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New, New, New! –

November, 2005

ROUTE TO NATIONAL LIBERALISM OPENS UP  As Rev. Blair became increasingly involved in complementing his draconian provision of Political Correctness with demands for ‘Respect’ (for others, apparently) (involving petty and incoherent legal restrictions on gambling, smoking and drinking in trains and ‘name and shame’ routines to advertise state schools having high weenager pregnancy rates), it became increasingly clear that the way forward for the Conservatives was to stress their commitment to freedom, and in particular to choice, and especially to announce a commitment to help young people avoid early criminal records (or later blackmail threats) by decriminalizing drugs, lowering the age of sexual consent and insisting that all state schools allow all pupils a choice of school class for at least 50% of the day. Coupled with a commitment to support two-parent families, births to undergraduettes, a statute of limitations forbidding prosecution more than two years after an offence and kicking out unintegrated asylum seekers of low IQ, national liberalism would have [re-]arrived – with a realistic formula for a free Britain. {But, as it was, the preference of wonderboy Conservative leadership contender David Cameron remained that he only wanted to discuss policy behind closed doors with his ‘Notting Hill’ fan club.}

FRENCH ANTI-RACIST PHILOSOPHY EXPOSED  In a hilarious send-up of the generation-long ambitions alike of France’s revolutionaries, republicans and reactionaries to ignore genetic and IQ problems and pretend to ‘integrate’ six million Muslims into French society, North-African youths from un-policed ghettos in some ten Paris suburbs rioted in neighbouring White areas nightly for a week, e.g. resulting in hundreds of burned-out cars (250 in one night alone), buses and trains being stopped and stoned, the setting ablaze of a primary school, a car dealership and a shopping centre, the fire-bombing of a police station, cancellation of holidays for top ministers of France’s centrist government, and talk of the need for a curfew in the French capital. {So much for France’s attempt to placate Muslims by not helping to depose Iraq’s dictator Madman Insane!} {By an eighth night, the disturbances had spread to some twenty Paris-region towns and 143 arrests had been made. To that date, 28,000 cars had been torched in urban France in 2005, said Le Monde. Among 20- to 24-year-olds living in French suburbs whose residents are predominantly Muslim, the jobless rate during the 1999 census was 37.2 percent for men, compared with the national average of 22.5 percent – Bloomberg, 3 xi. The descendants of North African parents in France came to call themselves Beurs (Beur means Arab) around 1980, stressing their ‘cultural bi-identity,’ and there were self-announced Beur novelists; but today Beur has become a term of abuse.} {The troubles had started when, most unusually, a White woman living on the fringe of an Afro-Arab ghetto took the trouble to report the vandalization of a car. As police arrived, two Beur boys sought refuge in an electricity substation where they promptly died from electrocution, sparking anger among the wretched Muslims of the earth.} {As disturbances spread to Dijon [5 cars burned], Marseilles [11 cars burned], Trappes [to the west of Paris – 27 buses destroyed] and Normandy, Lille and Toulouse the ludicrous and divided but unfailingly peecee-mouthing French ‘government’ pronounced the rioting to be ‘organized’, as if to excuse its own lack of organization of immigration policy re mad Muslims of mean IQ 90. On the eighth night of rioting, 519 cars were torched. France's anti-immigrant National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, 77, said "France is under attack from hordes of foreigners"; but by and large the right kept quiet, waiting for France to see for itself the failure of its political elite’s ‘assimilatory’ policies of the past generation. Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy, who had been thought to favour affirmative racism ooops action, had called the Beurs “scum” and said they should be “water-hosed,” thus allowing leftists and pinkoes and President Chirac to blame him personally for most of the rioting…. By contrast, his opponent for the 2007 Presidential Election, the lofty and aristocratic Dominique de Villepin, favoured total ‘colour-blindness.’ – Both gents would soon find that their lack of attention to genetic differences and the sheer intractable unintegratability of many Bleck youf would cost them and their country dear. On the evening of 4th November, 900 cars were burned across France and 250 arrests were made. Le Figaro ran a strong editorial that blamed decades of “uncontrolled immigration” for the unrest. To use the army was problematic since France had let it become 23% Muslim. Just why France continued paying out welfare benefits in Beur areas remained unclear. Police trade union officials spoke freely of “civil war” spreading to all Muslim ghettos. In a tenth night of rioting, as batty French politicians and the media called for more sensitivity, welfarism and giving mad Muslims the vote, 1,300 cars were burned out and 350 arrests were made. Just when the French authorities would start shooting at Muslim loons was not explained – no more than the American and British troops in Iraq explained their own apparent inactivity. “The government has set up plenty of agencies to help these youngsters find a job, but they don't want to work,'' said Claudine Carrer, a 66-year-old retired secretary from Aulnay-sous-Bois, where rioters had burnt a Renault showroom and a car rental business. ``They want to live off unemployment benefits. The government should send in the army, the foreign legion, and dig up all the drugs and the weapons these people hide.'' However, as curfews were discussed and 1,500 gendarme reservists were called up, it seemed more likely that French politicos would do a deal with French mullahs to restore the classic mediaeval ‘millet’ system whereby Muslims would control their own areas in return for restraining their forces from pestering surrounding areas, at least for the time being. Eventually, on November 8th, the ludicrous ‘interior minister’ said he was ‘allowing’ local mayors to declare curfews and states of emergency in their areas – but he would not admit that France (afflicted by then nightly by rioting in some 300 locations) had a problem as a whole, traceable to its years of Catholicism, revolutionism, anti-Semitism, anti-Germanism, anti-Americanism, communism, existentialism, postmodernism and lack of race realism. The press was not fooled, however, and said France had declared a “state of emergency” (allowing curfews, house searches, house arrests, fuel restrictions and bans on public meetings) – a fitting end to years of multiculchalunacy. The state of emergency was promptly condemned by French socialists. By mid-November, the sport of voiture flambée had stabilized around a rate of 400 torched cars per night.}

IQ IS THE FROGGIES’ PROBLEM  After two weeks of French Arab-Africans rioting, and without a mention of IQ or intelligence in the media, Steve Sailer easily supplied the answer: http://vdare.com/sailer/051109_france.htm. The truth is that most societies (apart from Britain at the time it was at loggerheads with America) fancy ‘slave’ labour; and low-IQ slaves can be controlled by heavy religion – as was the lot of Blacks in the U.S.A; but once the religious brakes come off, the ‘Whites’ flee (as from Rome c. 300) and the riff-raff take over. All this is being mimicked today as Dutch and Danes apply furiously to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand.

PAEDOHYSTERIA DENOUNCED  Support for affairs between pupils and teachers came from Sheffield University education lecturer Pat Sikes, 49, who had fallen for her own husband-to-be, a 22-year old teacher, on her very first day in high school at age 14 (Independent, 11 xi). Sikes’ research estimated that there were 1,500 such harmless or positively beneficial pupil-teacher affairs in English schools beginning every year. {Scores of other experts sympathetic to adult-child liaisons are listed at www.crispian.demon.co.uk/PaedoBeeb98.htm, where it is suggested that the age of consent should be a Mental Age of 15. In 1997, Edinburgh University sacked me for outraging the Scottish media by saying that, on average, paedophilia did little harm.} {Meanwhile, pop star Gary Glitter, 61, was carrying on paedophiling with two delightfully trim pony-tailed under-age girls in a Vietnamese seaside resort who called themselves his wives, and also enjoying a third 19-year-old Asian beauty – though as ever with the censorious News of the Screws on his case (13 xi), resulting in him facing a firing squad for three incidents of under-age consensual sex (at £5-50 a throw) and the alleged rape of a 12-year old. Vietnamese police asked for a leisurely four months to study Gary Glitter’s sexual relations with Vietnamese women, which he freely admitted had been extensive. And the equally hounded supposed paedophile Arthur C. Clarke – normally seen in the tabloids being served by a bevy of nubile boys at his beach-house home -- was given Ceylon’s top national honour, the Sri Lanka-bhimanya, for his services to science and technology.}

NATURE BEATS NURTURE, FUNDAY TIMES REPORTS  Adoptees into rich families don’t do as well scholastically as the biological kids of those families, Britain’s Funday Times (renowned for its hostility to star hereditarian Sir Cyril Burt) reported. A more comprehensible summary of the new work by economists appeared in The Australian (7 xi) – though still without making clear whether the early (pre-adoption) environments of today’s adoptees in the West could have been quite as disastrous as their genes.

FRENCH MULTICULCHALUNACY EXPOSED After sixteen nights of rioting and thousands of car-torchings on French streets, Paris was in a state of ‘lockdown’, the disturbances had spread to the centre of France’s third city, Lyons, requiring tear gas to be fired, and there had been petrol bomb attacks on a mosque (Independent, 13 xi) and also on two churches (these latter attacks being unreported by France’s self-censored press). The French policy of ‘assimilation’ without deporting those who failed to integrate by marriage or employment was painfully exposed; but at the same time the ‘authoritarian-socialist’ link-up of Muslims and Leftists predicted by me for the last year (e.g. in American Renaissance and in my review of Occidentalism at Amazon Books) looked all too likely to come about. Having first failed to oppose Hitlerism pre-1939 and then to oppose Stalinism post-1945, the Left seemed now to be wanting a top role in Islamifying Europe, starting with France. {By the night of 12/13 xi, the Muslim madness spread to Belgium (29 cars torched) and Holland (where Muslim psychotics had previously concentrated on murdering critics of Muslim immigration, starting with eminent politician Pim Fortuyn in 2003) (4 cars torched).} {France’s National Front’s blonde darling, M. Le Pen’s daughter, 37, averred there were 1,000 areas in La République where cops dared not go – and the Gouvernement itself admitted that the figure of no-go areas might be as high as 150. Apparently, France was letting itself become a larger-scale Northern Ireland (where people have found their own territorial solutions to ‘the troubles’ since the politicians have proved useless). How pitiful that the West’s central regimes of America, Britain and France have not conferred with each other about how to confront half-Black Muslim madness before it is too late! Only Australia was putting up a firm response -- doubtless assisted by East Asian countries who certainly don’t want Muslim madness to spread to them – and have numerous laws in place to prevent unintegrated riff-raff immigration. Perhaps the East is the new West as France finally destroys itself after a miserable 220-year period of  failure as a nation, its numerous useless effort to fight Germany having culminated in its obscure reality-denying verbosities of postmodernism?} {After the clashes in Lyons, the first such attacks on police in a French city centre since 1968, it was announced that France’s notoriously proactive paramilitary force, the CRS, would be garrisoned in 17 hotspots – and would not be spending their time playing soccer with local youf.}

RACE REALISM DAWNS AT THE BBC   Race-specific medicines, first discussed in TgF NewsLetters nine years ago, got their first mention on the Beeb’s flagship channel, Radio 4. {If things go according to form in the battle for truth against PeeCee, these ‘controversial’ new drugs – admitted by the Beeb to provoke “hysteria” in some quarters [Prof. Steve Jones, Prof Steve Rose?] – will get mentioned on Radio 4’s classic soap opera ‘The Archers’ by 2015 and get on the telly by 2020….}

FRENCH LEFTIST JEW BERATES MUSLIMS – ALBEIT MILDLY  After France ‘returned to normal’ (according to the BBC – only 100 voitures flambées per night by 20 xi), it turned out that there was one ‘philosophe’ with 1968 leftist credentials who had changed his mind a bit about the Black/Arab underclass – though even he did not dare to use the term IQ (AmRen, 23 xi). {My French Correspondent tells me that fully 50% of the rioters were Black, the rest being better described as Beurs [Frenchified Arabs].} {After a few days of being threatened with lawsuits from ‘anti-racist’ groups, philosophe Finkielkraut issued a grovelling apology – such was the peecee tyranny that ‘liberal’-leftists had foisted on France, a country forever doomed to pay for its bloody and unrealistic Revolution, its killing of 100,000 Haitians together with its re-imposition of slavery in 1802, its repeated efforts to export its self-contradictory egalitarianism to the rest of Europe, and its end as a nation of cheese-eating postmodernist surrender monkeys.} {Over the subsequent two weeks, Finkielkraut won the support of French Prime Minister Nicholas SarkozyAmRen, 6 xii – but not of most of the French press. Next he found himself being sued by Caribbean Blacks – of whom he had said that they sponged off French welfare benefits (American Renaissance, 11 i 06).}

FEMINAZIES REBUKED  In an amazing victory for common sense and liberty, Swansea Crown Court ruled that a female drama student binge drinker who could not actually remember whether she had given consent to sex was not entitled to proceed with her rape allegation against handsome fellow student Ryairi Dougal (Sun, 24 xi). Predictable hysteria broke out among media folk at the BBC etc.

RACE REALISM ABOUT PYGMIES CATCHES ON  At a time in British politics when no-one would dare call anyone a Nigger, Paki or Frog (even if the target were indeed a Negro, a Pakistani or a Frenchman), it suddenly became publicly fashionable to call British politicians “political pygmies.” UK ex-Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, dished out the treatment in his memoirs to Labour Deputy Leader John Prescott and to UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw; and in Scotland the same abuse proved popular with Members of the Scottish Parliament for reference to Scotland’s egotistic First Minister Jack McConnell. One wonders, has someone been reading what I said in November’s American Renaissance  of the genetic work of Bruce Lahn and colleagues in Chicago linking certain human genetic variations to larger brain size?….
”[Lahn et al.] estimated that one genetic variation (‘microcephalin haplogroup D’ – O.K., let’s call it V1) had spread since its appearance in humans of 40,000BC to some 70% of humans; and it was more common in Europe, Asia, South America and Latin America than in Black Africa. It was especially infrequent (3%) in Congo pygmies, whom Black Africans commonly regard as markedly intellectually inferior to themselves.”

IMMIGRATION REALISM IN UNI RESEARCH  Fresh evidence emerged that, contrary to conventional political pretences, immigrants are costly -- each immigrant family costing each Florida household $1,800 per year (http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2005/11/the_myth_of_nocost_immigrants.php). {The evidence came from a pro-immigration Democrat economist at U. Florida (who was amazed at his results and rechecked them thoroughly….) and was published in the normally pro-immigration Investors' Business Daily; and presumably Florida's immigrants would have include many Hispanics (mean IQ c. 90) as well as Blacks.} {Subsequently, the state of Minnesota estimated that illegal immigration was costing it $188 million annually.}


December, 2005

IQ TESTS MAKE COME-BACK  IQ tests were to be used in future in British state secondary schools to identify children who might be capable of Oxbridge entry with special coaching (Daily Telegraph, 3 xii). The announcement came after an expert on school evaluation, Professor David Jesson (Dept. Economics, York University) had found that children of high educational attainment at age 11 (top 5%) had a 1 in 3 chance of making it to Oxbridge if educated independently but only a 1 in 8 chance if educated at a state school (Times, 25 xi). The names of Britain’s top 150,000 brightest kids at age 11 would be made known to Britain’s top twenty universities (the ‘Russell Group’) so the kids could be monitored and exhorted to apply for elite places (Times, 5 xii) – this news followed the revelation that 40% of Britain’s teachers (overwhelmingly socialist-egalitarian by inclination) had never identified a single child in their classes as ‘gifted.’

PAEDOHYSTERIA SCOTCHED  As sumptuous blonde American schoolteacher Debra Lafave, 25, was found by a court to have had full sex “many times” with a 14-year-old pupil, the culmination of a string of US ‘Kissy Missy’ cases where no harm could be reported by assiduous paedohysterical leftist hacks, a survey revealed that fully 7% of schoolchildren claimed to have had some level of sexual involvement with an adult at their school, usually a teacher (female in 22% of cases). In the star case of all time (see McDougall NewsLetters), the bouncy blonde and lissome divorcée, Mary Kay Le Tourneau, 42, was still together with (and married to) the strapping Pacific Islander, 21, whom she had first seduced at a US West Coast school when he was 12 – the couple had two daughters (both born in prison thanks to the American authorities tireless pursuit of loveless and unrealistic pseudo-welfarism).

SEX DIFFERENCES ARE BRAIN-BASED  Yawn -- neuroscientists proved what everyone had known for a generation (AmRen, 2 xii).

BRAINS vs BALLS IN BATS  Yawn – biologists re-invent Phil Rushton’s wheel (Sun, 7 xii).

From: Chris Brand
          71, South Clerk Street
          Edinburgh EH8 9PP

7 xii 2005

To whom it may concern (but especially at Aarhus University, Denmark):

Dr Helmuth Nyborg is a well-known and distinguished scholar who has made an impressive contribution to the study of individual and group differences over the past two decades. Both in research and as an organizer (especially, as an editor), he has made an enormous contribution to the London School of psychology (the intellectual tradition, respecting genetic factors, that descends from Darwin's cousin, Sir Francis Galton). Dr Nyborg has been at once imaginative and convivial -- an unusual and welcome combination in academic life. Thus I have been shocked to hear that Dr Nyborg's work on sex differences has come under attack at Aarhus. As it happens, I myself do not agree that men have any general advantage in intelligence -- though of course, because of their wider standard deviation in intelligence, men are massively over-represented in the ranks of both geniuses and the mentally defective. But Dr Nyborg's views are supported by Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn and are perfectly worthy of publication and discussion -- indeed, the top journal Nature recently deemed them worthy of debate (albeit critical). As we all know, 'political correctness' is the religion of our day and age, organized from 'postmodern' but still quaintly egalitarian France and forbidding discussion of controversial topics in psychology. Well, the French ban on talk of IQ and racial differences has not prevented major social disturbances -- the BBC currently refers to France as having 'got back to normal' when 50-100 cars are burned nightly. I would urge Denmark to hold out against attempts to suppress free speech by such distinguished academics as Dr Nyborg. Free discussion is the hallmark of the Anglo-Saxon peoples and arguably a key cause of our great success as civilized and properous nations. If Denmark cannot even defend such a senior and internationally respected scientist as Dr Nyborg, I will conclude the country is frankly finished and just awaits the terminating arrival of Black, Muslim and kindred crazy conquistadors. (NB If you feel bullied by feminists or their wimp male hangers-on, do you ever ask them how they feel about Blacks' and Muslims' notoriously hostile attitudes to women? Surely free discussion is best all round? -- So end your interminable bullying of Helmuth Nyborg!} Yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (author of 'The g Factor' -- available free at http://www.douance.org/qi/brandtgf.htm).

TOP LADY JUDGE CONFESSES  After a lifetime of sucking up to socialism, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss concluded her career (in the Family Division of the High Court) as she took her pension with an announcement of her newly developed view that British governments had not done enough to support the family. Her repentance came as figures showed the proportion of kids living with only one parent had risen from 21% to 27% during Labour’s term of office.

ITALY TO BOOST BIRTH RATE  Faced with being wiped out as a White Christian country by 2100, the Italians, with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi among them, began thinking about rewarding Italian motherhood.

EURO-APARTHEID FLOURISHES TO HANDLE IMMIGRANTS  Following the weeks of rioting by Blacks and Arabs in France’s banlieux, it transpired that Germany, despite prating about the joys of multiculturalism, had developed similar segregation – with three central suburbs of Berlin having become 60% Turkish, Kurdish or Arab. In these areas, young men as well as women live in virtual slavery, with their marriages arranged by parents (AmRen, 4 xii).

JOYS OF DIVERSITY – RACE RIOTS ROCK SYDNEY  As 5,000 beach-attired (or non-attired) young Australians, many draped in the national flag, turned out in surfing resort Cronulla (fifteen miles south of Sydney city centre) to protest at Lebanese cockiness and aggression, gun-toting Lebanese [whom police didn’t dare relieve of their weapons, illegal though they were under Australian politicians’ attempts to emaciate the population] smashed 60 cars and many shops with baseball bats in well-organized reply (first clearing streets forcibly of witnesses) and both sides called for “war” in text messages. As clashes broke out all around Botany Bay [the original landing ground for Britain’s transported convicts], with Whites telling the “wogs,” “We grew here, you flew here,” the White nationalist group Australia First called openly for patriotic Australians to assemble in protest on the Cronulla peninsula on December 18th. In two nights of rioting there had been 31 serious injuries (on both sides, one a back-stabbing by a Lebanese), 16 arrests, a retreat by the police protected by ‘Bra Boys’ (Whites from Maroubra) and a complaint of attempted rape by a Lebanese who opened a car door, put his hand directly up a girl’s skirt and told her and she would be raped as an “Aussie slut.” Politicians responded by quadrupling police strengths around Botany Bay and giving police ‘lockdown’ powers to close pubs, arrest drinkers, halt fast-speeding motor convoys and jail rioters for 15 years so as to smash the “ratbags” who were tarnishing Sydney’s multicultural image. But race-related incidents were reported from the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide and it was felt necessary to cancel the Cronulla’s annual surfing festival scheduled for Dec. 11.  Muslim women’s groups called on Muslim parents to confiscate their kids’ cars and mobile phones so as to disrupt rioting. Several churches came under attack -- one razed and others with windows broken, including one church whose mystified worshippers were largely of Tongan extraction. But Oz had come centre-stage in the West’s battle against the low-IQ psychotics brought in by its businessmen and politicians – for short-term gain but without democratic approval and while mortgaging the future. The big question remained whether the healthy 5,000 Australian young patriots could rapidly expand to 50,000 – and preferably without being drink- or marijuana-fuelled. A just-about-critique of White-bashing press coverage appeared at http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=47933: it began, "When an Arab torches a school, it's rebellion. When a white guy does it, it's fascism," says French-Jewish philosopher, Alain Finkielkraut. Star lines were: “In the 21st century, antiracism will be what communism was in the 20th” and “The question isn’t what is the best model of integration, but just what sort of integration can be achieved with people who hate you.”

FROGGIES READY TO JAIL OUTSPEAKING PROF  Leading the way -- as so often historically -- in oppression, statism,  sadism and cowardice in front of the mob, the French convicted a 58-year old philosopher and rightish-wing M.P. (within France’s governing UMP party), Professor Christian Vanneste, who had dared to tell two newspapers that homosexuality could, under some circumstances, be a “danger to mankind” (Daily Telegraph, 15 xii). For his politically incorrect agreement with standard Catholic doctrine, the professor was to spend Christmas waiting to see if he would be jailed for six months (as well as being fined $25,000); but at least his trial had begun the helpful process of linking PeeCee’s tyranny especially to the ever-failing state of France. Professor Vanneste was also centre-stage in another controversy splitting France, for he had successfully slipped a passage mandating schoolteachers to retail the glories of the French empire into an otherwise unremarked Government bill (MSNBC, 17 xii).

RACE-IQ LINK BACKED FROM HARVARD  In a talk to New York Jews in mid-December, Harvard’s Professor Steven Pinker lent his considerable authority to Utah University work earlier this year (see above, June) to the effect that Ashkenazi Jews had a 15-IQ-point advantage over Europeans. Importantly, Sephardic Jews (who lived fairly integratedly in Spain for centuries before being kicked out) did not have this advantage, which apparently came from the northerly Ashkenazi Jews being blocked from all trades except finance – leading to expanded numbers of those who carried a recessive gene for IQ which in double dose brings the grave and distinctively Jewish disorder of Tay-Sachs disease. {But the media scrupulously ignored Pinker’s conversion to public race realism…. – The London Times finally gave Cochran & Harpending a mention on January 2nd, 2006, in its ‘Science Notebook,’ but with a covering conclusion that Ashkenazi genius might just be due to “pushy Jewish mothers nagging their sons to do well”….}

IQ REALISM TO COME IN EDUCATION  In line with the proposals of Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996), Britain’s NuLabour Government announced plans that would allow academically ungifted children to abandon the GCSE curriculum and instead choose from among 14 strictly vocational courses such as Hair & Beauty, Engineering and Leisure & Tourism. {But the start date would only be in 2008 and it remained unclear whether employers had been properly involved in preparing the new courses, validating them, and agreeing to employ those with passes in them. The British Chamber of Commerce further stressed the need for communication skills, timekeeping and the right attitude to work.} {In another victory for the ideas of The g Factor, 83% of Brits told pollsters they wanted school classes to be streamed (only 4% thought streaming a bad idea, and 13% said they did not know) (Daily Telegraph, 19 xii).

IMMIGRATION ANALYZED  While American neocons pooh-poohed the French for failing to adopt affirmative racism to cope with Arab immigration, America’s top journalist, Steve Sailer, pointed out in American Conservative (19 xii) that America had had plenty of race riots since the 1960s, that unemployment among young Black men had risen from 10% in the 1960’s to 30% today, and that at any given time a staggering further 10% of US Bleckmen were in jail. So why were America and its President Dubya Bush so enamoured of Latino immigrant labour? The answer, SS concluded, was that the trouble is invariably with second-generation immigrants, not with the deferential and grateful first-generation semi-slaves – a helpful point in explaining how societies like those of ancient Rome and the modern West can come to have a favourable view of slavery ooops immigration, blind to the troubles that will brew from non-deferential, low-IQ children (the father having been allowed to import a low-IQ bride from his native land) who have little idea of how lucky they are to live in the West rather than the hell holes of the Third World.

RACE REALISM GROWS  In the aftermath of the October riots in France (during which 9,000 cars were torched by Blacks and Arabs), 33% of people said they would call themselves ‘racist’ – up from 25% in 2004 – and 25% said they would vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen. Despite a generation of propaganda from politicians and the press, 50% said they did not welcome immigration, compared to only 30% welcoming it (United Press International, 18 xii). Polling in Australia found that 75% of people thought their neighbours were racist (The Age, 24 xii). On Christmas Day, 100 cars were torched in France – a figure police said was the same as the usual daily average. On New Year’s Eve, the tally of voitures flambées was 425. On New Year’s Day, some 25 North African youths steamed for five hours through a Nice-Paris express train, looting, vandalizing, pillaging and molesting women – after police finally boarded the train, the Arab vandals pulled the emergency stop handle and made their escape across fields. -- French Socialists expressed “astonishment” at this episode.

Brain size matters for intellectual ability and bigger is better. At Ontario’s McMaster University researchers found IQ to be correlated with brain size (McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences, 22 xii). The study, led by neuroscientist Sandra Witelson, a professor in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and published in the December issue of the journal Brain, provided some of the clearest evidence as to the underlying basis of differences in intelligence. The study involved testing intelligence in 100 neurologically normal, terminally ill volunteers, who agreed that their brains be measured after death. The main finding was that ‘bigger is better,’ but there were differences between women and men. In women, verbal intelligence was strongly correlated with brain size, accounting for 36 percent of the verbal IQ score. In men, this was true for right-handers only, indicating that brain asymmetry is a factor in men. Spatial intelligence was also correlated with brain size in women, but less strongly. In men, spatial ability was not related to overall brain
size. These results suggest that women may use verbal strategies in spatial thinking, but that in men, verbal and spatial thinking are more distinct.
In the weeks after publication, the story was covered in several Indian newspapers and by one in Professor Witelson’s native Canada, but virtually nowhere else and without any mention of Phil Rushton’s long-standing advocacy of the thesis – such was still the head-in-the-sand of the West’s media to IQ having any markedly biological basis.

RACE- AND SLAVERY-REALISM  The Government of Ghana resolved to invite all Afro-Americans of Ghanaian lineage to return to Ghana, with its tourism minister saying “We hope we can bring the African family together again” – though doubtless hoping for massive inward investment from healthy and relatively well-educated Blacks. But ordinary Ghanaians expressed astonishment and doubted whether a single Black American would wish to abandon the countless advantages gained from his ancestors’ enslavement – i.e. rescue from Black tyranny, free passage across the Atlantic, being given safe if heavy work (it was the wandering Irish who were used for dangerous work) and finally manumitted and finding whole political parties devoted to their interests (first the Republicans, later the Democrats) (American Renaissance, 27 xii).

RACE REALISM INDIAN-STYLE  After years in which the West’s peecee politicos had complained about Israel’s wall to keep out Palestinians and had refused to contemplate the U.S.A. building a wall to keep out Mexicans, it transpired that holy Hindu India would, in 2006, complete a 2,500-mile steel double wall (the gap filled with razor wire) to slash terror, illegal immigration, people trafficking and smuggling by its neighbours in Muslim Bangladesh (American Renaissance, 29 xii). The plan followed the success of India’s previous use of 1,000 miles of barbed wire fencing and would be supported by a force of 50,000 Indian soldiers, so eager was India to cut the 65,000 Bangladeshis who had annually been crossing the border illegally in the 1990’s.


January, 2006

Economist BACKS GENES  After years of ignoring Richard Lynn’s work on IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist ran a short article backing the theory of Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending (see June) that important evolution was still occurring in man, as witness Jewish (Ashkenazi) development of high intelligence just a thousand years ago. The article went on to add that eugenics should not be outlawed in a liberal society – quite a breakthrough for the cowardly neocons who run the Economist! {However, the turn-of-the-year note was accompanied by another article titled ‘Race is only skin deep’ – VDare, 1 i 06. Nor was the Economist sound on free speech, urging Danish journalists and parliamentarians to get a grip on their ‘rudeness’ to Muslims – Front Page, 12 i 06.}

NATURE, NOT NURTURE  Of twelve scientists selected to air their views for the New Year in the Daily Telegraph (3 i 06), no less than three of them were hereditarian (and none was environmentalist): my pal David Buss (U. Texas) noted ‘the beast within’; my one-time drinks partner Richard Dawkins (U. Oxford) said we should remedy faulty genes, not punish their possessors; and formerly race-evasive genetic code-breaker Craig Venter was even allowed to claim there were “strong genetic components” in “most aspects of human existence, including personality sub-types, language capabilities, mechanical abilities, intelligence, sexual activities and preferences, intuitive thinking, willpower, temperament, athletic abilities and so on.”

PEECEE DENOUNCED BY MUSLIM M.P.  Glasgow Central’s Labour M.P., a Muslim called Mohammad Sarwar, condemned political correctness in the police as it turned out that Asian gangs – left largely unmolested by Britain’s cringeing coppers , fearing accusations of political incorrectness  – had turned their attention largely to raiding Pakistani shops. Other Muslim luminaries agreed with Sarwar, as did a Scottish Conservative spokeswoman. {But the rest of Britain’s peecee media agreed to suppress the story.}

FUNDAY TIMES BACKS FAMILY  In the bizarre scene of U.K. politics, where only newspapers really matter, the top broadsheet Sunday Times (responsible for the blackening of Sir Cyril Burt’s name) got as far as blaming NuLabour for showing “scant respect for the institution of marriage” (leading article, 8 i 2006) – though still regarding ‘families’ and ‘education’ as things that might be provided by the beneficent state regardless of individual genetic proclivities). Meanwhile, NuTory ‘Dave’ Cameron feigned to be a “liberal Conservative”, suggesting he might have learned something from this Diary’s advocacy of “national liberalism.”

TORIES FOR The g Factor   Just ten years after my book was published and Labour leader Tony Blair backed its proposal for school streaming, the new Conservative leader David Cameron announced he favoured neither a return to grammar schools nor funding for state-school kids to attend independent schools but simply an increasing number of state-school pupils being educated in classes according to their abilities (Sun, 10 i) by means of subject-based streaming (or ‘setting’). He also thought schools should be allowed to select 10% of their pupils according to mathematical ability – and not just for dancing, drawing and languages as at present. That streaming helps children of all ability levels was confirmed in figures from England’s exam boards: when ‘value-added’ effects were studied (as advocated in The g Factor), they were greatest for children in streamed systems (Spectator, 14 i, Ross Clark). {Currently it is estimated that some 40% of state pupil hours are spent in streamed classes. The main obstacle to any increase in streaming is probably left-wing teachers and school heads.} 

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS TO BE REVISED  As Muslim supremo Iqbal Sacranie came under investigation by police for alleged hate speech (he had criticized homosexuality) (Evening Standard, 13 i), top cop Sir Ian Blair announced a review that would end by restricting accusations of hate speech to members of the British National Party, the Conservative Party and the London School. {Perhaps hearing their master’s voice, cops decided after ten days’ deliberation to take no further action against Sacranie.}

LOW INDIAN AND PAKISTANI IQ EXPLAINED   Indians have few Caucasian or even Central Asian genes, researchers at India’s National Institute of Biologicals, Uttar Pradesh, reported (National Geographic Magazine, 10 i 06), thus linking the subcontinent genetically with the South Asian pattern of low-ish general intelligence (though probably with a wider range than in the West).

 BLACK COP COULDN’T COPE  A Black policeman in charge of guarding Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall resigned after unspecified errors and incompetence – but, in the peecee way of things, following initiation of court action against them, London’s Metropolitan Police awarded him £70K compensation because of his “over-promotion” and lack of adequate training as part of an affirmative action programme (American Renaissance, 8 i 06).

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN  I record here with sadness the death at age 68 of my good friend and supporter Geoffrey Sharps who did so much to advise me and keep my spirits up with his unfailing good humour as we battled with Edinburgh LUniversity through 1996-8. Geoffrey long lectured in literature in Scarborough, but his training in Edinburgh had included psychology and he was very sound on genetic questions and, more unusually, game to battle illiberal paedohysteria. He will long be remembered, not least by the principal figures in E.LU. of those days to whom we gave such a very hard time. (Also not forgotten is my depublished book, The g Factor, recalled – along with Richard Lynn’s IQ and the Wealth of Nations (see review) by the Press Officer of the British National Party, Phil Edwards, writing for National Vanguard, 6 i 2006.)

PAEDOHYSTERIA CHALLENGED  As Government Education Minister Ruth Kelly (36, and – like me -- of The Queen’s College, Oxford) came under massive media attack for allowing a few barely detectable paedophiles* to teach in schools, she was defended by Lord Tebbit (on BBC 1’s ‘Question Time, 12 i), by columnist Tom Utley (Daily Telegraph, 14 i), by columnist Simon Jenkins (Sunday Times, 15 i), by columnist Leo McKinstry (Spectator, 21 i) and by Thatcherite Lord Tebbitt and politician-turned-TV-artist Michael Portillo (Sunday Times, 22 i). {But the defences were to no avail: faced with tabloid hysteria, Mrs Kelly gave in and decided that in future the slightest suspicion of paedophilia would lead to the suspect being banned from any work with or near children. And in the Times Higher there was a suggestion that even 18-year-olds of today would need similar protection – despite most of them having begun their own sex lives by around age 12.}
In one case, a young schoolteacher had downloaded some kiddieporn, possibly accidentally. In another, a 59-year-old teacher had had an affair with a 15-year-old as far back as 1980.

PEECEE CHALLENGED  NuTory leader ‘Dave’ Cameron said he would free U.K. police from McPherson-style demands for political correctness and instead reward them for the number of true villains they actually caught (Sun, 16 i).

SCHOOL SEGREGATION INCREASES IN CALIFORNIA  As Whites and Asians sought refuge in California’s suburbs from the dumbing down, criminality, AIDS and affirmative-racist prejudices of Black areas, California's schools -- already some of the USA's most de facto racially segregated -- were becoming even more divided along Black/Hispanic vs White/Asian lines, a study found (American Renaissance, 17 i). Evidently race realism was re-asserting itself in America after a generation of multi-trillion-dollar propaganda and social engineering.

LEFT PREPARES TO CAVE ON RACE  On the happy day that my Taiwanese wife was told she had her Glasgow University Ph.D. in the bag, the Grauniad began to brace its readers for the London School’s success in the race wars, with top lefty columnist Marek Kohn admitting (17 i) “We have gone beyond the stage where the question of racial science could be seen as a straightforward contest between decent values and sinister pseudoscience.” {The leftist but intelligent Kohn’s admission of the apparently “unstoppable tide of genetic research” was reprinted in Australia’s The Age, 30 i. Such re-positioning by the left is highly significant – evidently there is no longer a Stephen Jay Gould prepared to manic-magisterially distract attention from race realism by concentrating on what Kohn calls the London School’s “historical baggage.” Soon, as I long taught at Edinburgh LUniversity, the left will embrace eugenics – though doubtless urging that eugenics only be applied for the benefit of whatever are the left’s choice minority groups of the moment. You read it here or in McDougall NewsLetters first.}

ITALIANS PLAN TO BOOST BIRTHS  Italy’s multi-millionaire Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced his Government would in future be providing a birthday present worth £650 for each Italian newborn.

TRENDY ANTI-MULTICULTURALISM  In a surprise development, the Sunday Times published a substantial review article complaining that large swathes of the poorer areas of London had become multicultural wastelands – while Hampstead liberals had to put up only with immigrants paying half-a-million pounds per house (22 i). The fact that the article was by a homosexual journalist, Peter Whittle, was perhaps the chief explanation of how such a race-realist article could be published…. But another straw in the wind came in the Spectator (21 i) where jolly Rod Liddle was allowed to blame Black educational not on poor White teachers ‘labelling’ them but on the children’s “anti-educational tendencies” – a splendid neologism for stupidity even if Liddle felt obliged to attribute it as arising “within the culture from which they emanate.” Like Whittle, Liddle remarked on the charmed lives of Hampstead and Crouch End where ‘immigration’ means nothing more than a local North Indian Frontier restaurant and a Polish nanny and not the erosion of one’s entire community as for Oldham, Dagenham and such Whites who any longer remain in Bradford.

CONTINUING FAILURE OF BLACK-BOOSTING EFFORTS  Despite a generation of expensive educational initiatives, including the latest ‘No Child Left Behind’ programme emanating four years ago from the White House, Boston elementary schools announced a comprehensive failure to close the Black/Hispanic – White/Asian gap among children (20% of the former were deemed ‘proficient’ compared to 50% of the latter) (American Renaissance, 20 i).

PEECEE PROFS EXPOSED  After years of leftification of American and British universities, with no opposition from conservatives, right-wing money became available to pay students to tape-record lefty professors at the University of California, Los Angeles, and put the results up on the net: www.uclaprofs.com.  UCLA authorities expressed outrage and threatened legal action to support their post-Marxist, post-modern and peecee goons in gowns.

RACE-REALISM PEEKS OUT IN (LONDON) TIMES  As a nice young Cambridge-educated lawyer working for the Queen’s firm of solicitors was stabbed to death by a Black in the Tube for no apparent reason, and other elite Whites were equally gratuitously attacked, Times columnist Camilla Cavendish was sufficiently daring to publish an article about such ‘stranger attacks’ which concluded: “We must keep the danger in perspective; but we must cease glorifying a world which is colliding with ours” (19 i). Heady stuff!!....

DUTCH DEFY ISLAMOFASCISM  With several of their leading figures killed by Muslims or in hiding, the Dutch Parliament went ahead to ban the burkha in public places and to demand that immigrants have Dutch and show other tested signs of integration – but it was far from clear that the peecee tyrants of the European Union would allow these brave moves to go ahead. {Germany also moved towards demanding that German be spoken in all public places and that would-be immigrants be grilled as to their political philosophies -- http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2006/01/muslim_undesirables_need_not_a.php.}

SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTALISM BLASTED   A fine critique of environmentalism, “the affirmative action hoax,” perpetrated by S. J. Gould and Daniel Goleman (‘emotional intelligence’), appeared at http://www.affirmativeactionhoax.com/.

BOOK THROWN AT B.N.P.  As the British National Party’s leader went on trial in Leeds, it transpired that even recommendations immigrants and asylum seekers be deported were considered by the prosecution as the dreaded ‘incitements to racial hatred.’ {Contrast above where Muslim supremo Iqbal Sacranie was not even charged with anything when he said homosexuality was unhealthy for society….}

PEECEE TURNS TO DEVOUR ITSELF  A major rift opened up in British PeeCee as top cop Sir Ian Blair, head of the Metropolitan Police (which had been busy purging itself of all ‘institutional racism’ since the MacPherson Report of 1999), accused Britain’s media of the dreaded ‘racism’ for over-reporting murders of Whites compared to murders of Blacks and Pakistanis. The pressmen themselves took this spinelessly enough; but Ian Blair had specially criticized ‘over-reporting’ of the Soham murders of two pretty ten-year-old girls by sex-mad Ian Huntley, so the Soham community went up in arms and Blair had to apologize for re-opening old wounds. {Just as witchcraft allegations in ‘The Crucible’ escalated from a single case to much of the community standing accused, so accusations of ‘racism’ against me in 1996 have now spread to the Met and to the British media as a whole.}

LONDON SCHOOL DEFENDED BY PHILOSOPHER   The fine article by Croatian philosopher Neven Sesardic accusing S. J. Gould, Ned Block et al. of literally ignoring the arguments and evidence on racial differences put forward by Art Jensen, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray became available at http://www.ln.edu.hk/philoso/staff/sesardic/POS-2000.pdf.

MORE RACE REALISM  American Blacks were found to prefer Black doctors to White – Am.Ren., 31 i.


February, 2006

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DEFIED -- SPARKING MUSLIM RAGE AND GIVING A DEMONSTRATION OF ISLAMOFASCIST VIOLENCE   Denmark’s Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, insisted on the right of his country’s media to criticize and lampoon Islam (as had happened in September in Denmark’s biggest daily, the right-of-centre Jyllands-Posten, which had wanted to test a suggestion [from an author who had failed to find a cartoonist for an intended children’s book about Islam – meant to explain Islam sympathetically to Danish children] as to whether the West was engaged in ‘self-censorship’ about Islam). Newspapers all over Western Europe (and one in Israel) then re-published as a pro-free-speech protest the cartoons [http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/698] about Mahomet* that had sparked Muslim outrage and led to burning of the Danish flag in the Middle East, withdrawal of Arab ambassadors from Copenhagen and total boycotts of Danish produce. Ex-US President Willy Clinton called the cartoons “totally outrageous”; but, ironically, it was hard for many to tell because they could not see them – and, later, the Sunday Telegraph (5 ii) said the original twelve cartoons, published on just one newspaper page in September, had been massively supplemented by Muslim extremists to yield a 43-page dossier for circulation to imams in the Middle East, the dossier including obscene cartoons which had never actually been published in Europe. In Britain, after pro-free-speech protests from several Muslim, Christian and atheist organizations (letter to Daily Telegraph, 31 i), the Government lost (somewhat accidentally, by one vote) in the House of Commons its measure to criminalize ‘religious hate speech’** which would have impacted on comedians and enthusiastic preachers (though the Commons made an exception to its veto for speech actually intended to and calculated to yield inter-racial violence). {Subsequently, the editor of Egyptian-owned ailing France Soir was fired for publishing the cartoons, as was an editor in Jordan; but the BBC found the courage to carry them briefly on its flagship TV programme BBC 1 (2 ii). Scores of thousands of Middle-Eastern Muslims indulged their feelings by flag-burning, hate mail and threatening to bomb the offending newspapers, to “bomb Denmark,” to behead journalists and to kidnap foreigners. Westerners fled the West Bank and Gaza.} {The British Government – joined by the White House – grovelled to the mad mullahs as much as it could; but 500 Islamofascists were turned out in Knightsbridge, London, to burn the Danish flag and chant – despite Britain having caved in -- “Britain, Britain, you will pay / 7’7 is on its way.” The Metropolitan ‘Police’ failed to arrest a single person for such threats and instead concentrated on cautioning and detaining Whites who made objections to the Muslim death-threateners, trying to reassure Whites by saying ‘Don’t worry, we have the photographs.’} {The left was split down the middle as to whether the Danes were entitled to free speech -- Guardian, 4 ii; and the paper’s editor sheltered behind Home Secretary Jack Straw’s feeble formula that it had ‘no obligation’ to publish the cartoons (Guardian, 4 ii), which had by then been published even in the Holy Republic of Éireland. Of 70,000 people who responded to an online survey by France’s left-wing Nouvel Observateur, 53% were in favour of publishing the cartoons and 47% were against. } {On 4 ii, the Danish and Norwegian embassy building in Damascus was burned out by a Muslim mob; on 5 ii the Danish embassy building in Beirut was ablaze and a Maronite Christian church had all its windows smashed in a protest involving thousands; on 6 ii, in Turkey, a high school student was arrested on suspicion of killing a Catholic priest told police he was influenced by seeing the cartoons -- the priest was shot dead while praying; and elsewhere hundreds of cars were vandalized and stones, rocks and bottles were hurled at a European Commission building, a German embassy, and at police trying to control rioters. Braver than the newspapers of Britain and America, New Zealand’s Dominion Post  (serving the capital, Wellington) published the cartoons, saying “We will not be intimidated”; and Canada’s centrist Globe and Mail condemned Muslim “over-reaction” and said most of the many problems of Islamic countries were “home-grown.”} {An imam at the Omari Mosque in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that the people behind the drawings should have their heads cut off. 'If they want a war of religions, we are ready,' Hassan Sharaf, an imam in Nablus, said in his sermon. In Ramallah, protesters burnt a Danish flag, chanting: 'Bin Laden our beloved, Denmark must be blown up.' 6th February brought Muslim-on-Muslim killing as Afghan police fired on crowds of thousands of enraged religionists, of whom four died.} {The Muslim protests were highly ironical, partly in using so much violence to contest their religion being portrayed as violent, and partly because Islam is a clear world leader in violence against other faiths – having from 1998 to 2003 killed 10,000 Christians in Indonesia alone and destroyed ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan.} {Key Danish products to support are Danish bacon, Carlsberg Lager and the super-sultry, splendidly leggy and niftily-nipple

d elitist catwalk queen and photographer Helena Christensen (Miss Denmark, 1986). To sign a petition (and comment if desired) expressing sympathy with Jyllands Posten, Denmark and free speech, go to http://www.petitiononline.com/danmark/petition.html. There were 25,000 overwhelmingly supportive signatures by 9th February (by which time 13 Muslims had died in rioting, chiefly in Afghanistan). {Unfortunately, a pro-Islam petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?lana34&1 enjoyed 100,000 apparent signatures….} The petitionline website invited supporters to rally in Trafalgar Square at 12a.m. on Saturday, 11th Feb., just one hour ahead of a rally intended for Muslim moderates, planned by the Muslim Association of Britain. Who was running the rally remained to be seen. – The BNP? (The BNP denied any association.) The National Front? MI6, intending to get handy pictures of freedom fighters and perhaps close down the BNP (a revenge after failing to jail Nick Griffin)? (This was the BNP’s view -- http://www.bnp.org.uk/news_detail.php?newsId=783.} {The British embassy in Tehran was stoned even though the only British newspaper to have reprinted the cartoons was a student newspaper in Wales – and was rapidly obliged by the lefties of the National Union of Students to collect and pulp all copies.}
One had Mahomet crying to dead suicide bombers waiting to be admitted to Paradise, “Stop, stop! We ran out of virgins.” The cartoons were reprinted in full by American Renaissance, 1 ii – but not by the British media.
** The Muslim Council of Britain had been baying for such a measure since 1997 – though only to stifle criticism of Islam, not to inhibit flagrant Muslim hatred of Jews (which the MCB has never condemned).

BNP VINDICATED  As British National Party leader Nick Griffin (M.A. [in Law], Cantab.), 46, and an activist colleague, Mark Collett, 24, were triumphantly cleared of six ‘race hate’ charges by an 11-member Leeds jury (which was hung [despite being allowed a 9-2 majority verdict from its ten Whites and one ‘Asian’] and thus discharged re six other such charges) (BBC, 2 ii), they explained before 100 cheering supporters outside the court that they had won a great victory for free speech and that the only people they ‘hated’ were the politically correct politicians who had let Britain become “a multicultural mess which looks increasingly like a future Bosnia.” Their speeches to private meetings of the BNP alleging that Islam was “a vicious, wicked faith,” that some asylum seekers were like cockroaches and that some Muslims took a low view of White girls had been secretly recorded by the BBC two years previously. {Despite the failure of the prosecution to secure a single conviction on its twelve race-hate charges, the Crown Prosecution Service promptly ordered a retrial on the ‘undecided’ charges -- no doubt wishing, on Government instructions, to placate Muslims and bring some (slight) hope of better cheer to devastated leftists and anti-racists. It has become standard Labour Government practice to re-try people until conviction is achieved – a departure from simple justice that was condemned at its outset, in the case of alleged ‘child murderer’/‘paedophile’ headmaster Shaun Woodward, in these Diaries (and their forerunners on the internet, ‘TgF News’ and ‘McDougall NewsLetters’).} For the U.K.’s Libertarian Alliance, its Director, Dr Sean Gabb, said:
"The rights to freedom of speech and association are fundamental to a
free society. So far as these rights are diminished, that society
becomes less free. I was born in a country where these rights had been
enjoyed for centuries. I have reached middle age in a politically
correct police state where the Government is now trying to silence its
opponents through the courts. Particularly under Tony Blair, this
country has become a more genteel version of Zimbabwe.
    "Doubtless, there are people who take offence at the expression of
certain views on race and immigration. But free speech that does not
include the right to give offence is not free speech. It is the
political equivalent of decaffeinated coffee.
    "If people are upset by what they read or hear, let them ignore it or
argue against it. There is no place in these debates for the Thought
{Sadly, in the course of proceedings, Nick Griffin had felt obliged to deny outright that he was a “racist,” and indeed denounced some Muslim gal-getters as “racist paedophiles.” But he remained ahead of Britain’s top tabloid, the Murdoch-owned Labour-backing Sun, which tried to pooh-pooh his victory (3 ii).} {Top leftist Kenan Malik had appeared at the trial as a witness for the prosecution – Belfast Telegraph, 3 ii.} {In 2006, the BNP had become the first political party to make reference in print to The g Factor and IQ and the Wealth of Nations – while reviewing Anthony Browne’s book The Retreat of Reason and noting its unduly feeble criticisms of Africa’s “poor governance” and its neglect of IQ (5 i).}

RACE DIFFERENCES IN INTELLIGENCE REVIEWED  A full, erudite, helpful and favourable -- yet not uncritical – 13,000-word review of Richard Lynn’s new (2006) rearrangement of his national data to get at race differences was provided by Jason Molloy at Gene Expression. Among the more corking new facts: Lynn’s best estimates of the average IQs of Australian Aborigines and Kalahari Bushmen were 62 and 54 respectively. Black African IQ was estimated at 67; but Lynn attributed about half of that difference from normal to malnutrition -- and that proportion could be a little higher if Lynn had considered the infrequency and inadequacy of Black breast-feeding (see Chapter 4, The g Factor, 1996, Wiley DePublisher). {Strangely, neither Lynn nor Molloy seemed to have much to say about the magisterial and eminently prescient summary of race differences by Oxford University’s Reader in Cytology, John Randal Baker F.R.S. (1977, Race, Oxford University Press.}

IQ-HEALTH LINK CONFIRMED  Edinburgh and Glasgow scientists contributed to research on 1,347 people over 17 years which found it likely that IQ differences provided a substantial explanation of social class differences in health (Scotsman, 31 i) – confirming the link I had proposed in 1987 in the Modgil & Modgil Festschrift for Arthur Jensen, in a table that Jensen himself re-published in his own book (imitatively called) The g Factor in 1998.

GENES FOR READING CONFIRMED  In an international study of 600 identical and fraternal twin pairs, Australian researcher Brian Byrne (U. New England, New South Wales) reported (TVNZ, 8 ii) "What seems to determine most of the differences amongst children, just in the normal school setting in terms of their reading skills, are genetics." Byrne estimated that genes accounted for 70% of variance among age peers. {The finding that would be partly expected from the .70 correlation between reading age and the g factor that was known to Sir Cyril Burt and confirmed by work in Birmingham linking poor reading strongly to low scores on Raven’s Progressive Matrices (Riding & McQuaid, 1987, Brit. J. Educational Research 13, 1, 51ff.).}

BBC WAKES UP TO MUSLIM TRICKERY WITH CARTOONS  By 9 ii, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and BBC Radio 4 began to admit that ‘Muslim outrage’ had actually been sparked not by the original twelve cartoons of Mahomet carried on one page by Denmark’s Jylland Posten in September but rather by the 43-page dossier worked up using obscene and sometimes unpublished material by Muslim extremists for touting over four months around the Middle East’s elderly and doubtless shockable imams. Malcolm Brabant interviewed Copenhagen imams and ordinary Muslims for a broadcast at 13.30 GMT, 9 ii. The leading imam, Abu Laban, a ranting fanatic, admitted tarting up the dossier with cartoons of Mahomet as a pig, paedophile and bestiality-practitioner (presumably sent to him by members of the public), saying he thought Middle Eastern imams would have had no difficulty realizing that these cartoons had not been published because they were not in colour…. Several ordinary Muslims on the programme expressed serious reservations about Abu Laban’s campaign to whip up Muslim sentiment. The Danish Prime Minister dissociated the Government from Denmark’s imams, saying they could clearly not be part of the process of integrating immigrants into the country.  {It will be fascinating to discover whether the creators of this dodgy dossier were smart enough to realize back in the autumn of 2005 that their hoax would be mightily assisted by subsequent Western reluctance to re-publish the original twelve cartoons out of sensitivity, responsibility, political correctness etc.} {In an important plot twist, it turned out that an Egyptian newspaper actually had published all the Jyllen Posten cartoons on 5th October: http://freedomforegyptians.blogspot.com/2006/02/egyptian-newspaper-pictures-that.html. Had they received criticism or attack? Had Egyptian produce been boycotted? – Of course not! It is clear that Muslim outrage was built up by some other route, presumably the dodgy dossier and its obscene but unpublished cartoons.} {There was no sign of abatement of interest in the Cartoon War in the Lebanon, where a crowd of hundreds of thousands turned out to hear Hizbollah demand that all Western countries pass laws forbidding defamation of Mahomet (ABC News, 9 ii.}

ECONOMIST BLASTS BRITS FOR FAILURE TO BACK DENMARK  Surprisingly for a magazine that has failed to mention or review either The g Factor or IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist put the boot firmly into such people as Home Secretary Jack Straw who had failed to back Jyllen Posten in its important attempt to show Muslims they could not expect to intimidate Western publishers (9 ii).

MUSLIMS TURN ON EACH OTHER  In a fine demonstration that it needs no provocation from Christians for Muslims to become hysterical and start killing, Sunni and Shi-ite Muslims took to each other’s throats in Pakistan (killing at least 32) and Afghanistan (killing 5 and injuring 50) (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 10 ii). In Baghdad, Sunnis killed 21 Shi-ites who were coming out of a mosque. Meanwhile, in grotesque over-reaction to the twelve hardly hard-hitting cartoons, Indonesian crowds chanted, “Destroy Denmark! Destroy Israel! Destroy George Bush! Destroy America!”

MODERATE MUSLIM DEMO FLOPS  Supported by far-out British lefties, London Mayor Ken Livingstone and ‘Respect’ MP George Galloway, many British Muslim groups got together to organize a well-advertised rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, 11th February, at which no death threats were allowed in speeches or on placards; but such moderation (as extolled most notably by Sairah Khan, Fareena Alam and Johann Hari) proved so boring to British Muslims that only 4,000 Muslims and a few peacenik Christians (including one-time Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament boss Monsignor Bruce Kent) turned up. (A Populus poll (7 ii) found 25% of British Muslims support raging cleric Abu Hamza (‘The Hook’, jailed for seven years for incitement to murder). There were no protesters conspicuously present in Trafalgar Square, perhaps because of police activity but certainly because it had become believed that the police would use any vigorous protest as an excuse to photograph and round up protesters and to ban the British National Party; but protest at worldwide Muslim hysteria of the previous week continued, e.g. in cartoon form at DrawMahommed.com (including one of Mahomet with his child-bride Aisha, age 9 at marriage). Denmark announced the withdrawal of its ambassadors from Iran, Syria and Indonesia. British people were found in a YouGov poll to take a tough line favouring publication of the cartoons and the arrest and deportation of Islamic extremists, and blaming ‘political correctness’ in the police for failure to act against the murderously inclined Muslim demonstrators of the previous Saturday (Manchester Evening News, 12 ii). A fine defence of free speech against the West’s cowardly government’s (except Denmark’s, which depended on the 24 votes of the right-wing Danish People’s Party) was provided by Wizbang (13 ii).

BLACK PROTEST AT ‘GET REAL ABOUT RACE’  My ten-year-old article for young Blacks, ‘Get real about race,’ (published in the smart London hip-hop music magazine downlow and at http://www.lrainc.com/swtaboo/late/cb_downl.html) attracted a reply – a masterpiece of ignorance, illiteracy and illogicality:
Dear writer of let's get real about race,
    Let's get real about race! There is one race. I've surfed the internet, and
found a book called "The Bell Curve" which shows conclusively that on
average whites have a higher IQ that african americans. This is an
undeniable fact, and, even though I'm African American myself, I concede
that point. However, both of you logic is flawed in thinking that blacks
have a lower IQ because they are black. This is absurd! Blacks are human.
Whites are human. We have the same brains; we have the same variation in
intelligence. If you look at the parallell in the K-9 kingdom, you could
argue that some dogs are just naturally smarter than others. It doesn't
matter how you raise the two breeds of dogs, one will always be smarter than
the other. THat is why some dogs are selected as police dogs or to sniff for
drugs at the airport or the bus station. However, there are so many types of
people you couldn't even begin to label them in breeds like this. It's not
simply cut as black and white. There are some people you meet, and you can't
imagine that they could've ever been smart while others just seem to have
the qualitiies that make on that way: whether they are black, white, yellow,
or whatever.
    The only way that a study like this or any analysis like this could remotely
be taken seriously is if there was a pilot group of human bigs, choosen of
the right size and taken at birth; raised under the same conditions, with
the same educational opportunities, and in the absence of descrimination
based on physical appearance so that the face the same obstacles and the
same doors are open to them. Also, raised by the same quality of parent...I
think you can see where I'm going here. There are hundreds of variables
besides race. We live in a racist society. Just dealing with the anger and
emotion that goes with that can drop you a few IQ points (i.e., your focus
growing up is away from education and mental development). It is foolish not
to realize that there are more variables involved than just race, which is
why you would similarly be stupid to compare the IQ of a white american to
that of someone raised in tribal life in Africa. Alot of variables influence
the intelliectual development of the two very different human beings, from
different cultures, and with different environmental challenges. We are all
humnans. The same species.
    Having said this, honestly, I could really care less if white people were
just naturally smarter or had higher IQ's. If that is the case, then fine.
What's the big deal about that? IQ is only one aspect of a person and
doesn't make one person better than another. Anyone with an IQ over 115 or
120 can lead a decent life and black people are not retards, although they
continue to struggle in todays American society. It is impossible to conduct
a study like this. There are simply to many variables.

NATIONAL IQ PREDICTS WAGES OF EMIGRANTS TO U.S.A.  It transpired that two economists, Garrett Jones and Joel Scheider had published in 2005 on the net to the effect that “workers from countries with lower national average IQ have lower U.S. wages (even after controlling for education)” – another victory for the genetic claims of The g Factor (1996) and IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002).

CARTOON WAR CONTINUES: MUSLIMS RAMPAGE IN PAKISTAN  Humourless and violent Pakistani Islamofascists who could not see or admit that they had in fact taken over much of the Muslim religion (claimed by moderates to be “peaceful”) rioted in their scores of thousands for three days in Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad, resulting in 2 burned-out cinemas, 200 burned-out cars, 5 deaths and at least 25 injuries (e.g. SFGate.com, 14 ii). {Meanwhile robust U.S. columnist Ann Coulter argued engagingly that the West actually had a solemn duty under NATO to flatten Syria (for its attack on the Danish embassy – technically at least on Danish soil) before disarming Iran (WorldNetDaily, 15 ii).}

SUPPORT FOR BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY  Letters welcoming the acquittal of BNP leader Nick Griffin and criticizing London police for not arresting Muslim anti-cartoon demonstrators (who called for beheadings of Western journalists) appeared in Edinburgh’s Evening News (13 ii)  -- a surprise development in what is normally a liberal-leftish newspaper. (The Evening News and its sister paper The Scotsman had previously published an article deploring the “double standards” applied by police to the BNP and the Muslim demonstrators and demanding that Muslims should rid their ranks of extremists (10 ii).)

GENES FOR BRAIN SIZE DEBATED  My generally unremarked review (for American Renaissance) of the work of Dr Bruce Lahn and colleagues in Chicago, finding two genes for brain size were rather rare in Pygmies and Negroes, achieved repblication and discussion (of a kind….) at http://groups.google.nl/group/rec.org.mensa/browse_thread/thread/c56dff744de50cc2/67481b46bd2e7078?lnk=raot.

WEALTHY BLACKS TURN TO GENETICS  Disregarding the doubts of White social scientists about the existence of races and racial differences, leading Black Americans began turning in droves to DNA testing to work out their own personal racial and tribal lineages ( Guardian, 17 ii). Top TV personage, Black Oprah Winfrey, was apparently content to find she had some Zulu origins; but top Black Harvard intellectual, historian Henry Louis Gates Jr, was more likely pretty shocked to find that his own ancestry was actually 50% British. {Hoping to pooh-pooh DNA-based searches, Guardian author Gary Younge implied it would be superior to use the evidence of local historians as did the Black American Alex Haley who famously ‘traced his roots back through slavery to West Africa’ – evidently Younge and the Guardian have not woken up to the fact that Haley’s story in his Roots was a hoax, being largely plagiarized by Haley from a Caucasian author (http://www.martinlutherking.org/roots.html).}

PEECEE BUSTED  After a week of peecee shilly-shallying, police and the media admitted that the attempted murderer of pretty baby-faced Nottingham rookie policewoman Rachel Bown, 23, herself at death’s door after being shot in the stomach while answering a 999 call, was in fact a Bleckhardman’ with a druggie Rastafarian hairstyle. {Subsequently, the Bleck, Trevon Thomas, was hauled by police off a Heathrow jet bound for his hometown of Trinidad. He had been living in Nottingham with his girlfriend and supposed daughter, quite often behaving threateningly to neighbours and doubtless extensively funded by British taxpayer-cheating ‘welfare.’}

ISLAM – RELIGION OF ‘PEACE’  Continuing to show the Muslim spirit in the Cartoon War, Libyan Muslims set fire to the Italian consulate in Tripoli, leaving nine killed and many others wounded as police tried to control the rioters. In Pakistan, with the help of jewellers, a reward of more than a million US dollars was offered for the murder of any Danish artist who had drawn caricatures of Mahomet. Protest even came to New York where (as in cowardly Britain) not a single newspaper had published any of the cartoons – though a student newspaper in U. Urbana-Champagne carried half a dozen of them, resulting in the immediate sacking of its editors. Sixteen Muslim loons died in northern Nigeria as mobs of hundreds hurled themselves against local police.

FRENCH FAR RIGHT LOOKS TO SERIOUS NATIONAL SOCIALISM  Fulfilling my prediction in American Renaissance, Jean Marie Le Pen’s National Front showed serious signs of backing France’s 7 million Muslims against globalization, free trade, America and, of course, its old enemy the Jews. If it could pull in lefties (as George Galloway has done in his one ‘Respect’ constituency in Britain), the National Front would thus reorient politics in a sensible fashion as Muslims become (at least in France) the main class of ‘underdogs’ in the West – carefully brought in and nurtured for years by left-wing politicians. {Would liberals be able to stand up to this, with the help of their peecee religion? The French riots, Australian riots and Middle Eastern riots of the past six months haven’t produced any sign of a firm response backing freedom – daily reduced in the UK by Rev. Bliar with his insistence on hunting bans, identity cards, smoking bans, and bans on anything that could be construed as “glorification” of terror [e.g. justifying Drake’s bombardments of Spanish towns, together with countless British acts of piracy; or justifying the IRA with murals on one’s Derry house?].

ANCESTORS CONDEMNED BY WIMP DESCENDENTS  The Church of England’s General Synod formally apologized to the descendents of Africans for Britain’s role in the transatlantic Slave Trade, and France’s failed president, Jacques Chirac, declared that France would hold a formal day of remembrance for the victims of slavery every May 10. {Whether the scores of millions of victims of Muslim slavery (including hundreds of thousands from Britain) would be remembered was not specified.}

JEWS RECKON EUROPE WILL SMASH MUSLIMS  A splendidly up-beat assessment of Europe’s willingness to stand up to mad Muslims was provided in Israpundit (19 ii).

BRIT DONS NOTICE LOSS OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM  Ten years after the censorship of The g Factor began, two British dons castigated the unfreedom of British academics in an article for Time Higher (‘Hang together or we will hang separately,’ 17 ii). After the failure of academics to support them in outspeaking at the London School of Economics, Simon Davies and Gus Hosein declared (the simple truth) that British university teachers are “obsessed with research criteria and funding relationships.” {Not that their obsession bears happy fruit: a survey found 49% of U.K. dons reporting they had required psychiatric treatment – a percentage comparing with one of 44% for Accident and Emergency consultants, 38% for nurses, and 27% for the general population.}

NEW HEIGHT FOR PEECEE SPITE  British historian David Irving, 67, author of many books including Hitler’s War, original exposer of the Hitler’s Diaries fraud, and once praised for his professionalism by Oxford historians Hugh Trevor-Roper and A.J.P. Taylor, was jailed for three years in Austria after admitting he had been a ‘Holocaust denier’ in 1989. The savage sentence on the scholar, who had later come to believe that 2.7 million Jews were killed by Hitler, was meted out despite Irving having changed his mind in the 1990’s (thanks to new evidence he unearthed in Moscow archives), never having hurt a hair on anyone’s head, and being supported for a non-custodial sentence by his Jewish antagonist Professor Deborah Lipstadt and Jewish Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein (22 ii). Thus did Austria continue to draw a veil over the fact that its citizenry had been even keener on Mr Hitler than had the Germans themselves. With the full co-operation of the West’s lib-leftified press, the role of the left, Oxford’s pinko students, Russia and Austria in assisting the rise of Hitler could be forgotten. {Like Oscar Wilde, Irving had to some extent brought his fate on himself by going to law claiming defamation (against Lipstadt). Next, though bankrupted by the costs of that trial, Irving cheekily decided to enjoy some jollies in Austria with far-right fans despite being banned from that country. Strangely, Irving has always preferred to deny being a racist, though that was the descriptor applied to him – along with ‘falsifier of history,’ -- by the judge in his London case against Lipstadt.} {Vindicating my Adlerian efforts of the 1990’s (in which I supported Adler’s stress on the importance of sibling rivalry), one big doubter of Irving’s conversion from Holocaust denial turned out to be his twin brother – New York Post, 21 ii. Irving did however win the support of a former beauty queen who stood up at his trial and urged that Auschwitz bodies be exhumed to see whether death had resulted from gassing or typhoid – Brisbane Courier-Mail, 22 ii; a strong defence of his right to free speech appeared from Henk Ruyssenaars (of the Foreign Press Foundation) at an Argentinian site (IndyMedia, 21 ii), with which National Review editor William Buckley on balance agreed (21 ii); and an American history professor also backed free speech (History News Network, 21 ii). In Britain, the New Statesman, the voice of the up-market left, wanted Irving caged straight away and reprinted his little piece of doggerel for his daughter to recite in the vicinity of undesirable immigrants:
I am a Baby Aryan
Not Jewish or Sectarian
I have no plans to marry an
Ape or Rastafarian.

But the Independent expressed “grave misgivings” about making Holocaust denial a prosecutable offence (21 ii). And The Times said curbs on free speech were “always regrettable.” – The cowardly Torygraph evaded the issue.} {Nothing daunted, Irving repeated in interviews from his prison cell in Vienna that he had his doubts about the Holocaust – prompting prosecutors to say they would come for him again (M&C News, 1 iii).}


MULTICULTURALISM REVERSED  ‘All teaching will be in English,’ announced the new headmistress of a 1,000-strong Tottenham secondary school where 70% of the pupils had between them 59 languages other than English as their mother tongues (Sun, 22 ii). The announcement constituted a reversal of an expressly NuLabour-approved 2003 policy of pandering to pupils’ wilful failures to integrate into Britain. The headmistress said she was making the change to English-only teaching so as to help pupils with their lives in Britain and because of the school’s dismal performance in public examinations

NULABOUR TYRANNY MOUNTS  Following restrictions by Rev. Bliar on jury trials, habeas corpus, smoking, freedom to identify oneself by a method of one’s choice, and freedom to ‘glorify terror,’ a British youth was given an on-the-spot fine of £80 by a policeman for saying the word ‘F***’ when talking (quietly) to friends in a public park. {By contrast, in a blow for British freedoms, the British National Party announced it would be publishing one of the infamous ‘Mahomet’ cartoons – none of them published by Britain’s cravenly peecee press. It thus positioned itself to sweep up the femininnie vote – allowing Britain’s women to continue to contracept, abort, adulterate and divorce in defiance of Muslim demands for Sharia law.}

U.S. ‘INTELLECTUAL’ LEFT GLORIES IN TYRANNY OVER LUNI  Embattled Harvard University President, top economist Larry Summers (see this Diary/Blog above, 2005), resigned more than a year after his infamous claim that women were underrepresented in the sciences due to sociobiological—as opposed to sociopolitical—constraints. The move pre-empted a no-confidence vote by the Harvard arts and sciences faculty the next Tuesday. Robert KC Johnson at George Mason University's ‘Cliopatriaphlegmatically examined the full executive span of the Summers of Discontent: "The original draft of the 2005 faculty resolution listed three specific events justifying a motion of no confidence: the president's remarks about women in science; his handling of the Cornel West matter; and his denunciation of a proposed faculty resolution urging Harvard to divest from firms doing business in Israel. ... Of the three, the women-in-science issue most clearly demonstrated Summers' political and interpersonal failings." A fourth fight with lefties concerned whether the US Army could be allowed to recruit on campus. For more see New York Times, 22 ii, and Time, 21 ii (the latter retailing accusations of financial impropriety which may well have proved the last straw as Summers pondered resignation); but Alan Dershowitz emphatically laid the blame for the resignation on the egregious political correctness of Harvard staff. The resignation occurred despite Harvard students voting 3-1 that the Jewish Summers should stay – i.e. the pressure had come from the elderly but since 9/11 Muslim-backing leftie ideologues of the arts and social sciences. In the [London] Times, columnist Gerard Baker saw the significance of all this, titling his article ‘Summers’ end marks the start of a long winter in American universities’ (24 ii). Barker percipiently traced the rot back to the arrival in American universities of relativism and multiculturalism, first charted in 1986 by the mighty literature expert Allan Bloom in ‘The Closing of the American Mind.’ According to Barker, Summers is “fiendishly clever” and would have had a Nobel Prize (like two of his uncles) if he had not devoted himself largely to government service alongside Federal Reserve banker Alan Greenspan; apparently Summers is utterly un-smooth and un-co-ordinated and had (till a recent slimming effort) a voracious appetite. Barker concluded by remarking “the poverty of philosophy that characterizes life at so many universities.” Summers was replaced as President by a wringing-wet former President and advocate of affirmative racism, Derek Bok (for whose nonsense see above and McDougall NewsLetters).

‘DERB’ SOUNDS A TIMELY WARNING ABOUT ISLAMOFASCISM: ‘THE HUN IS AT THE GATE’ – a warning he (John Derbyshire, the top British journalist now based in the USA) could not even get published in National Review.

ISLAMOFASCIST IMPERIALISM RECOUNTED  A succinct history of Mahommedans’s ceaseless attempts to colonize the West was discovered: ‘Jihad in the West.’

US AND UK IN DENIAL  As Iraq manifested its civil war in the blowing up of a historic mosque and hundreds of Shiite-on-Sunni killings, the loons of US and UK sat idly by, instead of seizing their chance to pull out their troops and concentrate on the nuclear pulverization of Teheran and its mad democratically elected leader WhoGadMahDinnahJacket.

PC = CP   The mind-blowing extended grip of Bliar-Pushkin PeeCee became clear as even Russia sacked editors who posted cartoons lampooning Islamofascism: http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2006/02/russian_newspap.php.

SECRET OF SOCIALISM CONFIRMED  After many years of suspicion that socialism was a mediaeval system of vassalage, i.e. jobs for the boys, crucial evidence was mentioned in a leader in the Daily Telegraph (23 ii). Apparently there are quite a few constituencies in the U.K. where around three quarters of voters derive their income from state employment, state benefits or from firms having their entire revenue from state funds. In the ‘top ten’ of such state-dependent constituencies, no less than nine had a Labour M.P. {For a similar point, powerfully made, see Spectator, 24 ii.}

‘F*** OFF TO YOUR OWN COUNTRIES,’ MAD MUSLIMS TOLD  British Muslims wanting to deny others’ free speech and to live under Shari’a law were advised to emigrate – the newsworthiness of which advice being that it came from the Black Trevor Phillips, the boss of the preposterously titled ‘Campaign for Racial Equality’ and a good friend of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Phillips found himself in synch with Australia’s Treasurer, who also told Shari’a-lovers to buzz off (American Renaissance, 24 ii).



AMREN CONFERENCE HOSTS NICK GRIFFIN  Fully 250 race realists turned out for the annual conference of American Renaissance in Northern Virginia where they heard talks from BNP leader Nick Griffin and Pioneer Foundation president Phil Rushton. Convener Jared Taylor made a nice point when asked if he was a hate-filled racist. ‘Just because I prefer my own children to yours,’ he replied, ‘that doesn’t mean I dislike yours.’ But the media were able to make some mischief when they noticed that, though this right-wing group had probably become less hostile to Jews over the years (and indeed had some Jewish members), it still contained some unreconstructed anti-semites like the brave David Duke who had not yet felt able to focus their disfavour on the low-IQ in general and Muslims in particular.

OPPORTUNITY FOR NATIONAL LIBERALISM CREATED  In the best news for British politics for some while, Britain’s ‘Liberal’ Democrats voted to put a sweet old age pensioner at their helm, leaving them free to pursue their mainly socialist agenda while pretending to be a moderate/centrist party (in fact they are pacifist, green and pie-eyed on issues of crime, immigration and Britain’s bloated welfare state). With Daft ‘Dave’ Chameleon leading whatever may remain of the Tory Party he inherited so far toward Blairite territory that the Opposition was to support New Labour in Parliament against its own leftist backbenchers on the issue of ‘top up fees,’ an opening was being created for a party that would free British families (and give them tax breaks) to provide the effective powerhouse of liberty-loving, multiple-choice Britain – though whether the British National Party would be able to modernize itself quickly enough to fill the gap remained a question. (The BNP had rightly decided to make a big issue out of whether British Muslims should scream for White beheadings and the “extermination” of the West as a response to a few cartoons published in Denmark which said nothing worse about Islam than was said every day in scores of Muslim on Muslim killings in Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere; but the BNP probably remained committed to socialist/protectionist economics and whether they could appeal more widely to women needed to be considered. To offer a mixture of kindly patriarchy with respect for classical women’s lib issues was what was necessary – but that was easier said than done.)

EGALITARIANISM MAY BE GENOCIDAL  I found on the internet an interesting new political article by an Oxford art historian, Malcolm Bull: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n03/bull01_.html. One of the books considered, by Oxford-trained historian Michael Mann, seems to argue roughly that self-proclaimed socialistic, egalitarian democracies are more likely to engage in genocide; whereas hierarchical societies which incorporate their enemies at the bottom of their societies never end up killing their slaves. An engaging quote from the review is: "Egalitarianism did not arise spontaneously but had to be rigorously enforced by sanctions, expulsions and executions of potential upstarts and free-riders." Another is: "....having duties without rights appears to be the best defence against genocide. One sentence rarely found in the annals of human history is: ‘And then they killed all their servants.’" To sum it up: "Slavery or genocide may be the ultimate political choice...." (Don't ask me how an art historian gets involved in considering all this; but Malcolm Bull would need to be jolly clever to get invited to review for London Review of Books! He is head of Art History at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of St. Edmund Hall.)




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