truth in Media received the following column by Col. David Hackworth, America's most decorated living soldier, written 15 vi '99.


Wait a military minute. We spend 4 billion bucks, risk our Green Berets' and jet jockeys' lives, and the Russkies do an end run and march into Kosovo before us?
    They get the parades, flowers and cheers that were beamed by television around the world -- and we pick up the tab.
    This just doesn't add up. But come to think of it, nothing in the "war that wasn't a war" makes much sense.
    Let's review the deal. President Clinton does a peace dance with indicted war criminal Slobodan Milosevic, a guy he called Hitler, in which Milosevic stays the main man. Kosovo still belongs to him.
    ….Humm? Things have changed since President Truman, when Hitler put a bullet in his brain rather than face the Allies' stern music. If he'd played war under Clinton rules, he'd have been allowed to give Ike the keys to Berlin while the Nazi army passed in review and then quietly retired to a sunny dictator-friendly South American state.
    Had I submitted an outline of how the operation went down as a proposal to a book editor, I'd have gotten the Big R -- rejection -- with a note saying "We don't do Air Power humor" or "Catch 22's already been written" or "Sorry, your imagination's in overdrive. No military operation could have been this bad."
    But….the veteran Clinton spin team -- which flimflammed Monica into a stalker, Paula into trailer-park trash, and labeled Bill's womanizing and the selling of secrets to China as dirty tricks by right-wing extremists -- will ram a hype hose down the nation's throat and turn the water all the way up. The war that wasn't a war will be spun into a great victory, a combination of our Revolutionary War, V-J Day and Desert Storm.
    Yet when our flyers and soldiers and sailors start leaking to the press, you'll see: a triumph it was not. The conflict was not only badly bungled, it was the military mismatch of history. It was like a wrestling match between Little Orphan Annie and Jesse Ventura -- the little redheaded kid being Serbia and Jesse being a muscle-bound NATO. Annie weighed in with a fourth-rate 1960s army, backed by 10 million people from a primarily agricultural state the size of Ohio whose economy pumps out less dough than Coney Island on a rainy day. Jesse hit the scales with the most powerful military machine in the history of the world, 800 million supporters hailing from 19 mostly rich industrialized countries.
      After 78 rounds, Annie is still standing and singing "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow!" while Jesse, who has had to spend too much energy preventing his 19 supporters from stabbing him in the back never got in a decisive hit. When Serbia left Kosovo, its forces going out looked as good as Nato's military machine did coming in. The bombed and blasted Serb Army vehicles and soldiers were parade-ground sharp. Their trucks and tanks were clean and well maintained, and their soldiers' gear, uniforms and haircuts looked ready for a tough first sergeant's inspection. No one looked battle-rattled or had that vacant 1,000-yard stare that comes from a few too many nearby hits. After all those bombs and missiles and all of Nato's glowing reports about battle damage inflicted on the non-white-flag-waving Serbian Army, 11 MiG fighters rose from an air base in Kosovo on the day the peace deal was final. They wagged their perfect, unruffled wings and headed north. After such a pummeling, how could 11 jet fighters, almost more than Great Britain used in the war, remain unscathed?
    Eventually, the analysts will tell us the final score. But one thing for sure is that the Cold War is back and Russia again has a bunch of missiles pointed our way. Their politicians say they didn't authorize the stealth maneuver to parade in Kosovo. Which means the generals, the guys who control the nuclear-tipped missiles, are really in charge.
    Sleep well. Enjoy the "victory" while it lasts."



"What turns a people into torturers and racists?" asked a leader in the Times (19 vi '99). "[After a century of progress] is mankind capable of acts of inhumanity as gross as ever?" asked an editorial in the Sunday Times (20 vi '99). But answer came there none.

No more has anyone answered what turned the (relatively) enlightened and tolerant Germans of 1800 into racists (or, as they used to be called before days of 'antiracism', militarists). -- Of course, Napoleon started it all; and Bismarck's encouragement of gung-ho working-class tendencies as a way of beating his main liberal political opponents doubtless continued the process.

For the idea that a few uncorrected untruths can do a lot damage, regular McDNL readers are invited to examine the essay 'Liberating the Future' in which the German people are argued to have been betrayed by the Nazis' failure to present either their policies or the manner in which Nazi governance would occur. Likewise, Mr Slobodan Milosevic either genuinely thought that Nato would tolerate ethnic clearance as it had already done throughout the 1990s; or he knew full well that Nato 'meant business' in 1999 and, unexposed to regular parliamentary criticism, failed to tell his own people. Levels of 'racism' grew no worse in Kosovo of 1998; but Nato's history of gradually and grudgingly accepting ethnic cleansing encouraged the development of Milosevic's plan -- and its merciless implementation as Milosevic suddenly found Nato turning on him with unprecedented force.

The English historian Herbert Butterfield was especially fond of the idea that great evils can come from small beginnings -- especially from the uncorrected lies in which self-righteous people can become enmeshed. It is not that human nature is so monstrously evil but that, without correction of untruth, a society can take a nasty turn. Above all, says Butterfield (1949, Christianity and History): "It is essential not to have faith in human nature. Such faith is a recent heresy and a very disastrous one." Sadly, Nato's dotty faith in the multicultural possibilities of man looks like providing continuing bloodbaths for the Balkans -- and even the spark for World War III.

Anthropology Corner / PC Bombing Tomorrow

To prepare them for the West's next bombing campaign, readers of the New York Times have been given an in-depth account of 'honour killings' in the Middle East ('Arab honor's price: a woman's blood', by Douglas Jehl). -- In the Muslim world, men enjoy long marriages, unlike the miserable four years of sex-in-marriage now typical in the West; but the price is a high level of punishment for deviants. In particular, if a girl or woman has sex without her family's permission, she can easily find herself killed as her father and brothers defend the family's honour.

Among the passages and observations that will inspire NYT readers to sanction more Cruise missile attacks on Islamic countries are the following. (Much of the reporting is from Jordan.)

Altogether, Muslim honour culture looks set fair to enrage Western feminazies -- who would rather have babies by the State, or no babies at all, than contemplate a world in which wifely dedication to a husband provides a social bedrock. For their part, however, Arab men offered the Western way of marriage at age 28 and divorce at 32 are likely to say THANKS, BUT NO THANKS and to prove capable -- via their emigrant brothers -- of long-running urban terrorism in Europe's cities.

{Jordan and its queens have always had a special place in the hearts of Britain's Royal Family -- themselves having had to deal with the runaway Saint Diana. But the Jordanian royals' apparent wish for moderation in honour killings is unlikely to do them much good if Emperor 'Kneel-for-it' Klinton and Archbishop Bomber Blair go on the warpath.}

{The alternative target for AmericOtan aggression is undoubtedly China -- already thought to merit a first nuclear strike by many US 'humanitarians' who fail to appreciate the enormous strides made by China towards capitalism (see and eugenic good sense.}

Affirmative Racism

(Times Higher 18 vi '99)


The British educational establishment is girding up its loins to pursue America down that path of 'affirmative action' -- just when the USA has shown signs of calling off its useless quotas that have undermined standards, done nothing to help Black people, done nothing to improve race relations, and created artificial jobs for coffee-coloured neosocialists who will eventually have to be made redundant.

Britain's Association of University Teachers has co-operated with the Government-funded Campaign for Racial Equality to provide a survey which alleges widespread 'discrimination' in academia: 30% of Britain's 'minority' academics believe they have encountered racism directed against them at work; and, among all academics having ten years service, only 9% of minority staff have full professorships, compared to 16% for Whites. Needless to say, no attempt was made to explore whether hard-done-by minority dons owed their lack of promotion to their initial positions having been granted them under 'positive' discrimination that played down their initial lack of qualification for their jobs.

To balance this news, Times Higher carries an article 'Beware this benign racism' by Martin Trowe (based on his 'California after racial preferences', Public Interest, No. 135, Spring '99). Although Trowe cannot admit that race-differences in university admissions of the past arose chiefly from race-differences in ability and attainment, he indicates four main problems with 'affirmative action.'

  1. Preferences and quotas, however disguised and well motivated, are essentially racist just as much as the arrangements under Hitler's Nuremberg Laws.
  2. Affirmative action labels the group that 'benefits' as dummies, thus ensuring the perpetuation of stereotypes and invalidating all the qualifications obtained by minority students of genuine ability and application.
  3. America's chief sufferers are the Asians of California. {No wonder that they turn to spying for China!}
  4. Affirmative action invites fraud. Unless authorities check on blood groups (which they have understandably been loath to do) it is open to any applicant to state in his application that -- because of one of his two parents, or perhaps just because of a grandparent -- he regards himself as Black (or some other favoured minority).

Meanwhile, in the USA, optimists like to think that Britain will not travel down the 'affirmative action' path because it has already invented schemes of 'mentoring' that have already yielded a half-caste top manager at Rolls Royce ('For our children's future, replace affirmative action', vi '99, David Almasi, Doubtless it is such ruses to provide special tutoring to Black job applicants that allow Prime Minister Blair to talk of 'target setting' for institutions and ruling out blatant favouritism of minority applicants. However, mentoring is just like Head Start: its philosophy is that 'just a little boost at a crucial stage will work long-term wonders', so any serious attempt to research it -- unlikely in Britain where virtually all social science research is under PC supervision -- would probably find the same result. Blair's people will long continue to assert they have found a British solution to the American dilemma, but such claims will be rubbish. Firms and government departments will understand full well that they will be expected to 'respond', and 'positively', to the bright-eyed hopefuls who have submitted to a little paedophilia ooops mentoring. Thus 'target setting' will become 'target fudging.'


Times Literary Supplement, 11 vi '99,
'The school without a soul'
Gertrude Himmelfarb

A damning indictment of modern higher education in the USA is offered by Allan Bloom's best-known disciple. Reviewing a new book by William G. Bowen, the university president who has tried to justify affirmative racism (McDNL 3 xi '99), Gertrude Himmelfarb especially deplores the American failure to establish agreement as to the content of education -- which now consists of three-week mini-courses (immediately examined for credit) rather than the three-year mastery of recognizable disciplines that a degree once involved. The abolition of the search for truth is particularly worrying. "Near-absolute relativism", says Himmelfarb, now stands in the way of any coherent idea of education.

Paedophilia Corner

Long forgotten, coming from the days before paedohysteria, a womyn spoke out -- writes a McDNL sponsor:

Did you know that you have an ally in the paedohysteria war? None other then Andrea Dworkin -- unlikely as this may seem!

In a 1974 book, Enormous Andrea credits the idea that children have erotic impulses, and advocates that these should be expressed.

"As for children, they too are erotic beings, closer to androgyny than the adults who oppress them. Children are fully capable of participating in community, and have every right to live out their own erotic impulses."
      Andrea DWORKIN, 1974, Woman Hating, pp.191-2.

In the same work, Andrea comes out in favor of abolishing the incest taboo, androgyny, and bestiality.

Interesting that both "Woman Hating" and "120 Days of Sodom" are banned in Canada, isn't it? These ideas of hers would additionally make her a Sadean freedom fighter.

For full details on Dworkin's statements, see

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology (as per Hans Eysenck) to the tired social-environmentalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose, and clinical psychologist Oliver James; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983)* as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics. The McDNL is edited from Edinburgh by London School psychologist Chris Brand -- a Fellow of the Galton Institute, a long-standing reviewer for Nature, Times Higher and Personality & Individual Differences, and author of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996).

*  After leaving the Communist Party in 1938, Hungarian-born Arthur Koestler edited from Paris the important anti-Nazi weekly paper Die Zukunft [The Future], with contributions from Thomas Mann, E. M. Forster and Aldous Huxley. Koestler long remained a man of the left while championing Western resistance to Stalinism and the USSR. He helped initiate and lead the British campaign to abolish hanging: the editor of the Observer told him in 1956 "the success was yours more than anyone else's." The leading British post-war social democrat, the Labour intellectual Anthony Crosland (author of The Future of Socialism, 1956; Foreign Secretary 1976-79) wrote to Koestler: "Your writings had a crucial influence on me at a critical period. It would be nice if one could repay even 10% of that debt." Chancellor Willy Brandt, the exile from Hitler Germany who restored Germany's Social Democratic Party after 1945, expressed a similar debt.
    Yet Koestler -- like William McDougall -- made a place in his thinking for science as well as for politics and philosophy. In particular, he recognized the force of biologically based intra-specific aggression in man (having a particular connection with "the hypnotic suggestibility of the mass mind"). ("The most persistent sound which reverberates through men's history is the beating of war drums," Koestler wrote.) -- His first biographer, Iain Hamilton, wrote of him in 1969: "[In another century, Koestler] would have been known as a 'thinker' or 'sage.' ….Long before western 'liberals' even began to try to understand the evil secreted by systems designed to make man and society conform to the procrustean abstractions of utopian ideologies, Koestler had not only in person experienced that evil at its most potent but had embodied it, for our enlightenment, in works of imagination." Like McDougall, Koestler believed that life was richly imbued with creative purpose; and he hoped that some confirmation might be found for Lamarck's idea of the transmission of learning between generations or for parapsychological phenomena. His best-selling Ghost in the Machine deplored psychology's lack of concern with consciousness and traced humanity's destructive tendency to a paranoid-delusional streak {cf. Hans Eysenck's later concept of psychoticism}enhanced by the differentiating power of language and resulting in undue self-transcending devotion to causes and groups {cf. Henri Tajfel's popular later stress on group identity}. In 1968, Koestler brought together at his Alpbach home opponents of behaviourism such as political economist Friedrich von Hayek, psychiatrist Seymour Kety, geneticist C. H. Waddington and zoologist W. H. Thorpe: at this elite conference, even David Cesarani 's carping second biography of Koestler (Arthur Koestler: the Homeless Mind, 1998, Heineman) agrees Koestler showed "extraordinary mastery" of several disciplines. Like Freud before him, Koestler thought drugs might one day rectify undue human destructiveness. Not that he made of science itself the new religion he sought: though his concerns with biology and ethics pre-dated E. O. Wilson's 'sociobiology', his understanding that science has a strong personal component (The Sleepwalkers) predated the insights for which Thomas Kuhn came to be adulated. Nor did he rest content with simple genetic tales: though a keen Zionist, Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe argued that Ashkenazi Jewry descended from Caucasian rather than Semitic stock. In his later years, his chief interest -- like William McDougall's -- was in parapsychology.
    In 1968, Koestler followed Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell and Laurence Olivier as the fourth British recipient of Copenhagen University's Sonning Prize for his "contribution to literature and European culture." Koestler was also made a Companion of the Royal Society of Literature [a title first created for Churchill] and a CBE. The philosopher [now Dame] Mary Warnock compared Koestler's intellectual quest to the wide-ranging inquiries of Descartes, Leibniz, Goethe, Teilhard de Chardin, Jacques Monod and George Steiner: "…how extremely un-English it all is," she wrote.
    Unlike William McDougall, Koestler was a Babe Bagger -- marrying at 59 his South African-born secretary, Cynthia, 38 (
PaedoScore 21). It was a childless but devoted union with a secretary in which both parties were devoted to Koestler's writing and their friends, homes and dogs; and it ended with a double suicide when Koestler's final illnesses of Parkinsonism and cancer worsened. Fifteen years after the deaths, Koestler, a proverbially entertaining and generous if arrogant man to whom women flocked and remained devoted, was accused by his second biographer, the Professor of Modern Jewish History at the University of Southampton, of having been a "serial rapist" (though his lifetime police record involved only communism and drunken brawls). In Edinburgh University, where £950,000 bequeathed in the Koestlers' wills had endowed a Chair of Parapsychology, Koestler's name was vilified by 'feminists' and left undefended by the University (see McDougall NewsLetters Winter and Spring 1998-99). That such a far-sighted, erudite and independent-minded intellectual should have found his name thus dragged into the gutter and undefended by his beneficiaries within a few years of the Cold War victory for which he had worked speaks volumes: the one-time menaces to liberty posed by utopian socialism have been replaced by the menace of triumphalist feminism as incarnated in 'political correctness' and the neosocialism that divests not the rich of their property but men of their initiative.
    [For continued attention to Koestler's concept of 'biosociation' as the fundamental source of creativity and humour, see e.g. A full and highly critical reply to Cesarani  is expected from the New York writer Michael Scammell.]

Race Realism

Atlantic Monthly vii '99
"Why your dog pretends to like you: the new science of dog genetics."

Ignoracists -- who deny human race differences -- are fond of saying that there are more genetic differences between Whites themselves than between Whites and Blacks. But does that really mean that Whites and Blacks are not very different? What if differences between Poodles are greater than the average difference between Poodles and Doberman Pinschers? -- Would it then be concluded that the Poodle-Doberman difference was just an unimportant social construction?

Frank Miele of SKEPTIC magazine writes:


In an article 'The evolution of working dogs', Raymond Coppinger and Raymond Schneider (1995, in J. Serpell, ed., The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People) summarized doggy genetics as follows:

"...genetic and biochemical methods ... have shown domestic dogs to be virtually identical in many respects to other members of the genus. Researchers find little variation in karyotypes (the number and shape of the chromosomes) within the genus Canis (Chiarelli, 1975; Fischer, Putt, & Hackel, 1976; Simonsen, 1976). Results using mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) data also reveal startling similarities among canids (Vrana, 1988, unpublished BA thesis, Hampshire College).... Greater mtDNA differences appeared within the single breeds of Doberman pinscher or poodle than between dogs and wolves. Eighteen breeds, which included dachshunds, dingoes, and Great Danes, shared a common haplotype and were no closer to wolves than poodles and bulldogs. These data make wolves resemble another breed of dog.
    ...(t)here is less mtDNA difference between dogs, wolves, and coyotes than there is between the various ethnic groups of human beings, which are recognized as a single species. The results are not surprising since, reproductively, wolves, coyotes, jackals and dogs are all interfertile, and cross-breeding still occurs in the wild .... (Young & Goldman, 1944; Lehman et al., 1991).

Again, Science (13 vi '97, pp. 1687-1689) found the mtDNA similarity between dogs and wolves, but not between dogs and coyotes. More intriguingly:

"although individual breeds show uniformity with respect to behavior and morphology, most breeds show evidence of a genetically diverse heritage because they contain different haplotypes."

That is to say, an AKC 'purebred' Doberman and an AKC 'purebred' Poodle can be genetically closer to each other than either is to other members of their respective 'purebreed'!

{The standard objection to comparing dogs and humans is that dog breeds have been produced by artificial (i.e., human) selection while human races have been produced by natural selection. However, if Diamond and Harpending -- and especially Darwin (see Ch. VII of The Descent of Man) -- are correct that some race differences are due to sexual selection, the canine example may be appropriate. Artificial or sexual, it is we (rather than Nature red in tooth and claw) that is doing the selecting -- maybe for hunting or herding ability, maybe just for looks. How is selecting dogs to perform sheep-herding importantly different from selecting humans to survive and prosper in a sheep-herding culture? How is selecting our mates different from the way judges select champion show dogs?}


That quite small genetic changes can have enormous effects was also found by scientists in Russia when they bred cuddly dogs, if not poodles, from wild silver foxes in just forty years: <>.

Perhaps the first formal study of early-life temperamental differences between dog breeds was by Daniel Freedman in 1958. His study of puppies looked at whether one could affect their going to a dish of food after the experimenter had disciplined them for doing so (and then observed them through a 1-way mirror). Shelties, a breed selected for its ability to inhibit aggression and to instead herd sheep, refused to go to the dish and almost starved themselves to death. Basenjis, an active hunting breed, started to wolf down the chow almost as soon as the experimenter turned his back. (Freedman went on to show differences in motility between Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid neonates.)


Dick Hagen, of Florida State University imagines conversation he would need to have with a friend if he adopted the position about race of social anthropologists:

Friend: Your family has had five boxers. Are they pretty good in temperament?

Me: I'm sorry to have to say this, but the truth is that I don't know what a boxer is. In fact, dog breeders who are honest would have to admit that there is no such thing as "different breeds of dogs."

Friend: You're joking!

Me: No, quite to the contrary. There are too many fuzzy boundaries among so-called "breeds" for any right-thinking person to accept the idea of different breeds. Furthermore, there are even fuzzy boundaries in genetic evidence.

Friend: So you are telling me that there is no difference between a pekinese and a pit bull in temperament.

Me: No. I'm saying that there is no difference between a pekinese and a pit bull period. There are just dogs, and that's all. Furthermore, a wolf is just another dog.

Friend: How can you use the words "pekinese, pit bull, and wolf" if there are no such classifications?

Me: Well, these words do have some use, especially when it comes to planning what it will cost to feed them, what kinds of fences will contain them, and what kind of legal consequences there might be to owning one; however, the bottom line is that there is no such thing as different breeds of dogs. Therefore, there can be no differences among socially-conjured-up "breeds" on any characteristics. Not in size, not in running speed, not in bone density, certainly not in characteristics of the nervous system.

Friend: Well, thanks so much for the help. You've enlightened me. I'll pass this information on to my kids, who for some oddball reason, want a boxer, whatever in the world that is.


It is often said that races have 'fuzzy boundaries', and that this makes the concept of race indefensible. To which an e-mailer in the Human Biodiversity group has replied:

It would seem similarly logical to conclude that the fuzzy boundaries between languages also make the concept of language indefensible. Thus, there is no such thing as German or Dutch or English or French or Latin, Greek, Chinese, or Navaho either, there is only language in general, that's all!

Steve Sailer adds: The Atlantic Monthly's lucid article itself tries hard to avoid mentioning the fascinating implications of canine biodiversity for human biodiversity.

Miscegenation Today


From Slate 16 vi '99, David Greenberg

"In 1958, 4 percent of white Americans approved of interracial marriages. In 1994, it was 45 percent. And younger generations are vastly more tolerant than their elders, suggesting these numbers will climb. …{However}the white-black marriage rate lags significantly behind rates of white intermarriage with other, nonblack races. Among 25- to 34-year-olds, 52 percent of Native Americans and 40 percent of Asians married outside their race, while only 6 percent of blacks did so."



'Often people call some organization a "community" something-or-other -- a community center, community action group, community newspaper, community playhouse, community recreation center, and so forth. Most absurdly, we hear lately from politicians who claim to speak on behalf of the "world community." In nearly all such cases there is wishful thinking going on. ….If some project is of, or for us all, it carries an aura of sanctimoniousness. It is nearly sacred. It is democratic -- no, more than democratic, it is humanitarian because all of the humanity most of us can be aware of is included. This is our neighborhood, our fellows, our friends and relations. So how could you be at odds with what you are actually a part of? When people oppose others' efforts to preserve something in the community for its alleged historical value, are they opposed to the community? Surely not! But they will be charged with opposing their community's concern with the matter -- whether on a proposed development or airport or wilderness or endangered species preservation. How could they be like that? They are going against their own, are they not? They are breaking ranks! They are traitors!'
       Emeritus Professor Tibor R. Machan (Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford), 1998/9, Ludwig von Mises Institute website.

{For more on the natural affinity between communitarianism and authoritarianism, see Quotes XXVII of PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY.}

Marxism Today

{cf. McDNL 25 v '99, re new book by Michael Ruse}

The increasing fusion of communism and constructivism (and deconstructibabbling etc.) would have shocked Karl Marx, who thought he was explaining objective facts about world history. Yet it is happening as the West's remaining Marxists realize what trendies saw ten years ago -- that the only hope for the Left after the triumph of capitalism is to forget about science and become a PC religion that orchestrates jobs, state funding, college admissions and speech but no longer depends on facts. McDNL's Science Correspondent reports from the Deep South:

Some of us have for a long time been pointing out that Marxists really do f***-up science [cf. page 174 of The g Factor, Wiley Depublisher]. Now it is encouraging to see this explicitly stated, if in academish, in Science, the generally PC journal of the AAAS:

"Gould and Lewontin are allies, both scientifically and politically. Both opt for a hierarchical view of evolution and profess allegiance to some sort of Marxism. In doing so, they acknowledge (as Marxists should) that their scientific and political beliefs 'interpenetrate' each other, to use an embarrassingly androsexist term. One major objection they raise is that other scientists are naively unaware of this interpenetration. In saying so explicitly, they have transgressed one of the most fundamental and widespread metalevel beliefs about science -- that it is value free."
      D. L. HULL, 1999, 'Uncle Sam wants you.' [Review of Michael Ruse,1999, Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction? Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press] Science 284, 1132-3.

Child Psychologist


(New York Review of Books 24 vi '99, 'The enigma of Erik Erikson')

Reviewing the life of Erik Erikson, the Piaget-style inventor of 'stages' of child development, Harvard's Howard Gardner has his work cut out. Evidently Erikson was just the kind of theorist Gardner wants to like: the bastard blue-eyed blond-haired son of a Jewish mother (by a Danish photographer) had become Freud's ambassador to Harvard and was a standing wonder for his "sensitivity" and rapport with children rather than for obtaining any scientific results. Indeed, Gardner was taught by Erikson for two years and thus acquired his own belief that good psychological work can be done by amateur historians -- for Erikson had famously rubbished the 'anal', obsessional and epileptoid Luther and, somewhat more cogently, though without proof, had argued that Gandhi was an old fraud whose hypermoralism did not keep his organ out of the pussies of the many young women with whom he slept 'as a test of his mastery of the flesh.' Altogether, Erikson was an attractive figure around Harvard and it didn't matter to Gardner that there wasn't a shred of proof for his eight 'ages of man' -- from Hope through Will, Purpose, Enterprise, Fidelity, Love and Care to Wisdom.
      However, two problems emerge with Erikson in retrospect. One is that Erikson's only belief from a lifetime of playgroups and plasticine modelling sessions on the floor with children was that there were massive sex differences. You what? Oh yes! Erikson was as naughtily non-PC as psychologists can be. He affirmed -- and it is plainly true -- that boys like building tall-as-possible towers until their erection collapses; whereas girls invariably like to create round, walled mini-villages where all the action, especially involving dinky little piglets, is on the inside.
      Still worse for Gardner comes a new revelation of EE's personal life. Uncertain as to his own paternity, and manifestly having adopted Freud as a father figure, EE himself had three children running around Harvard and was a happy family man. A very satisfactory resolution of his own search for identity. Except for one thing. There was a fourth child -- a boy with Down's syndrome who was put away in an institution and never mentioned to a soul. When the child died, EE and his wife were out of the USA and did not return for the funeral -- having the matter seen to by their other children who were poleaxed by the event for they had scarcely ever met the Down's boy. Evidently facing up to having to abandon one of his own heroes, Gardner is not pleased: EE's fathering was "unacceptably remote", he adjudicates. To others, however, it will readily appear that EE had a proper sense of priorities as to what to do in life -- even if it would have been more honourable to admit at the time that there are some human biological realities that no amount of child psychotherapy will get around.

Another officially tender-minded and science-sceptical psychologist to have been a bit of a eugenicist in private was William James (1842-1910).When his younger brother, Robert, made a secret engagement with a cousin in 1869, William wrote to counsel sternly against the marriage. According to biographer Lyndall Gordon,* William -- as ever obsessed with his own psychological problems that would eventually take him into an asylum for a while** -- "was convinced he and his siblings carried a taint of 'infirm health', an inborn 'evil' which it would be a 'crime against humanity' to propagate." (William had a point: both he (firstborn) and Henry (secondborn) had been unable to fight for the North in America's holy civil war against Southern slavery which the Boston-based family purported to take so seriously.)  
* A Private Life of Henry James, London, Chatto & Windus, 1998.   
** McDNL 26 i '99. In his middle age, the expert in physiology, psychology and philosophy would record of himself: "My nervous system is utter trash and always was so."

Race: Brain and Brian Sizes

Phil Rushton writes:

Oriental babies are, on average, born with larger heads than are White or Black babies and maintain this advantage when retested (head circumference) at 4 months, 1 year, and 7 years. At age 7 they also average higher IQ scores, despite being shorter in stature and lighter in weight. It is now well established from MRI studies that brain size correlates with IQ scores. For more information on Asian brain size data and the references for the adoption studies see: Rushton, J. P. (1997). "Cranial size and IQ in Asian Americans from birth to age seven." Intelligence, 25, 7-20.


For brian sizes, see (Also has 'shemales.') -- Ed.

Paedophilia Corner

Good new and bad news for paedophiles this week.
      Jailed or unofficially exiled as many are, British paedophiles can take a little consolation from the association of paedophilic penchants with literary genius. As mentioned in McDNLs, Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Robert Herrick (1591-1674, famous for 'Cherry Ripe'), Dean Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), Algernon Swinburne (1837-1909), Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) and T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935) were all men who at some point or other showed marked affectionate and/or sexual interests in the under-sixteens. Even Shakespeare may have indulged: the age of his homosexual boyfriend in the Sonnets is quite unknown.
      However, the BBC is now giving credence to the idea that Peter Pan, normally attributed J. M. Barrie (1860-1937) -- the Edinburgh graduate long suspected of undue interest in children -- was actually the work of a woman, possibly called Angela (BBCR4UK 10 vi '99). So it is good to be able to bring good cheer to paedophilic gents with the news that the art critic, essayist and Christian-communist John Ruskin (1819-1900) positively excelled himself with his "hopeless and poignant love for the nine-year-old Rose La Touche" (Literary Review vi '99).

(McDNL's Art Critic adds: By the way, the operas of Benjamin Britten, Baron of Auldebugger, 1913-1976, are almost universally imbued with themes of gay paedophilia. Britten's light and comical yet dramatic and rousing favourite work, 'A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra', is an example. Only Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' has the same capacity to penetrate normal childish indifference to classical music.)


NEW YORK (Associated Press 9 vi '99) -- Contributing another end-of-the-century list (organized by publisher Random House), 'gays in publishing' have compiled the 100 Greatest Gay Novels of All Time, with Thomas Mann's Death in Venice coming in at Number One. The novella concerns a writer who expires in plague-ridden Venice while pursuing his infatuation with a beautiful blonde teen-age boy, probably about 14 years old, who is holidaying at a hotel with his parents.

{It remains to be seen whether the homosexual community will ever have the guts to help imprisoned and much-victimized paedophiles whose sexual tastes so resemble those of many prancing faggots ooops 'gays.'}


Cambridge University is taking the risk of asking its Chancellor, the notoriously frankly spoken womanizer ooops guns realist Prince Philip (see McDNLs, Winter 1997-8), to confer an honorary degree on the German pseudo-Marxist constructiwaffler, Jurgen Haberman, 70, on 29 June. Also due for being batted on the head by the Duke of Edinburgh is top-of-the-world-rape-charts South Africa's ex-Archbishop Desmond Tutu -- whose name is widely used in Britain for the Class 2, Division 2 ("2:2") degree that is the university system's offer to students suffering psychosis or gross illiteracy.


(Times Literary Supplement 9 vi '99, Rupert Shortt)

Literati still cannot make their minds up as to why Oscar Wilde ever challenged Lord Queensberry's unattested note, on a visiting card, that Wilde was a "a posing somdomite" or, as some prefer, a "ponce and sodomite." Reviewing new plays, films and a book about Oscar (probably a Hero of Paedophilia -- McDNL 9 vi '98), TLS says:

"Wilde's undoing remains an enigma. The contradictions involved are startling. Why were proceedings against Queensberry ever launched? The Marquess was as tenacious as he was odious. Cases of criminal libel were rare at the time, and the burden of proof involved was far higher than in civil libel. And why, when events turned against him, did Wilde resist opportunities to avoid disaster? None of the usual justifications for his conduct -- that he was a slave to Douglas {Wilde's chief, twenty-year-old boyfriend}, that he was intent on defying convention, or that he felt deep guilt and accepted the prospect of punishment seems wholly credible. In his biography of Wilde, Richard Ellmann could do little more than juxtapose these theories, adding that Wilde's prosecution of Queensberry probably reflected "a distraught mind rather than an indignant one.""

Strangely, the literati do not consider the obvious explanation that Wilde's taste was simply paedophile, that he did indeed draw the line at sodomy, but that he failed to realize that his jury would not be interested in such distinctions.


Find it bizarre that kids have so little choice at school?
Especially in a society that claims to pride itself on 'diversity'?

If so, you'll like the essay 'The diversity ploy' by Tibor R. Machan (Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University, CA) at <>.

Theology Corner
(Literary Review vi '99)
Readers who are nostalgic for God will enjoy God's Funeral in which Thatcher-renegade A. N. Wislon beats his breast about how the Victorians -- whom he generally reveres -- found themselves obliged to reckon that God had died. (Apparently the English poet Thomas Hardy formulated the idea around the same time as the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche -- even though the notion would not be much discussed in Britain until 1970.) Typical of a Spectator writer, Wislon does little to show just how overwhelming were the intellectual theses of Edward Gibbon, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Herbert Spencer and indeed Nietzsche (whose early expertise had been in biblical scholarship, revealing the books of the Bibles as pastiches of fragments from different authors). However, if Wislon can excite himself only about the influence, not the correctness of these great sages, he nevertheless catches something of the degree to which these intellectual patriarchs with their manes of white beard actually became -- along with Sigmund Freud -- the towering gods of the twentieth century.
{Less nostalgic souls should read Sir Ludovic Kennedy's more radical idea that God never lived in the first place: All in the Mind: A Farewell to God, Hodder & Stoughton, £UK19. Also, pious souls should note the admission by media-darling Bishop of Oxford Richard Harries in Times Higher (11 vi '99): the Spanish Inquisition may not have been the Hitlerian Holocaust -- during which the Nazis supposedly dispatched 10,000 Jews and others per week -- but it still conducted its "murders" [Harries] at the reasonably brisk pace of 10,000 heretics per annum over a thirty-year period. THINK: if the Church had killed off its false hypotheses at the same rate that it killed off its heretics, it might have avoided its dramatic exposure to nineteenth-century falsification and repackaged itself as socialist-friendly before the disastrous rise of communism!}.

Wimbledon World

Anthropologist Lionel Tiger (Rutgers University, author of Men in Groups) recalls a moment at Wimbledon in 1996 involving a female multimillionaire. "During a lull in the action," he recalls, "a fan yelled out to Steffi Graf, 'Will you marry me?' She shouted back, 'How much money do you have?' The comment was at once ironic and serious."

Even when a woman is willing to marry down into 'poverty', she faces a second modern problem: the commitment-phobic male who is reluctant to marry or raise a family. Dr. Tiger's latest book, The Decline of Males (Golden Books), analyzes the technological and social changes that have resulted in so many single women and fatherless children.

Role model

A Classic FM correspondent intervenes in the sex wars:

The manufacturers of sex symbol Barbie have rejected the idea of a pierced and tattooed doll that would attend muddy pop concerts. Right on! Instead it is time for 'Housework Barbie' who does the washing up and keeps her room tidy.



WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS: Women want big pricks, says Harvard authoress; but only once a month, say St Andrews psychologists.

LEG-UP FOR TOP PAEDOHYSTERIC: How 'Doctor' Laura Schlessinger availed herself of the older man (PaedoScore 35).




FUKUYAMA LATEST: an assessment of The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order.

MULTICULTURAL NEOSOCIALIST HARMONY: reports from Kosovo, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

-- A case study of polygyny today.

EDINBURGH LUNIVERSITY LEADS GREEN POTATO RESEARCH!! -- Though Principal weeps for sacrificed jellyfish (aka E.LU. psychologists).

Sex Realism

Five years ago, Edinburgh LUniversity's female psychology students standardly learned that women cheat on men quite as much as men cheat on women; and get away with it more. In Chris Brand's lectures on 'Personality and Individual Differences' , students learned that females are more orgasmic (and thus more likely to conceive) with handsome lovers than with dull husbands; and that British women are so successful as to make one in ten of their children the product of a man other than the husband who unsuspectingly plays (and pays as) 'Daddy' to his wife's extramarital progeny
      Two years ago, in full academic solemnity, Brand was tried by Edinburgh LUniversity for such naughty ideas which so upset pious feminists. Today, however, fresh scientific work is exposing the mechanisms that enable females practise their covert polyandry.

Associated Press 23 vi '99; Daily Telegraph 24 vi '99; Nature 24 vi '99, I. S. Penton-Voak, D. I. Perrett et al. 'Menstrual cycle alters face preferences.

Women attracted to more manly faces
when ready to conceive

The kind of man's face a woman finds attractive varies with her menstrual cycle, according to a study that underscores the hold biology still has on us, no matter how highly evolved we like to think we are.
      When a woman is ovulating, or ready to conceive, she is likely to prefer men with more masculine facial features (e.g. longer face, bigger jaw). Though women have a general preference for somewhat feminized male faces, the mid-cycle woman likes a face that is merely 8% feminized according to expert calculation. By contrast, when she is menstruating, i.e. least likely to get pregnant, she is apt to prefer softer, more substantially feminine looks -- a face that is 14% feminized. (The difference is significant at p = .005.)
      The result comes from a study conducted by Scottish and Japanese researchers -- led by researchers at St Andrews University who have become a legend for the computer-assisted facial images which allow ordinary photos to be shifted e.g. as between more masculine and more feminine versions. The team found that 28 females asked to say which male image they would fancy for a 'short term sexual relationship' chose more rugged faces at the mid-point in their sexual cycles. In contrast, 27 females who were set to choose a man for a 'long term relationship' did not show the mid-term effect. (The interaction was statistically significant at p = .025.)
      The researchers believe the effect they have found is not a matter of fashion or twentieth-century standards of beauty, but something that is inborn -- instilled by evolution -- for sound biological reasons: In the animal kingdom, masculine looks denote health and virility, and thus the ability to produce healthy offspring. "Literature from the animal kingdom suggests exaggerated male features such as peacock feathers and deer antler and other masculine features display a good immune system, and that's what should be attractive for females," said team leader David Perrett. "To some extent, we are finding that's what is true for humans." Still more worrying for baby-faced men like modern heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio, there was a tendency in the study for women who had a steady sexual partner to show the effect more strongly (p = .08): apparently, married women will be especially likely, when ready to conceive, to succumb to the hunkier attractions of Clinton Eastwood.
      It was only last year the team found women prefer feminized male faces, perhaps because such faces signal a more co-operative mate for long-term child-rearing. Now the researchers are showing how women can enjoy the best of both worlds -- having children by alpha males who will be happily looked after by more obliging beta males. They write: "Dominance and quality as a parent are attributions made at opposite ends of the continuum relating to facial masculinity." And they conclude that females' cunning shifts of preference "might allow individuals to accrue benefits from polyandry while maintaining the advantages of monandry."
      The St Andrews group concedes that biology is not the only thing that governs our choice of a mate. Social and cultural factors do too: earning power, common interests and similar backgrounds, for example. The findings suggest at least one piece of practical dating advice: A man who gets rejected by a woman might have more success if he asks her out again in a week or two. "They should at least try for four weeks on the run," said strawberry-haired Perrett. "It does imply some persistence is a good strategy for males."
      The photographed facial features manipulated in the study -- including the size of the jaw, eyebrow ridge, and overall size -- are influenced in real life by testosterone, the male hormone. Similarly, in women, estrogen causes breasts, fuller hips, a smaller chin and full lips -- all features that denote fertility and are generally considered most appealing to men.

{To balance the ticket in its coverage of sex ooops gender, Nature also carried a review saying that the reason women fail to advance in the professions is simply prejudice (Virginia ALLAN, Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women, MIT £12-50pb). However it was unclear whether either the author or the reviewer had properly considered (i) that female IQ does not range as widely at that of males (thus seriously-high-IQ women are in short supply); and (ii) that women are forever taking time out because of neuroticism, childbirth, childcare and divorces that will prove more lucrative than what any mere employer can offer them.}

{For further research ideas, the St Andrews team could do worse than follow up the idea of an Observer (27 vi '99) correspondent, Jane Wallace, of Norwich, who writes: "In evolutionary terms it makes….sense for women to have multiple partners at the time of ovulation to maximise the possibility that the fittest possible sperm will fertilize her eggs." As an Observer reader, Jane Wallace certainly does not approve of 'evolution' -- at least, not the bits we are hopefully evolving from; but the research that could follow from her idea, into orgiastic preferences of females at different points in their monthly cycles, might well be conducted free by keen psychology postgraduates without requiring even pump-priming from the taxpayer….}

Race Realism

Sidney Morning Herald [Australia] 24 vi '99, Deborah Smith, reporting on a letter from Sydney's New Children's Hospital:
North, K.N., Yang, N., Wattanasirichaigoon, D., Mills, M., Easteal, S., & Beggs, A.H. (1999). A common nonsense mutation results in alpha-actinin-3 deficiency in the general population [letter]. Nature Genetics, 21(4), 353-4  <>

Whites can't run so fast
with their genes falling down

….Sydney scientists have discovered a gene associated with muscle power; but the gene is dying out in Whites -- presumably because speed to hunt animals or flee from enemies has not recently been necessary for our survival. The discovery could explain why "some people train for ages but remain 80 pound weaklings, while others develop muscles very quickly", says the team leader, Dr Kathryn North, head of the Neurogenetics Research Unit at the New Children's Hospital, Westmead, Workers' Paradise. "Our affectionate term for it is the wimp gene," she said.
    The gene makes a protein in the fast-twitch muscle fibres that provide the explosive power to run fast. [Mice and] chimpanzees also have plenty of the muscle protein, known as alpha-actinin-3. But 20 per cent of people of Caucasian and Asian background have none because they have a defective gene which tells their bodies to stop producing it, the team found. By contrast, only 3 per cent of Zulu people lacked the protein….


NEW YORK, (Reuters Health 22 vi '99) -- Race'n'genes realism -- Researchers have isolated genetic mutations that may increase the risk of colorectal cancer among African Americans. The finding is especially important, since African Americans are more likely than whites to die from colorectal cancer.


{Are 'antiracists' bothered by such findings? You bet! "Many of us believe that race means nothing biologically, only socially," says Len Berkey, an American sociologist who specializes in race and ethnicity at Albion College in Michigan. "When you start saying that blood disorders and hypertension are based on race, some people might drift over and link race to the SAT," he adds.}

Rape Realism

Although the two-month horror of Kosovo monopolizes the West's TV screens (without much discussion of whether the apparent murders were by Serbs or the KLA*), in South Africa the orgy of crime -- especially against women and, yes, children -- continues. There, no humanitarian intervention is called for by Western neosocialists: Black men are 'victims of White oppression' [ended 1994], or something, who can be allowed to rape with impunity. You read it first in McDNL (1998, passim). Now Americans are being given occasional glimpses of the truth by their PC newspapers.

*  Washington Post 23 vi '99: 'Albanians returning to Kosovo are taking out their rage on Serb neighbors, and leaving NATO with a mess.'

Chicago Tribune 1 vi '99, Paul Salopek, Tribune Foreign Correspondent



The 6-year-old girl won't sit still. She darts around the cramped ghetto house, hiding behind the threadbare curtains that serve as wall partitions -- trying, as kids will, to draw adult attention. But something unsettling sets her apart. Except for an angry flicker in her dark eyes, her face is blank. Expressionless. She even looks on coldly as her mother, Elizabeth Ngoepe, breaks down sobbing. "No children will play with her because she is 'dirty,' " Ngoepe, 32, said of her daughter, who was raped repeatedly by Ngoepe's boyfriend and, more recently, by her own 12-year-old son. "We have been cursed," said Ngoepe, smudging tears across her cheeks with a scrap of tissue paper. "I hate men. I hate them. I will never let them near me or my family again."
      A lot of bitter tears are being shed these days by women across South Africa, where a brutally high incidence of rape -- by some estimates, one of the worst in the world -- is capturing headlines, embarrassing the government and sparking a gruesome backlash of vigilante justice. Sociologists here attribute the burgeoning sexual violence against women and children to everything from the dehumanizing legacy of apartheid to rapidly changing gender roles in the new South Africa. Others simply point to the general lawlessness that has earned South Africa the unenviable reputation of being one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world.
      Rape cuts across all class and racial lines in South Africa. Two recent victims included a 63-year-old United Nations worker from the United States and a prominent South African journalist. Yet, without question, the brunt of the assaults has fallen on the impoverished women of South Africa's vast, teeming townships, where most of this nation's black majority still lives. In Alexandra, a Johannesburg slum of some 800,000 people that Ngoepe calls home, two young women were recently gang-raped by at least 30 youths -- some as young as 13.
Even more disturbing, South Africa's rocketing infection rate of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, actually appears to be stoking the crisis. In some townships, a folk remedy for AIDS entails having sex with a "clean" virgin, so growing numbers of children are being assaulted.
      "Rape is so common it's gotten to be like bad weather," said Moda Modise, a social worker with ADAPT, a women's support group that serves Johannesburg's sprawling black communities. "It's so common that women are almost resigned to it. I see girls every day who say, 'That's life--it was just my turn.' "

{One big problem is the ever-increasing number of Black orphans due to AIDS. While South Africa had one million orphans in 1990, the figure is rising towards an expected 2.6 million in 2010.}

Eugenics, China


Reuters 25 vi '99, Mark Pottinger


Controversial Bank For Well-Educated Sperm

A Chinese sperm bank that accepts only donors with at least a master's degree-level education is sparking opposition from academics who call the bank unethical, state media reported. Since it opened this month, the government-run Notables' Sperm Bank in the south-western city of Chengdu has received a barrage of applications from intellectuals and other potential donors. But local academics have opposed the concept of hawking elite sperm, saying it violates human rights.
      ``Both foolish and clever people have the right to live,'' said Yu Pingzhe, a philosophy professor at Sichuan University. Others attacked the bank on scientific grounds. ``From the viewpoint of genetics, the sperm of highly educated people may not be better than that of others,'' said Zhang Sizhong, a senior researcher at Huaxi Medical University.
      Sperm banks, still new in China, are the subject of numerous newspaper articles as infertility rates are on the rise and couples turn to less traditional routes to pregnancy. ….The clinic in Chengdu said it would seek ``select sperm with high-quality characteristics'' to fulfil a popular demand for ''attractive, intelligent children.'' Fertilization with the clinic's ``smart'' sperm would be ''much, much higher'' than the 20,000-30,000 yuan ($2,400-3,600) charged for artificial insemination using run-of-the-mill sperm, the clinic said.


PS  Chronicle of Higher Education 28 vi '99: "The "Notables' Sperm Bank" was opened by a state family-planning agency, said a report from the government-run Xinhua News Agency.

Free Speech, USA

NEW YORK -- Columbia University President George Rupp dispatched a team of security guards to keep students interested in a conservative conference from meeting on campus. Participants in Accuracy in Academia's "A Place at the Table: Conservative Ideas in Higher Education" learned that only liberals have a place at Columbia's table when their meeting was kicked off campus and forced to reconvene in a park. This is in spite of the fact that a contract had been signed, the meeting space had been paid for, and the event had been planned three months in advance. A mob of activists protested the event which featured Ward Connerly, and shouted down author Dinesh D'Souza as he attempted to speak on a Morningside Park overlook. Chanting "Ha! Ha! You're Outside, We Don't Want Your Racist Lies," demonstrators held up signs bragging of their accomplishment, which read ACCESS DENIED and WE WIN: RACISTS NOT ALLOWED AT COLUMBIA.

{Accuracy in Academia has particularly condemned "The Sexual Child," a course that Cornell University offered its undergraduates which required pro-paedophilia readings and the viewing of pictures of naked children….}

29 vi '99  

KOSOVO -- The heroic KLA/NATO forces (ethnic Albanians 300,000, Nato 20,000), whose bravery in entering Kosovo after months of inaction is greatly admired by the Britoid press, have so far achieved a reverse ethnic cleansing of 50,000 Serb civilians. Now they face hardcore SERBORUSKIES (Serbs 150,000, Ruskies 3,600) and there is no sign of the multi-ethnic neosocialist harmony which is the stated war aim of Archbishop Blair, Spud-U-Lik Robertson and Nookie Cookie. Notably, the city of Mitrovica has settled into straight ethnic partition -- resembling what developed in Mostar, in Bosnia, where multicultural ambitions were once entertained by loopy liberal-left Western politicians. The Serbs hold an area one side of Mitrovica's river, including the city's main hospital and its only functioning shops; and French troops dare not agree to KLA demands that they be allowed into the Serb enclave. Instead, according to the New York Times (25 vi '99) and BBCR4UK (26 vi '99, 22:00), the KLA has settled to the looting and burning of the homes of 7,000 gypsies in Mitrovica; and to killing those of their own number who show any inclination to surrender weapons as required by the 'piss process.' Even the Blair-backing Observer (27 vi '99) says there is "compelling evidence of the KLA committing widdespread violence against Serbs, ethnic Albanians and gypsies." Apparently the more murderous KLA factions, LPCK and LPK (each 200-strong), have not yet been issued with the KLANATO hymnbook by Archbishop Blair. (For expert updates on KLANATO's human rights abuses, see <>.)

VATICAN CITY -- The Pope has banned a new book, Sacra Rota, which attempts to expose derelictions of duty among senior Papists, including homosexuality, financial skulduggery, careerism and, of course, "sexual abuse."

LONDON -- BlairBC -- Demonstrating the Third Way, a man with a cockney accent who left school without qualifications and soon became a trade union activist has now been appointed Director-General (i.e. CEO) of the BBC. Populistically named Greg Dyke became a multi-millionaire from pandering to the lowest Britoid taste by TV shows like 'Roland Rat' -- an animal which drives around in a pink 'ratmobile'; and Dyke 'saved' a failing breakfast TV programme by hiring girls with big knockers. Over the last five years, Dyke has given £UK55,000 to the Labour Party and now has his reward in a country where all had previously thought the BBC duty-bound to maintain every semblance of being non-political. {Doubtless many BBC staff are in fact more political -- mainly more left-wing (e.g. environmentalunatic Lord Melvyn Bragg) -- than Mr Dyke; and recent weeks have seen revelations that BBC Chairman Sir Christopher Bland {sic} was in his youth a Tory activist. Still, it is a new departure for a D-G to be so involved with party politics -- especially in Britain where none of the parties attracts many donors. Smart Alecs say Dyke would never have been given the job if Conservative leader Mr Hague had not riled the BBC's Board of Directors by objecting to Dyke's candidacy; but that seems unlikely in view of Dyke being a front runner throughout the 105-day selection process. Most reckon that Dyke was Bland's choice for taking the BBC even further down market despite its licence-fee subsidy of £UK101 from every TV-viewer in Britain. A Times leader -- continuing editor Peter Stothard's spirited crusade -- said the BBC was plainly "rotting at the core."}

VIRGINIA -- A cross-burning case that drew national attention because of the defense of a Klansman's free speech rights by a Black ACLU attorney concluded in a conviction for 'intimidation.' DON'T say it….

LONDON -- Traffic tailbacks on London's notorious M4 'orbital motorway' do not bother Prime Minister Tony Blair, for he just instructs his chauffeur to use the new BUS LANE which has exacerbated the jams (BBCR4UK 21 vi '99, 08:10; Times 23 vi '99, p. 1). So far, neosocialism [which redistributes jobs and perks rather than income] has been used to privilege immigrants, homosexuals, transsexuals, Celts, disabled and wymmin; but now it transpires that its statist dispensations can help politicians in a hurry. Staff with Archbishop Blair during the incident judged it would be a 'security risk' to remain in one of the jams that keep London's average traffic speeds the same as they were in the 1950's.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- School choice -- A Lincoln Institute poll has found that 72% of US voters support giving parents the right to choose which public school their children should attend <>.

LONDON (Observer 27 vi '99) -- Environmentalunacy -- Having failed to educate Britain's children from age 5, thanks to refusal to allow streaming, the Blairbour Party now plans to impose the 'Three R's' on infants as young as three years. This will (a) impress parents that blind egalitarian Education Minister Blunkett cares and thinks 'something should be done' about Britain's appalling position 33 in international league tables of youngsters' educational achievement, (b) provide more cheap job creation. {In fairness to Mr Blair, his own free market instincts are sound in other areas. Apparently he would like all UK 'welfare' to be handed over to some 5-10 mutually owned societies which would each provide different packages for those insured -- high benefits and high payments, more or less education etc. Just why he cannot bring himself to offer choice and the 'fast track learning' he once promised (in 1996) within state schools is a mystery.}

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Reuters) -- School choice -- Civil rights groups [ACLU, NAACP] have filed suit to stop Florida's school voucher plan. Governor Jeb Bush had enacted the first such state-wide program in the nation to help parents of children in failing schools pay for private education. Under the law, schools will be graded A, B, C, D or F; and pupils in failing schools can choose to go to private school with the tax dollars that would otherwise have gone to the public school.

LONDON -- Psychiatry today -- New Labour's former Secretary of State for Wales, Ron Davies (who resigned after an "moment of madness" on Clapham Common in which he claimed to have been robbed at knife-point by Black strangers -- McDNLs 3 xi, 10 xi and 1 xii '98, and 22 vi '99), has now said that his "psychiatric illness" ('obsessional excitement-seeking') is in no way incompatible with him remaining Chairman of the Economics Committee of the new Welsh Assembly.
    22-stone QC Jonathan Brierley, 37, father of six-year-old twin girls, who molested a lady dinner guest (McDNL 1 vi '99) is also finding modern psychiatry coming to his aid as a judge has spared him a prison sentence so long as he submits to psychotherapy (though in JB's case the 'diagnosis' remained unknown to journalists).

PRISTINA -- New World Order -- President Bill Clinton announced the terms of AmericOtan empire for the new Millennium. "Democracy, tolerance and human rights must prevail everywhere," he declared. Warming to his theme, the Emperor explained that military ooops humanitarian intervention would be initiated anywhere in the world so long as (a) there was a moral justification, (b) there was a strategic imperative, and (c) Nato would not be likely to suffer "major casualties" (Times 23 vi '99). In Britain, the President is being supported by a 'human rights lawyer', Geoffrey Robertson QC (chief persecutor of Senator Pinochet). Robertson's new book on 'international justice', Crimes Against Humanity, says that the Allies of 1939-45 lost sight of their mission, as written out for them by Franklin Roosevelt and {eugenicist-socialist} H. G. Wells, and too easily settled at Nuremberg for trying executing only a dozen German 'war criminals' (BBCR4UK 28 vi '99, 09:05, Jeremy Paxman*). Meantime, in Kosovo, Nato searched in vain to find the scores of Serb tanks that it claimed to have destroyed -- instead locating only plastic mock-ups of tanks and bridges and sheets of black plastic used to make out 'roads' for Nato's pilots to bomb. Nato's victory -- in so far as taking over the job of policing the KLA** can be called a victory -- seems to have occurred because of its bombing of Serbia's civilian infrastructure (especially power stations). So much for the much-threatened knocking out of 'war criminals' Milosevic, Arkan*** etc! -- It would be easier to start with arrests in Westminster and the White House. As to the suitability of 'infrastructure' bombing as a NOW technique, Canon Paul Oestreicher, the former Chairman of Amnesty International, is unhappy. He considers ethnic cleansing a crime that 'justifies foreign intervention' he soberly observes (Observer 27 vi '99): "How to intervene without making matters worse is still far from clear."
*  Robertson appeared with Kriegsperson in a chat show designed to attack Henry Kissinger for failing to denounce the CIA and its funding of Encounter magazine [the CIA's star propaganda product] and 'boozy second-rate rapist author' Arthur Koestler. However, the great diplomatic realist had received advance warning of the ferocious treatment that was coming and arranged that he would have to dash off to a meeting after just ten minutes of his breakfast with Paxperson -- not before he had defended Senator Pinochet very ably by saying the CIA had never heard of him until he had been President of Chile for several months.
**   Lt General Mike Jackson personally promised Times readers in a letter written 18 vi '99 from Pristina, that he had 'no doubt of his duty' under the Kukes Accord and would be disarming the KLA in short order. However, by 28 vi '99 the General was admitting (BBCR4UK) that revenge attacks on Serbs were a regular occurrence -- with whole Serb villages (especially in the Italian sector, around Pec) being razed daily.
***  See below: 'Fast breeder.'

ROME -- Shemale -- A woman has become the first-ever manager of a professional soccer team. Muscle-bound Carolina Morace, a graduate in law from Venice, is to take over third-division Viterbo Football Club which is its home base thirty miles north of Rome. Morace has over the years scored 546 goals in wymmin's football.

CLITHEROE, Lancashire -- Statute of Limitations -- Three more Catholic priests, in their 70's and 80's, have been charged with paedophilic episodes involving schoolboys at Stonyhurst School, Clitheroe, Lancashire, more than thirty years ago. One priest was headmaster of the school and Britain's top Jesuit. The new charges bring to eight the number of priests awaiting trial for molestations at the famous Catholic school. {For the future, the sky's the limit on such allegations: already the UK's National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers says around 600 teachers a year are falsely accused of sex crime against pupils -- a trebling since the 1989 Children's Act.}

LONDON -- The notion of 'self-awareness', first pinpointed in Descartes' cogito ergo sum, has broken through into medicine. The British Medical Association has listed it as one of the indicators that a near-death patient should be kept alive. (Deciding on consciousness itself is an artistic matter for anaesthetists; and all the traditional 'vital signs' of pulse, respiration and pupillary constriction to light continue in vegetative states.) Yet requiring medical assistance for the self-aware is not enough for Prof. Nickerless Humphreys of the London School of Economics: he fears that no infants and few animals (except chimpanzees) would ever meet this high hurdle for obtaining ongoing support from the British taxpayer (Times 24 vi '99).

LEXINGTON, Virginia -- Sex Unrealism -- The Virginia Military Institute has lost its top cadet of the year. The elite academy presented Jerry Webb II with women in his Army barracks -- as demanded by the US Supreme Court three years ago -- and the crack military specimen showed his mettle. Webb has now been expelled for 'conduct unbecoming a cadet' after being accused of 'seeking sexual favours from three freshmen' (i.e. freshwomen). Webb, of Casper, Wyoming, had previously been chosen as the regimental commander of the Corps of Cadets for the coming year.

OXBRIDGE (Times 24 vi '99) -- Anti-elitism is now posing big problems for Britain's top universities, where professors earn only a quarter of what is pulled in by a barely grey-haired Permanent Secretary at the Treasury in London. A new report urges HMG to pay up -- else Oxford and Cambridge will go the way of the universities of Pisa, Salamanca and Prague, not to mention Sunderland Polyversity. But British academia is now totally infested with egalitarians or at least plain cowards who dare not say that any university is better than any other; so HMG is said to be planning not to pay another useless penny.

NEW YORK -- Race Prejudice -- Englishmen are conquering New York's last peak: its women (Times 25 vi '99, Joanna Coles). Chatterer Candace Bushnell, renowned in the Big Bagel for being at the centre of such sexual action as the White race has left, has announced she has an English boyfriend. Just why multi-millionaire Stephen Morris -- equipped with the ESPs' most popular Christian name -- should be giving up vivacious starlet Kate Bohner (who'd give any boy a boner) in exchange for lugubrious, pointy-jawed and boxer-nosed Candace is a mystery; but the swap has been done and Candace is over the moon. Is it the g factor at work? Eligible English bachelor-about-town Johnny Foreman tells the Times, "Without a doubt an English accent conveys an illusion of intelligence."

VANCOUVER -- Art Jensen will participate in a symposium on "Confusing IQ curves" together with Ulric Neisser, Nathan Brody, Charles Murray, James Flynn and others on July 4th. The symposium is co-sponsored by The Behavior Genetics Society and The International Society for the Study of Individual Differences. For full program, see: or

DÜSSELDORF -- Sex Difference -- There have been breakthroughs in 'brain mapping' reported at a big knees-up for cogniburblers. Sadly, none of the journalists could understand what the breakthroughs actually were (Times 25 vi '99). However, one of them (by Tonmoi Sharma, Institute of Psychiatry, London) was to the effect that men use more of their brains when thinking. This possibly accounts for the fact that there has never been a female genius (not at least since the sex-mad Catherine the Great whose sexercises with several grenadiers at a time were so lovingly recorded by the Marquis de Sade).

WASHINGTON -- Socialization Success -- Dr Sergei Khrushchev, the son of Russia's famous Cold War leader who boasted Russia would "bury" the West, has passed the test for naturalization as a US citizen. Of the twenty questions asked him by the US Immigration and Naturalisation Service, Khrushchev failed only one. Asked 'What system of government does America have?' Khrushchev selected the multiple-choice option 'Executive' instead of the correct answer, 'Democracy.' Apparently, those old Soviet grammar schools -- faithfully preserved under Communism so as to provide the country's nuclear scientists -- had done a good job.

Human Nature and Human Community

"Hegel meets Pangloss. Is democratic capitalism in crisis? Not yet, apparently."
    Observer Books-U-Like section.

A top US intellectual wants to restore community values. He is no socialist and he prays 'human nature' in aid of his project. His new book will appeal to desperate conservatives. However, his version of human nature is only partially realistic; and his re-hashing traditional morality is doomed.

(BBCR4UK, 17 vi '99, 09:05: Lord Melvyn Bragg hosted Francis Fukuyama whose latest book is The Great Disruption: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order.
Times Higher
18 vi '99: FF interviewed by Harriet Swain; his book reviewed by John Dunn (Prof. Political Theory, University of Cambridge).)

"There is….plenty of anecdotal evidence that…. conservative social norms have made a comeback, and that the more extreme forms of individualism have fallen out of favor. ….Modern post-industrial capitalist economies will generate a continuing demand for social capital. In the long run, they should also be able to supply sufficient quantities of social capital to keep up with the demand as well. ….By nature, human beings organize themselves into not just families and tribes, but higher-level groups, and are capable of the moral virtues necessary to sustain such communities. To this, contemporary evolutionary biology would wholeheartedly agree."
      Francis FUKUYAMA (Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University).

There is little that appeals to skinny intellectuals more than the urging of belt-tightening and hair shirts all round. Christian theology always taught the Fall of Man. Socialists like Rousseau and Marx thought existing society a fearsome cancer. Twentieth-century Conservatives always want to bring back religion from man's muddy and murderous past. And neosocialists enjoy nothing better than locking up naughty people -- or, in the USA, electrocuting them and, in the UK, campaigning for castration (popular with European feminists in the 1930's). The idea that society suffers from moral slackness and has degenerated from some formerly trimmer and healthier condition has a fascination for the guilt-prone and most especially for old timers. These latter purport to remember an idyllic past which the young can scarcely criticize -- especially when dragooned at school to hear only of the more immediate wickednesses of racism, sexism, homophobism and global capitalism.

      The latest champion of the idyllic past to which we must return is Cornell-educated historian Frances Fukuyama. Fresh from predicting that there would be no opposition to liberal capitalist democracy (LCD) after the West won the 1949-89 Cold War, Fukuyama is now concerned to notice and encourage just such opposition. The problem with LCD, Fukuyama reckons, is all the crime, family breakdown and individualism that resulted from the naughty nineteen-sixties.

      There is an economic reason for the ending of the father-controlled family. Bosses today require brains, machines and slap-and-tickle in the office rather than masculine brawn and beer-drinking. In the new 'information age', Fukuyama unsurprisingly notes that women are more employable and thus that, in the West, they have given up the family -- with far-reaching consequences of anomie and lack of community. Yet Fukuyama thinks that a 'reconstitution' of social order may already be on its way and certainly could claim the blessing of brain science, games theory and evolutionary psychology. Apparently, the new sciences allow the secure grounding that moralists have always wanted for their preachments.

      What? Is Fukuyama about to take on board some facts about IQ and its heredity and deep links to race? Does he think any society needs a reality-based hierarchy -- whatever its democratic pretensions? Not a bit! What modern biological science shows, according to Fukuyama's reading, is: (a) that mothers have a jolly good reason to love their babies, if they ever have any; and (b) er, that's it.

      Fukuyama should be congratulated on having been persuaded to read some evolutionary biology. Properly, he thinks Nature provides 'negative lessons' that certain types of utopia are just not realizable; and, addressing standard-issue utopians, he says "The social sciences just have to adjust." Yet all his talk of 'pulling together' and 'consolidating' -- not to mention his tactfully inchoate hope for a religious revival -- finally draws rather little on his reading. Despite his book's promise, Fukuyama is essentially vague about what to take from either the biology or psychology which he has read. Astonishingly for a historian, he ditches the history of the human spirit and its new freedom from Christian condemnation of sex and from Communist condemnation of competition; but he has little to show for his new scholarship.

      Fukuyama's 'optimistic' pseudo-realism about 'social capital' will provide grist to the family- and religion-backing campaigns that seem likely to be forthcoming. In the USA, Messrs George Bush Jr. (Rep.) and Al Gore (Dem. -- "I'll build an America that is not only better off, but better"), and in the UK from Mr William Hague (Tory) are all set to repeat the doomed Mr Major's mistake of appealing to 'traditional family values.' Despite the many sex scandals exposed among conservative politicians of the 1990's, and despite Mr Gore having supported what he now calls the "inexcusable" and dissimulating Mr Clinton through thick and thin, all these politicians already agree with Fukuyama: voters will need the corny consolations of tradition and even pacifist Christians blessing the castration of paedophiles if they are not regress to voting for welfare fixes or xenophobia. Perhaps conservatives and moderates can thus be rallied even now to beat off the West African-style society of fatherless families which they declined to resist a generation ago?

      Certainly, few will doubt that the one big drawback of Western society -- compared to China or India -- is that the typical man is currently scheduled for only two brief marriages in his lifetime: one at age 27 lasting five years, and the second at age 35, lasting seven years but involving little sexual activity after age 38. Nevertheless, Fukuyama's wish for a return to what he thinks an in-built human morality is entirely neglectful of why the Western family started breaking up in the first place. Marriage and family life of the past were in many ways oppressive (including virtual slavery for selected daughters, endless religious lies told to the children, and serious restrictions on male drinking) and required the support of religion, law and the trade unions (which long kept women from taking men's jobs). In fact, return to such a dismal past is unthinkable.

      It is very reasonable that Fukuyama should invoke human 'innate morality' in his quest for a communitarian complement to individualism. Plainly, it will take some mighty force to challenge the neosocialist state and imperium that have turned out to be the first product of the 1989 victory of LCD. Yet Fukuyama is strangely reluctant to admit the real human imperatives: of men for blondes, of women for abjuring sex till it's a turn-on with a man having a lot to offer*, and of both sexes for living chiefly with people of similar ethnicity -- however much they welcome a day up in the city or a week each year on a cosmopolitan beach in Spain.

      Englishmen, in particular, do not need Fukuyama to tell them of the wonders of communal life -- i.e. the life of the thatched-cottage village. England long remained village-based at its core when the Continent and Scotland had converted to worship of the city. While the classical Englishman could accept the cosmopolitanism of London while he did business from his club, the landless Continental had to live with it (though often struggling to maintain a tiny 'dacha' in the countryside). Within no time, Continentals turned to wanting to rid their cities of Jews as an answer to life's problems when times grew hard; and, in the resulting calamity, hardly a European city was left standing apart from Prague -- which had surrendered before the Germans could start bombing it.

      Nevertheless, the success of the English town-and-country system was not because of any Christian moral virtues that it inculcated. Quite the opposite! Classically, marriage in England was chiefly for the rich; and even then the 'double standard' obtained so long as a man did his extra-marital copulation at a discreet distance from the primary home. Indeed, the system incarnated the morality of a double 'double standard': it allowed bucolic licentiousness to the poor, while the church ensured that a polyandrous pregnant girl was married and thus protected by one of the several men who had had their way with her; and the more successful man enjoyed the freedom of the city while his wife looked after the children under the watchful gaze of the village church and the gossipy parishioners who provided family service at 'the big house.'

      In fairness, Fukuyama is not so dull as to want any simple 'restitution' of the never-realized ideal of Christian monogamy which he venerates. Fukuyama allows that some of the most agreeable communities today are found in Scandinavian countries and in the Israeli kibbutzim. Under both these arrangements, levels of religiosity are notoriously low. Yet Fukuyama fails to explicate what it is, positively, that such communities possess: high-IQ members who commit themselves to sensible contracts and promise-keeping and who leave for elsewhere when they find they don't fit it. (Likewise, the nineteenth-century Englishman was no great rogue: his contract was well known and understood -- and heaven help him if, with all the freedom he had, he allowed his city pleasures to taint his family life!) It is towards just such a world of well-arranged contract and community choice that the West should now be heading.

      Despite a century which first introduced border controls against movement of people and goods, Westerners now once more live in a world where travel and job search and migration are relatively easy. (Only the welfare state inhibits migration, for relatively socialist countries are understandably unhappy to accept 'free riders.') Once Latin was Europe's lingua franca and allowed mingling; today, the triumph of English (now even being recognized by the French Academy -- which has just appointed a Scottish chief executive) similarly confers great opportunity. Yet the opportunity will only be realized if people are able to create new 'villages' (whether physically or on the Internet) that allow exclusion as well as inclusion; and to make marital contracts that will suit them and yet, when they have wished it, have the force of law. Instead of aiming for bizarre ethnic blending that will only end in more ethnic strife, or for the introduction of Fukuyama's conservative morality that never had much basis whether in human history or in 'evopsych', the West must move towards a neoliberal of community choice -- within the parameters of the minimum empire necessary for the defence of freedom. It is strange that Fukuyama should welcome the economic freedoms of capitalism yet not wish to push on to allow people social freedom to make their own moral contracts.

      Fukuyama is surely right when he says any innate imperatives of human biology should be heeded. But the imperatives requiring recognition are not those pointing to Christian monogamy -- which were always slight except in so far as human females are highly territorial and seldom enjoy having other females around. Rather, people need to be allowed the freedom to choose how to express responsibly (with respect for their own promises) the passions they have -- few of which will appeal to religion-soaked conservatives. That the West still clings to allowing only one form of marriage is what most prevents the development of new and intelligent forms of community -- though neosocialist enforcement of multiculturalism is part of the same package that is a modern tyranny awaiting its overthrow.

      Fukuyama is a welcome ally for realism against what he condemns as the "totally bankrupt" theorizing of Derrida and Lacan -- with whom he once wasted time studying in Paris; but at present his realism will not reach to include the facts of IQ, race or the human male's need for sex. Certainly it is a start for Fukuyama, apparently a father of three, to have realized that "the role of the mother is grounded in biology"; but he still has a long way to go.

Fukuyama will enjoy a new book that sets out reverentially women's once highly regarded ability to keep their legs together: A Return to Modesty: the Discovery of Lost Virtue (Wendy Shalit, Simon & Schuster, £UK17), though drawing chiefly on material from women's magazines, celebrates female chastity before marriage and is thought by some to be coming in on the crest of a wave, as millennial teenage girls tell pollsters of their pride in virginity.


At least Francis Fukuyama's fashionable communitarianism does not involve abandoning Enlightenment values altogether -- which is the proposal of top UK political philosopher and think-tanker John Gray (McDNL 2 ii '99). For the tendency of communitarianism to fuse with authoritarianism to yield socialism, see Quotes XXV and XXVII in PERSONALITY, BIOLOGY & SOCIETY. The liking of community for its own sake, rather than as a creative expression of intelligence and values, must probably always tend toward fascism.

Slavery Today

The spectre of prison haunts countless Black communities across the USA. In some areas, prison time has become such a pervasive feature of life that it has totally undermined the hard-fought victory for black voting rights. One million four hundred thousand black men, or 13 percent of the total, are disenfranchised because of felony convictions, according to a recent report by Human Rights Watch and The Sentencing Project.

{By the time a country has disenfranchised 1.4 million Black adults, the time has surely come to think of transportation, apartheid or at least some serious community choice as being preferable?}

Polygamy Corner

A case study of opportunity in the new China has been provided by the Wall Street Journal (21 vi '99, Erik Guyot):


….[Chinese men] are happy to have what is called a "No. 2 wife" and child. The practice harks back to pre-Communist China, when polygamy was common and accepted. "Many men like to have two families," says Paulina Kwok, a social worker who staffs a telephone hot line in Hong Kong for domestic disputes. She notes the trophy factor. "For these men to have a beautiful, young, sexy girl is a personal achievement."
      Kitty Li, a svelte, 20-year-old former night-club hostess, shares a two-bedroom apartment in glitzy Huang Bei Ling [just across Hong Kong's border with the rest of China] with David Cheung, a paunchy 41-year-old from Hong Kong. Not long ago, Ms. Li earned about $120 a month as a hairdresser in the northern industrial city of Harbin. Mr. Cheung lavishes her with gifts like the $5,000 gold Rolex encircling her wrist.
      One warm afternoon, Mr. Cheung and Ms. Li stroll over to the Wal-Mart before heading to a seafood restaurant. Mr. Cheung has some savings from the days when he ran illegal mah-jongg parlors in Hong Kong, and he says it's easy to stretch that money in China while he makes plans to set up a trading company. In the evening, the couple drop by the karaoke lounge where they met. As Mr. Cheung discusses business strategy over beer with two mainland friends, Ms. Li plays a dicing game with her former colleagues who are wearing tight red dresses. They can make $60 for spending the night with a man. Ms. Li flirts like a schoolgirl with Mr. Cheung, grabbing his paunch and saying, "You're lazy."
      Mr. Cheung is an old China hand at the pros and cons of the mistress business. His first wife divorced him when the foreign-exchange company he owned went bust. Since then, he has found mainland women easier to please. He has fathered two children by girlfriends in Huang Bei Ling, and the mothers now are demanding that he help his daughters emigrate to Hong Kong. "How can I take care of them?" he wonders, shaking his head.

Hopefully Mr Cheung is attending to McDNL's Christmas warning (22 xii '99). It is only signed-up members of the Communist Party who are likely to remain safe for long from China's official statute laws banning polygamy!

Community Choice

This NewsLetter holds that people should be able to choose their own communities -- just as they should have more choice over the types of marriage they can make and over the state-schooling arrangements for their children. Instead of trying to blend people into one standard 'multicultural society', neoliberalism positively encourages real cultures to develop, allowing still more choice to all citizens.
      neoliberalism doesn't mean encouraging irresponsible parochialism. At present, most people in the West have about four constituencies in which they vote -- local, regional, national and supranational (e.g. Euroelections). What neoliberalism proposes is that people should be able to shift their votes into constituencies that concern them (e.g. McDNL 11 v '99,
Community Development Realism: NEOLIBERALIZING ETHNIC TENSIONS BY CONSTITUENCY CHOICE). One person might prefer to use all his votes on national elections; another might prefer to cast most of his votes in some particular locality (his 'home town' -- even if he doesn't currently live there). Constituency-choice would allow both genuine self-chosen communities and the proper concern of a wider society with how a particular local community develops.
      News stories in this section are concerned with how people like to make their own community arrangements -- even if they and their politicians do not always admit their preference.

Transportation and Apartheid Beckon USA
that can't agree Justice for Police Murderer

Among those wanting the vindication and release of US Black cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, imprisoned since 1981, are Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Maya Angelou, Manning Marable, Alice Walker, Salman Rushdie and Saint Nelson Mandela. Also supporting Abu-Jamal are former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, artists Ossie Davis and Pete Seeger, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Holocaust expert Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.
      The campaign is worth watching. If successful, it will begin a wider revolt against Whites being able to try and to imprison young Black men -- and thus against the delusion of inter-coexistent racial harmony.

American Apartheid

After the BBC's Oxford-educated Chairman, the Ulsterman Sir Christopher Bland {sic} found himself in hot water for having proposed to keep down the numbers of immigrants living on any of London's streets, McDNL's Chicago Correspondent advises that intelligent proto-apartheid is alive and well in the USA -- except that America is not healthy enough to allow frank discussion of the practice.

Bland's plan has actually been implemented successfully for the last 30 years in Oak Park, Illinois, a lovely old suburb just adjoining the impoverished West Side of Chicago. It's the hometown of Ernest Hemingway and my dad, as well as the most architecturally distinguished residential housing stock in America (dozens of Prairie-style houses by long time resident Frank Lloyd Wright).
      To prevent Oak Park from becoming a slum like the adjoining parts of Chicago (where my then-liberal father-in-law lost his life savings by not fleeing to the suburbs when the first blacks moved in), upscale liberal groups in Oak Park organized the "black a block" program where real estate agents refused to sell homes to more than one black family per block in Oak Park's historic North Side. This policy is still largely in place, and has succeeded in keeping the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in wealthy white hands, and in keeping Oak Park a reasonably safe, yet mildly integrated place.
      Every so often the American Civil Liberties Union talks about suing to break up this unwritten law, but the ACLU is quietly hushed up by Oak Parkers, both black and white, who don't want their property values flushed down the toilet.

Honour Code in Pakistan

(cf. McDNL 22 vi '99, 'Arab honor's price: a woman's blood')

The Muslim practice of killing daughters who opt out of arranged marriages is now being introduced to British wymmin as a matter for outrage that could licence the next neosocialist bombings by Nato (BBCR4UK 23 vi '99, 10:05). Apparently a high-class Pakistani girl separated from her husband and then took up with a nice lad who used to visit the woman's crisis centre where she took refuge. When she finally arranged to meet a Peshawar lawyer in a downtown office and fix a divorce, she trotted up his stairs, entered the appointed room, and was mysteriously shot dead.

{Forcible arranged marriage would not be McDNL's own choice. But would any sane Briton -- from a culture with a rate of 50% marriage failure -- wish to interfere with Muslim handling of adulterous women (and of men who drink too much -- like perhaps the Pakistani cricket team that just lost to Australia)? If so, such an opponent of community choice has options like joining a mosque or urging the repatriation of Muslims. And constituency choice would allow him to switch his vote to Bradford so that he could urge the local police to pressurize 'human rights violators.' Further, he would have UN backing in forbidding Pakistan to lock in its beautiful adulteresses wishing to escape. Beyond that, however, he should surely live and let live -- or emigrate to some country that is eager to commit funds for the unlikely conversion of Islam.}


The Irish Question

Plans for a multicultural Northern Ireland for which Britain will take no responsibility advance a big step towards realization tomorrow. Despite the June 30 'deadline' under the Good Friday 1998 Accord, the IRA continues to claim victory in hanging on to all its weapons; but the two-year cease-fire has held. Still better for appeasing any Greater British patriots, the Éire government has resolved (with the help of a referendum) to respect the autonomy of the North. (It has agreed that the North would join Éire only by a democratic vote.) Now, only another easily broken promise about 'decommissioning' is required from the IRA to placate Unionists. Then Britain can happily hand over governance of the North to a bizarre cobbling-together of Unionist and Nationalist politicians who would happily imprison each other for life.
    This 'devolution' will achieve at once the illusion of inter-tribal harmony that Mr Blair seeks and a Northern Irish government that will never be able to agree on inviting British troops to assist with security. The Northern Irish Assembly will thus have to turn to Dublin or Berlin ooops Brussels for help in maintaining the piss process -- creating even more official Protestant-Catholic harmony, and without Britain having to continue its thankless policing role. Acceptance of this multicultural future has become possible because both tribes in Ireland have toned down their traditional cultures: the Catholic South now allows divorce, the Pill and a certain amount of abortion and suicide, and the Presbyterians of the North have found it impossible to sustain Calvinist beliefs among their middle classes who enjoy yuppie lifestyles thanks to largesse from godless Britain. Indeed, there is now little for which 'Unionists' seem to need British support except to annoy their neighbours by banging their lambeg drums while wearing bowler hats. Fortunately for Mr Blair, the enlightened world of US and Swedish journalists and civil rights enthusiasts seems content with the murderous multi-ethnic mini-state and ongoing semi-civil war that is planned for the Six Counties.
      {The problem could have been solved in 1970 by clearing ooops relocating the Protestants of Londonderry to Belfast and the Catholics of Belfast to Londonderry, but politicians preferred the thirty years of mayhem that have left no Northern Irish family unscarred. The province provided a useful training ground for the British Army before the emergence of Kosovo as a suitable case for humanitarian intervention.}

Humanitarian Intervention

Nato continued to deny any casualties to its own forces during 76 days of bombing Serbia's 'military infrastructure' from three miles high.

From Wall Street Journal 22 vi '99:

[A problem has troubled] me since the beginning of the NATO bombing campaign and particularly since discussions about using vulnerable, low-flying Apache helicopters: Is the danger of a single U.S. casualty so great that a thousand Kosovars must suffer, die, meet land mines in their fields for years to come? How much is one American life worth in the currency of Kosovars -- 20,000; 100,000? What if the American is an illegal immigrant, a permanent resident, but has no green card yet? In an action carried out in the name of human rights it is unsettling to consider this implication -- in our view, some humans are far more valuable than others. We have taken what our leaders call a moral stand, but have not been prepared to pay any serious political or human cost at home to do so. That seems to me a weak moral position.
      Janet G. Vaillant, Concord, Massachusetts.

LONDON -- The top Times political columnist Simon Jenkins predicts disaster for Kosovo, which he thinks will become 'the Palestine of the Balkans' (23 vi '99). Foreseeing revanchism in Serbia as refugees from Kosovo flood in, he writes: "Nato will rue the day it refused Russia a sector of Kosovo and drove the refugees back into Serbia proper."

Biology Today -- Mammary Realism, Race Unrealism


-- Social constructibabblers given mixed message:
beauty not in the eye of the beholder, but race is unreal --

Acceptance of evolutionary explanations provides the backbone of a new bonkbuster, The Survival of the Prettiest: the Science of Beauty (Little Brown, £UK17), by Harvard-based Nancy Etcoff, 44. Said in the Times (25 vi '99, Women's Page) to concern 'Why men prefer blondes', Nancy's book is certainly strong on why men like big Bristols, full red lips, facial symmetry, clear skin, shiny hair, large eyes and no glasses. Girls so equipped are healthier, reckons Nancy in what is a reasonably blistering reply to Naomi Wolf's idea that 'beauty' is nothing but a constructed 'male currency' (The Beauty Myth, 1992). Girls should apparently forget schoolroom piety that 'size doesn't matter': "Women like large penises," says Nancy, who lives unmarried, with only a dog for company; "they stimulate them."
      Sadly, the Times did not think it worth giving a single example or visual aid as to Nancy's evidence for her tit-ist and penis-ist views. No more did the newspaper attest the Harvard Medical School professor's judgment that, whatever the importance of biology, 'racism' is quite unjustifiable since 'races are not based on scientific fact.' The Observer (27 vi '99), however, managed to note the innateness of beauty, as shown by four-month infants preferring to look at those photographs of adults rated 'attractive' by other adults. Being an attractive baby is also quite a help: one receives more parental attention and less abuse. The chief exception to 'Beauty Rules OK' comes when women are judging men: girls are pretty broad-minded about faces and even about penile bulges so long as a man's wallet space looks well filled. As Don King once said about the unprepossessing Mike Tyson, "To a chick, any man worth 42 million bucks looks exactly like Clarke Gable."


GOLDEN, Colorado ( -- Thanatos -- Columbine High School killer Eric Harris was also a keen Darwinian. The autopsy of Harris, 18, who committed suicide after his murders of his fellow pupils, says he was wearing black combat boots, gloves with the fingers cut away, and a white T-shirt with the words "Natural Selection" written on it. It's not clear what significance the phrase may have, although there is a video game by that name. Also, on his personal website, Harris said he loved Natural Selection, calling it "the best thing that ever happened to the earth -- getting rid of all the stupid and weak organisms." {Harris's views on race remain unknown, though it is unlikely in modern America that he would ever have been allowed any realistic instruction as to the merits of the different human races.}

Neosocialist World Order

You don't quite buy McDNL's idea that the big AmericOtan push will eventually be against the 'oppression of women'? At least, you think that's way ahead? You prefer to consider the more immediate scene?

For an outline of American designs to help Azerbaijan against the Turks' ancient victims, the high-IQ Armenians, see Justin Raimondo's article at (21 vi '99). The Azerbaijanis have the oil, and the Armenians are Christian -- so guess which side AmericOtan will be backing! An extract:

In 1997, the two presidents [Clinton and Azerbaijan's Aliyev] signed a Joint Statement reinforcing the United States' and Azerbaijan's commitment "to expand our partnership, promote regional peace, and help Azerbaijan play its rightful role in Europe's new security."
    But wait a minute: what is Azerbaijan's "rightful role" in Europe's security arrangements? We all know that the US government is deficient in the map department, but this is getting ridiculous: Azerbaijan isn't even in Europe.
    Ah, but Europe is in Azerbaijan, economically speaking, and so is the United States - and the planning for troop deployments is already in an advanced stage. In May of 1997, the US and Azerbaijan announced that "the United States and Azerbaijan affirm their joint understanding that . . . a state's military forces should be deployed on the territory of another state only with the freely expressed consent of the host country." You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect that something is up: why else stipulate the conditions of troop deployments unless they seem likely to happen?

Paedohysteria at APA
{cf. McDNL 22 vi '99}

Laura Schlessinger* and the American Psychological Association over-reacted to a Psychological Bulletin review showing the harmlessness of the typical incident of paedophilia -- referred to by the authors as Child Sex Abuse (CSA). This has come to the critical attention of Anne Fennell who notes <> (a) that Schlessinger is a recent convert to Judaism and (b) that an APA bureaucrat, CEO Dr Raymond Fowler, had tried appease paedohysterics by stripping the report of its obvious meaning:

[Fowler] emphasizes that students who "were victims of CSA were, on average, slightly less well-adjusted than students who were not victimized as children."
    I wish he had instead restated the authors' conclusion that "this poorer adjustment could not be attributed to CSA because family environment (FE) was consistently confounded with CSA, FE explained considerably more adjustment variance than CSA, and CSA-adjustment relations generally became non-significant when studies controlled for FE."

* A little bird tells McDNL more of Doctor Laura's history:

Babe Bagger


Paedohysterical 'Doctor' Laura Schlessinger who has had incorrect science banned from the American Psychological Association's publications (McDNL 22 vi '99) more or less slept her way to her present position in radio. She got her start being the 28-year-old playmate of a certain Bill Ballance, c. 63, who had his own radio show in Los Angeles. Schlessinger was married at the time, though separated from her husband. Magic moments from the affair very tastefully photographed by Ballance: the shots recently surfaced in the USA, and it's obvious that Laura's has (or had, at 28), a sweet little pussy and a delightful tits. Ballance was also the one who first put Doctor Laura on the air. Some might say that paedohysterical Schlessinger, who was thus given a leg up on her way to riches, is now advising everybody else to "do as I say, not as I did."
      Although she goes by "Doctor" Laura, it turns out her doctorate is in biochemistry, not psychology, so she's something of a fraud on a second count. Her sole "qualification" as a therapist is a MFCC (Master of Family and Child Counseling) certificate from the state of California; yet the licensing board doesn't approve of their MFCC's doing psychotherapy.
      PaedoScore c. 35.

PC: 1984 reaches 1999

By the 1980's, as Thomas Szasz observed, Western criminologists already believed that crime was social justice, that criminals were victims of society, and that victims were themselves criminal in provoking crime (by leaving their homes and cars unlocked).
      Today, in government, media and
apparatchik circles, bombing is a humanitarian intervention. Iin education, the mentally defective have learning difficulties and the term IQ is never mentioned unless as cognitive abilities. Philosophers and literati claim truth is a social construction. The best-known geneticists deny any important human differences are inherited. 'Social anthropologists' solemnly insist there are no races; and psychologists say sex is only gender.
      Yet one man saw it all coming:

"[Nineteen Eighty-Four's slogans were:] War is Peace; Ignorance is Strength; Freedom is Slavery. Hence doublethink, doubleplusgood, sexcrime, the Ministry of Truth that lies and the Fiction Department that is the spiritual home of all spin doctors. In his early notes for the novel, which he first proposed to call 'The Last Man in Europe', Orwell reminded himself of the "system of organised lying on which society is founded".
      Ian BELL, 1999, 'Big Brother may be 50, but he's the life and soul of the parties.' Scotsman 14 vi.

Quote of the Week

Comparing Nato's new domination of ex-Communist Eastern Europe to the USA's hegemony in Latin America, a Times correspondent remarked -- in a paper not known for the paranoid excesses of its material:

"Big Brother is late, but he has finally arrived. Those of us who believe in free states and national liberty have a hard time ahead."
      A. KNIGHT, Billericay, Essex.


Big Brother is advancing quickly on Britons as well as on Serbs. Britain's Third Way Blairbour Government has announced new laws to allow it to intercept calls to mobile phones, new plans to monitor the e-mails of Her Majesty's subjects, and its intention to jail fathers who don't tell wives and ex-wives their incomes (BBCR4UK 27 vi '99, 09:00). No plans have been announced for enclaves in which people could live with others they trust and make marital contracts of their choice -- though mercifully there are no plans to interfere with the existing non-feminist and child-labour-using folkways of the UK's Srindopakeshi communities.

Especially fed up with the demise of Parliament as a way of controlling Archbishop Blair is Britain's top left-winger and best speaker in Parliament and on 'Any Questions', Tony Benn, 74. The politician who once renounced his peerage has announced he will not again seek re-election as a Labour MP in Chesterfield and will instead fight for his ideals (pro-miners, pro-unwed mothers, anti-Nato, anti-capitalism, pro-Mandela, pro-Sinn Fein and pro-Serbs) from outside Parliament. Mr Benn, who married a delightful American wife, Caroline, says he is fed up with being called a traitor whenever he opposes Mr Blair and that he will leave the parliamentary scene to his son (recently elected as MP for a constituency in Leeds). Just as mainstream British politics once rid itself of 'right-wing' Enoch Powell (pro-dockers, pro-Ulstermen, anti-Nato and anti-inflation), it has now lost the voice of the man who moved to the left and thus drove his beloved Labour party to the right. One is reminded that Winston Churchill,* too, spent more time 'in the wilderness' than he spent in office. Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said of Benn, "He immatures with age"; but Benn points to a family tradition, that "all the Benns move to the left as they get older and learn more about life." He rose to be Secretary of State for Energy 1975-9, from which position he worked to encourage strikers and union bosses to consolidate their grip on Britain -- later to be broken by Mrs Thatcher.

*  A fine exhibition of Churchill memorabilia is open to the public for the summer at the Scottish National Library, Edinburgh. It includes a mock-up British kitchen of the 1940's using the same bread bin, meat safe and table cutlery still in service at McDNL HQ and having a crackly radio broadcasting Churchill's famous Dunkirk speech. For visual aids, see <>.

This newsletter for the science and politics of differential psychology appears on Tuesdays. See also its Archives and related articles on psychology, heredity, individual liberty and William McDougall FRS. Only the McDNL gives the up-to-date answers of genes-realistic psychology (as per Hans Eysenck) to the tired social-environmentalism and political correctness of egalitarian ideologues and hysterical feminists. Only the McDNL challenges the media's worship of: (London) Profs Susan Greenfield, Germaine Greer, Steve Jones and Steven Rose, and clinical psychologist Oliver James; and (New York) Profs Jared Diamond, Ronald Dworkin, Howard Gardner, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Jay Gould and Leon Kamin. Only the McDNL has backed Nobelist Daniel Carlton Gajdusek, multivariate psychologist Raymond Cattell (1905-1998), and social philosopher Arthur Koestler (1905-1983) as their names have given offence to today's neosocialists and kindred hysterics. The McDNL is edited from Edinburgh by London School psychologist Chris Brand -- a Fellow of the Galton Institute, a long-standing reviewer for Nature, Times Higher and Personality & Individual Differences, and author of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996).

Dynamic IQ

American educators worried about SAT-invalidity can put their worries behind them! Psychologist Burt McHenry has spent the last decade building up the Oxford Psychologists' Press (311-321, Banbury Road, Oxford) and has now written to the Times (17 vi '99) to say he is a millionaire and can help people get away from all those old Yale tests of rote learning and offer "dynamic" assessment of intelligence.

The expense, length, reliability and validity of McHenry's test is not indicated. For some idea of the wastefulness of effort and arbitrariness of result that are probably involved in 'dynamic' testing, see ARMOUR-THOMAS, Eleanor & GOPAUL-McNICOL, Sharon-ann (1998). Assessing Intelligence: Applying a Bio-Cultural Model. Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage (Racial and Ethnic Minority Psychology Series, senior editor, F. T. L. Leong). Pp. xix + 239. ISBN 0-7619-0521-9 (pbk). Price not stated. -- A review of this volume is available to regular McDNL readers.

Student Corner


Three components of any attitude can be distinguished: the affective, the cognitive and the conative.
      It is the same with 'racism' of which -- in its full-blooded form -- 'race prejudice', 'race realism' ['scientific racism'] and 'race discrimination' provide the main components.
      For a short discussion of these components of 'racism' (and also other issues relating to IQ, consciousness and Darwinism), go to:


See Here top psychometrician-psychologist Douglas McAdams gives a student-friendly digest of his classic article: McAdams, D. P. (1992). 'The five-factor model in personality: A critical appraisal.' Journal of Personality 60, 329-361.


For a sound but lively and up-to-date reading/reference list about Intelligence/IQ, apparently from an academic at the UK's prestigious Durham University, see


A key point for modern environmentalunatics about intelligence is to stress that 'heritability depends on environment.' Supposedly, experiments with plants show that the heritability of traits can vary when plants are grown experimentally in different environments.
      The irrelevance of such observations to questions about the heritability of human intelligence is spelled out in Chapter 3 of The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications. (The experiments cited are strangely ancient and involve environments differing dramatically from plants' natural habitats [e.g. being grossly water-deficient].*) However, one of the classic 'heritability depends on environment' claims has recently resurfaced -- rehearsed by an unlikely author. Critically discussing Hillary Clinton's 1997 White House Conference on Early Child Development which touted early experience as a wonderful stimulus to a baby's cognitive growth, the hereditarian psychogeneticist David C. Rowe (author of The Limits of Family Influence -- see McDNLs passim) felt obliged to make an admission:

"In 1958, R. M. Cooper and J. P. Zubek ('Effects of enriched and restricted early environments on the learning ability of bright and dull rats', Canadian Journal of Psychology 12, 159-164) raised selected lines of rats in enriched environments, cages with moveable toys vs. normal environments, cages of standard type. Under normal lab rearing, genetically maze bright rates did better than maze dull rats. In the enriched environments, both lines did well. This kind of experiment was one inspiration for early childhood intervention experiments like Headstart."

Apparently, the take-home message that even Rowe accepts from this classic study is that, once a 'decent' (as-rich-as-we-can-make-it) environment is provided, genetic factors fall away in importance. However, quite apart of the dubiety of equating 'maze brightness' in rats with 'intelligence' in children, a very different account of the Cooper & Zubek study is given by the eminent psychometrician-psychologist J. P. Guilford in his The Nature of Human Intelligence (1971, New York, McGraw Hill):

"Animals with poverty of stimulation   The first experiment to be mentioned applied deprivation of stimulation to rats selected from the "bright" and "dull" strains of rats bred from ancestors who had originally been selected on the basis of performance on the Hebbs-William maze test (Cooper & Zubek, 1958). The deprivastion treatment consisted of keeping the subjects from the twenty-fifth to the sixty-fifth day in cages in which they could see only the gray walls of the cage and of the room. They were then tested on the Hebbs-Willian maze and their scores compared with those from normal control groups from the same strains.
    The maze-bright deprived group made significantly more errors as compared with its control group (170 versus 117), and the maze-dull deprived group made insignificantly more errors (170 versus 164). Even the bright rats seem to have needed visual experiences (as under the control conditions) by which to learn perceptual and other habits that facilitated maze learning. Control rats of the dull strain apparently did not learn enough by virtue of normal experience to help them a great deal in maze learning, nor did they do more poorly than the bright rats as a result of sensory deprivation."

On Guilford's account, then, it is only in the relatively 'rich' environment that genetic strain differences are seen.

Answers on the usual postcard to McDNL HQ, please.

 E.g. Barry Mehler, 1996, 'Heredity and hereditarianism' in Philosophy of Education: an Encyclopaedia <>: "a seed would grow differently in different soils or with changes in moisture and temperature. One of the most dramatic experimental demonstrations of this idea was presented by Charles R. Stockard (1879-1939) who created a cyclops fish by treating the water in which the embryos were developing. This is why we say that the child does not inherit "traits" from his or her parents. The child inherits only alleles. It is the interaction of these alleles with the environment that creates phenotypes. ….Children do not inherit musical ability, criminal tendencies, or IQ. Neither do they inherit physical characteristics such as skin or hair color. The child inherits one set of alleles from each parent. Together they form the child's genotype. … The human being in all his or her complexity is the result of [the] interaction of a unique genotype with a unique environment. …Genes do not "cause" a trait any more than environment does. It is the interaction between the two that results in phenotypic traits."


"Capitalism is creative destruction."
      Joseph SCHUMPETER, 1962, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. New York : Harper & Row.
"Communism failed because it denied what Adam Smith called the "instinct to truck and barter" -- the human instinct of greed."
      Anatole KALETSKY, 1999, BBCR4UK 23 vi '99, 09:05.
"Free markets and less free societies go hand in hand."
      Edward LUTWAK, discussing his 1999 book, TurboCapitalism and the angry demands for crime control and punishment, i.e. for security, that he claims to detect in the fast-capitalizing societies of the Argentine and Eastern Europe, BBCR4UK 23 vi '99, 09:05. {Edward Lutwak's reaction to the USA's two million young men in jail and Britain's paedohysteria remained unknown.}


"The very excellence of your people's territory is perhaps the unique cause of their poverty. A more barren soil, a climate less mild, and the Neapolitans would have been forced to be industrious."
      'Juliette', addressing the King of Naples, in the Marquis de Sade's Juliette. (Juliette, fresh from an orgy in which mothers had been forced to eat their sons, has explained "I never speak to [kings] save it be to tell them the truth.")

Philosophy for Today

From 'Truth in Media' <>:

O. J. Simpson goes free after killing two people. What message does the outcome of that murder trial send to the American public?

Same as that noted by Solon, the Greek philosopher, lawgiver, merchant and poet who lived c. 640-c.559 B.C. and established democratic influence on the Athens judiciary:
"Laws are like spider webs. If some poor weak creature comes up against them, it is caught. But the bigger one can break through and escape."

Babe Bagger

(Sun 19 vi '99)

Half-Amerindian Canadian pop diva, Shania Twain, 33, the WORLD'S HOTTEST FEMALE STAR -- with the navel, legs, the lot -- is well and truly bagged by producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange, 50. The couple live a reclusive life in a Swiss chateau except when Shania is zooming to top the USA charts. Shania, who lost both her parents at 21, claims little maternal instinct after several years of looking after her teenage brothers, Mark and Darryl. She does not use drink or drugs; but, with her stunning figure, Shania's dancing is intoxicating enough. Shania was singing harmonies at 3, writing songs at 8, and takes three horses wherever she goes so she can unwind and ride whenever she fancies. PaedoScore 17.

Galton Institute

The Galton's next conference (London Zoo, September 16 & 17) will concern 'Man and Society in the New Millennium' and star:

Prof. J. H. EDWARDS, FRS, Professor of Genetics, University of Oxford
'Genetics: old and new'

Emeritus Prof. Richard LYNN, University of Ulster
'Quality of Population: scenarios for the new eugenics'

Prof. Glayde WHITNEY, Florida State University, Tallahassee
'Reproduction technology for a new eugenics'

Emeritus Prof. Arthur R. JENSEN, University of California, Berkeley
'Galton's legacy to current research on intelligence'

Tickets from Galton Institute; 19, Northfield Prospect; London SW18 1PE

Affirmative Racism

For details of some of the USA's PC policepersons masterminding 'positive discrimination', quotas, preferences, consent decrees etc., and for a list of Bill Clinton's "undemocratic, unconstitutional, racially divisive accomplishments", go to:

Fast Breeder

{cf. McDNL Winter 1998-9, 1 xii}

Zelko Raznatovic (aka 'Arkan') (c. 45, Kosovo-born Yugoslavian soldier, indicted by Nato as a war criminal for ethnic cleansing and perhaps genocide)  9 [by his three marriages].

Fourth of July



"In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror…."

Edinburgh LUniversity



(Times 26 vi '99)

The 'university' that would not employ philosopher David Hume or stand by IQ-theorist Chris Brand or parapsychology explorer Arthur Koestler has revealed the true level of its intellectual concerns: it has developed an 'intelligent potato.' Using a fluorescent protein gene (aqueorium) taken from a jellyfish -- widely thought to have been one of Brand's envious former colleagues in Psychology -- E.LU. boffins have made a potato that glows a luminous green when it needs water, thus helping to get Scottish farmers working all round the clock!!       
      Announcing the breakthrough to the University's General Council of old age pensioners on their annual coach outing, Dame Stewart Sutherland was tearful when challenged about the LUniversity's harassment of David Hume, Arthur Koestler, Chris Brand and Assistant Tribunalist Geoffrey Sharps. Asked to explain why she had failed to protect academic freedom and misled the public about the standards of staff and students at the LUniversity, Dame Stewart said she was upset by the fate of jellyfish in the LUniversity. However, the sacrifice of the jellyfish was enabling exciting advances in the field of cashflow ooops potatoes.

*  'I weep for you,' the Walrus said:
'I deeply sympathize.'
With sobs and tears he sorted out
     Those of the largest size,
Holding his pocket-handkerchief
     Before his streaming eyes.

For a brief, introductory account of Brand's battles with modern censorship, see:
Wiley & Edinburgh University versus Brand
. This history has appended to it: the explanation of how academic freedom came to be effectively abolished in the United Kingdom in 1988; references to 1996-8 press coverage when Brand was run to ground for his views on IQ, race, education, eugenics, sex, 'feminazism' and paedophilia; and references to new articles which counsel against ignoracism and paedohysteria.

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